2019-01-31 - TIMELINE 2: First Annual Ohtori Dream Faire 2

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Title: TIMELINE 2: First Annual Ohtori Dream Faire 2

The Sister Schools' each are filled with young talented students with myriad dreams! Recognizing this, the Student Council President of Ohtori, Kasagami Araki, is hosting the first annual Ohtori Dream Faire!

Students are encouraged to showcase examples of their dreams, from works of poetry, to science projects, and other booths exclaiming what the future will hold if their desires are put into reality.

The Definitely Impartial Judge, Kasagami, shall weight the worth of everyone's entries and reward a wonderful prize to those that impress the most! Now show us your skills!


Anthy Himemiya, Fuu Hououji, Kasagami Araki, Mai Tokiha, Mikoto Minagi, Niramo Umokeshi, and Steven Universe


Ohtori Academy

OOC - IC Date:

2019-01-31 - 2014-04-21

<Pose Tracker> Fuu Hououji [Infinity Institute (9)] has posed.

"It is not a rip-off," Fuu says evenly. "I came up with my own story, and the gameplay is entirely different."

Her tone of voice remains relatively mild and polite, but it's probably clear to onlookers that the leader of the three alpha girls has managed to get under Fuu's skin. They've not only insulted her, but they're casually ridiculing a project that she's put more time into than most students put into studying for finals, and ... well, if Fuu's carefully cultivated smile were a knife, she'd be cutting at least one throat with it today.

But the three girls find the environs too nerd-infested for their rarefied social standing, and Fuu doesn't see fit to delay their departure. She's actually a little relieved to see their backs, in point of fact; she just makes sure her game demo is back on the attract screen, and sits back to await further "customers," re-composing herself while she has time to do so. Maybe she should try one of those hot dogs Steven's offering; he may have failed to pass Kasagami's muster, but a good snack is marvelous balm for emotional upsets.

... there ARE some that won't set her mouth on fire with a single bite, aren't there? Or are they all super-spicy chili? Maybe she'll just petition him for some ice cream.

But she's not leaving her laptop unattended. Not around here.

<Pose Tracker> Niramo Umokeshi [Juuban Public School (8)] has posed.

Being able to properly function again after just one bite of Steven's special hot dogs is a challenge that he is well prepared for, and the ice cream is a blessing on two fronts. To cool down the literal fire spewing from Niramo's mouth and something sweet after she feels like her tongue lost half of its' taste buds. And...she did get ice cream in the end, so all is forgiven. "I'm not even sure how you can make actual fire, but...I think i'll stay away from spicy foods for a little while."

The hot dog was pretty good, though...the young American was a boy of many talents!

Kasagami happens to have a Fire Dog of her own, and had absolutely demolished her own scoop of ice cream even quicker than Niramo had. The Student President is quick to say she enjoys Steven's cooking, but is critical of his limited scope of his dream. But instead of tearing into him like what most Ohtori students seem to do, she's quick to encourage Steven to find his own unique vision for the future. Maybe the words were only meant for Steven, but Niramo takes in some of the wisdom Kasagami shares as well. "Find a dream that is your own..."

Part of the reason that Niramo doesn't have a booth set up is that it involved dreams of others as well, and it gives Niramo something to puzzle over. It wasn't enough just to help others succeed, but to have a goal you want to see as well? Wasn't that a little selfish?

It might take a bit for Niramo to puzzle everything out for herself.

Seeing the trio of Ohtori harpies start to flee, Niramo can't help but give in one last jab. The Juuban student's social armor was mostly holes, but the ring leader's counter attack only glances off despite the lack of defenses. "To get married to someone rich...not even someone who loves you or enjoys the same hobbies? I won't make fun of you if that's your true dream but..." Niramo turns away to walk over to Anthy and Fuu once more, a frown growing on her lips.

"I pity you..."

Putting the sad dreamer behind her, Niramo looks back and forth between Chu-Chu and Anthy for a few seconds, trying to figure out something to help encourage the older girl. While she doesn't know Anthy at all, there's no way she wants to leave a sad girl drawing in on herself like this. Thankfully, those 'weird' comments and Niramo's time reading on the Internet gives her an idea. "You know, being called weird isn't a bad thing. It just means you're unique in ways people can't understand, and no one wants to be the same thing. I mean, I certainly wouldn't want to have a dream like that...harpy." There was no kind word for what those three Ohtori students were.

Fuu seems a little rattled by the trio as well, but Niramo sees it as a duty in her life to try to make everyone feel better. And one of the greatest aids for sadness in her life is sweets! "Steven-kun, can I have some strawberry ice cream? It's for a good cause!" Helping herself to a scoop of the pink-colored ice cream in a bowl (and making a mental note to bake something for Steven later as a thank you), Niramo offers the icy treat to Fuu. She's making certain it's nowhere near the laptop. No need to tempt fate! "I don't think they have the refined pallet for electronic entertainment, Fuu-san."

A little joke can be balm for social wounds, right?

Kasagami seems off to visit the possible Cat Cafe, and Niramo watches with curious eyes. She's always wanted a pet, but her dad was actually alergic to cats. Thankfully, a magical fairy mouse doesn't seem to cause any issues!

<Pose Tracker> Mikoto Minagi [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

"'Kay!" Mikoto chirps, happily, as the boy declares what an excellent place it is. She, at least, doesn't stare at the wallet, because it's a perfectly functional wallet. She'll take the tip, anyway, but before she ferrets it over to Mai, she's sure to tell him: "Good book!"

It's a book about cats, so obviously it's good. Emiko leans up, ears pricked forward, as if to observe his great feline work.

Here, Kasagami /destroys Steven's dreams,/ and Mikoto pauses as she turns to look towards his stall. "Steven..." She trails off, a corner of her mouth scrunching up in concern. Then she remembers what she's holding, and steps up to her partner in crime.

She presents the Ohtori tip to their beleagured chef. "Mai, Mai!" She clambers for her attention, pushing aside her worries. "Tea and himono, Mai!" Thankfully, she remembered what he asked for. But there's no time to rest, because there is /another customer./

And it's none other than the vaunted School President..!

"Kasagami!" Mikoto grins, and hurries over to her (it's a little hard in an apron, how /does/ Mai do it all the time?) to drag her over to a free table. "That's Emiko," she points to the calico in the boy's lap, black and white markings on her face, currently lifting a ginger paw to bat at one of the pictures of cats in his book. "Eiji," she points to the fully-ginger cat loafing on the cat tree, "Masaru," the black-and-white tuxedo cat weaving around Mai's ankles helpfully, "Shinju," she points out the fluffy white cat still stretched out above, "... and Yua's taking break!" That must be the name of the black cat in absentia.

She clicks her tongue to get the attention of her cat friends. A few ears flick towards her disinterestedly, but after a few moments, a shadow descends from on high--! Because Shinju, the pearly-white cat, largest and fluffiest of all Mikoto's cat corps, has leapt from her perch atop the CAT WALKWAY to descend upon Kasagami's lap, by way of her shoulders. She won't be getting out of this one without cutting her sleeve off. Metaphorically, at least.

"Everyone wanted to help out!" Mikoto explains, chipper. Of course, there were probably a few cat bribes in there somewhere, but this is Ohtori, so bribes go without saying. "A place where cats can decide if they wanna play or just rest! And there's food, too!" She insists, firmly: "Tea's good! Mai made it!"

There are, of course, other things people have made, but luckily Mikoto is too occupied acting as catbassador to investigate his shattered dreams (and his spicy 'dogs).

<Pose Tracker> Mai Tokiha [Ohtori Academy (11)] has posed.

The sounds of a fiery barbecued delight being endured are difficult to pick out of a loud crowd, but they send a chill down Mai's spine all the same. The fact that somewhere, somehow, a spicy hot dog exists in the same general area as Mikoto...

It's a looming danger, and one that's hard to just put aside.

There's a meow at Mai's ankles, and she glances down to see another black-and-white tuxedo cat winding his way around her ankles. What was his name again? Ma-something? She's not sure, but it's enough to distract her - momentarily - from that looming presence in the distance.

Plus Mikoto's here, with an order and an amount of money that is this kid serious. Mai stares for a long moment at the tip, trying to identify the coinage in question...it's kind of unreasonable.

But into the register it goes. Cats are dining well tonight.

"All right, Mikoto - I'll just be a minute." She starts preparing the tea, but pauses upon seeing a shadow crossing the tables. "...you know what? I'll bring it to him, you greet our new guest. And remember the menu!"

Tea first - a small pot and accompanying mug go on the serving tray, followed by a plate. There's an incredibly eager meow when she opens the container of himono, and Mai makes extra certain that the lid is resealed when she has the helping. Then it's just a matter of getting to the table.

For anyone who might have seen Mai's usual waitressing at Linden Baum, her newfound pace is almost comical. There's a series of incredibly cheerful meows as Tuxedo Cat weaves round and round her feet, and every step forward has to be carefully placed. Eventually - about halfway to the boy's table - she glares at her newfound companion.

"I really feel like you should be chasing someone else...just be patient, okay? Our guest seems like a good kid." Slightly bolder steps, trying to get around the peskily purring pal, and finally to the boy with the book. "Here you are - green tea, a plate of dried fish for sharing, and another cat to share with. You hear that, Masaru?"

Masaru helpfully meows cheerfully, as if translating 'Masaru' as 'Lunch'.

<Pose Tracker> Anthy Himemiya [Ohtori Academy (9)] has posed.

Anthy holds her breath while the roving band of Ohtori predators moves on in favor of less off-putting prey. Once they're away she collects Chirurgeon Chu-Chu, who's still menacing the air with his antique hypodermic. He allows it, with an indignant "Chu" aimed at the departed bullies.

That harrumphing summons a subdued smile up from Anthy, like a sunbeam swimming through fog. "Did her game have a good check-up? Oh...? Ah-hm." By centimeters her shoulders relax; she bobs a little bow to Fuu, monkey-mouse riding in her cupped hands. "Clean bill of health, Hououji-san," she reports.

Niramo receives her second bow, and Anthy takes in the girl's Juuban uniform. "Oh -- welcome to Ohtori," she says. "Is it your first time visiting?" Somehow, this apparent non-sequitur is given like a direct response to Niramo's comforting words.

There's something careful about how Anthy eyes the people nearby, a furtive defensiveness that stays with her as she returns to her table to collect her notepad doodle. At Steven's shout she freezes in place for just a moment, then peeks at him over her shoulder with those brilliant green eyes.

It doesn't seem like she recognizes him from the ball, but... perhaps that is understandable, considering. She /does/ see a cheerful and particularly nonthreatening young boy, though, amidst a boothful of what would certainly qualify as festival foods. With her drawing curled in one hand and her best friend riding her shoulder again, she crosses to Steven's booth.

She does she just as Kasagami tosses back that comment about not allowing others to project their dreams and desires, and the departing President receives an oblique glance -- then, "Mine? Oh, it's nothing," she deflects, "but I like yours very much! Are we allowed to skip right to dessert without dinner?" Anthy's looking at the ice cream flavors already. "Which flavor would you like, Chu-Chu-- oh! Where could he have gone?"

Because he's not on her shoulder any more, and is nowhere to be seen. She looks around--

--there he is! He emerges from the beneath the EMPLOYEES ONLY curtain at Mai and Mikoto's restaurant mock-up, backpedaling forward on a can of unopened tuna like it's a circus barrel and he an acrobat, and a kitten is chasing right after! Hard to tell whether the feline wants the tuna or the mouse-monkey from here. "Oh goodness," Anthy utters, and she's headed right over with her drawing crinkling in her hand.

<Pose Tracker> Steven Universe [Juuban Public School (5)] has posed.

For anyone with a taste for the heat, Steven has you covered!

The boy is at the Dream Faire serving up hot dogs so spicy they literally make you breathe fire! Of course cold treats in the form of ice cream is kept on hand to douse the flame when it overstays its welcome!

So far a few people have tried the hot dogs, one person having done so out of the blue and gets quite the surprise!

Of course for his close friends he would make normal ones if they wanted, but does not offer them to the average folk as the boy doesn't want peopel to fill up on his snacks without trying others.

And the boy has just been judged! A finy flam is on a bit of Steven's hair after that vicious plume of fire! And speaking of spitting fire...

"Wh...?" the boy emits, hearing Kasagami's scathing remark of his dream! He looks like he was just run through with her nodachi. He otherwise remains quiet for a while. Only the sizzle of an overcooking hot dog gets his attention back. "U-Uh-oh!" the boy lets out, quickly removing it before it became unsalvageable. The stage comment doesnt help either. "I don't... know?"


"It's kinda hard to have a dream when you are living the best one, I guess."

A comment to no one and everyone at the same time. He watches Kasagami from afar at his booth. "I get to do stuff others only get to dream of. I have magical adventures, I have an awesome house, I have over twice as many parents as normal people. I don't really go wanting for anything. I kinda just want to help others reach their dreams instead."

With the final batch of hot dogs, the boy takes out a bottle and a vial, one looks like some kind of home blend rub added to the hot dog, the other looks like some kind of crystal vial, inside looks like a very fine orange-prismatic salt. Much less is added of the latter than the former. He places them out, save for the most burnt dog, which he cuts the bad spots off, plants in a bun, adds some mustard, ketchup and diced onions, and eats it himself.

He looks a little troubled, but starts to at least smile on Anthy's approach. "O-Oh! Ah, for you, totally!" He remembers what happened to her at the ball quite well. She deserves to smile a bit with some ice cream. "I have vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and rocky road! And-- ooh?!" That monkey! It's /hers/. "I-I didn't know you had him!"

Steven seems to be coming out of his slump already. "Maybe I should check out other peoples booths, too..." A look toward Niramo. "Oh, yeah sure! I got tons, some more in a cooler under the table, too." As Fuu's hecklers leave, he waves to her to get her attention as well! "We should check out Mai and Mikoto's booth! It has /cats/."

<Pose Tracker> Kasagami Araki [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

The President looks darkly at Steven for a second just before she's fully ensconsed in the cat cafe! Jealousy? Dissappointment?

"Not good enough, Steve-kun." /Not/ happy.

Truly, Kasagami is a font of wisdom! ...In her own head, at least. For now Niramo and Fuu are free of roving Ohtori bullies. A few students have gathered where Fuu's put it into attract mode! Even one girl is putting down a letter for a pre-order surreptitiously!

The President's ego does inflate slightly, even if she doesn't spot how affected Niramo is by her 'advice' to Steven!

Mikoto in an /apron/ is not something she thought she'd see, and it puts a fresh smile on Kasagami's face! Really, she's doing this mostly for Mikoto's sake, though the recently-fired up Mai has more than gotten on her radar. The young man gets a wink from Kassie, and then it's time to meet the other employees of the cat cafe!

"Hmmmmmm! So unlike that despicable one, this place leaves cats to be their true selves, huh? Letting them rest, meow, scratch with their furious claws or..."

Whatever rant Kassie is about to get on, it's cut off as a GREAT WHITE KITTY leaps upon her from on high! Kasagami jolts for a second. Her fair flutters lightly from this display of feline prowess.

She is trying, and failing, to not smile like an overjoyed six year old. Kasagami Araki is trapped, eternally, by her new friend-slash-lapowner Shinju!

"What grace! What agility! ...What fluffiness!" Scritch scritch scritch scritch! Kass is trying to find the perfect spot to rub and show this Queen of Cats deserves all the love and attention!

Someone likes animals, it seems.

"Mikoto-chan! You are Mai-chan have done well. So many beautiful favored felines bringing Ohtori soft, purring praise!" She's just loud enough that Mai would be able to hear even before she's heading out with food and tea for the young man!

"Ah, thank you Waiter-san! I'll be nice to Emiko-chan and Masaru-chan!" The young boy then beams at the two catte-proprietors, and he's slipping them Tuna in between sipping tea and drawing.

Mikoto gets a nod. "I want to be a famous children's book author! And kids like cats." He says, self assuredly. He should know.

Anthy appearing in the cafe, Chu-chase in progress, has Kassie's good eye turning away from her feline companion over to the Rose Bride. Her smile grows a /lot/ less nice. "I didn't expect you here, Himemiya-chan! What's this? Artwork?" Blink. The thought the rose bride would do something creative!

"Are you dreaming of being a famous artist...or a flower in a greenhouse?" Her words are taunting even as they're encouraging.

She doesn't linger too long. "You two really did put a lot of work and care into this! But now, you must win my heart! Ten years! Ten years from now...where will this Mai-Koto Cat Kafe be, hmm!? Tell me what heights your feline hearts will aspire to for the sake of good food and happy cats! Let all of Ohtori know!" She presses. She's pulled that darn mic out again...and offers it right to both Mai and Mikoto!

All the while giving Shinju-dono, Queen of Cats, rubs on the back and tailbase! Rub rub rub scritch! Some of Kassie's drama is undone by just how /happy/ she looks.

<Pose Tracker> Mikoto Minagi [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

"Yup!" Mikoto nods, firmly, to the boy, as he asserts his dream. Kids /do/ like cats. Mikoto liked cats as a kid too, so why wouldn't everyone else be the same? Masaru joins Emiko, weaving about the boy's chair and nibbling on bits of fish as they're offered. Meow!

Meanwhile, Shinju-dono drapes dramatically over Kasagami's chest, like a big white fluffy sash. A paw reaches up to bat at her ponytail, curiously. Mikoto remembers, just in time, to hand her one of those cardboard menus like Mai said she was supposed to. "It's food cats like too!" She points out, quite proud.


Out rolls a can of tuna, a monkey astride it, a black cat bounding along after him. "Yua!" Mikoto yelps, and Kasagami's grandstanding is forgotten as she scrambles after the two of them. "No, wait! Remember?! Pets aren't food, Yua!" The black kitten doesn't seem particularly swayed by Mikoto's attack of conscience, because there is a /fascinating moving thing/ and she is /giving chase./

Luckily, Mikoto has much longer legs than a kitten or a little purple monkey, so she is eventually able to scoop Yua up and deposit her on a shoulder. "... hey!" She realises, as she peers at Chu-Chu. "That's cat snack! Don't steal that!" No wonder he was being chased! Even as Yua bats at one of Mikoto's braids, suggesting she's more worked up by the movement than the theft.

Unfortunately, her efforts to avoid shrinkage have left Mai totally alone to justify the future of their dream..!

<Pose Tracker> Niramo Umokeshi [Juuban Public School (8)] has posed.

The cat cafe indeed seems to be chaos, as Kasagami enters. Was it already chaotic beforehand, or after the Student President enters those feline boundries? Nevertheless, Kasagami is quick to put Mikoto and Mai on the spot, and Niramo is more than happy to watch from the sidelines, away from the chaos. Besides, there's ice cream to be had, and she wouldn't want to fight adorable cats for the last of the icy dairy product!

Anthy's question chips a small hole in Niramo's fears created from the Ball. Surely everyone would have heard about the boorish Juuban student who wasted artisan soda to color a bully's tuxedo? Apparently not, and just the thought that her social life isn't completely ruined lets the weight on her shoulders to lessen a little. "I...been on campus a few times, but mainly to visit Kasagami-san or Ye-jin-san. They're good people, though very unique compared to people that go to Juuban!" That seems to be quite an understatement. Ohtori was quite bizarre in Niramo's eyes, though Infinity pushes the boundries as well at times. A whole German town in a skyscraper? Really?

Steven seems to be hit rather hard by Kasagami's criticism, and Niramo would be a poor friend indeed if she doesn't try to help Steven relax a bit. She doesn't catch most of his self speech, but the last sentence is heard clearly enough over the crowd. "I think that's a great dream myself, Steven. It's...a lot alike to the dream I have, actually. Though i'm still trying to figure a lot of my dream out as well..." Maybe a little bit of extra help can help Steven get to same step she's on? "Helping others is a great dream, but maybe Kasagami-san wants you to have a reason to help others?" Though, helping others is a reward in itself...

Dreams can be difficult to think about, really.

Chu-Chu has abandoned Anthy in pursuit of canned fish, willing to go deep into enemy territory to claim meaty bounty for himself. The little monkey seems to have a thing for meat, considering the bacon he wanted...even Niramo has to admit that was a tad on the weird side!

Thankfully Mikoto is quick to save Chu-Chu from the kitten, and Niramo waves a hand over her head in greetings! The little one looked so adorable, batting at a braid like that...no! Must not give in to cuteness!

<Pose Tracker> Mai Tokiha [Ohtori Academy (11)] has posed.

Mai can, in fact, overhear Kasagami's grand entrance. The Ohtori Student Council President is a presence that's hard to miss. At the time, though, she was a little preoccupied with not stepping on Masaru, and getting an order delivered kind of took priority.

At least the guest is a nice kid. "Just let me know if you need more fish. Masaru-chan here will keep sniffing around all day if you let him, and you might want something to eat for yourself." She gives him a smile, and makes her way back to the kitchen.

There's tea to get ready, soup to stir, and generally a chance to step back from the chaos what is that little monkey thing doing.

Mikoto, at least, seems to be taking point on dealing with the rogue Chu-Chu. Unfortunately, Kasagami is sniping at Anthy, and as infamous as the latter might be around the school...

It takes a minute or two, but Mai quickly puts together a couple of pots of tea and gets a couple of menus ready. Without Masaru begging for snacks, she's able to get to the middle of the cafe that much easier, setting one pot of tea on one table and the other on another.

"Greetings, Miss Himemiya. I'd ask you to get your...friend a little more corralled. Mikoto can help-" She blinks, repeatedly, as the microphone is held out toward her. It's on, which is all the more...jarring, perhaps. The question has her glancing to Mikoto, but the chase is on...so Mai's on her own.

"...I'm kind of impressed you can think to bring that up while pinned down by a cat. But what are we doing in the future? That's..." She trails off, frowning. Can she be expected to maintain a dream for ten years when she only picked it up in the last few weeks? "...that's a hard one. Ah..."

What would she like to see? "...ideally, still running, still helping cats find a home. I guess it'd be nice to expand it over time - have room to take in more strays, have enough customers to justify hiring students to help out part-time. If people like it, I guess I'd like to keep doing it even better?"

She doesn't sound sure...but in the end, shakes her head. "First we need to get the real cafe going, drive any cafe mistreating cats out of business, then we'll talk. Speaking of which, President, were you ready to order? The cats are fond of himono, and the miso soup is freshly made. Limited supplies in both cases, but anyone else showing up now should still be able to order freely."

Advertisement complete, she grins directly to Kasagami - because while there's a microphone in her face, there isn't a camera.

<Pose Tracker> Anthy Himemiya [Ohtori Academy (9)] has posed.

"Oh, thank you. If you dream about ice cream, they must be very nice dreams." A little pause, and then she says the rest, with a little smile: sharing, with Steven. "Strawberry is one of my favorite flavors." Unfortunately, her attention is required elsewhere, and she isn't able to get her scoop before heading off.

She's a girl on a mission, but Kasagami Araki has a way of demanding attention.

"I..." Anthy rolls her drawing up and out of sight. "Hello, President-san. It was nothing, just something I drew during class today." You know, instead of taking notes. "I think I must have fallen asleep and dreamed it up, silly me." You know, instead of paying attention to the teacher. "So when I saw your Faire..."

You know. The /Dream/ Faire. The Rose Bride flashes a big bright empty smile at the Student Council member.

"Pardon me, I have something important to take care of."

You know, more important than this. She heads straight for Chu-Chu, who's standing atop a can of tuna and shaking a tiny fist up at Mikoto and Yua in absolute evident 'And don't come back, ya hear!' stance. Like he /obviously/ prevailed, here.

"What have you found? We can have tuna for dinner tonight... Oh, thank you!" Now she's talking to Mikoto, even as she plucks up Chu-Chu in one hand and the tuna in another. A curtsey to her partner Mai follows. "I hope you haven't been put to any trouble. Your cats and cafe are so charming!" She holds out the can.

And then she fades into the background as best she can, because Kasagami has turned the spotlight of everyone's attention on both Mai and the girl right next to her, and Anthy doesn't want to be anywhere near /that/. She watches from behind the crowd, and claps when they're done!

<Pose Tracker> Fuu Hououji [Infinity Institute (9)] has posed.

The presence of interested could-be-fans, as opposed to vicious and vile hecklers, draws Fuu back out of her funk to explain the game. It's really more of a classical RPG at ths point; she did want to add more action-oriented combat, but she'd rather get a fun and engaging story out there and resort to turn-based combat than try to make it action-y at the cost of playability and pleasure. As for the pre-order ... well, she'll certainly take contact information, but she's not quite certain enough of the release date to start taking money.

This is the other reason why she didn't want to risk stepping away from her table: not the loss of her computer (drastic though that would be!), but the loss of an opportunity to talk to students about her dream project. Still, if she has a moment to signal to Steven - or maybe just to fire off a text message - she'll see if he can spare a (non-spicy) hot dog and some ice cream.

Meanwhile, Mai's and Mikoto's cat cafe does seem like it'd be a fun place to spend some time. She may not have the chance here and now, but if their dream bears fruit, it's a dream she'd be happy to support - and if she makes eye contact with either Mai or Mikoto, Fuu will offer an encouraging smile and thumbs-up.

<Pose Tracker> Steven Universe [Juuban Public School (5)] has posed.

Kasagami still isn't happy with him. It was worth a shot. Finding something to aspire to is difficult when your path is already designed ahead of you. He has always been the rock upon which others stood to reach their own dreams. But does the rock itself dream?

Something worth thinking about while soaking in a bubble bath, perhaps.

"I kinda get where she is coming from," the boy says toward Niramo in a lower tone. "I don't wanna disappoint her, but since everything besides school has to do with the Crystal Gems, I just... It is what I wanna do. I wanna be like them, learn stuff about them, go on adventures with them. THat's my own dream if I really had it, and I am already living it. If you are in your dream, how do you have one still?" He seems rather lightened up since the charged rebuttal at the hands of the event leader.

"What do you have so far?" he asks her nicely, on her dream.

The boy begins to portion out a bit for Anthy, but she is off toward Kasagami and her little monkey friend before a single scoop can be made. "Maybe she's gonna go get him."

A look to the hot dogs out, and the signs. You know what? Its obvious! He wants to check out other peopels stuff too! He just makes sure to have the Fire Salt on his person instead of laying around first.

But first he gets a text.

The boy quickly makes a plate, two non-spicy dogs, and some ice cream. He sends off a text first before going voer toward Fuu!

  • What kind of toppings :D

The boy will show up over at her kiosk quite quickly. "Heeey! Whats up?" he asks. I saw you had computers and stuff set up. It looked like a video game from here! Not too good at a lot of them but I would never turn down playing one!"

/The cats are next./

<Pose Tracker> Kasagami Araki [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

Baaaat! Bat bat bat! Kassie lets the good kitty that's taken up residence at her chest to bat away all she likes! She turns her head /just/ enough that it's out of reach! It's a good natured tease for her good new cat-friend!

"Oh come now! Yua-chan is just feeling her inner hunter! Meow fiercely, Yua-chan!" The President is helping, surely. She laughs, before she's back to putting Mai on the spot!

"A King, my dear Mai, may be caught by a fierce lion. But never shall such a dangerous situation cause her to lose her voice!" Boasts Kassie!

Then the President is silent. As Mai finds her groove in giving out her dream!? The President makes considerate noises, ah's and oh!'s that end in a grin. She almost shoots up from her seat...but she's been kitty'd! So instead she slowly rises, one hand used to give her arctic-white friend some extra perch power. "Do you hear that, everyone!? The Mai-Koto proprietors wish to not only build a unique, thriving business made with their passions and talents in mind...but they wish to outdo and utterly /CRUSH/ their competitors! No lesser feline coffeehouse will do for these amazing mavericks, Mai Tokiha and Mikoto Minagi! I think we have a contestant for the top spot folks! But weeee're not done yet! Be sure to get into the ground floor of this exciting new business, right here at Ohtori Academy!" Grin!

And then Kassie is slapping down her proper tip, standing up. It's an order for miso soup to go!

There's murmurs in the gym, and those that were dubious? Well, there's a crowd threatening to form with the President bringing so much attention down on Mai and Mikoto's heads.

The President doesn't bother hiding a hateful glare at Anthy. She dreamed it up indeed! Quite literally, and that has one of the young woman's brows twitching in annoyance. Only stopping to let down her feline friend, she turns hard enough that her coat flares up behind her. Boot heels have her beating tracks out the door.

"And what a dissappointing counterpoint to the grand ambitions of those two! Anthy Himemiya, delinquent extraordinaire, is using tea leaves and fever dreams to divine the arts in the middle of class. Well, that's one way of dreaming I guess!" Using her microphone-based powers, she'll dig in a bit.

Fuu's little corner of the indie gaming scene is the President's next port of call, and the tall young woman peeks over the gathered gamers with a raised brow. She gives the archery-knight more than enough time to explain the ins and outs of the game. Which, frankly, mostly goes over her head. Kassie has never much dabbled in games beyond the occasional DDR bout.

What she /does/ know is how many of her friends at the hospital seem to love getting them. Kassie wets her lips and smiles at Fuu.

"So then! Even I can tell that you've put more than a little effort and love into this project. But many people can work hard."

Point! "Fuu-chan! Tell me, what will your pet project /do/ for the world!? What will you use it to say to others? Distractions from the agony of an uncaring world? Or, is there a greater meaning and purpose to what you're doing?"

Niramo and Steven are here though! Even if the young man got a strike against him, it seems not all is lost. Niramo and the boy too get a mic in the face.

"I must turn to two experts on the craft of this grand magical mecha work, however! What do you two think? Is Fuu's efforts a masterpiece, or simply a waste of metal, electricity, and plastic!?" Suddenly they're co-arbiters!?

<Pose Tracker> Fuu Hououji [Infinity Institute (9)] has posed.

As far as toppings go, Fuu is fairly easy to please - a little mustard, maybe some relish, nothing too fancy. And when Steven brings her repast over, she smiles, bowing in her seat as a gesture of thanks for the food. She'll have to alternate between eating and talking, but that's not difficult as long as she sticks with small, decorous bites.

She doesn't quite have time to start explaining the game to Steven before Kasagami descends at last upon her table, and she has to give the *real* spiel to the sometimes-capricious, always-enthusiastic President of the Ohtori Student Council. Fuu sets her plate aside, sitting up straighter in her seat.

"Mostly, it's meant to be fun - that *is* the purpose of games in general, after all. But it's also a story about how a curse is transformed into a blessing - because the heroine was a target of the villains, who thought they could turn her into another monster that would rampage and hurt innocent people. Instead of becoming a victim who would make additional victims, the strength of her heart turned the 'curse' against its casters; the power became her strength to wield as she chose, and her choice was to protect those around her."

She looks Kasagami right in the eye, smiling confidently. "If even one person who plays my game takes that lesson to heart - that curses and malice can be defused, and what started as ill intent can be converted into a creative and constructive force - then all the hours I've spent working on this game have borne the best fruit I could wish for. But if it's just an entertaining pastime that people enjoy, I won't be disappointed."

<Pose Tracker> Mikoto Minagi [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

Does Kasagami think she's going to escape just because she stood up? Shinju drapes over her shoulders like a boa, utterly pliant. Perhaps this cat is part throw-rug.

Meanwhile, Mikoto is saved from having to retrieve her cat snack from a fierce warrior by Anthy's timely intervention. She blinks as she reaches out to take the can, looking from tuna to teenager. (Middle school means she's younger than her, right..?)

There's something about Anthy which has always seemed a little bit off, even though she smells right and she looks right and she talks right, but Mikoto at least is far too uninvested in the machinations of Ohtori to actively participate in her torment. She cants her head, considering her, as if she could put together the pieces as their fingers brush against each other. It's impossible, of course, but at least she can retrieve Yua's tuna. (Tyuna?) "Thanks," she says, and the word is a little awkward, a little guarded.

On the other hand, Chu-Chu gets one last sulky glance as Mikoto ferries Yua back to their corner. That monkey is a /thief./ Which is different to all of the times Mikoto has stolen things, for self-evident reasons. It's an expression which doesn't last long, because she notices Fuu, and waves cheerfully to her in the wake of her thumbs-up.

Mai's defence of their dream is met with more volume. "Mai!" Mikoto grins, happily, in unabashed support of her cutthroat considerations. There are, of course, no apologies for putting her on the spot, because Mikoto doesn't realise she left her high and dry in the first place.

The two enjoy newfound popularity, starting with Kasagami's soup to go-!! Which Mikoto manages to deliver even with a cat passenger. Yua at least has the decency to hop off onto a cat tree as Mikoto attends to all their new visitors. Mai might have to help her remember to see to them in order, or that someone ordered extra harimo, but she's trying her hardest.

Of course, putting so much effort in means she can't investigate Fuu's game...

... but perhaps that's for the best. It might be surprisingly confronting, for no apparent reason at all.

<Pose Tracker> Niramo Umokeshi [Juuban Public School (8)] has posed.

Steven gives his own thoughts on the matter and...Niramo can only look at Steven in surprise at the thought-provoking reasons for his actions. While she wouldn't have given it much thought, her and Steven's situations were quite a bit alike. If you have gain the power but no real goal for yourself, then you can take up another's dream for your own and help them succeed. Maybe that's why it was so hard to think of a good way to show her own dream here?

Lowering her own voice, Niramo nods once. "I get that. If your dream is already fulfilled, then the only thing left to do is to help others achieve their own goals, to help them so they can help others. It's a way to make the world all that much better." The American may not look like a deep thinker, but he has a heart of gold.

Walking over with Steven back over to Fuu, she's already impressed with the crowd starting to gather around Fuu's display. With those three harpies having been run off to find easier prey, it's like she's passed some hidden test to prove that her game is to be noticed by others. Odd how that works, but...well, all well that ends well, right?

Fuu is chosen next as Kasagami's interviewee, and the Infinity student absolutely nails it! A stirring and detailed background of the main heroine that tells of the hardships she has already face, and a desire for others to learn from the main character? The game may be in development still, but Fuu might have a real gem of an indie game on her hands!

Niramo wasn't quite expecting to be put on the spot as soon as the speech was done, and Niramo is visibly taken back. After all these months of being friends with Kasagami, there's still times she's completely caught off guard by the whirlwind of her life.

Taking a quick moment to compose herself, Niramo bobs her head in agreement. "It's not a waste in the slightest. There's quite a selection of games on the market, but Fuu-san has an unique take on gameplay mechanics that gives a breath of fresh air. The titles made by the major game companies are usually a lot like their previous entires, since the fans already know what they want and the companies still want to make money."

Gesturing towards Fuu's homemade game, Niramo smiles at the adorable attract mode she has set up. "Fuu-san's game challenges that safety that the companies have put themselves in, and by doing so can create a renaissance in gaming. And the story of a heroine rising against the odds and helping to make the world a better place for others is something that the world can use more of lately. I'm sure I would buy a copy if it reaches the public for sale."

Finally, all that time of being home alone and playing video games is coming to good use!

<Pose Tracker> Anthy Himemiya [Ohtori Academy (9)] has posed.

The specific words Kasagami very publicly lobs her way mark her out to be some strange and secretive peddler of hedge magics and divination, as if she might be hiding a cauldron away somewhere.

Anthy simply looks back with a blank face -- or so Kasagami may assume, because although the girl faces her dead-on, the lenses of her glasses catch the light just so and flash opaque white. Then the moment passes, taking the reflection with it, and she gives the departing President an apologetic smile and a helpless shrug. She's just a silly girl, after all.

But before it fleets past, perhaps that moment contributes to the feeling of wrongness which subtly shifts at Mikoto's hackles. "Sure," Anthy replies back with the same smile she's been summoning up this whole time. (Chu-Chu sticks his tongue out at Mikoto's back, or maybe at Yua, hard to say.)

She finds a quiet moment into which to slip, and the next time someone looks for Anthy she's gone. Her drawing remains, resting beneath empty tuna cans in a trash bin.

<Pose Tracker> Steven Universe [Juuban Public School (5)] has posed.

Placing the small plate within her reach, Steven is looking at the monitor with excitement in his eyes, much like a kid his age does when a new video game comes out, and a demo kiosk is unoccupied. "Ooooh! Show me how yo play!" the boy says, his hands clasped together. Kasagami arrives on the scene to dub him a junior judge in this moment! "Anyone who makes a game is awesome!" the boy says enthusiastically. That is his ruling!

Because people who make small indie games these days can have it super blow up and become a video game darling. What a time to be a programmer! "I like that story," Steven adds. "That could be a good lesson for someone to hear!"

The boy's eyes occasionally dart over toward Mai and Mikoto's booth. Caaaaats. Man, he wishes he had a cat. His would be the best cat of them all!

The boy listens to Niramo's judging of the game, and she finds it good as well! "I know, right?!" the boy says. He looks toward Kasagami expectantly. What would she say?

"Oh! Anthy I-- oh." He was gonna ask her about her drawings but she was suddenly gone. Instead, the boy. having meted out judgement, finally gets to go over to the cat-fe! "Hiii Mikoto!" he calls.

The look on his face is utterly clear.

'I wanna pet a cat please can I pet one they look so nice and cute and fluffy please'

<Pose Tracker> Kasagami Araki [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

Kassie is silent as Fuu gives her pitch! And what a pitch it is! The young woman's brows go high in unison, her head tilts, and she gives a laugh!

A spin, and she indicates both bespectacled, beautiful programmer and her digital sculpture, half-bowing to the crowd about.

"How /marvelous/! She doesn't simply seek a one hit wonder in the gaming scene, but to say much more than that! No, our typing auteur here wishes to impart a powerful moral lesson to any who dare to challenge the might of her tightly designed piece of entertainment!"

Hmmmm! Her tone casts doubt openly!

"But when harmed by the curses and pain of a dark horror, having everything taken and pain lashed upon you....can a person truly turn aside such pain, or will they instead seek greater power for vengeance?"

She shrugs. Smile. "On /THAT/, you be the judge, sweet Sister Schools students!"

She takes this moment, to reach up and pet her throw-rug like Cat Queen friend. Shinju might be attached by now.

Niramo makes her case for Fuu's game! "Well well! So maybe our adorable Fuu-chan has earthly ambitions after all! Taking on the largest names in digital nerdery, in order to spark a /gaming revolution/!"

Even Steve-kun seems to like the game, and sings it's praises! "Look at that everyone! It looks like we have one potential customer already! The target audience, is going to take that dream to heart, and maybe spread it to all corners of the globe!"

With that, Kassie finds herself an empty booth table to hop on!

"Alright, I've seen enough! Coming in at nuuuumber three for tonight's contest..."

"Is Fuu, the great game-making maestro, whose digital dreams will send your heart soaring and chills down the backs of gaming executives everywhere! You'll be getting a top-of-the line gaming development rig, made by Ohtori's own computer club! ...And if Infinity wants input, I won't say no!" Wink!

"Coming in second place...it's a joint winner! Mai and Mikoto, our very own students at Ohtori, with their dreams of feline glory and the shattering of all inferior cat cafes under the iron-shod claws of their furry footsoldiers! This dynamic duo will be getting a trip to one of Japan's largest real estate and business loan corporation's headquarters, where they'll get to pitch an idea to the CEO in person!"

The lights go out, there's a sudden drum roll, and stage lights flick onto tonight's winner!


"Shinju-chan! Who dreams of becoming the Queen of all cats, chewer of mice, and chaser of tiny monkies! She'll get a lifetime supply of tuna! Give it up everyone, I'm proud of you all for puttting it all on the line today!" A roar rips through the attendees, some mocking, some cheering!

Shinju then finally gets the prize of the night, dangling from Kassie's ponytail as the Student Council tries not to eek out loud.

It helps her ignore the shiver going down her spine, at least, or the white flash upon twin oversized lenses. Maybe the Duelist was seeing things?