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IC Information
Full Name: Phantom
Aliases: The Pretty Cure Hunter
Gender: Male
Age/Birthdate:  ????
Height: Fairly Tall
Hair Colour: Mahogany
Eye Colour: Blue
Favorite Food: Despair
Likes: Hunting and Defeating Pretty Cure, Pleasing Queen Mirage
Dislikes: Love, Happiness
Organization: Dark Fall
OOC Information
Source: Happiness Charge: Pretty Cure (FC)
Player: Eri


The most fearsome of the Phantom Empire's Generals, the Pretty Cure Hunter is cold, ruthless, and deadly. He's closer to Queen Mirage than the rest of his peers, and hates Blue with an unbridled passion over some kind of slight he's inflicted upon her. While he can create Terribads out of the happiness of others, he prefers to fight up close and personal, using his astonishing speed and strength to crush his enemies directly. What are his stakes in all this? How does he understand the nature of Pretty Cure so intimately (and devastatingly effectively)? Why is he so committed to destroying them for his Queen? Many mysteries surround Phantom, and unraveling them may be the key to his defeat -- rather than brute force.


Figure it out on your own! His entire past is one huge spoiler.


Queen Mirage - Devotion.

Namakelder, Hosshiwa, Oresky - Disdain.

Blue - Rage. He desires nothing more than to wipe Earth clean of the stain of this Guardian Spirit.

Cure Fortune - Cure Fortune is the remnant of his battle with Cure Tender, her older sister. Phantom takes advantage of this knowledge at every opportunity to try to crush the loner Cure. He believes that it's only a matter of time before her thirst for vengeance causes her to play into his hands.

Cure Lovely - Phantom has not yet met Cure Lovely but he will despise her for the 'big love' she espouses, as well as other, more unclear reasons.

Honoka Yukishiro - A girl possessed of two fairies from the Garden of Light. Realizing that she can't currently transform, Phantom intends to find her and seal her away while she's at her weakest.

Cure Peach - "The Pink Heart is the emblem of love." "Let's get our happiness together!" With two statements, Cure Peach caused Phantom to make the decision to destroy everything that she is. He'd do that anyway, but now he'll take great pleasure in it.

Cure Berry - I am not, nor have I ever been affiliated with Labyrinth.

Cure Passion - The Ex-ecutive. While Phantom would never admit it, he takes distinct pleasure in dismantling someone whom he regards as unworthy of being a Pretty Cure. He intends to make certain she won't get to experience a 'normal' life for long.

Cure Bloom and Cure Egret - This bright new duo of Pretty Cure is one he intends to snuff out quickly for the role they took in his sole humiliation thus far. Divide and conquer is ever his most efficient strategy.