Takeo Akamizu

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Takeo Akamizu
Takeo as Lancelot holding the Sword Arondight.
IC Information
Full Name: Takeo Akamizu
Aliases: Cavalier Lancelot
Gender: Male
Age/Birthdate: 17 (April 10, 1997)
Height: 5'10"
Hair Colour: Light Brown
Eye Colour: Brown
Astrological Sign: Aries
Blood Type: AB
Favorite Food: Anything Deep Fried, especially BACON.
Least Favorite Food: Anything green. Like the Salad Eri tries to get him to eat. Please. No more Salad. Please....
Favorite Subject: Video Games (Note: Not an actual subject)
Least Favorite Subject: Anything that takes place in a classroom.
Organization: Ends of the World
Position: Enforcer
School: Ohtori Academy (Grade 11)
OOC Information
Source: Knights of the Round Table Reborn! (OC)
Player: YourUsername


A bright young athlete, Takeo has always been a bit of a daredevil, and attends the prestigious Ohtori Academy on a Kendo scholarship. His classmates tease him for being lazy, as he often nods off during classes, and likes to take it easy when not competing in Kendo, or showing off for smiles and giggles among his friends. This is not-so-secretly due to his nighttime racing out on the country roads on his hot red motorcycle, which he calls his Super Rad Awesome Bike! This gets him into detention fairly regularly. People see him as a bad-boy... and Takeo is okay with that. He goes along with the image in his good-nature way, grinning and winking and joking around. Beneath the jokes, he is a loyal young man who would do anything for his friends and family, and hates to see people bullied.


Takeo Akamizu Also known as Lancelot

Takeo Akamizu has come a long way since he swore to defend the innocent while under attack from Morganna le Fey. Besides surviving the tenth grade and the moving to a new home room in Ohtori Grade eleven, he has also somehow been chosen to be on the Ohtori Student Council. Granted, he's little more than an enforcer, but he's still on the council. He has watched his sister suffer from a terminal disease, had the only way to cure her in his hands, and watched it be destroyed. He has battled the Black Knight, whom he has so far been unable to beat, and survived. He has even danced, and discovered what may or may not be love. The pair of them aren't talking about it.

He has also watched duels in the infamous arena and battled Utena for the ability to change the world through the power of Revolution. He has accepted who is, and from this acceptance has become more powerful. Discovering the true form of Arondight as that of a twin pair of blades. He has become the real Chevalier Lancelot and has accepted his role in this cycle of rebirth. He has found true friendship, despite her love of plants and vegetables, and has found a rival in the servant of Morgana. He has battled possessed food and survived the act of eating it, and has taken the bite out of a large dark infused squid, and then had a bite taken out of him back.

He has had an eventful time since swearing to defend the innocent, now he looks for a way to get just one more dance ...



Takeo is tall, handsome and well built. His build is athletic and well toned from years of playing sports and martial arts. His hair is a light brown and wavey, and nearly always threatening to fall into his eyes. Though by some strange miracle, it does not. Those self same eyes are a matching brown, and always inquisitive. Searching around him for anything and everything of note. Often he is found with a motorcycle jacket, both when in School Uniform (Ohtori,) or in regular clothing.


There's Armor. (Real Desc coming.)

Sparkles the Pony (Warhorse) The Rose is something she picked up after a battle where there was a certain Rose throwing Hero.

Duels and the Rose Bride

Takeo has found his way onto the student council via the strange contacts with the Mysterious Benefactor. He has however found that the Ends of the World has the power to help his sister. If he can seize the Rose Bride. He knows what this would mean to Mai, but he also knows that this might be the only way to save his sister. As such when called, Takeo takes to teh Dueling Arena and fights for the right to be the Engaged and claim the power of Revolution for himself.

As a Student Council Member Takeo is .... Not very good. He has been relegated to a role of enforcer, meaning he carries out what the Council wants done.

Random Facts

  • Is very good at Kendo.
  • Is actually a VERY good singer, though he very rarely if ever displays this and actively tries to hide it.
  • Cannot refuse a challenge. Like. Ever.
  • Can eat a disgusting amount of food and is ALWAYS hungry. Always. Also has an addiction to bacon.
  • Can speak fluent French and has been known to slip into French speaking when he becomes embarrassed.
  • Makes most of his money racing his motorbike at night. Which is why he sleeps during class. The money is mostly used for paying for Sparkles' room and board a the Equestrian Club Stables.
  • Sleeps during most classes. Especially Homeroom.
  • Takeo does not sleep very well, this is due to the "dreams" he has that may or may not be Lancelot's memories that flood him whenever he gets into a truly deep sleep. As such, lately he flinches when he hears the sound of metal hitting metal, or loud noises in general, more so than is normal.

Current and Ongoing Plots

  • Takeo is trying to find a way to repair the Scabbard for Excalibur which had been broken and had its magical properties severed in a battle with the Black Knight. A mysterious Knight using Round Table style powers who showed up when he and Merlin tried to get it.
  • Finding a cure for Mika. Magical or otherwise Takeo would do ANYTHING to save his sister. To that end, he has agreed to join the Student Council as an Enforcer from a mysterious benefactor who only requires he, "Helps when needed." Takeo has no idea what this will entail, but he knows it won't be good, and he's not sure he cares.
  • The mysterious benefactor. Somebody knows that Takeo is Lancelot, that Takeo did not tell. They contacted him anonymously, and are offering to keep Mika in the best Medical Care in Japan. For a price. They haven't contacted him beyond that, but he is now on the Student Council as an "enforcer" and his sister is being taken care of.
  • The Black Knight is after Pure Hearts. There is another force after Pure Hearts. Time to find out what is going on and how the two are connected. If at all.

Those He Knows (PC)

Mikoto Minagi (Ohtori Grade 10): Takeo has only really recently met Mikoto despite being friends with Mai.

Takeo's Thoughts:I like her! She's like a mini me! Only. A Girl. And not related. And kind of like a Ninja Cat? So. I guess not a mini me... I still like her! .

Natsuki Kuga (Ohtori Grade 11): Another one of Takeo's classmates, Natsuki is somebody that Takeo loves to torment and tease. Mostly because she rides a motorcycle and can thus be a competitor.

Takeo's Thoughts:Kuga is fast. But not as fast as me on my totally radical red motorcycle. (Engine noises) We haven't raced. Yet. But she's like me. She likes to go fast, and pit herself against others. It'll happen. And then, I'll totally make her eat my dust.

Sailor Pluto (Grade Kick to my head): Take ran into the Sailor Guardian of Time only once, and when it looked like she was about to bring "Justice" to a young girl, He stepped in to stop her. The brief scuffle ended with Takeo on the ground with a concussion and knocked out. Only to wake up with the battlefield empty and him alone in the park.

Takeo's Thoughts: Ow. She like the other outers appear to be interested in Pure Hearts. What is their connection? Also. Ow.

Sailor Neptune (Grade ????} Only seen during the musician tryouts, he only learned her and Uranus' names thanks to Sailor Moon. They have a connection to the Pure Hearts, and Moon warned those present to not let them near them.

Takeo's Thoughts: Scout. She ... Is a scout? And she want's pure hearts. What's the connection to the Black Knight?

Sailor Uranus (Grade: Sassy) Only seen during the musician tryouts, he only learned her and Neptune's names thanks to Sailor Moon. They have a connection to the Pure Hearts, and Moon warned those present to not let them near them.

Takeo's Thoughts: She is sassy, but also interested in the pure hearts. What is her connection to the Black Knight, if any?

Chihaya Izumi (Ohtori Grade 11): Izumi is one of Takeo's classmates and the class rich girl. By Class rich girl we mean she can probably by the school and likely owns shares. Recently the two were assigned to work as a group to do a research presentation on the mythical Lancelot. The results of which have not been mentioned by anybody ...

Takeo's Thoughts: Okay. I am going to die.

Steven Universe (Juuban Grade 5): Takeo does not have many friends who are not at least in middle school, but he considers Steven one of those. He met Steven during a class trip where he had to teach Steven how to Ski after getting in trouble.

Takeo's Thoughts The kid knows how to throw a shield! And play a Ukulele. He's beset by wierd crystal things, that he assures me are "gems" in distress or something. One of these days I should introdue him to Mt. Dew ....

Chitose Shiratori (Infinity Grade University) The only person in college that Takeo knows, he met Chitose in what one might consider creepy fashion. He stalked her. From battle, he knew she had a Key, and followed her for some time, before approaching her at an amusement park to try and get her Key from her. Instead of attacking, Takeo explained why he needed the key, and Chitose agreed to give Takeo her Key. Recently he arguably saved her life by taking a literal bullet for her that was fired from Mami Tomoe.

Takeo's Thoughts: Chitose-San has officially entered my books as a cool girl. She gave me her key while being totally honest with me. I don't know what her "employer" has on her, but maybe one day I can help her out of that bad situation. She also gave me like a stupid amount of bacon. Like. Awesome Bacon. The Bacon of my dreams. If I knew that getting shot would get me bacon I'd have soooo many scars ...

Sailor Moon (Grade Princess): Takeo does not know that Sailor Moon is Usagi, and has actually only met Usagi once on the Winter trip where the two shared a box of Donuts. However Takeo has fought beside Sailor Moon on numerous times, most recently at Tokyo Tower where the Crystal was cracked by the Proto-Daimon monster.

Takeo's Thoughts: So, having fought that huge giant woman at the North Pole I know what Sailor Moon is a Princess ... Do ... Do Knights serve Princesses? Is there a Magical pecking order? What are those balls of hair on her head? Eh. Moon is cool, and I trust her, and one day I need to have a long chat with her. Possibly about the balls on her head ...

Fate Testarossa (Infinity Grade 4): Fate and Takeo don't really know each other, but like Sailor Moon, the two have battled numerous times together against that which goes bump in the night. The two's powers compliment each other nicely, and they work well together.

Takeo's Thoughts: If ever there was a kid who was going to grow up and be like me, which is to say a Speed Demon, it's Goldie here. We can actually get our Lightning to interact and do a huge magical attack. I like her! I should find out who she is and take her for a Bacon Pizza ...

Anthy Himemiya (Ohtori Grade 9): The Rose Bride, the individual who is, in Takeo's eyes a possible cure for Mika. He likes Anthy, and wouldn't mind getting to know her as a person, rather than an object to be won.

Takeo's Thoughts: So. Apparently, I'm supposed to fight to "win" her and take her as my bride. Pretty sure that part is anabolic. (Somebody whispers in his ear) Yeah, that's what I said. Symbolic. At least I hope so. Because otherwise, Mai is going to eventually find out, and possibly destroy me ... Anthy seems cool, but for understandable reasons, all I get is the cold shoulder. Clearly, I will have to introduce her to Bacon.

Utena Tenjou (Ohtori Grade 9): Utena and Takeo have crossed blades in the arena, which saw Takeo first accepting who is as Lancelot and unlocking, even more, power, and then seeing him defeated regardless of this power by the skill and cunning of Utena. The two are friendly to each other, even going so far as to meet up on occasion to help out his sister in the hospital.

Takeo's Thoughts: Utena is possibly (and I mean possibly hmph) better than me with a sword. She's certainly better at basketball than me. Considering I don't play ... Utena is also a good person. Kind. Caring for others. I don't think she is actually doing anything with the power she has in her hands, but, if she were to do something. I'm sure it is a revolution I could get behind. This won't stop me from trying to get another match to take her down, that power could cure Mika, and Utena is in the way.

Those Who are Knights (And a few who aren't)

The "Team" are the fellow Knights, and those he trusts to help thwart the evils of Morgana. Also one Rabbit.

Renjiro Masaki (Juuban Public School 10): Renjiro is another Knight reborn, specifically the Knight Bedivere. The two met at the museum in battle against the Black Knight. Since then the two have met and have discussed how to go further.

Takeo's Thoughts:Renjiro and I met, officially at the grave site of the forty seven Ronin. We learned who we are and took an oath to help each other out. I meet him once a week to teach some martial arts, and hopefully help him out. I like him. Hopefully he likes Bacon, otherwise we can't be friends.

Mai Tokiha (Ohtori Grade 11): One of Takeo's classmates and mutual friend of Eri's, Mai mostly puts up with Takeo's shenanigans, especially in regards to bacon. However the two usually have a good time around each other, as long as Takeo remembers not to tell her she smells like bacon. Which is delicious. Recently the two have become close and Takeo ahs admited his feelings, as confused as he is, to at least one person, but neither of the pair have discussed it or if there is anything actually there. Mai is not a Knight of the Round Table, but is instead a HiME, but is a good friend (at least) to Takeo, and he trusts her wholly.

Takeo's Thoughts: Tokiha-san is ... I'm still working on that. I watched her die, and after the dance we shared at the ball I felt... something... for her. Watching her die, and then be unable to defend her or my friends really, against Miyu Greer has me... Confused. We've had dinner a few times, which she has cooked, and there was the evil tricking of vegetables. But she made it up to me by giving me a plate of bacon. mmmmm Bacon.(She still smells like bacon. Which is delicious. But. Don't tell her that.)

Merlin (Rabbit Grade OLD): Merlin is THE Merlin of legend, trapped in his Crystal Cave he still felt the evil that was his former student return to the Earth, and managed to send himself out into the world where he inhabited the nearest creature to Morganna. A rabbit. Merlin's quest is to find the Kngihts and prepare them to fight Morganna while using them to protect the world from both her and the other forces of Darkness. He doesn't like Takeo due to the Guineveere incident that caused the subsequent destruction of Camelot and as far as Merlin is concerned, everything that is wrong with the world today.

Takeo's Thoughts: I bet rabbit tastes really good.

Azyana Konstantinov (Ohtorri Grade 11): Azyana was the second Knight to awaken, and with Takeo's help they managed to defeat a particularly nasty monster sent by Morgana to destroy the fledgling Knights. The two became fast friends, so much so that when she went back to Russia with her father, Takeo kept in touch everyday via Email. She has returned and has retaken her duties as the Guardian of the Rabbit, and as the Mystic Knight Galahad.

Takeo's Thoughts: Konsta-chan is back! She naturally had to find me in a Hospital with a whole in my chest, but she's back! Hopefully we'll be able to put a stop to whatever the Black Knight is doing, and with her book smarts and access to that RIDICULOUS library, maybe we can learn something too! Oh! I wonder if she knows how to cook bacon?

Eri Shimanouchi (Ohtori Grade 10) - One of Takeo's best friends and somebody in the know as to who Takeo is and was. After a brief misunderstanding over Takeo trying to help Eri out at Lunch, the two have become good friends, and can usually be seen as their alter ego's hunting Witches and or fighting evil in general.

Takeo's Thoughts: Eri's cool. And she doesn't care I was Lancelot (though she totally took that step back... why do they do that?) She is Vegetarian. Which I don't get. I mean... Meat is delicious! If Animals weren't supposed to be eaten then they'd taste like Asparagus. She KNOWS how I think I feel about Mai, and also knows why I don't say anything. The memories of Camelot are there, even if they aren't mine, like she is fond to remind me.

Yua Chouku (Ohtori Grade 11): Yua is the third to awaken as a Knight reborn, and was one of Takeo's good friends through most of their childhood. They both share a love of Motorcycles, and while Takeo is by far the better racer, Yua is the more knowledgeable. She has taken on the roll of the Passionate Knight Tristan.

Takeo's Thoughts: Yupp. We're gonna get in trouble. Again. Wonderful.

Sparkles (Grade The Horse): Sparkles is a warhorse that Takeo can summon at will through the Pendent. She is unusually intelligent, sassy, and playfull to be a normal horse. Needless to say both Takeo and Sparkles are the best of friends. Though she hasn't hinted at it, Takeo suspects that Sparkles is trapped somehow, but isn't sure on the how, or the why, and why she is tied to Lancelot. But he intends to find out, and hopefully free her. He just needs to figure out what to do with a Horse once he's done that, it's not like he can hide Sparkles in his closet... Right now, Takeo is working on getting into the riding club, so that she can be out more, and be tended by servants and fed apples all day long.

Takeo's Thoughts: Sparkles is awesome, and is a very loyal friend. She both listens to me, and offers advice... well sort of. I mean she's a horse. She doesn't speak Japanese, but she gets her point across. She also really likes music, and sometimes I just summon her so she can listen to the radio and we can hang out.

Those he Fights

Mami Tomoe (Ohtori Grade 10): Mami has only been met once, but she helped Takeo in his first weeks as Lancelot. He had to learn about who he was, and Mami helped him learn the School Library system under the guise of writing a report. Which he wrote for English anyway. Recently Mami betrayed a group going after one of the Keys, and tried to kill Chitose, to which Takeo leapt in the way to try and deflect the attack. He failed at this and was nearly killed in the process.

Takeo's Thoughts: RIBBONS! Don't ask me why, but every time I see Mami she has ribbons. So whenever I think of Ribbons, I think of Mami. I thought She was really nice, and helpful, right up until she tried to kill one of us while we were trying to stop a Proto-Daimon. She nearly killed me instead of Chitose-san, and I'm questioning how much she can be trusted.

Morgana le Fey (Grade Really Hot Evil Lady): Morgana is powerful and has no problem flexing her sorceress powers regardless of who is in the line of fire. Takeo has faced her exactly twice, and each time he has barely escaped with his life. He knows that she is hunting for other Knights Reborn to corrupt them, and he has no idea how successful she has been. Luckily for Takeo she mostly sends out minions, who are people of Camelot reborn twisted, to accomplish most of her goals, and Takeo can fight them without much problems.

Takeo's Thoughts: I'm starting to think all the really attractive ones are evil.... I know she hasn't used her full power on me yet, and I'm worried for the day when she does. Because I don't know if I'll be able to stop her by myself if she does.

The Black Knight (Grade Oh God Oh God We're all gonna die?): The Black Knight is a powerful warrior, stronger than any of the Knights Reborn (Lancelot and Bedivere) and was able to take on multiple magical girls along with the two knights at the same time. So far Lancelot has encountered the Black Knight twice, and both times he's lost.

Takeo's Thoughts: This guy scares the bacon out of me. I can't beat him, and he appears whenever he wants to thrash us. He's after Pure Hearts, but I don't know what they are or why Morgana needs them.

The Cake (Grade: Abomination): Imagine a baked cake. Now. Imagine this cake made by a magical boy who lives on meat (specifically bacon), chips (of every variety). and Mt. Dew in insane quantities. Now. Imagine he somehow fouled up the directions on the easy to bake cake box. This is how The Cake was born. After it's disastrous debut as a gift to Mai Tokiha, the Cake was disposed of. However. Whatever foul concoction Takeo managed to mix has made the cake not only inedible to all life forms (Including Takeo, which is an impressive feat), but has also made it impervious to decomposition. The heavens alone only know what evil lurks beneath it's only once tasted frosting, and if it will ever surface again....

Takeo's Thoughts: I followed the directions on the box ....

Those He Knows (NPC)

Mika (Ohtori Grade 9): Little Sister Mika is one of Takeo's best friends. The two are very close, even if she is always trying to hook him up with her friends or playing match maker in general with him. (His mother does the same) She was present when Morganna first attacked looking to end Merlin, and witnessed her older brother beat an evil sorcoress, which was totally cool for her. Recently she has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and her health is fading fast. She is in a state of the art Hospital thanks to a mysterious benefactor who is giving her a bit of a lease on life.

Takeo's Thoughts: I love my sister. She and I grew up together, obviously, and both enjoy sports, though she's more into football (soccer) than the Martial Arts side. She's also really, really, smart. I envy that. I need to find a way to cure her. With all this magic floating around somebody has to be able to help her. I won't let her die without a fight. I wish I could visit her, but even walking into the hospital scares me. I haven't seen her since she went there, despite mom and dad constantly pressuring me.

Chia Asano (Jubaan Grade 9): Mika's BFF since kindergarten, and one of Takeo's chief antagonists when it comes to anything school related. Chia means well, but has an evil streak that she clearly enjoys using on .... well everyone. So much so that in his early days as Lancelot he thought Chia was Morganna in disguise. He's just glad he didn't reveal who he was accidentally.

Takeo's Thoughts: Chia is... Well she's Chia. Always willing to help, but always willing to be... I wouldn't say evil perse, but that really wouldn't be far from the mark. She um... She isn't behind me is she?

Mom (Grade Scary Mother): Takeo's mother is one of the nicest, and sweetest women in Japan. She makes Takeo breakfast before he's even awake, has a paper bag lunch EVERYDAY waiting for him and his father to take to work, and prepares dinner everyday. While this sounds like a typical 1950's mother, one could not be further form the truth. She jsut loves her boys. While the kids are gone, and the Husband is at work, she plays on Takeo's consoles, loving First Person shooters, and is an advent member of the local Sword Collector's club. She is a martial artist from her youth, and has even participated post children, in several martial arts tournaments. She loves to play match maker for Takeo, whom she fears is too much of an idiot to get a girl on his own and mama wants grand babies. She has not taken Mika getting terminal Cancer well, and now spends much of her free time with her daughter when the Hospital allows it.

Takeo's Thoughts: I have stayed in my mother's presence ONCE when she was angry. I do not advise this. If she ever adopts a sweet tone, run. Run very far, very fast, and don't ever look back...

Dad (Grade Secret Awesome past): Takeo's father works hard to keep a roof over his family's head, as well as the new current problem of Mika's medical bills. He is the typical working man who works at an Advertising Firm. Loyal, hard working, and dedicated. Takeo found him boring until he found out that his father, is the still infamous in Tokyo Racer Red. A famed street racer, who won the heart of the free spirited younger Mom. He, like his wife has not taken to Mika's illness well, and has thrown himslef into his work to afford what medical care he can for his daughter. He doens't know who this secret benefactor is, but is immensely grateful, becuase it is clear they have bought Mika a few more precious years.

Takeo's Thoughts: Hang in there Dad. I'll find a way to help. I promise.

Mysterious Benefactor (Grade Scary): This individual know that Takeo Akamizu is Lancelot Du Lac, and had contacted him to offer his help for his poor down trodden and terminal sister. He or they, have offered to take care of his sister in exchange for future favors. He has told NOBODY about this, the closest he's come is on a train to the Winter Field Trip, he told Eri he was scared because of "People he can't talk about," and asked to just be hugged for awhile.

Takeo's Thoughts: Not much scares me. This isn't me being all macho, it's just a truth. Being a Knight with the memories of a guy who has fought entire wars makes you ... not afraid often. Whomever this guy is scares me.

Takeo's Ringtones

Some people have earn'd a special Ringtone in Takeo's phone. Here are those that have thus far, and what they are.

Eri: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZRfRITVdz4k

Mai: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0PI2djoA10

Azyana: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U4WiyxXpyZc

Yua: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7PCkvCPvDXk

Chitose: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KG_fqkyJ-wo

Merlin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1cOT4T2jDho

Chihaya: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ZBtPf7FOoM

Powers and Abilities

Takeo himself has very little in powers and abilities, except perhaps exceptional swordsmanship skills earned from the memories of Lancelot. Having his own Kendo instruction as well as the veteran Knight's legendary sword skill leaves Takeo in a rather unique place as an incredibly skilled swordsman, something which has not been lost to the young man. However where Takeo shines is in his powers as Lancelot, the Blue Knight, or the Knight of Lightning.

Arondight: Arondight, also known as Evil's Bane is one of three swords to have been handed out by the Lady in the Lake, and if recent dreams are correct, Arondight is actually two swords. Which begs the question on where the second one is, and why Takeo has only ever manifested one of them. The blade itself is bright white, almost as if it is forged from the very lightning Lancelot wields, and is said to have the power to destroy demons and evil with a single stroke.

Lightning: Lancelot wields lightning, and has used it as both a weapon and a shield. His armor appears out of bolts of lightning, as does his sword and he has even manifested a shield in the past. Lancelot can shoot lightning from his blade, and from his hands, as well as redirect and absorb lightning bolts thrown at him.

Memories: Unlike many of the Knights, Takeo has full on flash backs of his life as Lancelot. This has given him PTSD, which he tries to hide (See Weaknesses) as well as useful things, like ballroom dancing when he suddenly finds a beautiful woman in his arms at a school function ...


Bacon: The world stops for Bacon. Seriously. Takeo will do anything for the crispy meat, and to date has only claimed love for one thing that trumps it. But only that person knows of it ... (Not really, but it helps him sleep at night.)

Family: Takeo's is a close nit group, and if anything were to happen to one of them, or one of them are threatened he might be willing to do just about anything to protect them.

PTSD: Thanks to Lancelot's memories, a seventeen year old boy has the memories of a Knight who has fought for more years than Takeo has been alive. He knows the sounds of a medieval battle, the feel of taking another life, and the fear that comes with it. This causes him to have nightmares, which is why he stays up late, the deeper the sleep, the stronger the memory dream, so he cat naps his way through life. Which is why he sleeps through classes and does the night circuit for illegal bike racing. He's told only a few people these things, but sometimes the sound of a chair or kids smacking metal objects can give him panic attacks.

Logs and Cutscenes

All of the years below are the OOC dates on which the logs occurred.


There are no logs on this wiki that Takeo Akamizu participated in during 2013.