Ami Mizuno

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Ami Mizuno
Name Ami Mizuno
AKA Sailor Mercury
Gender Female
Age 14
School Juuban Public School
Grade 10
Club Computer Club
Birthday September 10th
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Blood Type A
Hair Black
Eyes Blue
Favorite Color Blue
Favorite Animal Cats
Favorite Food Sandwiches
Least Favorite Food
Favorite Subject Math and Science
Least Favorite Subject None
Hobbies Studying
Likes Friends, Volunteering
Dislikes Bullies
"Soldier of Love and Intelligence, Pretty Sailor-Suited Soldier, Sailor Mercury! Douse yourself in cold water and repent!"
Ami Mizuno is a certified genius, her test scores often at the top of her class. She's also shy and mousy, and vulnerable to testing from jealous or resentful schoolmates. She spends a lot of her time studying so she can enter medical school someday. When she transforms into Sailor Mercury, she assists Sailor Moon and her allies with ice, water and fog attacks. Her ability to analyze the enemy using her visor and computer makes her invaluable to the team. She's often the voice of reason when her fellow Senshi let their emotions get to them.
Usagi Tsukino - Ami and Usagi have a close relationship and it is one that she greatly treasures. Whether it was fate or destiny or something else that brought them together as a team, Usagi was her first true friend. The first person willing to look beyond the surface and to see more of who she was on the inside. Even their opposing personalities don't seem to matter a lot when they're together. She cares a lot about Usagi and would do anything to protect her. They work well as a team in both normal everyday life and on the battlefield.

Makoto Kino - Mako is adorable and Ami finds that they generally they get along well. Her dedication to the team and persistence even in the face of overwhelming danger is something that she finds admirable.

Minako Aino - It was surprising when Minako came into the picture as Sailor V, along with Artemis. She doesn't know the girl very well yet but for now, feels like her skills are invaluable in combat.

Rei Hino - Ami likes her no-nonsense approach to things and her dedication to her grandfather and the shrine. While she could do without the disagreements between Usagi and Rei, Ami still admires Rei for her strength and unwavering abilities in battle.

Mamoru Chiba - Even if Usagi doesn't like him, Ami doesn't have any real issues with him, except for the arguments that he and Usagi seem to always get into.

Luna - The most adorable mooncat! Ami loves having Luna around and they are often seen together. To most people, Luna is just an ordinary cat but to Ami she is so much more. She has been a constant source of help for their team and Ami trusts her. She also feels very protective of Luna.

Artemis - The second of the mooncats, he is also adorable but Ami hasn't spend a lot of time with him since he spends most of his time with Minako.

Kasagami Araki - Ami is not sure what to think about her. She knows the actions Kasagami took in the past, using magical girls for her own purposes and that is a big strike in her book. However, the fact that Ami can actually have an intelligent and thought-provoking conversation is a plus even if she knew just the right buttons to push to tease Ami in the midst of it. For now, her final judgement is reserved until she gets to know her better.

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