Kasagami Araki

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Kasagami Araki
IC Information
Full Name: Kasagami Araki
Aliases: Ohtori Student Council Secretary
Gender: Female
Age/Birthdate: 16
Height: 'Tall'
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Left: Dull Grey Right: White
Astrological Sign:
Blood Type: O
Favorite Food: Tacos
Least Favorite Food: Udon
Favorite Subject: P.E.
Least Favorite Subject: Mathematics
Organization: Ends of the World
Council: Ohtori High School Student Council
School: Ohtori Academy (Grade 10)
OOC Information
Source: Revolutionary Girl Utena (OC)
Player: SwordPerson


Born the daughter of a Diet member and a famous swordswoman, Kasagami Araki grew up into wealth and an expansive estate to a pair of loving parents that managed to carve out time for their talented young daughter. A youma and a fire changed all of that.

Scarred and alone except for distant family more interested in reputation and money than Kasagami, the private middle school was filled with taunts, insults, and bullying. She fought back, became abrasive and aggressive, earning her a reputation as a troublemaker with brilliance in kendo and athletics as well as an extremely sharp mind.

Then the letter came, along with a ring. Thrust into the Student Council as a Disciplinary Executive, Kasagami has since grown into her own. But will she find World Revolution and become a true King as she so desires?

Random Kassie Facts

Kasagami's longcoat is based off of an old picture of her mother. She spent a year leading a biker gang in Tokyo as a teenager.

Kasagami prefers men's clothing in general, but also likes women's clothing. However due to having hangups about her appearance, she only wears dresses around those she trusts. She is particularly self conscious about her leg and stomach, and has thus far avoided swimming lessons and exercise despite knowing how.

She has a pair of dog-patterned pajamas. Only a few know her woofy secret!

Kasagami hates heels, and is actually clumsy in anything over a minor step heel. She would kill herself in stilettos. Hence the boots.

Speaking of boots, they're special order steel toed ones with an inner pocket she occasionally keeps a rose scented perfume bottle in just in case. Or, if out magical girling, an extra throwing knife.

Kassie Artwork

Artwork done through commissions and by friends! <3 each and every one of you!

Art by Girutea@DeviantArt, with edits by Raising Heart: https://imgur.com/pZ0hX5K

More art by Arisuwu: https://imgur.com/QPsRVs4

Kassie room! Art by LaKirly@DeviantArt, comissioned by Kestrel: https://www.deviantart.com/lakirly/art/Commission-Mini-chibi-Room-steamforged-783889084


Eri Shimanouchi: A dear friend and found-family member, she's Kasagami's number one concern in the Puella community after the truth was revealed about them. She doesn't know what to think about Eri, or what to do about it. How can someone she cares about contain such a monster? She wants to deny it, but refuses to. Never before has she felt so powerless.

Madoka Kaname: Once the walking personification of everything Kasagami Araki thought she hated. Later, the girl dared try to bring together two warring factions of magical girls in order to see Sayaka Miki brought back from monsterhood. It failed. This hasn't tarnished the idea that Madoka /tried/. Kasagami is, for once, happy to have been utterly wrong.

Mikoto Minagi: The fierce, strong, berserk little sister Kasagami Araki has always wanted. Kassie doesn't find her strong objections to this projected sisterhood worrisome or heeds them at all. She probably should. Also doesn't find the berserker rage or ominous Child Miroku a problem. She probably should.

Saito Araki: Her Uncle, and legal guardian. Rarely seen by Kasagami due to his busy work schedule. Since the Book of Darkness incident, their relationship has vastly improved, though conflict filled and tense. The only flesh and blood they have left.

Sayaka Miki: Once a rival and enemy, then a monster, then a dead monster. Through her recklessness and grief, she helped reveal the truth of Puella Magi to Kasagami. The Duelist can't help but thoroughly hate her, and yet feel that no one should deserve such a fate. The implications of the truth have yet to be fully processed by the Duelist.

Setsuna Meioh: Before meeting Setsuna Meioh, Kasagami Araki never knew she needed the dark green haired senshi so much. She is wisdom, love, intellect and everything that Kasagami calls to mind when she thinks of the word 'Queen'. To see her open up, to have a little bit of that sadness fade in Setsuna's eyes when they're together? A priceless treasure. Yet her sudden coyness over a certain Prince of Ohtori has Kasagami worried in a way she hasn't felt before, and has no idea how to overcome.

Shizuru Fujino: The opposite of Kasagami in more or less all ways. Offers cold, wise advice that rings of truth. Her heart rejects it, her head finds sense in it. And with her departure from the Student Council, and Kasagami losing to both Utena and Touga? She finds herself missing the stinging thrusts of her senpai more than ever.

Utena Tenjou: Ohtori's Prince, and the One Engaged. Kasagami sees her as a friend, a truest rival, admires her in as many ways as she finds the innocent young Duelist absolutely infuriating. Since her own Engagement and subsequent loss, she's grown increasingly fixated on the why's of the loss and what she's missing compared to a girl that, in her mind, she should be able to defeat with ease. Her loss has taught her a valuable lesson on stagnation, cheating and allowing one's achievements and wealth to overcome her. She's hungry to improve herself, and try again, ever ready to snatch away the Rose Bride: the right way, this time.

Yumi Ohzora: Kasagami's nerdy best friend, and brilliant Witch. Despite her poor health and bookish ways, doesn't take Kasagami's guff. Which makes her in turn guff harder at Ivy to get a reaction, and round and round it goes. Frequent target of flirting, just to get her to blush. Is going to find this girl a date if it kills someone. Probably Yumi herself. Her leaving the Shepherds has not changed Kassie's adoration of the tall Witch at all. If anything, she's happy Yumi won't have to face the conflicts involved.