2017-12-28 - The Best Birthday Ever

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Nanoha's 10th birthday party

Nanoha celebrates her 10th birthday with friends


Nanoha Takamachi, Kasagami Araki, Endo Naoki, Fuu Hououji, Fate Testarossa, Steven Universe


The Midori-ya

OOC - IC Date:

12/28/2017 - 03/15/2015

<Pose Tracker> Nanoha Takamachi [Infinity Institute (4)] has posed.

It's Nanoha's 10th birthday and the Midori-ya is set up for a party! Even though the bakery is still open for business, a large corner has been set up for this special event. Tables have been pushed together and special birthday tablecloths have been used. Each chair has a balloon tied to the back of it and there are balloons set around the whole dining area in multiple pastel colors.

Near the entrance to the party area is a table with a large Midori-ya cake box. The clear window reveals a pink and white frosted cake with roses decorating the edges. Big, bold letters spell out 'Happy 10th Birthday Nanoha!' Beside that table is another smaller one with a couple of gifts in colorful packaging already set on top. Lastly, there is a long table set up with all kinds of food and drinks, mostly Midori-ya fare (sandwiches and various finger foods) but there are also chips and candy set up in bowls and on plates.

For the moment, the whole Takamachi family seems to be present. Momoko is busy taking pictures of the setup. Shiro is walking back and forth from the kitchen to the dining area to bring drinks and snacks and to make sure everything is perfect. Meanwhile, her sister and brother are sitting nearby getting a few last minute things ready.

The smallest Takamachi is also running around with her phone in hand and she stops every once in awhile to type out messages on her phone. Her outfit today is a simple but sparkly pink and white short-sleeve dress, white tights and matching pink shoes. Her hair is pulled up in her usual twin ponytails with some very special ribbons holding them in place.

When she runs into her friends, she stops to give them hugs. "Suzuka-chan! Arisa-chan! I am so glad you're both here!" The girls excitedly talk for awhile as they wait for the rest of the guests to arrive. Every guest is greeted by Momoko as they come in and encouraged to grab a plate of food.

<Pose Tracker> Kasagami Araki [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

Kasagami Araki choked on her hot cocoa when she received the invitation. After recovering from her hot drink related near-death, she'd spent about half an hour trying to decide if the little mage was actively messing with her. But it didn't fit. Every interaction she'd had with Nanoha had been far too honest from the girl.

Kasagami didn't sleep well that night. Too troubled to stay in bed as the clock struck midnight, it was a long walk to her Father's private shed. He'd been a quiet man, a stoic man to his wife's fire and volume, but he loved his daughter with all his heart. And the two had bonded in their own ways.

Loud sounds tear up the tranquility of the Araki Estate, settling into far less troublesome scraping sounds. The Mistress of the Estate only emerges well into the morning.


Kasagami Araki, Student Council Member, is fashionably late by about five minutes. It's not even on purpose as she walks in. A knee punts in the front door to the Midori-ya with her usual disrespect for things like hinges and not owning the darn place. She's in a pair of black leather jeans, a stylish belt with a rose gold buckle, and a black-and-red shirt that seems like multiple scarves sewed together and warpped about her. A black eyepatch crosses one eye, and her everpresent coat is settled upon her back.

Both hands are holding a gift done up in pink gift wrap, and an oversized bow. Kassie carries it with the kind of delicacy that some might not suspect she could actually possess. Her eye spying Nanoha out of the crowd of family and friends, she grins. It's not unfriendly, and actually quite warm.

The girl had managed her respect after all. But it's still a little wolfish. Nanoha is her enemy, technically. In the same way the Wind Knight is.

"Nanoha-chan! Sorry I'm late, I guess I might have gone a little overboard. Happy birthday." A glance over to Nanoha's actual relations. Her face, and voice, color with jealousy she can't quite stop. "You're a lucky little shortcake, know that?"

<Pose Tracker> Endo Naoki [Juuban Public School (11)] has posed.

Endo arrives, and adds a box to Nanoha's pile of presents. It's of moderate size, wrapped in pastel pink paper with a penguin shaped note stuck into the red ribbon bound around it. He greets her mother on the way, along with the rest of the Takamachi's.

Nanoha, of course, receives the most enthusiastic of said greetings: "Happy birthday, Nanoha-chan!" He beams, adding, "Are you excited for your presents? It's hard to believe I've only known you long enough for one birthday, right?"

Kasagami's presence is noted with something approaching wariness, but she too is greeded: "Ah, hey, Kasagami-san, I didn't know you and Nanoha-chan were friends."

His eyes make a quick scan of the plates available shortly after, reaching to select one and place sandwich atop it. He finds a seat soon after, settling down and awaiting the rest to do the same before he starts to eat.

<Pose Tracker> Fuu Hououji [Infinity Institute (9)] has posed.

A Magic Knight she may be, but Fuu is thinking more consciously of what a certain English author said about wizards and punctuality - never late, never early, always arrives exactly when (s)he means to - as she makes her way to the Midori-ya. She caught an earlier train than she'd intended to, and is 'making up for it' by taking her time as she heads for the coffee shop; She doesn't usually get that many chances to window-shop in this particular shopping district; she's usually on her way to or from something in particular - as is the case today, when you get down to it - and doesn't have time to linger anywhere, in any case. She certainly can't do any shopping *now* - she already has a package to give to the birthday girl, gift-wrapped and tucked back into the bag from Sofmap Akihabara from when the gift was purchased.

That doesn't stop her from slowing down to look into some of the clothing stores she passes. She's largely outfitted in shades of green today (as seems usual for her) - a pale green blouse paired with a past-knee-length dark green skirt, and a medium-shade cardigan to add a layer of warmth against the early spring weather. Her legs are clad in plain black tights, her feet shod in brown leather penny loafers. (If she's wearing a certain necklace today, it's tucked inside her blouse and hidden behind a thoroughly-buttoned collar, plus a thin ribbon tie.)

In due course, Fuu arrives at Midori-ya, and opens the door. "Pardon the intrusion ... happy birthday, Nanoha-san!" she says with a big smile for the birthday girl. Fuu bows deeply to Nanoha, holding the bag in front of her; rather than foisting the bag off on her, Fuu will put it on the table with the other presents - possibly taking the actual package out of the bag (to reveal white wrapping paper and a pink ribbon).

"Kasagami-san, Endo-san, hello!" Fuu hails her fellow attendees, after giving properly courteous greetings to the others of the Takamachi family who are attending on the party. "It's been a while, hasn't it? I hope both of you have been doing well, in studies and in other respects?"

<Pose Tracker> Fate Testarossa [Infinity Institute (4)] has posed.

Fate Testarossa had been walking through the shopping mall for hours. The same question that had loomed large before Hotaru's birthday was now one that was doing so again. A birthday was a celebration of someone's birth. How do you show someone you were glad that they were born?

One store after the next, and there was nothing she felt would show Nanoha that.

One phone call later.

Just get her something she'd like! Geez! It's not that hard!

Arisa Bannings had said. And that guided her through clothing stores and video game stores and even mall bakeries. Nothing.

Another phone call.

I think you're overthinking things... sometimes the gifts that are the most touching can be something really simple.

Suzuka had responded. And so her journey through the mall continued through crafting stores and toy stores and bins of plush animals.

Fate found herself staring into the window of a boutique. Her eyes checking the items in the window, before they trailed upon her faint reflection of herself in the window. "Oh... Oh!" She exclaims in growing startlement as she stares at her own reflection.

Into the store she goes.


The bells of the Midori-ya ring as another guest comes in. Fate's wearing a dress of white and blue, with a yellow sweater left open over that. Her hair of course is wearing a pair of white ribbons. And in her hand is a small pink box that's only about the size of a single hand, bound with a single bow.

Seeing that Nanoha is preoccupied with greeting a guest in Kasagami, she doesn't walk over to her immediately. Instead Suzuka gravitates her way just a little on noting she's here, "I'm not late right?" Fate says with some apprehension, even though she was sure she'd arrived early. Whereas Suzuka reassures her, "No, no you're just on time."

And Arisa creeps in soon after to whisper, "Well you finally picked something right?" "I did." Fate says with a smile as she lifts the box and gives a small wave to Endo and Fuu from the side, but Arisa continues, "It's the only time I ever see you so indecisive! It's always only with gifts for you. Last time for that weirdo Hotaru Tomoe, and now for your best friend?"

It's clear Arisa thinks there's something that's not right about that. Not so much that Fate is indecisive, but that she had an equal amount of trouble for borth parties.

Fate's red eyes blink in startlement as Suzuka tries to mollify Arisa before she says quietly in embarrassment, "Ah. Is it?" She looks down quietly, "Well thank you very much for your help, both of you."

Once she sees Nanoha is free, she finally sort of side steps into her vision and forward to her to say quietly, "Nanoha." It's soft, quiet, and filled with emotion as she takes a moment to gather herself before she adds, "Happy Birthday." That's what her words say.

But she's definitely thinking that she's glad she was born.

<Pose Tracker> Nanoha Takamachi [Infinity Institute (4)] has posed.

While it's true they were often on the opposite sides of the war, in some ways Nanoha's innocence led her to believe that maybe some day things could be different. Part of her was concerned, given recent events, about inviting the Ohtori student but in the end she really did want Kasagami to come and so the invitation had been sent.

As Kasagami arrives, Nanoha waves to the older girl, eyeing the present for a just a moment. "Kasa-chan, you're not late at all!" Who was really counting time right now anyway? At the comment about her being lucky, Nanoha raises an eye to the girl and starts to ask what she means but instead she nods, adding, "I am glad you came." Her words seem genuine even if they had an interesting relationship. She doesn't so easily forget the softer side she saw in Kasagami.

When Endo arrives, her attention is diverted and the small girl runs over to hug Endo, "Thank you Endo-kun!" She laughs. "It seems like longer right?" She glances at the present he set on the table, smiling softly when she sees the little penguin shape. Present time would come later though so for now, she looks between Endo and Kasa. "We are friends!" There may be just a little hint of something else there as she says that but it's easily overlooked.

With Nanoha's family making sure everyone is getting food and drinks, the younger girl focuses on talking to everyone and introducing Arisa and Suzuka to those they may not know yet. As they step away though, Nanoha greets Fuu. "Fuu-chan! How are you?" She waves the others over and they mingle for awhile. There may be a moment here and there that the younger girl looks towards the door, seeming a little disappointed when it's just a cafe patron.

With her preocupation of greeting everyone else, Fate manages to slip by but it's not long before Nanoha spots her. She runs over to pull Fate into an embrace, "Feito-chan!" For a moment, her heart feels so full as she looks at her. "I am SO glad you're here!" When she lets Fate go, Nanoha looks to her other friends. "I am glad you're all here actually! This is already the best birthday ever!" She beams.

Momoko comes up behind Nanoha, looking to those gathered, "Nanoha is really lucky to have so many wonderful friends!" She hugs her daughter, kisses her forehead and then waves towards the table. "Please enjoy yourselves and if you need anything else let us know!" Nanoha nods. "Thanks mom." Her parents seem content to let Nanoha and her friends enjoy themselves without too much parental hovering.

"Feito-chan, do you want to get some food?" Nanoha looks at the table. "Mom and dad really went overboard I think." She laughs and then walks over, determined to make sure everyone else who wants something will get it before she fills her own plate.

<Pose Tracker> Kasagami Araki [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

Endo gets a short wave after depositing the large present off to a table. It's about the size of two chess boards, so it takes a little bit of doing.

Both hands then go up in a casual, questioning gesture. One leg crosses the other, and she laughs. "And why not!? She's a smart, skilled little shortcake! And she has a spine to boot at such a young age! Maybe she'll be part of the next generation of Japan's leaders with her attitude!" She's laying it on a little thick perhaps, but she honestly likes the girl in her own fashion as she thumbs-ups Endo.

Then she leans in to the young man. Whisper. "...Hope she likes this. It's a long shot." A minor confession suddenly. Then an elbow-bump to the side, and a smile.

In comes the Fuu! Kassie offers a warm (if also wolfish!) smile to the magic knight. A snap of fingers to the girl. She doesn't bow, too full of herself for that. Still, she glances curiously to the gifts! What has the wind knight gotten for Nanoha? Really, she's excited for the younger girl. Her boots barely scuffle, a sign of her eagerness to see what friends and family have done for a good person that deserves such.

Kassie shoves down the dark, black little pit that rises in her throat, and runs a single nail down a leg discretely. No. She won't besmirch Nanoha her joy if she can help it.

"Fuu-chan! Little bit. Hah! The Falconry club is growing! You should come again, seriously! How are you doing? Dominating Infinity's clubs, I assume?" Grin.

"...Sure you don't want to transfer?" Grin!

And then her gaze snaps to Fate. With a small breath, Kasagami leans against one wall of the Midori-ya. She looks away.

In her mind, two dear friends connecting should be what the world is about. In her mind, it's what the world, rotten as it is that steals everything, will only twist into tragedy. She's over to the finger foods. She's stabbed three sandwhiches clean through, and is nibbling on them suddenly.

Chomp. "Honestly? Me too." She doesn't elaborate to the girl. Her coat sways briefly, only for one hand to bat the back fo it down. Odd.

She seems about to say something else, when Momoko speaks up. Chomp. Chomp chomp. She briefly dips to Nanoha's mother, in a pure sign of respect. She takes up whatever soda might be available, and raises it high. Knife taps to glass.

"Here here! For Nanoha to grow strong, and never lose her spirit!"

<Pose Tracker> Endo Naoki [Juuban Public School (11)] has posed.

Endo turns to greet more faces as they arrive, smiling brightly at each in turn. "Hello, Fuu-san," A hand is waved, and he chimes after, "Fate-san, I'm sure you got Nanoha the best present." He takes a moment to nibble at his selected sandwich, considering Kasagami's response.

"I'm sure it's fine." Eventually he decides on that, offering a smile toward the disciplinary executive.

<Pose Tracker> Steven Universe [Juuban Public School (5)] has posed.

There are a lot of beneficial aspects to having a best friend with teleporting powers. There are also a lot of detriments. Like, if they cant speak and really want to show you something, they take you to see it. Period. This one consisted of a bush out in a snowy area that just seemed to dispense lizards encrusted with gemstones whenever touched. And so, there went Steven Universe's afternoon.

Thankfully, he is not too late with his event he was invited to. Once a bakery, then a site for a magical girl fight, now a birthday party spot. At least everything was okay now! The familiar sound of flip-dlops hitting a floor can be heard in the doorway, as a white and pink striped present box can be seen under an arm. Also pink is Lion, looming behind.

"H-Hi!" Sorry I am late! We got lost."

Yeah, that works! Kinda?

He sees quite a few familiar faces in the room. Apparently their sort hang together or something? Not that it was a bad thing. Some of those present he has not seen in some time! "So, hahah... What's happenin'?"

<Pose Tracker> Fuu Hououji [Infinity Institute (9)] has posed.

And there's Fate, Fuu thinks as the twintailed blonde girl arrives. Fuu raises a hand enough to wave to Fate for now, but further greetings are forestalled just a little bit by Momoko chivvying them along for the party proper. And also by Kasagami.

Just ... Kasagami, really.

Fuu manages *not* to spittake at the other girl's casual assumption that Fuu is far more elite than she actually is, coupled with the question - presumably a joke, but one can't be TOO sure sometimes - about transferring; once she finishes swallowing that sip of her drink properly, Fuu smiles back at her. "The archery team remains my main focus, I hardly have time - much less energy - to be on 'all' of the clubs at Infinity. And it's going to take up more of either starting next year; I've put my name in to be the team's captain going into high school. I imagine some of my sempai are going to be a little unhappy about that ... although it was our former middle-school captain who suggested I should step up from the start of high school, so." She shrugs gamely.

"Ah, Steven-san!" she calls out (semi-quietly; she doesn't want to be rude to non-party customers) as she spots the young boy coming in. "It's good to see you as well; how are things at the Temple?"

<Pose Tracker> Fate Testarossa [Infinity Institute (4)] has posed.

"I tried." Fate says quietly to Endo, though the older boy might get the sense she's still a little nervous about that.

Fate still looks surprised when Nanoha pulls her into a hug, but it certainly isn't unwelcome. Far from it. She's quick to hug back and say quietly but with absolute certainty, "There's nowhere I'd rather be." As they part and Nanoha says she's glad everyone is here - she's glad that Nanoha has a large number of people celebrating her birthday.

As the two part from the hug and Momoko comes up behind Nanoha... Fate watches this moment with a certain amount of solemnity and awe. Afterwards she's looking down with a smile for a few lengthy moments until Nanoha makes the offer of.

"Oh! Oh I really would." She says as she follows to the table. Kasagami only gets a glance at her impromptu toast - Fate replies with her own toast.

Though since she doesn't know what one is, she doesn't pick up a drink. "To Nanoha who already has the strongest heart I know. Without her... ah..."

Her moment of silence may seem fraught, but upon examination it's more like she's she's a little overwhelmed with happiness, "...I don't really know where I'd be."

Like a kid she absolutely wants to skip straight to the sweets and the dessert, but as a party guest she definitely wasn't going to let the efforts of the Takamachi family go to waste.

Looking over the party's spread, she asks Nanoha, "What would you recommend?" Then adds, "I'll eat anything you put on my plate." That pretty devoted for just a meal.

<Pose Tracker> Nanoha Takamachi [Infinity Institute (4)] has posed.

Nanoha takes Kasagami's remarks in stride even if it was a little over the top the younger girl doesn't mind so much. "What about you Kasa-chan? How's your campaigning going? Have you taken over Ohtori yet?" Nanoha winks at her. The sister schools program really made it impossible for her not to hear about the ongoing student council races, even if her focus was on helping Arisa.

Nanoha crosses her arms across her chest when Kasagami asks Endo to transfer, "Hey! Infinity is a good school too you know!" She pouts, unconvincingly (and adorably) and then adds. "Besides, you can't steal him away. What would Ren-chan do if he left?" Nanoha is totally sticking up for Endo here.

Then Steven shows up and Nanoha starts to greet him but then she sees the pink fluff nearby. Nanoha's eye widen and she rushes over to him and she whispers, "Steven-kun, you can't bring Lion in here!" The young girl looks around nervously. Could everyone else see him? She still wasn't exactly sure how Lion worked but it's clear she is very worried about what the other guests of the cafe or her family might say. She quickly adds, "It's good to see you though! There is plenty of food. Maybe you can take Lion a plate for later." Nanoha smiles. Despite her worry, she was really fond of the pink cat and in another setting she would likely welcome him.

With Kasagami's toast and Fate's shortly after, Nanoha looks very embarassed and her cheeks pinken. It's rare to see her at a loss for words but for a minute she says nothing. It's clear that Fate's remarks made an impact and even if there was so much she wanted to say in return she couldn't. Not here. What she does say, once they are filling their plates is a soft, "Thank you Feito-chan."

As they turn their attention to the food, Nanoha hrms. "Well, I think you'll like the sandwiches. There are all flavors. My favorite is the tuna fish. It's not really fancy but so good!" She grins and places one on Fate's plate and her own as well. Going down the line, Nanoha is reluctant to add too much despite Fate's comments and once they sit down, the young girl eagerly eats, realizing how long she has been running around without so much as a nibble of the delicious food.

Once it appears that everyone has had their fill of food, the rest of the Takamachi family come back into the dining area. Shiro speaks first, "I hope you all enjoyed! It's a pleasure to serve so many of Nanoha's friends." Momoko appears behind carrying the birthday cake. "Happy Birthday to our youngest daughter! May you have many, many more!" Setting the cake down in front of the girl, the candles are lit and Nanoha's family tries to get everyone to join in singing Happy Birthday. Once the song is over her sister remarks, "Make a wish Nanoha!" The younger girl smiles, closes her eyes and blows the candles out and the cake is sliced and dished out to every guest.

It's Nanoha's turn to address her friends and she stands up. "Thank you all for coming. Just having everyone here..." A pause. "People I love and care about... it means so much." She offers a slight bow and then again seems at a loss for words so instead she sits down as the largest piece of cake is presented to her with a rose directly in the middle of it.

<Pose Tracker> Kasagami Araki [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

Endo doesn't seem to have relaxed Kass' slight anxiety over the present. After all, a member of the Student Council shouldn't fail in anything. Especially not when you're the Engaged.

To her, especially not when it's someone who's earned respect.

No words. Just a tilt of her glass of soda to Endo. Sip. Squint.

Mountain Dew. At least it's Code Red.

Grin. "Steve-kun!" Comes Kassie warmly. None of the regrets of those in the Chevaliers, no, she turns around from her wall-spot, and reaches out to swat the young man good naturedly on the back. "Little shortcake over there is having a good time, I think." Comes Kassie's honest appraisal.

Fuu gets a look. And grin that's way too pleased at how the glasses-wearing girl seems briefly off foot by her words.

"Is that so? What a shame. I'm sure you could claim the captainship of Infinity with the kinds of skills you have! Huh?" Squint.

She leans towards Fuu. "Who cares what they think. If the Captain is too weak, then you just need to crush them and take over." Grin. Kassie says it as if it's the most natural thing in the world to do.

Green locks flit in her mind's eye as she says it. And her own sword falling mercilessly.

Twitch. Inwardly, Kassie sighs. Fate...oh Fate. She can't find it in herself to be annoyed at how the girl doesn't toast off of her start. Nanoha saves the day.

Hubris works for her. Arms cross, and she laughs loudly! "Beautifully! That red-haired, stagnant little...anyway, I'm going to brush off Touga, and become the best President that Ohtori's Student Council has ever had! My dream is for a school that shall give Japan only the most skilled, most ambitous, most genius of students shall be fulfilled! We shall Excell At Everything!" One booted foot smacks to a chair, and she opens both arms as if to embrace veryone there. Pure enthusiasm leaks from the young woman. Then she points inwards.

"For this country's, and THE WORLD'S sake, we all shall succeed!"

Pause. Cough. She steps down, and then she chuckles. "Maybe so. I guess Infinity is a second to us, after all." Somehow that might not sound too comforting to the pounting Nanoha!

<Pose Tracker> Endo Naoki [Juuban Public School (11)] has posed.

"Hey, Steven-san." Endo waves a hand when the boy arrives, offering a bright smile. "It's good to see you again!" After all, he hasn't gotten a chance to hang around with Steven outside of life-threatening danger for a little while.

The topic of going anywhere makes him shake his head, laughing awkwardly and replying, "Ah, well, I like it at Juuban. Ren says I should transfer, but I don't think I'd feel at home anywhere else." A firm nod, and then he's finished his meal. And after that, on to cake. He does pause briefly during it all to raise his own glass, adding, "To Nanoha!"

And, when Nanoha gives her own speech, he beams. "We're happy to be here for you, Nanoha-chan." He's busily shaving off a slice of cake, adding, "I'm happy to eat food here, too." Although, clearly the first part is more important to him than the second.

<Pose Tracker> Fate Testarossa [Infinity Institute (4)] has posed.

"Yes. Please Steven. Let's not have a repeat of the library." Fate's admonishment is mild, but still stern.

Fate takes more than a few of the tuna fish sandwiches. While Suzuka lightly giggles like she's sharing some private joke with Arisa who looks a little more annoyed. Eating each of them.

Arisa however looks the most annoyed by Kasagami putting down Infinity. It's not long after that she steps forward. "Yes I can see right now that you're excelling at trying to advance the interests of the bourgeousie at the expense of everyone else."

Says one very articulate fourth grader who's already a Student Council President, and gunning for the position in her fifth year too- "President Bannings here, Infinity fourth year. I think we would all appreciate it if Ohtori's Disciplinary Executive would settle down when it comes to trying to rudely poach Infinity Students who didn't even express interest in your school at my friend's birthday party. I don't know about our other guests but it is making me very uncomfortable that someone in charge of discipline thinks this is acceptable behavior."

Fate eats the tuna fish sandwiches with a happy smile on her face. Entirely oblivious to this.

As she swallows, she seems delighted at the birthday cake. Staring at it in absolutely wonder. Then smiling in silence as she waits for Nanoha to make a wish. Fate puts down her plate and starts clapping in that moment.

True to her word, Fate finishes everything on her plate. She doesn't get the cake right away though. First she steps around to the side of the table and holds the small gift-wrapped box out for Nanoha to take, saying a little shyly, "Ah. This is for you Nanoha."

<Pose Tracker> Fuu Hououji [Infinity Institute (9)] has posed.

While Fuu isn't coming up with many toasts of her own, she's cheery enough about joining in with other people's toasts (even if she isn't the most vocal about it). "Crushing people isn't really my style, Kasagami-san," she observes. "Particularly when there are still things I can learn from my sempai or my peers. Besides, crushing them outright seems quite rude to those who've gone before me, wouldn't you agree?" she finishes with a friendly, even charming, smile.

Technically, she didn't say she *wouldn't* crush a captain or senior who *doesn't* have anything she can learn from ...

Arisa speaks up, and Fuu hushes again, letting the younger class president say her piece, wondering idly what Nanoha's wish was. It's not really her business and it's *really* not polite to ask, so unless Nanoha volunteers it, Fuu's curiosity will go un-sated. She's okay with that, though. She collects a slice of cake with a smile and a polite bow to whoever's serving it, and settles in to watch, listen, possibly converse, and enjoy her cake.

... and trying not to think about less-pleasant matters. Like exams. And supernatural monsters.

She can worry about last-night-before-exams review when she gets home, after all.

<Pose Tracker> Steven Universe [Juuban Public School (5)] has posed.

Steven is hesitant about Lion's presence in the bakery. Hopefully he doesnt make a beeline to the sweets. As long as he doesn't do that, and the owners are okay with it... he can stay. But he is watching him carefully.

The boy makes his approach to the party area. He gives everyone a smile and a wave, before putting his present on the table. "Hey!" he says quietly toward Fuu. "Good! Not a lot going on though." Good reason to be out and about right now at least!

"S-Sorry bout that!" he says toward the inseparable pair, starting to push Lion out, like one would use a broom to brush a cat away. "You heard the ladies! Go find more lizards or something!" he says. It takes a bit of effort, but he manages to do so, though some may be surprised to see a 5th year actually muscle an adult male lion. Not exactly something that can be done easily. "Good idea!" he says, coming back to the table.

The boy claps for the girl of the evening when she blows out the candles. They grow up so fast! A sudden thud catches him slightly off-guard, but stabilizes as he realizes he has been firmly patted on the back! "Hiiii! Came here too for the party?" he asks Kasagami. Of course that is why she is here! "That was quite the statement," Steven adds to her declaration. The boy nods his head and rubs his chin, digging the school spirit! Why doesn't anyone like this go to Juuban? They could use the school mojo.

"Hey buddy!" he says toward Endo. "It really has been a bit, huh?" Actually, wasn't last time here at Midori-ya? At least no one was in danger right now! "We should hang out with Takeo again or somethin'!" Did Endo even like him? He can't be sure, but Steven hasn't made many dude friends since coming here yet.

<Pose Tracker> Nanoha Takamachi [Infinity Institute (4)] has posed.

Nanoha, in the midst of her fake pouting, thinks to herself that Kasagami would make an interesting politician. Of course, she wouldn't say that to her now but instead she just nods at the speech until Kasagami mentions Infinity as a second. She may not have school pride bursting from her seams like Kasagami seems to but still she wants to defend Infinity. Before Nanoha can speak up though, Arisa chimes in and Nanoha stands there with her mouth open for a second, realizing there was nothing more she really needed or wanted to say.

As they eat cake, Fate hands her gift to Nanoha and she smiles at the box. "Thank you!" Instead of waiting to open the gift with the rest of them, Nanoha opens it now while everyone's attention for the most part is elsewhere. Once she carefully unwraps it, she opens the lid to reveal blue silk ribbons. After making sure her hands are clean, Nanoha smiles, taking one out of the box. "It's so pretty! Thank you Feito-chan!" She beams before carefully setting it back in the box. "Those will go so well with my uniform." Also her barrier jacket, but of course she doesn't add that much.

Momoko seeing Nanoha opening Fate's gift approaches and whispers something in her ear and Nanoha's smile widens. She stands up, "It's time for presents!" Her mother steps back, phone in hand to record Nanoha's reactions to the rest of her gifts.

As Nanoha steps to the table, she picks up Endo's gift first, mostly because it's the first one she saw. Nanoha reads the card, "From Endo and Ren" With a slight hint of eagerness, she tears open the package and squees at the King Penguin plushie. "Thank you Endo-kun!" And then she notices the arcade card. "Ooooh, I will definitely use this!" She beams at him, keeping the plushie in her lap even as she picks up the next gift.

This gift is from Fuu and she opens it carefully to reveal an RPG game. Nanoha smiles and looks over the title and then flips it over to read the back of the game box before she sets it down on the table. "Thank you Fuu-chan! I have never heard of that game but it looks interesting!" Arisa and Suzuka give Nanoha a thumbs up from the sidelines and Suzuka chimes in, "That's an awesome game! You'll like it Nanoha-chan!"

Steven's gift is opened next and the box reveals a sparkly pink scarf which Nanoha immediately pulls out and wraps around her neck. Beneath that lies a CD from Mr. Universe and Nanoha's eyes widen. "Is this your dad?" She asks as she turns it over and sees the man on the back. "That is awesome!" Before she can look much further the packaging which now has condensation on it catches her attention. "Cookie Cat?" The package is cold, like it has been in the freezer and then Nanoha realizes what it actually is, "Ooooh ice-cream! Thank you Steven-kun!" Nanoha is beaming at all her thoughtful gifts.

The last gift Nanoha opens is from Kasagami. It's heavier than she expected and Nanoha sets it down on the table carefully as it feels fragile even wrapped up. After cleaning up remaining paper from the area she carefully opens it at one end. As the paper is torn and box is opened it reveals the outline of Tokyo, carved in amazing accuracy and details beyond anything that she has seen before. "Wow..." Nanoha lets out a breath and looks to Kasagami. "... this is beautiful." And then, she notices a particular detail. A glimmer of pink. Raising Heart fighting a dragon and for a moment there is a lump in her throat. With her family watching though, Nanoha doesn't focus on it too long, worried it would actually give something away and she quickly looks back to Kasagami. "T-Thank you."

Suzuka and Arisa appear beside Nanoha, "There is one more... from us." The package is hidden behind Suzuka's back and anyone near her would see a slight shake of the box before she presents it. Nanoha doesn't notice but her family moves closer as the box is placed in her lap. "Be careful opening it." The young girl smiles and gently lifts the lid as a tiny white paw sneaks out. Nanoha quickly realizes that it is the tiny kitten she found alone in the park and had given to Suzuka. "S-Snowball? Is this for-" Before she can even finish her sentence, Shiro nods. "We talked about it and I think you can care for her and Suzuka-chan wanted you to have her, after all you rescued her." Nanoha's eyes sparkle in the light as she pulls the kitten to her chest and it meows softly. "T-thank you so much. This really is the best birthday ever!"

"I don't know how this day could get better but thank you all for being here... again." Nanoha smiles and glances back to her presents and then to all of her friends and family. "I never expected so much and it means a lot to me." Her voice shakes a little as she speaks stil clutching Snowball.

Before things can get too emotional, Nanoha's brother steps up. "Well, hey, I hope you all are having fun. Please stay as long as you like! Don't worry about cleaning up though. We will take care of everything." He smiles and walks over to Nanoha. "Why don't I take Snowball to the back for now Nano-chan? We already have everything she needs at home but you enjoy your time with friends okay?" He ruffles her hair and Nanoha nods, handing over the tiny kitten, a little reluctantly.

<Pose Tracker> Kasagami Araki [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

Twitch. Kasagami's eye spears towards Arisa...and then she forces herself to calm down. The reply is notably a second or three late, and one hand clenches. No, she won't yell at a fourth grader. She has too much pride, even if her anger seethes in the background. Kasagami smiles, and then she dips into what might be a bow to Arisa.

Her smile is arrogant in the extreme. "Do forgive me Arisa-san! You understand, right? I do so get too enthusiastic about my school! A place that has given a crippled girl like me nothing but the best! But I would never be so rude to a fellow Sister School! I would never think to poach beautiful, skilled students that would best fit at Infinity University. Don't you want to offer others less fortunate than you a place where they can prosper?" Arms open, and she spins around twice. And then one booted foot smacks forward and she leans down. Her eye lids almost closed.

"We're all Sister Schools students, after all. I simply want others to know that if they feel that if Ohtori better suits them, that they should apply. Or to Juuban. Or Infinity. It's nothing about money or station, I assure you." That last bit, at least, sounds absolutely true.

She then turns away, almost as if dimissing the girl. A proper Ohtori Council action, really.

Steven earns himself a grin. "And all true! I couldn't miss this party!"

Arms cross. Kasagami grins, less like an opponent, and almost like a proper friend. "...I'm not my Dad, but he taught me enough about woodworking. I..." Gulp. She looks away, just slightly. "I'm glad you like it, Nanoha." She looks back, and is smiling.

Her hand reaches back, and then blinks. Snowball. A little kitten. There's a slight scrape of wood. She finds her hands trembling. Kasagami leans back, closes her eyes and just listens to Nanoha as she almost melts into emotion. Silence.

She keeps the thing on her back for another time. Somehow, the thought of Nanoha tending to a tiny little life of a kitten fills Kasagami's aching heart with joy. Though she'd never admit it.

<Pose Tracker> Endo Naoki [Juuban Public School (11)] has posed.

"Yeah, we'll have to figure something out." Endo gives his assent to Steven's suggestion, making a short thumbs-up. Soon his attention is back on Nanoha though, watching the girl unwrap her birthday presents. The joy with which she greets each one makes him smile, as do the various contents of the packages. He looks particularly impressed a Kasagami's, head tilting for a moment before an approving nod is given.

For his own, he offers a short explanation: "Ren-chan said she'd play at the arcade with you. We won the doll there, maybe you can get some more."

It's the last gift, though, that makes him smile the most. He leans forward to get a closer look at the cat, noting, "Aaah, wow, having a pet is great." And, finally, he adds: "Happy birthday!"

<Pose Tracker> Steven Universe [Juuban Public School (5)] has posed.

Steven enjoys the festivities and foods, being surrounded by people he knows, until someone speaks up about presents. At that point, Steven latches on to Nanoha visually. It is time to see what she got! And if his present stacked up well against others. One of his gifts was different from the other two, but his dad insisted for some reason. 'I know what the ladies like, Stu-ball,' is the only response he got when questioning him.

Okay, sure. Thanks dad...?

Steven watches with anticipation as the boxes get opened. Man, they are all such good gifts! The boy can almost be seen biting his lip off when watching his get opened. "Y-Yeah it is! He used to make music at Beach City and tour and stuff!" he adds. "Those ice cream sandwiches aren't made anymore! They are super good."

The scarf also looks smashing on her. So he is sure at least one of the gifts won.

Kasagami's gift looks especially unique. Was it a diorama of some kind? He didn't get quite a good look at it. She seemed to set it aside quickly. Huh. Then others she knew brought a final gift. "K-Kitty..." Steven lets out, stars in his eyes. The boy's thought process is consumbed by fuzzy cuteness for a good minute or so.

<Pose Tracker> Fate Testarossa [Infinity Institute (4)] has posed.

The moment Nanoha accepts the gift, Fate steps back, hands clasped in anticipation of this moment. And when it's opened, her smile seems like it's warmth itself, "I'm so glad you like it."

It may be that noone else at the party gets it - other than the four of them, what ribbons mean to their relationship. But Fate doesn't mind. She's just hoping in the future to exchange many more.

Far be it from seeming jealous of the other wonderful gifts - Fate sits down to eat cak happily. Only commenting at Arisa and Suzuka's, "Oh! How wonderful!" Immediately delighted at the thought of her friend having a kitten, she watches the exchange with a smile. Even looking somewhat wistful for a while.

She absolutely wants to pet her - but she's definitely going to wait until later.

<Pose Tracker> Nanoha Takamachi [Infinity Institute (4)] has posed.

Nanoha smiles at Endo, "Really? That would be fun!" She glances at Fate. "Maybe Feito-chan could come too!" A pause. "We could all go!" She seems very excited at this idea even if Fate was already way better at her in games. In her mind, it wasn't always about winning or losing but just having fun with friends. With everything else going on in their lives, they could all use some fun after all.

Nanoha beams at Steven. "That's awesome Steven-kun!" She can't imagine having a parent with a talent like that. "I can't wait to listen to it." It doesn't occur to her that the CD would be in English but she definitely likes all of her gifts from him and keeps the scarf on for awhile even if it's warm in the cafe. It matches her dress too! The cookie cat would be saved for later but she sneaks it to her sister when she can to put in the freezer.

Nanoha offers the kitten to those that want to pet her before handing her off and then gathers her gifts to place on the table again. "Oh! I almost forgot! There are gift bags for each of you in the back!" Nanoha had spent hours trying to figure out everyone's favorite colors and a good gift that would be specialized to each person attending.

She runs quickly and returns with a box of gift bags in multiple colors. Each one has a small Midori-ya cookie with the persons name written in icing and a small gift box. "I know it's my birthday but I wanted to share with you all as well!" Nanoha beams as she hands them out to each person.

When she gets to Fate, Nanoha holds hers in her hand longer before handing it over. "Feito-chan, I hope you like your gift. It's not much but I saw it and couldn't resist getting it." Inside, besides the cookie, Fate will find a silver heart locket with a picture of the two of them on Rainbow Bridge.