Usagi Tsukino

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Usagi Tsukino
IC Information
Full Name: Usagi Tsukino
Aliases: Sailor Moon, Princess Serenity
Gender: Female
Age/Birthdate: 15 (June 30, 1999)
Height: 149 cm
Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye Colour: Blue
Astrological Sign: Cancer
Blood Type: O
Favorite Food: Ice cream, cake
Least Favorite Food: Carrots
Favorite Subject: Home Economics
Least Favorite Subject: Math, English
Likes: Manga, Shopping, Eating, Sleeping, Video Games
Dislikes: Being called Bunhead/Odango/Odango-Atama, Studying
Current Henshin Phrase: Moon Cosmic Power - Make Up!
Organization: Unaffiliated
School: Juuban (Grade 10)
OOC Information
Source: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
Player: Eri


I'm Usagi Tsukino, a fifteen year old high school student. Yes I know it seems strange to say it but I made it past entrance exams - somehow! Now I'm starting my Spring Semester at Juuban High, wearing the same uniform as all of my friends. What else is there to know about me you ask? Well - I'm a bit of a klutz and a crybaby and that's it! Oh- and don't tell anyone, but I'm also a Guardian of Love and Justice, Sailor Moon! Even now fighting still makes me nervous... our new enemies seem scarier than ever, but I'm sure it will somehow manage to work out!

Ancient History...

Like all great fairy tales, this story begins with a Princess. During the Silver Millennium, at the height of the Moon Kingdom's power, Princess Serenity was much beloved by her people. It was a time of such peace and prosperity that perhaps it did not occur to even Queen Serenity that she ought to be tested by conflict before she came of age. Instead she was sheltered away, living a life where it was thought she would want for nothing.

The princesses of the solar system’s inner planets were her dearest friends, yet their positions as her Guardians kept distance between them by the very nature of their duty. She had other friends too, her advisors the guardian cats, Luna and Artemis. She had acclaim on the famed ice skating rinks of Mare Serenitatis, as a rising star. Her whole future was planned out, laid out ahead of her. By all rights nothing ought to be missing, and yet she always felt like there was. The answer was perpetually in view of the balcony of her palace chambers.

Princess Serenity’s first love was not some otherworldly Prince but the heavenly blue of Earth. It was such a contrast to the life she knew within the carefully regulated atmosphere of the Moon kingdom that she couldn’t help but dream about the adventure she might find in a world outside of her mother's protection. And so the unauthorized trips to the world began. There she saw the energy of vibrant life surround her in its purest form, creatures small and large enjoying their short lives as much as they could. While much of that life was raw and untamed, it did not detract from the infinite potential she saw.

During one of those trips she met Prince Endymion by chance, not because it was destined by fate. And while their relationship was not precisely a Mirakuru Romansu, he was everything that Princess Serenity wanted. He embodied all of that potential that she saw in Earth, and she loved every ounce of his passion, his pride, and his devotion to his people. The trips to Earth became more frequent, and more noticed, especially by Princess Venus, perhaps her most vigilant guardian, who tried to dissuade her without success.

It wasn’t that Venus’ fears were unjustified either. In fact they were entirely valid. It was dangerous on Earth, and Serenity was blind to the resentment the people of Earth held to her mother's Silver Paradise. However the princesses’ heart was entirely enamored with Earth and its Prince.

It was the coming of Metallia that marked the beginning of the end, who fell from the sun and stoked the resentment of the citizens of Earth against the Moon Kingdom to new heights. At their head was Beryl, a noblewoman who was warrior, sorceress, and sage. Declaring herself Queen, she recruited Earth’s greatest warriors, save Endymion, and cut a bloody swath through the Kingdom on the night of Princess Serenity's sixteenth birthday. One after another, her Guardians died, shattering her innocence in the space of mere minutes, staining what some might see as purity. It culminated in Queen Beryl offering the Prince a crown, and when refused slaying him with her magic when he threw himself in the way of his beloved to save her life.

Princess Serenity had never truly been tested. She had never known true grief, or suffering or pain in the idyllic life she’d lived. Seeing the embodiment of Earth’s hope die in her arms just minutes after her friends had sacrificed herself to safeguard her; it affected her so deeply that she only could think of a single recourse. That was not to take up his sword to avenge him, for she had no skills as a warrior, but instead to run herself through so that she might join him in what came after.

It was a small mercy of small mercies that she was spared from what came after, the embrace of death stealing her sight from what came next. This is where Princess Serenity's story truly came to an end...

And yet by the grace of a final miracle, she was given a second chance as a normal girl on Earth. Usagi Tsukino was born an innocent and ignorant heiress to a legacy she knew nothing about. And yet, with the darkness encroaching she would soon find out. There had never before been a Sailor Moon... and now she'd be tested as a Pretty Guardian of Love and Justice, before she'd ever come into knowledge of her past self.


The Inner Senshi(And Mooncats)

Ami Mizuno - It wasn't Ami's genius, or something like destiny that drew Usagi Tsukino to the girl who would become Sailor Mercury; but her gentleness and kindness in response to Luna dropping upon her shoulder. That won't stop Usagi from believing that she can absorb Ami's genius simply by osmosis of her presence. The first among those who would join her on her mission for Love and Justice, her love for Ami was a foundation which held her up in her darkest times. That foundation was shaken by her stint as Dark Mercury, but upon her return she's been instantly accepted back. Usagi has yet to discuss this time away with her, afraid that even bringing it up will break this beautiful spell or dream woven by her return and that she'll simply be gone again.

Rei Hino - Neither Usagi nor Rei would ever admit it, but Usagi is the fuel to Rei's fire. One works up the passion of the other simply by being in their presence, often expressed through friendly and childish bickering. It was that passion, as well as her beauty and spiritual wisdom as a Miko that drew Usagi to her to begin with. Small wonder that she coincidentally awakened as Sailor Mars! The two still couldn't be more different to this day, and Usagi has difficulty discussing the sacrifice Rei made for her at D-Point, struggling with the feeling that destiny may have brought them together. And yet Rei is always the first to reassure her whenever those feelings do bubble up.

Makoto Kino - Saved by Makoto Kino from street toughs that were bullying her, Usagi Tsukino will defend to the death to this day that she's no delinquent. But even more than her physical strength, it's the strength of her character that impresses her; as well as her love of simple things cooking good food for the people she cares about and flowers. Again and again as Sailor Jupiter, she has put her life on the line for Usagi and she's constantly worried that Jupiter is going to get hurt for her sake again- after D-Point seperated the two. She prefers not to let it hang over their heads, and instead prefers to distract them both with a topic they can both get into... ROMANCE! The two are both preparing for one memorable Valentine's Day, where Usagi hopes that she'll be able to set up her good friend for a Spring of /Romance/!

Minako Aino - Her idol as Sailor V, the true leader of the Inner Senshi as Sailor Venus; Usagi is always impressed by her battle experience and cool head helping pull them through the worst of fights. But now that she's gotten to know her as Minako Aino- she's become her idol in a more literal way, given Minako Aino's dream of breaking into the industry. The two tend to be enablers of each other's worst habits, feeding off of each other to become incorrigible slackers or starry eyed pursuers of their latest crush. Every now and then however, Usagi catches a glimpse of Minako's sorrow beneath the surface as a result of her duty and wonders what has duty cost the most veteran Senshi?

Luna - The mooncat that awakened Usagi Tsukino to her destiny as Sailor Moon. Luna has acted as mentor and advisor and takes those duties very seriously. Unfortunately her charge is always less than diligent in following her advice. As a result Luna is often exasperated, wielding shame and other tactics besides to attempt to get Usagi to fall in line with her image of what a Guardian of Love and Justice; as well as a Moon Princess ought to be, but with only limited success. Still, Usagi loves Luna, and wouldn't want anyone else to mentor her.

Artemis - Minako's mentor. Luna and him are arguing all the time, usually over him not being as useful as Luna desires him to be. Usagi finds him to be pretty reliable in a pinch so she really feels for him whenever Luna is chewing him out. The two rarely get a chance to commiserate over this though. He's Minako's friend more than her friend even if she thinks of him as one too, and she appreciates his loyalty to her.

The Outer Senshi

Haruka Tenoh - It's complicated. The words out of her league always seem to slip out of her mind the moment Haruka gives her the time of day and her heart starts beating so rapidly. This handsome, charming, celebrity boy always seems to know what to say to make her feel so flustered, and so good about herself at the same time. Except... the times when there's an abrupt change. Learning that Usagi is Sailor Moon has caused Haruka to start to act so cold to her on occasion, when he tries to persuade her that she doesn't belong on the battlefield. She's not even certain what that means, and how Haruka is involved in the supernatural war going on at Infinity Institute. She doesn't know that 'he' is also Sailor Uranus, a senshi whose courage, handsome face, and strong arms cause her heart to palpitate equally quickly to when Haruka is around her. The two have frequently been at odds, especially over the issues of pure hearts and Hotaru Tomoe, but Usagi always gets the feeling that despite how Uranus treats her it's meant to be protective in some way. Uranus' recent betrayal has confused and hurt Usagi in equal measure, her thoughts always so mixed up when she thinks of that moment before she was shoved into Vita's line of fire.

Michiru Kaioh - When Usagi thinks of Michiru Kaioh she thinks of two things in particular- the fact that she's the most beautiful woman in the whole world and that she has way too much talent. Usagi has often found herself using her disguise pen and wandering the halls of Infinity Institute just to find out if she'll catch just a hint of Michiru's violin music again. The fact that a woman like Michiru Kaioh gives her the time of day just floors her, whether it's to invite her to brunch or giving her lessons on how to be a proper lady. She knows somewhere deep down that she'll never actually make it to Michiru's level but doesn't even slow her enthusiasm down for spending time with her. Usagi has no idea that Michiru is Sailor Neptune, a perfectly elegant and fiercely independent Senshi who she's encountered since the early days of her career. She'd never realized why Neptune didn't join them, but now she's beginning to now that she's encountered the Outer Senshi as a whole. Sailor Neptune has spoken in brief about her visions of the coming disaster and it depresses Usagi a little to wonder how she must feel about them, and how they must drive her to think she must do the things she does to preserve the world.

Setsuna Meioh - Setsuna Meioh and Usagi Tsukino have a peculiar history. As far as she's aware they first met in the labs of Infinity when Usagi was wandering about disguised as a student and saw a gorgeous lady at work alone. Usagi admires her genius even if she often finds out as a result that she has no idea what she's talking about! At the same time however, she's always gotten the sense that Setsuna is extremely lonely, which is perhaps why she reached out to her to teach her ice skating. It might seem absurd to most people that Usagi would believe that since Setsuna was studying the Moon she'd know how to ice skate, but it made a certain amount of sense to her. She of course has no idea that Setsuna Meioh is Sailor Pluto, the enigmatic Outer Senshi who always seems to be there for her while at the same time remaining apart. Usagi just wants to know what that /means/ and how Pluto knew how she was so quickly. Recently her image of Pluto was altered when Pluto moved to protect her, just before having an emotional breakdown right in front of her. It made her seem far more vulnerable to Usagi in a way that wrenched at her heart. What has her life as a Sailor Senshi cost her?


Chibi-Usa Tsukino - Her phoney cousin! Usagi Tsukino has no idea how this girl fell out of the sky and defly wormed her way into their life. She hearts and minds and memories of the Tsukino household so easily. Her initial pursuit for the Silver Crystal gave Usagi so many sleepless nights defending it from theft and defending herself from her family who came down upon her for 'bullying' her cousin. On the surface the two appear to hate each other, bickering relentlessly with Chibi-Usa constantly shaming her for her flighty irresponsibility. And yet as Sailor Moon she's gotten glimpses of the fact there's more to this girl than meets the eye. Why is she after the Silver Crystal? Why won't she talk to her about it? These are the questions that weigh upon her.

Hotaru Tomoe - Chibi-Usa's best and friend. When she first met Hotaru, she was crouched over Chibi-Usa protectively, trying to save her from the angry Black Moon Enforcer - Petz, who was trying to murder her. After the battle she learned some of the girl's unusual powers and how they left her feeling isolated from most people. It was difficult for her to reconcile this with the idea that the Outer Senshi are trying to kill this sweet girl specifically, in their mission to save the world. Why Hotaru? How can she actually be what they're saying she is? Usagi isn't certain what to make of it, but at the same time she refuses to allow it to happen. Recently she helped Chibi-Usa throw a birthday party for the girl, and met her formally. What she encountered was a girl who was every bit as shy and sweet as she thought she was- who loves Chibi-Usa with all of her heart. It's made her all the more determined to protect her, no matter what the Outer Senshi may have to say about it.

Adorable Same Height Sister

Madoka Kaname - Her adorable same-height sister, Usagi admires her so much for her compassion and open-mindedness and courage in the face of so many frightening aspects of the supernatural. Madoka has been there for her since nearly the beginning of her time as Sailor Moon, and has been there equally for Usagi Tsukino in her own times of need. And yet it frequently weighs on her how a normal girl like Madoka must feel in light of how helpless she must feel with how often she's been made a target. Madoka was there for her after her fall at Tokyo Tower, when it felt like she was at her lowest and she appreciates that in ways she can't even articulate. It wasn't long after that the two were both targetted by a mysterious conspiracy and what happened to Madoka during that still weighs upon her heavily. Their love for each other managed to pull them through what followed, returning Usagi to her role as Sailor Moon with a greater resolve to shine for the sake of girls like Madoka.

Rude Fashion Disasters

Mamoru Chiba - As Mamoru Chiba she mostly knows him as a jerk with no fashion sense who constantly shows up to bully her with comments about how terrible she is at academics. She has no idea of course that he is Tuxedo Kamen-sama, the mysterious and handsome figure that always seems to show up to support her. Usagi has been quick to hope as a result that he has feelings for her, as she certainly has strong ones for Tuxedo Kamen. During the war against the Dark Kingdom she learned that in her past life she was in love with his past self- Endymion. Unfortunately he'd already been transformed into a Lieutenant of the Dark Kingdom by Queen Beryl, and Sailor Moon was forced to fight a climactic duel with him over his fate. Though he managed to break free and declare his feelings for Sailor Moon, he was promptly slain by Queen Beryl when he attempted to protect her. Vanishing in the wake of her miracle, she hasn't seen Tuxedo Kamen since... but she has no doubt that he's still out there, somewhere. ... It would be an astonishing experience if she found out it was the guy in the purple pleated pants suit who messes with her so frequently.

Friends, Mentors, Princes and Acquaintances

Mami Tomoe - Mami Tomoe was a mentor figure to Usagi Tsukino in her earliest days as a Guardian of Love and Justice. Mami-chan as she quickly came to call her was always there for her, always protecting her, whether it be from scary monsters or handsome bishounen besides. She always admired the veteran Puella Magi's seeming unflappable elegance and dignity in battle, always seemed the picture of the heroine she aspired to be. And yet as she came to know Mami Tomoe better, she's learned how difficult the Puella Magi's life has been, and that she's not the perfect image of a heroine of justice. This hasn't dimmed her opinion of her at all however, only serving to bring them closer as Usagi accepts the sides of Mami Tomoe that Mami often cannot herself. Tokyo Tower taught her quite vividly that sometimes Mami Tomoe and her might make vastly different choices in the same situation, and yet the two came to terms after the fact in a moment where she proved that Mami's teachings and her experiences as Sailor Moon had served her even better than she can imagine. Recently she's come to learn of Mami Tomoe's involvement between the Chevaliers and the Shepherds and while Usagi has mixed feelings over that- she has no mixed feelings over Mami herself.

Utena Tenjou - It's also complicated. Usagi met Utena Tenjou at a Juuban costume party but at the time she was Cinderella and Utena was Prince Charming. Before she knew it, she was swept off her feet by the dashing Prince and onto the dance floor. What followed was almost a transcendent experience for her, as Utena made her feel so good about herself while at the same time getting her to admit there were some things in her life that she was just unsatisfied about, that left her feeling unfulfilled. In the end it caused her to decide that she didn't want to settle for just some destiny deciding her life for her. ... and then she was shocked to discover her Prince was a perfectly normal girl searching for a perfectly normal boyfriend. During the walk home, they were attacked by Vita, and what happened next- Utena sacrificing herself in order to save her, it echoed on so many levels of her experiences in D-Point that to this day it just hurts thinking about her... and yet at the same time she definitely wants to see her Prince again soon.

Nori Ankou - Usagi gets to brag to everyone that she was Nori-chan's friend even before Nori made her debut as Akamira. But even before she was a model, she always admired Nori for her unique sense of style and individuality. However she always got the sense that something heavy weighed upon Nori, and she didn't quite figure it out. She's gotten a sense that it's in part due to her role as La Sirene de Diamant, but she feels like there's more to it than that. Recently she took a trip to the Sea of Tears with her as Sailor Moon and it turned her into a starry eyed tourist... yet again reinforcing that Sailor Moon isn't always the most dedicated to her mission unless there's immediate danger.

Lera Camry - Magical Cheeseburger Propane-chan! Since her early days as Sailor Moon she's been swift to befriend the Midchildan mage finding solidarity in their mutual experiences as heroines of justice. At first she admired the 'American' for her courage in battle as a mage-adventurer, but once she learned she was from off-world, it's more admiring how quickly she's adapted to life on Earth. And yet... recently the two experienced a mutual downfall in what happened at Tokyo Tower. What happened between them since has been them becoming closer as Usagi revealed herself as Sailor Moon to her.

Setsuna Higashi - A new transfer student to Usagi's school! Usagi has admired how quickly she's adapted to life at her school, especially after finding out that she's foreign. What was truly surprising for her was when she found out that Lera and her were dating. She's done her best to be supportive of her while still reeling from this information. She has no idea that she gentle Setsuna Higashi was Eas, the Labyrinth executive that took advantage of Ami Mizuno's experience in Hokkaido to transform her into Dark Mercury. The two of them fought a duel over it that to this day she hasn't told anyone about... she has no real sense that the new Pretty Cure she's met who has been supportive of her, Cure Passion, is the same individual who is Eas, and Setsuna Higashi.

Mai Tokiha - A girl and her dragon. For the longest time Usagi Tsukino frequented the Linden Baum purely because Mai-chan would be there, and she's always quick to take advantage of Mai's readiness to fix her a homecooked meal. She's always admired the girl's kindness, and resilience in the face of so many tragedies in her life. What happened with Nephrite in particular still weighs upon Usagi, and the fact that Mai was subjected to /being/ him in the shared dream they had on their trip to the moon... She's caught wind of Mai's situation with her brother, and she's not quite certain how to even approach it. She'll be forever thankful for Mai's sacrifice that saved everyone during the battle of Ohtori and yet... the fact that she sacrificed herself so readily...

Marinette Dupain-Cheng - Her adorable kouhai Marinette. Usagi first formally met Marinette while she was watching her crush Adrien from hiding- and Motoki discovered her. Fortunately Usagi was willing to cover her, instinctively empathizing with her plight and her crush on Adrien. Ever since then she's found so much more to admire about the girl especially her dream of becoming a fashion designer. Usagi finds herself coming to the fashion club room more and more just to check out her latest creations. She finds herself thinking that she needs to be a responsible senpai to the girl, mentoring her on the subject of her crush and trying to gently encourage her to come forward with her feelings. Recently Marinette thoughtfully gifted her idol Sailor Moon with a coat she crafted to help her through the winter She has no idea that she's the Miraculous Ladybug - Lady Magic and Lady Luck! Ladybug couldn't seem more different from her anxious kouhai after all, always cooly composed, and improvising a way to work through any challenge with the help of her Lucky Charm Powers.

Adrien Agreste - Her other adorable kouhai who is also a teen model. After finding out said model was attending Juuban, she was following him around in the hopes of trying to meet him... only to discover that his home life is a challenging situation. She's caught wind that Adrien's father is overprotective in a way that's stifling poor Adrien, who only wants to be a normal boy. Ever since, Usagi Tsukino has taken it upon herself to befriend him and offer him the experiences he's craved, like taking him on trips to the arcade or getting him into snowball fights. There was a time when she considered hooking one of her friends up with him, but Makoto and her have decided to be responsible senpais and friends to him- and instead are trying to gently encourage Marinette.

Mikoto Minagi - Usagi mostly knows her as as Mai's hungry cat-like roommate. The two get along. Mikoto always tells her she's good people because she likes Mai's cooking. Usagi has little idea that the girl is a seasoned warrior... I mean surely not?

Natsuki Kuga - So when Usagi met Natsuki the first thing she noticed was the motorcycle, the second thing was the leather, the third thing was that head of rich lustrous hair, and the fourth was her fierce independent streak. Naturally she had to try to get close to her right away. Natsuki never fails to try to push her away for that reason, but Usagi keeps inserting herself into her life... and has recently learned that Natsuki has a secret love of cute things, which she naturally finds adorable.

Takeo Akamizu - Usagi knows Takeo more as 'Knight Guy' and 'Lancelot' and the two have fought side by side on several occasions. She's been grateful to him for every time he's come to her aid in a fight, including at Tokyo Tower... but what happened there... well she's glad he pulled through. Recently she's learned(over donuts) that he's searching for the Holy Grail and wonders if he's going to come to odds with the Outer Senshi as well. She certainly hopes not.

Sayaka Miki - Mami Tomoe's kouhai. Sailor Moon met her once when she was a normal girl with a very magic bat- who made good use of it against a magic toaster. The next time they met, she was a full fledged Puella Magi blurting out that she was Sailor Moon's biggest fan. Caught flat-footed by that, Sailor Moon wasn't even certain what to /do/ with it, and a girl who thinks the world of her. She's heard of the Chevaliers of course, and while she has mixed feelings about their mission, she's recently decided to support them in defending Hotaru Tomoe... she's just not sure about the rest of their mission statement!

Homura Akemi - This Puella Magi has taken every opportunity to antagonize Usagi for her relationship with Madoka, telling her things like she's responsible for her friends dying... and at times trying to prevent her from doing things, like going to D-Point at all. She always knows what to do or say to turn Usagi into an emotional wreck. While she gets the sense that everything Homura does is meant to protect Madoka- at the same time she's being so mean about it! Still it doesn't stop her from trying to get closer to Homura on occasion, which usually results in Homura trying to shove her back away with all of her might. Usagi is still puzzled to this day how Homura knew she was Sailor Moon instantly... how could she?

Kasagami Araki - Usagi quite frankly thinks of Kasagami as a jerk and a bully after her involvement in kidnapping Madoka Kaname, as well as her alliance with the people who kidnapped Usagi herself. Confusingly, Ohtori's disciplinary executive tried to apologize to her afterwards, and while she appreciated it... she refused to accept it unless Kasagami would say she'd never do something like that again, to which Kasagami refused. Ever since then she's caught more of Kasagami's good qualities but at the same time they often get drowned out by her unending tide of condescension and boorishness. As Sailor Moon, Kasagami strangely thinks of her as some kind of 'Hope Youma' and she's not even certain what to /do/ with that- other than trying to tell her that while she feels she has good intentions her means to becoming King will likely corrupt her thoroughly. Recently as Usagi Tsukino she caught Sailor Pluto and Kasagami together and she's still reeling from that experience... what does what happened even mean about Kasagami?

Steven Universe - This boy always seems to enthusiastically support her as Sailor Moon, riding atop a pink lion and wielding a shield. Unfortunately... she's never caught his name! She hopes to change that one day. If only she knew they went to the same school...

Fuu Hououji - The Magic Knight of Wind! She's always had it so together in a battle, in an almost enviable way always kindly offering her bow or sword or healing magic to a battle. Sailor Moon certainly admires her quiet composure, and her seeming lack of flaws and vulnerabilities.

Hayato Nishi - How is this guy so hot and so sweet at the same time? Infinity's Senior High School Student President is perhaps the nicest guy she's ever met, as she always finds him helping out senior citizens and his fellow students alike. The only problem is he never seems to realize it when Usagi implies she wouldn't mind if he asked her on a date. Recently she's decided that he's the perfect guy for one Makoto Kino and has decided to set them up on Valentine's Day.

Shun Minami - Minako Aino's ex. She's met him of course, and even the fact that he's handsome won't cause her to ever forget the fact that he dumped Minako and broke her heart. And yet at the same time... Minako never seems willing to talk about what led to it...

Keepsakes and Mementos(KEEP OUT SHINGO AND CHIBI-USA!)

Chicken Alarm Clock: A constant in her life, she's had it since she was an elementary school, it is the guardian of her naptime... and also her worst enemy.

Photo of Ami Mizuno’s Class Ranking: To be brought up on her phone at any time to show people how much of a genius her friend is.

Rei Hino’s Borrowed Inuyasha Manga: After a scolding from Rei, treated with the same amount of reverence one might grant a sacred relic. Nary a dog ear or bent spine in the bunch Rei-chan… anymore! Promise!

A Single Pressed Flower: A Camellia Sasanqua. Do you even need to ask who it came from?

Link to Minako Aino’s Youtube Channel: To never ever be shared unless given permission.

Memory of Michiru Kaioh’s Unfinished Painting: Can a decision of such magnitude truly be made by just one person?

Newspaper Article on the Discovery a Black Hole: Why Usagi is interested in this article at all is baffling. It seems out of place on her wall. Except that in it is the picture of a young university student at the Infinity Institute who discovered it, Setsuna Meioh.

Photo of Hotaru Tomoe blowing out her Birthday Candles:What she said after though is what she'll truly treasure...

Memory of Madoka Kaname’s Serenity Sketch: Truly it was more the opportunity to confide her feelings, but seeing it was still precious.

Papa Kaname’s Cocoa Recipe: … Well it would be a treasure if she could actually get it, much less actualize making it but not currently in her possession. Instead the treasure is in every mug.

Tuxedo Kamen’s Broken Locket: A reminder that fate will bring them together again and again.

A Single Moon Rock: Noone would ever believe it was actually from the Moon.

Selfie of Sailor Moon and Magical Cheeseburger Propane-chan: Flashing the V for Victory. What battle was this after again?

Picture of Nori Ankou’s Car: Yes she has a friend her age with a luxury car! People who attend Ohtori are really fabulous aren’t they?

Photo Taken in Secret of Mami Tomoe: Looking somewhat pensive. Despite how dignified she looks, she always seems heartbreakingly sad doesn’t she?

Reply Fanmail from Makopi: She actually replied to my fanmail! In your face Shingo!

A single glass(plastic) slipper:To remind her of that night when they danced...

Marinette's Winter Coat: She has to constantly remind herself that she can only wear it as Sailor Moon! ;_;

Photo roll of pictures with Adrien:Some photo booth fun with her adorable model kouhai.


Sailor Senshi - As a Sailor Senshi, her strength, agility, stamina, and durability are all above those of a normal person. However in those respects she might be considered below average even for a Senshi. Where she shines is her magical might, casting sacred spells of purification and banishment through the legendary Silver Crystal, her Tiara, or her current wand. The jeweled covers to her odango when she's transformed and upset can amplify her tears and emit supersonic waves as a last line of defense.

Disguise Pen - By utilizing her disguise pen she's able to transform herself into any sort of disguise she wants. Most of the time it's limited purely to her wardrobe and the pure aesthetics of her appearance to fit the disguise she invoked, but it can go further than that if she desires.

Ginzuishou - With strong faith, firm resolution, and deep love the legendary Silver Crystal can work miracles. Its limitations depend purely on Usagi's own limitations, and invoking it carelessly can have real consequences upon her person.

Current Events

  • Sailor Moon falls at Tokyo Tower - Five girls are killed.
  • Kidnapped by Ends of the World as a bargaining chip for one of the Keys to the City from Sailor Pluto.
  • Regains her powers through the love Madoka Kaname and Usagi Tsukino have for each other.
  • A girl with the same name as herfalls from the sky and lands on her face, hypnotizes her family, and harasses her in search for the Silver Crystal.
  • The Black Moon Clan arrives - The Ayakashi Sisters make their move.
  • Sailor Moon encounters Hotaru Tomoe for the first time at the Hikawa Shrine during Petz's attack
  • Sailor Moon is betrayed by Sailor Uranus during a battle against the Wolkenritter. Drained of her powers anew by the Book of Darkness.
  • The Tsukino family and friends throw a surprise birthday party for Chibi-Usa's best friend Hotaru.
  • Sailor Moon regains her powers just in time for the Ayakashi Sisters to attack at Jindai Botanical Gardens.
  • Sailor Moon cleanses the Ayakashi Sisters of their darkness so they can their lives as refugees in present day Tokyo.


Logs and Cutscenes