2018-11-12 - TIMELINE 1: Setting Up

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TIMELINE 1: Setting Up

Students descend on Juuban to help set up for the sports festival.


Madoka Kaname, Lera Camry, Takeo Akamizu, Steven Universe, Kasagami Araki, Fuu Hououji, Nori Ankou, Niramo Umokeshi, Homura Akemi


Juuban Public School, Sports Fields

OOC - IC Date:

11/12/2018 - 09-20-2013

<Pose Tracker> Madoka Kaname [Ohtori Academy (8)] has posed.


Madoka fidgets, shifting her weight from heel to toe and back again, making her shoulder blades -- and the cheerful red ribbons on her twintails -- bounce lightly off the wall with every rotation, while the nurse administers the new transfer student's medicine. Her eyes are bright with curiosity but she's much too polite to stare, so instead she is looking at other interesting things in the room like the model skeleton.

To pass the time, she very softly and absently hums a bright, peppy little tune under her breath.


But she only gets far enough into it to kind of forget where she is and start vaguely, tunelessly improvising, when the nurse clears her throat.

"Kaname-san, it's good that you're here, as a class nurse. I need someone to take these supplies for the sports festival down to Juuban Public School. Three times the students means three times the injuries, so we're all chipping in for the nurse's outpost. Would you please go gather some students, then help set it up?"

Madoka nods cheerfully, pushing off the wall and going to collect the pile of supplies indicated. "Yes, ma'am!" But the brightness in the room triples as her smile widens and her soft pink gaze settles on her new friend. "Homura-chan! Would you like to come with me? I mean," she looks slightly embarrassed, "Maybe it's not so good to press-gang you into service on your very first day? But..." Her smile turns mischivious. "It'll get us out of afternoon classes! And it's such a beautiful day."

Not that a sunbeam could compete.

Once that's settled, out in the hallway she spots another relatively new transfer student, and pauses. "Homura-chan, this is Nori Ankou! Nori-chan, you're like Homura-chan's transfer student senpai, since you got here not long before she did, huh?" This is an extremely silly concept, but she's a pretty silly girl, and giggles at the thought.

"You wanna come with us? We're setting up stuff for the festival tomorrow, nurse asked and I said yes and it's going to be such a nice day plus the more the merrier right?" She asks, out of breath and quite out of commas.

On their way across the courtyard towards the gate they pass Kasagami and Takeo, near the kendo club. Madoka gives them a sunny wave that almost knocks her over, since she's carrying quite the large package, and calls: "Heyyyy, we're going to Juuban to help set up festival stuff for the nurse, wanna come?"

Glancing back at Homura, she adds, with a wink, "I think she's a new transfer student too! I'm starting a collection!"


It is, indeed, a beautiful fall day. The trees still have most of their colorful leaves and the sunlight is pouring down through just enough fluffy clouds to make things interesting, without threatening anything like rain. (Madoka spent the whole trip over naming cloud shapes and encouraging the others to do the same.)

Juuban's sports fields aren't as packed as they will be tomorrow, but they're certainly abuzz with activity. Some students are on pre-cleaning duty, and are dutifully sweeping the fields for debris and LITERALLY sweeping the track to make sure its surface is nice and smooth. (Some students are turning that into a race, which speaks to the mood of the moment: playful and excited.) There's a few piles of pendants and ribbons and plastic wrapping which could become a production line for making prizes. There are buckets of flowers, sitting in water, waiting to be arranged.

On the sidelines, there's a sound system, pride of the Juuban AV club, being strung up for outdoor broadcasting in a booth of white canvas, and another... pile... of white canvas and poles that might, someday, given a little elbow grease, become a nurse's station. You can tell because there's a little red cross flag mixed in with it.

"Looks like this is our stop!" Madoka declares, lowering her burden of first aid boxes to the ground next to the will-be tent. It's pretty big, and she had to stop and rest a couple times, but refused to let the others help. Now she wobbles her arms in an exaggerated parody of limp noodles. "Whew!"

<Pose Tracker> Lera Camry [Infinity Institute (9)] has posed.

The moon is out, and Lera Camry can't stop looking at it. The daytime moon, blue haze over silver, reflects in her eyes. It looks so different than the sky that she is used to; three moons, of different sizes, gazing back down on her. It reminds her of how far away home is, and the mixture of guilty relief and acute terror in her stomach leave her feeling uneasy as she stands to the side.

Despite her height, and her obviously athletic build, she isn't in the midst of the field -- cleaning or otherwise -- but instead on the sidelines. She has a T-shirt and shorts on, with one hand clutching the back of her neck, her amber eyes stuck on the single moon in the sky. She sighs, softly.

There is the soft thump of first aid supplies, and Lera's attention turns. Her eyes blink, slowly, and she turns her head -- to where Madoka Kaname, with a shy friend in tow, stands. It takes Lera a whole second to process their appearance. She hasn't, since arrived, really said hello to many people. Nervousness takes over.

<<Ugh,>> Sky complains, telepathically. <<Do be careful, Lera. I fear the lot of them might have hookworm, the plague, or tetanus.>>

<<Sky! Knock it off! I-I need to make friends!>> Her telepathic plea reaches the little pen, clutched nervously in her left hand. A gem at the end of it glows, as Lera turns to Madoka and Homura both. "G-Greetings and salutations, normal Earth students!"

A beat, then: "T-Take me to your leader, y'know?"

<Smashing. Just... smashing.>

<Pose Tracker> Takeo Akamizu [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

Moving through the motions of a Kendo form Takeo tries very diligently to figure out HOW he escaped detention today. Usually it is a daily thing and such a part of his life that he simply has no idea what to do with his free time. Since becoming the Chevalier Lancelot and defeating Morgana, and racing at night on the Radical Red Motorcycle he's barely had time to remember hsi name. So. As he performs a few basic forms by muscle memory, he goes through his day.

Step one. I woke up. Got dressed. I'm 'pretty sure' I brushed my teeth. Went to School.

Step two. I walked into Homeroom.

Step Three. Like everyday, I faceplanted on the desk and went to sleep.

Step Four. Repeated until Lunch. Where, when I realized I forgot my lunch, I bought one.

Step Five. More or less mostly awake and bored for the remainder of classes.

He's about to think about Step Six, when a pink haired girl suddenly arrives and asks if he wants to help set up for a festival. He blinks. There's a festival?! He blinks a few more times at the pink haired girl, opens his mouth. Closes it. Then nods once. "Um. Yeah, okay."

<Pose Tracker> Steven Universe [Juuban Public School (4)] has posed.

It happened in a flash.

A stretch of Tokyo's beach was able to see a most wonderous sight.

A flash of pink light and ephemeral rose petals. An entire segment of the bay's cliffside shores transformed, transmogrified in an instant. In it's place, a beauteous statue, make to look worn by age. In its wonb, it cradled a small home. A most definitive unveiling of wonderful art. Though how was it made to look so ancient? What artist would claim this to be theirs?

Videos and local articles mention it as a leap in art creation. Others proclaim holograms hid its making over months, and the light was them shutting off.

The truth....


"Here," a gentle, pale hand lowers to someone. A glowing white orb, within flickering motes containing symbols of all sorts. It is gently pressed upon a small throat, as tender as a mother would wipe away a child's tear. "You should go look around! Ha ha... We all have some adjusting to do. I'll make more." The sphere of knowledge given light dissolves into the child-like frame, as if it always belonged.




This place... was big. So far, it has been gleamed that they have actually landed in Japan, of all places. Must have been some kind of Magic Gem Stuff that did it! But there was so much to learn, so much to see!

And wow there was a lot more people here. Attempts to not wander far from home have gone unheeded, as an approach to somewhere where peers could be found was located! "I uh. Uhm. Huh!" A school. A very large school, with a lot of kids out and about! Some kind of event was happening. "Wonder what it is about!"

And so, a small boy begins to infiltrate a school event!

It is immediately apparent he sticks out. Everyone is wearing... some kind of uniform? "Those look cool!" he says, noticing a boy near his age's outfit. Everyone matches, though have their own little flair.

The young boy was only wearing jeans, a pink shirt with a yellow star on it, and flip flops, and definitely doesn't look like they are from around here. Slung on his back is a peculiarly shaped backpack that resembles a hamburger, for some reason. Impractical, but serves its purpose.

But now that hwas here... he should probably figure out more about where he is!

<Pose Tracker> Kasagami Araki [Ohtori Academy (9)] has posed.

~Earlier This Morning~

Kasagami Araki, newly enrolled middle schooler of Ohtori Academy, rubs a towel through her hair. She tosses it into a corner of an unfamiliar dorm, with unfamiliar furniture and a closet filled with unfamiliar clothes. This isn't anything like her previous school. Leaning in to that desk that's naked saved for three objections, she leans in to kiss two of them: her precious family portrait, and the black-and-red sword that's been in her family for generations. The last is pocketed: a ring with a rose crest upon it. A glance back to her closet.

She pockets the ring. She doesn't feel ready yet. A letter carefully hidden still feels unreal. This whole thing does. Instead, she pulls out Ohtori issue pants and uniform, and drapes her coat over her shoulders.

"It's just a new school, Araki. Just ignore them. They're idiots. Right, Mom, Dad?" A grin, a smack to her cheeks, and then out she goes.

~Kendo Club~

Luckily, after the adjustment that is one's first day at Ohtori, kendo is normal. Swinging her own bokken, the scarred young woman is caught by the voice of a chipper beam of sunlight streaming through. Kassie finds herself first raising a brow, then pausing mid-swing to belt out a laugh. "You knoooooow...it beats drilling the basics here! Alright, to Juuban it is!" Still reeling in her mind from the rapid changes in her life, a little downbeat normalcy might do Kasagami well. That Madoka is so friendly helps. She follows the group, still slinging her bokken over her back regardless, and offers Takeo a friendly swat on the shoulder.

"Don't be a glass half full kind of guy! Think of it as helping those less fortunate! Practically community service!" Wink.

As for Lera? A brow rises, and she stage-whispers to obvious Ohtorites like Madoka and Takeo. "...Is the drama club always that into things?" Twitch. Ohtori is different!


"Alright, I take back anything bad I said about Juuban. Sports fields aren't bad!" Whistle. All along the ride, she'd made offhand comments on anything that vaguely seemed sword shaped in the heavenly bodies. No though, the nursing station is eyed fiercely! Sigh.

"So...anybody have the instructions? I'll start with the poles I guess." Yeah, Kassie is all about getting the framework up asap after spying all of Madoka's payload. They need the skeleton to start their tent of healing, so it must be! She's already going for assembling part of it. Thanks to her Dad, she's a semi-decent handiwoman.

<Pose Tracker> Fuu Hououji [Infinity Institute (8)] has posed.

While Fuu doesn't usually get further involved in sports festivals than she has to, somebody needed to deliver medical supplies from Infinity Institute as well, and it seemed like a good opportunity to get out and enjoy the autumn weather, as well as potentially see who else was assisting from the various schools. She's carrying a fairly large bag, but it can't possibly be big enough for all of the supplies Infinity was supposed to send over.

Fuu keeps an eye out for familiar faces as she makes her way to the medical outpost. She's particularly hoping to spot Hikaru or Umi, if they happen to be around, but she's watchful for classmates too - even new ones, like Lera, to whom Fuu waves along the way.

<Pose Tracker> Nori Ankou [Ohtori Academy (8)] has posed.

Nori Ankou - two inches shorter and with her hair still in ringlets - is briefly startled at the greeting. Her dark blue eyes turn towards Homura and she seems at a loss, for a moment, before she says "ah!" and then dips her head. "Of course," she says, and another, "Of course. Better I be there than I faint away - we shall save time, at least..."

"It's good to meet you," Nori tells Homura, then, with a dip of her head.

And inside of her heart she wonders: What sorrows brought this girl out to here? Perhaps...

But be that as it may. Along the way, she says to Homura, "Where did you live previously...? I was sent here from Sapporo."

Nori had nothing in her hands when she approached with Madoka, and when Madoka unlooses her great burthen one of the kits slides down to bump against Nori's foot. As she crouches to pick it up, she says, "You did not pinch your fingers, did you?" to Madoka, eyes lifting to her even as she places the kit atop its kin.

Lera approaches and makes her request.

Nori blinks at her, once.

"Do you think Kiryuu-san...?" Nori speculates, unsure.

<Pose Tracker> Niramo Umokeshi [Juuban Public School (7)] has posed.

Earlier Today

Fingers tap to the beat of the latest pop song dominating the radio as Niramo looks down at her textbook in an attempt to act like she was following along in class. It's a little hard to do when it was over that wicked backwards logic that is math. Why can't things be simplier and use formulas instead of having two equations solve for each other?

It's only when the arcane master of that gobbly-gook, Mr. Saburai, closes his textbook that her eyes finally focus on the present and not her daydreams of escape in only a short amount of time. "Now then, the festival is going to need a few volunteers to help setting things up, and I been asked to find a few bright-eyed students willing to help! Umokeshi-san, what was the answer for number 17 in your text?"

Being put on the spot of the entire class like that has the short ravenette freeze up like the famous deer in front of the headlights, her mouth dropping open. Mind racing over half-heard memories of the last five minutes, Niramo utters the first answer that comes to mind. "U-um...X is 5, sir?"

The smug smile forming on Mister Saburai's thin lips told her that her future was going to be more packed than she had planned. "My, I think I have my first volunteer."


"Hey, be careful with that, kid! You don't put the output into the input plug!" Being scolded by what has to be the tallest senior she's ever seen brings Niramo out of her internal grumbling over her fate and down at the wires in her hands. Yep, she was about to put the red plug into the yellow port! "Right, sorry about that! I just never touched anything this complicated before."

Somehow, Niramo had found herself assigned to the sound system and given the 'honor' of loosening all the knots the cords for the equipment have gotten into and connecting them where they belong. The most that she's ever messed with like this was when she was connecting her console to her own TV for the first time. There was still one plug that never found it's mate. "Just...be careful. Why couldn't we get a babe to help us hook things up..." Walking off to go goof off with a pal of his, the senior leaves Niramo alone to deal with the chaos herself.

A few seconds after he leaves and Niramo finally gets these three plugs correctly hooked up, a little head peaks out of coil of wires. "I could try connecting all these wires if no one is looking. Perhaps you could cause a distraction?" Sighing, Niramo shakes her head slightly at Takk and sticks her tounge out at the Kwami for a moment. " I don't think any kind of distraction is going to hide the fact a floating mouse is messing with the equipment, Takk-san."

<Pose Tracker> Homura Akemi [Ohtori Academy (8)] has posed.

-=( Earlier, in the Nurse's Office )=-


Ohtori Academy's newest transfer student perches at the very edge of a white bed, fearful of mussing the nurse's neatly-made sheets with her visit. Her precisely-timed heart pills are already down the hatch. The air pressure cuff hisses an exhalation and frees one skinny arm from its familiar pinch. She's hasty to roll her sleeve back down when the nurse pulls the device away.

She is just marshalling up the tiny little shreds of her courage, one by one, and they are almost lined up perfectly, juuust enough to say something... when the nurse speaks up first. Instead she ducks her chin and stares at her own dangling feet, but sneaks a look at Madoka Kaname over red glasses frames, listening.

And another, and another...

She's caught looking when Madoka turns that sunbeam smile her way and it's instant sunburn: red scorches parchment cheeks. The burn only gets worse with the question...

Homura Akemi bobs a nod, two, five, maybe ten in a row, a nervous little cascade of hasty agreement that sets her braid-tips dancing. "I-I... Yes, please, and thank you!" She hops up from the bed and immediately drops into a bow without thinking the actions through and nearly overbalances onto her head before a stumble-catch. And she follows, obedient and eager and still very, very red.

She doesn't say it out loud, isn't brave enough, but Homura thinks that one of the clouds looks like a unicorn. Just a little bit.

-=( Now )=-

Maybe someday the girl who trips along behind Madoka Kaname will grow into her knocking knees and into the huge dark eyes behind her glasses; maybe someday, this duckling will moult and mature from scrawny to dainty. Maybe. Someday.

Right now she is Madoka's newly acquired shadow, a pale slip of a thing with long black braids so thick they stand away from her body and curl to ends by her waist. Each introduction, one by one, gets a nervous little nod or a "H-hello," and the girl peeks to each person with those big violet eyes before they refasten firmly upon the girl with the pink twintails.

It's obvious, perhaps painfully so, how closely she trails to the girl who's introducing her around. A total wallflower, this one. The more people Madoka gathers to them, the smaller she gets. It's like Homura is shrinking before their very eyes, retreating into an Ohtori uniform that already fits loosely, like it's half a size too big.

The pretty girl with the dark ringlets in her hair -- Nori Ankou, Madoka'd introduced her as -- asks her a question and Homura gets big eyes and her mouth drops open, then shuts again. 'A series of hospitals' isn't an answer she feels up to giving. It was easier when the teacher did it for her. "I... ah..." Her skirt twists in her hands a little. Lera's unusual introduction would get a curious look, except that there's already so many people...

She just looks right back at Madoka and takes a half step closer. She's basically in Madoka's shadow now, as well as acting like a second one.

<Pose Tracker> Madoka Kaname [Ohtori Academy (8)] has posed.

Madoka nurses her tired arms for a suspiciously short time. The suspicious might wonder if she's stronger than she looks, slight, spritely creature that she is, and simply put on a brief show for politeness' sake. Everyone else need not, and her headshake to Nori is happy enough. "Nn!" she squeaks. "I'm just fine, Nori-chan! Thanks for asking!"

Kasagami asks for instructions. "Maybe there's, umm, a pamphlet in the canvas?" she suggests. "If it's like the other one though," she chins towards the AV tent, "It looks pretty much like you stand up the poles and put the fabric over it..."

She's about to go help out, but is arrested and faintly bewildered by Lera's unsual approach and Nori's uncertainty. So she responds to it with her own usual one: warmth. She smiles, she bows, a quick and friendly bob that makes her twintails bounce on either side of her face.

"I'm Madoka Kaname!" she chirps. "And THIS is Homura Akemi, Nori Ankou, Kasagami Araki and Takeo Akamizu!" Each is gestured to in turn. "What's your name? Are you here to help with the sports festival?"

She asked that question loud enough for it to carry to Steven, wandering nearby, and if he looks up, gives him the same friendly little wave, most of the action in the waggling of her fingers, that she gives her own brother.

With her other, now-freed hand, she slings a comforting arm around Homura's worrisomely shrinking shoulders, since she's close enough to do so effortlessly, and winks at her, almost nose to nose, before turning back to await Lera and Steven's response. Since they aren't facing each other anymore, they wind up practically cheek to cheek instead, and Homura gets to discover that Madoka uses strawberry-scented shampoo. And that her twintail is even softer and silkier than the ribbon attached to it.

<Pose Tracker> Takeo Akamizu [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

Takeo blinks and looks at Kasagami with a slightly confused (genuinely), expression. "Glass ... " He tilts his head. "I don't get it. What does the filling of a glass have to do with anything?" He blinks several more times and rubs the back of his neck trying to think on this. Finally, afer far longer than one should take on such a comment, he shrugs and puts the heavy box he's holding down. He opens it and begins to hand parts to Kasagmi.

At Lera's request Takeo points a finger to Madoka. "Pretty sure that's her. She formed this detention group." He shrugs a shoulder again and whispers to Kasagami. "All I remember from the Juuban Drama Club is they were Neeeeeerds." He nods once as if this explains it, and gestures to Lera. He leans back again to whisper to her, "Pretty sure this is a Star Trek thing." He looks back to Lera and holds up his hand in a Vulcan Salute.

When in Juuban ....

<Pose Tracker> Lera Camry [Infinity Institute (9)] has posed.

People are looking at Lera. Her eyes wonder from Nori to Kasagami; her head tilts to the side, and she smiles cluelessly. "D-Drama club...?" she asks, with a nervous laugh. It is entirely forced. Fortunately, Madoka comes to the rescue. "U-um, nice to meet all of you! I'm Lera. Lera Camry! I'm a new transfer student from..."

She has to stop and think for a second, to make sure she has it right. "...America! With all the hamburgers and rock music and stuff, y'know?" She winks, directing a cheesy thumbs-up. Then she glances at Takeo.

"What's Star Trek?"

<Pose Tracker> Steven Universe [Juuban Public School (4)] has posed.

This is going to be a big change, but when has that ever stopped him? All the atypical ways of life so far haven't got him down, why should this sudden change do it now?!

A group appears to be gathering, which the boy watches from afar to see what they may be up to. The thought of a school being relatively close to home, or rather, 'new home, same as the old home' actually gets him excited! Not that he doesn't enjoy the teachings of his caretakers, but it is... ah...

It isn't math or science. Let's leave it at that.

Plus, there is a lot of other students in this possible class! More friends!

A girl with pink hair, pink like lovely flowers, pink like someone familiar, calls and waves! Oop, spotted! The boy looks left, right, then hustles over. "Oh! H-Hi!" the boy responds with towards Madoka. Bright-eyed and bushy-haired, the child looks full of energy and wonder. "I-I'm Steven! Steven Universe. Um... Nice to meet you!" The boy says, holding a hand out to shake hers.

It occurs to him a bit after that that's... not done around here. "Oh right! Sorry!" he says, bowing politely instead. "Sorry, I am new to town. I just moved here, apparently!" ...Apparently? Okay. Odd thing to say.

"Oh! Hamburgers, like my cool backpack!" The child says, holding out his backpack after taking it off to hold out toward Lera. "Hamburgers are great! Do they make them here too?"

"So, what's this cool event thing about?" He asks the gathered party. Seems curious, this one!

<Pose Tracker> Nori Ankou [Ohtori Academy (8)] has posed.

Nori gives Homura a pleasant but inquisitive look as she stammers - and presses no further, instead letting her attention rest back at Lera. "Pleased to meet you," she half-mutters as Madoka introduces them on, and then she looks to Kasagami as she shuffles out of the way of the tentening.

She says to Kasagami, with a slightly warmer shade of diffidence, "I've never seen a tent be made like this. My father did it, but we only went twice -"

'What's Star Trek?'

Nori blinks slowly again. "... You speak Japanese very well," she says to Lera, in tones of 'I have no idea what else to say.' "Aa-h... we are not on Ohtori's grounds, so I don't know who our leader is... though Madoka is a strong candidate, I feel. Do you have student councils in America?"

<Pose Tracker> Fuu Hououji [Infinity Institute (8)] has posed.

"This is a sports festival being held between the three Sister Schools," the bespectacled girl in the Infinity Institute middle-school uniform answers Steven as she approaches the group (presumably fairly close to the medical-post-to-be). "Or, rather, it's the preparation and set-up for same."

She looks around at those gathered, smiling, then folds her hands in front of her skirt and bows politely. "Fuu Hououji, Infinity Institute eighth-grader. It's a great pleasure to meet all of you; I hope that the sports festival goes well for all three of our schools!"

<Pose Tracker> Kasagami Araki [Ohtori Academy (9)] has posed.

Hmmmm! Kassie gives a swift duo of nods...and then she's over to the AV tent, yoinking the instructions from that tent when nobody's looking. With a small whistle of satisfaction, she's back over to their tent, and unfurling the instructions.

Just in time to offer a wave to UFO-Girl Lerachan! "That's my name! Pleasure's all mine, everyone, Lera-chan. America, no kidding!?" She almost drops the instructions here. Griiin. She instantly finger-guns Lera.

"I've got one simple question for you!? You feeling lucky!?" Offers Kassie in a deep, gruff, 'western' voice.

Cough. She leans into Takeo. "A nerd! I knew it. Then again, she looks too tall, pretty, and strong for being a nerd. Are all Americans like that?" Her brow rises higher as she conspires with her new friend in kendo arms, Take-bro! She doesn't demystify her previous statement.

Still, she peers back, and there's a flash of wallflowering glasses and dark twintails. The elegance of one Nori Ankou only solidifies the decision growing in her mind. "Nori-chan, right? Well, Dad and I never got the chance to go camping or anything...so I guess you've got experience over me. How about you get the other pole, maybe?" Suggests Kassie, as she works on getting the pole together with the tools and parts handed to her.

"Glasses-chan? Could use an extra set of hands for those instructions if you don't mind?" Just in case it's in doubt, she's beaming straight over to Homura, popping up from her kneeling position like some kind of middle school becoated gopher. Her smile is just as warm and energetic.

...And then Fuu mentions the festival. Kassie stands, nearly dropping the pole she's setting up. "Ohtori Academy will triumph, Fuu-chan!" She pumps a fist in the air. She might be nervous and uncertain of her place in her new school, but there is spirit in this girl who will one day seek to be King!

<Pose Tracker> Lera Camry [Infinity Institute (9)] has posed.


Lera laughs, a little awkwardly, at Kasagami's finger guns. "I-it's nice to meet you, too, y'know?" She scratches awkwardly at the back of her head. Her eyes shift towards Madoka, and then Homura (by virtue of the latter being in the former's shadow), and finally to Nori. "It's, um, it's great to meet all of you! D-Definitely American! Yep!"

She lets out an awkward sigh, and then glances to the side. "O-oh! How, um, how about I go grab some of the boxes and help move them! Great plan! It should work perfectly, y'know? B-Bye!"

She waves, quickly.

Then she zips off -- and takes a big breath. Mission... successful...?

<Pose Tracker> Madoka Kaname [Ohtori Academy (8)] has posed.

"Nice to meet you, Lera-chan, Steven-chan! And Fuu-chan!" Sharing a grade in the Sister Schools, Madoka has seen Fuu around before, but never wrangled an official introduction. "Aa-ah," she realizes, as to Steven's origins. "Tomorrow we're having our sports festival! Lots of foot races, and tug-of-war, and other track and field events! To, like," she pauses to consider the deep meaning of a sports festival, "Celebrate our togetherness, and our bodies, and sportsmanship and stuff?"

This is an increasingly large cluster of people, and her cheeks are starting to lightly tint to match her hair from too much attention.

Homura is a motivating force, though, and she lifts her chin and soldiers on. "Her name is Homura-chan," she corrects Kasagami sweetly, her own beam set to stun, given its raw cheerfulness. "There are lots of girls with glasses, but only one Homura-chan! I think it's much too cool a name not to use, don't you?"

She winks at Homura again. "If you'll hold the instructions, I can help Nori-chan with a pole, is that okay?"

<Pose Tracker> Niramo Umokeshi [Juuban Public School (7)] has posed.

The maze of cords continue to confound Niramo at nearly every turn. Why did this one have 4 white plugs and this one had 7 ones?! Throwing down her current troublesome knot in frustration, Niramo looks up for something, anything that can help get her away from this chaos of twists and turns. And...oh, someone from Ohtori is walking away from the AV booth? And... "Huh...I wonder if anyone there knows how to hook up these cords? Takk-san, i'll be right back. Um...don't mess with anything? Please?" Part curiousity, part escape and part seeking help, the fresh-faced middle schooler leaps up from her predicment and jogs over to the first aid 'tent'.

Meanwhile, Takk displays the powers of selective hearing to act like he didn't hear anything Niramo just said about not messing with the cords. A few connections wouldn't hurt...

Coming to a halt close to the Ohtori and Infinity students (and...oh, did someone change out of their uniform first?), the short-haired ravenette dibs into a quick bow before straightening up. "Um, excuse me! Do anyone here knows how to hook up the sound equipment? All of the other students walked off to help elsewhere, and I don't know what connects to what..."

Fingers twitch softly as she tries to keep calm in the presence of the other Sister School students. 'Ooh, I hope i'm not making Juuban look bad...'

<Pose Tracker> Homura Akemi [Ohtori Academy (8)] has posed.

Well... Homura isn't worried about all these new and frighteningly friendly people any more.

She isn't just Madoka's second shadow any more, she isn't just in Madoka's shadow -- she's under Madoka's arm! Homura's matchstick shoulders gather up easily, like she's a bouquet of dried violets instead of a girl. She even rattles a little. And goes a little cross-eyed, focusing on the adorable tip of Madoka's nose. When the other girl turns away, Homura's Madoka-side cheek burns two shades brighter for the brush of pink-scented pink hair.

Homura wilts just a little bit less, after, but wonders, why does such a wonderful girl bother with a girl like me...? and her eyes find the ground between her pigeon-toes.

One of the really cool taller athletic girls, the one with the scars -- what was her name? They all scattered when Madoka hugged her -- is asking Homura something now. She stares at Kasagami's boots until Madoka pipes up. 'Homura-chan,' she says, and it's like a little starburst goes off in the transfer student's chest.

What was her name what was her name what was her name, Madoka is looking at her, Madoka is winking at her!, Madoka wants her to help. Homura desperately scrapes her memory. She trembles a little. Her eyes squeeze shut behind her glasses. Madoka wants her to help...

She nods in a little frenzy, and her braids go flap-flap-flap. "Y-yes, Kaname-san! I'll, I'll... help. Um. Araki-san!" Homura grabs up the instructions in both hands and holds the piece of paper with locked elbows, and a Very Serious (If Wobbly) Expression on her face.

<Pose Tracker> Nori Ankou [Ohtori Academy (8)] has posed.

Nori Ankou's eyes gaze now upon Steven Universe, then towards Niramo. Madoka speaks for them and it is a relief - the sickly feeling in Nori's own stomach eases slightly, and she says, "A pole? Easily done," in reply, even as Steven receives a question: "You are also here from America? It's encouraging to see so many international students today."

Nori moves round to tell Kasagami, with a certain sort of shyness and without quite looking at her directly - an enigmatic tell, but secretly due to flustering - "It's unfortunate. I wouldn't want to live that far out, but it's nice to visit, especially in the fall."

("Do they really have guns that often in America, Araki...?")

<Pose Tracker> Fuu Hououji [Infinity Institute (8)] has posed.

"Sound equipment?" Fuu echoes, looking over at Niramo. "Not exactly my specialty, normally, but I think I can lend a hand ... let me drop these off," she pats the bag she's still carrying, "and I'll be glad to assist as best I can." She smiles, and detours just far enough to deliver the awaited supplies.

<Pose Tracker> Takeo Akamizu [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

Takeo nods to Kasagami in that knowing way that all teenage boys appear to have the world over. "Yeah. I think it's all the hamburgers and french fries they eat." He nods again as if this statement is enough to justify the American appearance and attitude. "She speaks great Japaneese though!" He nods once and when Lera takes off he offers her another Vulcan salute, before he remmebers she apparently somehow had no idea what Star Trek was. This quickly turns into a wave good bye.

As Madoka explains the festival, Takeo casually leans against the table to listen. "No Kendo? I don't suppose motor-cycle racing is in there someplace?" He asks slightly hopefully. The look in his eyes showing that he knows the answer is no, but the spark of hope is ever eternal. He sighs and gestures to the instructions. "Isn't this thing like, four poles with some cloth on top? I bet we don't even need the instructions. I bet we can put this thing together." He grins ina way that says 'Challenge accepted.' and rubs his hands together as if somebody has actually made the bet with him.

<Pose Tracker> Steven Universe [Juuban Public School (4)] has posed.

"Likewise!" Steven chirps toward Madoka. "This school looks so amazing! I've been home-schooled so far, but seeing this place really makes me wanna join one!" he says happily. "American? Me too!" the Gem-child mentions toward Lera. Sadly, she had to leave before more can be said. Would have been nice to ask her a few things about this place!

"Hiii Homura!" Steven says in greeting, as the girl with the glasses is introduced.

Someone said sound equipment! "Hey! Over here! Lemme help!" the boy says, running over to Niramo. "My dad used to play tons of music. I know my way around some equipment!" he says, matter-of-factly! And, to his cradit, he does seem to know some things. Even at his age.

"Yeah!" the boy calls toward Nori. "Just got here! Don't know much yet about the area, havent even found a grocery store near where I live yet!" he says with a laugh. Maybe he should have done that first.

Nah. Meeting these folks has been great so far!

"There's other cool stuff there too! Like pizza, and soda, and candy and stuff!" Steven says to Takeo! "I hope there's that here too. Especially the pizza. OH and hot dogs!" Some wirse are already beginning to go in correct places for the audio equipment. He works pretty fast, though a good bit is still left.

<Pose Tracker> Kasagami Araki [Ohtori Academy (9)] has posed.

Lera is gone! And Kassie looks slightly confused, but mostly amused! "I hope I didn't scare her off. She's cute..." Sigh! One hand runs down her face before she's back to working on their combined medical project. Scaffolding go!

Pause. A single finger goes to her chin. "Hmmmmmm!" She starts, drawing out the moment. Smirk. "Not bad! Homura, Homura! The voice of someone smart, interesting...maybe a book club member! Would that be a Homura-chan, maybe?" Questions Kassie, as she finally takes a moment to really look over and study the girl that's been hiding in Madoka's shadow all this time.

She looks over her should briefly, as she's moving along more fitting-bits to get this tent running. Right to Homura. Her gaze on the slightly younger girl softens a bit. "Hey, hey! Kasa-chan sounds better. Call me Araki-san when I've been at school long enough to be a senpai. Yup, right angle. Little higher though. Hold up, where's part AF-15?" Tap tap tap with a tiny hammer she's procured.

She does lean into Nori. Whisper whisper. "You know how we have umbrella racks? The Americans have gun racks in their homes. Assault rifles as far as the eye can see! Amber waves of grain, ten gallon hats, and full metal jackets of...I dunno, bronze and gunpowder." Her good eye sparkles. This is definitely how America works.

A slow nod to Takeo! "Burgers, guns, and foreign language courses must be the way of American students!" She has at least one of these right. Pause.

"Wait. No kendo in athletics!?" Kasagami Araki sounds horrified! As for Fuu, Niramo, and Steven? She thumbs up to the trio.

"May the audio-gods strum their harps and play smooth jazz in this holy institution of athleticism!" She's winging it here. Kassie has no idea about music, really.

<Pose Tracker> Madoka Kaname [Ohtori Academy (8)] has posed.

Madoka flashes Niramo and Fuu a little V-for-victory over her right eye as the two of them are united in their quest. "Good luck, go for it!!" she cheers, before turning to the primary task at hand.

The tent.

How many students does it take to build a tent?

We're about to find out...

"Thanks, Homura-chan!" Madoka says, disentangling her arm with an eye to not getting caught on those pretty braids, and taking a few steps away, though she doesn't have to stray too far. Along the way, she nods firmly as to the idea that someone like Homura is surely smart and interesting. "Mmm, mmm!" she agrees.

"Um, Juuban's hosting, I don't know what events there are, you could ask around maybe? There aren't even sword events at Ohtori though, I mean, this is like, track and field stuff..." she notes to Takeo, before kneeling behind Nori to anchor their pole. She heaves a little bit with a soft puff of exertion that blows out both her cheeks like an inflating balloon. "Ready, Nori-chan?"

"Yooooooshaaaaa," she intones, not like a jock but like someone imitating a jock because she knows a jock and what they would say when they're doing weight-lifting-sorta-things.

<Pose Tracker> Nori Ankou [Ohtori Academy (8)] has posed.

"Ah - where do you -" Nori falters a little at Steven's words, but mostly because... she doesn't know where one is either. She eats at the cafeteria...

"America sounds horrifying," Nori tells Kasagami, quietly. Then she raises a hand to half-veil her mouth, giggling - pleasantly - at the eloquence of her exhortation. "Perhaps they shoot targets instead of practicing kendo -"

Then Madoka comes up close. "Mm!" she says with an emphatic nod.

Her counterpoint to the enthusiasm of Madoka is an obscure half-muttered, "horahhhh--"

<Pose Tracker> Niramo Umokeshi [Juuban Public School (7)] has posed.

She honestly didn't expect the student from Infinity to actually know anything about sound equipment, let alone give aid to someone in need! From what the older students at Juuban were saying earlier, it sounded like the other two schools might think they're too good for Juuban! Maybe this Sister Schools program can actually work? "O-oh! Yes, right. I'm Niramo Umokeshi, just entering middle school here at Juuban."

The cheerful pink-haired Ohtori student looks at the taller student clinging to her like the earth was about to swallow her whole. Ooh, good, she said her name! She looks even more nervous than Niramo feels, but maybe she just needs the guiding hand of her friend?

The mention of instructions has Niramo visibally wilting, and she slowly shakes her head. "About that...the president of the club said they lost the instructions ages ago, and they never got to labeling the cords, but they said to match the colors of the plugs...I think?" Just what was she getting Fuu into?

But then here comes the elementry student who's not wearing an uniform! Wait, where those flip-flops? Did he really wear those outside of school? She thought that perhaps they should leave this up to the Ohtori student and leave the boy with the pink shirt, but...oh, those eyes were so eager! "Well...okay! Thank you very much for your assistance!"

A few of those cords were already hooked in the right spots, but some of the different colors were connected to opposite colors as well. Niramo hasn't been over to the speakers yet...

Though, that scarlet-haired Ohtori student seems to have odd ideas for what exactly they were doing here. "W-wait, audio gods? I think i'm more of an audio oni of shrill notes at this..."

"Thank you, and same to you! I think we're going to need it." The lone Juuban student waves a hand at Homura and Nori, but she pauses in turning towards the chaos that waits for her at the AV tent. "Oh, and have fun, Homura-chan!"

Turning back around, Niramo lets out a sigh of relief. 'Whew, so didn't mess up saying her name. Now to learn the name of those helping me...'

<Pose Tracker> Steven Universe [Juuban Public School (4)] has posed.

Hasn't even been on a school property thirty minutes and he is already meeting people! This is down-right magical! "Oh yeah, this is some good equipment! I uh," he picks up one of the wires. "I don't know a few of these though. But I will do all the ones I do know!" he offers.

"Hm?" Steven says, looking up toward Nori. Didn't quite catch the first thing. "America isn't horrifying! Theres all sorts of fun stuff, like Funland, and Miniature Golf, and Arcades and stuff! And ah, no guns! Or at least I don't have any. Or my dad. Or my caretakers. Maybe on that last one," he says, unsure with the last part.

They have some crazy stuff, a gun could be something in that freaky door they go in.

"Nice to meet you too!" the boy says happily to Niramo, his hands palming the ground as he straightens cord after cord. The feeling of getting down to work and helping someone is a difficult one to beat! And it is always good to make a good first impression, after all!

<Pose Tracker> Takeo Akamizu [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

"I wonder if I can find a program..." Takeo says and peers around for a moment, apparently searching for said program. He moves off for a few minutes in a vain attempt to locate this sparkling piece of information. Somehow he returns with a six back of soda which he plops on the table. "Here. I like to think of this lime green delight as brain juice." He removes cans from their rings and tosses everybody one. "Helps me at least whenever I have to do ... anything ..." Finally he pops the tab on his and takes a nice long swig.

He sets the now suddenly and quickly empty aside and nods once. "Having now prepared my mind and body, and let's be honest ladies, my soul, with the gift of the gods that is this magnificent drink and elixer of the gods, I am now prepared." He leans agaisn the table gives a little bit of a roguish grin. "Where do you need me and what can I be doing, right now, to help YOU out?"

He then blinks at the kid in flip flops. He tilts his head. "Huh. Is there ... A foriegn exchange program happening along with the Sister Schools?" He nods to Steven and makes sure to toss one of the Sodas to the kid. "Drink up my man. You're doing enough to work to make everybody tired."

<Pose Tracker> Homura Akemi [Ohtori Academy (8)] has posed.

Agreeing to help... turns out to be her undoing. Because Madoka has now drifted a few crucial steps away, as if she thinks Homura is perfectly capable of handling this all on her own. All of the interaction, all of the attention, all of the absolutely crushing responsibility inherent to holding a rectangle of tent instructions up in the air...

Homura Akemi is wholly and totally, one hundred per cent incapable of handling any of this.

That tall confident kendo-girl, Araki-san, gives Homura an inspection and she shrinks ten centimeters. The insistence on familiarity -- Homura's mouth squiggles up. She tries to say, well, something, anything, but the transfer student's inability to disobey the older girl clashes directly with her complete and utter inability to feel at ease with such a request.

Instead her throat squeaks shut audibly. She quivers, and the instructions crinkle in her grip.

She darts a sidelong look at Madoka, who's helping the pretty ojou with the tent. So far away (maybe one whole meter!)... and so busy, being the bright pink heart of the gathering. Homura can't even dream of pulling her away, not for herself.

Another girl, Niramo was it? Calls a cheerful, friendly hello, and Homura shrinks another fifteen centimeters and squeezes her eyes shut. For a very brief moment she wishes she was back in a cool sterile hospital room, impersonal and lonely and simple and safe...

But she hears Madoka make a cute little huffing exhalation and Homura can't wish that any more. She sniffs, and quivers, and opens her eyes, and trots directly over to Madoka's side without a word to any of the people. She flees over and takes the instructions with her, and stops a little short of Madoka, just... standing in an awkward silent knot and trying not to impose or interrupt or even exist too loudly.

But another little squeak escapes her.

<Pose Tracker> Madoka Kaname [Ohtori Academy (8)] has posed.

The medical tent is raised and stocked; the AV equipment wired and tested. The fields cleaned and cleared. Students of the three schools mingle and meet.

A high-five here; a handclasp there.

A small smile shared between two strangers.

The day goes by in a flash.