2018-06-21 - LOTUS DREAMS: Amethystopia

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Title: LOTUS DREAMS: Amethystopia

Amethyst brings Steven and Niramo with her to see the overflowing garden that is the Tokyo Kindergarten, where she was born. Plans are made to help find more Gem Creatures to rescue, and the future never looked brighter.


Amethyst, Steven Universe, Niramo Umokeshi, Mikoto Minagi as Rose Quartz


Amethyst's Fantasy World - Tokyo Kindergarten

OOC - IC Date:

6-21-2018 - ??-??-????

<Pose Tracker> Amethyst [None] has posed.

"Keep your eyes closed. No peeking!" Amethyst giggles, watching Steven sort of stumble around as he walked with them, blindfolded and holding hands with the beautiful and kind Rose Quartz and the big strong Amethyst herself. "Just a few more steps, and you're gonna have your mind blown! Um Pearl, you ready to clean up his mind when that happens?"

"Actually, Amethyst," Pearl lectures, "I believe having one's mind 'blown' is a human figure of expression. Anyways, I'm so proud of you Amethyst. You're finally showing Steven-"

Garnet quickly hushes Pearl. "Its a surprise."

Finally, they have arrived. A desolate wasteland, covered in giant drills, pocked with holes, where no life - no, that's not right. Amethyst blinks and shakes her head. Why did she see that for a second, instead of this lush, beautiful paradise, with watermellon vines and grass and flowers? Sure, the Kindergarten USED to look like that hundreds of years ago, but life finds a way.

"You can take off your blindfold now! And behold, Amethys-topia! Land where I was... born?" She looks past Steven and over to Rose for confirmation. "That's what humans call it right? I mean, you'd know, with Greg and Steven and all. As close as we all are, I don't think I'd want to share the 'giving born' thing that happened."

<Pose Tracker> Niramo Umokeshi [Juuban Public School (9)] has posed.

Seeing Steven stumble around with a blindfold on is causing Niramo to giggle, even as she walks on the other side with Amethyst. Hard to believe that a few months ago she got a chance to see the Purple Puma in action as she took on several would-be muggers, or actually get a chance to befriend the famous crime-stomping underground wrestler. This led to her meeting the other Gems, Greg and Steven, and they were amazing at what they do, no threat too big or challenge too wide.

It was thanks to her acceptance of what the Gems could do as well as being great at keeping secrets that let her come along today, though there have been several close calls already. "Yeah, Pearl-san! Let Amethyst-san handle the surprise. I know she's been wanting to show this off for weeks now."

Gasping in wonder as they round the last hill and get to see the whole of the Kindergarten in all of its' glory, the ravenette quickly clasps her hand over her mouth before she gives a hint to the surprise. Even after Amethyst told her all about how where she was born, words fail in comparison to just how beautiful it truly was.

Nodding her head in agreement with Rose, she smiles up at Amethyst and clearly impressed. "It's beautiful, Amethyst-san. There's many wondrous places on Earth, but this...this is breathtaking." She walks forward a few steps, taking in a deep breath to enjoy the clean air here, so different than what would normally be in Tokyo. Not even the park near Steven's house has air this fresh and crisp.

<Pose Tracker> Mikoto Minagi [Ohtori Academy (11)] has posed.

Rose Quartz's broad hand cannot quite match the strength of Amethyst's, but she is a pillar of a different kind of strength as they lead Steven to the surprise of a lifetime.

("Oh, Amethyst," Rose exclaimed, when she'd first suggested the idea to her during one of their hangouts - diving off of one of Amethyst's proudest piles of junk, topped with a diving board. "Steven will /love/ that!" And then she leapt off and scored a solid 9.0 in style, even if her diving declarations need work. That's fine, though, because Amethyst is right there to advise her in the coolest things to shout.)

She giggles, as they advance on the watermelon paradise, but she remains silent on the topic of where they're going, because it's Amethyst's surprise, after all. Remove the blindfold, and the truth is revealed: Rose Quartz is grinning broadly as she gestures to the world around Niramo and Steven.

"Yes! Yes, it's 'born'! Why, there are so many ways to be born, and each of them is wonderful. The creation of new life is always a wondrous thing, don't you think?" She beams with pride down to Steven, before glancing to the other Gems, her attention settling on Amethyst again. "And so much life flourishes here! Amethys-topia - it really /is/ breathtaking."

Rose leans down to brush a vine away, revealing a bed of flowers underneath. The sight of them only seems to make her even happier. "We're so lucky it brought you to us, Amethyst."

<Pose Tracker> Steven Universe [Juuban Public School (6)] has posed.

"Whoah! Hahahah. Okay, okay!"

Young Steven Universe appears to be the product of some sort of surprise. A light breeze ruffles his shirt, showing ins small pink gem on his navel. It looks like a navel piece of jewelry, nearly fitting in there. What, it has always been that size! Nothing strange here!

"What are you guys hiding from me?" the boy coos out. Did they make him a picnic? Was it a giant robot?! Were all the Crystal Gems gonna fuse and show him what they look like finally?! The occasional trip over the rocks and foliage is not one to get him down either, especially with big, strong Amethyst nearby!

Not even Niramo could give what it was! "Maaaaan, not even a hint?" he says towards her.

At the queue, Steven rips his blindfold off and sees something wondrous. His eyes grow full of stars . "WOW! What is this place?!" Oh wait, she just said. "Sweet! Wait, did you come from a plant?!" he asks. Such a verdant valleyed area, certainly with no horrific drills that forcefully emit life into stone at the cost of the environment.

Even mom was in on it! Seems like the whole crew was! "This place is awesome! We should go exploring! Any cool places to check out deeper inside?" the boy asks excitedly. Amethyst had the best ideas and could find the coolest stuff!

The boy looks to the flowers Rose revealed. "Oh, pretty! Did they get put here or do they jsut grow naturally in this valley?" It could just be an ideal environment for the type!

<Pose Tracker> Amethyst [None] has posed.

Not only did Steven get such a surprise, even Niramo - who was in on it with Amethyst - was shocked! Looks like she pulled off the perfect surprise. "Yes Steven," she says sarcastically. "I came from a plant. I was a seed, and sprouted into-"

"Amethyst!" Pearl chides her for pulling such a prank. "I thought you were going to be honest and let him know the truth!"

"Yeah yeah, I am. I was teasing, pearl."

"Oh, sorry."

"You see, I came from... that hole over there!" She points to the biggest, most perfect hole, the only one not covered in vines. "I made sure to keep it nice and clear in case I wanna take a nap in here. A long time ago, there were these machines that drilled into the earth and made a whole bunch of holes. It was bad. But then I met your mom and everything worked out, and all these plants grew by themselves. This planet is tough. A survivor, like yours truly."

Now it was time to reveal another surprise. "You know how you were working with the bubbled Gem Creatures, and then they went missing, and we told you not to worry about it? Well-"

No time for that story, as one of said Gem Creatures barrels straight at Amethyst! It was some sort of lion... tiger... wolf... rabbit thing. Amethyst grapples with it, trying to overpower it, but they seemed evenly matched. "Wait...no..." she groans, but it was no use. The creature quickly pinned her... and started licking her face. "Stop it! Jeez!"

<Pose Tracker> Niramo Umokeshi [Juuban Public School (9)] has posed.

Giggling again at Steven, Niramo shakes her head even when Steven can't actually see her. "Not even a little, Amethyst-san made sure to make me promise not to. Sorry Steven-san, you're find out soon enough!"

Hearing Amethyst claim that she did come from a seed at first brings to mind a massive walnut rocking around before Amethyst sliced it apart from the inside with her whips, but Pearl is quick enough to jump in and spill the beans on the truth. Well, Amethyst was kinda like a seed at first, if she came out of a hole in the ground. "So you came from here, Amethyst-san?" Looking around her giant of a friend and into the hole, it looks like any other at first, but then you can see the difference. The dirt on the ground seemed to be rather comfortable, and it stayed nice and cool inside no matter the position of the sun. "So the Earth is your mom then? That's really cool, if you think about it."

Seems like the abundant plantlife here agrees with Amethyst, but had gone beyond simply surviving. It was now thriving and you couldn't see a trace of the desolate landscape it was centuries ago.

The mention of the bubbled Gem Creatures reminds Niramo of the time she was allowed to see the Temple Heart herself, of course safely escorted by Amethyst so that could see at the dozens upon dozens of Gem Creatures sealed inside. She honestly felt terrible seeing them and was glad to hear Steven had been working so hard on getting them safe ly away. Did Amethyst manage to find a solution, like she always does?

Apparently so, as one of the Gem Creatures charges straight for the Crackin' Gem. It's appearance is certainly startling, being a hodgepodge of different creatures normally found on Earth, and even Amethyst seems like she would have trouble handling the creature on her own. "Amethyst-san! Don't worry, help is on...the way?" Pausing in mid-charge as she realizes that Amethyst only had to deal with the ferocious licking, she lets out a sigh of relief. "Whew, glad you're okay. Just don't keep everything a surprise next time, okay? I was worried!"

<Pose Tracker> Mikoto Minagi [Ohtori Academy (11)] has posed.

Rose Quartz laughs, and yet the sound's too gentle to ever be mocking. Amethyst explains, and she turns to the hole, gesturing with a hand. "Did you know each hole is different, Steven? It reflects the individual strengths and weaknesses of each Gem - but look at Amethyst's. Do you see how perfectly it's shaped? Why, she was a paragon since she was born!"

She sounds so enormously /proud,/ though it's a different type of pride to the pride she shows to Steven as he grows. It's the pride of one friend to another, pride between equals, even as Rose bubbles about it to her son.

"That's right," Rose nods, to Niramo. "And these plants are kind of like Amethyst's legacy, if you think about it. These beautiful flowers can grow anywhere!" She twirls around, bare feet managing to avoid every single blossom. "Sometimes I like to come here and just wander about. There's always something new to see."

Something new - like a Gem Creature?! A hand goes to Rose Quartz's mouth, but she's not shocked, she's /smiling./ She casts a glance to Pearl and Garnet, and giggles. "And there are plenty of friends here now!"

Niramo's concern seems to surprise her, but only for a moment. "Oh, dear, don't worry. Amethyst has been putting a lot of work into making this a good place for Gem Creatures, after all. They'd never hurt someone so kind to them!" She steps over, skirt swishing against the flowers as she steps up to Amethyst's broad form and the creature pinning her. She scritches it behind its chimeric ears!

<Pose Tracker> Steven Universe [Juuban Public School (6)] has posed.

The boy's eyes grow wide when Amethyst begins to say she came from a plant. Pearl interrupts the process of the tease, and she begins to regale him with the tale of how she /actually/ was made. "Whoah..." the boy hustles his way on over to near the hole. It was a pristine shape, thought out cut and production. "This is super cool! Like, you just came out of the ground with the help of a drill thing? Amazing!" The boy looks to his wonderful magical mom. "Oh, wow! How do you do that? Can you just see it somehow on there?" Maybe they can see something he can't. Unfortunately he doesn't understand the complicated notions of the edges and planes of emergence area to see how great Amethyst is.

Who would have thought this is how Gems came to be. He quietly wondered if it was the same for all Gems, or if each did it in a different way? Though it looks like none can match the perfection of this one! "Oh. Uh, like the ants, and Centipeedle?" the boy asks. He always wondered what happened to them.

"Ahhh! Oh no!" Steven says, watching Amethyst suddenly be attacked by a Gem monster! She tussles with one, and the boy can do naught but watch though it quickly turns out that it is not as bad as first expected. "O... Oh?! What?! It is just... here?" Steven was utterly confused. It wasn't fighting? Huh! The boy looks over to Niramo. "I.. I guess it is okay?" Well if Amethyst seems to be fine, it must have been planned! Or at least she knows why they are here. Maybe shes... "Oh my /gosh/, are you keeping them here like a uh, what do you call them? Like a sanctuary or something?!

"That is bananas." Steven follows along carefull after Rose, approaching the creature, and being careful not to smoosh any flowers. "C'mon!" Steven calls to Niramo. "Let's go pet it too!"

<Pose Tracker> Amethyst [None] has posed.

"The Earth... the Earth is my mother..." Contemplative Amethyst is contemplative. "I guess you could say that. Good ol' Mother Earth!" She blushes as Rose touts praises of Amethyst and her legacy. She always made her feel special, feel loved, feel like she belongs and isn't some kind of curse upon this planet. Rose made her happy.

Getting slobbered on by a Gem Creature made Amethyst less happy, but she was fine. After Rose and Steven pay the beast some attention, it eagerly runs around them looking to befriend them. "Yes," Amethyst admits as she stands up, dripping with Gem Slobber, "this is a sanctuary for them! I knew that would make you happy, and that's important to me! You and Rose love all kinds of life so much, and these Cor-..." a momentary slip of the tongue confuses Amethyst, who stares into space for a half second. "S-sorry. Don't know what happened. These Gem Creatures deserve to have their own place. Heh... yeah.. so..."

Seeing Amethyst upset, Garnet quickly puts a hand on her shoulder. "You did good. There's no need to worry. We're all proud of you."

<Pose Tracker> Niramo Umokeshi [Juuban Public School (9)] has posed.

Well, it's of course not every day that Niramo gets to see a Gem Creature up close! There's no way Amethyst would actually take her along when the Crystal Gems go to round up a lost one, right?

Well, actually, she would, but only from a safe distance. There's not a chance Amethyst would like her best human friend accidentally get hurt by a too eager Gem happy to find more of its' kind.

Niramo's quick to join in the petting once Rose Quartz and Steven assure her they're perfectly fine to be around. The only dangerous thing about the Creature was just how big the tongue it has, and Niramo is just glad she brought a handkerchief along for such an occasion. "Not the haaaaaair! Awww, nowhere near as bad as glitter, but i'm still going to need to clean up later." Despite the complaining, she's still eager to pet the lion-tiger-wolf-rabbit, or liglit. She's just going to be much more careful of that tongue.

Breaking away as Steven gets hounded by the part wolf, Niramo laughs at the antics of the Creature. It just really like anyone who wants to pay attention to like, over an oversized puppy! "A sanctuary on top of it being such a beautiful landscape...it's paradise, plain and simple."

If Niramo had noticed the slight confusion Amethyst had for a moment, she doesn't make a note of it. The liglit had an impressive tongue, it's bound to make anyone a little surprised!

Walking over, Niramo gives her best friend a quick hug aroun d the waist, nodding. "She's right, Amethyst-san. I think this is a perfect idea, and you can count on me to keep it a secret!"

<Pose Tracker> Mikoto Minagi [Ohtori Academy (11)] has posed.

"These Corgis?" Rose Quartz completes Amethyst's sentence, as easily and naturally as breathing, as if it were just what Amethyst meant to say. "They're surely nearby! They were some of the first Gem Creatures you introduced to Amethys-topia, right? I still remember when you introduced me. Oh," she smiles, joyfully, as she gives the chimeric beast firm and loving chest scritches before it bounds off in search of further affection, "it was /wonderful./ I'd been so worried about them, you know. But here, where they can play without any fear of disturbing humans... it's a perfect solution. And Garnet's right, of course!"

She watches as the Creature - the liglit?! - spreads its affection to the children, a broad and frankly dorky smile on her face. "Well, perhaps they can disturb some humans occasionally... Niramo, I think he likes you!"

"And Steven, there's plenty more here in Amethyst's sanctuary. They're all very happy now they have somewhere they belong!" Rose finds herself barrelled over by the liglit, and she laughs as she goes head-over-heels into the flower bed. (Somehow, she manages to avoid disturbing any of the flowers.) "Some of them - oh dear - some more eager than others - haha!" And her joy over the sanctuary isn't just shown in her words, but in the way her face lights up, even as the Gem Creature's tongue makes a mess of those rose curls.

<Pose Tracker> Steven Universe [Juuban Public School (6)] has posed.

"Huh! Yeah, I guess it is!" Steven adds as he pets the creature. It was neat getting to hang around one again! He figures after they get beaten in combat, Amethyst must bring them here and sorta hang out with them and teach them to be nice! What a noble goal.

"It... It does make me happy." Steven says, smiling and looking at the creature. For all its vicious edges, its supposed teeth in its slavering maw, it galavanting about brought him happiness and bliss knowing they are at least enjoying themselves instead of being in a bubble. It has to be boring in there! So they get bopped on the head and poofed for causing problems, but being rehabilitated means everything in the end.

"You know," Steven says, heading over to Amethyst proper. "This could be your legacy! Like, the thing you will be known for for like, ever! 'Amethyst, the... ah. I was trying to think of a good title but nothing came to mind! Maybe just the name of the place would work well! Though we should get more purple in here." A look to Niramo. "Do you know anything about flowers? Like, more purple kinds we could add here?" Maybe Rose does-- oh wait, she is pre-occupied with a face-visitor. Hahah. Let her have her fun. She always enjoys everything so much. Would be a shame to interrupt it!

There were so many Gem creatures around that this place would be fully of happy little critters before long! "Whatever it takes Amethyst, I will totally try to help you here in any way I can. I- I'm not sure how much help I can be, since you are super great at all kinds of stuff! But if you need an extra pair of hands, I will be there."

After saying that, he will totally offer big sis a hug, and after, goes to see if Rose may need any help subduing or distracting a fun little creature long enough for her to stand up. "It's so licky! Haha."

<Pose Tracker> Amethyst [None] has posed.

"Corgis...?" Was that what Amethyst was trying to say? "Um...Right right! Those little guys! I thought the bigger Gem Creatures would try to eat them or trample them, but they seem very protective of the little guys! Kinda like me with you, eh Steven?" She ruffles her little bro's hair and smiles. She's so glad that Steven loved his surprise. "This being my legacy... that would be awesome! Amethys-Topia, home of the wild, vicious, heartless monsters! Heheh. I'm kidding, they're a bunch of fun party animals."

The liglet spares nobody, not even Garnet and Pearl. Garnet takes it in stride, cool as ever - even petting the strange creature, but Pearl freaks out. "Ew ew ewewew! Can't these things be a bit neater, Amethyst?"

"What's wrong, afraid of a little slime?" Amethyst laughs, but not mean-spiritedly. "You'll be fiiiine. He just likes you."

Amethyst pulls Steven into the Amethyst-Niramo hug, lifting them up and squeezing them before putting them softly back down. "I'm sure you'll be a great help! You may still be learning your Gem stuff, but I don't think these guys would be half as friendly if you didn't meet them first and touch their hearts. Or, you know, whatever. All this mushy stuff is making me a bit soft. We need to go on some more missions soon. How does that sound?"

<Pose Tracker> Niramo Umokeshi [Juuban Public School (9)] has posed.

Her hair is more like a wet sticky mop now and a handkerchief can only do so much, so Rose is not too far from the truth about the liglit! Though it seems the gentle giant is not too picky about what he likes as Rose goes toppling overboard into the bushes. Seeing the Gem bust out laughing from joy is an adorable scene, and she quickly takes a picture with her phone to send to Steven later, for him to enjoy.

Being questioned about flowers has Niramo blink in shock, never expecting to be questioned on that. "Not really to be honest Steven-san, but morning glory comes to mind! My mom's restaurant has them everywhere in the flower bed in front, and they're so beautiful when covered in dew."

Amethyst returning the hug has the ravenette joining in the laughter, agreeing with Amethyst. "That's right, Steven-san. You can do such amazing things with your shield, and you're a great help with the Crystal Gems when you're out on the missions Amethyst tells me about. I wish there was more I could do to help, but just being there to cheer you all on it enough for me. Besides, Connie-san will be able to join you soon from what Pearl-san tells me, so i'm sure everything is going to be great!"

Getting her footing as she is set on the ground, Niramo looks around her and takes another look at the Tokyo Kindergarten. Such a lush landscape is amazing, and a far sight for the city girl. "I think I can see why people like living in the countryside now."

<Pose Tracker> Mikoto Minagi [Ohtori Academy (11)] has posed.

"Ooh, you could - gah, haha!" Rose Quartz goes to speak, only to get licked! Truly, she is defeated . She waves a hand, from her pile of flowers and puppylike monstrous beast. "Morning Glory are beautiful flowers--!" Oop, down she goes again. It seems that just like Steven, the sanctuary makes her very happy.

Luckily, her son is here to help. Rose laughs as she pushes herself up, hair in her eyes for a moment not unlike the style her younger friend wears. She beams as she watches it bound off towards Garnet and Pearl once it's savaged Steven with its affection. "These Gem Creatures fit right in on Earth, don't you think, Pearl? Just like us!" And it's thanks to Gems like Amethyst that they've settled in so well - she's sure of it. Amethyst has always had a talent for understanding Earth, after all.

She grins to Steven. "They're right, you know! Steven, I'm so proud of you, you're learning so quickly. And Niramo," she turns that sunny gaze to the human, "don't underestimate the power of a good cheer. Your support is so very valuable!"

Rose straightens up and goes to Amethyst, a big smile on her face. "Okay, but first - mushy hug tiiime!" And she dives into Amethyst's arms without a second thought; her hugs are as warm as her heart is. It's only once she's pulled back that she nods. "But yes, missions sound like a wonderful idea. After all, there are still a lot of Gem Creatures to be herded up! Why, if we go to the coun tryside to find any, we'll have to bring Niramo along. It will be fun!" She doesn't really worry about how dangerous it might be. She's always been one for adventure first and foremost.

<Pose Tracker> Steven Universe [Juuban Public School (6)] has posed.

Steven enjoyd that hug. Hugs from any of the big Gems always felt great, but something is special about hers. It is like they click well on an emotional level or something! "Oh, totally!" His cirly hair goes all over with that big hand ran through it, but he leaves it just like it lands! "I like the sound of 'home of the party animals'!"

"/Missions...!/" the boy repeats with held back enthusiasm. He doesn't wanna scream and stratle the residents! "Yeah! We can totally go around and help others find a new home! Like a realtor or something!"

The boy looks over to Niramo. THat flower did sound familiar somehow! "Oh, I know those! Yeah they open in the morning and close up later, right? Those are kinda purple!" The girl mentions his pwoers, and he looks down to his small Gem. "Y-Yeah! I'm not very good at it yet, but I could be one day! Missions with Amethyst would sure help!"

The boy helps his good mum get up, though gets many lashings of a friendly tongue in turn, and is thoroughly coated in saliva. "Ew, haha." Her praise means everything to him, because it is good to do a mother proud! "Oh, that's a great idea, mom! We can hunt for them in the countryside! I bet a Warp pad goes somewhere far out in the back woods somewhere!"

The boy is already thinking where some might be.

<Pose Tracker> Amethyst [None] has posed.

"Morning Glories? Bah." Amethyst sticks her tongue out at the thought. "We need Allthetime Glories! that would be the perfect flower! I just wish there was a type of flower that was violet like me."

Steven sure was amazing. Amethyst was proud of him. "Yeah, you're a quick-learner! You're going to master your mom's shield in no time! Er... not LITERALLY your mom's shield. I don't think Rose would like it very much if you stole her shield, heheh. So yeah, you'll do great on missions!"

Pearl chimes in at the mention of Connie, eyes sparkling with pride. "She will definitely be able to join soon! She is becoming quite the knight! She'll be able to protect Steven, although Steven is skilled enough on his own he could protect her! I think soon they will have to take joint lessons to learn how to work as a team, but with how close they are, I'm sure it will be easy as pie!"

Surprise Rose Quartz hug? Surprise Rose Quartz hug. It was so warm... so comforting... so nostalgic and meloncholy. Amethyst really misses this. Or would if anything happened to Rose, but that would never happen. "Heheh... thanks. Yeah, there's still a bunch of these guys running around like crazy out there. I could wrestle them, Steven could befriend them, and then we could all take them back here!" Yeah. That would be perfect.

<Pose Tracker> Niramo Umokeshi [Juuban Public School (9)] has posed.

The confidence that Rose has in her has Niramo duck her in slight embarrassment, but she couldn't help but agree with the vibrant Gem. "You're right of course, Rose-san. The right words at the right time can make all the difference in the world, as Steven-san has shown before. I just have to hope everything goes well!"

The mention of the possibility of seeing Amethyst in action, leaping off a giant tree and wrangling with a Gem Creature to help calm it down comes to mind, and Niramo is quick to agree. "I would love to come along if you would have me! Besides, someone has to make the lunches for those that actually eat." This fact is spoken with no small amount of pride, the Juuban student quite proud of her culinary talents.

Hearing on Connie's progress as a knight in training makes Niramo proud in just how talented the other girl was, even if she couldn't make the trip with them today. "I'm sure we can round them all up, and perhaps I can help with some of the more playful ones. It'll take time and patience, but i'm certain they'll be all safe and sound soon enough!"

<Pose Tracker> Mikoto Minagi [Ohtori Academy (11)] has posed.

Rose Quartz giggles, behind a hand. "That's right, Steven! Just like an estate agent." Something occurs to her, and she gasps. "Oh, we could wear /suits!/ Wouldn't that be fun?!"

Of course, how Rose would fit a suit over her dress is a question for another day.

"Why, there's lots of violet flowers. Like violets! And verbena, and clematis, and allium... cattleya orchids, candytufts... and lisianthus!" Rose Quartz clasps her hands together as she rattles off a list of flowers. "Amethyst, we could start an entire purple garden!" Her eyes shine with stars.

She smiles, brightly. "Oh, no, my shield's a little too big for Steven. But his shield is just right! And he and Connie will make such a brilliant team! After all, have you heard them sing together? It's beautiful."

There is nothing to miss about Rose Quartz hugs, because they're available at any notice, at any hour of the day. She is openly affectionate - perhaps sometimes a little embarrassingly so, but she'd hardly be Rose without her enthusiasm.

"What an excellent idea! I'm sure Amethyst would appreciate those lunches just as much as Steven would." Rose smiles, to Niramo, before looking to the Gems. "Wrestling and befriending! An excellent plan! We'll bring them all home soon enough!"

<Pose Tracker> Steven Universe [Juuban Public School (6)] has posed.

"Okay, so it sounds like to me, while we are out hunting for new Gem mosnter buddies, we need to look for a violet flower! Never know what we could find out there," Steven adds toward Amethyst and Niramo. "Oh hahah! I get ya! It looks a lot alike. I think her's might be too big for me." Though it could be light as a feather like his. He hasn't tried before asking to mess with it.

Oooh, mention of Connie! "Oh awesome! I talked to her the other day. She wants t ocome along on missions and stuff! Or at least come over more often." Such a nice girl. Fun to play music with!

"Your lunches are the /beeeest/, Niramo!" Steven adds toward the loung lady. A group is only as happy as their bellies are!" he adds. The saying probably is different, but the gist is gotten. "I wonder what all kinds of cool powers some of them have? It is so neat to see them do all sorts of interesting things.

Rose rattles off a long list of purple flowers quite quickly. Of course she would know about flowers . the quarry lake, the fountain, the strawberry battlefield... she did that. "Wow, that is some list!" Hearing talk about singing, Steven reflexively reaches for his back, but alas, no ukelele. Not right now anyway! But hearing his mother's compliments makes him want to play.

<Pose Tracker> Amethyst [None] has posed.

Niramo making the lunches, Amethyst, Garnet, and Pearl fighting the creatures, Steven and Connie making new friends, Rose in a suit... this was going to be awesome! So was Rose's idea for an all- purple garden. "Hey, yeah! You certainly know your flowers, /Rose/! Heh heh."

"Don't worry Steven," Amethyst assures the small boy. "We'll find and save every single one. After all, we got all of us together forever, right? And don't worry Niramo. You got my big bad self to protect you, not to mention the unstoppable Rose Quartz! Everything will be great! I can't wait for our next mission together..."

Soon, they would all go on a great adventure. For now, they can admire Amethyst's Kindergarten sanctuary.

And Amethyst was happy.