Mami Tomoe

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Character Name
IC Information
Full Name: Mami Tomoe
Aliases: Senpai
Gender: Female
Age/Birthdate: 17 (June 5, 1998)
Height: 5'2"
Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye Colour: Honey
Astrological Sign: Gemini
Blood Type: O
Favorite Food: Cake
Least Favorite Food: Pickled Plums
Favorite Subject: English
Least Favorite Subject: Mathematics
Organization: Magic Association (Formerly Chevaliers)
Position: Veteran
School: Ohtori Academy (Grade 11)
Clubs: Go-Home Club (She doesn't have time...)
OOC Information
Source: Puella Magi Madoka Magica (FC)
Player: Cowstian Dior

"Late nights are the enemy of beauty..."

Mami Tomoe, a glamorous student at Ohtori Academy for her entire academic career thus far, is /also/ a highly experienced magical girl--a veteran even as many now-veteran girls got their start. For a long while, this and her own troubled past with other magical girls kept her distant from the rest of the community, but now she counts the magical girls of Tokyo as equals, and allowed herself to set down a little of her facade in favor of more even partnerships. Her relationships with others have healed much of her cynicism, allowing her to act more truly to her altruistic principles and sense of justice--and even if her partner, Sayaka Miki, is gone, she'll continue their mission to protect the world from the darkness as long as she can. ...But her life isn't terribly balanced even now between ordinary and supernatural; her dedication takes a significant toll on her social life outside the magical girl community, and while she's bothered less by the speculation at the cutthroat Ohtori of what keeps her so busy, she still has something of a reputation for trouble. Still, she has her true wish, and she looks forward to a bright tomorrow.

Skills and Magic

One of Mami's first loves was always and remains baking; while she's a good cook who's tried a variety of things, she's a /great/ baker who is happy to make elaborate cakes for herself and her friends. (Her sweet tooth is considerable.) She can bake other things, but doesn't tend to favor pies. Tarts maybe.

She's also very, very good at matters of fashion and style; she can braid like no one's business, and generally work with hair because she loves doing it. Want your nails painted? Mami will cheerfully spend time with her friends that way. There are few things she gets to do as a normal girl, but these things are among them.

We're not talking about her grades.

As a Puella Magi, she has access to considerable combat magic. Her weapon and special power both are ribbons, which she can conjure and manipulate to an absolutely startling degree, from immobilizing foes to shaping objects to use as a shield. She can even make things and leave them past when she's around them.

This comes to her weapon, which Mami learned after painstaking work to craft out of her ribbons: Percussive-action rifles, firing gold balls and bright light. She can make big guns, small guns, long guns, and short guns. Fat guns and skinny guns, but her favorites are elegant rifles that she can call up en masse to deal with her foes.

Mami Tomoe is known as the Golden Queen of Shibuya for a reason, and the fact that she holds the Central Yamanote Territory is only part of it.


(Adjusted slightly from her app)

Mami was born to the wealthy Tomoe family, an only child, almost seventeen years ago now. Her early life was, in the grand scheme, fairly uneventful; her parents doted a bit, but also made sure that as soon as she was old enough, she was immersed in various activities. They would be the main real social contact she'd have. She had peers, people also in the various expensive child programs, but none of these relationships really seemed to last past the end of that given activity. So, while she learned the very proper ways of interacting with others, she also developed a rich inner life: she took some o the hobbies she'd learned, the ones she really had a knack for, like baking, but she also was enchanted by certain shows as she grew up. The idea of transforming heroines fighting for love and justice made her happy, and gave her a little boost whenever she was feeling down. This would become somewhat ironically important later, but at the time, it's not all that strange for a little girl to enjoy such things. It's in fact pretty normal! And despite the fact that she didn't quite keep a 'best friend' or anything, she really delved into what she did; she had a clear love for life from a young age, curious and active.

This distance did not change as she actually grew through the grades at school; she had people to speak to in class, and would say she had friends. She just didn't manage to /stay/ close to anyone, really--her parents, of course, were proud of her successes, as she was doing rather well for herself in general absent that one little issue, even if they did grow increasingly busy with their own responsibilities as she became older and thus a little more self-sufficient. And maybe she would have been able to be more than the distant, talented girl in time.

She didn't get that time, however, and neither did the Tomoe family as a whole. When it happened, it happened suddenly; it was a blur, but the details were etched into her mind. The accident was between her family's car and an out-of-control semi; the little sedan simply didn't stand a chance. She lay in the back, in shock at the blood she was quickly losing, able to think of almost nothing else, when a little white creature, like a stuffed animal, appeared in the window. He offered a contract; a wish, a chance for /something/, and she did not have the luxury of considering the fine print. She wanted to live, and that's what she got.

It wasn't the only thing she had really wanted, though. From that day forward, Mami had 'luckily' survived the car accident that claimed both of her parents. She had only very distant relatives, so she was the sole inheritor of their estate.

No one at school really knew what to say to her; it was awkward, at best, but she would soon no longer have time to concern herself with her peers anyway. Kyubey explained her responsibilities, and Mami learned well. The idea was terrifying, of course. She'd made a wish to /live/, and now she was set to risk her life all the time. But she found ways to boost her confidence; /acting/ as if she had no cares or fears made it easier to pretend that it was true; emulating the heroines with which she'd grown up gave her a further boost, calling out the attacks she managed to form with her new magic. The danger became worth it; she'd been saved for a purpose. To help others, to fight for justice, meant that her living on had meaning. And that was something she would often cry over on her own--that she, alone, survived.

She quickly came to the attention of many others somewhat like her, as she went about her work. There were many other magical girls with whom she came into contact, including a number from the Tuner Organization, which she leapt at the chance to join. This alliance, though, would be short-lived; the group's intense cynicism wasn't something she could tolerate. In fact, Mami made a reputation for herself as something of a lone wolf, having a great deal of trouble working with others. She left the organization after not terribly long.

She had to do many things she would rather not have done, and Mami did not go through these years unscathed mentally. But one bright point was meeting a girl named Kyouko Sakura, who would be her partner for some time after they met. It was a wonderful partnership, and Mami adored her family who she was even brought over to visit as a friend. When tragedy struck however and Kyouko made her decision about her new way of life, Mami couldn't accept it. They fought over the matter... And Mami lost. With that wound in her heart, and a threat from Kyouko in her ears, she left and did not contact with her again. This wound would affect much of what was to come in her life.

Mami's school life worsened even further, and she became an unknown girl, nice and remembered by her class but no longer receiving any invitations to go out or study together or anything of the sort after she turned them down enough. Such was life.

The world seemed more cynical still, but Mami would help people, and get satisfaction from that, at least. By this point she'd acquired an apartment in the city, near the Ohtori Academy midle school she attended; she contented her daily life with keeping things nice, with enjoying the things she could, and with spending most of the rest of her time hunting the Witches and other creatures to keep the world safe.

As the Long Dark Night began, she had her work cut out for her. For better or worse, she would not continue on without others forever.


The Five

Madoka Kaname - One of Mami's two best friends. Mami is very protective of her, but not so much so that she won't let her come along when she and Sayaka go out. Nevertheless Mami will go very far if it's for Madoka. Mami deeply loves her, and likes her just the way she is. Madoka in turn understands her on a deep level. Her ideal life includes Madoka prominently.

Sayaka Miki - Mami's other best friend, and her precious Puella Magi partner. Mami adores her, every stupid dorky thing of her just as her incredible moments of gallantry. She relies on Sayaka very heavily in many arenas. Mami considers Sayaka a moral bedrock, and also harbors romantic feelings for her.

Eri Shimanouchi - Mami's ex-girlfriend and current enemy. The truth is that Mami loves Eri very much, but can't accept her hunting practices or her intentions with the Shepherds, and her heart is torn this way. Eri knows her better than almost anyone else, however, and Mami knows it full well. Maybe Eri has a point about Mami's happiness, but even so...

Kyouko Sakura - Mami's former partner. They worked together for a while years ago, which ended in tragedy and Mami being driven out to be alone again. Mami loves her still as the closest thing to family she has, but she still can't accept Kyouko's way of life. She has some jealousy for Kyouko for a few things, and is not comfortable with Sayaka and Kyouko together nonviolently after what Mami views as Kyouko taking Sayaka behind her back long before the war. Incredible respect; Mami views Kyouko as someone she can't defeat.

Homura Akemi - Mami's rival. COMPLICATED. Jealous. Resentful. ...Understanding? Mami hasn't told anyone about their battle at the school's outskirts, or what she learned there.

The Chevaliers

Ren Aizawa - Mami's friend. Mami doesn't know her terribly well yet, but she likes her energy; she doesn't talk to many girls older than her and actually get along with them. Mami wants the chance to do so, though.

Nori Ankou - Mami's model. Mami /likes/ Nori, and not only because she is beautiful and elegant and represents someone to share an interest in fashion with, but for her heart, for her poetic nature, and for the fact that Nori showed her something beautiful when they visited the Sea of Tears. That place has retained a niche in Mami's heart, and only made her feel closer to the Red Future. The fact that Nori has fought at her side is true of many Chevaliers, and Nori is among Mami's close, dear friends.

Lera Camry - Mami's buddy. Lera is a rare friend who is her age, who naturally sidesteps the business of being senpai. Their relationship has waxed and waned over time, but remains one Mami cares about greatly. ...Also they can drink together, don't tell anyone.

Garnet - Mami's adult figure. Mami doesn't have very many of these in her life, almost none who know of magic, outside the Magic Association which can be... awkward. Mami respects her all around, and likes the subtle warmth this tall woman has.

Tsubasa Kazanari - Mami's rescuer. They met by Tsubasa sweeping in to save Mami from a sneak attack by Sailor Uranus, and it made a good impression. Mami approves of her serious nature... But is a bit nervous that her own difficulties with staying in her ordinary life's expectations will lead to friction with this cool young woman.

Endo Naoki - One of Mami's personal favorite boys. She admires his moral standing and his fighting ability, but also just finds him pleasant to be around. There's more to get to know! Maybe she can learn a favorite flavor...

Nanoha Takamachi - Mami's new friend. Mami doesn't know this girl well yet, but she's acquitted herself well in their discussions about the Chevaliers, and a friend of Fate's automatically gets a leg up. ...Mami has also heard of some of this girl's exploits magically. Mami is attempting to befriend her further, finding it easy to talk with her. She'll have to come back to Midori-ya know that she knows her better.

Utena Tenjou - Mami's ally. They aren't close, necessarily--Mami has spoken more with her Bride--but everything about Utena Tenjou is appealing to Mami, from her princely approach at life to her heroic style to her dashing looks. Mami would love to sit down for tea with her though. Maybe if she brought Sayaka and asked Anthy for the four of them...

Fate Testarossa - Mami's guilt. Oh they're friends now, to be sure, and Mami is continually amazed by Fate's clear-headedness... But Mami worries for her too, and she knows that their past conflicts--before the Chevaliers--may have made Fate's troubles worse, in addition to hurting her. She enjoys time with Fate despite those difficulties.

The Outer Senshi

Sailor Neptune - Mami's enemy. Tangling with Sailor Uranus means tangling with Sailor Neptune, as Mami has discovered painfully first hand over time. The calm of this young woman is dangerous; Mami's been overwhelmed by her before making the mistake of focusing only on Uranus.

Sailor Pluto - Not Mami's. Mami respects this woman greatly, and knows they will both do as is necessary to protect those they care about and the world in their own ways. They've worked together on that front before. ...But they completely disagree on what the best way is; Mami simply does not believe that Pluto is /right/ about Hotaru Tomoe. Secretly, Mami is more than unsettled by her timeless nature.

Sailor Uranus - Mami's enemy. They've clashed more than once, and while Uranus is deadly competent, Mami has always disagreed with her methods--and usually with her choices. They're well beyond even talking about their issues right now. Unfortunately, Uranus has great insights into Mami's personality... And the pain that brings makes Mami resent her even more.

Early Friends

Anthy Himemiya - Mami's friend. Mami saved her once from Nanami Kiryuu's goons, and while that painted a target on Mami's back she considers it worth it to have gotten to know this girl if only a little. Maybe in another life she'd have become closer with her... But it was still a good jar of jam. Maybe they can spend more time together.

Usagi Tsukino - Mami's friend. Usagi--Sailor Moon--is both adorable and inspiring to Mami, and while the truth is that the rise of magical girls like her made her wonder if she was obsolete herself, Mami feels that Usagi /needs/ protecting in order to stay the wonderful way she is. ...Not sure what to do with her acting like a child over cake though.


Kasagami Araki - Mami's enemy. Mami outright hates this girl; her work kidnapping her friends would have seen to that on its own already, her arrogance enough to seal the deal, but Kasagami has made her school life measurably worse, and in ways that others can see. Mami's considered dropping out of school at the level of bullying she's endured and can do nothing about, given the Student Council. At least in matters of the War, she can fight back.

Nanami Kiryuu - Mami's tormentor. Long before Kasagami and Mami even spoke, Nanami caught wind of this lovely girl who was on the outskirts of her class, who had stepped in against her minions, and pushed back against her. Nobody can make Mami cry as reliably as Nanami can, and Mami can't do anything about it.

Kozue Kaoru - Mami's enemy. They were friends in a way, and Mami once allowed her despair to tempt her into a bad decision with Kozue... Which she didn't regard as that bad a decision until Kozue turned around and betrayed Sayaka overtly. Things are very complicated with this girl, because they were briefly close, but Mami cannot forgive what she's done... Or for making Mami herself feel so ill-used.

Mai Tokiha - Mami's senpai... Technically. They have a complicated relationship, as while Mami thinks her heart in the right place, she also finds that Tokiha drives her nuts and is far too reckless with others' lives. Unfortunately Mai has a point about Mami's hypocrisy, and the power to back up her ideals.