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Steven Universe
Steven Shield.png
We'll always save the day!
Full Name Steven Quartz Universe
AKA Stuball, Little Man, Champ
Cast Steven Universe!
Gender Male
Age 12
Birthday August 15th, 2003
School Juuban Public School
Grade 5th
Eyes Dark Brown
"What does he do?" "...Just Lion things."
The Gem Temple
Gem Temple.png
"Now on scenic Tokyo shores!"
"I will fight to be everything that everybody wants me to be when I'm grown!"
Born a hybrid of both Human and Gem, a type of alien race from a distant planet, Steven is a young boy poised against a threat he has yet to fully understand. Strong-hearted and helpful, Steven hopes to make each day better than the last for everyone. With help from his father, Greg, and his three caretakers Pearl, Amethyst and Garnet, Steven lives in the Gem Temple off the shores of Tokyo, ever vigilant for threats from the strange outbreaks of Gem Monsters. Where are they coming from, and what do they want? Will Steven be able to master the powers granted to him by his mother? Will he be able to retain his sunny and optimistic demeanor through the times of hardship ahead?
Favorite Foods:
Cookie Cats - HE LEFT HIS FAMILY BEHIND. Steven's absolute favorite treat. He found his powers out for the first time while enjoying its succulent goodness. It is a wrapped ice cream sandwich, with varying flavors for the filling, shaped as an adorable cat head symbol. It has unfortunately been discontinued, and while Steven has packed a trove of them away as emergency rations, it saddens him to see them go. At least the jingle still brings him happiness!
Chaaaaps - A brand of chips Steven enjoys, if more for their taste, but the memories eating them entails. He has shared bags of these chips with many friends, both Human and Gem alike. If anything, they make a great tool for diplomacy for the boy so far in his adventures! The original wavy ones are his favorite, as they remind him of the ocean!
Hot Dogs - An American favorite, be it at a backyard grill get-together or at a baseball game, a frankfurter on a bun with condiments. You can't go wrong with giving Steven one. They hold special significance in that Greg has a special saying that he supposedly coined while around Rose Quartz: "If every pork chop were perfect, we wouldn't have hot dogs!" So to put it frank-ly (heh heh!), Steven loves him some hot dogs.
The Bits! - Less of a food item and more food residue, this is one of Steven's favorite snacks. You know how everyone has that one food item that everyone thinks you are weird for eating? This is Steven's. It is pieces of fries that have stayed in the fryer for far too long, and get cleaned out after a few batches of fries. Crunchy and salty, Steven will fight someone over a batch of bits. Okay, not really, but he loves them that much. His main source of fry bits is the Frymans, a close-knit family that run a restaurant together. Thankfully with the exchange program, they came to Tokyo, so Steven still has access to them!
Lion Lickers - Okay, more for Lion than Steven. Steven actually has a vendetta against these little lion shaped popsicles as the company that made Cookie Cats dropped that product and made these instead. Steven dislikes how they taste, but Lion really likes them. Whether it is due to taste or similarity in appearance is unknown, but Steven keeps some around for his furry buddy.

Favorite Subjects:
Physical Education - Something about running, jumping and working out is hard to do, but it really pays off! Getting buff like his dad is always helpful, especially with his growing task of fighting baddies that threaten people, and dealing with Corrupted Gems. Every little bit helps, and you won't find Steven trying to slack off in P.E.!
Literature - At first, Steven didn't much care for reading. It just seemed so boring. But Connie helped open his mind to how great it can be, thanks to her favorite fantasy novel series she loves to talk about. Now, every story written or read, is a journey, not of his own, but of those written in the books, and one he is lucky to follow along in.

Disliked Subjects:
History - Inversely from Literature, Steven just cant get into history. Mind you, School curriculum history. Gem or other magical history, totally. Especially when Pearl teaches it, she usually gets way into doing so, taking him to locations to show as examples, or projecting images of the scene, providing what happened in a more active way. As well, not being history from where he is from, it is just hard to... get attached to it and grasp it better. With a little tutelage though, he should get by just fine though.

School Clubs:
Cooking Club - Oh yeah, food! This is the only club Steven has gotten in to thusfar. Culinary arts has been something the boy has worked on on the side from time to time, improving his skills as a chef. He can be seen often practicing what he has learned at home, testing out recipes to hopefully make the best snacks imaginable one day, and with someone like Amethyst around, he doesn't feel nearly as bad messing up a recipe, as she enjoys eating just about anything, so nothing goes to waste! Of course Amethyst gets the successful ones as well. A shame Garnet and Pearl don't really eat though.

Favorite Activities:
Surfing - Though he hasn't done much of it, Surfing seems like something really cool to Steven! His dad has done plenty of it, and reading magazines or watching videos of surfers riding the waves seems like a great way to have fun. Perhaps more chances will provide itself in Tokyo to shred the waters!
Playing Music - Surely inherited from his father, music is one of Steven's passions. Whether playing drum with his belly, to playing a ukulele or guitar, the sound of music is comfort to him. He also enjoys his fair share of singing vocals, especially if it is one of his dad's many hits. Even more so if his dad is around! Steven was raised on music when around his father, whose van insides have albums posted all over the walls. Want to do something instrument or sound related? He even knows how to set up band and DJ equipment! All around music connoisseur.
Saving The Day! - Though it should be obvious, Steven has the best time going on missions with his caretakers and stopping baddies. Considering his mother figures are-- or rather, were-- made for fighting in various ways, he has an inner sense that he wishes to make them proud, and be part of a team! He is still too young for some tasks, but others he has been a great help. As he practices more and more, he can be a better part of the whole, and help save more people in the process!
Friends And Family
Fellow Cast:
Amethyst - The expressive one. One of Steven's three motherly figures responsible for raising him. Amethyst is the less like a mother figure, and more like a much older sibling. She is the one that helps Steven be himself, often tagging along on misadventures and being someone he can relate to. Often her wild nature gets the two into some sort of trouble, but when the chips are down, they are there for each other, despite the odds. Amethyst is the one that Steven can open up to the easiest, and can have someone who he can enjoy the ways of human life with, particularly when it comes to food and games. She is always down to have fun with Steven, and he couldn't be happier for it.
Connie Maheswaran - A lovely girl with a dark complexion, Connie is a great friend of Steven's, and they have spent countless evenings hanging out on the beach or in the surrounding areas. Connie is Steven's connection to a normal kid's life. He learns so much he should be learning from her and her books she lends him, her lessons on interesting facts, and her ability to listen and relate are invaluable. When Steven needs to unwind and relax, and spend some quality time with somebody, Connie is his girl of choice. They are the best of jam buddies.
Garnet - The endearing one. One of Steven's three motherly figures responsible for raising him. Garnet is the dubbed 'leader' in Rose's absence. Garnet is probably the one Steven connects to most on a Mother-to-Son level. She speaks very little, but her words hold much more gravity to them. Steven almost never goes against her wishes. She is also the strongest of the Crystal Gems, holding immense power and speed. She is a fearsome opponent on the battlefield, but much like a mother bear, is incredibly gentle and kind to Steven and any friends he makes along the way. Recently, he found out that this caretaker is actually two smaller caretakers named Ruby and Sapphire, nigh permanently in a loving fusion. She came out of the recent events stronger for it, and bested Jasper with the power of teamwork and love. With her around and being there for him, he couldn't possibly feel more loved.
Greg Universe - Probably the best dad ever! A retired rockstar and a cool dude, Steven loves to hang out with his father. The man usually bides his time doing small time music gigs, doing small jobs, and exploring Tokyo in his radical stylized van. He was romantically entangled with Rose Quartz, and her disappearance with Steven's birth has had a lasting effect on him, making it hard to cope at times. But thanks to the Crystal Gem's efforts helping raise Steven in the best way possible, it is easy for Greg to look beyond to the positive future, as evident in the silly things the two do together. The relocation to Tokyo has been an interesting turn of events, but it gives the two even more fun things to do as father and son.
Lion - A strangely tinted cat Steven found during a mission into a desert ruin. They befriended each other over an incredibly short duration, and the goofy mascot now pals around with Steven to all sorts of adventures and mishaps. Lion has a mind of his own, and a powerful subset of powers, granted to him in some unknown way. Super speed, sonic roars, portal creation, and an extra-dimensional mane is just a few! The cat does tend to be unruly at times however, though never in a way to harm Steven and his allies. Usually in the ways of a cat, such as unresponsiveness, chronic napping, and chasing shiny objects. Still, Steven can often be seen with Lion, sitting beach side, laying against the fluffy creature as he plays his ukelele. Lion could be considered a pet loosely, but Steven's connection to Lion is much deeper than a normal animal. Many mysteries still surround the feline, but Steven is determined to find them out one day!
Pearl - The protective one. One of Steven's three motherly figures responsible for raising him. Pearl is a very intelligent and tactical woman whose planning ahead is always to the benefit of Steven and the other Crystal Gems. She takes great pride in taking care of the successor of Rose Quartz as if it was a charge given to her. Often she can be overbearing or overprotective, but Steven knows deep down it is only for his betterment as he grows. She is often the one teaching Steven the ways of Gem lore, tech, and culture, and while Pearl can misinterpret Steven's intents and motives when he acts on emotion, it is clear she only wants what is best for the boy and the team as a whole. And he could not be more appreciative of her efforts.
Rose Quartz - Steven's enigmatic biological mother. She had to give up her life and very form to give birth to him. He holds some guilt deep inside over being the cause of her loss, though knows that Rose would never want him to do so. The other Crystal Gems are rather tight-lipped on what all she did in her life, but Steven strives to find out what kind of person she was, often letting his mind wander as he stares at her portrait above the doorway to his home. Maybe one day he will find out who she truly was, and choices she made to lead the Gems to this point. He knows she is with him in spirit, and watching over him, waiting to see just what he will become.
Lapis Lazuli - A pretty blue Gem rescued from the confines of a magical mirror by Steven. A kind voice troubled by the Crystal Gems, she attempted to use the ocean to reach Homeworld and go home due to her broken gemstone. Steven healed it for her, and she was able to flee Earth, though was recaptured by Jasper and Peridot as they came to the planet she left behind. She seems so troubled, but Steven is happy they had the time together they did. She seems like such a nice person, and obviously was forced to give the information she had about the Crystal Gems to their enemies. Having become tired of being used as a tool, she retaliated against Jasper in the warrior's attempt to crush those arrayed against her, and paid dearly for it. As being fused into Malachite, she became a prisoner. For everything the Magical Girls, Sailor Senshi, and Crystal Gems threw at Jasper, nothing was more effective than the wrath of a woman scorned. Be safe, Lapis...
Jasper - A frightening elite warrior from Homeworld. Bigger than Garnet alone, her wild strength and prowess in combat led her to defeat an entire cast of Magical Girls with little effort with the aid of the Destabilizer. The Gem came to the planet for some other purpose, but when she realized Steven had his mother's gemstone, her angered focus locked on to him. Jasper wouldn't stop calling Steven Rose Quartz, and mentioned that she knew her in some sort of passing. Jasper also threatened to take Steven to someone named Yellow Diamond. It sounds quite ominous. She also destroyed Garnet, though thankfully only for a small time, as she regenerated and got revenge on the orange leader. Garnet bested her in combat, yet rose from the wreckage on Earth, attempting to crush the survivors as a fused Malachite. Things didn't go as planned for her however, as Lapis Lazuli had enough of her hateful treatment. After everything you did to his friends, Jasper, you deserve such a punishment.
Peridot - The technical and high-strung genius aboard the invading ship from Homeworld. Peridot appears to have been assigned a task on Earth she seeks to finish involving something called the Cluster. To Steven, it sounds like some kind of Gem base on earth somewhere, though no context was ever stated by the green Gem. She tried to harm Sapphire and draw everyone into a trap with her Robonoids and turrets, but was bested, disappearing into the floor and not seen from again. Maybe she went back home! Steven can only hope. Those that seek to harm Earth are not welcome here!

Friends (Civilian):
Anthy Himemiya - One of the caretakers of the Garden of Roses at Ohtori Academy. Dark skin and purple wavy hair help accentuate the deep and polite nature of this young lady! She greatly cares for her roses, and helped teach Steven how to care for them. He will take that valuable knowledge and care for the wild roses found at the various ruins Rose Quartz was around, as well as the ones at the Strawberry Battlefield! Your effort will not have been in vain, Anthy!
Chibi-Usa Tsukino - A small girl with pretty pink hair Steven has seen a time or two. About his age, she seems to show up at bad times where the Sailor Scouts are, but is always saved just in the nick of time! Recently, she nearly gave everything to save Steven and all of her friends, by embracing the black crystal core aboard Rubeus' ship, but a miraculous event happened, as a golden crescent moon adorned her head, and caused the crystal to detonate in brilliant light. You are incredibly brave, little girl! Steven respects you for sure. There's certainly something very special about her, but as of now, he doesn't know what.
Eri Shimanouchi - Steven remember meeting Eri at rose gardening at Ohtori. He feels horrible that he didn't know what happened to you until the very end! Gosh he is glad Eri is fine now! At least he hopes you are, anyway! Maybe Steven can see her again at the gardening classes!
Hotaru Tomoe - Someone Steven needs to make up to. Met at a library, Steven caused quite a ruckus when Lion budged his way in and messed up one of the library's books. He still feels a little bad. He saw her about his helicopter fight, though she seemed a little distant still. One day maybe he will be able to do something to make up that mishap!
Nagisa Misumi - Nagisa! Hahaha, she is a bit protective of Steven! Their interactions have reminded him a lot of Pearl. She totally wants the best for him it looks like! Maybe she has a little brother or something? She sure likes to sing too! Karaoke sounds like a cool way to bond more in the future! Knows how to pick the classics too. Gotta respect that.
Usagi Tsukino - Hey, you go to Steven's school! Awesome! This girl with the super-long twintails has been at a few events Steven has. She seems to have her heart on her sleeve and emotes a lot more than he expects of girls her age, but nothing wrong with that, right? She seems to have a ton of friends though! Ooooh, is she the popular girl?! Ah, Steven better be on good behavior around her!
Rei Hino - A raven haired young lady that seems to be some kind of shrine maiden? That's super cool, upholding traditions and stuff! She is really nice to Steven, but seems a little snippy sometimes toward others, particularly Usagi for some reason. But the yall seem like good friends! Maybe she is just the bossy type. At the next traditional event, Steven wants to ask her about shrine stuff! They are always so pretty... just like her!
Sucy Manbavaran - A strange girl seen at the Garden of Roses event. She seemed to keep to herself and talked very little. Maybe she is just shy? Next time he sees her, he will try and talk to her!

Friends (Henshin):
Cure Egret and Cure Bloom - A pair of Pretty Cure Steven has seen in action a few times, though doesn't know too much about them, except for their perfectly synchronous attacks they perform together is an inspiration to the boy. He wants to work with someone just like them one day! He hopes that no one takes their happiness away.
Cure White and Cure Black - Look at you two go! Another fabulous team-oriented pair of Pretty Cure. Very strong with their punches and attacks, they work so well intandem against the toughest of foes! M-Maybe one day he can get to talk to them and learn how to do those too with the Crystal Gems, 'cause he still isn't too great with those...
Sailor Moon - THE Sailor Scout! Defender of Love and Justice! And a princess, too! Steven has been collecting comics and stories of her for so long, and then after coming to Tokyo, finds out she is REAL! He has even seen her in fights now! It is just as glorious as the comics paint it to be. She is an inspiration to him, as are all Sailor Scouts. During the escape, Sailor Moon came to everyone's rescue along with many others, and gave everything to fight back the evil Rubeus inflicted upon everyone. Steven fought with everything he had with her and everyone present to push him back and make him pay. At the end of the day, he even got a high five from her! As long as Sailor Moon stands against someone, he will too, and whenever someone is to be punished in the name of the moon, Steven will be there to help dispense it!
Sailor Mars - Oh wow, look at her! Another Sailor Scout! She has all kinds of cool fire attacks and burns badguys to a crisp in a snap. She also is like a princess too?! Do all Sailor Scouts become princesses or something?! Is there magical girl royalty around in Tokyo?! This is crazy stuff! Wow... Steven thinks it would be so cool to be magical royalty... With her fierce devotion to helping her fellow team, it just means yet another signature Steven has to eventually get somehow...
Sailor Neptune - One of the members of the Sailor Scouts! Steven finds her formal yet very approachable! She has been in several fights Steven participated in, and came to his direct rescue from enemies as he freed Lapis Lazuli from her mirror, putting herself in danger. He will have to make her something yummy as repayment one day! ...if he ever gets to meet her outside of trying to save the world! He has yet to get her autograph for his comic collection!
Sailor Mercury - A super smart member of the Sailor Scouts! Her and Steven were the first ones to make their escape on the Hand Ship together. She has cool powers (pun intended) and was able to hack Peridot's Robonoidbot no problem! Maybe one day Steven can get to know you better, as with all the Sailor group!
Sailor Pluto - A stoic member of the Sailor Scouts! Obviously Steven is a big fan of them all. She has shown up several times to aid fights Steven is involved in. She also apparently owns a super-sweet helicopter! Maybe one day he can go for a ride in it...! She too was aboard the space abduction, and was happy to work along side her and Sailor Mercury to free everyone from their bonds and stage a comeback. She bears a stoic yet compassionate presence that feels welcome to be around. One day he might learn more about her... when they aren't in danger.
Symphogear Solais - A beautifully singing maiden of good. He saw her once fighting Proto-Daimons and once again coming to the rescue of those captured by Jasper and Rubeus. Her singing combined with her weapon laid waste to enemies that attempted to ambush the escapees leaving the hand ship. Steven wonders if she sings elsewhere, though? Such a wonderful talent seems like a waste if no one else can hear it but those fighting! Maybe he can talk to her one day and provide some stringed sound for a performance.

Friends (Both):
Fate Testarossa/Barrier Jacket Bardiche Assault - A blonde girl about Steven's age. She sports a large technological weapon and protective magical wards. Also one of the magical girls he is most thankful for as of recent. They met once during a fight where her magic impressed the boy. From there, continual run-ins with her and Nanoha had Steven growing fond of her. With the two most recent events, her being there to help deal with Jasper and Rubeus, combined with helping him deal with letting go in the Ideal Dream, he is very thankful he has gotten to know someone who has been through so much and yet, has gone so far.
Endo Naoki/Barrier Jacket Aufprall - A nice guy that helped Steven learn to ski, and has helped Steven fight badguys from time to time. He also sorta got gutted recently. After everything was restored, so was he! So that is always a good thing! He sports a big sword called Fallen Stern that cuts up badguys really well, and doesn't get along too well with Mikoto for some reason. He hopes they get to actually have that hangout promised now, before anything else bad happens! He is nice and doesn't deserve that kinda stuff happening to him!
Fuu Hououji/Wind Knight - One of the first people Steven met after teleporting to Tokyo! Also one of the first people he found out were with magical power, something completely unknown to him! He thought only Gems had powers until Fuu. Kindhearted and caring, Steven and Garnet took Fuu in for a small time to take care of her when she lost her powers temporarily. She has since recovered them, and Steven finds Fuu to be one of his closest friends from Tokyo. As her nickname suggest, her powers are all about the wind. She can even fly! Pretty darn cool. Fuu was among those abducted to be taken to Homeworld, but her magical abilities and big heart helped save everyone there. What a good person! Someone raised her right.
Kasagami Araki/Crimson Rose Duelist - What started as a standard relationship with an Ohtori Student Council member has grown into something great. A woman capable of great fighting ability and power, she brandishes a duelist's weapon and claims to want to become 'King'. Steven is still unsure what that is quite supposed to represent, but whatever it is, it drives her, drives past her saddening past to a brighter future. Recently something has rattled her terribly, causing her to seek Steven out to talk to, to do with a titanic amount of stress and sadness. Being a guy who doesn't want ladies to cry, he helped in what ways he could, and while she seems somewhat better, Kasagami got caught up in the business of Homeworld, making Steven feel terrible that they all got involved in Gem problems. Maybe oen day he can tell her better about what is going on, though even Steven is missing a lot of the pieces. He can only hope Kasagami fights the throne she seeks, because that end goal has to be good, for someone who does such good in the world as to face impossible odds to protect Earth.
Mikoto Minagi/HiME Mikoto - Mikoto is a young lady Steven met rather quickly after coming to Tokyo. She has an odd way of communicating and some strange nuances about her, but Steven finds he super interesting! As of recently they have been running in to each other more, and learning about each other. She was there for the abduction, and suffered at the hands of Jasper's Destabilizer. The boy came to her rescue at a critical moment, and now feels a kinship with her, especially since she has begun to come by the beach house to just find someone to talk to. She is however, frightening in combat, brandishing a an almost glassy black sword that have red symbols appear on the blade. She also seems to get along with Lion much better than he does most people. You know, they sure have been through a lot, huh? Steven has seen Mikoto very often, until recently. He feels like there was something he didn't quite understand with her just before recent events as he tried to comfort her. But light has uncovered those problems, and even changed things! But... where has she gone? He misses her...
Mai Tokiha/Mai-HiME and Kagutsuchi - An expressive but sometimes serious girl, Mai is someone who is literally capable of summoning a dragon. Steven literally does not know anything cooler than that. A powerful magical girl, Mai is capable of great works in the name of justice on the field of battle, especially with Kagutsuchi at her side. On a sadder note, she died attempting to fight the Searrs Corporation, a military group that tried to take the island Ohtori Academy was on. Steven regretted not being able to continue the fight and had to flee with the refugees. Yet, in the more recent future, actually saw her up and alive and well. She came to the rescue of the party in space, wielding devastating flame to save Mikoto, someone she clearly cares very deeply about. Steven is happy they are together again. And thankful of her effort.
Setsuna Higashi/Cure Passion - A kind young lady that Steven... kinda watched die. She just wanted to help, and then got captured and killed! Thankfully by a miracle, she was brought back to life and became one of the many Pretty Cures, Cure Passion! Since that fateful event, Steven has seen her intermittently in combat, but has never gotten the chance to see... what exactly happened to her. He still worries, you know? Her attacks have such pretty effects, yet are devastating to badguys. Good thing she is on the side of good!
Takeo Akamizu/Lancelot - This guy right here. Cool motorcycle, cool knightly form, cool sword and lightning. Steven has run in to him a lot in fights against evil and tyranny, and hearing his battle cry to protect the innocent fills Steven with the need to do the same. The guy has done everything for Steven, from something as simple as teaching how to ski, to taking down a Gem frigate in space. Keep it up, cool dude. We got a cool hangout to plan with Endo, now! We should make a cool guy team! Whaddaya say?!
Yumi Ohzora/Ivy Witch - A young lady that has shown up to aid Steven and the Crystal Gems on an occasion or two. She seems nervous at times, but is always on point to do good when she shows up. She also seems to know the Sailor Scouts, making her even cooler! Steven has even seen her in his house before. She must have been visiting Garnet. Her powers are plant based, which is kinda cool! She entangles enemies with ivy plants! Another person from the space escape, She was incredibly brave to hold the line for their escape ad the hand ship. Thanks to you, everyone was able to escape! Never forget that!
Mami Tomoe/Puella Magi Mami - You are alive again, hooray! Steven only saw you from afar before what happened to you, but heard great stories about you after. A lot of people look up to you! Now that you are back, Steven has so many things he wants to ask her. She is even in his phone somehow after uh, whatever took place. It was a fun tea party! Maybe they can do it again, and this time he can remember it happening...!
Homura Akemi/Puella Magi Homura - You have been through so very much. You look like you have seen a ghost, or your world crumble. Steven knows that look. You fought so hard, but couldn't do it alone... but that is what teamwork is for! And together, with a bit of a miracle (Which he can't seem to quite recall clearly) the day was won! Steven will happily give you what time you need, but if you need someone to talk to, the Gem Temple isn't far off the beaten trail. Steven's always willing to listen.

Phantom - Jerk! This white-trenchcoated guy seems to have some sort of beef with Pretty Cures, the groups of magical girls who use extreme strength and speed along with perfect teamwork to defeat evil. Steven got involved in one of the throwdowns when Phantom showed up out of nowhere, and got utterly thrashed and thrown into several hard objects, including a bike rack. It took everything just to not be killed. Maybe one day someone will teach that guy a lesson!
Rubeus - A red haired man that bore an almost reverse symbol that Sailor Moon bears. He sought to harm Sailor Moon and Chibi-Usa Tsukino, and crucified not only some of the Sailor Scouts, but PEARL TOO. He used a wicked black crystal to cause undue pain to everyone, and tried to kill them, but the power of love and justice was too much for him to bear. Steven isn't sure what befell him after the blast, but he has a good idea what it might be, and for the first time ever, Steven feels like... someone deserved every last bit of it.
Westar - Some buff dude Steven has run in to a few times. Seems like the bad sort of person to be hanging around with. Summons bad creatures called Nakewamekes to cause problems! And that isn't cool! He even disrupted an awesome barbecue once! So not cool, Westar. So not cool. Well, if he decides to summon more, Steven will be there to beat them up! Or try to, anyway. Some of them are incredibly strong.
Zafira - A giant blue wolf that attacked a local business that Steven was near when it happened. It could talk, and proceeded to bark threats! Who threatens a kid like that?! Seems like bad news. Well, if the wolf decides to be part of more attacks, Steven will be there to stop him!

A Girl Unnamed - I came away from everything being so happy that almost everyone was alive, yet felt like someone was missing. Funny, Steven didn't think he would forget anyone who was involved! The boy felt a song inside for someone that wasn't even there. Ah, he is sure he will run into you at school or something. See you then, okay?