Endo Naoki

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Endo Naoki
IC Information
Full Name: Endo Naoki
Aliases: N/A
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 16
Height: 5'5"
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Blood Type O
Likes Exercise, astronomy, meats
Dislikes Pretentious people, laziness
Favorite Subject Physical Education
Favorite Food Bulgogi
Organization: Chevaliers
Position: Smashing things.
School: Juuban Public School (Grade 11)
Endo Theme: Determination
OOC Information
Source: Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha
Type: OC
Player: Bloopbloop


"Ah, really? Isn't that too much?"

Endo Naoki attends Juuban High School, holds down a part-time job at his local convince store, and spends his free nights defending his neighborhood from evil monsters. Since the passing of his father he's done the best he can to take care of his family and honor the memory of his deceased parent through his newfound magical ability. Endo is the present holder of Fallen Stern, an ancient Belkan device that he's entered into a contract with to DESTROY ENEMIES defend Tokyo from the forces of darkness. He has ties to the other Midchildian mages in Tokyo, and a very loose affiliation with the Magic Association.


Endo isn’t a very complicated sort of person. Endo was taught that hard work, sincerity, and perseverance will always get you through the day. Thus, those are the values that he tries to exemplify. Being raised in a close-knit and raucous family has left him a rather social individual, as well as fairly blunt in his speech and opinions. He's well known for his penchant of complaining and teasing both friends and strangers, but he also seems to carry a deep–seated sense of responsibility for the well-being of his peers. Probably too much responsibility, but his martyr complex is somewhat blunted by knowing there are others around Tokyo who share his burden. His generally positive outlook and thick-headedness are what carry him through most days.


Endo Naoki was born without much, his father in construction and his mother a waitress, neither very extraordinary people in anything but spirit. Both of them wanted a child, and both of them did their best to raise Endo as an honest, hard-working young man. From a young age he grew up among a tight-knit community of friends and family, hardly ever alone as a child. He didn’t have any siblings, but it always seemed like he was around other people. All this attention didn't involve any coddling though, and he grew up as a young man expected and able to pull his own weight without being a burden on the people around him.

On an intellectual level, it turned out he wasn’t any sort of genius. Sometimes Endo could manage a spark of creativity, but he wasn’t getting any medals or gold stars. He was average, much to his parents dismay. He tried, but not too hard, and preferred Rugby Club and physical activities over more intellectual pursuits. He shirked most of his hard work, which chaffed with his father’s ideals, putting some strain on the relationship. Endo figured he could always study hard later, and that he had at least a year or two to prepare, and everything would work out in the end.

It was shortly before his sixteenth birthday that his father passed away, victim of an unfortunate construction accident. It was a sad affair, a lot of mourning, both on the part of mother and son. Savings and help from extended family meant that money wasn’t an immediate issue, but Endo nonetheless took an after-school job at a local convenience store as soon as he could.

And then things changed. Endo was working a shift sometime at the peak hours of the morning when an odd looking vagrant drifted into the store. There was something distinctly suspicious about the fellow, though Endo couldn’t put his finger on it. He didn’t have that much time to thing, though. His attention was shortly taken up by the huge, vicious looking ball of darkness that smashed through the front of the store.

That's how Endo met Haru Ano and came into possession of the intelligent device Fallen Stern. Haru, the Mage in the convenience store, fled the scene wounded after driving off the monster. He happened to drop one of the artifacts he was carrying, and Endo took it home with him. When Haru came to claim to Endo demanded an explanation. The problem was that Haru was a thief and a liar. He told Endo that he was fleeing a vast conspiracy of wizards called the Magic Association, who controlled the earth and created monsters like the one Endo had seen. The truth was that Haru snatched the device from a Mage's workshop, but it was a little inconvenient to for him to say it.

Endo, of course, was alarmed. Slightly more alarmed when the monster Haru'd fought before burst back onto the scene. He couldn't just let the man take it on by himself, though. So he went to help. That was the first time Endo used Fallen Stern, the weapon calling out to him and instructing him to take it up and use it.

Once it was over Haru didn't have much a choice but to let the boy keep it, so he wished the boy well and got out of dodge. Endo sees the device he has as a responsibility, and has since entered into a contract with it to keep his family and community safe from scary night monsters.

A Series of Endo Events

  • Endo Acquires Fallen Stern: While attempting to save a stranger from a marauding youma, Endo comes into contact with the ancient Belkan weapon, Fallen Stern. Stolen from the Magic Association by the man Endo saved, the weapon strikes a pact with him to slay the youma. The thief, Haru Ano, reluctantly leaves the device in Endo's care after warning him about the Magic Association and their alleged evil machinations.
  • Early Experiences: Endo meets Lera Camry and Ren Aizawa, and forms a loose alliance with the two. Several other allies are met as he becomes more aware of Tokyo's magical girl population.
  • Jewel Seed Hunt: Endo helps Nanoha Takamachi track down the Jewel Seeds around Tokyo. After slaying multiple seed monsters and contesting with Fate Testarossa, the Nanohites and others invade the Garden of Time and stop Fate's mother's plans.
  • Truce with the Magic Association: The Magic Association sends Syaoren Li to retrieve Fallen Stern. It is determined instead that the weapon is ultimately more beneficial in Endo's hands. Syaoren becomes his unofficial Magic Association contact.
  • Jaren and Citadel: Endo helps Lera recover her stolen device from Jaren Zastrava, and prevents an ancient Belkan war machine, Citadel, from teleporting away a chunk of Tokyo.
  • Ohtori Invasion: After Searrs invades Ohotri Academy, Endo participates in the battle to free the school. The Nanohites blow up a death star.
  • Lock & Key: When the Ends of the World attempts to obtain the Keys to the City, Endo assist in obtaining at least one key, as well as helping in the ritual to destroy the master key.
  • Aufprall: While chasing down a stolen key, Endo goes to space for like the 3rd time and finds an old Belkan ship containing a portion of Fallen Stern's lost data. Stern's new form, Fallen Stern Aufprall, and Ren's upgrade to her device make it possible to recover the missing key.
  • Joining the Chevaliers: Endo has joins the Chevaliers. They seem nice.
  • Arrival of the Wolkenritter: Endo's linker core is drained by the Wolkenritter, putting him temporarily out of action. He takes the chance to practice being not terrible at magic.
  • Chevaliers vs Shepards: Endo assists in the war between the Chevaliers and Shepards. He clashes with Mikoto Minagi several times, and is eventually defeated by Miroku during their final battle in Shinjuku. Severely injured, Endo is forced to consider: Do you have to be a monster to protect the people you love?



  • Matsumoto Naoki : The man who was and in many respects still is everything to his son. The person responsible for Endo's sense of responsibility toward other people, his down-to-earth style, and most of his hardheadedness. Endo believes the best way to honor his father's sacrifice is to make the world a better place in his name. To say Endo has issues with his father's death would be an understatement.
  • Chiaki Naoki : Mom. Does mom things. She taught Endo what rudimentary manners and social graces he does have, and tries to make sure he still follows them. Their relationship is close-knit, and there's probably nobody else Endo cares about more in the world. There's some small strain on their relationship from Endo's job, and the fact that he's hardly ever around the house anymore.
  • Haru Ano : The Midchildian man responsible for Endo's Device coming into his possession. Endo isn't sure where Haru ran off to, but he's come to believe that Haru may have been mistaken about some things. He wouldn't have lied, though. Haru is a good person.
  • Shinji Akeda : Endo's classmate, former rugby teammate, and best friend since elementary school. Although Endo doesn't spend a lot of time at either school or rugby club anymore, he still takes time to hang out with his friend. Shinji dragging him out is, in fact, one of the primary reasons Endo doesn't do anything except work, sword, and sleep.


  • Fallen Stern : Endo's other half, a weapon forged during the Belkan wars. Endo is purpose and Stern is power, their relationship ultimately harmonious despite Endo's desire to protect and Stern's imperative to destroy. They've come to peace with each other for the most part, working as a team with Stern as advisor and Endo as actor.

Super Friends

  • Ren Aizawa : Ren used to go to Juuban, she was one of Endo's classmates. She's also Endo's girlfriend. She's vicious.
  • Lera Camry : Lera is one of Endo's good friends. He wasn't sure about her at first, but she's got a good heart and never gives up.
  • Nanoha Takamachi : Endo sees Nanoha almost like a little sister, but she's also one of the bravest, most determined people he knows.
  • Fate Testarossa : Despite their initial conflict, Fate has become one of Endo's dear friends. He wants to make sure she has a good time on Earth, because aliens don't know about things.
  • Setsuna Higashi : One of said aliens who doesn't know things. She's very quiet, but a good person. In the process of teaching her jokes.

Normal Friends

  • Mikoto Minagi : Once an enemy, now a friend. Endo and Mikoto have, despite their past reconciled.
  • Mami Tomoe : Experienced magical girl whom Endo looks up to.
  • Sayaka Miki : She was a true hero...
  • Fuu Hououji : Wind knight, smart and reliable.
  • Takeo Akamizu : Good guy. Bad at dieting.
  • Steven Universe : Good kid. Bad at skiing. Infectiously cheerful!
  • Syaoran Li : Secret Magic Association contact and sort-of mentor. He doesn't have to be so mean...


  • Jail Scaglietti : Up to no good!


Logs and Cutscenes

All of the years below are the OOC dates on which the logs occurred.