Mai Tokiha

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Mai Tokiha
IC Information
Full Name: Mai Tokiha
Aliases: Mai-HiME
Gender: Female
Age/Birthdate: 16 (July 22nd, 1997)
Height: 5'2" / 157 cm
Hair Colour: Orange
Eye Colour: Purple
Astrological Sign: Cancer
Blood Type: O
Favorite Food: Coffee
Least Favorite Food:
Favorite Subject: Home Economics, Mathematics
Least Favorite Subject: History
Organization: Too busy!
Position: High School Student
School: School: Ohtori Academy (10)
OOC Information
Source: Mai-HiME (FC)
Player: Gullwhacker

Mai Tokiha is a high school student, caretaker of her sickly brother, and a former waitress at Linden Baum. She's also a HiME, wielder of a fiery Element and keeper of the mighty (and terrifying) Kagutsuchi. She did her best to keep herself out of the myriad problems that plague Tokyo, but has been drawn into enough disasters to have gained some infamy.


"If you mean I'll have to risk my life, I'd be glad to."


Mai has, since the death of her mother, been taking care of her brother Takumi. To get the funds necessary for his life-saving operation, she works as many part-time jobs as she can. As a consequence of all her hard work, her social life has been left sorely lacking. Outings with friends, hobbies, romance - all of these have been put aside for the sake of her duty. While she does her best to avoid getting entangled in other peoples' problems, she has a strong sense of responsibility and refuses to let someone be hurt by her inaction. Peril is not an obstacle - while her brother's health is paramount, Mai doesn't make her own well-being a priority. If her life or happiness needs to be sacrificed for that of Takumi or a close friend, so be it.


Mai can be passionate. If she cares about someone - such as her brother, or anyone she considers under her protection, she tries to be cheerful and helpful, trying almost to act like a surrogate mother. Ironically, this means that she will awkwardly avoid difficult subjects around the people she cares about most, slightly pushing away those closest to her.

Generally, she'll be polite to people as a rule - unless someone has done something to cross her. Then, the sassing can come out - if she's in a position to get away with it, she can get snarky and abrasive. Sometimes used to drive people away, sometimes used to tease a friend, and sometimes simply filled with pure spite for people she truly dislikes.

Faced with an enemy, her mood varies. At first she was simply uncomfortable, but her sense of duty has if anything grown stronger. It's harder and harder to claim that a problem isn't her business - so thrown into battle, she's seldom enthusiastic but generally determined. If her loved ones are put in danger, though, there is absolute fury - and if pushed far enough to bring forth Kagutsuchi, she has generally found her resolve.


Mai has the endurance to put up with long shifts, a sharp enough mind to keep track of medical appointments and customer orders, and a knack for cooking. She also has a passion for karaoke, though how much skill she actually has is up for debate. She also has some training in emergency first aid by necessity. She's also working on developing the skills a parent needs - chasing down unruly children, enforcing healthy nutrition, and so forth.

Magically, her Element manifests as a set of gold-and-jade rings with Magatama. Since returning from orbit, they might seem a little more decorative, signs of beads rather than unmarked gold - but generally they're on fire anyway. She can create crimson barriers to ward off assault, fly through the air, and unleash waves of flame. Over months of experience, she's worked to learn the uses of fire- from destroying to warding to comforting, as necessary. Partly from spite, she's also tried to use her Element outside battle; if nothing else, it makes a convenient cooking element.

She also has a Child. Kagutsuchi is a great dragon-phoenix with wings of flame, protective fury, orbit-capable rocket engines, and enough raw power to destroy most things that cross her. Like giant ogres, orbital lasers, and ill-placed refineries.


Mai-HiME cast members

Takumi Tokiha: Mai's precious younger brother. The focus of her present life - it was for his sake that Kagutsuchi was unsealed, and taking care of him was the first reason Mai learned to cook. Whether in the kitchen, at work, at the hospital, or fighting a monster, she can never forget his role in her life. He's her precious younger brother, the one she has to take care of. In the last year, they've grown a little more distant; separate dormitories have given him more independence, and the two of them seldom have serious talks. Neither wants to bring up a painful subject around the other, and they have quite a few painful subjects...

Mikoto Minagi: A stray cat who lives in Mai's apartment. ...or perhaps that's a harsh statement. While they started as a wildcat and its caretaker, Mikoto's become one of Mai's precious people. Both of them share the same kind of absolute devotion to a sibling, and both are similar in how they view themselves. She's Mai's constant companion, and someone who can actually make her feel like a good person. It's hard for Mai to hear constant praise for her cooking and not feel a little pride.

Natsuki Kuga: Elegant Miss Conspiracy Nut. Does it count as paranoia if she's proven right? At first, Natsuki came across as a terrifying figure - a cold menace who introduced Mai to the world of the HiME. Since then, though...they've fought alongside each other, and gotten to know each other off the battlefield. At this point they're sort of friends - the kind who will rib each other at every turn.

Kozue Kaoru]: Surprise, Cassandra's someone you know. A HiME who met Mai while searching for Zoisite; at the time, Mai had just enough information to help with that revenge. There's a distant respect, but the Ohtori invasion tore off more than a few masks. Kozue herself has at least as many sibling-related issues as Mai herself, and was observant enough about Mai's problems to dig a bit too deep. Not an enemy,'s awkward.

Akane Higurashi: A former waitress at Linden Baum, whose lovey-dovey-ness with her boyfriend Kazu seems to have escalated to the point of eloping. It'd be nice to hear from her some day.

Nagi: This kid knows about the HiME but does more mocking than advising. He's a terrible 'mascot', who provides next to nothing in the way of assistance, and whose stance on moral advice is to say 'do whatever you feel is right'. The most that can be said is that he occasionally mentions a major disaster eventually.

Midori Sugiura: The teacher for Mai's least favorite subject. She's also a fellow HiME, and eagerly encouraging her to go out and take up the mantle of a Warrior Of Justice! ...Mai knows Midori isn't a bad person, but she feels awkward around her, and tends to avoid her. The Ohtori invasion didn't help much either.

Friends and Allies

Eri Shimanouchi: One of Mai's best friends, and the closest thing she has to a sister. They met while Mai was working, got to know each other, then discovered each other's magical lifestyle. Eri is very encouraging to Mai, but their heart-to-hearts have exposed deeper issues on both their parts. Eri's situation has Mai terrified; a wish gone wrong has frankly given the girl a home life worse than being an orphan, and the fact that Puella Magi must fight to survive just makes matters worse. Generally, Mai treats the girl as like a little sister - given how much she'll meddle in Mai's love life - and while there are things she can't help with, she's someone Mai will protect. Even if Eri had terrible taste in dating partners.

Takeo Akamizu: Where to begin? A classmate, highly recommended by Eri, and initially the embodiment of 'awkward teenage boy'. Quick tip: Girls don't like to be told they smell delicious, even if they have been cooking bacon all day. Since that awkward beginning...well, he's honest, has a sick sibling as well, and does a fairly good impression of a knight in shining armour. They're not officially dating, but the rumours probably don't care about that.

Usagi Tsukino: There are two aspects to this girl. One is the bubbly Juuban student - Mai ran into her a few times, and food may have been involved on more than one occasion. Friendly, and happy to help - even when it came time for Mai to get a new phone. The other aspect is Sailor Moon - one of the first magical girls Mai saw in action, and generally a beacon of hope. Mai's been let in on the secret identity, and tries to keep it as quiet as possible - but if asked to help, Mai will generally answer.

Utena Tenjou: An underclassman, and an infamous figure at Ohtori. During the events of New Year's Eve 2013, Mai utterly exhausted herself with her first intentional summoning of Kagutsuchi, passing out mid-air. Fortunately, a dashing, pink-haired prince came to her rescue, and Mai was a little dazzled. It's something about the earnesty, or perhaps Mai's inability to take a compliment...

La Sirene Du Nord: Mai doesn't know a great deal about her, other than three things. She helped defeat the Cardiax that was pretending to be Takumi. She has an otter companion. And she is a Magical Girl of sorrow and water - definitely counted as an ally, but not someone Mai is completely comfortable around.

Kuniko Saito Okay, home cooking pales by comparison, chefs are awesome.

Fate Testarossa: This poor girl is going to be traumatized for years. Mai wishes she could do something to help...but what is there?

Lera Camry: The former Cheeseburger Propane-chan was caught in the middle of the moral debate between Mai and Mami - but she's a friendly soul, and someone Mai can see as a friend.

Homura Akemi: Taciturn and cold on a level not even Natsuki seems to be able to reach. Harsh, and ruthless in her own right - but whatever drives her is important, and she doesn't seem evil. It helped, perhaps, that Mami attacked her on sight on at least one occasion, and that made Mai more amenable to hearing her out largely due to spite. It helps in a strange way that Homura kind of avenged Mai - the two really should talk about that sometime...

Dead But Not Forgiven

Nephrite: Of the Four Heavenly Kings, this one caused Mai the most personal offence. His Dark Seal temporarily turned her into an irresponsible karaoke-loving fiend, during which time she took actions that couldn't be taken back and completely abandoned her responsibilities. It was months after that incident before she could even think of her favourite hobby again - so he can't be forgiven. To make matters worse, when everyone was subjected to the legend of the Moon Kingdom, she saw the fall of the moon from his eyes. In the end, he died, and she wasn't even there - so this is a hatred without closure.

Precia Testarossa: The worst enemies teach you something about yourself. One of the few threats that Nagi bothered to actually warn Mai about, she nearly destroyed the world for the sake of her dead(?) daughter. Mai joined the battle, because the threat to the world was one she couldn't ignore - but seeing Precia's grief first-hand shook Mai to the core. Part of her understood the grief - tempered by the horror at how Precia treated her other, cloned daughter. In the end, the woman fell into oblivion, and Mai did not sleep well afterward.

Alyssa Searrs: Beauty and innocence, a sweet child with the voice of an angel - and a terrifyingly ruthless enemy. Deception was her game during the battle for the World Tree's heart - Mai was fooled twice, and only learned of the ruse during the final controntation. Alyssa soon turned her attention to the HiME, first with a kidnapping that ended in a horrible conflagration, then with a full-scale military assault on Southern Cross Island and an orbital death ray holding the school hostage. In the end, Mai met ruthlessness with self-sacrifice - and through a miracle, returned to face the doomsday weapon head-on. To the end, she sought to stop Alyssa's plot...but the question of what to do about the girl was taken away. Even after everything, Mai isn't sure how to feel about that.

Not-So-Friendly Acquaintances

Miyu Greer: Alyssa's enforcer, an absolute nightmare. Some kind of combat cyborg who nearly killed Mai under the World Tree's roots, nearly killed Mikoto at a refinery that no longer exists, nearly killed her friends during the battle in space, and whose main drive was absolute loyalty to Alyssa. Not seen since the battle for Southern Cross Island, privately Mai is hoping that she's gone for good. It's nice to have hopes.

Mami Tomoe: A Puella Magi, and a legend in the community of magical girls. Another defining beacon that Mai saw early in her career, and something of a leader. ...and then Mai got to know her. They clashed over the aftermath of the refinery, and were briefly banished to the same location by Beryl's terrible curse. There is understanding, in that each knows enough of the other's past to see a twisted reflection, but their core values seem to be too far apart. Or, perhaps, too similar. Mai could almost just leave it there - just avoid the girl for the rest of their respective days - but recent events like shooting Lancelot make her someone who can't just be ignored any more.

Other (Currently-unplayed characters)

Aside: In most of these cases, the character is unplayed and past RP might be scrapped should they be picked up again. These entries are for historical purposes.

Kinzo Hiroyuki: A former member of the Apothecary, who helped Mai out when they attacked the Linden Baum diner. Mai found him a little sketchy - due to his waiting in the alley behind the restaurant to try to meet up with her - but he seems to be on the side of the heroes. He's not a bad guy, and is honestly trying to help. He's just not someone Mai's inclined to seek out - he has his own struggles, and shouldn't have to worry about her.

Runealy Waldia: The Princess of Waldia first met Mai when warning her about the movements of the Apothecary. She helped out keeping an eye on Takumi in class, which has led to a growing friendship. Mai is impressed by the princess for her tactical knowledge and general leadership qualities - including a mind sharp enough to twig to some of Mai's deeper-rooted issues. She also has sympathy for the girl, who recently lost her mother. Recently, Mai was offered a position as a 'royal chef', at higher pay than she makes as a waitress. It would be easier and more enjoyable work, but Mai's uncertain - she doesn't want to impose on a friend's generosity. She also gave Mai a few keychains from Hokkaido, because she couldn't award a medal.

Mamoru Chiba: Tuxedo Mask is an incredibly gorgeous goofball. While Mai had seen him during some of the battles, she only got the chance to talk to him when he was lurking in an alleyway on New Year's. He's socially awkward, but friendly and well-meaning - and Mai can't help but tease him any chance he gets. (The dork probably deserves it.) Mai knows about his mountain-sized crush on (and duty to) Sailor Moon, and uses that and her lack of free time as an excuse to bury any romantic feelings she might have for him. It's better to be friends, and Mai is just trying to encourage him to be responsible and less of a clueless dork. A neverending struggle.

Anthy Himemiya: A friend/roommate of Utena's? Mai's first impressions were 'timid, and a little bit weird' - though honestly, hiding behind Utena from a rampaging Mikoto is more 'good sense' than 'timid'. Treating the...Chuchu as a friend instead of a pet is a bit more of an odd quirk. Really, Mai doesn't really know what to make of her, other than that she's very polite and forgiving.

Shiori Takatsuki: A quiet girl who Mai met by literally colliding with her - she seems a bit sickly at times, and Mai's protective instincts kicked in almost by default. They got along well enough, and planned to talk more - and then, when a Cardiax was wearing Takumi's face, Shiori transformed to help. Whatever else, Mai is grateful to Shiori for her intervention there, and helping save Mai from emotional distress.

Juri Arisugawa: A classmate of Mai's, mostly known by reputation. Might have been friends with Shiori, once, and Mai's wondering if she should gather up her courage and just ask...

Lucy Iwai: Doesn't that outfit get cold? And how do people not notice the pet dinosaur?....actually people ignore weirder, skip that last part.

Akane Hino: One of the Precure, who teamed up with Mai and Kagutsuchi during the Dark Hour. Fire-flingers should stick together, right? Mai's only spoken to her a couple of times, but tried offering advice on dealing with a friend who insisted on doing all the work and not worrying anyone...

Yayoi Kise: Another of the Precure. Wants to be a hero. Nearly attacked Takumi by mistake. Seems to be a good person overall, and Mai offered forgiveness when she came to apologize. Reportedly something like Mai herself in how much work she takes on. Also seems to be good friends with Akane Hino, her fellow Cure.

Kanako Watanabe: One of Mai's classmates. Mai struck up a conversation about risk-taking boys with her during Hokkaido, discovered her classmate is married, and has since heard rumors about kissing through glass. What the heck?

The Apothecary: A group of villains that have attacked Mai before, seeking a 'Pure Maiden'. This sounds creepy. They also steal peoples' memories, and made Runealy forget her own mother once. This is unforgivable.

The Dream Maiden: A mysterious being that helped the God Among Men make his bid for power. Mai was struck by the Maiden's unfettered pride, and was horrified at what this revealed to her. She hasn't entirely forgiven this entity for its part in those events, and was ready to threaten it with Kagutsuchi - but at the same time, she understands at least part of why it did what it did. If they ever meet again, for Mai it will be too soon; while she'll let the past remain in the past, she won't be fully trusting.

Trio the Minor: A trio of singing demons. Fear and hate - their song caused Mai to relive, again, the worst day of her life. A terrifying power, and one that drove her to the point of screaming out Kagutsuchi's wrath. She hates them less for what they did and more what they had her reveal.