Fate Testarossa

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Fate Testarossa
All Credit to: https://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=686468
IC Information
Full Name: Fate Testarossa
Aliases: Golden Flash
Species: Human (Artificial)
Gender: Female
Age/Birthdate: 9-10??/Unknown: Has Chosen July 22nd
Height: 139 cm
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Red
Favorite Color: Black
Favorite Food: Cake
Favorite Subjects: Magic, Mathematics, Physical Education
Least Favorite Subjects: Japanese, Social Studies
Organization: Tuners
School: Infinity Institute (5)
Combat Rank: B
OOC Information
Source: Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha
Chartype: FC
Player: Eri

"If we need to fight against them and win to get our words across, I feel like I’ll be able to fight without hesitation."

Fate Testarossa has earned no small amount of notoriety from her time as both an enforcer of Dark Fall and victim of Precia Testarossa’s ambitions. After her mother’s apparent demise during the Garden of Time incident, she has left Dark Fall to join the Tuners and is currently being fostered by the Harlaown family. A quiet, shy, and somewhat withdrawn girl Fate has substantial trouble accepting affection from others due to a lifetime of abuse. Recently she’s made significant progress thanks to her newly adopted family and friends whom she regards with awe, considering them her saviors, and vowed to protect their smiles to make up for her wrongs. Her kind and sweet nature has quickly endeared her to her classmates at Infinity Institute, but less so amongst the Tuners who look upon her defection with justified suspicion. Despite being on closely scrutinized probation she’s been grudgingly accepted for the firepower that she and her dutiful Intelligent Device, Bardiche bring to the table. The aerial mage has swiftly earned the nickname ‘Golden Flash’ from the color of her mana and the speed she’s known for.


If I think back, my first memories are of my mother. The smell of the food she made for me before a picnic in a park. The sound of her voice, always so tired yet loving. The moments we shared and the promises we made in the short time we'd get together every night before my bedtime. These memories were when I was the happiest...

They aren't mine. The girl in them had a different name... Alicia. My last memory of hers was of a loud noise and running to the balcony of our home, and then a bright light in the distance at the plant where my mother worked.

My first real memory is of waking up. My mother's voice... being told there was an accident and that everything was going to be okay. Then stars and soft bedsheets.

My mother was wrong. Nothing was okay. I was made to replace her real daughter, and I failed at that within minutes of waking up. Later she told me I wasn't as dutiful, or as kind as Alicia. That I liked different things, that I didn't listen. That I didn't care how she felt.

Was she right or wrong? I still don't know. All I know is that she was never kind to me ever again. She was distant at best, and angry at worst. I didn't know she couldn't stand the sight of me, that she created someone to raise me just so she wouldn't have to.

I guess it was appropriate now that I think about it. One of my mother's creations raising another of them. Linith gave me all the love she could in her place. It was her teachings that allowed me to save Arf by turning her into my familiar, it was her gift of Bardiche that allowed me to fight.

And then one day she was gone... and my mother had a mission for me... on a distant planet called Earth.

That's how I met the girl who changed my life forever.



Fate is both gentle and tough at the same time. This may seem contradictory, however that is what she is. In social situations unless she's with someone she's built up a comfort level with, she can seem shy, meek, and unconfident. Gestures of affection from acquaintances and strangers are something she doesn't accept quite so readily, in fact she's generally uncomfortable receiving them due to a past history of neglect in that regard and abuse.

The most certain way to bring out her tough side is to bring up something she feels strongly for or against or to challenge her to any sort of competition. Fate has a strong sense of pride and a determination to win. This applies to both sports, and in battle. Fate is very proud of her skills as a mage and her athletic ability. She rarely holds back because she feels it's an insult to her opponent, often giving it her all.

Fate can be extremely kind, both to her friends and to her enemies, however when it comes to her enemies that kindness is tempered with the fact that they're making the choice to hurt people. The wrong choice in her eyes, and she she has to defeat them to get her point across. She fully believes that strength can allow one's words to get through to anyone, can bring understanding even in situations where her opponents think none can be found.

Fate is very submissive to authority however, unless she feels authority is abusing their power. In the past this wasn't true and she was submissive to authority ubiquitously, but she's quite likely to back down otherwise. While she respects her elders, age alone isn't enough to make one an authority figure in her life, it takes a combination of other factors.

She's extremely resilient for her age, having suffered a great deal since her creation, from her mother, from Dark Fall. Her coping mechanisms for trauma are extremely well formed for her age, but still she's a child, and sometimes it becomes too overwhelming.

Unfortunately Fate Testarossa doesn't buy that she's a person. She instead believes she's a magical construct, both a failure and a fake, thinking nothing is real about her other than her feelings. As a result she's far too willing to put herself into danger, to risk too much of herself in every battle, because she believes her life is worth less than those of her friends, or even some of her foes. She believes she can give her life purpose by protecting the smiles of her friends, and she puts her all into it. That doesn't mean she's seeking out her death, as she very much wants to live, but she's far more willing to recklessly endanger her life if she believes it's for a good cause.

Powers and Abilities

Athletic - Fate is extremely athletic and at peak physical condition for her age, surprising even some older students, watch out for her in a dodgeball match unless your side has Suzuka on it...

Math - Fate's math grades are about as good as it gets for her age, quite precociously so in that she even tutors older students... and the same applies to...

Magic - Fate is an extremely skilled Midchildan Aerial Mage, who was trained initially to have a style that would take most Midchildan Mages by surprise. Her attacks emphasized taking down opponents rapidly in mage duels. Wearing down their barriers through bombardment before closing into melee range to end it. She's skilled in ritual magic when it comes to weather alteration, and almost all of her attack spells are infused with lightning due to her bloodline affinity. Most of her spells are channeled through her loyal device, Bardiche, and are further amplified by the Belkan cartridge system she recently integrated into him.

Flight - Fate is a prodigy when it comes to flight magic, especially at high speed. Flying to her comes as easily as walking, perhaps even moreso.

Current Events

Bardiche drained by the being inside Hotaru Tomoe.

Bardiche shattered during an attack by Vita and a mysterious masked girl.

Joined the Chevaliers.

Travelled off-world to deliver an ancient Belkan Device to its final resting place.

Installed the Belkan Cartridge System inside Bardiche to upgrade him to Bardiche Assault.

Aided the Chevaliers in their fight against the Shepherds - in particular the Outer Senshi.

Learned the true nature of Vita and Signum as Wolkenritter - Guardians of the Book of Darkness.

Aided the Tuners in attempting to capture Vita and Signum. The mission resulted in failure.


Core Relationships and Cast

Nanoha Takamachi - Once rivals in capturing the Jewel Seeds, now the best of friends. Fate doesn't feel there's any possible way to express her gratitude for what Nanoha did for her, feeling mostly embarrassment and regret for her past behavior towards her. And yet Nanoha never dwells on that, she always makes her feel welcome and appreciated. Calling her best friend's name is a sacred act for Fate Testarossa, she admired her enough for her progress as a mage, and now she finds herself admiring her more and more now that she's allowed to be a part of her private life as a normal girl. What she wants more than anything is to protect Nanoha's smile, and to stay with her forever.

Precia Testarossa - Dead?? She declared Fate was never her daughter, but Fate still feels like Precia was her mother. She has made peace with the fact that she will never have the relationship she wanted with Precia Testarossa. While she still loves her, she loves her with a complete understanding of what her mother did to her. She's not certain if she forgives her, but perhaps she doesn't need to.

Alicia Testarossa - Where does Alicia Testarossa end and Fate Testarossa begin? It's no longer an important question to her. She no longer considers herself an inferior copy of Alicia, but her own individual. Fate has made peace with herself and the memories she shares with Alicia, regarding them as her older sister teaching her about happiness. Her time within the Book of Darkness with her sister has given her the strength to start moving on from her past trauma, however she will always wish it had been longer, or more. Precia Testarossa may never accept her as her daughter, but Alicia Testarossa has accepted her as her little sister and she couldn't be happier about that.

Arf - Fate's loyal familiar, although their relationship is anything but master and servant. Fate saved Arf's life when she was a dying wolf by making her into her familiar. Ever since the two have been nigh inseperable. They've played together, fought together, and are coming to adjust to their new circumstances together. Arf is loyal to a fault, though her loyalty is always in ultimately doing what she feels is best for Fate and protecting her rather than simply doing what Fate desires. Arf is the closest to knowing Fate's true feelings at all times, and Fate knows it, and though Arf doesn't always know what exactly to do to support her she always appreciates her familiar nuzzling in for pets whenever she's feeling depressed.

Bardiche - Fate's laconic loyal device. Bardiche was Linith's final gift to Fate and her legacy, he's a metaphoric and literal representation of Linith's desire for Fate to cut her own path to her destiny. When Bardiche was broken for an extended period of time it felt like a piece of her was missing. Having him back feels like she's complete again.

Lindy Harlaown - Fate's current Guardian. The idea of adoption has come up, but she's evasively deferred the topic with her silence. Once TSAB, she defected to the Tuners to cut through the red tape of Earth being an unadministrated world that was unfriendly to her world. Her experience with Lindy is night and day to that of her mother. Where Precia was neglectful, Lindy is there for her without asking; where her mother was abusive, Lindy is kind and supportive. She loves and respects Lindy very much, and is starting to consider a certain offer...

Chrono Harlaown - Grumpy Spike. Sometimes aloof, he's often supportive in his own way. Fate isn't quite certain what it means to have a male influence in her life that isn't Bardiche. Still she's learning more and more each day and every moment he spends around her that it's not such a bad thing.

Amy Limietta - One of the TSAB defectors, Amy lives with the Harlaown family and works as a Tuner specialist on Midchildan magic and communications. She's also finding herself to be a part time device mechanic, and cartridge maker due to a lack of available resources. Fate is grateful for all the time and effort and labor she puts in on behalf of all of them, and for fixing Bardiche when everything seemed hopeless; and admires her attitude towards all things. She finds her relationship with Chrono cute, though she doesn't entirely get what's going on there.

Lera Camry - Once another rival in finding the Jewel Seeds, Fate knew her as Magical Cheeseburger Propane-chan. Over time Lera has become one of the closer Magical Girls to her other than Nanoha, because she invested herself in trying to save Fate from her circumstances. Now that Fate is free, she finds Lera to be one of her best friends. She tried to be there for her throughout her own troubles with her mother and a certain jerk who stole Broken Ground. While she sees her as a sister figure, she doesn't necessarily see her as a senpai given how the two started out evenly as rivals. She loves her, and respects her, and adores her and desires to protect her smile too. But she isn't above calling her out on some of her silliness either. Recently she came to understand Lera's buried feelings for the father she wishes she had...

Ren Aizawa - Ren was another rival in the conflict of the jewel seeds and Fate feels bad about hurting her time and time again. Still she's happy enough to be her friend now, and is always trying her best to repay her for her help in some really tough spots before. Fate feels badly about how the conflict with the Wolkenritter turned out recently, since Ren wraps so much of her identity into her magical self, getting it taken away even for a short time must have been so hard for her. She feels her relationship with Endo is cute, and tries to be supportive of it.

Endo Naoki - For the longest time, Fate didn't know what to make of Endo. He seemed like an adventuring tourist of sorts, just getting caught up in one fight over the jewel seeds after another and she had trouble seeing how he could be so lax about the conflicts he was wrapped up in. Over time she's warmed up to him, seeing him as this constant source of support in her life. She was happy to help with the troubles that went on with the Belkan ship, though she's not quite certain what it will all mean for their future. Recently she came to realize that the life they live constantly fighting may be wearing upon the boy and has vowed to try to help him through this...

Signum - After clashing with Signum time and time again, she feels she's only a sliver closer to her true feelings. And yet Fate feels nothing but respect for the General of Raging Fire. Her skill in battle is matched only by her unwavering resolve. Fate feels the only way she could possibly reach someone like Signum is to overcome her strength with her own, and to show her through that strength that she is capable of understanding Signum's feelings. Recently she learned that the reason the two fought was based upon mutual misunderstanding, and overcoming the Book of Darkness incident allowed them to find common ground. Fate Testarossa has been visiting Signum as she watches over Hayate in the hospital and is starting to form a bond with the older woman... or at least she hopes so.

Vita - A girl she thought was a victim of Vita turned out to be Vita herself. In this she began to learn what made her tick. Complete loyalty to Hayate Yagami, the girl that saved her. Fate came to respect her drive to save her master, even if she thought she was going about it the wrong way. It turned out Fate herself was wrong too, both sides lacking knowledge that was necessary to resolve the Book of Darkness incident. The two collaborated during that incident to bring down NachtWahl... but she's hoping they'll come to know each other better now.

Shamal - The Wolkenritter's support mage, which seems to include their ordinary life too from what she's seen so far... she wants to get to know her better. Though she might be a little hesitant to shake her hand...

Zafira - The Wolkenritter's Guardian Beast. ... Fate likes dogs. Is it any wonder she wants to get to know Vita's Cataractian Battledoge better? ... Yes she now knows that's not a real breed.

Elementary School Friends

Hotaru Tomoe - Fate once approached Hotaru on the playground because she looked lonely even though her friends tried to warn her off. What she found was a kind but sickly girl- who quickly transformed into a magic hungry monster with an alien darkness that felt as dark and terrible as Queen Beryl. Still shaken by the experience, she doesn't know what to make of it but has ultimately decided that the girl she met could not be the monster. Even so it still took her time to work up the courage to attempt to approach her again, taking the inspiration of watching Hotaru and Chibi-Usa, then Hotaru and Hayate together to make the final leap of trying to become her friend. Discovering that the Outer Senshi are attempting to kill her to save the world, and the Wolkenritter are looking to drain her has only made her made her determined to protect the kind girl she met that day from both groups- and the monster inside her.

Chibi-Usa Tsukino - Meeting on the trip to Hokkaido, Fate took to Chibi-Usa's earnest cheer right away. She's come to like her more and more seeing her and Hotaru interact, and appreciated the invitation she was given to Hotaru's birthday party. She hopes in the future to come to know this Juuban girl better, though she's wondering what exactly her connection to the Outer Senshi might be...

Hayate Yagami - Fate was shocked to learn that the gentle girl she'd been acquainted with was the Master of the Book of Darkness, and instantly declared she would save her without understanding all that meant. All the same, Hayate took her breath away with her own handling of a situation that broke a cycle of tragedy with the Lost Logia and reclamation of the powers that helped them save the world again. She feels a certain kinship with the child being around the same age, and holding similar powers as a mage, and is eager to learn more about her and her family.

Steven Universe - This boy and Fate met by Steven declaring that her explosions were cool. While Fate isn't certain she agrees that explosions are cool, she couldn't help but be a bit flattered since she takes pride in her magic. Ever since then she's found Steven to be a constant source of earnest cheer in her life, and she tends to appreciate his presence. Whether it's talking a lady who just stole the ocean down- or being the co-pilot on a helicopter - or aiding him against Jasper in space.


Sayaka Miki - When Sayaka Miki announced the idea of the Chevaliers, Fate was taken to it immediately. A true believer of the Chevaliers ideals, she thinks of being a part of them as paying forward the favor that was once done by her. While at first Sayaka's brand of affection was a little strange to her, she's taken to it more and more, admiring the Puella Magi all the more for her commitment to the campaign of selfishness against Magical Girls. The death of Mami Tomoe and the fall of this knight has shaken her some. She wishes she could communicate how she feels about the Wolkenritter incident with her and reaffirm her faith, however she understands it isn't that simple... she knows very well how the death of someone they love can twist a person up inside.

Mami Tomoe - The Veteran Puella Magi was once in conflict with Fate, not over the Jewel Seeds, but rather one of the Keys of the City since she was a Tuner. On that occasion Mami attacked her, and she wouldn't back down, barely managing to escape from her guns and certainly not unscathed. Fate does not blame anyone for not trusting her however, and has forgiven her for this incident. Ever since she's found that she admires everything she learns about the magical girl- who recently inspired her to try her hand at cake baking. Unfortunately their relationship was cut short by her death in Shinjuku. Fate has walled off that incident within herself, because she doesn't want to betray the ideals Mami was fighting for... all the same, she's angry and she knows it.

Garnet - The leader of the Crystal Gems is a calming figure of sorts in Fate's life, and one of the few Magical Girls she sees as an authority figure. When Garnet speaks, she tends to stand up and listen and respect whatever it is she has to say. She always appreciates it when the tall figure lends her some comfort and emotional support, or even just offers to walk her back some nights. The incident in space brought even more respect as she learned that Garnet is the result of a relationship between two loving gems, her defeat of Jasper and escape was inspiring for young Fate.

Tsubasa Kazanari - Fate find herself to be a young fan of both Tsubasa Kazanari's solo career as an idol as well as her past material as a part of Zwei Wing. Meeting her in person, she found Tsubasa's intensity to be strange but not unfamiliar. As well as her lone wolf tendencies. Their meetings have been tense so far as while Fate is grateful for everything she's done for the Chevaliers so far, they find themselves disagreeing on some core issues. Right now more than anything that would be her joining Sayaka Miki in her quest for vengeance... she can understand it though at least... all the same she finds it worrisome given Tsubasa's mindset.

Nori Ankou - Fate remembers fighting La Sirene over the Jewel Seeds, which is why she's constantly stunned and dazzled by the fact that she's a popular model. She often finds herself looking up to her in that respect... even if she's a little guilty now that she's personally an Aohime. Also she loves her otter. Fate worries about Nori taking up the mantle of Chevalier's leader but... she's resolved to support her.


Honoka Yukishiro - At a very dark time in Fate's life, Honoka was there to take her hand and support her through the confusion of what to do to make amends with her mother. What she found was a girl who seemed to have a very complex relationship with her own parents, yet she doesn't quite understand it. She just knows the way Honoka stared out into the distance and said she knows a little about what she's going through. One day she hopes to thank her and hopes that Honoka too is in a better place.

Akko Kagari - A middle schooler in Infinity's magical program. Fate isn't sure what to make of her antics but can understand being inspired by the feelings someone gives you to take up magic. She hopes to support her in the future... it's just, she gets second hand embarrassment everytime she sees her try and fail at magic. She wishes she could help but Fate is a Midchildan mage rather than a witch...

Former Dark Fall Comrades - Both Friend and Foes

Setsuna Higashi - While she was with Dark Fall, she was caught up in the strangest experience of Eas trying to vicariously work out her feelings through Fate. She didn't realize it before, but it became clear after. The two found themselves in a conflict of trying to validate their own way of life while people were trying to bring them out of it. During that time, Setsuna hurt Fate over and over, and Fate began to realize that the two of them were more similar than she thought. Seeing Setsuna get out of her own situation was such a relief for Fate despite the dark circumstances of it and she's been trying her best to help Setsuna come to terms with her new life on Earth as New Passion. Recently Setsuna joined the Chevaliers and while she's happy about that... she soon after had to save her from a misunderstanding with Mikoto Minagi that almost led to the girl getting killed. Fate worries it's a sign that Setsuna is still going to martyr herself...

Westar - Westar of Labyrinth was someone who had such an earnest desire to collaborate that Fate found herself teaming up with him on more than one occasion. What she found was a kind man with a loyalty to his comrades unmatched by most people. Westar back then was a respected ally to her, and Hayato Nishi now is a friend she'd like to keep. She wants to get him away from the clutches of Labyrinth, but at the same time she doesn't believe she has the ability to break his loyalty and inspire him away. Instead she thinks there's someone else she knows that would do a far better at this...

Soular - Despite how unusual this might sound, Soular was an unlikely source of emotional support for Fate back in Dark Fall. She didn't understand this at the time, respecting Soular a great deal but thinking that his counsel was all part of some scheme. Whether for research on his own endeavors or to bring her closer into the rule of Labyrinth. What she came to realize once she actually left is that Soular was actually trying to care for her in his own way, and she finds that she cares to get him out from under the thumb of Labyrinth. This is easier said than done, as in order to prove his value to Lord Mobius he's become more and more desperately involved in worse plots. Their last battle together made Fate wonder if the strain is getting to him, and she hopes he'll get out of there before it's too late.

Rivals and Foes

Yumi Ohzora - Technically her senpai at school, but Fate doesn't exactly see it that way. There was a time she drove off Yumi's bullies and helped her back to her room, and came to know her a little. Later she found out she was a Shepherd who was a Shepherd for the sake of her friend. Is it fair how Puella Magi live? Fate doesn't think so, but she also doesn't think it's right to live at the expense of everyone else. The two clashed in Shinjuku in a magical duel which she won, taking her to the hospital after. Where will they go from henceforth? She only wishes she knew...

Sailor Pluto - This Sailor Senshi is driven to kill Hotaru Tomoe at any cost, and thus is Fate Testarossa's enemy. But at the same time she feels, a little immaturely that if only Pluto could better communicate why she feels Hotaru must die, that she'd be able to communicate why Hotaru mustn't and the two would find middle ground. Seeing how close she appeared to be to Chibi-Usa disturbed her some, but Chibi-Usa is a normal girl so she certainly doesn't blame her for it. She respects her enough now that she knows she must use all of her strength if she has any hope of overcoming her in the future.

Sailor Uranus - This intense warrior is one that Fate Testarossa respects a great deal, and yet at the same time she believes as with Pluto that understanding might be found if they communicated their feelings with their strength. In that sense she eagerly looks forward to clashing with her to test her strength. At the same time however she's quite certain the outcome wouldn't end up in her favor. She fully believes that if this Senshi willing to kill Hotaru that Uranus would run her over getting to her.

Mysterious Masked Woman - Aided in Vita's grab of the Key to the City, endangered Lera, injured her, leaving her utterly humiliated and defeated- with her partner device shattered. She hasn't encountered her again, but she desires to know what drives her to do things like what she did...

Mikoto Minagi - Everything about this girl alarms Fate on some level. Things about her just seem too similar, hit a little too close to home. However it's for that reason that she knows how dangerous this girl is. Some things cannot be communicated with words, only with strength and resolve. ... And this girl has more than enough of both to decimate anyone who questions where she came from, and where she's going.


Logs and Cutscenes