2019-01-27 - TIMELINE 2: First Annual Ohtori Dream Faire 1

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Title: TIMELINE 2: First Annual Ohtori Dream Faire 1

The Sister Schools' each are filled with young talented students with myriad dreams! Recognizing this, the Student Council President of Ohtori, Kasagami Araki, is hosting the first annual Ohtori Dream Faire!

Students are encouraged to showcase examples of their dreams, from works of poetry, to science projects, and other booths exclaiming what the future will hold if their desires are put into reality.

The Definitely Impartial Judge, Kasagami, shall weight the worth of everyone's entries and reward a wonderful prize to those that impress the most! Now show us your skills!


Anthy Himemiya, Fuu Hououji, Kasagami Araki, Mai Tokiha, Mikoto Minagi, Niramo Umokeshi, and Steven Universe


Ohtori Academy

OOC - IC Date:

2019-01-27 - 2014-04-21

<Pose Tracker> Kasagami Araki [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

Fliers are everywhere! In the hallways, stapled to dorm room doors, directly mailed to people, and generally finding their way in strange places! There's even a billboard rented out to advertise for this year's Ohtori Dream Faire! The hostess, one Student Council President Kasagami Araki, has spared no expense.

The gym's been rented out for the event. Bleachers have been removed given the sheer number of entrants from all of the Sister Schools. Some are simple projects: a showcase of inventions for a budding scientist, a proper kitchen where a would-be master chef is feeding those who pass by with their signature recipie! Others are more grandious! One of the computer clubs is putting on a hacking competition, showcasing their dream of an unhackable network! A small scale restaurant is even set up in one corner of the gym!

Microphone in hand, the host of the event is stalking the many exhibits. Pausing as she eyes an elementary schooler's hand-drawn picturebook, she pats the kid on the head. He even gets a little ribbon!

"Laaaaadies and gentlemen of the Sister Schools! Welcome to the First Annual Ohtori Dream Faire! I'm already seeing the hard work and dedication the students of our beloved Tokyo have! There's only one rule for our competition tonight! Impress yours truly! Those of you who've signed up, I'm going to be judging your projects and the very dreams that make you who you are! So, don't hold back, go crazy, and push yourself to the limit! Because if you don't...your dreams might instead just shatter! I've got three prizes for the top picks! Now who's feeling lucky to be the first victim, huh?"

Kasagami is enjoying this way too much. Stage lights and a musical jingle punctuate her challenge to those who are here with their work on display! The girl's coat flutters, hair perfectly lit up as she strikes a dramatic pose for the eyes upon her.

Basking in it, the lights flick back on. What wonders will the students here behold!?

<Pose Tracker> Fuu Hououji [Infinity Institute (9)] has posed.

Fuu had a few misgivings about coming to this event ... but honestly, the chance to show off a project that she's passionate about is something she *can't* turn down. And she's had enough support from her friends in Infinity's Computer Club, among others, that not showing it off would be an insult to them by proxy.

The display that Fuu's sitting next to is relatively humble - just a reasonably good laptop computer, with a gamepad plugged into one of the USB ports, and a rather old-school looking title screen on the laptop's integrated display. As for the title itself ...

Mahou Senshi Gundame

Complete with anime-style artwork of a smiling teenaged girl, outfitted in armor that seems to be inspired by a popular giant robot franchise.

<Pose Tracker> Niramo Umokeshi [Juuban Public School (8)] has posed.

The creation of a Dream Faire is a sign that things are changing for Ohtori with Kasagami as the Student President. A fair open to all, for others to share their dreams and hopes with the world is a dream that has managed to become reality, after all! And there are a lot of dreams being shown today, though there might be a noticeable absence to those that know Niramo well. Many would think that the bright and cheerful young girl would be one of those front and center with her dream.

It's a little hard to show off a dream when you don't even have the slightest idea on how to do so.

So instead of being one of many out there, waiting or trying to work up the nerve to call Kasagami's attention to theirselves, Niramo was walking around the stalls, partaking in the imagination brought to reality by their dreamers. A line of handmade cloth dolls for the modern girl has the ravenette smiling, and the desire of several programmers wishing to show that virtual reality for training isn't just the stuff of movies has Niramo wishing she could try it out herself.

The entire gym was simply packed with all those with the courage and will to put forth their visions for the world, and it takes the shorter Juuban student some effort to push through a couple of seniors who were not paying attention. "Hmmm...maybe they should dream about being more observant?" Mentally berating herself for catching some of Takk's snark, she continues to move along, bookbag bouncing along her hip as she moves through the crowd.

The image of a laptop screen sticks out through the press of bodies, and this one wasn't just playing a demo video! Moving against the flow of the crowd, Niramo manages to successfully get to the other side of the aisle, only slightly ruffled. There's Fuu, and...wait, was this...? "Fuu-san, do you homebrew video games?"

The menu didn't look to be part of the usual setup from a standard commercial game engine, and the custom artwork... "Wait, are you doing the coding, art and everything yourself, or do you have help? Maybe I could give this a try?" It was a flurry of questions, sure, but the fact that someone was making their own video game has a lot more of her attention now. Ever since Takk has entered her life, she has been picking up more on technology out of necessity.

But there was the all important question to be asked. "And...can I give it a try?"

<Pose Tracker> Anthy Himemiya [Ohtori Academy (9)] has posed.

By the way Anthy Himemiya wanders into the Dream Faire, all aimlessly meandering, it very much seems like she must just be on her way elsewhere -- and not in a hurry. Her school satchel bounces against her ambling legs with each stride. Chu-Chu rides her shoulder with his round head on a swivel. Either he's keen to take in the student-created sights or he's scanning the room for someone whose dream involves opening a bakery.

The weird and retiring younger sister of Ohtori's Chairman drifts from exhibit to exhibit, always with a pleasant smile on her face. She mostly doesn't beyond a quiet "Ah" or a little nod, and those if an exhibitor makes eye contact with evasive emerald.

But as it turns out, she does have a destination in mind. Eventually she meanders her way to a rare unoccupied table. It must have never been reserved for a student, or perhaps its exhibitor canceled at the last minute... Whatever the reason, its white tablecloth lies flat and unmarred. Anthy pulls its attendant chair out like it was waiting just for her and takes a seat with a prim smoothing of her uniform skirt.

She reaches into her satchel and draws out her school notebook, flips it open, and tears out a single page: yellow paper, lined blue. It's the same stuff most students use to take notes every day in class, but anyone who's sat near Anthy knows she never, ever uses her notebooks for that. If she bothers staying awake at all, well...

So this is her exhibit, such as it is: all alone in the center of her presentation table, a doodle on lined notebook paper. It's simple, drawn in feathery pencil, and though the lines aren't exactly straight or parallel, any student who's spent time on this campus is likely to recognize the structure scribbled. Anthy has sketched the enclosed Ohtori rose garden, with its dome and flowers and dark iron flourishes made out with little penciled curlicue and even a friendly-looking snail occupying one corner.

Her display complete, Anthy leans over to one of the students neighboring. Chu-Chu hops down and over to get even closer, and suddenly Fuu has a very interested monkey-mouse leaning so close to her computer monitor he might end up leaving a faceprint on the glass.

"Oh, I like your drawing," she tells Fuu, keeping that pleasant smile. "When did you have that dream?" There's something odd about her wording, hard to put a finger on.

<Pose Tracker> Mikoto Minagi [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.
<SoundTracker> Toby Fox - Walls Covered In Blood https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=__ijkQhO6Xs

NOT SO LONG AGO, a cat bats at a flier careening through the air, and Mikoto catches it so as to investigate what has gotten her friend so excited. She peers at the declaration, looks back over to her fluffy compatriot, and swings down from the roof to go find Mai. Her reaction is... interesting.

IN THE RUSH TO GET READY, Mikoto clambers up into all the unlikely spaces to find her cat friends. Cats, of course, don't talk like people do, but that's fine, because Mikoto doesn't always do that either. There are other ways to find volunteers for their project, like seeing which of her most-relaxed friends are feeling particularly friendly at the moment.

AND NOW, it seems like they've been set up in the corner of the gymnasium, in an act which surely wasn't biased at all. Mikoto has brought in cat trees, ranging from three feet to six feet tall, with carpeted platforms and cubby-holes and little mice dangling from their undersides and poles wrapped with hemp to make for good scratching posts. Some of the taller ones have platforms which have been secured between them, so that the cats can wander overhead and investigate the patrons.

There is also a curtain, set up in the edge of the corner, with an 'EMPLOYEES ONLY' sign taped to it. It is not thick enough to impede feline movement.

Oh, here's one of those cats now, wandering out from his private corner to hop up onto one of those cat trees. He's one of perhaps five cats who have populated the corner of the gym, though they come and go, so it's difficult to get a proper count on them; there's a fluffy white cat stretched out over one of those cat walkways, a ginger cat loafing on one of the cat trees, a calico cat sitting on one of the chairs of the tables as if she's waiting to be served, a black cat who has just disappeared back behind that curtain again, and a short-haired tuxedo cat dogging Mikoto's steps.

Because Mikoto is here too! She's /helping Mai,/ as one of the human elements of this whole endeavour. She does not have Mai's experience in waitressing, but she has the spirit, and that's the important thing. Luckily, there are only three tables to take care of, with red-and-white tablecloths. So everything will be fine! Right?

<Pose Tracker> Mai Tokiha [Ohtori Academy (11)] has posed.

A few days ago, Mai had approached the president with a pre-emptive request regarding some future date - something for the next school festival. An attempt to plan ahead, to lay the groundwork for a well-reasoned plan. An entreaty seeking something for the future.

The next morning she saw the flyers for the Dream Faire.

Words were said that Mikoto was quietly asked to not add to her vocabulary.

The instructions for the fair, when read between the lines, are to 'go big or go home' - and between the two, out of spite if nothing else, Mai elected to go with the former. This led to a number of last-minute preparations, questions, and exchanged favours - but bit by bit, things came together.

So here they are - Mai and Mikoto, showcasing the seeds from which their dream might one day grow. A small restaurant in the making - though there are but a dozen seats between the three tables of the scale model. The decor - what there is of it - is cheery, just slightly distinct from eating at (a non-Ohtori) home. Each of the tables has a bright red-and-white checkered tablecloth draped over it, a heavy bowl of colourful rocks pinning each as a centrepiece.

Kestrel (talk)

"This is going to sound utterly insane, but I'm on short notice. You remember those tablecloths from that 'Fifties Fiesta' we tried a few months back?"

"What about them, Tokiha?"

"...I need them for a school project, and I'll take the late Monday shift if I can borrow them."

"....three weeks of that shift, and you can keep them and whatever else from that storage-devouring mistake."

Kestrel (talk)

In addition to the tables, there's an area with a handful of cushions where patrons could choose to sit on the floor. Nowhere there for food to be served - maybe it's some kind of waiting area. Mysteriously, it's placed at the corner opposite to that employees-only curtain.

Mai herself is...looking rather manic, frankly. Her outfit is, for once, neither a Linden Baum uniform nor an Ohtori one. She's wearing a knee-length burgundy skirt, a long-sleeved yellow shirt, and a cheery white apron covering the front of all of it. A headband holds her hair out of her eyes, although she still moves to brush imagined strands out of the way.

She's trying to juggle a few things at once - watching for anyone curious enough to enter their little area, tending to a steaming stock pot full of something tasty-smelling, glancing at some still-sealed containers sitting in bowls of shattered ice, and trying to adjust one of the hanging boards overhead. In the end, that last bit is abandoned as she rushes to the little gas burner to make sure it hasn't run out of fuel or anything.

"I'm putting a kettle on now, Mikoto - I imagine we'll need tea sooner rather than later. Or something. Soup is..." She pauses, ladles a splash into a tasting bowl, takes a sip. "...hopefully going to work out. And the menu - where did I put the menus, they've got to be here..."

Everything will totally be fine.

<Pose Tracker> Steven Universe [Juuban Public School (5)] has posed.

Oh boy, these other two schools have soe many fun things going on! Does Juuban just offer a normal education, and these other two are the cream of the crop or something?! Guess there is benefits to being in with the Sister Schools! Though, coming up for a project was hard! Pearl wouldn't let him take any of the cooler Gem technology items to use.

But... he did manage to get a hold of one with the help of Amethyst. One that had only a small chance of going wrong, but he was prepared for if it did!

As such, Steven has procured a modest little booth among the areas of where some folks he figures may want... a snack! The boy has on a little barbeque apron, and has a curious combination of foods! To his left was a refurmbished Cookie Cat display fridge with small containers of ice cream in them. To his right, a mini hot dog grill. Them 'dogs smell really good! Perhaps a little tangy?

He listens to Kassie's callout to start the event off right! The boy claps happily for her speech, than begins his well trained advertisement he studied really hard! ...From the card he is holding in front of him. "Tell me! Have you ever read a book or played a game where you fought a dragon and it breathed awesome fire?! Well, with my volcano hot dogs, you can! Just one bite and you'll be spitting fire!"

"Oh, also I have ice cream here to stop it. Vanilla, Strawberry, CHocolate, and Rocky Road!"

As he waits for folks to come over, he checks something he pokes out of his pocket. It looked like a vial. Steven appears to make sure the stopper is well and good on, before looking back out! Nearby he can see Fuu, Niramo, Anthy, Mikoto and Mai! Oh my god Mikoto has cats. He wants to leave and pet...!

Sadly, he will just have to wait until a bit later! Instead, he jsut wants to his friends from his cute little corner of the event!

<Pose Tracker> Kasagami Araki [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

There's quite the group forming at Fuu's space! In addition to Anthy and Niramo, a small group of Ohtori students meander their way in. A trio of girls, all in matching ringlets and wearing smug grins. The shortest of the group seems to be the ringleader, and she peers over at Fuu's hard work.

And sneers! "Oh my, how /quaint/! You must've worked very hard on that little project of yours. Games and silliness are exactly the kind of thing the lower classes would spend their dreams on!"

The two other girls nod in unison.

"Maybe if it sells well enough, you can climb out of that new-money dumpster called Infinity! Ohhhh hoh hoh hoh!" True Ohtori harpies, these. Their voices are just shrill enough to be annoying, and having none of the charm of one Nanami Kiryuu. One of the non-leader bullies peers at Anthy hatefully.

"And it's attracting weird girls too!"

Mai and Mikoto's own showing gets a visitor, drawn in by the promise of fluffy kitties /and/ the definitely-not-biased placement of their kitton kafe! Not the President, though that particular doom is no doubt to come. It turns out to be the young boy Kassie has been chatting with earlier. The Ohtori elementary schooler is all smiles and innocence as he steps in. Upon spying the kitties though, his eyes light up. He's already in a seat.

"C...can I really pet one!?" He asks aloud, voice eager and pure and excited! Even bouncing in his seat!

Kasagami's first stop ends up being Steven. That advertisement draws her in...though the look she at first offers to the young man is strange. Her eyes seem a little unfocused, a dark shadow cast briefly over her features. Her right hand curls into a claw. Her breaths are a little heavier.

She's smiling when she finally makes her way over. "Steve-kun! I wasn't expecting you here. Hrrrrmn." A tilt of her head.

"I'll take one. Is /this/ your dream? What is it? Planning on becoming the world's greatest chef, spreading the love of American cuisine to Japan!? It doesn't look huge, but there is a humble charm." Nudges Kassie.

She leans in, her face one of Judgement! "What is your dream, Steven Universe?"

<Pose Tracker> Fuu Hououji [Infinity Institute (9)] has posed.

And *that* would be why Fuu doesn't come to more Ohtori events. Exhibits A, B, and C, right *there*.

Fuu's smile manages not to even waver, save for growing a layer of frost, as she tanks the bullies' mockery with the practiced air of somebody who's had to shrug off negative opinions of her hobbies and interests for a good decade or so of her life. It helps that there are a couple of people who are genuinely interested; the smile which had been growing somewhat frosty under the snobs' derision thaws again at Niramo, and Fuu nods to the Juuban student, "That's why I brought it. It's still basically a demo, but it's further than it was at Comiket." She nudges the gamepad closer to Niramo, "Just push Start to bring up the field map ... Start will open the menu as well. A to select options, B to back out."

Anthy's interest draws a polite nod. "It's ... a bit of a long story, but there was another game that went viral with some bad things happening around it. I thought it would help if a better, healthier game was out there for the same fanbase to try their hand at." No, she's not entirely answering all of Anthy's question, true, but - well, part of it doesn't have an answer as literal as the question was worded.

The sound of Steven hawking his volcanic hot dogs makes Fuu sweatdrop a bit; not that she doesn't like curry on occasion, or sushi with just the right amount of wasabi, but anything spicy enough to *actually breathe fire* after eating is a bit too spicy for her taste.

If she gets the chance to drop by Mai's and Mikoto's cat cafe, though - at least, that's what she presumes the two are setting up - it could be relaxing. Especially if it means respite from the Standard Ohtori Social Pecking Order. ... She can hope, right?

<Pose Tracker> Mikoto Minagi [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

Mikoto, too, is in an old-fashioned sort of outfit, though she wears a white blouse instead of a yellow shirt, and her apron only covers her skirt. She, of course, has sensible enough hair that she doesn't need a headband. "Soup'll be good!" She reassures Mai, immediately. Her conviction in Mai's cooking is unshakable.

The next question is a little harder to answer, though. "Menus, menus..." Mikoto mutters, turning in a full circle as she looks for them. She's having the most terrible time of it, until she spies that little tuxedo cat, who has jumped up onto one of the tables and sat on a little stack of cardboard. Presumably, he did this because they looked important, and he is a cat. "Menus!" Mikoto declares, happily, gently nudging him away so she can retrieve them and hand them to Mai.

Unfortunately, Mikoto has no time to worry about Ohtori's bullies, or hot dogs made of pain, because they have /a customer./ Mikoto brightens as she sees the little boy perched in a seat, and she nods, with a big smile. "Yup!" She chirps. "Any cat who wants pets!" She goes over to him and clicks her tongue against her teeth to get their attention, and the calico, having been assured that this human has been assessed, wastes no time in hopping down from her chair to go sniff at his hand. The cat proceeds to bump her head against him and leap up onto his lap to investigate the table from this new, human-improved position.

"That's Emiko," Mikoto explains, helpfully. "Emiko loves kids! And chin scratches!"

Emiko meows, because she heard a familiar sound and she wants to be part of the conversation too.

Mikoto has, naturally, completely forgotten that she's supposed to get the boy a menu by this point.

<Pose Tracker> Niramo Umokeshi [Juuban Public School (8)] has posed.

The appearance of a tiny monkey almost touching the computer monitor, being drawn in like a moth to a lamp, stands out in contrast to the drawn background. It's enough to stop Niramo from pestering Fuu any more questions right then and there, and she smiles and leans over a little to look at Chu-Chu more closely. "Did you enjoy the bacon, monkey-san?" It might be a stretch for the little guy to remember her from the Ball, but he was a good part of the evening.

Anthy draws a curious look from Niramo when she starts to question Fuu, but the sketch on her table shows that Anthy does know something about art. And if the monkey just showed up when she did, maybe this was the monkey's minder? "Oh, that's quite a detailed sketch. I thought about trying to learn how to draw, but I wouldn't be any good at it, i'm afraid."

A nasal-filled laugh, very much the stereotypical laugh of a noblewoman from centuries pass, and Niramo winces slightly in annoyance. Did she really have to do that right next to her? The fact that they're at Ohtori and so soon after the Ball is starting to make Niramo desire to just avoid Ohtori in the future, but she was here now.

"She might be here to show off her 'silliness', but I think you don't have the room to judge. If you did, you would have a dream worth sharing, but unless you're dreaming of being a delusional old bat, then it must not be one of importance."

What is it with most Ohtori students rubbing her the wrong way and not being able to keep her mouth shut?!

Thankfully Fuu is there to divert Niramo's attention before she could get too carried away at someone insulting Fuu, and Niramo mouths 'Thanks.' to Fuu before taking the controller up in hand. Like Fuu said, it was mainly a demo to test out the map and the menu system, but it far more than what Niramo could do.

"Looks like an RPG! Have you thought of maybe doing platforming segments? It might be pretty ambitious for your first game, but I always liked games that can blend several genres together." Just a suggestion from an avid gamer, but Fuu could be onto something here!

Steven's stall certainly looks interesting as well, was that grilled hot dogs? -And- ice cream?! Was he hoping to bring a slice of America to Japan? Putting down the controller to observe Steven and Kasagami from the side, Niramo picks up one of the offered hot dogs. "I'm like some spicy foods every once in a while, Steven-kun. I have to try this!" And before she could be stopped or otherwise distracted, Niramo takes a bite out of the hot dog. Surely Steven is just trying to make his seasoning blend stand out with that speech?

At first, it takes like a normal hot dog, though juicy and tender. And just when Niramo thinks maybe she's missing something, the seasoning hits Niramo's taste buds. Almost immediately, her face turns a bright red and her eyes water, and then...flickers of flames actually burst out of the ravenette's mouth!

Having the presence of mind to put down the hot dog, Niramo is grabbing a bowl of chocolate ice cream and is putting spoon loads into her mouth. It takes a few moments, but the fire is put out, and the Juuban student lets out a smoke-filled sigh of relief.

Eyes still watery from the spicy torment she gave herself to, Niramo just looks at Steven and tries to find the right words to say. "Steven-kun? Maybe you should...dilute the spicyness a little. Too hot."

Unfortunately, Niramo needs to continue cooling off her mouth before she examines the cat cafe close by, being run by Mikoto and a friend of hers'. She didn't want to hurt the younger boys' feelings, but that was almost too spicy for human consumption. There were videos online about eating spicy foods, and now Niramo knows exactly how they feel after one ghost pepper too many.

<Pose Tracker> Mai Tokiha [Ohtori Academy (11)] has posed.

Distantly, Mai can hear how some of the other stalls are going. It's frankly hard not to hear the laughter of Nanami Kiryuu's mimics, and that almost-familiar refrain is something that can grate on any nerve.

Sadly, Mai doesn't have enough time to go and start an argument with them on anyone's behalf, as the little dream of a cafe actually has a visitor. Mai looks up from her frantic menu search at the voice, gaze darting around in no small confusion - before being met with the stack of cardboard that Mikoto has found. That, at least, earns a sigh of relief.

"All right. Do you mind-" She hesitates before asking, and hesitates too long; Mikoto is already on the way to helping with Cat Instruction. Mai smiles to herself for a moment, seeing her companion handling the true purpose of this establishment. Her part - the restaurant part - admittedly comes second here.

It's a minute or so of Emiko being an adorable kitty and Mai pouring water from a jug into a glass - it was kind of short notice to get a water hookup for their little stall - before the veteran waitress follows up.

She has a tray, a drink, a menu, and a smile for their junior customer. "Welcome to our little place - here's a drink, and a menu. Take your time, there's no rush at all - just let Mikoto know what you'd like when you've decided."

It's an admittedly abbreviated menu - more a trial run than anything. Miso soup, tuna sandwiches, and himono - the dried fish listed as a 'for sharing' option, for whatever reason. Tea and coffee are listed at the bottom, almost as an afterthought.

<Pose Tracker> Anthy Himemiya [Ohtori Academy (9)] has posed.

"Viral?" Anthy echoes, with the clear air of Someone Who Is Not A Computer Person. Fuu's continued explanation uses more health-related terms, though, and the other bespectacled girl nods as if she's getting it (she's not). Chu-Chu, though, has somewhere found an outsized-for-him physician's head mirror and is giving Fuu's computer a second and more thorough examination.

Niramo's praise for her simple little doodle brings Anthy's gaze around, and she bobs her head with that pleasant smile. "Oh it was just something I did today... it's just a small thing." But she trails off when others approach.

It doesn't matter that Anthy chose a small table tucked between larger ones, or that she sought a spot less traveled by the crowds. There is no escaping the scathe of ojou disdain, not enclosed within Ohtori, not for the likes of her.

No escape, no, but --

As the pretty girls in their pretty curls swivel the turrets of their regard from Fuu to her, Anthy looks around, as if for someone else in the crowd. Someone with pink hair, perhaps.

No one shouts her name and appears as if from a fairy tale. The thus-dubbed weird girl just drops her gaze with a flicker of lidded emerald, and droops her rounded shoulders where she sits. She looks at her silly little drawing, all alone on the table, and then away from it to her lap. The three dominate her peripheral vision.

Maybe if she's boring enough, they'll tire of her and move on... It's a shy defense, an ancient one.

For his part Chu-Chu has produced an old-timey syringe and grips it by its silver loops, and is waving it at the ojous as if it were an epee instead. He's no real threat at all, but he /is/ a weird mouse-monkey waving something sharp-looking. If he does creep them out, it might send them away but it certainly won't help Anthy's reputation at all. Not that much does!

<Pose Tracker> Steven Universe [Juuban Public School (5)] has posed.

The Hot Dogs are ready! A small assortment of condiments are cut up well and set out in front of where the plates are! Besides the standard toppings, theres diced onions, pickles, onions, even jalepinos (just in case someone is a little crazy for heat) are at the ready!

"Hii Kasagami!" Steven beams at the lady, though she seemed distracted for a second. "I got a chance to make something for doing so well at Cooking Club! I don't think theres a lot of other Juuban students here doing this. I'm kinda out of my league here but I wanted to give people something to eat!" A pause. "I have normal hot dogs too if people don't wanna try the cool stuff!"

Cool perhaps in a popular way. but in temperature they are NOT.

"I uh. I dunno yet! But I do wanna have people be happy! I figure a full stomach can do that, right?" he asks. The boy makes a hot dog, with whatever toppings she wants! The veggies are from a nearby fresh market and are crisp and juicy! "What kind of ice cream do you want with it? Youre gonna need ice ream, trust me. Oh also, after you swallow your bite, make sure to exhale!"

The question is asked again. "Hum... I guess if I had a dream, it would be to be whatever everyone wants me to be whem I get older! I mean I like pursuing cooking and learning! Oh and surfing. I guess I dream of a happy Tokyo too in a way."

The bullying gets his attention from his little mini-stand, that's not cool. Not cool at all. at least Fuu can tolerate it. The cats over near Mikoto get her attention as well- wait are the yserving something to, with cats?! Is that a thing that people do?! "Ohhhh they got kitties!" he says from behind his spot.

And then a pre-prepped hot dog gets picked up. "Wh-Wha! Wait Nir--" He sees the bite and he goes for the ice cream, quickly getting out the chocolate for her as she reaches for it! The ice cream kills the spice immediately-- and for once doesn't have an awful aftertaste! "Haha, I would but you don't really do the fire thing if there's any less."

"Also for you guys as a special I can get out the normal dogs-- not doing it for msot cause I want folks to not fill up on them, and try other peoples foods!" he says, a look toward Mikoto and Mai's stall. He wants to see what they got!

Across the way nearby, he can see a young lady he recognizes from a dance ball! She seems to be sitting there with a little monkey friend! "Heeeey!" he calls, waving her way. "What'cha showing?" he asks nicely. Good idea to get to know your neighbors!

<Pose Tracker> Kasagami Araki [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

Fuu stays frosty. It's a good tactic, as there's nothing better to throw off bullies than not giving them the oxygen they need to thrive. At least Fuu's frost will keep that computer running nice and cool.

They /do/ pick up on the gossip though. "Ahhh, so it's a rip-off! I'll bet the other one was much better than this thing!" Comes one of the trio of Ohtorites.

Niramo gets in a good, proper social stab. By the way she scowls and glares at the Juuban student, it's hit the mark. "What's wrong with marrying a rich boy as your dream!? It's what every girl wants in the end, to get married! But you wouldn't know about the troubles of the rich!"

There is a grand knight here to defend one Anthy Himemiya! Chu-chu waves that syringe the leader of the group not seeming to notice even as her two compatriots /stare/! As it goes on? With increasing alarm. They inch away from Chu-chu, soon both having their arms on the leader.

"That weird girl Anthy Himemiya!"

"So weird, so weird!"

"Who keeps dirty animals like that!?"

The leader finally notices. "Hmph. Weird girls attract weirder girls. We're...going!" Then they're skittering off with a back glance. That monkey is /weird/! This will be all over the school in a matter of an hour.

Kasagami is silent for a good minute as she chews on Steve's words. In the end? She frowns.

"Vanilla please."

CHOMP! Kassie eats it /just/ after Niramo does. Woops. There's a brief pause, Kassie's face goes red, aaaand....

Steven might want to duck the flamethrower that is the StuCo Prez's exhale. She's sweating, and her good eye is somehow both eternal suffering and ecstacy all at once.

That ice cream is gone instantly.

"....That is /delicious/! Cooking skills, B+. You pass."

Then she's turning to walk away, glancing back over her shoulder.

"But your dream is a complete failure. If you let everyone project their dreams and desires on you, you'll be nothing but a mirror for whoever has your heart. I'm nice though. You get a second chance. Find a dream that is uniquetly, wonderfully STeve-kun, alright?" A smile.

Then she's on the mic. "Steve-kun's dream of others' dreams....IS DOWN! Come on people, show this wonderful young man what it's like to truly push boundaries!" It seems that public shaming is on the menu for those not meeting Kassie's standards!

Mai and Mikoto and Emiko have captured the young man's heart! And Emiko his lap. He laughs as the tuxkitten leaps up, the young man already petting and rubbing and generally subjecting to the kind of loving a sweet kid and animal lover can bring!

"Food /and/ kittens! This place is the best! Uhhh, I'll take tea and treats for the kitty!" He's already pulling out a wallet, placing a 'small' tip on the table. It's an Ohtori sized tip. Also that wallet is all silver and gold. This kid has /money/!

In between this, the young man doodles, starting what looks like a second book. Looks cat themed! The door opens for the next customer...there's a grinning Kassie, who opens her arms. "So the mythical palace of the kitten DOES exist! Hark, for your liege and President arrives! What furry feline ambitions does this cafe contain!? And is the tea watered down, or is there /heart/ to it!?"

To Be Continued