2016-08-17 - Sister Schools On Ice

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Title: Sister Schools On Ice

A famous ice skater is offering lessons to Sister Schools students for one day! Many rumps hit the ice, competition rises, and backs are pulled


Kasagami Araki, Mai Mishou, Kuniko Saito, Saki Hyuuga, Akira Moto, Chitose Shiratori, Steven Universe, Ryoko Kikuchi, Minoke Kobayashi


Snow Rain Ice Rink

<Pose Tracker> Kasagami Araki [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

It's a little past 8 at the Snow Rain Ice Rink! The lights are on, there's the feeling of cold in the air, and one's breath comes out in smokey puffs.

The Sister Schools athletics departments have conspired together to hold a join event: ice skating! Professional and gold medal winner Otsune Higarashi is here in her skirted, sparkly blue outfit. She's somewhat short even for a japanese woman, in her thirties with short cut black hair and an overall enthusiastic demeanor. She's already out doing laps out on the otherwise empty rink as the students file in and begin to put on their gear.

One or two are dressed like Otsune: mostly those who want to follow in her footsteps. Otherwise, everything from sweats and shirts to t-shirts and jeans seem to work. No dress code! The crowd of students overall is fairly small.

Kasagami has comes here looking somewhat professional: crimson red pants, a men's shirt modified more to seem like a sweater than what's normally out on the ice, and gloves that could well be opera gloves. She walks in them easily enough. She's hardly an expert, but ice skating is good exercise, and she's been here several times before. There's a changing room in case anyone needs it. After lacing up and things are stowed away, Otsune does one more lap. She ends with a graceful spin and landing, then effortlessly skates on over to open the door to the rink proper. She stands aside, helping out anyone who might try to slip on the ice.

"Hello everyone! Oh, I'm so glad people came! I was a little worried, but you've come!" The intructor is all smiles and even a few giggles. She catches one of those about to trip. Kasagami herself falters just a little thanks to an exhausting few days, and is effortlessly straightened.

"Thanks, teach!"

"Don't try too hard! Remember, everyone, safety first! Line up along the back wall here, and I'll demonstrate the basics. We'll be using the buddy system, so have a partner ready. More experienced partners on the outside, newcomers on the inside!" Otsune claps, and does a graceful little spin. Several students are in awe. It'd be showing off if this woman wasn't so darn /happy/.

<Pose Tracker> Mai Mishou [Infinity Institute (8)] has posed.

"Ah... ah, I hope I keep my balance..."

Mai Mishou wobbles on her skates. Her hands are held out to each side, fingers splayed out, a little like a bird's wings being used to balance. She has long pants and a light violet jacket on, worn over a cream-colored shirt. Her violet eyes are on the ground, purple hair bobbing as she moves slightly.

She lets out a relieved breath, before she looks up -- and smiles brightly at the teacher, doing her rather amazing spin. She claps, too, when the others do.

Then she looks at her partner. There is little doubt who it might be. "Saki!" she declares. "What do you think? I think we're newcomers."

<Pose Tracker> Kuniko Saito [Infinity Institute (11)] has posed.

Kuniko Saito has come out here as part of her progressive education in 'things which are not related to cooking, or, on occasion, French or Italian.' (Seriously, she's like #15 at Infinity for Italian, and since the top six to eight are either 'actually Italians' or 'super-genius language whizzes,' that's pretty good.) (Never mind the relative size of the program.) (We digress.)

Kuniko has put on a light blue training jacket with some insulation on it to ward off the ice. Not having had much in the way of padded clothing, she did the improvisational thing of wearing a spare pair of houndstooth cook pants. (Not shown: Leggings beneath them.) She is also wearing ice skates.

And leaning against a wall. Carefully.

Because she's not gonna fall over, DAMMIT. Kuniko eases herself forwards, gritting her teeth as she spreads her arms - "Steady - steady -" Her left leg's starting to slide out from under her. "Steady--!!"

<Pose Tracker> Saki Hyuuga [Infinity Institute (8)] has posed. "It's a little weird, isn't it?"

Saki Hyuuga may be talking about using skates in general. She's a little off-balance herself, moving with the decisive, clunking movements of a person who doesn't trust their skates to hold. But she's a sporty type and has a younger sister, so she couldn't completely escape the call of the rink.

She's dressed in a heavy yellow winter jacket and more burgundy tights and her most habitual of all, a big smile for the teacher, applauding like Mai does. She turns down then, grinning even more widely as she offers Mai a hand. "Oh yeah, definitely," she laughs. She tips her head a little, eyes crinkling. "I bet we can figure it out, though."

<Pose Tracker> Akira Moto [Infinity Institute (7)] has posed. It took a lot to persuade her mom to let her have money to come get an ice skating lesson. Even if it was from a Gold Medalist. To be fair she did play a bit of a trump card with it. That trump card pertained to being left alone for better then the next month.

It took her an hour to find something half decent to wear. She's never gone ice skating before. Her world has revolved around working with art materials. All she knows about ice skating is what she's seen on tv. So clearly that is what she thinks is normal! After hunting for so long, she finds herself a few items to wear. In the end she settles for a violet blouse and skirt that really bring out her eyes. Its about that point that the word "ICE" rings out in her mind. She facepalms. Okay Warm Clothes! She quickly puts on a pair of black and white striped tights to keep her lower half warm and a black leather jacket to keep her top half warm. Rather then looking like someone who is going to be trying to Ice Skate, She looks like a punk!

Now after the ride across town, she gets her skates on and walks out onto the ice. *BOOM* Already down. "Crap!" She quickly works to get up and slowly works her way toward the wall. "err... Umm... Hi?" The girl is flat out embarrassed. How the devil is she going to pull this off. She's never tried it before. Good thing she brought something to do in case this didn't work out. She brought paint book and watercolor paint... Just in case! <Pose Tracker> Chitose Shiratori [Infinity Institute (U)] has posed.

For once in her life, Chitose came out to the Ice Rink on her own volition. Well, this is the third time she's been here. The first time was twelve years ago when a little Chitose went with her parents to this place to ice skate. The second time was just last year, when still-in-high-school Chitose came out to ice skate.

Both trips ended the same way, with Chitose not understanding the way ice skating works enough to even push off and start moving. So, she spent most of her time staring out at the ice and not getting much done.

And this has been shaping up to be the exact same, with a fully-adult Chitose staring out at the ice, watching the apparent teacher do her thing. But honestly, that was good enough for her. She enjoyed the coldness that the ice rink seemed to have, and getting out was really nice.

...Then the teacher decides to institute the buddy system. There's a slight sigh escaping from Chitose as she moves to a spot on the inside. It's slow going -- Chitose can keep her balance well enough as she moves, but the lack of friction slows her movement to the minimum speed allowed by law, since she can't ice skate whatsoever.

It also doesn't help that, as she casts her eyes amongst the rest of the group, that she's probably taller by an order of magnitude than everyone else here. For the first time since the beginning of middle school, Chitose is actually feeling awkward about her height. She knows alll about unbalanced three-legged races, after all. Hopefully this will be different.

<Pose Tracker> Kasagami Araki [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

Saki and Mai team up! This gets a big grin from the instructor! She claps for the two friends as everyone lines up! Friends skating together lift her heart!

Kuniko gets a look of concern, but as she seems to slip, another student steps in! She's a red haired girl around Kuniko's age! Two hands pump as she gives her partner a little straightening push! "You can do it! Ganbatte!" She slyly shows Kuniko how to skate even before the instructor begins!

Akira gets spotted, and if she gets close to slipping, she'll get caught by Otsune as she skates over to check on the group's progress thus far! Not slipping is the first step. "Careful, careful! Don't push, go slowly! One foot, then the next, tip pointed away from you." Back to the class. Otsune slowly demonstrates.

"Watch me, everyone! Left, right, tip away! Lean in when turning." She demonstrates with a slow lap.

Kasagami sees a fellow tall girl in need. Suddenly, she skates up to the even taller young woman. Not expert, but she can at least /help/. A hand will reach for Chitose's. "Need some help?" A flashed, self-sure grin. Then, she too is trying to show Chitose how it's done. Skate skate skate. Legs go, very slowly. "Take your time, okay? We're not speed racing, and frankly, I've had enough excitement this week." A laugh, loud and almost obnoxious. It's mostly just warm though. "What's your name, huh?" This one isn't put off by the height in the slightest. <Pose Tracker> Ryoko Kikuchi [Infinity Institute (10)] has posed.

Ryoko Kikuchi lounges in the audience seating amidst a small group of colorful delinquents with even more flashy haircuts. The long black-haired girl appears to be the only monochromatic headed student in the group and the only one watching the start of the ice-skating with any interest. The others were too busy joking, talking tough, and generally being nuisances while Ryoko remained statuesque in her indifference to her compatriots. Eventually, the raven-haired teen dressed in black leggings, a bright blue cable knit sweater, matching blue and grey patterned scarf, and a black waxed jacket with more straps and buckles than what's normally practical rises to her feet. "Yo Ryoko-chan, don't tell us you're actually going to join them?" asks a voice from among her friends. She replies first with an icy glare before adding, "I am. And I'll see you out there on the ice unless you're too scared." Ryoko states with a belated smirk before turning to leave her scoffing delinquent friends behind.

The secret is that Ryoko loves ice-skating and she's not going to let this opportunity pass her by, jingledarnit.

The newly ice-skate equipped young teenager adjusts her white headband before stepping out onto the ice. It takes her moment to get the feel of the borrowed skates before she's picking up momentum and skating much more naturally. One practice loop later, Ryoko joins those gathered on the outside. She offers her 'friends' in the audience a sarcastic two finger peace sign salute before looking around herself. "Alright, who wants to pair up with me?" The blue-eyed teen asks simply as she comes to a halt on the ice.

<Pose Tracker> Fuu Hououji [Infinity Institute (9)] has posed.

While Fuu Hououji has some ice skating experience, her skills are still too meager for her to trust herself to support a rank beginner. Fortunately, this is more of a class than anything, so hopefully there'll be somebody who can coach her along as a buddy. It also means she could dress with more of an eye to practicality than just looking good - while she does have a skating dress (which she might have outgrown between seasons, she hasn't checked), she's outfitted instead in blouse, skirt, tights, and cardigan, all in various shades of green. Add some bright red, maybe a bit of silver (or gold) jewelry, and it'd be a Christmasy sort of outfit.

For the moment, Fuu is kind of doing the wallflower thing, looking for somebody with whom she can buddy up. And looking ... well, if not 'nervous' then at least a little ill at ease. She's remembered how not to fall down, which is at least a good starting point. <Pose Tracker> Akira Moto [Infinity Institute (7)] has posed. Akira Moto smiles to the Figure Skater and bows politely and nearly goes down again. "Sorry. This is my first time. I never did this before." She does as she is told and actually starts moving. She smiles really bright as she moves towards the wall... "Err How do I STTTO...." BOOM! Right into the wall. and down she goes again. Quickly she pulls herself back up. At least the ice will soothe the bruises.

Finally situated She looks around at all of the other people present. "Sorry." She states very quietly. Now the fear starts building. Her shy nature is something she is struggling with, almost as much as staying on her feet.

Then the voice of Fu begins ringing out in her head again. 'Give a good greeting'. She facepalms. "Hello... Nice to meet everyone." Her voice trembles but at least its a good greeting.

<Pose Tracker> Hikaru Shidou [Juuban Public School (9)] has posed. Fuu doesn't have to worry too much about buddying up. Hikaru has been here for awhile, and while she's a little rusty herself, she's getting the hang of it. After a few warm-up laps around the rink, she's starting to get the hang of things. She seems to glide along smoothly, although a few times she stumbles and falls. When she gets back onto her feet, she dusts herself off and proceeds to notice Fuu-chan, looking a little out of it. Smiling eagerly, Hikaru skates over to her buddy and decides to offer to help out a little.

"Hiya, Fuu-chan!" Hikaru says eagerly. "Looks like you're having a little trouble getting off on the right foot?" She laughs a little at the bad pun. "Why don't you stick with me and I'll try to help get you going?"

<Pose Tracker> Mai Mishou [Infinity Institute (8)] has posed.

"I'm not used to it," Mai admits with a smile. "My parents didn't take me ice skating much when we lived in Kyoto..." The Mishou family always preferred their vacations on the beach.

She nods, happily, though. The smile only brightens when the teacher looks up -- and then she turns her head, eyes widening, and she winces when Akira crashes into the wall. She looks back at Saki, expression a little more uncertain. "I... I'm sure we will, Saki!"

She kicks off, a cautious step backward as indicated by the instructor -- and pulls Saki with her. Her eyes turn, though, and she glances at Ryoko as she passes. She didn't quite expect to see her out here. The violet-eyed girl stares for a moment.

Then, she smiles.

<Pose Tracker> Kuniko Saito [Infinity Institute (11)] has posed.

The near presence of two underclasswomen from Infinity makes Kuniko straighten herself up by main force, or tries to - when she's SAVED. Helped up, she looks down and mutters to her, "Thanks." She then slides her hands into her jacket pockets.

Gotta be cool. Cool... as ice.

So cool that when Ryoko asks for a partner, Kuniko says, before her brain can engage, "Sure. If you can keep up."

Kuniko has a brief internal vision of herself as a flailing muppet. Not for the first time. Externally she remains stonefaced, other than a slightly hasty recovery quirking of the foot so she doesn't just spread-eagle onto the ice.

<Pose Tracker> Steven Universe [Juuban Public School (5)] has posed.

Has Steven ever dealt with ice before? Sometimes. Winters in Beach City, and the occasional Warp Pad mission that went to an arctic area or a sueprnaturally affected location is about it, though that may be more than some. 'Steven! It is too dangerous! Stay away!' one would shout. 'Be careful. I would avoid it,' another would caution. 'DO IT!' a third, and more unhelpful of the three would taunt. Two out of three is enough to get the hint.

But this was different. An enclosed space, without treacherous freezing water underneath, made just for play and enjoyment.

A stout child has emerged from the crowd, apparently having expected something else. Steven is present, dressed like he was about to climb Mt. Everest, rather than just deal with winter. Some tools an all. He seems embarassed, but he has that look about him that says 'It was the only way I could come'. The boy also sports a camera for some reason, taking a picture of the ice rink, especially the people who are experts at it. Perhaps he will take it to someone that enjoys this kind of thing?

"How do we use the ice picks again?" he asks, holding up a pick and some pitons.

Someone has been clearly misinformed on how an ice rink works.

<Pose Tracker> Kasagami Araki [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

Otsune has a seeming delinquent joining them! That's fine with her, especially as she seems to be quite good! For now, the teacher herself soon skates around partnerless as she soon finds a partner in Kuniko! Clap clap clap! "Yes, you both can do it!" She encourages!

Spying the ill at ease Fuu, she claps her hands! Hikaru comes up to help dust her off! "Please be careful!" There's not /too/ much concern, thanks to Hikaru coming to the rescue!

Akira soon has the instructor skating vaguely near her. Not quite leading, but slightly concerned here. She smiles encouraginly. Skating at Akira's pace, she gives a subtle showing of what to do once again. There's only the occasional spin out of habit!

She's also vaguely near Steven. He has...ice picks. And a parka. One eye twitches. "Ummm....no. Please, no picks. They'll hurt someone! Skate, skate! Ah hah hah hah hah...." Oh my. What /has/ she gotten into?

<Pose Tracker> Chitose Shiratori [Infinity Institute (U)] has posed.

Chitose is still... well, struggling is too strong a word. She's still upright, yes. She's not going to fall down any time soon. At the same time, she may be using too much energy keeping herself from facing the ice more closely, and that may explain her lack of ability to move too fast.

Which might continue even after someone else comes up. She smiles at the other girl. "I suppose? Thank you." Though, even with Kasagami's instructions, Chitose's... still not having the better of it. Well, she's having the better of it, as she's beginning to move now as she starts to push her way through the ice! But she's traded her uprightedness for speed, and now she's starting to wobble just a little bit as she's moving. Not fast, thankfully! That might actually cause her to fall.

But she does respond to Kasagami, a curious bespectaled eye watching the other girl. "Chitose Shiratori, nice to meet you. What's yours?"

<Pose Tracker> Ryoko Kikuchi [Infinity Institute (10)] has posed.

Ryoko presses her tongue against the roof her mouth and then releases it letting out a -tch- sound before skating over towards Akira after she boards herself. "Hey you," eloquently greets the experienced ice-skater as she comes to a sliding stop near her. "Are you going to live?" She asks with her hands slipping into the pockets of her outergarment that suspiciously looks like a fashionable motorcycle jacket. Ryoko takes a hand out of her pocket and runs it through her hair before flipping it over her shoulder. "Just hang onto to the side of the rink until you feel confident enough in your balance." She offers before quietly adding, "That's what I used to do." With that said to Akira, Ryoko skates off once more.

The fashionable delinquent does catch Mai's smile which causes Ryoko to nod faintly toward her in greeting. Anyone whom was atleast trying to ice-skate out here definitely was okay in Ryoko's book....atleast for today. Kuniko's confident and a little cocky challenge gets a small grin out of Ryoko. She skates over to her, her arms briefly leaving the pockets of her jacket. But as she nears, she slows herself down and tucks her hands safely away once more. "Deal. But don't drag me down with you when you inevitably fall," teases the delinquent teenager back in a surprisingly good-natured tone. When the instructor arrives, Ryoko implicitly looks her way. While the teen might be good on the ice, Otsune was an expert in the field and that was something that even Ryoko could respect. The delinquent actually bows her head deferentially.

<Pose Tracker> Fuu Hououji [Infinity Institute (9)] has posed.

"I hadn't expected you to be a better ice-skater than I am, Hikaru-san," Fuu admits somewhat shamefacedly. "If you're prepared to help keep me on my feet and moving in the right direction, though, I'll gladly accept your support." She bows a little to Hikaru, being mindful of her balance, and offers her arm to the redhead before hearing something unexpected.

"... You don't use ice picks when skating, Steven-san," she points out to the young boy with a big, friendly smile. "I hope you've got somewhere safe to put those away for now? - It's good to see you here too, though," she adds, then waits for Hikaru to take the lead in their skating. The more experienced partner on the outside, Otsune-sensei said ... so, Fuu maneuvers (carefully) to be on the inside of the pair, if Hikaru didn't already place herself on the outside when she paired up with Fuu. Once they're oriented properly, Fuu does start skating, generally letting Hikaru set their speed but making sure to do her own share of the work as well as she can.

<Pose Tracker> Saki Hyuuga [Infinity Institute (8)] has posed. Saki laughs, though her eyes cut to the side a little. "Mom and Dad asked me to take Minori out to the rink sometimes, so I have a little practice..." she admits for Mai.

She giggles a little at Mai's uncertainty, a hand swinging up to confidently take Mai's hand with both of hers. "This'll be great!" she promises, with her big, toothy grin.

Then Mai kicks off, and Saki comes along after, bringing her unclasped hand out to balance more properly. Mai's attention on Ryoko earns her a look from Saki, too, though rather more bewildered before she looks back at Mai. ... "Friend of...yours?" she asks, unable to even remotely believe that would be the case.

<Pose Tracker> Akira Moto [Infinity Institute (7)] has posed. The punk looking girl gives a smile and a giggle, "I'm okay." Her voice is soft. And then there is Ryoko. She smiles to her a little. "I am Akira. Akira Moto." She does her best to talk without freaking out too much. "I'm okay. I will be fine. I can handle it."

She starts moving again. This time staying close to the wall. Watching the professional's foot work she smiles and nods. "Okay I think I get it." Carefully she starts mimicing that. Her balance is shaky but she does stay up for now.

A calm begins coming over her as she starts working things out. "Its art." She gives a smile. "Just need to learn the technique then have fun with it!" She giggles a little and starts to physically cool down now, "If I fall, I can get back up. It only hurts for a moment right?" Of course it can REALLY hurt if she goofs too bad but as she starts loosening up, she begins moving a little easier. Her knees bend a little and she starts moving a little quicker. Well quicker then she'd like. She uses the tips of the blade to slow down but, the rest of her keeps going! And she almost foes down again. A few false steps and she grabs the wall and starts again.

<Pose Tracker> Kuniko Saito [Infinity Institute (11)] has posed.

Kuniko looks momentarily towards -- the ice climber Steven. Huh, she thinks, scratching her nose with a thumbnail before her attention goes back towards Ryoko. Her lip curls up. "Don't get cocky. I've been handling blades since before you were born."

Kuniko is, like, a year older than Ryoko. She continues forwards, hiking up one leg, "And skates are nothing more... than blades for your feet!!"

She looks to Mai and Saki, her expression clearly saying: Back me up here.

Then to Ryoko, she asks with an air of exaggeration, "You want to take the lead or should I try setting the pace here, huh?" And with that, Kuniko has to put up or shut up and she opts for #1 - pushing forwards and starting to move, and hey, she thinks, I didn't instantly collapse. I'm a natural!!

<Pose Tracker> Kasagami Araki [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

Chitose seems to wobble! Speed go! It's a start, anyway! Kasagami at first tries to compensate it, but leverage exists and is worse due to lack of friction. For all that she tries to play off skill and confidence, even she's struggling a little now.

Griiiin! "Hey, it's kinda my duty to help out fellow students! Nice to meetcha Chitose!" Chitose already. Kasagami moves fast in friendship and people.

A single thumb is forcefully pointed to her own chest. "The name's Kasagami Araki, Ohtori's Disciplinary Executive! Man, you're big! I'm jealous, do you have /any/ idea what I could do at that height!?" She makes some sword-swinging motions. This might be a mistake. Suddenly they're spinning! Kasagami by instinct pulls Chitose to her side to try to stabalize them!

It might be a bit like one tree falling and smashing a slightly less tall tree.

Ryoko's respect is met with a slight blush, and then two hands fist-pumping. Her face, rather than arrogance or sucking in the bow, is flatly encouraging. As if silently saying 'you can be me. You can be /better/ than me if you just believe'.

There's a reason Otsune is well regarded as performer /and/ instructor.

Fuu, and Hikaru by extension, get a drive-by inspection. Fuu's leading gets a beaming smile from the instructor!

Otsune watches as Akira keeps at it! She almost falls, but soon the Art fills her! She's slowly getting it! "There you go! Ice skating is performance! It's like theater! Fast or slow, as long as you and the people watch it love it, you need to just keep going!" She does a tiny spin to accentuate Akira's motions!

<Pose Tracker> Hikaru Shidou [Juuban Public School (9)] has posed. Hikaru smiles as she helps Fuu get alongside her. "Just do the best you can, Fuu-chan!" She says as they start off slowly. "Try to follow my rhythm and soon you'll be skating like it's natural to you!" She does make sure to ease her efforts so that Fuu-chan can put in some effort as well, but at the same time, she doesn't let her go either. "Easy does it, now!" She smiles more and more as she picks up a little speed.

Soon, she's gliding around the rink with Fuu-chan beside her, hoping that her friend has caught on. "OK, Fuu-chan, you're doing great so far. Don't stop now!" It's amazing Hikaru's got such a big smile here, considering she should be frozen solid as the Magic Knight of Fire! But that's a secret we'll keep to ourselves.

<Pose Tracker> Mai Mishou [Infinity Institute (8)] has posed.

Mai looks back at Saki, head tilted to the side, but then she smiles. "Oh, is that so?" she asks. "I bet Minori-chan really appreciated it. I think she would like having someone who has learned a little skating helping her."

Besides, if Minori fell, it might be a disaster.

There is a quick nod back at Ryoko, before she looks at Saki. She shakes her head as she skates back cautiously. She tries to control her feet, as Otsune told her, but it isn't easy. She wobbles as she moves. "Oh, no," she says. "But I'm glad she joined. I saw her with her friends, and I thought she might not."

She does smile at Kuniko, though. ...It's clueless. She isn't sure what that could mean. She offers: "They need to be laced up!"

<Pose Tracker> Steven Universe [Juuban Public School (5)] has posed.

Someone very knowledgeable tells Steven no picks. But Pearl said they were needed to traverse dangerous ground! Maybe she was wrong? "O-Oh. Okay! I can put them away!" he says happily. He is kinda glad he does not have to use them. "Man, it is hot..." he comments, as he sheds at least two coats to the side. "Hey... it feels nice in here! Man..." He lugged all this equipment here for nothing! At least he doesn't have to waddle home in it.

"Skate? Okay!" the boy cheerily says. Rather than a hamburger backpack, he looks to be carrying some kind of duffel shaped like a hot dog. Items of all sorts fly out of it. What looks like an empty bag of Chaaaaps, a broken spherical hourglass, and some ripped up pizza coupons just to name a few. He pulls out a small set of ice skates. "Sorry, do these work? I was told they would."

The look more dangerous than the ice picks to him. Who would skate on blades?!

The boy peers up over the border of the rink to hear a familiar voice. "Hello Fuu and Hikaru!" he greets the pair with. "Yeah... I think my guardians thought I meant something else." A pause as he holds up a camera. "Hey! You two, say cheese!" he says toward the pair. He is holding one of those old school rectangular cameras; the ones everyone had when they were young.

"Welp, better put on these skates." <Pose Tracker> Ryoko Kikuchi [Infinity Institute (10)] has posed.

The black-haired scarf-wearer notices the look from Otsune which causes Ryoko to smile to herself. Ice-skating wasn't her dream, but even a look of confidence can inspirational in its own way. Akira's introduction causes Ryoko's attention to shift momentarily. She up-nods towards her and replies back, "Ryoko" before jerking a thumb towards herself. "And good luck." The sukeban wannabe offers before looking over at Mai and Saki. Her blue eyes sweep over the pair in contemplation, but she doesn't say anything to them yet.

Ryoko's thin black eyebrows raise slightly when Kuniko offers her retort. She begins to grin most mischievously now at the other girl as it is her that is the one showing off now. "O.K." She pronounces simply in English before switching back to her native tongue. "Show me what you got!" The delinquent says as she calls Kuniko's bluff by letting her speed ahead. Not wanting to get left in the proverbially dust, Ryoko takes off only a step behind her as her feet cross over each other as she gains some momentum mid-turn, her long black hair and colorful scarf trailing behind her.

From the peanut gallery, some hooting and hollering can be heard when they see what looks to be a race (from their viewpoint) seems to be forming between Kuniko and Ryoko.

<Pose Tracker> Saki Hyuuga [Infinity Institute (8)] has posed. Saki giggles at Mai. "Yeah! I'll be there to help her, of course," she says, puffing up with pride. With Mai's hand in hers, the skating - even if this is pretty rudimentary - feels comfortable.

"Ohhh," Saki says, nodding in understanding. "Uhh..." Saki looks to Ryoko's friends, just for a moment, before the sheer delinquency on display forces her to back to Mai. "Uhhh, y, y eah, that'd be...too bad." mai please don't whimsically associate with scary people

Kuniko's decree earns her a completely blank look, looking from her to Ryoko to Mai and back. "Heh??" she mumbles. Like, yes, ice skates are blades for your feet, is...is that supposed to mean something....

WHOA THEY'RE OFF WHAT. "Whoa!! That's way fast!"

<Pose Tracker> Akira Moto [Infinity Institute (7)] has posed. Akira looks at Ryoko and gives a little wave. "Nice to meet you Ryoko. You skate really well!" She comments and then, she turns her attention to the Professional.

Akira just smiles brightly to the Professional. "I do sculpting and sometimes painting and other types of art. I've never done performance art." Then she is reminded of the people. Her face goes white. She tenses up and slows herself down again. "I.. I'm sorry." There is that trembling voice again.

The young girl clams up as she continues trying. She doesn't give up even though part of her wants to. No one is teasing her. No one is making light of her being new to this. Still in her mind she is hearing just that. Her eyes close for a moment. Just long enough to see the words on a poster. 'If you're troubled, talk to someone!'. Who though? Not like she has any close friends and talking to Kat right now would be super awkward. A simple sigh and then she presses on.

<Pose Tracker> Chitose Shiratori [Infinity Institute (U)] has posed.

Chitose continues moving at the same time, and thanks to Kasagami's help she mostly stays upright, though as she's wobbling, she can tell her new friend is possibly having problems. Though she tries to limit her own weight to try and help out.

Which may explain why Chitose might be slightly delayed in responding to Kasagami. "Ah..." She starts for a moment. "Oh, Ohtori, I graduated from there last year. It was a nice place." Was is two-fold, neither of which she says. Was because of the entire thing with lasers torching forests, and was because, well, she doesn't go there anymore. Her eyes kind of widen when Kasagami actually admires her height. "Not reall--" She's cut off when suddenly Kasagami swings her around and pulls her to her side, though that's enough for her skates to quit.

She's been called tree once before, it's true. And some people know what is sometimes said concerning trees: Timber, and what happens when people say that.

So Kasagami might have some challenge as the Ohtori alumni suddenly /falls/.

<Pose Tracker> Kuniko Saito [Infinity Institute (11)] has posed.

Kuniko status: IRTD. IRitaTeD? No. Immediately Regretting This Decision.

Kuniko has enough kinesthetic control of herself that she does not immediately choke, though she stops having her hands in her jacket pockets toute suite. Her hands start pumping slightly as she leans forwards, getting low and leaning into the turn, looking over towards Ryoko with a momentary 'tch!' as she does that trailing scarf-and-hair thing!

Kuniko Status: Scarfs 0, Hair Flutter Game: Low.

'Even if I have no idea what I'm doing,' Kuniko thinks to herself, 'I can't just admit that in front of everyone and look like even more of a goober. For the respect of my peers -- I have to cash this check that my dumb mouth has cashed!!'

And that's when Kuniko starts trying to bicycle her legs forwards. It looks kind of ridiculous, but she's determined, and now that the curve's evening out, maybe she can, in fact, get some acceleration going. Then it's just one more loop around, then she can claim she won the race! Or at least completed the race!!

<Pose Tracker> Mai Mishou [Infinity Institute (8)] has posed.

"I, ah--" Mai starts to say, then she yelps. The wall is leaving them. They are skating away into the center of the ice, and the wobble in Mai's skates suddenly feels more pronounced.

"Saki!" she says. "I-I think we're skating too fast!"

Ryoko and her delinquent friends are forgotten, in the moment. Her eyes, instead, shift around -- catching Chitose's fall, and Kuniko speeding, and losing track of the rest -- as they altogether gently glide into the center.

"What do we do?"

<Pose Tracker> Kasagami Araki [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

The whole class is doing so well! Friends and newcomers alike come together to support each other! Competition flares in a friendly manner! People trip, skid, fall, but get back up! Otsune finds herself sighing happily and takes a single solo lap of pure enjoyment.

She comes back clapping. "That's it, everyone! You're all so very determined and beautiful! Keep going! If you and your partner feel comfortable, you can split off. If not, then continue to practice! Watch out for each other, and be careful. Most of all, remember: have fun and be safe!" Otsune will keep skating around, mostly helping out those most struggling.

She does kinda blanche though at Steven! Spinning, jumping, and making several low ducks to catch flying debris, she ends wiht a bow as she returns all of that myriad of stuff from his backpack. It gets shoved all back in!

Otsune's eyes are swirling by now. Wobble wobble. That was...something.

A worker though responds! "Those are fine, kid! Uhh, are you okay Otsune-san?"

"Hoootdooooogs...." Spin spin spin past the group.

The growing competition is even cheered on by a few other non-delinquent watchers! One or two adults are taking bets!

In between some /very/ artful improv-based footwork to keep them un-tumbled, Kasagami belts out a laugh. "You don't say!? I just transferred this week! Let's just say that I've had tons of fun! Looooots of stuck-up, spoon-in-mouth rich kids that need taking down a peg, but it's never boring! ....Actually that's the best part. The /looks/ on their faces when some 'low class' politician's daughter tells them to shove off straight to detention, get on their knees, and scrub that stained carpet thanks to their latest 'prank'!" Kasagami is notably unbending and harsh in her position on the Student Council.

"So what're you gonna do now that you're gradu...OH LORD!"

Down goes Chitose! The aspirant King puts herself before her follows, and thus she spins around to try to catch the taller girl in her arms. She's partially successful. Grab about the waist, another spin to try to remove excess 'Grand Tree Chitose' leverage, and the two are entering a whirlwind as Kasagami spreads her legs to do her darndest to prevent the inevitable.

It's not working, as the two tilt! In one final maneuver, she tries to spin Chitose bodily into a formal dancer's dip closer to the center of the rink! She leans over, one leg stretched out to maintain balance. She'll try to use her arms to keep Chitose from hitting the ground! Around her, there's the slightest of sparkles and dark red roses flowing dramatically just for a moment. Blink, and you'd miss it.

"A...are you okay, Chi?" There's genuine concern in her voice. Also just a hint of pure agony, as already worn out muscles are straining heroically to keep this very delicate position in place, if it doesn't outright turn to them falling into a frumpy pile. Chitose can probably /feel/ those muscles straining to pop and dislocate. Brave, and possibly crazy, this Kasagami.

<Pose Tracker> Ryoko Kikuchi [Infinity Institute (10)] has posed.

Ryoko is right on Kuniko's heels as they make that turn. Hrmph! It looks like she actually has some skills to back up her talk. The debutante delinquent visible recoils when she sees Kuniko perform what definitely would be considered an unorthodox maneuver. But what was even more shocking was that Kuniko was brute forcing her way to victory. Digging her own nails into the palms of her hands, Ryoko reaffirms her resolve to see this race that wasn't a race, but now totally was a race to the bitter end. Swinging her arms back and forth as she glides off one skate onto the other, Ryoko was also accelerating now, but in the more traditional ice-skating fashion. But which one of them was going to cross the non-existent finish line first? Impromptu yet natural skater extraordinaire Speed Kuniko? Or the mysterious black jacket and white headband wearing Ryoko X?

<Pose Tracker> Fuu Hououji [Infinity Institute (9)] has posed.

If Fuu finds it particularly bizarre that Hikaru (sometimes a fire-wielding magical girl) is more competent than Fuu herself (who uses wind), she doesn't show any sign of it. On the contrary, she takes Hikaru's superior skating skills in stride, and pays heed to the redhead's advice - and to Hikaru's rhythm. Left, right, left, right, don't push too hard, don't try too hard to --

She nearly overbalances; 'nearly' is the key word, as she feels her center of gravity shifting and carefully brings herself back on true, trying to do so without affecting *Hikaru's* balance.

"It really does take a lot of practice, doesn't it?" Fuu asks with a sheepish smile. "I do see why it's so much fun, though ...." It probably helps that she's not paying a lot of attention to how quickly the ice is now sliding along beneath her and Hikaru's skates. (Which may or may not be THAT fast - Hikaru's really the one controlling their speed overall; Fuu is trying to follow rather than lead.)

<Pose Tracker> Saki Hyuuga [Infinity Institute (8)] has posed. Saki is watching Kuniko and Ryoko race around with dazzled eyes. So this...this is the world of high schoolers!?

Her attention snaps down when Mai yelps, though, immediately drawn to the sound. "Huh??" she asks, as the wall slooowly drifts away from them, and Saki looks down at Mai's worried face as they calmly and soothingly cruise INTO CALAMITY. "I, I think we just," Saki says, and tries to twist her ankles, and then realizes she has no idea which way to do so. Uhm.


...She gently tugs Mai in tighter, switches the hand holding hers, and throws her arm around Mai's shoulder protectively. Yes. This is definitely a necessary precaution.

<Pose Tracker> Akira Moto [Infinity Institute (7)] has posed. HOLY CRAP!!! It's become a day at the races!!! Akira looks at the people coming blazing around the rink and she starts panicking. Moving as fast as she can, she starts accelerating to get away. WAY BAD IDEA!!! She keeps going though. And then... WALL!!! She hits it hard and manages to flip over the edge. Suddenly she's got a bit in common with the Otsune. That bit is swirling eyes.

It takes her a few moments to actually get up. Right now she is seeing cute panda fairies swirling around her head. She mumbles, "Bad Yanari... None of you are allowed out. How many of you are there?" When she finally shakes it off, she accesses the damage. A bump on the head, a few bruises. No real bad damage. She might be a little achey tomorrow though. That one shook her whole body. Carefully she gets up and leans on the wall for the time being to recollect her thoughts. <Pose Tracker> Kasagami Araki [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

When Otsune gets her head back in one piece? She's over to Akira with a first aide kit! That bump will get a big old bandage and some ointment! She'll try to shake hands after with Akira!

"You did great out there. I mean it." Lean in, a mischievious wink.

"The first time I got out on the ice, I tripped and smashed my head through the plexiglass. I was in the hospital for a month." A giggle.

<Pose Tracker> Steven Universe [Juuban Public School (5)] has posed.

Steven finally gets his ice skates on, but has trouble standing. He manages to get up and recover his camera, checking it for damage from a small drop. "Okay! Steven Universe, ready to skate! Skate powers, activate!" The child stands there, sitll for a few seconds, looking like he is trying to channel some kind of energy or something. Nothing happens. "Was worth a shot!"

Before he can make it out onto the ice though, some skaters zoom past! "Whoah! That's cool!" Maybe they are going almost as fast as Garnet can run! Well, maybe. A look back to Otsune and the helping worker. "Okay! Uh... oops, sorry ma'am." he adds, making sure everything gets put up.

The rotund boy finally makes it himself onto the ice "Fuu! Hikaru! Look, I made it on the ice! Ahahaha--" And if by the antics gods themselves had planned it, he falls on his rump. "Oof! Haaahaa..." He is quick back on his skating feet though, slooooowly gliding across the novice area, giggling like a small boy would be at something funny the whole way across despite barely moving a muscle at all.

<Pose Tracker> Mai Mishou [Infinity Institute (8)] has posed.

Mai and Saki skate further, though the limited friction of the ice is enough to slow them. They drift into the center of the field slowly, and Mai doesn't hesitate when Saki pulls her in closer. She doesn't particularly mind the arm around her shoulders. Those purple eyes are wide, though, as they look around -- watching the amazingly fast race -- and then she looks back at Saki.

They come to a wobbly, uncertain stop in the middle of the ice. Mai's eyes blink a few times; she looks down at her feet. Then, she looks back at Saki.

"I feel like our doom is anticlimactic," she declares.

<Pose Tracker> Chitose Shiratori [Infinity Institute (U)] has posed.

Suddenly, Chitose is turned and twisted and dipped! She has flown before, she's spun like an airplane, and she's been on a highspeed chase through the streets. Being held like this was... something new.

In this dipped position, braid now laying on the ice, she hesitates a second before continuing, "Oh, ah, yeah, I remember people like that. That's great." She's not too sure... what to do after this. She doesn't get up, she's not sure if moving at this point would help. Especially since she thinks she can feel Kasagami's muscles start to strain. Is that what she's feeling?

That said, she does break eye contact for a moment, though not from embarrasement. She could have sworn she saw rose petals? Rose petals on a ice rink? Weird. "Yeah, I think I'm okay, how about you?"

It's about this point that the strain she's feeling causes Chitose to try and rectify the situation before either person gets injured. Unfortunately, this means squirming. A /lot/ of squirming, as she tries to right herself on her own volition.

And this is the point that Chitose remembers that she can't skate really well, so her legs start to flail and possibly /come off the ice/ entirely, which probably removes whatever weight she was putting on the ice and puts the rest of the burden right square on Kasagami!

<Pose Tracker> Akira Moto [Infinity Institute (7)] has posed. Akira blinks a few times then looks at Otsune. "You went through the glass? OWWIE!! That must have really stunk! But you became amazing! That is really cool. Well not going through the glass." Her other eye opens and she blinks a few times. "Yay! Back to one of you!" She blushes a little.

"I am going to try again but, I just need a few moments." The red head just looks at the ice for a moment or two,

<Pose Tracker> Akira Moto [Infinity Institute (7)] has posed. Akira blinks a few times then looks at Otsune. "You went through the glass? OWWIE!! That must have really stunk! But you became amazing! That is really cool. Well not going through the glass." Her other eye opens and she blinks a few times. "Yay! Back to one of you!" She blushes a little.

"I am going to try again but, I just need a few moments." The red head just looks at the ice for a moment or two, her senses begin returning. Finally the last of the fairies she happens to be seeing vanish and she is at least good to go in that sense. (DISCLAIMER: No Real fairies have escaped. It was all in Akira's head.)

"I think I'm going to try again. I think I really need to learn how to stop though. Is there any advice you can give for that, Otsune-san?" Her eyes catch a young boy out there, falling on his butt. Looks like she's not the only one getting acquanted with the ice the hard way.

<Pose Tracker> Kasagami Araki [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

Somewhere along the way, after amazing sparkles and flowers, there's a very audible pop to someone this close. Even Kasagami can't hide that one. Her good eye twitches in renewed levels of /ow/.

'How are you?'

Her grin is waaaay too wide. "I'm....I'm...completely...under control of this entire situation!" It should be noted that Kasagami Araki is pretty bad at lying, and she is lying through her teeth right now. Quite literally in fact.

Squirm squirm squirm squirm! Chi being tall might be amazing to Kasagami, but what's far less amazing is what that does to simple physics. Flailing legs make for poor over-used holding muscles to finally give up the ghost. With an 'eeeeeee!' that's horridly girly for someone who acts all tomboyish all the time, the pair suddenly face gravity and ice. She does her darndest to slip her arms towards the back of Chitose's head to prevent an injury there and to keep her blades as much away from things like 'fingers' as she can. Thus, there's a marginally softer landing than Chitose might expect otherwise, if she doesn't manage to flail her way into making the situation worse.

Knees crack to the ground, and Kasagami more or less manages to not shove her own weight into the falling girl. A horrible curse that'd make a Yakuza blush. Ignoring her now pulled muscle and the feeling in her knees, she tries to somehow cling to Chitose and pull her up and towards the bleachers or wall if necessary.

"/Augh/! H...hey, you okay there Chi? C'mon, talk to me? How's your head, huh? Didn't hurt your spine?" She's already checking for injuries, particularly to hands, spine, and the back of her head. An employee is rushing over with an aide kit already!

Otsune smiles. "You can't learn if you don't fall on your butt and knees at least a dozen times. I've done it hundreds. Tip: pads. Lots of pads when you're practicing." Case in point, Otsune is wincing towards the pair of Tall Girls.

It's being taken care of so, Araki's her focus!

Hmmmm. Chin-tap. "Yes, rest up. If you push yourself...well, again, face. Plexiglass." Giggle. "Oh, that's easier than you think. There's two ways. The advanced way is to turn both heels so the blades are perpendicular to where you're moving. Don't start with that. The one you want to do first is to..." She skates off a little, then comes by slowly to demonstrate. She stops right in front of Akira by pointing her toes inwards.

"Point in very slowly and gradually. You have to time it with how fast you're going. The faster you are? The slower you turn."

<Pose Tracker> Kuniko Saito [Infinity Institute (11)] has posed.

Ryoko keeps on speeding up. Keeps on going forwards. Kuniko too - she turns her head, in fact her entire upper body, as if she were driving a car. She raises her eyebrows as if to say 'aha!' but she does not quite realize why it is that she's pivoting towards...


In fact towards the center of that ice.

The good news is that Mai and Saki are unlikely to end up in the center of the ice rink, marooned until such time as they starve and become skeletons. The bad news is why this is the case, which is that Kuniko has managed to pivot herself around and is now skating, not entirely on her own volition, STRAIGHT AT THEM.

Kuniko can't remember how to brake.

<Pose Tracker> Saki Hyuuga [Infinity Institute (8)] has posed. Saki holds Mai a few seconds longer, but...they just sort of....grind to a halt.

She opens her eyes and blinks around, then down at Mai. "Aheheh...see?" she giggles, separating a half-step from Mai and pulling her hand away. She puffs up, proudly, "Nothing to worry about! Together, we can handle anything!"

And then Kuniko slams directly into her and sends her toppling backwards with a sudden "WHOOF!!!"

<Pose Tracker> Minoke Kobayashi [Juuban Public School (9)] has posed. Ice skating. Legends from back home stated that 'ice skating' was a big pasttime of the Silver Millennium. So, a new line of investigation comes up. Maybe if she monitors ice-skating rinks, she might find a lead on those she is seeking. However, Centauri is a hot planet. There just isn't much ice, and thus... no skating. She has never seen something quite like this as she steps inside, wearing a black blouse with a white skirt. She does tend to dress in monochrome. She just looks, blinking. "So... this is ice skating, huh?" she muses as she approaches the rink itself.... just in time to see osmeone faceplant. "Looks difficult."

<Pose Tracker> Mai Mishou [Infinity Institute (8)] has posed.

"Mm-hmm! We're--OH NO--"

The collision is instant. Mai yelps as she goes flying away, torn free from Saki's arms, and she hits the ice back-first, and slides along to the wall. When she hits, the cell phone case at her side hits the ground.


Mai's eyes bulge. Her expression becomes panicked. Then, she yells, too. It's considerably less convincing (and, somehow, less pink and adorable): "Yes! That--that's to say... CHOPIIIIIIIIIIIII!"

<Pose Tracker> Ryoko Kikuchi [Infinity Institute (10)] has posed.

Ryoko grins to herself as she begins to overtake Kuniko, not realizing that the other girl was drifting towards the center at first. Victory was hers! But when she does realize this, the ice-skating racer shifts her weight up and then down onto her skates as she shifts them 90 degrees. Her sudden stopping causes a shower of ice to erupt from her skates as she comes to a complete stop. "H-hey, watch out!" Say what you will, but atleast Ryoko tried even if her warning came a little too late. The young woman then places the palm of her left hand onto her forehead. She then skates over toward them, hands in the pockets of her black waxed jacket still trying to look cool despite the look of concern on her face. "That's not how you are supposed to brake," deadpans the delinquent. Three people went down, and the least Ryoko could do was offer to help one of them up. And she does precisely that by take a hand out of her jacket and offering it whichever the three needs the most help. "Here. Grab on."

<Pose Tracker> Chitose Shiratori [Infinity Institute (U)] has posed.

Chitose, having been a Yakuza member in the past (and possibly in the present!), would probably agree that the weight of someone else on top of her might make her blush! "Oww." She rubs her head a bit. Her own neck is somewhat strained through all of it, but it's not too bad, after all that has transpired. "I-I'm fine, I think." She tries to sit up, her back sore from all of the bending. "Are you okay? You made some weird noises a few moments ago."

<Pose Tracker> Kuniko Saito [Infinity Institute (11)] has posed.

Kuniko, fortunately for everyone, doesn't immediately do a backflip and carve everyone open with those lethal foot blades. What she does instead is rebound off Saki, having lost most of her momentum, cartwheel her arms around, and then, with all of the grace of a rhinocerous succumbing to drink, flops backwards onto her ass.

"Gaaah!" is her immediate response. She drifts approximately towards the edge of the rink, though it'd be hard to not kind of do that. She will, at the least, wave off Ryoko if she aims at her first -- "Get her up - I'm fine -" Indicating, probably, Saki, but also maybe Mai. Her face is burning red!

<Pose Tracker> Kasagami Araki [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

Kasagami as well, apparently! Her good side is blushing, but she rolls off to help up! In fact, there's a full on arm-shoulder-neck type propping on offer. This particular arrangement might work better with some stooping from Chitose. Her almost visibly twitches at the attempt, but never let it be said that Kasagami isn't ridiculously stubborn. She's trying to walk herself and Chitose to the bleachers.

Then she takes a load off. The entire time, she keeps her head down and occasionally tries to move to keep Chi's possible-blush concealed.

A good King keeps her own and her subject's dignity in mind. Kasagami is dutiful.

"Nngh. I'll live. Pulled muscle in my lower back I think. I've had worse." A laugh suddenly. A big wink. "Next time though, Chi, let's try something other than ice skating. Hey! Ohtori's got plenty of dances, and you're an alumni, right? You like to dance? I'm sure we'd both be a lot better on the dance floor! C'mooooooon! We'll both show up those aristocratic punks! What do you say, huh?" That's right. Kasagami is already trying to drag poor Chitose into more shenanigans. The tall girl is pretty neat, to the samurai-king after all!

<Pose Tracker> Minoke Kobayashi [Juuban Public School (9)] has posed. Minoke Kobayashi just watches, and heads over to the skate rental. She then looks at them as she tellst hem her shoe size. "You... are supposed to balance on razor blades?" she asks blankly, staring at them. She shrugs, gives the deposit, and puts them on, and wobbles towards the ice. "May the suns smile upon me..." she murmurs as she stays neaer the ice on the rubber mats, not venturing out yet, her legs trembling. "I can balance on a razor blade..." she murmurs softly, gazing out over the ice. She tries stepping out, trying to wobble on it - and... splat. Down she goes.

<Pose Tracker> Akira Moto [Infinity Institute (7)] has posed. Akira Moto smiles to the teacher and bows before she heads back onto the ice. She's definitely not giving up. She starts moving at a little quicker pace. Not as fast as she was going before she went over the wall but faster then slow at least. She slows herself down and stops. Her eyes light up. She springs up and drops back down spinning herself to face the Otsune-san and she gives a little pose. Hand on her hip, other hand with the V fingers by the eyes and a huge smile on her face. She actually manages to land and do this before her legs go out from under her and she falls on her butt!

The girl quickly gets up and starts going again. She's clearly starting to feel a little more confident. That leads her to continues her way around the rink... right towards Minoke who is getting well acquainted with the icde. "EEP!!!" She starts considering. Slow down? No time. Run her over? That might really hurt this girl. Well up and over? Welp... That could work. She quickly jumps and does manage to clear Minoke before landing. That landing is rough. She crouches down, trying to lower her center of gravity in case of falling again. <Pose Tracker> Kasagami Araki [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

A fall, but Akira gets up. Otsune can't help but sniffle just a little bit. And then a gasp! But Akira clears the jump that is Minoke! One hand goes right up into the air!

"Go! Go! Go! You can both do it! I believe in you!" See, Akira, Minoke? Sensei-chan is rooting for you!

<Pose Tracker> Saki Hyuuga [Infinity Institute (8)] has posed. Saki slams into the ground roughly. She's a tough girl and knows how to take a thump, but ice is hard, it turns out, and she slides a little ways before she digs her blades in enough to slow. "Ooogh," she groans, angling up to rub at her lower back, because she cannot currently reach her butt. "Jeeze," grumbled. "The heck was that..." She peers around a little. Across the ice, she sees Kuniko, who has suffered the karmic destiny of the impatient. Saki gives her a sort of crooked look but is too good a sport to actually yell at her. She gives Ryoko a slightly blank look, surprised, but accepts the offered hand with a somewhat strained smile. Her butt hurts, it's hard to look excited. "Thanks," she says, huffing a little as she levers herself up. She looks back, a little uncertain what else to say, when she hears a nearby, shrill "CH-CHOPIIIIIIIIIIIII!" and her head whips around to the displaced cell phone.

From the rough vicinity of her pocket, something yelps, "Choppy-lapi!!" with concern, and Saki's eyes bug out.

"Uh, uhm, thanks, excuse me!" she says to Ryoko with zero further explanation, and pushes off with her minimal experience over toward Mai, where she will DEFINITELY keep control and not go sailing past into eternity again.

Oh, nope, there she goes. "Whaaa! Mai!!"

<Pose Tracker> Mai Mishou [Infinity Institute (8)] has posed.

"Saki," Mai calls out, "you may want to let her help you--" Saki is careening towards her. Mai's expression screws up. "--up," she finishes with utter resignation. She starts pushing herself to her feet, which is when Saki slams into her, and knocks her back into the wall -- and to her knees.

She sighs, though she hugs onto her friend after the crash. She looks at Ryoko, though, and calls out:

"Thank you!"

<Pose Tracker> Minoke Kobayashi [Juuban Public School (9)] has posed. Minoke Kobayashi notices some strange voices com ing from various girls who fall over. Kinda reminded her of what she heard from Akira, but hse cannot draw any conclusions. She returns to the wall and manages to pull herself up. "This is supposed to be fun?" she grumbles, not having her ice legs yet. "I'd rather walk a tightrope over... ummmm... the... that big waterfall I heard about..." She just glares down at the ice, not daring to let go of the wall.

<Pose Tracker> Kuniko Saito [Infinity Institute (11)] has posed.

Kuniko continues to drift. She isn't fighting it now, even at the sound of those peculiar cell phone rings. She calls to Ryoko though, even as she keeps on sliding like a skinny curling puck or ball or whatever they're called: "So, race called, right?? I think some people were betting--" Did anyone bet on this outcome?

And what were the odds if so??

<Pose Tracker> Chitose Shiratori [Infinity Institute (U)] has posed.

Chitose continues lying there, on the bleachers, for a few moments as she... well, tries to get her body back into something resembling its usual shape, but thanks to KASAGAMI eating most of the physics she's just really sore, and it's mostly just regulated to her head and upper spine.

Which is probably the most important /part/ of the nervous system, but details like that doesn't matter to her. She looks over at Kasagami for a moment as she suggests they go dancing. Huh. Well, the /last time/ she went to an Ohtori dance... "Well, ah, that sounds interesting, but the last time I went back to Ohtori for a dance, uh, I ended up staying there longer than I'd've liked." She of course means the Ohtori Siege with all the people with guns and tanks and ships, sent there by the Searrs girl. For all she knows that'll happen again.

Her sore smile still kind of remains, but it's a little smaller now. "Tell you what, I'll be glad to once I get something I'm working on done."

<Pose Tracker> Ryoko Kikuchi [Infinity Institute (10)] has posed.

Ryoko adroitly maneuvers past Kuniko when she tells her to go help one of the other two instead. And so, the ice-skating delinquent turns her attention to the nearer Saki and then farther Mai. The former gets the offered hand to help her onto her skates which causes Ryoko to bend at her knees to avoid getting pulled down to the ice inadvertently. But the blue-eyed Ryoko can only tilt her head in confusion as Saki offers a word of thanks before accelerating to terminal velocity as she crashes into Mai now. They both offer their words of thanks, but Ryoko cannot help but sigh as a response. She's totally not going to bother with trying to help a second time. Reaching up to her hair, the teen pulls off a much-lauded double hair flip as she skates for the exit now. "I won this one, but feel free to rematch me anytime," replies Ryoko on her way past. She gives the newly ice-skating Minoke a nod on the way past. "Like anything else, it's fun once you learn how to not be terrible at it." And with observation said, Ryoko heads off to return her skates and head out.

The peanut gallery of delinquents in the stands whom had been hollering and laughing now look completely mortified at the rampant epidemic of collisions and falling on the ice. "Who would have thought that ice-skating was so hardcore?" A pink-haired delinquent intones thoughtfully as they remain safely off the ice. <Pose Tracker> Akira Moto [Infinity Institute (7)] has posed.

<Pose Tracker> Minoke Kobayashi [Juuban Public School (9)] has posed. Minoke Kobayashi raises an eyebrow at Akira. She's already met her, of course, but knows that Akira won't remember. "I'm Minoke Kobayashi." She rises up. "I'm normally very good at balancing - but this is very difficult..." She then watches, and then tries it, slowly balancing as she ends up drifting away from the wall. "This is... strange. Still rather walk a tightrope over some big famous waterfall whose name escapes me. I could DO that easily."