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Character Name
Fuu in her Magic Knight armor, sword at the ready
IC Information
Full Name: Fuu Hououji
Aliases: Magic Knight of Wind
Gender: Female
Age/Birthdate: 15 (December 12, 1998)
Hair Colour: Light brown
Eye Colour: Green
Astrological Sign: Sagittarius
Blood Type: A
Favorite Food: Tessa (very thinly sliced blowfish)
Least Favorite Food: anything yucky
Favorite Subject: Math
Least Favorite Subject: Art
Organization: Magic Association
Position: n/a
School: Infinity Institute (Grade 9)
OOC Information
Source: Magic Knight Rayearth (FC)
Player: Shachihoko

Kind, friendly, and polite almost to a fault, Fuu Hououji hardly seems the sort to join in the battle against evil - but after she was summoned to Cephiro by Princess Emeraude, Fuu agreed to become one of the Magic Knights of legend alongside Hikaru and Umi, the two girls who were summoned alongside her. Fuu's intelligence, combined with the wind magic bestowed upon her by Clef, makes her highly adaptable in combat and allows her to support her allies as well as attacking on her own; her skill at archery lets her attack from a distance, while she also can wield her Escudo sword as needed in close combat. Wearing glasses doesn't make her any less dangerous as an enemy, either - she'll always stand up to assist her friends, whether it's her classmates or her fellow Magic Knights that need her.

(More info to come!)


Fuu's most prevalent personality trait is a virtually unfailing gentle politeness, worthy of a "Yamato nadeshiko": she addresses everyone in polite language, even using -san in speaking to close friends (or deadly enemies), and very nearly always keeps a polite, friendly smile on her face when she's not actually fighting.

Hiding behind her polite and gentle demeanor, though, is a determination and loyalty which neither friend nor foe should take lightly. Fuu is extremely loyal to her friends, and would sooner kill herself than abandon a friend in need - even if she'd be risking her own life to help them. This is part of her bond with Hikaru and Umi, but it applies with other friends as well. Even without magic, Fuu will come to her classmates' aid if they come under attack - particularly since Fuu herself is a target of Zagato's minions; she can't assume that ANY monster which shows up is going to ignore her if given a choice in the matter. So she'll protect her friends to the best of her ability, no matter where she is ... even if she has to risk giving away her secret identity to do so.

The tradeoff to being so determined to protect her friends, of course, is that Fuu knows her family will be sad if anything happens to her. So she's just as determined to protect herself as anyone around her - which, rather than making her run away under most circumstances, is going to make her even more determined to protect herself and win against any enemy which threatens her. She'll gladly end a fight nonviolently if the opportunity provides itself, but if a monster or a more human-looking enemy is out for her blood, she'll have few qualms about going for a killing strike.

There is another downside to her determination to protect others: if she fails to protect somebody, or something important, then that weighs heavily on Fuu's heart. It's happened a few times already, and one of those failures actually wiped out her ability to use magic for a time. Fortunately, the help of friends and strangers let Fuu regain her powers as a Magic Knight, but she's still painfully conscious of the times she wasn't strong enough, fast enough, cunning enough ...

When she doesn't have to worry about fighting for her life (or anyone else's), Fuu is generally very friendly as well as polite. If she's suspicious about somebody, she'll still be polite, but a conversation between her and someone she distrusts may sound more like a verbal game of chess than normal socializing; she was able to gently manipulate Ferio into acting as the trio's bodyguard in the Forest of Silence on their first meeting, without giving away that Fuu and her companions had been summoned to become the Magic Knights.

In her downtime, Fuu enjoys putting her brain to work in a number of different regards. Math is noted as her favorite subject, with reading as her hobby of choice and computer programming as an extracurricular activity. She's something of an RPG otaku, familiar with a number of them (mostly of the fantasy sort), and an RPG Maker hobbyist who's been working on a serious project. She's still quite sociable, though: hardly a reclusive bookworm.

Skills and Hobbies

Kyuudou (Archery) - Without magic or other Magic Knight equipment, Fuu is still a talented archer, easily qualifying for Infinity's archery team while she was in middle school, and on track to join the high-school-level team. It's highly probable that she would, in a crisis, grab a bow and quiver from the club's practice area and go protect people as best she could - even with no magic at all.

Computers - While Fuu's not a master hacker or an advanced programmer (... yet), she knows her way around computers generally and is considerably above hobbyist level in using them. Programming is one of her regular extracurricular activities, although she's officially in the archery club rather than the computer club. This doesn't stop her from swinging by every so often to share notes and cooperate on projects.

Role-Playing Games - While Fuu hasn't admitted publicly to how many RPGs she plays, she's been known to talk about fantasy RPG tropes in the course of her various adventures and battles. What is known, though, is that she's been working with the Infinity computer club to develop an original RPG which she wants to distribute; it's been shown off at Comiket, although the project is still under development. (She's also been seen playing various games at Crown Game Center and other arcades, so her gaming interests apparently aren't limited to RPGs.)

Library Island Exploration Club - While the archery team still takes precedence (most of the time), Fuu is a semi-active member of the Library Island Exploration Club, plumbing the depths of Library Island to locate precious tomes, map out the stacks below the publicly-accessible areas, fight the occasional monster, and sometimes rescue people who've gotten lost down there.


Hikaru Shidou and Umi Ryuuzaki - Fuu's most immediate allies, the Magic Knights of Fire and Water. While the three of them all go to different schools (Juuban for Hikaru, Ohtori for Umi), and their meeting at Tokyo Tower seemed like the purest chance, the three of them have still forged an unbreakable bond in their shared determination to save Cephiro.

Ferio - A native of Cephiro, the Magic Knights met the wandering swordsman in the Forest of Silence during their initial quest in Cephiro. Fuu was able to cajole him into assisting the three girls in navigating the Forest safely - but she didn't expect to actually fall in love with him. Still, fall in love she did, and she was overjoyed to discover that he had come to Tokyo as well. Besides being allies, they've also become an 'official' couple.

Nanoha Takamachi - Despite the difference in their ages, Fuu has a great deal of respect (and possibly a soft spot) for the younger magical girl, and is happy to provide assistance when Nanoha needs it. It helps that Midori-ya is one of Fuu's favorite bakeries.

Chevaliers - While Fuu was originally agreeable to joining the Chevaliers when they first organized, events since then have led her to the realization that her outlook - and her belief that magical girls have to be able to stand together in the face of powerful enemies - were incompatible with staying part of the group. She's trying to repair her individual relationships with several members of the Chevaliers, but she's not about to aid in their conflicts with the Shepherds.

(Lots more to come ...)

Attacks and Magic

As the Magic Knight of Wind, Fuu fights with a combination of archery, her sword, and a diverse array of spells.

She was on the archery team at Infinity even before Emeraude summoned the Magic Knights, and the bow and arrows which she received from Presea (originally as a loaner weapon) have proven very useful, and better than she could acquire in Tokyo. However, the bow isn't made to "grow" like her sword is, which means that simply shooting arrows at an enemy depends more on her skill than on her weapon.

Fuu's sword, like the blades wielded by Hikaru and Umi, is forged from the legendary mineral Escudo, and - like her armor - is growing more powerful as Fuu herself gains in strength and skill. While Fuu's swordsmanship is essentially self-taught, her blade remains easy to handle, even at its current size.

While Hikaru and Umi only have attack spells, Fuu has developed a mix of attack and support magics. The very first spell she learned was the Winds of Healing, which lets her assist allies in recovering from wounds suffered in battle. Full healing takes time and attention that she can't concentrate in the middle of the fray, but she can use a lighter version for "first aid" that offsets the more debilitating effects of injuries or attacks.

The Gale Arrow spell enhances Fuu's archery, using wind magic to propel an arrow faster than it would normally fly, and to offset the turbulence which would throw the shaft off course at such high speeds.

When faced with a highly mobile opponent, Fuu's frequent first recourse is the Winds of Admonishment: a focused whirlwind which helps to hold weaker opponents in place, and often to at least slow down more powerful foes. This is often one of the first spells she casts in combat - just like in RPGs, debuffing a monster is usually good strategy.

On the flip side, Fuu's Winds of Protection are a defensive support spell, conjuring a barrier of focused wind to lend protection to an ally. She can also cast it on herself if push comes to shove, but she's usually too busy trying not to get blown away to take time for a defensive spell on her own behalf.

The Storm-Dance of Kamaitachi is one of Fuu's more devastating spells - sometimes too devastating; she has to be careful about using it when she's trying to protect people in tight quarters. Still, if she can unleash the tempest against a cluster of enemies, it tends to pay off.

Combining restorative magic with a counter-attack, the Liberating Gale actually starts out as a focused Winds of Healing before Fuu makes it erupt against whatever (or whomever) had weakened her in a given battle. It doesn't always work, though ...

Fuu's first elemental melee attack, the Tempest Slash, is pretty much what it says, wrapping a rending wind around an attack with her sword. The wind magic tends to lash at her target multiple times, whether she makes one physical cut or several in rapid succession.

The most powerful attack spell Fuu currently knows, the Emerald Cyclone serves as her usual finishing move, drawing on the full wrath of the tempest to strike down and shred the target of her wrath. She can either unleash it at full unbridled power, or try to focus its destructive force against a specific target, but either way, casting the Emerald Cyclone means she needs to wreck somebody's day hard.

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