Sucy Manbavaran

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Sucy Manbavaran
Prelude to a Problem Solving.
Name Sucy Manbavaran
AKA Creepy Sucy, Mushroom Poison Queen Sucy
Cast Little Witch Academia
Gender Female
Age 12
School Infinity Institute
Grade 7th
Right Eye Red
Left Eye One of life's perpetual mysteries.
Model of Infamy
"Now is the time to open the forbidden door... Poisons are medicine... Medicines are poison! This is true Fungus Magic."
Scratching the Surface
A mysterious and eerie student witch from the Philippines, Sucy has come to Tokyo to attend the prestigious magic program at Infinity Institute.
A seemingly quiet and unassuming girl, the tendency to get bored easily has landed Sucy a reputation at Infinity for behavioral delinquency, an explosive admixture of her love of mischief with the runaway train of enthusiasm that is her friend and roommate Atsuko Kagari (though anyone might do if she's desperate for entertainment).
On her own Sucy keeps herself occupied with her other passions: potions, mushrooms, poisonous reagents and study of occult secrets, one of which may someday involve her in the magical conflict that so far she's eluded like a toadstool lurking behind a grave.
"Vitals" (Or lack thereof.)
Blood Type: Blood?
Favorite Food: Mushrooms.
A Poem: Gills of Muscaria. / Curve in their whiteness / Under the shroom.
Favorite Subject: Potions class.
Least Favorite Subject: Non-magical classes. Career Witch intended.
Current Events: Attending a chocolate workshop in hopes of free sweets and mischief, her mad scientist outfit causes the daughter of the bakery owner to mistake her for Alton "Goodo Easu-sama" Brown. Somehow finding herself unable to disappoint or endanger the livelihood of her "adoring fan", Sucy is accidentally both selfless, and helpful. A Valentine's Day miracle?
A Mushwitch Primer
Sucy embodies the archetype of the wicked witch; the mysterious forest hermit crone. Selfish, but not always malign, she reveals hidden and perhaps unexpected depths of wisdom and emotional maturity to those who she grows close to or who seek her counsel. In contrast to Akko's enthusiastic do-gooding and Lotte's gentle nurturing, Sucy is disturbingly neutral and ambiguous in her morality. She's as adept in supporting and stabilizing those around her as she is harming and frustrating them. Perhaps it's because they embody both of these sides of herself, Sucy has a passion for mushrooms and herbal reagents, plants that have equal potential to become miraculous medicine, or deadly poison.
Sucy's personality runs hot and cold. In the pursuit of her interests, (especially potion-making, alchemical horticulture and dark, secret magics), she's passionate, driven, and excitable sometimes to the point of the maniacal. Otherwise, she is quiet and unassuming, demonstrating an unsettling control of her emotions. She keeps a cool head in times of danger: between Lotte and Akko, someone has to.
Socially, Sucy is not very outgoing to new people and strangers. Her countenance and appearance can be unnerving to those who don't know her, (which is definitely something she enjoys at times), but her reclusiveness is not actually that unusual, in her culture, emotional expression in front of strangers and those you don't know well is discouraged from a young age. She is instead a master of understated subtlety, when she interacts with others, she seems to stay in one place, but when she chooses, affects the world around her in hidden ways, her influence all but invisible until it's too late. Sucy is not mute, but blunt and straight to the point when speaking, sometimes to the point of unintended rudeness. The young witch does tend to find herself in the company of people who are heavily extroverted, and willing to interject themselves into her life, and she's slowly but surely learning to enjoy the company of those around her.
Sucy is an alchemical prodigy whose skill at potion and poison-making is far above a student witch of her grade. These tinctures generally run the gamut between harmless toy spells to major problems for anyone involved. Generally they keep with her Wicked Witch motif, and usually transmute their target in some way, changing a part of them, a body part size, or makeup, skin color, vitalizing something, such as causing a wooden object to grow like a living plant etc or animating an animal shaped plush toy. They can be as minor as turning someone's hair into cotton balls or making their school bag bark like a dog, or animating coin-purses to collect flowers, or as major as turning someone in a ghost, melting a minor minotaur, accidentally growing a mushroom youma or creating an overflowing beaker of never-ending shiitake saltwater taffy.
Sucy's dream is to pursue her interests to the fullest, – to catalog and brew all sorts of potion experiments and reagents the likes of which the world has never seen! She does have some lesser goals: She wants to collect as many books and texts of her favorite arts and magics as she can, and to fill in the blanks with her own research and experimentation. She's also worried about modernization in her homeland: Siquijor is becoming a hot tourist destination in recent years, and progress is marching towards her doorstep. She wants to be able to inherit the family home as a living property holder so that it can't be demolished. She also wants to take it a bit further and grow a magical mushroom forest around her home that only guides through the people she wants to interact with, letting all others be lost, so impenetrable that no one can knock it down in case builders try to seize the property by force.
Sucy enjoys sneaking off to mountains and forests on her broom to collect mushrooms and herbs by herself, but for all her oddity and fungal fixations, she has normal girl interests too, she's fond of sweets, movies and goofing off, napping and doing nothing when she can get away with it. She's also been seen practicing yoga, likely seeking to commune with Prana state that is the consciousness of plants and mushrooms.
When it comes to school, Sucy is talented, but lazy. Not motivated enough to show off the heights of excellence that make Diana a program darling, Sucy is nonetheless able to perform and learn adequately as possible (particularly magic) while expending little effort. She coasts on her solo work and study, and her marks in subjects of her pet interests are spectacular, which helps offset that her group work tends to suffer (if not end in disaster) when paired with the usual suspects. Her feelings about school are complicated. She's more interested in staying once she learned that Infinity has a collection of rare mushrooms and flora she might be able to study. She also loved her first occult magic and potions classes. Still, she finds the general school experience and several subjects to be boring, and would much rather pursue her own research, or goof off with her new friends.
A Golden Pheasant On A Black Ground -- The Caretaker
Crystal Eyes -- The Nightblooms
Fungal Funk -- Danny Barranowsky
I Have Become Almost Invisible To Some Extent Like A Dead Man -- The Caretaker
Inch Inch -- Neotropic
Mushroom Compost -- Uziq
Mushroom Hunting -- The Seatbelts
My Innermost Apocalypse -- Danny Baranowsky
Oscar See Through Red Eye -- Boards of Canada
Pale Prophecy -- The Seven Fields of Aphelion
Poison Tree -- Grouper
Portabellohead -- Danny Baranowsky
Saturation Arrhythmia -- The Seven Fields of Aphelion
Saturnine -- The Smashing Pumpkins
Spider Dance -- Toby Fox
Strange Wind -- Tenpei Sato
Sucy -- Oshima Michiru
Summer Plays Out -- Plone
Top And Low Rent -- Plone
When You Wake You're Still In A Dream -- My Bloody Valentine
Goodo Easu Recommends:
Mushroom Adobo
- 2 tbsp olive oil
- 4 cloves garlic smashed and peeled
- 1 1/2 lbs whole button mushrooms
- Sea salt and freshly ground pepper
- 3 tbsp soy sauce
- 3 tbsp rice or white vinegar
- 1 bay leaf
- 1 tsp sugar
1. Lightly rinse mushrooms with cool water and pat dry with paper towels.
2. Heat wok or skillet over medium high heat. Add oil, rotate to coat sides of skillet.
3. Add garlic and mushrooms; stir-fry until mushrooms are slightly browned, about 2 minutes.
4. Season with salt and pepper.
5. Add soy sauce, vinegar and bay leaf. Without stirring, bring the mixture to a boil
6. Reduce heat, cover and let simmer
7. Simmer for about 10 minutes, until mushrooms are tender.
8. Add sugar and stir to combine.
9. Transfer to a serving plate and serve with steamed rice or baguettes.
Friends, Victims, and other Notable Unfortunates.
Atsuko Kagari: – Sucy's relationship with Akko is her most complicated. Sucy values Akko. Sucy values Akko as a favorite test subject for experiments. Sucy values Akko as a constantly surprising and never ending source of entertainment. Sucy values Akko as a friend, but to what extent she hasn't admitted. Day to day they're vitriolic best buds who fight often, but hang out constantly, the blame for these skirmishes are roughly equal.
Sucy upsets Akko by pranking her with magical mischief and using her for potion experiments, and Akko frustrates Sucy with her own negative qualities, mainly her selfishness and impulsiveness. Sucy is vexed whenever Akko doesn't acknowledge that mushrooms, reagents and Sucy's potions in general, can be used for good instead of just poison. They especially clash whenever Sucy feels like Akko goes too far, and drags them all into serious trouble so quickly that they all don't even have time to register how they got there.
Lotte Yanson: - Sucy's fellow passenger on the Crazy Akko Express. Sucy respects Lotte for her kindness and shows her none of the antagonism she shows Akko. Sucy sometimes catches Lotte in the spores of mischief she prepares for Akko, but it's an unintended consequence. Lotte is one of Sucy's most stable and dependable relationships. They spend a lot of time together, maybe even more than the three of them together, as Akko is known to run off on her own. They've both come the understanding that when Akko is involved, things can quickly spiral out of anyone's control, and having two mostly level heads is incredibly important for their survival. Sucy hopes that her role as Akko Matador doesn't put a strain on their friendship, and she tries to be the best friend to Lotte that she can be when things are ...quieter...
Diana Cavendish - Sucy doesn't raise an outward objection against Diana Cavendish on her own, but she's aware the witch wunderkind looks down on her for her association with Akko. But worse than that, Diana's hangers-on, Hannah and Barbara actively pick on Team Akko any chance they get. This constant harassment and Diana's allowance of it, has not endeared Diana to Sucy. So she takes some delight in situations where their antics disrupt or embarrass the aristocratic witch. Diana is however usually able to correct any magical mischief in record time, so Sucy can't help but regard her as a killjoy.
Yumi Ohzora - Sucy's senpai and school-designated mentor, Sucy finds in Yumi a kindred spirit in their fascination with the darker side of magic. More importantly, she finds in Yumi, a kind, earnest and mostly dependable friend, always ready for a good nap. Secretly Sucy is quite concerned about Yumi's health, and the fact that the older girl can't, to her knowledge fly a broom. They've gone delving into the dungeons of Library Island but Sucy has yet to ask about Yumi's unusual magic.
Setsuna Meioh - Sailor Senshi Guardian of time who has come to Sucy's rescue on multiple occasions. The first time, when Setsuna and Kasagami interrupted Sucy's tormenting of a Jubokko, there were crossed wires that resulted in Sucy losing the bounty of the monster's eventual harvest. The second time was much more welcome, when a local fashion gala and free buffet banquet erupted in gangland gunfire. In exchange and gratitude for the heroics of that night, Sucy silently affords Setsuna a respect and confidence she denies most other authority figures, and in her own sneaky, self-serving way, the pale witchling genuinely tried to help mend an issue in Setuna's personal affairs. Sucy is more than slightly intrigued by the "Forbidden Magic" nature of some of Sailor Pluto's attacks. She's similarly curious about Pluto's intense distrust of Hotaru Tomoe. Setsuna's hesitance to explain makes Sucy a little uncomfortable and insecure, since Hotaru and Sucy share similar hobbies and (bad) reputations. Is she next?
Kasagami Araki - A onetime disciplinarian enemy. a troubled relationship and a bold contract advanced Kasagami and Sucy from Cat and Mouse style animosity to friend-and-partner-ship in the royal courts of fun, mischief, and adventure! She's not sure yet about the King business, but if there's one thing Sucy is getting used to, it's having energetic friends with big dreams that they love to talk about.
Steven Universe - A lively young man with a magic pink shield that Sucy refers to as "Shield Kid". His giant pink Lion is the very definition of trouble. She finds Steven energetic in that way that does grate her nerves, but he seems less selfish and stubborn than Akko, and he has magic, right? Or he is magic? Sucy is new to being around magical warriors, and she's not sure on the specifics.
She's encountered Steven a few times: once at a Garden Club social at Ohtori she attended in order to cull samples of the inner rosebushes, and again as a surprise blueberry jam covered rescuer in the depths of Library Island. They also rode in a helicopter together, two oblivious bystanders in a cockpit of love and rage. She knows his name, but she tries not to let him know that. She doesn't hate him, but Sucy is a tough nut to crack for the exuberant and the non-traditionally magical both. There's a lot of work to be done.
Rinji Sakurai - A mute but friendly student Sucy met on the Ohtori Campus when making her first trip to steal flowers. Currently "contracted" as one of Sucy's Test Subjects. Sucy may or may not be blackmailing her. Probably not, but maybe. It's a little fuzzy.
Nori Ankou - A mysterious model that beckoned Sucy to follow her at the Gala before things went sour. Despite encountering her again in otherwise cloying sweetness of a Valentine's Chocolate Making Workshop hosted by an adorable local family business, the first-meeting association of Nori with the dreadful outcome of the Gala has unfortunately been a tough one to break. Perhaps if they hung out somewhere far from... all of that...
Marinette Dupain-Chang - A bright and somewhat clumsy girl Sucy met at the local library. Their time together was brief and punctuated by the tragedy of books falling on heads, but Sucy didn't dislike her company.
Hotaru Tomoe- The feared daughter of the headmaster of Infinity. She doesn't seem as bad as the rumors say. But when have rumors at this high school ever been right about anything. Sucy's new friend Setsuna seems to loathe Hotaru nearly to the point of violence, and "Creepy Sucy" can't help but wonder why.
Chloé Bourgeois - Marinette's bully. Decided to insult Sucy as part of their crossfire. Someone who might learn to fear the things that grow silently in the dark.

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