2017-10-05 - Mountains and Magic

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Mountains and Magic

Nanoha and Steven go exploring and run into Sucy! Magic and secrets are revealed!


Nanoha Takamachi, Steven Universe, Sucy Manbavaran, Surprise appearance by Yuuno



OOC - IC Date:

10/5/2017 - 2/24/2015

<Pose Tracker> Nanoha Takamachi [Infinity Institute (4)] has posed.

The Nishitama Park District isn't far from the city but it remains one of the few places that a person could just get away from the noise of being in the city. With dense forests and spectacular views of the mountains, it's easy to lose time here and find it hard to return to the city. While many people camp out here, there are those explorers who come out to just hike the trails nearby or simply come for recreational purposes like fishing or even sunbathing along the river when the weather is warmer.

Today, there are a couple of miniature explorers making their way through the park. Nanoha is dressed in her Infinity uniform still and eagerly moving along the path. "It's over here Steven!" She looks back to him. "I saw it when I was here last!" Whereever they're going, Nanoha seems excited about it.

After a few minutes she ducks into the trees away from the path and then emerges. In front of them, there is a wide, open clearing and Nanoha stops abruptly and points. "See?" In front of them is the most beautiful sight of the mountains and she smiles warmly in silence for a few minutes.

"Isn't it gorgeous?!" At first, she just takes in the view but then Nanoha grabs her phone and takes a few pictures. "It's so peaceful here..." All around them, there don't seem to be many people but every once in awhile rustling comes from behind them or a distant set of voices can be heard.

<Pose Tracker> Steven Universe [Juuban Public School (5)] has posed.

Adventure! The park district is full of it. From old structures, to sacred sites, to just beautiful nature, one can find any form of advanture as long as one's imagination is large enough. So invites to the place are always welcome.

It didn't take Steven long to get here thanks to Lion, his trusty... uh. Steed? Pal? Enigmatic figure? He still hasn't quite placed Lion in a catagory. Then again, can normal house cats be placed in a category easily? Such a mysterious animal.

Lion has since began to wander the area, but in relative sight of the others. Steven has taken to following Nanoha, whom seems to have a thing she wants to show him! "Coming!" The boy has since changed into his standard attire; deep pink shirt with a yellow star, blue jeans, and flip flops. The weather doesn't seem to bother him all too much. Perhaps he is used to much colder?

And the thing he was brought to is revealed. An amazing mountain range, just beyond Tokyo as a whole. "Wow!" he says, excited. He has been on a mountain once or twice, but never really saw something like this before. "Someone told me these mountains are really important to locals," he adds in. "So...! What have you been up to lately, huh?" he asks, setting down his hamburger backpack.

<Pose Tracker> Sucy Manbavaran [Infinity Institute (7)] has posed.

"Left now."

A pause. "I said... LEFT!" An odd moving column moves awkwardly to the left after stumbling around aimlessly and keeps going left but slowly and with uncertainty.

Their movement would be quite a sight, which is why the being on the top of the column, Sucy Manbavaran noted witch, potion-maker and mycomaniac chose such a secluded location.

She's not pleased. This one isn't working out either. At this stage of growth it should at least be able to carry her and all the herbs and mushrooms she could want and more, but it was still struggling, not only to transport, but to follow commands as well. She can see the cracks in its cell walls, and curses to herself in Cebuano softly. Another failure most likely. Back to sporing board.


The carrier stops and struggles, no longer having the momentum of its forward movement to help carry Sucy, her broom, a basket of mushrooms, a six pack of sodas, a small selection of books, and a giant bag of big rocks she picked up just to punish it. It wobbles alarmingly.

It's a small myconoid, not unlike the ones deep in Library Island, though this one is very small, only about 3 feet tall, and it looks like it's being worked to the... well... it doesn't have bones. Core? is that what that is poking out from the cracks in its body?

After a period of time Sucy spends looking at another mushroom, and just around the local area at various things... then down at the myconid with a cold, exasperated detachment.

"Go. Keep straight this time." and the little myconid marches them forward messily down a trail.

<Pose Tracker> Nanoha Takamachi [Infinity Institute (4)] has posed.

Just being the open air like this, Nanoha seems to already feel a bit rejuvenated. Even though her magical ability was coming back and Raising Heart was repaired, she still wasn't at 100. Although, just by looking at her, it would be hard to notice anything amiss as she is pretty active and enthusiastic.

She laughs at lion as he walks off to explore on his own. "He really is a cute..." A pause. "Pet?" Nanoha shrugs. "So, I guess that everyone can see him right?" Coming from anyone else, the question would be weird but given their associations, it makes perfect sense. "We should introduce him to Yuuno sometime." There is a giggle. "He's a ferret... well kind of..." She grins at the idea of them meeting.

The question of what she has been up to causes Nanoha to look at Steven hard. Even just to summarize things would be exhausting so instead so offers a more simple response, "Well, school mostly...hanging out with friends. The usual." Her hands gestures vaguely and she looks back up to the mountains.

"You know, I heard stories about people getting lost up-" Her remark is cut short and she suddenly stops to listen. "Hey Steven, did you hear something?" Suddenly, Nanoha turns and walks back towards a patch of trees nearby. It could be a wild animal but the young girl seems fearless.

At first, nothing seems amiss but Nanoha seems positive that she heard something. And then she sees it, the myconoid is only a little shorter than her. "Woah. Look Steven!!!" Her eyes grow wide with surprise. "It's... moving!" For now, Nanoha doesn't seem willing to approach it too closely instead looking to the rider.

"Hey isn't that Sucy-chan?" Their acquaintance was minor but she had at least caught Sucy's name at the library. Nanoha finally approaches, although a little tentatively, "How are you doing that?!" She seems completely amazed!

<Pose Tracker> Steven Universe [Juuban Public School (5)] has posed.

The strange movement by an unknown creature gets Lion's attention. The animal, having taken shelter under a tree, perks up at the wobbly movement. The animal begins to stalk them, walking slowly but precisely in the park's froested edges. Though it is blatant how visible he is, he still performs this, as if by instinct. Though he makes no moves to attack or anything. Perhaps he is just honing his skills?

"Sorta. I don't really know!" Steven replies with. "He just hangs around me and the others ever since we met him out in the desert." What that cat's motives were are still a mystery. Though he is definitely magical somehow. "I think he also knew my mom somehow." It occurs to him that Nanoha may... think Garnet is his mom? Hum.

"Uh." The boy looks behind. "I dont think I did. Wait--" A creature does approach! "What is that?!" he says aloud. Well, it didn't seem to be much of a threat. It wasnt very tall either. "I... I think it is..." That girl from the chopper ride. And the library. And the not-so-dangerous library. "Is she fighting it?" he asks Nanoka.

<Pose Tracker> Sucy Manbavaran [Infinity Institute (7)] has posed.

Sucy has her eyes closed, perhaps trying to get what rest she can during her bumpy travels, or maybe just irritation at the situation. In any case, she's not visually paying attention, until she hears a voice say

"Woah. Look Steven!!!" "It's... moving!"

Sucy pops awake and speaks some unknown word. Is it a spell? Is it a command? Is it a curse? (perhaps all three...) and the little myconid sort of sprouts up in reverse, disappearing into the dirt and Sucy and all of her things tumble down and crash into a noisy graceless pile.

She tries as best as her reflexes allow and she lands on her stomach with a splat, but rolls to her side and leans on an elbow, just in time to wince slightly at being called by her actual name.

"Do what?! Nap in the middle of the trail? I just stretched out and closed my eyes and it was working well until you two came by..." Her delivery is completely straight and calm. She may very well be counting on passing this obvious lie because it looks and sounds like SHE believes it.

While she waits she takes stock of who's speaking to her . The girl is wearing an Infinity Uniform, but Sucy's never met talked to her before that she can remember, though she's vaguely familiar... She does find this strange, usually her notoriety at Infinity works the /opposite/ way as what's happening now. Sucy notably isn't wearing her unform today, instead wearing (OOC: This outfit, a few shades darker across all materials, it would take me too long just to describe it so I'm just linking the picture: https://i.pinimg.com/564x/38/23/19/3823198215bd45b2aaec536f60aeb939--japanese-fashion-styles-japanese-style.jpg ) which luckily for her, has plenty of rugged layers to absorb the fall.

And with this mysterious Infinity student, Shield Kid, which means.... Her eyes dart in search of his Lion, finding it as easily as a Big Pink Lion in a winter forest. She sighs, and uses it to help sell her lie of having been asleep, because she sounds exhausted already.

She feels the Myconid squirm nervously deep in the dirt beneath her. Maybe it's her, maybe it's the other human voices, maybe the giant Pink Lion, but she leans extra hard into the ground to try to communicate that it needs to stay down there.

<Pose Tracker> Nanoha Takamachi [Infinity Institute (4)] has posed.

Nanoha glances at Steven, "Oh well, I guess it doesn't matter too much. He is still an adorable pink furball." Right now, she doesn't think that Garnet is Steven's mom but that could change if she ever visited the beach house and met her and the other gems. For now she adds, "I wish I had a pet lion." There is a tiny laugh. "Although I don't think my family would like that very much." True, they loved Yuuno and even Arf, but they were more normal 'pets' and well a lion would be crazy, no matter how 'tame' it seemed.

Shaking her head, Nanoha peers closer until they are almost upon the girl and whatever that thing was and then suddenly it's gone and Sucy and her stuff, fall and roll, coming to a complete stop right in front of her and Steven. "Hey, are you okay?" She looks concerned and walks over with the intent to offer the girl a hand up and to help her gather her things.

For a brief moment, the myconid seems forgotten as Nanoha tends to Sucy. "Eh, sorry if we interrupted something. We were just out here looking around and well..." She rubs the back of her neck nervously, glancing around. ".. we heard something."

The young girl may be a little naive but she is pretty sure of what they just saw and even though it's mostly gone now, Nanoha seems intrigued. "That was kind of amazing but uh... it's okay. You don't have to tell us about it." There may be a little hint of disappointment but the fact that the girl doesn't inquire more, probably means she has seen stranger things.

Brushing a little dirt off of herself, Nanoha greets Sucy, "I am Nanoha Takamachi! And uh.. I think you know Steven?" She gestures to him and pauses. "I have seen you around before but I don't think I introduced myself?" Nanoha suddenly glances around.

"Hey Steven, what happened to-?" And then suddenly, she sees the pink fur. "Oh! I guess he was here all the time. Nanoha laughs before walking over to the pink cat. "Lion... remember meeee?" She bends down and stares into his adorable eyes seemingly at ease around what most people would consider a danger.

<Pose Tracker> Steven Universe [Juuban Public School (5)] has posed.

That... mushroom man just kinda poofed. "Oh, well it's gone now."

The sudden disappearance of the myconid has Lion running out of the forest at high speed, abruptly stopping right by Sucy, and sniffing the ground. 'Where did it go?!' is clearly on his mind, though after a moment, turns his attention to Sucy herself, gives her one sniff, then promptly lays down right beside her.

It was like he is in on her art. Or maybe he just wants pets? It is always so hard to tell with him. He is just at the edge of being inscrutable, all the time.

Steven's eyebrows raise. "You okay?" he asks. "Sorry to uh, wake you?" He isn't quite sure what to go with at the moment.

"Lion isn't bad, but he has a bad habit of coughing up on the only rug in the house. Its a doormat. There is literally tons of other space that is easier to clean, and he does it there. Seriously." The boy looks toward Sucy, and back. "Yeah! We have met." Last he recalled, she was a rather quiet person. Or rather, maybe just reserved in talking.

Lion looks up from by Sucy, and lets out a baying growl. If he could talk, he probably would have said something just now. At least he seems to recognize Nanoha. And Sucy, for that manner. "Soooo... this is a pretty good place to sleep," he comments aloud. It is a serene location. "How have you been since the helicopter ride?" he asks the girl with the napping plan.

<Pose Tracker> Sucy Manbavaran [Infinity Institute (7)] has posed.

If it were possible, would Sucy have turned even paler as Lion sniffed for the myconid and then WHUMPED himself right in her personal space? She looks a little uncomfortable, but it's not fear exactly... She stays still and watches Lion, and maybe even considers petting him for a moment, but she stays in that one spot, on the ground and replies to Steven instead "...since the helicopter ride? I've been okay. Laying low, mostly." She's sort of glad he didn't mention the day at the bakery..

Then Sucy reflects on Nanoha's introduction. It's true, she realizes now, Nanoha was on the helicopter too... and she mentions Hotaru... Sucy thinks to herself about what happened after they'd all gone home, and tries to think of something else.

Of course that something else is the myconid beneath her, which is shaking more and more uncomfortably now that Lion is so very close to it. She can't let them see it though, she knows.

Steven beat up the Myconid that she used pieces from to grow this new one, so he isn't the problem.

But if Nanoha goes to Infinity... is she in the magic program? Sucy doesn't know, and even if she is, that's still a problem.

The pale witchling hasn't gone through the rulebook completely, it's a dry boring read for such an old book, but she can assume students aren't supposed to be growing monsters in their bedrooms. and if Nanoha is a magic student, she might tell the instructors. She looks the honor student type, friendly with the teachers. Too risky... Gotta just keep changing the subject or keep them talking about something else, but what? It's not a great moment to bring up school now. Maybe the helicopter, urgh no, back to that. Or how she met Setsuna? She can't talk about that either. Agh. Helicopters it is. "Yeah, I... helicopters sometimes I guess. Flying on them..."

Sucy thinks back to how sick it made her feel, since it was so incredibly different from flying on a broom as a single person

"...sure is."

That wasn't a question. Agh.

<Pose Tracker> Nanoha Takamachi [Infinity Institute (4)] has posed.

For the moments that Nanoha locks eyes with Lion, she seems entranced, reaching out briefly to pet the soft pink fur. Lion abruptly looks away from her and growls. It startles the girl a little but then Nanoha laughs and stands up again, leaving him to do whatever he does best. Probably sleep or go hunting something. Although it's kind of hard to imagine such a tame thing hunting anything.

The look of discomfort is not lost on Nanoha and she headtilts a little at Sucy. "What is wrong?" The ground moves and Nanoha steps back away from it rather suddenly. "Hey! It's still ther-!" She looks back over to Steven and then back to Sucy. Why wouldn't she tell her what it was? Nanoha tries really hard to ignore it but every few seconds she glances back down, expecting it to jump out at them again.

The remarks from the girl don't help anything and Nanoha finds this all very strange. Luckily for Sucy, she is better at coming up with a response. "Oh right! That was a fun day Steven!" Nanoha had enjoyed it, especially since Fate was there too and it was so different than other ways of flying, airplane or otherwise.

There is a pause in the conversation and suddenly a ferret comes shooting out the forest and climbs quickly onto Nanoha's shoulder taking her by surprise. She nearly falls over on top of Lion and the wiggling patch of dirt. "What the- Yuuno!" Things get very awkward for her. "Um, this is Yuuno." In her mind, she is trying to find out what is going on. She can't exactly talk to him like a normal person but why hadn't he just come untransformed?

Rather than talk in her head though, he speaks out loud, making the girl frown at him even more. "I am sorry Nanoha. We couldn't get ahold of your phone and this was the fastest way. Lindy and Amy want you to come to the apartment later. It's important." Nanoha's mind seems to race as Steven and Sucy are probably just as confused as she is but her main concern is that something happened to Fate. "Is something wrong? Did you guys find out more about uh..." She looks at the present company and her voice fades. Yuuno nods. "Everyone is fine. They just want you to come okay?" Nanoha nods.

Yuuno looks at Steven and Sucy as if he just noticed them. (He hadn't but it didn't seem to matter) and just squeaks. Steven, knowing Nanoha's magical ability probably wouldn't be surprised but Nanoha looks really closely at Sucy's reaction. Worried that she was going to freak out but then again she had just been riding a myconid so...

<Pose Tracker> Steven Universe [Juuban Public School (5)] has posed.

It is hard to tell whether Lion is still interested in the Myconid or not. He isn't sniffing the ground or pawing at the dirt. Maybe he just wanted to be with the hip crowd down here on the floor. He is warm, fluffy, and very pink. He seems just so wonderfully pettable!

"Ummm," is all Steven can muster. What was that supposed to be now? Was that a declarative statement, or...? Maybe she is just out of it from her 'nap'. "They are cool!" Steven adds in, trying to help Sucy out.

Lion is funny sometimes, but he would never hurt somebody, despite how fearsome a creature he is. Perhaps whatever makes him special makes him more intelligent or pacified. Or he is domesticated to a degree.

The moving ground does get his attention when Nanoha mentions it. Seems to be hiding. Why? It was like, his size. "I've been high up before, but never quite that high," he adds in. He still wonders about how well that pilot knows Pluto. He should have asked!

And then A FERRET. Steven nearly loses it as he stares at the small furry creature with stars in his eyes. "Ohhh myyy goooood!" And then it talks! MAGICAL FERREEEET. His hands are on his cheeks just staring at it. THe adorable thing even got Lions attention when it talks.

Thankfully he doesn't seem to be making any moves to go after it like a cat might. He seems comfy right there by Sucy.

<Pose Tracker> Sucy Manbavaran [Infinity Institute (7)] has posed.

A Ferret Appears!

And it looks like it has something to say!

"Do you?" someone might have have asked it, to which it would have replied "YES I CERTAINLY DO." since it starts talking to Nanoha, loudly conveying what seems to be a very private message!

Reactions abound!

Nanoha looks unsettled but not particularly surprised and watches Sucy!

Steven has stars in his eyes and he's one ukelele-to-arm's-length away from writing a power ballad about how awesome ferrets are!

And Sucy? Sucy doesn't react at all. Which is generally her thing so she just sits there for about a minute, and thinks about dinner. It's getting pretty late isn't it? Until she notices Nanoha's watchful gaze, and in that space of time Sucy wonders why. She doesn't know who any of those people are, there's no secrets to keep. Nanoha's familiar should be a bit more discreet though, it's sort of shout-... OH.

Sucy bolts from her recline next to Lion an exaggerated fashion and jumps to her feet!

"A TALKING FERRET." she says conspicuously in a raised voiced monotone.



Yep, that's what she was forgetting, Sucy was supposed to be convincing Nanoha she's a non-magical, but there's a problem, Sucy is born-witch with a ghost for a mom. Sucy is not used to this role at all.

What do non-magicals do when they see they see a talking animal? She consciously opens her eye all the way open to help sell her surprise. OK that's a good start. What else?

She opens her mouth and lets it hang open in what she hopes is surprise. All right, that works.

What do they do next? She doesn't feel like running away...but what would a nonmagical do instead? Taking too long...

She raises her arms above her head.


<Pose Tracker> Sucy Manbavaran [Infinity Institute (7)] has posed.

Her weight no longer keeping it down from its panic, the Myconid sees its chance, bursts out of the ground and tears off into the forest as fast as it can.

Sucy pretends not to notice.

<Pose Tracker> Nanoha Takamachi [Infinity Institute (4)] has posed.

Yuuno just blinks at Steven a few times. He realized his mistake but it's clearly entirely too late for that. Nanoha is starting to panic a little inside. Even if Steven was amazed by it, it definitely not something that should be broadcast to non-magical folks. At the very least, she assumes that they would have to play it off later. How though, she wasn't sure.

Being unconcerned about Steven, Sucy gets her full attention and there is a long pause with awkward silence and just when Nanoha is about to ask if the girl is okay, she suddenly stands up! Startling her, Yuuno and probably Lion as well. "What-"

Then Sucy remarks about how animals aren't supposed to talk and then the feigned look of surprise. Nanoha seems to be scrutinizing the other girl and then she suddenly shakes her head. "Nope. I am not buying it." She folds her arms across her chest.

And then suddenly the ground shakes and the myconid bursts out of the ground. Dirt flies everywhere as it does so and it leaves a hole in the ground. Before anything else happens though, it's gone, running off into the forest.

After shaking yet more dirt from her uniform and wondering why she hadn't changed, Nanoha laughs. "Well, did you have something you wanted to tell us?" Nanoha smiles and winks at Sucy. "Talking animals are one thing but that..." There is a vague gesture to the forest. "...is something else!" She actually seems to be in awe of Sucy in that moment.

"Steven, have you ever seen one of those before?" The fact that he hadn't seemed overly surprised at it when they first came across it, makes her wonder.

Yuuno is silent at first while all of this happens. If one paid close enough attention to his face though they would see that his eyes are huge with surprise. "Was that some kind of monster?" He asks Sucy and Steven. At least it hadn't attacked them though.

<Pose Tracker> Steven Universe [Juuban Public School (5)] has posed.

This cute animal. Is so amazing. Just look at its fur and long body! The boy is jsut overtaken with this thing. There is absolutely nothing that can take his mind from this cute thi--

A sudden tone change from Sucy gets his attention. It sounds forced and very odd. Why does a talking animal surprise her? She was dealing with the library dungeon-y place, where SKELETONS and GIANT DEMON WOMEN were. Maybe it was something she hoped to see one day?! Her next reaction makes Steven glance from Sucy to the ferret repeatedly, and he says in a voice that barely contains exploding excitement:

"Please tell me it has a little ferret gun. Please."

And a cop uniform and a block he patrols and a uniform and a ferret cop car and and and and

Meanwhile Lion seems to just watch the mushroom man pop up and beat a retreat into the forest. He sniffs the area it burst from curiously. The heck was that thing.

Steven has full attention on Nanoha and her ferret to even care about the Myconid. "N-Not in person!" he exclaims. To Yunno's question-- "Yes! Yes it was!" he says happily, as if he was answering a mundane question. Ferret ferret ferret ferret.

<Pose Tracker> Sucy Manbavaran [Infinity Institute (7)] has posed.

"It was a mushroom." Sucy just says to all inquiries. RE: the myconid

"I grew him from pieces of a bigger one." he beat up. She looks over to Steven with her eye for a second. She looks back over at her stuff on the ground at last, "It wasn't very strong. Need to try again".

She picks up her sodas and books and crams the books into somewhere...next to her hip where someone might keep a purse, but there's no purse, yet the books disappear. She goes to put the sodas in there too, but decides she doesn't want to risk putting them in with her books given their recent fall so. "You want one?" She motions to offer them to everyone, even Yuuno. Familiars can have odd tastes, maybe the first ad-executive who thought to use a ferret with sunglasses to sell soda just ran into someone's familiar. Speaking of which.

"So you two have familiars huh. "They're a little weird, especially him." She gestures to Lion.

She's very matter of fact now, and why not, the jig is up, the mushroom's out of the bog.

<Pose Tracker> Nanoha Takamachi [Infinity Institute (4)] has posed.

Nanoha frowns at Steven. "A ferret... gun??" She glances at Yuuno. "No gun." Of course, he did have other awesome capabilities although probably not as amazing as a tiny gun would be. That was something for another time though maybe.

"A monster?" Nanoha is surprised at Steven's enthusiastic response to Yuuno's question. Sure they fight monsters all the time but still just that reaction catches her a little off-guard.

Then Sucy, starts explaining and Nanoha looks at her and listens. "Wow, so you grew that thing?!" Her eyes widen. "What were you planning on doing with it?" Other than riding it and sleeping on it of course.

The books and Sucy's stuff disappears and Nanoha smiles. This is all so amazing, she thinks. To the offer of soda, she takes one and then looks to Yuuno, who surprisingly nods. Nanoha takes two and then glances at the label before opening it.

With a loud escape of air, the soda oozes and fizzes out and she nearly drops the can on the ground trying to keep it off of her uniform. "Whoops!" Nanoha takes it in stride though and laughs. What she doesn't see immediately however is that Yuuno was sprayed directly and is frantically trying to clean his tiny ferret face off.

The remark of familiars though, makes his pause. "So you knew huh?" He looks at Nanoha, while still trying to get the soda off his fur. "I guess you don't have to worry after all." She laughs. "I guess not..."

It still was strange to her but she was learning that there were all kinds of magic in this world. Something that she would have never imagined only a couple of years ago. Taking a sip of the soda, Nanoha glances upwards for a minute. "It's getting late. We should probably go soon Yuuno." She didn't want to leave though and hesitates before actually starting to head back down the trail.

"You can carry your own soda though!" Nanoha laughs. Yuuno doesn't look amused and seems unwilling to transform in front of Steven and Sucy.

Before they leave Nanoha looks back at Sucy, "So, I hope I get to see you again sometime." She really sounds sincere. Whatever the source of Sucy's magic, it seems fascinating to her and she would love to learn more about it eventually.

<Pose Tracker> Steven Universe [Juuban Public School (5)] has posed.

A walking mushroom. No wait, a running mushroom. Scratch that, a fleeing mushroom? "Oh hey! I remember that." Down in the library. Those weren't friendly. That one... was at least neutral. "Uh, sure!" he says toward the offer of soda. Very nice of her. "Familiars?" he asks but responds with, "Ohhh! Right," moments later. Like those books Connie likes!

Wait, Lion was a familiar? Steven seems unsure. He could be, but he figured gaining a familiar, like in the books, needed somethign special liek spells or magic items. Lion just sorta... showed up.

The boy pops the top on the offered soda, and besides fizzing over a little, it seems fine. The boy comes out unscathed from a sticky future. "I uh, I dunno what it was to be honest. Seemed monster-y to me." Was that even a word? The fact that Yunno does not in fact have a ferret gun does not phase him. It was still a talking ferret and SO CUTE.

"Gotta go?" he says rhetorically to Nanoha. "Okay! Thanks for hanging out and inviting me to the mountain scenery! I haven't been out here before." A look toward Sucy "What do you plan to do? Wanna--" He has an idea. "--You need help getting your porta-buddy mushroom guy?" he remarks.

It is obvious he feels good about himself popping a mushroom joke. Livens up the scene and helps it from being so sporing. HAHA THATS TWO.

<Pose Tracker> Sucy Manbavaran [Infinity Institute (7)] has posed.

Sucy nods when Nanoha asks again if she grew the myconid and Sucy takes a moment to consider her next question. "I suppose, I could have it clean my room, record TV shows while I'm at school, Footstool, nightstand, carry heavy things, rearrange my furniture, tackle my bullies, pick mushrooms for me, keep people away from me when I'm picking them myself... Maybe they taste good..." She keeps going but is interrupted by the *WHOOSH!* of sodas opening, and she cracks a fanged smile, espcially at Yuuno, at whom she can't help but chuckle.

When Nanoha goes to leave, and asks if she'll be able to meet her again. Sucy shrugs. "I keep running into him. His lion seeks me out or something I guess, so it'll probably happen.

Sucy grabs her broom and sits on it sidesaddle.

"Tia Freyre!"

She says this magic word alous and with a gust of green magic, the broom floats up with her on it. She waves to Nanoha as Nanoha and Yuuno make their exit. As for Steven... he offers to help Sucy shrugs, She was planning on letting it fall apart on its own, but she has nothing else to do, and he seems really excited and it could lead them to more mushrooms as it looks for places to hide. "Okay. Sure, let's go."

She begins to fly off, leading the way, this time trying to make sure she doesn't escape Steven and Lion.

Such an odd feeling...