2020-05-01 - Sun! Sea! And A Monster, Too

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Sun! Sea! And A Monster, Too

A promotion on cheap tickets to one of Japan's great beaches leads to a spontaneous party on the shoreline.


Lera Camry, Rei Hino, Setsuna Higashi, Steven Universe, Fuu Hououji, Kasagami Araki, Endo Naoki, Usagi Tsukino, Takeo Akamizu, Haruka Tenoh, Michiru Kaioh, Minako Aino, Makoto Kino, Kyouichi Saionji, Rose Lavillant, Juleka Couffaine, Luka Couffaine, Ivan Bruel, Luna, Kero-chan

GM: Pink Moon Stick


Yuigahama Beach, Kamakura Prefecture

OOC - IC Date:

5/1/2020 - 08-26-14

<Pose Tracker> Pink Moon Stick [Admin] has posed.
<SoundTracker> Miserlou - Dick Dale https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mKpsuGMeqHI

Tokyo sweats.

Its people sweat. Its plants, few as they are in places, do too, grass browning. Even the buildings sweat, or at least the lucky ones do -- condensation dripping off of air conditioners fighting, and losing, the good fight against late August weather.

The heat prowls the concrete jungle, leaving blurry mirages in its wake. Every konbini has sold out of popsicles. Paper fans are as ubiquitous as they are futile.

Then again, things are always hottest before the... dawn.

Hope rises, in the form of discount tickets to get Tokyo's army of listless, overheated youth out to the beaches. (Hope, funded by the tourism industry that promotes those beaches, but hope nonetheless.)

The train is sweaty like everything everywhere else, and packed to boot. The ride to Kamakura Prefecture is about an hour long.


Yuigahama Beach spreads out before its visitors like a bountiful harvest. Its simple existence transforms the sun from hated enemy to welcome friend; light glints gloriously off the white-capped waves, tickles the surface of the most blue and beautiful sea. By the time they reach shore, the waves are gentle enough for young children, yet rough enough to still be fun. And shore itself is glorious, a vast, pale-sand beach worthy of any destination vacation.

Needless to say... it is PACKED.

It's like all the teenagers of Tokyo spontaneously decided to throw a gigantic beach party. Some of the attractions are permanent and professional, like the many colorful booths that act as a sort of buffer between the beach itself and the numerous hotels and condos that loom behind them (behind THOSE buildings are trees, spots of green brilliance that mushroom broadly up the hill; for some reason, it really makes the place that everyone lives feel like an ISLAND in a way it doesn't always).

The booths sell treats and snacks, especially frozen offerings like shave ice and ice cream, but also bentos. They also rent beach gear for the ill-equipped; towels, floating rings and toys, buckets and shovels, chairs, umbrellas in a seemingly-infinite variety of pretty patterns. Since it's high summer, there are more temporary structures too, a virtual flea market for the exceptionally shopping-inclined, selling brightly colored sarongs, cheap jewelry, and even cheaper souvenirs.

But the teenagers have brought gear of their own, too. There's no sense of organization, just a lot of go-get-em gumption on the part of a critical mass of different smaller groups which has merged into a greater whole.

Someone's set up some beach volleyball courts, for one, which means there's at least one area that doesn't have such a high density of beach umbrellas that it can be difficult to see the sky. Further down the beach there's a stage that seems guaranteed to start competing with the shushing sounds of the sea for airtime. It looks like a rock band is setting up. There are several portable grills, too, tended by those foolish and passionate enough to want to ride the line of that accursed temperature in the name of BARBECUE.

Waves of kids, all beach-attired, are oscillating up and down the sands, chatting, reclining, racing, sizing up, showing off. Clumps of friends meet and separate in endless combinations.

The main attraction, of course, is that marvelous blue water.

It lives up to the hype. This time of year it's shockingly cold compared to the air, but after a few moments of adjustment, very swimmable indeed. It's shallow for a long way out, making a broad playplace for people who would prefer to stand (or float where they can put their feet down). Eventually, though, the bottom drops out and the larger waves begin; surfers are trying their luck, and the crowd often roars at a particularly dramatic w-w-w-wipe out!

Maybe the water isn't really what makes this place different from Tokyo.

The secret ingredient is the raw exuberance sweeping the seashore as surely as any ocean breeze.

<Pose Tracker> Lera Camry [Infinity Institute (11)] has posed.

Lera Camry hates the heat. Being from a mountainous region, she is used to mild summers and cold winters. Tokyo's heat is one of those things that -- even into her second summer here -- she cannot get used to, and doesn't really care for. But, there are ways around that...

Such as a beach!

The orange-haired girl is in an green and black two piece, with a huge sun hat on. The wide brim is floppy and practically falling down, but even that can't hide her sunglasses: gaudy, orange things with plastic flowers all around the rims, with a cord around the earpieces so they can hang from her neck.

She drops the beach ball she was carrying with a 'pap' in the sand, turns around, and waves her arm eagerly. "Setsuna!" she yells. "Endo-san! Look! The waves are huge! And I bet we can build a sand castle and bury things in it, y'know?"

<Pose Tracker> Rei Hino [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

"Careful with that equipment! It's sensitive to seawater, obviously!"

"Ehh... isn't Rei-sama the one with damp hair..?"

"Shh! The wonderful Rei-sama might hear you!"

Two brunettes whisper amongst each other, as a girl with long - and damp, she and her one-piece sunset-coloured swimsuit with daring cut have clearly been in the water already today - raven hair points them to various positions at the stage. Rei's fan club found her here today, and Rei is... trying... to delegate.

It's a hard job.

And, you know, when times get tough...

"Usagi!" Rei smiles, brightly, as those brunettes give each other sceptical looks behind her. She grabs a speaker, and thrusts it into her arms without any sort of prompting. "Would you be so kind as to finish things up backstage, here? We performers have a lot to get through..!" Out there on the stage proper, they're still setting up, but they can't get started until everything's properly secured.

(There's also a rock band, of course. Rei has been talking over them this whole time.)

<Pose Tracker> Setsuna Higashi [Juuban Public School (10)] has posed.

The beach. Despite the fact that Setsuna Higashi is prone to complain about high temperatures past a certain point, there is something that makes all the heat in the world worth it, and that something is the beach and the waves and all right it is multiple somethings. A lot of somethings.

Weather is strange and mysterious but sometimes wonderful...

Setsuna is in a swimsuit and also a wrap, the top gloriously frilly in cream while her wrap is red. She also has a pair of sunglasses, though they're up on her head. They are red.

And she has a big umbrella over her arm, currently closed, along with a bag of supplies. Because of course she planned ahead. There may be (are definitely) snacks, as she wave back over at Lera who she's a little behind for now. "Lera!" she calls back cheerfully, and begins to bring her things over.

<Pose Tracker> Steven Universe [Juuban Public School (6)] has posed.

Ah, the summer weather! A little hot, but still far more preferred than the cold to some people. Especially if you grew up on the beach. A great day to just soak up to sun if you can tolerate the head and--

"There it is! I told you!"

...Enjoy the quiet sound of waves on the shore. A shrill voice comes from the beach house nestled in the bosom of the Gem Temple. In the front beach-yard is a massive amount of randomly collected trinkets and junk piled dangerously high. It seems Pearl has practically taken apart Amethyst's room to find something. They both walk outside.

"This is a priceless artifact, and it was just under... what is that, a riding lawnmower? We don't even have a lawn!"

"I was gonna turn it into a golf cart. Chill out dude."

"No, this is the last time, Amethyst! We are cleaning out your room!"

"Oh no you ain't!"

The two begin to stand off right in the front yard. Little Steven Universe looks over from his spot on the beack playing with army figures, grimacing. Perhaps a different beach would be better for today.


A ticket cashed in, and a bit of travelling assistance from a giant pink cat, and Steven has found himself at Yuigahama! "Oh yeah! This is the spot! Look at all the people! It is just like the covers of Dad's records, the happenin' spot!" the boy says, getting all sorts of pumped up!

He has packed plenty for himself and others, though most present may not know where. "Uh... is it hotter here than back home?" he says, waving his hand around his face. "Merciful me! I do declare I need a drink!" he says, faking a maiden's voice.

A snort from Lion. "Okay yes, you too!"

The boy has on a pair of swim trinks that are shockingly yellow in color, and his flip-flops, pink as ever. His gem glints in the sunlight. Its a good day for a swim! Or a surf, which he definitely plans to do. He hasn't got to surf proper since back at Beach City!

<Pose Tracker> Fuu Hououji [Infinity Institute (10)] has posed.

A few days ago, the place to find Fuu Hououji was in Tokyo Big Sight, in the throes of the biannual Comic Market, or "Comiket" as it's more succinctly known; her labor of love had finally come to fruition, and the Infinity Computer Club was there to help sell as many copies of the completed game as logistics would permit. They didn't quite sell out of *every* copy, but it was close enough for the club's president to brag about afterwards.

He might, in fact, still be bragging - but Fuu is content to focus on ekeing out some respite from the oppressive heat and brutal humidity. She's outfitted in the same flattering green one-piece that a couple of people might recognize from the Fukagawa Hachiman Matsuri, and she also has a lightweight jacket to help keep the worst of the sun off of her.

At least, when she's not swimming. She's out in the water at the moment, exercising what modest skill she possesses; she isn't going to win any championships, but she holds her own when her gym class is at the pool - and, of course, here among other students who are enjoying the meeting of sun, sand, and sea. She's heading back in towards shore herself, though, and keeping her ears perked for familiar voices.

<Pose Tracker> Kasagami Araki [Ohtori Academy (11)] has posed.

Kasagami Araki has had no choice but to adapt her life, from one of a silver spoon in her mouth to a painful lack of coin in her life. One of these adaptations is looking for deals. And with the heat practically baking her coat?

Oh yeah she snatched up one of those tickets, grabbed her beach things, and endured a packed sweaty train ride over. By the time she's changed and out to gaze upon the beach? Any lingering doubts about this idea is long gently washed away in the sands of her mind.

Kassie is suited up like she's going for a bit of professional surfing. A one piece bodysuit, water proof shoes (shoes! Not boots for once!) and gloves. It's mostly all black, with twin red 'racing stripes' down the sides and little similar embellishments on the shoes and gloves. Her hair is in its usual ponytail, only with a few extra ties in case of actual water-goig.

She marches straight out to the sand, and begins setting up her beach-head. One umbrella (red, of course), a beach towel, and...buckets. So many differently shaped buckets and pails. And butter-knife like carving equipment!

The Duelist grins, peers at the crowd, and laughs aloud as she spies a few people she knows. "I claim this beach in the name of Her Royal Highness, King Araki! Here, my eternal fortress shall be raised!" She proclaims.

One delicious soda later, and she's filling up pails with water and sand both, using height and her personality to find enough space for a proper Kingly castle-building site! She rubs her chin, squints, and already she's using one of those carving knives to start an outline of her sandy domain!

<Pose Tracker> Endo Naoki [Juuban Public School (12)] has posed.

Endo is happy to get a break from the sweaty hustle of tokyo, and the beach is a fine place to spend it. Especially when it's this hot outside. He wears a pair of dark swim trunks and a loose shirt as he strolls along the sand, a pair of flip-flops making small indentations as he waddles along after his companions.

Unlike the others he did not plan ahead, but he's already acquired a snack from one of the stalls along the beach: A big scoop of shaved ice. About half of it has already been devoured, his spoon not stuck in a small crater of ice and his hand furiously massaging his forehead.

"Ah...too fast..." Endo laments.

Lera's call earns a pained wave in response, and reply of: "Don't get washed away!"

<Pose Tracker> Lera Camry [Infinity Institute (11)] has posed.

"Setsuna!" Lera calls out, grinning. She gives her girlfriend a great big thumbs-up as she gets closer. "Nice sunglasses, y'know?"

The pairs of sunglasses -- aside from the color -- match. Lera went out of her way to buy a matching set. That those sunglasses have a history... well, that goes without saying. She walks over, ready to help her haul some of her things. Then, she looks sideways at Kasagami, and blinks.

"H-Her royal highness?" she repeats.

She looks back at Endo, then, and calls back: "Endo-san! Be careful! If you get brain freeze, your brain could actually freeze! I heard about this on the History Channel!"

<Pose Tracker> Usagi Tsukino [Juuban Public School (10)] has posed.

The heat is the worst. When you're not even comfortable in your own room with a portable AC fan and ice pack, and even your cat is sweating, you know its time to give up.

Fortunately! Discount beach tickets!

Usagi is in a mostly backless one piece swimsuit, with a spaghetti strap that encircles her neck, and a thicker strip of fabric by her scapula. The soft purple suit has patterns of two large four red leafed floral patterns, one that fades into her hip, and another that disappears around her right rib cage.

Right now, she's returning from a trip to the ice cream stand, and has two cones in her hands as she passes by a pair of brunettes. "Mmm-!" Licking her impromptu neapolitan triple scoop goodness, she looks thoughtfully in the air as someone is named -sama. The 'Rei' before it doesn't even register as possibly being the same person, "I wonder if there's going to be a celebrity on stage."

And then, Rei is facing her, "Rei-chan! I got you ice cre-"

And then a speaker is dumped in the crooks of her arms. Suddenly with her hands tied up, and carrying the heavy equipment by the forearm, the girl squeaks in alarm as she suddenly stumbles bow-legged into that pair of girls. Two cones go flying.

Each scoop of ice cream goes splat asynchronously with equipment crashing down to the stage. When the carnage clears, there's a girl, moaning dizzily under a speaker on the stage. The strawberry scoop of ice cream square in the middle of her forehead. "Finish up... she says..."

Not far away, a black cat shading itself on a beach towel under a half-opened beach umbrella sighs, and suddenly flips her position to be facing away from the stage.

<Pose Tracker> Rei Hino [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.


Rei's smile twitches, as she realises she has devastated Usagi's icecream plans, but she just claps her hands together. "It's in your hands, all right?! I'm counting on you!" With that grave responsibility, Rei flees to the front of the stage..!

... meanwhile, in the shallows of the beach, two crows ruffle water through their feathers, fluffing up and hopping about in water only an inch or two high at this point. The larger of the two plucks something from the beach, and flaps over to a poor, beleagured moon cat. 'Caw,' Phobos comments, as she leaves Luna...

A particularly sparkly seashell.

And off she hops back to the trailing remnants of the waves to keep cool. Is their girl getting up to trouble, too? Don't worry, it's fine. They're seabirds now.

Rei, at least, doesn't have much to worry about except negotiating with that rockband for use of the stage.

Usagi, on the other hand...

"You're awfully familiar with Rei-sama," the first brunette says, fixing Usagi with that same sceptical expression.

"Are you some kind of tech expert?" Asks the other, peering at her. "Eh? Eh? Come on, why would the great Rei-sama entrust setup to you instead of us?"

"You must be some sort of mega-genius to get away with all that," the first comments, in typical Ohtori acidicness.

"Come on, I just can't figure out where these cords go. You know which one to plug into the amplifier, right?" The second stands, gesturing to a labyrinthine mess of cords.

<Pose Tracker> Setsuna Higashi [Juuban Public School (10)] has posed.

Setsuna beams back at Lera. "I thought it was a good day for them," she answers, handing Lera a few things because she is in no way attached to lugging everything to begin with. She blinks though at hearing the same, and tilts her head, looking over to Kasagami...

"Eternal fortress, is it?" A spark of perhaps mischief is in the eyes of the girl from Labyrinth. She waves at Endo a moment later though, but understands quickly what has happened. "Brain freeze," she remarks seriously, nodding slowly. The nodding stops when Lera chimes in though, and she blinks at it. "What?" Setsuna says. "Why would that be on the History Channel...?"

<Pose Tracker> Pink Moon Stick [Admin] has posed.


The rock band leader initially seems largely unconcerned by Rei's commandeering of the stage setup. They're leaning backwards, arms folded comfortably across their chest. It's possible that it's just that they can't muster the WILL to move, because they're sheathed head to toe in black leather and spikes, but actually, they don't seem flushed at all. They're somehow as cool as their hair color -- a wonderfully shaggy teal fade.

They close one eye, looking sidelong at the incipient disaster that is Usagi's ice cream and their sound equipment. Their attention is low-key and unspoken, but palpable.

Makoto and Minako are clustered off to one side, not working at all, unless they're working up the bet for who's going to approach this heartthrob first. A furious round of jankenpon is going to break out at any minute.



A shadow falls across Kasagami's construction site.

Backlit by the sun, someone very tall and very handsome (or at least implied to be, given the flock of girls trailing in their wake) looks down at it, and upon her.

With a blindingly fast movement, they thrust forward... with a sand shovel!


Sunlight gleams off the end of their implement with a sudden sparkle.


Let the towers rise... and the loser fall.

But will Kasagami be forced to fight alone?



The seabirds are out in force, circling and crying, especially above the waves. There's a transcendent joy to them, in the way they dip down and then rise aloft. Or maybe they're just happy because there is FOOD EVERYWHERE.

They aren't the only wildlife present; small fish dart about at the edge of the shallows and the deep. A number of kids with snorkeling equipment are swimming around seeing all there is to see, which makes them fairly blind to the surface, and bumping into others often.

One is about to slam into Fuu if she doesn't dodge or otherwise stop them, on her way out of the ocean.

<Pose Tracker> Steven Universe [Juuban Public School (6)] has posed.

Getting all set up is cake when you can just pull it out of nowhere! Steven has found a sweet little spot near the water, and is starting to pull towels and a longboard out of... Lion's mane?! Yep, out comes a fancy, flower-in-bloom longboard! Or rather, a smaller longboard. Its abotu the size of a surfboard, but shaped differently!

Perhaps he has to work his way up to the properly sized one. Or when he gets older.

The board is barely placed firmly into the sand when a sudden crash nearby gets his attention! "Uh-oh..." he says, looking toward the sound. "Stay here!" he says to Lion, and runs off toward Usagi and Rei. "Eeeh... you okay?" He asks her.

He would offer her a hand up if she needs it. "Did someone say sound equipment?" he asks one of the other girls. "I might be able to help! Dad's taught me a lot about setting that stuff up for concerts!"

Maybe one day he can put these useful side-assistant-to-a-rockstar skills to use as a job, even...!

He.. unfortunately has no napkins, but looks like he would offer Usagi one if he had any. "Who is even playing here today?"

Takeo Akamizu arrives from Tokyo.

<Pose Tracker> Endo Naoki [Juuban Public School (12)] has posed.

"Ah, that doesn't sound right..." Endo has doubts about Lera's expertise on brain freezing. Still, he's giving his shaved ice a rest for now. Instead he scans the beach, examining the ever-expanding rows of umbrellas, the sound stage in the distance, and familiar faces that dot the sands.

Kasagami's claim of ownership gives him slight pause, but soon enough is in dispute. Endo squints at Saionji and his shovel, and Kasagami's menaced construction area. After a moment of consideration he takes another bite of his small tower of shaved ice before scooting over toward the conflict.

"Hello, Kasagami-san." Endo greets, "Do you need help with your castle?" An offer of aid, should she require it.

<Pose Tracker> Kasagami Araki [Ohtori Academy (11)] has posed.

Kassie puffs up her chest a bit as her ego happily shows when Lera calls out. "I'm going to be a KING, Lera-chan! First Tokyo, then the world!" The young woman smiles brightly and confidently, so very into it. Is this some kind of weird joke? Maybe she's just a good actor to be so serious about something so absurd.

She spies so many people! Steve-kun and his giant pink feline friend, Lera and Setsuna of course. Fuu's out in the drink already, and Usagi...well, Kassie briefly winces at the crash, before spying Rei. She vaguely waves at everyone not named Usagi Tsukino, before she's back to work.

Kassie has the outer walls, the ramparts done up with lines. She looks ready to begin proper construction of this sandy beast of an endeavor, when her attention is taken.

A glance to Setsuna. "A castle to endure the sands of time! ...Or at least three waves. No mere gentle lapping surf will knock my legacy down!" Ensures the Duelist.

The shadow, that shape, that sparkle, that VOICE! Kasagami knows that person almost instinctually! The Crimson Rose is up, pail in hands, and turns to meet her enemy eye to eye, pail to sand-shovel! Her hair flutters in the wind with her movement, a breeze running through dramatically as the sun shines!

"Saionji! You're issuing me a challenge!?" There's a flame in her gaze, and she SWOOSHES her pail outwards like it's a nodachi! She completely ignores some of the sand spilling out at her feet.

"I'd never turn down an opportunity to face you! The Araki family's honor must be upheld! I accept!" Pause. She takes one step aggressively towards him, then eyes the packed crowds and her friends!

"Well? On what battlefield are we going to lay our pride and skill on the line!?" The young woman tries to sound serious. She might just be a bit excited, unable to hide her smile. A glance back, and another familiar, less hated voice.

"Endo-kun! Perfect timing, I could use a squire on this battlefield of sculpted battlements!" That might be a 'yes'.

<Pose Tracker> Usagi Tsukino [Juuban Public School (10)] has posed.

Usagi looks up from her collapsed position with dizzied eyes at the pair of brunettes. For a while, uncomprehending. "My ice... cream..." She mourns instead, and tries to wipe off the scoop from her face with a hand, which only ends up giving her a very sticky hand.

Sitting herself up and waving it in the air, she stops the motion as she's accused of being overly familiar with, "Rei... sama?"

And then suddenly as if realizing the misunderstanding, she snorts and starts flapping a hand while laughing, "You mean Rei-chan? Did she put you up to calling her that?"

However, immediately there's another question, "Mwhuh? Ah- uh, not in particular. I can work a smart phone!"

A pause, as she then answers "... well I'm friends with Ami-chan..."

As if simply that Ami being a Top Genius, would make her a Mega Genius by proximity, an obviously lower, but still some category of Genius.

Usagi suddenly pushes the speaker upright, and begins to rifle through for anything that looks vaguely plug like. "Aha!"

Having decided in the mess, that one is just as good as any other, Usagi decisively plugs the jack into the back of an amplifier.

And immediately there's an ear splitting screech of feedback splits the air around the stage...

... Not far off, a cat shrieks in alarm, as she covers her ears with her paws.

... fortunately Usagi finally manages to yank the cord back out of the amp, cutting off the awful feedback, and leaving many ears a ringing. "You... know what they say about trial and error..." She says with an awkward titter, beginning to search for a different jack to experiment with.

"... I'll... figure this out eventually!"

She has no intention of stopping though, given that Rei is counting on her.

<Pose Tracker> Rei Hino [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

Makoto and Minako might be jousting for that rocker's attention, but Rei Hino has circumvented the both of them by being right here. Somehow, she's managing to carve forward despite the astounding attractiveness of this fellow. This is because Rei... is a teenager on a mission.

Sure, it's a mission she diverted from briefly to duck into the water, but in her defence it is VERY hot. Ridiculously hot. Astoundingly hot. Did you know the shrine office is too old to have air conditioning installed? They have to wheel around those ground units. It's a travesty.

"So it's fine if I use the stage first, right?" Rei bulls forward, as she does, with a conciliatory gesture which doesn't quite make up for her forward requests. "After all, my people are getting all this set up...!"

Usagi... is doing that, right?

SCREEEECH goes the amplifier, and Rei's teeth grit together for a moment. She laughs, nervously, and insists: "It's fine, it's fine!"

Okay, she thinks and very certainly does not say, maybe her people can't do this.


Steven still counts as Rei's people, by the barbeque principle. If one has shared hot dogs in the shade of Gem Temple, one obtains a certain sense of comraderie. That's how this works.

Of course, forgotten in all Rei's calculations...

"Sound equipment isn't anything like a smart phone!" Snoots the first brunette, nose to the air. "If you just plug anything into anything else, you're going to blow out the whole system!"

"I bet this kid even knows more about this stuff than you," the second gestures to Steven.

"Wait, hang on, you actually do?" The first double-takes, when she realises Steven just talked about real experience. "Okay, so here's the deal: our tops and our subwoofers are feeding into the same sockets, right? And that's just too much power for one extension cord. And these things are passive, so we need amplifiers too... if we could just get some more power cables out here, that might work, but it'd take so long to get that all set up, right? So here's our theory: if we slot everything in right, we can kind of balance it out and get it working. I mean, we could also try and get more done with less speakers, but..."

Somehow, she manages to make giving all these technical details to Steven insulting to Usagi just by virtue of turning away from that poor icecreamless girl as she does it.

The second brunette chimes in, helpfully: "The glorious Rei-sama is going to perform today! Oh, and I guess there's some rock band here, too, they'll do something too, I guess."

<Pose Tracker> Lera Camry [Infinity Institute (11)] has posed.

"The History Channel has everything on it," Lera explains. She bobs her head, thoughtfully. "I've learned a lot from it, y'know! Like things about Earth, about America, about how aliens built Stonehenge..."

She trails off, thoughtfully, and taps her finger against her cheek. Then, she blinks her eyes and looks at Kasagami. Her mouth opens. "O-oh! I mean... um... I kind of knew it--oh, you're getting a challenge! Go get 'em, Kasagami-san!"

She pumps her fist once.

Then, she looks at Setsna. "Should we head into the water?" she asks. "It looks ike it might be fun! And wet and cooler than being under the sun, y'know?"

<Pose Tracker> Takeo Akamizu [Ohtori Academy (12)] has posed.

There is something to be said for swimming. There is something to be said for snorkeling. There is even something to be said for building sand castles or eating Ice Cream. As Takeo Akamizi arrives in Tank Top and Floral Print Swim Trunks with dark sunglasses on the eyes, and in one hand, a cooler. The other, a giant cup of ... If you guessed Mt Dew, you guessed correct! He sips it contentedly and takes a long look around. Before, near the the side of the stage, just enough he's visible, and he can see all that goes on there, he throws himself to the ground and props himself up to bathe in the sun.

Sipping his Mt Dew from his properly propped up location, he pops the cooler, removes a bag of chips, rips it open, and proceeds to both crunch merrily, drink happily, and wait patiently for the music to begin while catching some rays.

Most importantly. He is not doing anything school related.

<Pose Tracker> Setsuna Higashi [Juuban Public School (10)] has posed.

"...It would be nice to build a castle," Setsuna allows thoughtfully. She knows well Kasagami's dreams!! She spent a whole semester on learning about democracy for it too! So as Endo offers, Setsuna 'hmms' about it, looking over at--Kyouichi Saionji...

He's tall enough that Setsuna has to look up a bit. His hair is even longer than hers has gotten. And he has an entire entourage of his own! It must mean--

"Yes!" Setsuna answers Lera with a smile. "Good luck, Endo-kun, Kasagami-san!"

She thought about helping. But come on, swimming of all things is an option.

"I guess Earth really is a popular planet," she says now of the aliens as she looks to the water, jabs her umbrella into the ground, and sets her things down. "If you get thirsty," she says to Kasagami and Endo, "I brought some drinks!"

She grins at Lera--and will race her to the water!! Not just because there's food everywhere like with the seabirds, either!

<Pose Tracker> Haruka Tenoh [Infinity Institute (12)] has posed.
<SoundTracker> BSSM OST - Thinking of Flying - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rPzV08g7fng

"I cannot ask you to forgive me. I am what I am."

Soap opera lighting. Haruka, the most handsome, behind Michiru, the most beautiful, arms a belt around her waist as a sea breeze toys with both of their hair.

"The wind has no home. And the sea cannot chase it past the shore."

Haruka is wearing a sleeveless hoodie, tank top, and athletic shorts. Maybe it's not a soap opera, but a teen melodrama. 'The Last Day of Summer.' Something like that. The shots all a bit too orange. Grainy and overexposed, like the broken heart of a first love.

"The truth is, I've fallen for someone else. I know, darling..."

Haruka lowers herself a bit, cheek-to-cheek with Michiru. Her voice is oddly intimate for a breakup.

"You see, they're just my type..."

Covering Michiru's knuckles with her palm, Haruka lifts her hand, a grave expression on her face. Slowly her tanned hand rises, lifting the pale fingers beneath, and she scoops a forefinger under Michiru's to raise it. Until... Michiru is staring down her own well-manicured nail at the leather-suffocated rock singer. The one with teal hair. The musician with teal hair. Rei is nearby; she will never know how closely she brushed the wrath of the ocean.

"When I see a person like that," Haruka intones huskily, still looking forward parallel to Michiru. "I can't control myself."

As she releases Michiru, Haruka retrieves the sunglasses she had hooked onto the top of Michiru's swimsuit, pays for their storage with a kiss on the cheek, then sets off jogging down the beach, light-footed with droll mischief.

"I'll buy you a shaved ice to make it up to you!" 'he' calls back.

<Pose Tracker> Pink Moon Stick [Admin] has posed.


"Whatever," the aquamarine rocker says, amiably, strolling towards the steps down off the stage. They pass Haruka and Michiru without realizing the extreme compliment they've just been paid. "My band seems to be taking a few minutes to themselves, anyway. We'd be happy for you to be Kitty Section's opening act."

(NOT FOUND: The rest of the band.)



Saionji is wielding a sand shovel; he takes Kasagami's confusion about the FIELD OF THEIR BATTLE as an invitation to get a head start, and digs with such vigor that he's shortly lost to view within a mushroom cloud of debris.

Some of that flying sand -- totally accidentally -- winds up falling into Takeo's cooler. And his chip bag. It's a tragedy.

Out of the cloud rings his voice.


And, indeed, some kind of shape is starting to rise and coalesce all around him.



"WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" screams a short-haired blond from atop a surfboard.

"Yo, go get 'em, Rose!" encourages a big guy who's mostly using his board to stay afloat.

Rose wipes out, but then pops up full of giggles. She and her board float past a beauty with long, purple-striped hair, who is using HER board as a sunning station, right in a sweet spot where the waves are swells.

"It's your turn next, Juleka!"

(FOUND: The rest of the band.)

<Pose Tracker> Fuu Hououji [Infinity Institute (10)] has posed.

The nice thing about swimming in the ocean is that, by and large, you don't need goggles as badly. The salt still stings a bit, but Fuu is able to keep some track of what's in front of her - and while her vision without her glasses is pretty abysmal, she can at least pick out shapes and a certain amount of motion. Such as, for instance, the shape of a younger student whose path is doomed to intersect with her own.

So Fuu's nice leisurely swim becomes an abrupt backpedaling, actually standing up in the water as she tries to clear the youngster's path, only to overbalance and splash back down butt-first. At least the water makes it a more yielding landing. "Ack ... Are you all right?" she inquires of the kid whose path she was trying to clear - without any idea, or evidence, whether she's even been noticed or not.

<Pose Tracker> Takeo Akamizu [Ohtori Academy (12)] has posed.

Eyes closed Takeo has no idea of the monstrosity just committed by a fellow member of the Student Council. Nor the crimes against humanity that this so called man has just performed. Innocent and bereft of blame, Takeo reaches a hand into the bag of chips after a satisfying slurp of his Bladder Buster Size cup. He puts the sand covered chips into his mouth and chews.

Immediately he spits the debris seasoned delectables from his mouth and turns slowly to the cloud of the debris formed by Saionji and his digging. The Sunglasses lower a fraction of an inch as the Student Council Member locks onto the location and cause of his ire.

All while wiping his tongue of the sand that now coats it.

Standing up Takeo removes his Tank Top and tosses it aside, along with his sunglasses, and marches over to the pit that Saionji is digging. He narrows his eyes, then looks to Kasagami as he pieces things together. "Saionji." He says in a voice like a Samurai in a film. "You have dishonored me. Such actions will be avenged." He then moves over to Kasagami. "Kasagami-san." He nods once. "My chips demand retribution. Use me in your war against Saionji, so that I might know satisfaction."

Look. Chips and Mt Dew is serious business yo.

<Pose Tracker> Steven Universe [Juuban Public School (6)] has posed.

The small child looks from Usagi to the other two young ladies. Maybe if he can fix the situation they won't give her a hard time any more?

"Okay hold up!" the boy says to add in to their plans, holding his hands outward. "Trust me, you don't want to overload your speakers. They are way more delicate than people think. Overdo it, and that humming noise they put out will be picked up by the microphones and cause a reverb loop."

Steven begins to fiddle with the cords. A few of them he looks at their ends. "You sure you want the tops paired with the subwoofer? Depending on the music played, you might not hear everything over the bass." This little kid seems to know a thing or two about music too!

"Reeeeiii!" Steven calls, spying her through a tangled mess of wire. A few have 'slithered' through his hair, and one would think they were alive if they didn't stop moving when the boy did. "Do we have any more power strips up there?" he asks.

If he wasn't in such a rush to leave and knew about this, he would have brought the toolkit for Sour Cream's secret concerts...!

"Don't worry, I got this!" he says toward Usagi. Gives her a chance to re-acquire ice cream!

Eyes dart to someone leaving near the stage with fancy colored hair. Oooh, they must be the band!

Lion has made his way over to the brewing feud between Takeo, Kasagami, and their foe. He doesn't do much besides jsut sit there and watch this unfold, as cats are wont to do.

<Pose Tracker> Endo Naoki [Juuban Public School (12)] has posed.

"I don't know if I'm really a squire" Endo notes, though his complaint is more mumbled than anything. Louder, he agrees: "Okay, I owe you one, so I'll help however I can." The boy offers a bright smile, taking a moment to finish the last few scoops of his iced treat before he focuses on the task ahead.

"I think we're digging?" Unlike their opponent he doesn't have any tools to do so, besides his little plastic spoon. Yet he'll kneel down to get started with scoops hands, requesting, "Just tell me were to put the sand!" He'll let Kasagami architect. It is her castle, after all.

<Pose Tracker> Usagi Tsukino [Juuban Public School (10)] has posed.

Usagi is still clearing out the ringing in her ears when she says, "Oh hey Steven!" And - as one of the girls indicates her incompetence versus the child's competence, "Well of course he would! His Dad is a musician!" She says to her, obviously annoyed, "You didn't know how to do it either."

Steven though, begins to give her sound advice, and she starts crossing her arms and nodding. But then Usagi simply is ignored by the other girls, as all of this information going back and forth from Steven and Rei's fan club goes completely over her head. So far over her head that it's flying over the horizon by now.

The girl blinks her now dot eyes at the pair of girls.

"Steven is definitely our guy." Usagi confirms, "He knows just how to... do all that."

With the girl turned away though, she might not catch Usagi putting a hand to her chest and mimicking her, the words, 'The Glorious Rei-sama..." upon her lips. Rei might see it though at this angle.

Turning away, she sort of sidles off to the side, sighing as she goes, equal parts embarrassed and annoyed. "The glorious Rei-sama...! Those girls have some big mouths..."

And that's the moment Usagi sees Haruka Tenoh jogging down the beach. "Haruka-san?" It happens so quickly, that Haruka is there - then out of her view in the blink of an eye. So fast that she wonders if she's just seeing things, perhaps a mirage in the heat...

... or perhaps a daydream. Sometimes those happen so suddenly for her that she can't be sure.

Putting a hand to her forehead, she has this silly expression on her flushed face as she lowers herself down on a speaker and says, "Maybe I should go get more ice cream..." She lets out a small delighted titter, "...let myself cool down a little more..."

Secretly, selfishly, she decides not to tell either Makoto or Minako. There's so many other guys they can play jankenpon for... this one is all hers.

<Pose Tracker> Kasagami Araki [Ohtori Academy (11)] has posed.

OH! Feeling like an idiot, Kasagami lets out a growl as Saionji takes the initiative. Whirling over to Endo, the Duelist points her pail at the young man, then pretty much throws it at him.

"Clever jerk...don't underestimate him, Endo-kun! No matter what he says, there's no shame in a KING using subordinates. Come, my knight of the sunny dunes! I'll teach you a glorious technique of the Araki family if you help me CRUSH that overly-manicured enemy of mine!" Grrrr!

Then she's using deft footsteps and light touches to trace the outlines of her castle design in full. Cut, carve, flee! She can't take the time to really make an outline she'd like, but she has basic battlements up, and of course the inner courtyard has it's shape. Then she grabs a second pail, mixing sand and water, and then hauling butt towards shaping up sand. She turns, as Takeo-kun joins in to form the three-person royal house!

"Grab a pail, Takeo-kun! Yes, let none see the destruction of your delicious junk food go unavenged, oh Knight of the Crisp! Here. You handle the courtyard. I'll handle the inner keep. Endo-kun! Thank you, great! You get the outer walls! My loyal compatriots...let's make a fortress of true sand-castledom that will go into the history books! And leave Saionji's little outpost in the wastes to shame!"

Working on building this castle, she makes sure to stop as things form to add little embellishments here and there! Mostly crowns, and tiny little hawks to spruce up the visuals.

"Remember, build as grandly as you can, add in your own touch as Knights! Don't forget firing slits on the battlements, Endo-kun! Use your passion and ambition, and sweat until you drop!" Encourages Kasagami. She laughs happily as she works. This is so darn fun!

Huff! "We'll definitely need those drinks after this Setsu-chan!" She vaguely calls to the PreCure! Sweat drips down her brow, trying to build high and fancy, with tall, rising spires!

<Pose Tracker> Michiru Kaioh [Infinity Institute (12)] has posed.

A long brimmed sunhat shades the grief of Michiru Kaioh as she is held. Her eyes turn mournfully down towards the sand as she breathes softly, "Somehow, I knew it would come."

"That one day... and I would never know when... mmm..." Her hand is guided up, pale in Haruka's tanner grasp. The fingers slide to raise her head upwards, her eyes closed in a perfectly poignant mask of barely-concealed pain; of anguish that shines through the layers of a noble bearing despite everything. Her lips pout.

But then her finger is brought up. Michiru looks past the slim, trimmed nail towards...

Those aquamarine eyes rest on Rei Hino for a fraction of a second. This may startle one of the birds. But then -


The sunglasses are withdrawn from her black-and-white swimsuit with swift and sure grace.

"I always knew you had a type," Michiru says as she exhales heavily. She reaches up to gently reseat the broad-brimmed hat atop her head, and then she begins to stride after the fleet Haruka with leisurely grace. In addition to the black-and-white one piece swimsuit, she is wearing Italian sandals and carrying a slim-strapped purse.

<Pose Tracker> Rei Hino [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

Opening act?

Little does Kitty Section realise Rei intends to be... the star act.

"Wonderful!" She smiles, as she picks up the microphone.

This is when Steven calls her backstage again..! Rei doesn't realise, as she turns away, just how close she came to destruction at the ocean's hands; ignorance is bliss.

(There is the sound of cawing, from the shallows. But the birds quiet down, a moment later. Maybe they were startled by a crab.)

Unfortunately, Rei isn't quite fast enough getting backstage again to catch Usagi. But that's fine. It's fine.

To Steven, she wonders: "Extra power strips? Ano... aren't they in the case with the amplifiers?" The brunettes look to each other with a grimace. How did they forget that.

With his help..!

There's a bit of a whine as the speakers wind up, but as Rei strides out onto the stage, it all works well enough. "Welcome to Yuigahama, everyone!" Rei declares, voice ringing out across the sands. The fact that they've all been here for a while now goes undeclared. Now Rei has welcomed them, they truly are at the beach.

"The wonderful Rei-chan will start us off... by covering a song!"

This wasn't her initial plan, of course, and Rei has plenty of her own music to play afterwards.

But first, and of note to one girl...

She starts singing, an upbeat tune.

BGM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sdPwvBJiQJY

<Pose Tracker> Lera Camry [Infinity Institute (11)] has posed.

"We believe in you!" Lera calls to Endo and Kasagami both.

Then, she looks at Setsuna, and nods at her. It's with a big grin -- and then she goes sprinting forward, laughing as she does. She jumps over a kid's sandcastle on the way, hitting the sand with a whomph as she comes down onto it. And then she gets to the water's edge, and:


She leaps in just as the band strikes its chords -- and hits the water, sending up a spray as she goes in to her neck.

<Pose Tracker> Takeo Akamizu [Ohtori Academy (12)] has posed.

Takeo makes a Hmmm Noise as he bows formerly to Kasagami. "Ce sera comme vous ordonnez à ma dame."* He then kneels over the castle and it's fortifications as they are being constructed, and the self appointed Knight of the Crisp begins to the work that shall see his most righteous vengeance.

he begins by creating a stable. Then using twigs he rushes off to find (There are ALWAYS sticks and twigs at the beach) He fashions sort of looking like horses miniatures. Then he begins to create an Armory, a barracks, a blacksmith, and a few smaller structures. Finally he begins work on a well. He works on all of these at once. Building a little at a time on one, before building on another.

He pauses. An artist going over his masterpiece as he considers. Then nods, and begins to carve tiles into the slanting roofs of the buildings using a spare twig from the horses in the stables. He nods once and then shakes a fist at Saionji. "Votre fin est proche de knave!"** "

  • Translated to English, which is ICly Japanese: "It shall be as you command my lady. " **Also Translated to English, which is ALSO ICly Japanese. You're welcome: "Your end is near knave!"
<Pose Tracker> Setsuna Higashi [Juuban Public School (10)] has posed.

Setsuna leaves behind the others and their battle for the sand castle, instead jumping into the water past the sandcastle that she makes sure not to step on, and finding--

"Oh, nice!" she says, looking up at the surfer. "Lera, do you think I should try surfing?" she wonders, thinking about the band members over there for a minute before she starts further into the water.

"It's so much better in here," she declares after that, and hears... music!

She starts out until it's deep enough to start swimming, happy to get into the water.

<Pose Tracker> Steven Universe [Juuban Public School (6)] has posed.

"I'm the guy!" he says after Usagi, clicking another pair of cords together. "It is the best knowledge my father could impart to me...!" he says, clutching a cord to his chest and looking skyward, trying to sound serious.

It takes some doing (especially with Rei's observation of where extra power strips could be) but everything gets set up nicely. With little chance to go wrong! Surely! ...Admittedly he hasn't handled some of that newer kind of equipment, but the ports and cords were the same, so...

It should work, right?

"Rei is gonna sing?!" Steven says, sounding really excited! "Oh... OH! Where is my phone! Aw dangit, I left it inside Lion! Awh..." Did he just say that? Yeah, he seem sure of himself.

Well, enjoyment of the concert from the backstage is a privilege earned instead of being in the crowd, so that will have to do!

<Pose Tracker> Haruka Tenoh [Infinity Institute (12)] has posed.

"One watermelon shaved ice. Actually, if you could do a squirt of the watermelon and mix it with with a squirt of the regular melon?"

The shaved ice guy is giving Haruka the hairy eyeball.

"Yes, no?" Haruka prompts, unmoved. It's a picky order but it's Michiru's picky order--one she's made in the past that Haruka remembers. Like Haruka's going to bring Michiru her second choice because some ice jockey had attitude. The guy moves to make it.

"And then, one..." What the heck is that pale blue flavor she sees? Blueberry would be darker; this must be something unnatural. Well, the color seems on-brand for Haruka.

"...blue shaved ice." Turning his back to the stall, Haruka rests his arm on its counter, tapping his finger idly to the rhythm of the song. He hasn't realized who is singing it. Catching sight of some flying sand, Haruka squints, then lowers his shades.

"Ora," Haruka sighs. "Hell is she..." Well, it's Setsuna's girlfriend. He tries to be supportive. "HEY, ARAKI!" he calls. "FAI-TO!" Loud as his voice is, it somehow sounds listless anyway. He makes a motion with his fist for the King like he was limply banging on a door.

"Heeh?" he wonders to himself. Usagi Tsukino seems to be walking his way. That makes something click, and he looks up at the stage, at Rei singing. That's why the voice seemed familiar!

Shaved ice doesn't take long; both are done quickly. Haruka places a bill in the tray and puts the pen jar atop it to keep it from blowing away, then carries both as he walks towards her. Bending pretty far at the waist to overcome their considerable height gap, he smiles at her, flashing blue eyes over the top of his sunglasses.

"Wow, kitten. You're looking hot," he observes.

The cold paper cup of the blue shaved ice presses into Usagi's cheek.

"Got you something to cool off," Haruka says innocently. At least he's not giving her Michiru's.

<Pose Tracker> Pink Moon Stick [Admin] has posed.


A crowd gathers quickly.

"Hm, good choice," the heartthrob murmurs. Game respects game. Re-ascending the stage in a couple of big-booted strides, they -- he, slim-boned and fairly long-haired, is probably-definitely a he -- grabs his electric guitar off of its stand and strums backing chords for Rei with increasing enthusiasm.

Minako and Makoto, who know a CHANSU when they see one, promptly scramble out of their arm-wrestling contest to get on the abandoned drums and bass respectively. Minako has the much easier job and will wind up screwing it up much more spectacularly; she accelerates faster and faster through the song as enthusiasm outpaces rhythm. Makoto may or may not actually be playing but no one will ever be able to tell.

Dancing commences immediately, regardless. Now the party has REALLY begun.

The guitarist gives his yellow-trunked, pink-gemmed sound man a grateful wink as he dials up the volume.



"...shit, is that LUKA?" mutters Ivan.

"...we're late..." Juleka murmurs, somewhat indifferently.

"AAAA! COME ON ALREADY!" shrieks Rose.

As they exit the water at top speed, they almost trip over Fuu's accidental assailant, their classmate Max. He was wearing glasses under his goggles (which leave a little mark on his dark skin as they are pushed up), and looks up at everyone, bewildered.

"Oh!" Max cries. "I must have hit you -- I'm so sorry!"

Not younger after all, just VERY short.



"BEHOLD, FOOLS!" Saionji shouts, sand falling all around him as he ceases motion.

His work is revealed at last.


Why man, he doth bestride the narrow world like a colossus,

and we petty men walk under his huge legs,

and peep about to find ourselves dishonorable graves.

He is standing atop an improbably massive sand statue. Its base invites the idea of sand roses, but most of his time and effort was clearly put into the maiden that rises above it. She is METICULOUSLY accurate, in a recognizably Ohtori High School uniform, the shape of her hair tightly curled.

Yeah, it's her all right, right down to the glasses.

SANDTHY HIMEMIYA looms above the beach, a good fifteen feet high at least.


<Pose Tracker> Usagi Tsukino [Juuban Public School (10)] has posed.

Usagi is about halfway to a stand for for more ice cream when 'The Wonderful Rei-chan.' goes on stage. And Usagi is still annoyed enough that she actually mouths, "The Wonderful Rei-chan... she says."

Without a band, it's hard for her to actually fathom what's coming, since there's no lead up melody.

It's then that the much taller Haruka overshadows her, and Usagi turns around suddenly both startled and delighted at the confirmation of his presence, and the sudden bestowment of that pet name. "K-Kitten...?" Even if she doesn't mind Odango from Haruka's lips, she likes this other pet name quite a lot whenever it's given.

"H-H-H-?" The girl seems to stammer on a single syllable in the wonder, at the thought of Haruka suddenly thinking she's hot, her cheeks reddening so much as to confirm the assumption. She always thinks of herself as 'pretty' or 'cute' or maybe even 'beautiful' in her dreams. But /hot?

Shaved ice is pressed against her cheek, which suddenly adds some ambiguity to whether that's true, "Oh! Um..." She titters nervously, waving in place with her fingers laced together in her hand, in a motion that never really removes the shaved ice cup from her cheek, "... H-How did you know I was so hot? I-I mean... feeling, so hot..."

It's then that she realizes the song that's being sang in the background.

She's never needed really needed reinforcement that Rei Hino is a special friend...

... but she keeps getting it anyhow.

"Oh-Oh!" She says proudly to Haruka, as if she were trying to point out something she's very excited about, "I introduced her to this song! It was me!"

It won't be long before she's making small gesticulations with her hands, and every so often clapping in rhythm as she tries to sing along. She maybe only remembers half the words but that won't stop her from filling in with humming or happy noises.

<Pose Tracker> Fuu Hououji [Infinity Institute (10)] has posed.

"No, it's quite all right," Fuu smiles up at the Max-colored blur, starting to get to her feet. "You didn't actually hit me, so no harm done. Are *you* all right, Max-san?" she asks him - more worried about him than herself.

Goggles over glasses. Fuu probably should have thought of doing that herself, but finding the right sort of goggles that'll fit over one's glasses is tricky. Chemistry lab goggles just don't work for swimming, after all - or maybe they can, but that wasn't the direction Fuu wanted to go in. Maybe she should ask Max for pointers.

"I ..." Fuu smiles sheepishly, rubbing the back of her head. "I hate to drag you away from what you were doing, but do you suppose you could spare a moment to help me retrieve my things? I don't like to wear my glasses swimming; I've had bad enough luck with them on dry land in the past."

<Pose Tracker> Rei Hino [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

At first, Rei sings alone.

This does not remain true for long.

The MYSTERIOUS HEARTTHROB strums his guitar; Minako and Makoto take up the drums and bass, with enthusiasm if not as much experience. Even so, Rei is happy they're here..!

(They're here for nefarious heartthrob-wooing purposes, of course, but they're still here.)

The rest of Kitty Section might scramble to get to the stage, but Rei and her friends and newfound allies are already getting the party started, and Rei is heartened to see the dancing breaking out. Though she can't help but notice, as she looks over the beach... an impressive statue...

Of course, Rei doesn't linger on SANDTHY HIMEMIYA too long, because she's looking for one particular face in the crowd. Rei finds Usagi clapping along, and her smile brightens a few more shades, as she chimes out the chorus with a sweet tune. The fact that Haruka is hearing her sing is just icing on the cake, really.

In the shallows, two birds bob up and down in an enthusiastic birdly dance. Phobos and Deimos have heard this song, and judged it.... acceptable.

<Pose Tracker> Kasagami Araki [Ohtori Academy (11)] has posed.

Even listless fighting power has it's encouragements, and there's an almost manic look to Haruka off in the distance! "I won't dissappoint! Nor will my Flavor Knights!"

She has no idea what Takeo was saying, but can at last get the tone of things! And with Endo here too, she can't help but burn with greater fury! Takeo's little stabelry is perfect, too!

"Yes, YESSS! Perfect Takeo-kun! Our army, ready to conquer all of Beachlandia, must be equipped for our rampaging cavalry strikes! The gleaming swords and armor! Don't forget a practice range!" Siiiigh. She's enjoying this fantasy way too much!

But there is a monster on the loose! And that monster is SANDTHY! Her eyes go wide, the Duelist drops to one knee amidst the well-sculpted inner courtyard. Despair creeps into her features as she takes visual hold of the Bride writ large! The Power of Love as a hulking Kaijanthy! A hand goes to her chest.

"Truly, Kyouichi Saionji, your sculpting powers and passion are not to be underestimated! I've not given you your due as my enemy...TAKE-KUN! Bring me the sand. ALL OF IT!" She walks over to her things at her umbrella, and reaches for a long bag...

And then after piling up as much sand as she can, pulls out her ace in the hole! A large, long sand shovel, nodachi sized with a suspiciously katana-like handle. And a much smaller version, tossed at Takeo.

"No time left! Let's show that madman our skill! A King..." Kasagami leaps forward, and SLASHES in perfect grace! Duck, step, slash! Like a whirlwind, she meets the remaining sandblock. She'll match strikes with Takeo, should he join her!


Sand falls away, and the King sits upon what she and her friends have created. It's nothing on the height of Saionji's statue of love. No, instead, it's a life-sized Kingly Throne set before the intricate walls of Castlegami! Rose and ivy engraved, leading up to a pair of falcons at the head of the throne, sword-pommels at the grips of the throne, and the symbol of her own family emblazened across the back. A small army's worth of knights and princesses march along the surface of the sandy throne.

Beside it, is a round table of sand, with chairs for her two compatriots in sandknightery, just as intricately made with lavish detail. She stares out at her Kingdom of Nothing, and nods.

"Sand for the sand throne!" She indulgently siiiips down a cola.

"Let's enjoy the waves and music, my knights, as royalty aught! The royal Dew!"

<Pose Tracker> Michiru Kaioh [Infinity Institute (12)] has posed.

The Wonderful Rei Chan receives the attention from the sobriquet-less, and ice-less, and more to the point, bereft-and-single-and-eligible Michiru Kaioh... her lips purse in thought for a moment, even as Lera Camry sings the song of her people and leaps into the water.

She takes a deep breath for a moment and she steps closer, loosely folding her arms before her. The approaching backup band makes her smile, just a little, as she taps her own pale bicep with her fingertips. Her attention drifts in the direction of where the shaved ice stall is...


While Michiru is no fool, she does have to take a moment to gaze upon five meters of toweringly precise emulation of a certain scientific Himemiya.

"My," Michiru says. And even she is not immune - a phone is briefly withdrawn from the purse, and a photo is taken.

A memento, if nothing else.

Soon enough...

A slim hand reaches into the edge of Usagi Tsukino's vision. A certain fragrance of eloquently expensive sun-screen lotion may reach the nose of a certain gentleman at the same time, but that hand gently plucks up the spoon and takes an exceedingly dainty selection of the intermingling of faintly-reddened, pale-green ice.

There is a soft crunch. So soft. It's so soft that it would not be audible in these circumstances. But perhaps some sounds echo.

"My... even after your cruelty, I see I haven't left your mind." Another tender scalloping scoop of ice. "Do you regret what you've done? Or is it simply nostalgia..."

<Pose Tracker> Takeo Akamizu [Ohtori Academy (12)] has posed.

Blinking Takeo looks over to Sainji and tilts his head sideways. He tilts his head the other way. Then looks up. Then looks down. Then tilts his head back to the original tilted position. "Huh. Ya know? I never noticed Anthy had nice legs." He shrugs and then calls up to his Student Council opposite. "I think you might be a touch obsessed Saionji! I'm pretty sure girls don't like that! Just ... Ya know .... For the record .... " He gestures to the castle that is probably being finished. "'Sides. Pretty sure we were supposed to be like ... Build'n a castle."

He looks Kasagami and Endo. "That was the challenge right? Build a castle?" He doesn't wait for an answer since he's certain he's right. "yeah. Totally supposed to build a castle dude. You loose man. Game over!" He shrugs a shoulder and looks to Kasie and Endo. "I have some unopened Cans of Mt Dew. Thirsty?"

He catches the smaller shovel and blinks at Kasagami. He looks to the ... small ... Shovel and then Kasagami. With a crack of mysterious Thunder, Takeo pulls form seemingly nowhere TWO longsword shovels. "Right. So we're totally still building." he nods. "Let's get sandy." He says in the same sort of tone as a Cartoon Duck of the 90's.

And like that, Takeo is right beside Kasagami digging and sculpting with Shovelmanship that may or may not rival her own, but is certainly on her side.

This time .....

<Pose Tracker> Steven Universe [Juuban Public School (6)] has posed.

Rei is quite the singer! And look! the band arrives for backup! "Oh cool! She can be a rockstar too!" Steven hangs in the back, enjoying the concert! This must be how dad did gigs.

"Ohhhh look at those sand sculptures! Who is doing that over there!"

Whether or not Lion does this due to those involved or of his own volition, he goes in front of Team Kasagami's throne, and lays in front of it. Makes it look even more proper!

<Pose Tracker> Haruka Tenoh [Infinity Institute (12)] has posed.

One of the most difficult/best things about Haruka Tenoh is how he unshy he is. Having informed Usagi that she looks, in some unspecified sense of the word, hot, he does not shrink from eye contact, or immediately stand straight. His beautiful sky-blue eyes just watch patiently as Usagi fidgets, her anxiety not infecting him in the least.

"How did I know..." he asks, as if surprised by the question. "If you could see yourself right now, you wouldn't have to ask."

He leans closer, enough that their faces pass one another a little, albeit his is hovering over the far end of Usagi's shoulder.

"Or don't you think I know a hot girl when I see her?"

Someone graceful is pickpocketing Haruka's shaved ice. He does not have to look. He knows her sunscreen, and nobody else here has it. It's not exactly a convenience store brand.

"A human is just a statue built of regrets," Haruka answers Michiru. He straightens, unhurried, then looks up at her shamelessly, with Usagi still right there. "But I'll never regret a thought of you." He gives her the mixed-melon cup, and holds the blue one out for Usagi. "Go on. It's new, I don't remember taking a bite or anything."

That is to say, MAYBE he put his mouth on that spoon?

Taking his place next to Michiru, Haruka listens to the remainder of the song, smiling at Usagi's description. "It's a good song for her."

He doesn't quip while Usagi is hand-dancing, instead exchanging a glance with Michiru. These younger senshi are pretty heartwarming sometimes. They may be rivals, but it does nothing for their mission to ruin a day at the beach over it.

<Pose Tracker> Lera Camry [Infinity Institute (11)] has posed.

"It is, y'know?" Lera says, with a grin, as she comes up out of the water. She's careful to keep her head above water -- and not lose the hat. One hand actually comes to that hat, resting atop it, and keeping it there.

Then she looks back at the beach, and she waves. Then, she looks sideways at Setsuna.

She blinks once.


"S-Surfing," she says. "That actually sounds like a lot of fun, y'know? I bet you'd be a pro at it...!"

<Pose Tracker> Setsuna Higashi [Juuban Public School (10)] has posed.

From a distance, Setsuna sees it--the great sculpture Sandthy Himemiya..

From where she'd started to swim out into deeper water she pauses, hands lowering, floating backward as she just looks at that and then the throne beside. Sadly for Rei, she does not see her friend over on the stage, and thus may or may not believe her when this story is told later.

...She eyes Lera's hat again; Setsuna is fond of hats, after all, and might have to steal that one at some point.

"Ooh, you think?" Setsuna asks Lera, and starts floating back again, switching to back, "Then next time, I'm definitely going to try it!"

<Pose Tracker> Pink Moon Stick [Admin] has posed.
<SoundTracker> Summer Belongs To You - Phineas and Ferb https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQ53Zd9q72Q

The afternoon is progressing. It's even hotter than before, but there's a sort of cleansing aspect to the heat, helped by the proximity of breeze and ocean. It makes the contrasts more stark -- which in turn helps warm bodies feel more alive, rather than zombie-like with fiery misery.

Someone (possibly three someones -- maybe four) quietly trampled SANDTHY HIMEMIYA into dust once people had moved on. A lot of seawater went into her, so she was reasonably hardy; now chunks linger on the beach. A sand rose here, half a pair of glasses there.

A wave washes over an unrecognizable curve that could have been curled hair, or a cheek, or a thigh. Now it is nothing.

Meanwhile, three-quarters of Kitty Section are emerging from the umbrellas properly toweled off, and making for the stage, where one-quarter waits for them with booted toe-tapping... and, helplessly, inevitably, an excited smile.



A couple of volleyball nets are free.



Surfing is really getting underway for beginners and experts alike.



It's beginning to smell wonderfully of barbecue, but there might be more grills than cooks...

<Pose Tracker> Kasagami Araki [Ohtori Academy (11)] has posed.

Kasagami just kind of shrugs! "The challenge was the point, Takeo-kun. Not what we were doing with it!" Leeean. Whisper whisper!

"That is really scary though. I'm glad we're bastions of sanity on the Council, huh?" Grin! Says the girl on the Sand Throne!

The war of Shovelmanship between Takeo and Kassie might be undecided, but for now? She's more than willing to indulge in the worst form of Takeo's addiction. Mountain Dew. She takes some, squints at it, then nods.

"It was a true showing of Shovel prowess. Great job." Sluuuurp. Twitch. The caffeine hits her, and the faint aftertaste of brominated veggie oil. So much sugar! She vibrates briefly, then slurps more.

"I think my brain is wiggling from this stuff." Reeeeach down. Lion gets a good, appreciative ear-scritching! Rub rub rub the big pink fluff!

"Hello, royal guardian!"

But soon enough she must leave her beach-throne to indulge in the sport of nobility...surfing! Kasagami gets one of the surf boards, 'accidentally' drags past certain sandy glasses, and tries to mount the floating board. She pops up on it majestically, stands tall and firm!

For approximately half of a second. Tilt. SPLOOSH! Kasagami Araki has never actually gone surfing before. Popping up like a Duelist Swordfish, she spits out a fountain of water. Glaring at her aquatic stead, she tries again and again to get up there! SPLASH! Humpty Kassdumpty needs some King's men's help.

<Pose Tracker> Takeo Akamizu [Ohtori Academy (12)] has posed.

Covered in sand and sipping his beverage of choice, Takeo looks over the beach and smiles to himself. Finishing his can, he closes the lid to his cooler, and then, with a somber tone, disposes of the ruined bag of crisps. He does his best not to cry. Regardless a small tear finds its way down his cheek and to the sand below.

However once it's in the can it is forgotten and Takeo merrily and happily moves to the water and takes up a Surf board. Attaching the lead cord to his leg, Takeo scoots the board in the water and then dives in to wash all that sand off. Once he surfaces he runs a hand through his much shorter than it used to be hair. He sighs, but at least the joy of shorter hair is it doesn't get in the face when wet and plastered there!

he climbs aboard the board and begins to paddle out toward the area reserved for the casuals. Guys and girls who know how, but are not notable one way or the other.

<Pose Tracker> Rei Hino [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

Kitty Section may be Rei's rivals on the stage, but she still has to salute the guitarist's gusto once her set ends. She leaves the entertainment in their hands..!

This is, of course... because Usagi has found herself with a fateful encounter.

Minako and Makoto can try and get to that teal-haired heartthrob all day if that's what they want, but Rei can't just let Usagi win at Haruka's affection. This will not stand.

And so it comes to pass that in their socialisation, Rei gets an excellent idea...

"You know," Rei points out, amicably, "I just noticed no one's on the volleyball courts. Why don't we try a round?" With a sly smile, she looks to Usagi, and says... "Why don't you and Haruka-san face off against Michiru-san and I, Usagi?"

REI'S EXCELLENT PLAN: make Haruka painfully aware of how terrible Usagi is at volleyball.

REI'S EXCELLENT PLAN, PART II: Haruka, facing her on the other side of the court, will see how amazing Rei is at volleyball.

REI'S EXCELLENT PLAN, TO COMPLETION: Rei will win Haruka's affection and Usagi is going to eat her dust.

But no. She's definitely being nice by setting Usagi up with heartthrob prime. That is definitely what Rei is doing.

Besides, it means that Rei gets to play alongside Michiru, and in Rei's imaginary universe she's already wowed Michiru with her vocal prowess, so if she can get her to notice how good she is at volleyball, she will earn the eternal respect of Michiru Kaioh.

This is an excellent plan Rei has had. Rei only has the very best plans.

<Pose Tracker> Steven Universe [Juuban Public School (6)] has posed.

The night thusfar has been quite a blast! A lovely concert, sandcastles being dug... definitely a beach day!

As the day goes on though, Steven invariably finds himself milling about and saying hello to friends. Of course letting FAMOUS SINGER Rei Hino know that she should do gigs and parties. He can also setup the sound equipment for her, too!

That kinda stuff is good for a resume, in how many events you fixed up.

He will have to tell Pearl that his resume needs to be updated. What, you thought she didn't have one already written? Pff.

And while the cool waters are very enticing, it is more a travesty that the grills have too few people around to cook food. And thus that small longboard will remain stuck in the sand, as Steven leaps to the rescue where folks are grilling! "I can help out!" he says.

Again, forgot the apron. A shame. So underprepared for this day! How awful.

<Pose Tracker> Setsuna Higashi [Juuban Public School (10)] has posed.

Setsuna doesn't actually have a board, but now she has the will!! Where she had planned to get to some volleyball, now she's borrowed a board and cheerfully moves towards the ocean with it. "So, what she told me was..." Setsuna goes over the instructions again in her mind. It should be fine.

"Ready, Lera??"

She is absolutely a beginner but she sure knows how to run in the sand past a few chunks of sandy rose!

Naturally her board is red, and she starts into the water herself, not long after Takeo does.

...The scent of cooking food only almost draws her away from her plan.

<Pose Tracker> Fuu Hououji [Infinity Institute (10)] has posed.

"I'll place my faith in your cooking skills, Steven-san," says a now-bespectacled blonde. "Or could you use my help with the cooking as well, even if only as an extra pair of hands?" Fuu adds, smiling as virtually always.

She's worked up an appetite, between swimming and moseying around the beach before and since her swim; she's dried off and donned her jacket, a long-sleeved white jersey with blue fantasy-tech-esque designs embroidered along the cuffs and hems. And so that she doesn't misplace any of her things, she's slung her bag from her left shoulder, her towel draped throught the bag's loops rather than risk water seeping into whatever else Fuu's bag might contain.

She takes a moment to look over the available ingredients for cooking. It's probably all ISO Barbecue fare - hot dogs, burgers, maybe some chicken, probably some veggies to be cooked on skewers. Nothing *too* complicated, she imagines, but surprises have happened at events like this before ...

<Pose Tracker> Haruka Tenoh [Infinity Institute (12)] has posed.

Haruka looks to Michiru first at this proposal. He is not aware of Rei's complex motivations for proposing this plan, but the setup suits him immediately. He does not normally get to compete against Michiru--Michiru is worlds better at Haruka at music and art, and Haruka worlds better at driving and sports, for instance. But Rei is probably much better at this than Usagi. Maybe he can have a real contest against his partner for once.

"That seems like a fair way to split teams," he agrees. He's polite enough not to say that it is the only fair way to split these teams... but it definitely is. "All right, we'll be Blonde Team then," he tells Usagi, putting a hand atop her head the way you might put your hand on a taller person's shoulder. "And you two..."

Haruka looks over at Rei and Michiru, the high-femme duo of famous beauties, both beswimsuited amidst a haze of imaginary sparkles.

"Should name yourselves," he decides, for once deciding discretion is the better part of valor.


"That was also a practice serve!" Haruka calls gaily, trotting up to the net to retrive the ball beneath it. There has yet to be a rally.

Haruka returns the dusty white ball to Usagi by hand. When she the hot leather surface, he covers the back of her hand with his larger, tanner one.

"Odango-chan," he says. They've just started, so his voice is very patient and supportive. "Maybe you should try underhand."

He tried guiding her through the motion last time by standing just behind her, but he's pretty sure that just made things worse.

<Pose Tracker> Lera Camry [Infinity Institute (11)] has posed.

"Ready!" Lera says.

With a lot of confidence and maybe a little lack of self-awareness. She grins, as she holds onto an orange board. That her and Setsuna have, somehow, constantly ended up with coordinated colors is... well...

This, too, is lost on her.

She tucks her board under arm, and then she starts to walk into the water. There is a glance at the food. Then a glance at Setsuna.

She might be ready to steer her to the water, if it comes to it.

<Pose Tracker> Usagi Tsukino [Juuban Public School (10)] has posed.

Usagi goes flush as Haruka declares she knows a hot girl when she sees one, then cross eyed when blue shaved ice passes by her vision.

Haruka's cruelty goes unremarked upon - as if the two were so mature that she feels like she second guesses every single thing they say.


Usagi looks at Rei like she's going to suggest that they all get Minako on the courts, until she suggests...

Slowly Usagi's finger slides over to point at Haruka, then at herself. Like she's registering that Rei would do this. The idea of allowing Usagi Tsukino to be volleyball court partners with Haruka. It has her so stunned, it takes a few seconds, until Usagi actually has a delighted smile bloom on her expression, "That's... such a great idea! As expected of the generous Rei-chan!"

... Usagi is given no pause at all over the fact that she's now giving Rei such descriptors as if it were an epithet, right now she's too delighted. So delighted she doesn't suspect any ulterior motive whatsoever.

"Team Blonde it is!" Usagi then puts a hand lightly on the arm of Haruka's hoodie, and says with as much gravity as she can muster when she feels like she's about to burst from sheer joy, "Please take care of me."

Just like always, she doesn't say.

Though she does ask, "Michiru-san, have you ever played before?"

As if while she wouldn't be surprised that Michiru is an ace at it, she also wouldn't be surprised if someone so elegant had never had the thought of playing cross her mind before Rei challenged her.


Usagi stands red with embarrassment, "It was practice!" She confirms - not wanting to admit she was too distracted to feel like she could even see straight. Though then Haruka trots back with the ball, putting her larger hand over hers. And she simply finds herself not very focused on the game at all anymore, but simply the fact that he's helping her with something - anything at all.

"Underhand?" She'd tried it the other way around because she mostly sees Minako serving that way when she practices. As he guides her through the motion of it though, she says, "Oh! I think I can do that. Like-"

Flexing the fingers of a sweaty palm back into being clenched. She swings her arm back, which causes her small fist to sort of ... bap the ball.


The ball goes straight up. Usagi is still looking on the other side of the net as if expecting that her ball went in that direction. "I did it!" It takes a few seconds to register that it's not there. "Eh?"

Usagi looks straight up. That's the moment the ball smacks down on her face, and rebounds in an arc over the net to the other side.

<Pose Tracker> Michiru Kaioh [Infinity Institute (12)] has posed.

"Ah, how kind of you... a last gift," Michiru answers Haruka breezily as the shaved ice is given to her. She eats it with slightly less formality as she passes some moments near the others, the wind tugging at her hair, though not quite at the sun-hat.

"Do you think we'd be good partners?" Michiru replies to Rei at the invitation. "I do have time on my hands, now..."


"The Team of Dreams," Michiru Kaioh says, decisively.

And to Usagi, Michiru smiles sweetly. "Once or twice," she states.


Michiru wipes her forearm across her forehead. She has shed her sunhat and left it aside with her purse and sandals, having taken the time to apply a new layer of sunscreen onto her smooth-as-milk complexion beforehand. She tosses her hair back with a glistening sparkle, and her eyes turn back to Rei as Usagi delivers that powerful, emphatic serve.

"She's getting good stance, isn't she?" Michiru asks Rei.

And then, "It must be a challenge to have to face off against your dear friend like this... but it could be an advantage too, couldn't it?"

<Pose Tracker> Pink Moon Stick [Admin] has posed.
<SoundTracker> Aggretsuko Theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_cdeFX-pMI


It transpires that the vocalist of Kitty Section is the tiny blond, the big guy plays drums, the tall beauty plays bass, and Luka, as we already know, plays lead guitar. Evidently the teal-haired heartthrob was in costume, but he's the only one; the other three are not so much unenthusiastic for the leather and spikes as they are for the heatstroke. So, they just use their swimsuits instead -- out of the water, Ivan's is black with a pirate's skull and crossbones on the side of the trunks, Rose is in a very strappy, very frilly pink bikini, and Juleka's purple one-piece matches her hair and is... artfully torn.

But none of that matters when they start to really play. Sweet li'l darling Rose opens her mouth, and...

...the demons of hell emerge.


Her eyes are white holes. She hasn't added makeup but some kind of skullish eyeliner would be phenomenally appropriate right now. The rest of the band plays their heart out, occasionally sufficiently melodic to be called rock but mostly just loud enough to be called metal. Nevertheless, there's some serious musicianship on display for a bunch of middle schoolers, especially from Luka and Juleka, who, one gets the feeling, have been jamming together for many, many years.

  • "I love unicorns."



A crowd is gathering around the match. Makoto and Minako are now TAKING bets instead of making them, goading people into putting down beach balls, popsicle sticks that say FREE, pocket change, whatever.

Makoto is repping Team Michirei. "The other side has Usagi-chan," she states calmly, and the bets just come pouring in. That's not her ONLY line -- she touts the likelihood of brains over... ... ...brawn... -- but struggles to finish those sentences. "They really are the Dream Team! Rei-chan's super competitive! And Michiru-san is..." 'super competitive', she thinks, but with a completely different meaning to the word. "...ultra talented!" From Makoto there is little higher praise.

Minako is pumped up for Team Harusagi. As it's volleyball and 'Blonde Team' does not have her on it she refuses to recognize it as valid and is using another: "RAH RAH RAH! LAH LAH LAH! TEAM THIRST TRAP'S GONNA SKA SKA SKA!" So much for discretion. Come one, come all, bear witness to the righteous speed, strength, and prowess that is Haruka. ...And Usagi. "She's very reliable when the chips are down!" she pledges to a skeptic. "Voted Least Likely To Be The First One Killed three times running!"



Lera, Setsuna and Takeo are pretty far out there when they discover something amazing: there are SHAPES in the waves coming down. Small whales maybe? Big dolphins? Hopefully not sharks... there's no feeling of menace, though, just a feeling of presence.

As though ocean itself is cheering the group on.

Here comes a big lull... which means a big wave is next.



Nobody knows who fronted for all this, but there is an astonishingly complex array of ingredients available to would-be master chefs. A huge amount of fish, some fileted, some whole, mostly ayu; skewered chicken yakitori; corn on the cob; and yes, some Western-style burgers and hot dogs. Marinades and sauces! Bowls of vegetables still to be skewered! The possibilities are endless.

And the queue forming... is getting longer by the minute...

...at the head of the line is a bright yellow feline creature with dainty white wings.

No, never mind, it's just a stuffed animal.

<Pose Tracker> Takeo Akamizu [Ohtori Academy (12)] has posed.

Floating and waiting for a wave, Takeo spies Setsuna and Lera and gives a good natured grin, with a wave. He spies the shapes in the water and grins broader as he gestures to them. "Probably Dolphins. Kinda cool huh?" He asks the two girls who are floating near him out here on the ocean. He crouches on the surfboard and looks down into the water, looking at the clear waves and all that he can see where floats so far from shore.

Looking to the other two he spreads his arms wide. "Race you two in?" He asks with a merry laugh. The lull begins and he winks to them, knowing full well that the waves are about to appear. "Either way. Surf's up!" He laughs happily and lays down on the board again, waiting to begin the paddle so he can get up on the wave.

<Pose Tracker> Setsuna Higashi [Juuban Public School (10)] has posed.

It is a universal law that a Setsuna in possession of a new hobby will find the red version of whatever implement the hobby requires. Look it up.

It's not so much lost on her that they're color-coordinated as a note to be cheerful about, though. She grins back at Lera, and... she does glance again at the food, but this time it doesn't become necessary to steer her over.

She must really think surfing looks fun.

As it turns out, the shapes in the water coming down call to Setsuna that she made the right choice! Or at least--it's how she feels, happy to be giving this a try in the ocean itself. "Dolphins?" she repeats, not because she doesn't know what a dolphin is but because it's a nice thought. "Yes!" she agrees cheerfully, and starts to get ready to try the board properlike, and grins back. "Right!" she says, and grins over to Lera too. Of course she'll try and race. "It's right like..." Concentrating...!

<Pose Tracker> Steven Universe [Juuban Public School (6)] has posed.

Steven hath acquired 'Cooking Utensils'!

Because cooking skill is just as important as Roadie skill. Beat eating macaroni and nothing ever again. But that could also be chalked up to just being fussy that one time.

Better not take chances. "Hey Fuu!" the boy says, waving a pair of tongs her way. "I must. It is... my destiny!" he says, raising the implement high. It glints in the golden-orange sunlight. "Just kidding. Garnet says my destiny is something I cant understand until it has happened!" he says happily, smiling back.


"I could totally use a hand! It can be like training for those cool Cooking classes again with the famous chefs!" the boy says, reaching for the hot dogs. "Did you want something made before we get started?" he asks her.

Boy the choices for food they have here! The ignredients are fancy brand stuff, too! "I uh, I don't know how to make some of this stuff!" he says, looking at the fancy skewer chicken. "Oh no, poultry! I haven't gotten the cooking timing down on that yet...!"

He is starting to shake a bit in his... flip flops? Yeah, that!

Lion meanwhile is following surfers in the water... on the water. As if the water's surface was a flat floor, he walks around upon it, and even walks over to Takeo and watches him paddle!

Lion is clearly cheating at surfing.

<Pose Tracker> Lera Camry [Infinity Institute (11)] has posed.

"I-I think so!" Lera answers, as she gets a look at the shapes in the water. She blinks a couple of times, but the sight of Setsuna preparing that board gives her the thought to do the same. She puts it into the water, seeing the start of a wave starting to break over it.

"I think... almost, right?" she says, glancing sideways at Setsuna. "This seems like it'll be fun, y'know?"

Or maybe a little hard.

But she steels herself, in the face of the wave, and starts to get ready!

<Pose Tracker> Rei Hino [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.




Of course, her reply to Michiru was, promptly: "Of course! We'd make an amazing team, Michiru-san!"

And now: volleyball.

The stakes are high -- not only does Rei have an excellent plan, but her friends have abandoned their own plots to start running bets. Rei Hino admires everyone's entrepreneurship except her Grandpa's, so of course she has to make sure it's a success.

Well, she has to make sure that Makoto will succeed, anyway.

Minako chose to run bets on the wrong team.

(Of course, the fact that Minako would know better than any of them what a good volleybet is is something Rei thinks and then deliberately and swiftly unthinks.)

"She's getting something good," Rei says to Michiru, more alluding to her help than her stance. And Usagi jumped at the idea so readily... she doesn't suspect a thing!

Rei would feel bad for trouncing Usagi so thoroughly, but any ethical qualms she has about it are swiftly quashed in the fires of competition. Usagi knows the stakes. Neither would fault the other for competing... in romance.

Rei can't help but admit she's a little jealous of Haruka's tutoring, though. But so long as she sticks to the plan, she will emerge victorious.

She can't help but laugh, as Michiru asks about the advantages. "As expected of Michiru-san," she praises her, "you've seen right through me, haven't you? It's true! I know Usagi like the back of my --"

THONK, goes the ball.

It sails over the net, via Usagi's face.

Rei jumps in to knock it, in a proper underhanded serve, back over the net. "-- hand!" She puffs, in emphasis, just the way hers are balled up. "Haruka-san, heads up!" Rei calls across the net, cheerfully, because of course Haruka will have to hit the ball.