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IC Information
Full Name: Citizen #WT-4029858
Aliases: Westar, Hayato Nishi
Gender: Male
Age/Birthdate: Mobius-sama doesn't use your Earth calendars!
Height: Very tall
Hair Colour: Blonde/Mint
Eye Colour: Blue
Astrological Sign: Why do people keep asking me this?
Blood Type: O
Least Favorite Food: Definitely not the flavorless protein bars issued in Labyrinth!
Favorite Subject: Physical Education
Least Favorite Subject: BOOKS
Organization: Organization: Dark Fall
Position: Executive of Labyrinth
School: None
OOC Information
Source: Fresh Pretty Cure! (FC)
Player: Gullwhacker

Westar is an executive of Labyrinth, and a devoted servant of Supreme Ruler Mobius. His mission: To create misery and gather it in order to obtain Infinity. He is the least likely denizen of Labyrinth to ever think out a scheme, and can be distracted by many Earth things.


"This is surprisingly fun....wait, has my cover been blown? In that case - SWITCH OVER!"


To be completed later!


Earnest. Volatile. Kind of thick. Surprisingly cheerful.


Raw physical strength! And also the whole 'create a monster out of any object' business.


Soular: One of Westar's fellow agents of Labyrinth, and the craftiest of the three of them. He's smarter than Westar, worth going to for advice - which Soular actually does give sometimes! But the rest of the time he's either confusing or just trying to shoot him down.

Eas: One of Westar's fellow executives, and the most driven of the three of them. Also smarter than Westar, and much less inclined to give advice. She can get surprisingly passionate about things like her mission or her rival, and her anger's kind of scary to be honest.

Fate Testarossa: A young girl, part of something called 'the Garden of Time', working with other Dark Fall members for her own purposes. Testarossa is actually helpful, though, and gave Westar some advice he can actually use - along with trading information on their common foes. Westar might try to help her in turn, some time.

Bardiche: A talking halberd who works with Testarossa. Stingier with his words than his wielder, but still friendly enough - and a good Intelligent Device to know. Seems to have the same mindset as Westar with respect to how important things like 'getting credit for your work' is.

Gordon: A talking rabbit, and ruler of an organization of bakers who make delicious treats. Is he a member of the Sweets Kingdom?!

Mamoru Chiba: Someone who reads books. On the other hand he owns a very nice car. Generally filed under 'civilians not to worry about', or possibly 'people to mock'.

Zoë Pallisandre: Is she the girl Chiba was worried about disappointing? Jumped in to defend the guy, so there's something going on, and she could actually take a punch - possibly one of Tokyo's defenders in disguise!