2017-11-20 - Kasagami Araki Fundraising Lunch

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Title: Kasagami Araki Fundraising Lunch

Kasagami Araki, the Engaged, hosts a fabulous party to fundraise for her campaign against Touga Kiryuu. Friends and even family show up.


Ami Mizuno, Anthy Himemiya, Chitose Shiratori, Kasagami Araki, Kuniko Saito, Steven Universe


<Araki Family Estate, Tokyo>

OOC - IC Date:

<11/20/17 - 03/06/15>

<Pose Tracker> Kasagami Araki [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

The Araki estate just outside of Tokyo proper is large and impressive: a main, well appointed house and guest area of ancient design, leading into more modern buildings for servants and baths when one feels the need for a spa, or simply modern living. There's an energy here: of old history and grandeur mixing with potential for the future. Of ambitions old and new alive and well where not weeks before there was only ruin and despair in ash.

A field of dark crimson roses, one of it's many gardens, is cut through on the way to the centerpiece of tonight. A shockingly large dojo of wood and bamboo, massive enough to hold a large kendo school or perhaps train a small army, has it's twin doors thrown wide open in invitation. Scrolls of names of the particular style of swordsmanship is proudly hung about the place, the largest ones clearly ancient, while much smaller ones more modern. The newest has a single name: Kasagami Araki, the school's defacto head.

It's upon a pulpit that anyone who's come for the fundraiser would find her. Outside, lengthy tables have been set up where black clad, suited servants are preparing for the actual lunch. Sparkling cider, as well as variou other classy drinks are set out already. One servant is taking meal tickets: those with the funds to donate receive free reign. Those who might not, or aren't from Ohtori, are instead given fliers for Kasagami's campaign and posters with promises to plaster them on places that are easily seen. The fliers are, as might be expected loud and have heroic shots of Kasagami on them alongside copious propogranda.

Inside, there's a number of people already seated or milling about away from the actual training floor. Numerous black coats are over shoulders, as is the trend amongst many students recently at Ohtori, along with sneaky bits of red or black. There's several businessmen, government officials, and others here for being a Student Council fundraiser. Or, perhaps not, given it's for Ohtori. A couple members of the kendo team flank Kasagami, and several pieces of armor and weapons of both Japanese and European make shown.

Kasagami's voice doesn't need a mic. "Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen of Tokyo! My beloved friends at Ohtori Academy, and our wonderful members of the Sister Schools! Today, I welcome you all as I officially announce my candidacy for Student Council President of Ohtori High School! Japan is a nation of strength, courage, and honor!" She begins, voice filled with vigor, passion, and energy.

" With the best and brightest of minds in the world! And as President of the most prestigious Academy in the country, I will do everything in my power to advance the interests of the student body, and transform the stagnant, uninspired leadership of Touga Kiryuu's reign into one where the most brightest and ambitious amongst you can become the leaders that will lead Japan into world prominence as the true vanguard of the modern world!"

Then, bowing upon the pulpit as the clapping starts, she smiles and looks out to the crowd, affable gaze and hair fluttering just a bit.

"Please see the servants and my home's majordomo, Anthy Himemiya, if you would like to further donate or work alongside our campaign! Be be warned, just as the Student Council under my leadership will work tirelessly to advance you /and/ all of the Sister Schools, I expect nothing but the most hard working and ambitious to walk beside me! Now, everyone, please enjoy yourselves as the Ohtori Kendo Club demonstrates some examples of the Araki Family's weapons collection."

She steps off the pulpit, and goes to mingle amongst the crowd. Old katanas from Tokugawa's reign, and other storied weapons are swung in meaningful, ceremonial katas, even as Kasagami strikes up a conversation with an older real estate mogul.

Her eye, and many of the servants however are watching out for more interesting members who may have come.

<Pose Tracker> Anthy Himemiya [Ohtori Academy (9)] has posed.

Anthy Himemiya already knows her way around the kitchens at the Araki family estate. Given her orders for the evening and hands at her disposal, she makes good use of that knowledge. In what short order she's given, the appointed majordomo of the estate whips up a feast. Edamame and fried chicken wings, onigiri and spring rolls -- it's a smorgasbord of finger food, without a single utensil needed or indeed provided.

She's chosen a quiet look for herself, with a trim apricot coat belted snugly so that only a few inches of burgundy dress show between creamy lapels. Gold glints around Anthy's neck. Only her too-girlish socks with their frothy pink lace tops ruin the image of a good young society lady. One hand folded into another before her, she attends to the proclamations of Kasagami Araki with the most polite of attentiveness. That Anthy does so from a dark corner where the milling masses might not spot her, well...

It at least works until she gets named. Then the crowd's eyes fall on Anthy like so many searching spotlights. She does not shrink, even though she wants to. Instead she makes herself visibly busy by seeking the nearest servant to murmur in his ear.

"Go... go see if the dessert is ready." She knows it is; still, she sends him. By this time, Araki-sama is talking about swords and taking the crowd's attention along with her, and Anthy allows herself a relieved sigh.

She tries to busy herself across the room from those kendo demonstrations, though that may not always be possible, and never gets out of sight of Kasagami. In fact, she checks regularly for the taller girl, like one might poke at a sore tooth. Drifting from table to table, Anthy reaches out to adjust a rose-festooned centerpiece here or to sample an onigiri there.

<Pose Tracker> Kuniko Saito [Infinity Institute (11)] has posed.

The finger food has a few dainty touches in among the favorites - some of the onigiri has been packed into pita quarters and dressed with spiced chicken and pickles instead of traditional fillings.

Sitting near the entrance closest to the kitchen, Kuniko Saito has a fisherman's cap rakishly set down to half-veil her eyes. She is wearing her usual chef's outfit, and has a glass of rosewater in front of her on a table, even as she listens to the words being called out.

Kuniko is slouching but perhaps she is permitted.

'This event...'


"This is a pretty big last minute thing, huh," said Saito as she whipped through preparing the chicken wings, her skills at dredging and breading already beyond compare. Her outfit then was plainer, though she had an old blue apron on her waist. "I'm glad I could help out, and I think you're gonna like the entree, but..."

"What was it?" she had asked the violet-haired woman. "Like, she decide to get into the race at the last minute?"


Kuniko's head lifts upwards, revealing her eyes. 'Something about it stinks,' she thinks as she picks up the glass. Her eyes track towards Himemiya and then towards the stentorian voice of 'that woman.'

"Well," she says, "at least they'll remember they had a great dinner. Chef is going to owe me for this one..." Which chef? That's the beauty of the title - there are many options.

<Pose Tracker> Steven Universe [Juuban Public School (5)] has posed.

Finally, a good night's sleep. How you have been missed. No stressful situations, no tense situations, no robots entering the atmosphere to do nefarious deeds. This day couldn't be better! Well, unless you were in trouble. But punishment hasn't been meted yet.

So currently, Steven Universe is free! For now.

The boy has caught wind of somethign rather big, involving someone who also had to deal with those problems of the day, and so he has shown up to provide support, as he is want and happy to do. The child boasts his usual attire, save for wearing a pear of sneakers instead of flip-flips, and is wearing a light pink buttondown, though undone as to see the usual deep-pink-with-yellow-star shirt underneath. Just trying to look a little better for somethign that sounded important. Though with all the students with a specific fashion selection, he wonders if there was a dress code for this!

"Oooh," Steven coos, seeing all the marvelous red roses. "These are great! Does Kasagami raise these?" The approach to the dojo is regarded with even more delight. It reminded him of the dojo out of Lonely Blade! So cool. The boy files in, and listens as Kasagami makes a statement-- a bid for president! She was... vice president? Well, guess there was only one spot above that. Might as well go for it!

"Neat!" he says, clapping at the end of the speech. She said... Anthy was the fundraiser lady, right? Isn't she the one that did the Rose lessons? ...It was! The boy plunges a hand into his pocket, pulling out a cookie cat-themed wallet, checking the fold. Okay, he did bring some spare cash! He can totally help the fundraiser.

...Though it may be wise to wait for the initial rush of people to dissipate. There is tons of cool stuff to look at all over the place first! Swords, plaques, names of accomplished swordsmen and women, oh my!

<Pose Tracker> Chitose Shiratori [Infinity Institute (U)] has posed.

So Chitose is here. Why is she here, even though she has a vague disdain for Ohtori and fancy parties in general?

Well, for one, Chitose wasn't at Ohtori! This wasn't Ohtori, at least. So she was fine there.

Plus, well, Chitose was actually fond of Kasagami! Admittedly, almost every Ohtori-related function she had attended since leaving that school had Kasagami's name on it, and the one that she attended that /didn't/ ended poorly for everyone involved.

So, she's here.

She's kept quiet, in the back, wearing her usual white shirt/black skirt attire. Being older than most of the people from Ohtori she knows, she never paid too much attention to student council elections, so she's not too sure exactly what Touga's policies were. Yes, even though Chitose actually went to Ohtori in the past.

That said, Chitose spends her time alternating looking between the host of the event, and looking around at everything. This was made pretty easy, as the bespectacled girl's eyes was higher than the tops of a lot of people's heads. But for now, that's all she does.

<Pose Tracker> Ami Mizuno [Juuban Public School (9)] has posed.

It is not unusual for Ami to take a break from her studies and other activities to check out various student activities. Although she had no interest in being on the student council, it was an important time for some and from what she knew of Kasagami, the student likely had something big planned and so she just makes it in time while everyone is gathering at the estate.

It is her first time here and while she doesn't know her way around she finds that it's easy to follow the crowd as fliers are passed out and she notices the familiar girl on the front. She laughs a little at how serious Kasagami was taking her running. Although, to her, it seemed a little unfair to other who may have wanted to run and didn't have much money but those thoughts are pushed aside while she makes her way to the main area.

Ami takes notice of all the fancy decorations. Even if her mother had money, they had never lived in anywhere this nice. The decorations and accomodations are superior, she thinks. When she enters the main area, Ami glances around for familiar faces and chooses a seat near the front but off to the side.

Ami wasn't sure how nicely she should dress so she is wearing a blue, ruffled, short-sleeve dress with a black jacket and black tights. On her shoulder is a small black purse with feathers covering the outside. She didn't want to stand out too much but still it seemed like an occassion to dress up a little.

When the speech begins, Ami can't help but find herself intrigued by the words that are spoken and the enthusiasm the crowd shows and she considers what her own role could be. She wasn't one of the most popular students but people at least seemed to know about her, for better or for worse. Maybe that could come in handy to help somehow? her thoughts are interrupted by the final claps from the crowd and as Kasagami leaves her pulpit, the Juuban student stands up, waving a little towards Kasagami if she catches her attention.

<Pose Tracker> Kasagami Araki [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

The servant is off like lightning: less due to any fear for the nervous, purple-haired majordomo, and more out of knowing just who is cutting the checks. Kasagami Araki, for all her flamboyant nature, expects skill from everyone. And increasingly, absolute obedience to spirit and letter of her word.

The servants may in fact, seem a touch nervous.

But eyes follow Anthy the entire time. The rich and powerful play here, mostly a mere excuse by said personages to mingle and work deals amidst a young star rising. But the energy here is unmistakable.

It's like a hand reaching to the stars, like Alexander the Great reaching for dreams that may well be impossible. But are they doomed to gutter and crash? Only time will tell.

As the katas end, and bows are made, swords are sent back to sheaths. Kasagami makes long-legged strides to meet the crowd. Kuniko's presence, slouched though it may be, gains no reproach from those around her. That hat hides her eyes, and her chef's outfit may as well hide her presence from the seething mass of humanity. Students, politicians, it's all a white noise sheen of power being traded around. And Kasagami swirls amidst it.

But Kuniko's work isn't unnoticed. There's the murmurs of praise in the air of the fingerfoods, so above the usual norm. A few eyes do turn to look upon Kuniko.

After several minutes of brushing shoulders with Ohtori students and business leaders, Kasagami openly motions towards Anthy expectantly. A quick glance around. There's an arm held out. She imagines green tresses, and long limbs walking into her arm. The black hole swirling in her heart aches, and she shakes her head. Kasagami's smile doesn't falter, but she needs to have /someone/ on her arm. And no Rinji.

Once purple and black are joined, Kasagami will nod to the girl. "Well done so far, Anthy. Now just help me out, and remember you're my perfect little head of house, right?" A whisper. A grin.

Her first stop is towards Steven of all people. Short and stout though he may be, her eye caught his distinctive profile. The line he's fighting is long, but? No, the hostess herself is stalking towards the young man with a warm smile.

"Steven!" There's honest joy for seeing the child, said as though she's greeting a long lost friend. Even if it's been but a scant day or two.

"You're the last person I expected here, but welcome! Come on, come on, skip the line! Get yourself something to eat!" It seems the boy might be free of any entrance fee through sheer power of Kasagami admiring him for who he is.

Fingers snap, right to Anthy. He might notice her coat is missing, the young woman dressed in one part StuCo uniform, one part swaying black kimono upon her. Seems she's improvised.

"I'm afraid I'm the type of person that's more suited to cutting roses than tending to them. Why don't you ask my majordomo here, Anthy Himemiya?" Grin! She nudges Anthy forward with just a little more force than is needed.

"Anthy, meet Steve-kun. The young light of the future, may he never fall to ashes." Her tone shifts, and sounds almost...sad for some reason.

Kuniko, for her part as one of the Chef(s) is surrounded by a small pack of lesser servants. So far nothing has gone wrong in all of that cooking! But one servant, a nervous looking teenager younger than her that looks expectant of the slouching woman! "U...uhh, what should we do for the dessert, Chef-san? There's an order, but...it just says..." She pulls out a hastily scrawled note.

'Amaze them! Show me your ambition! -KA-chan~'

This poor girl is in /tears/!

Chitose is another face in the crowd. At first. But there's a tall man that stands up behind her. In fact, about two inches taller than the already very tall woman. Otherwise, he'd be unremarkable. He's the picture of a salaryman: complexion, dark hair, stiff. Japanese, yet tall, but not hulking. Arms fold, and he catches the sight of Chitose as she peers at the hostess. He steps to her side, and clears his throat gently.

"...What do you think of Kasagami Araki, and her seeking that position?" He asks suddenly. The man has to at least be in his fifties, and there's a stern edge to his voice. He stares with a hard look.

His eyes are a dull and steely grey, notably.

In between prodding Steven, Kasagami spies Ami too! That waving has her laughing. "Ami Mizuno, genius of Juuban!" She calls out. She is not quiet about this.

"I have people for you to meet!" More than one /very/ influential politician or business mogul slams their eyes on the bluenette. Kasagami merely grins at her Imperial Summons. Dun dun duuun!

In between eating one of those chicken-stuffed fingerfoods. Kuniko has outdone herself. She's already devoured three, utterly politely.

<Pose Tracker> Anthy Himemiya [Ohtori Academy (9)] has posed.

Earlier in the kitchen, Anthy at first had only the spare time to nod her thanks when this mysterious culinary savior arrived on the scene. After Kuniko's expertise bought them both some breathing room she managed a bit of conversation here and there. Her voice was sweet and soft, if a bit thin from exertion.

"Araki-sama is a woman of great and unpredictable temper." A long pause followed; maybe she was catching her breath. "Ah. Temperament, I meant." She flapped one hand at the end of her bird-boned wrist, silly Anthy. "But look at how powerful she is -- she commands something and it happens. Is it not admirable? Oh! The wings are going to burn, pardon me."


For the help Kuniko Saito has brought, with the miraculous just-in-the-nick-of-timing reserved for all true heroes, she has more than earned the right to a judicious bit of slouching. At Anthy's quiet word to a nearby waiter, that rosewater will be kept topped off all night long.

That imperious summoning gesture strikes its mark; Anthy gives a little nod to Kasagami and takes that dipping motion to suck in a quick breath, then hastens to obey her Engaged. The Rose Bride slips through the crowd and is at Kasagami's side within half a minute. Lashes thick and lowered, she murmurs, "Yes, Araki-sama," and adorns the arm of Presidential hopeful on her tour around the room.

'Does Kasagami raise these?' Anthy gets that unsubtle nudge and stumbles half a step before regaining her balance. She plays it off as her own clumsiness, or tries to.

"You could say Araki-sama is responsible for the roses, and wouldn't be wrong." Anthy Himemiya tilts a smile Steven's way as if nothing just happened, even as she gives... is that an answer? It might be hard to tell. "It's nice to see you again, Steven-san. Are you here to support her, tonight?"

<Pose Tracker> Kuniko Saito [Infinity Institute (11)] has posed.

Kuniko watches things. Steven's enthusiasm is great to see, but that stout lad... isn't he a little young for politics? "Tch," Kuniko says, for no good reason.

A passing server looks at her. "Are you OK, Saito-san?"

"Yeah, yeah, I'm fine, just had, uh, something in my teeth," she tells the server immediately.

Then she frowns in thought. That's Ami Mizuno, she's Makoto's friend, isn't she? Kuniko thinks -- but then she's surrounded by servants! She gets up because she wants to be able to see, raising her hands and saying, "Hold on, hold on! We haven't even gotten the main out and you're already worrying about dessert?"


"Mm," Kuniko had answered Anthy. The wings finished, she moved on to mounting a lot of things on metal skewers. Her eyes turn towards Anthy then, watching her because the autonomous reflex of what she's doing allows her to work without much thought. The mechanical acts of prep are soothing to her, a sort of mantric meditation...


"So get that stuff out, come on, it ought to be about ready."

Kuniko takes a deep breath - "Oh yeah," she says. "I can smell it."

AND SO, the main course is revealed...

KEBABS. The metal skewers of grilled meat are presented in a range of styles, each of them including different assortments of vegetables - on some, onions and tomatoes and peppers, on others, riceballs and mushrooms and takoyaki. In each case the primary ingredient is sportfish - swordfish, tuna, and king crab meat were basted in a solution of olive oil, garlic and curious spices (Himemiya might recognize North African influence; others would simply recognize FLAVOR) to allow for greater savor and browning during the grilling process over hot flame.

This is accompanied by veritable seas of fresh-baked pita bread.

"It's not the most advanced trick in the book," Kuniko muses... "But lunch is a pretty simple meal, and it'll appeal to a wide range of people. Isn't that what you're going for... Araki-kun?"

Kuniko then lapses silent a moment later because she realizes, a little belatedly, that she's actually standing within earshot of Kasagami when she said that.

<Pose Tracker> Steven Universe [Juuban Public School (5)] has posed.

So much history in this place! How long has it been here? Is it new or refurbished? Or has it stood the test of time so well it is just as it was made? It is difficult for Steven to tell. His dad Greg might be able to point that out, but not himself.

Some folks around he recognizes from other events! Some older students here are from Juuban, and they get a form of recognition, if not just in passing. Though more weaponry get his attention. An especially old blade gets his eye, and he leans in quite close to get a really good look at it.

"Eep! I didn't touch it!" he says, spinning around quickly. Oh, it was kasagami! "Heeeey!" he replies with, cheerful as ever. The lady seemed unharmed for the most part from the other day, or recovered quickly, both of which are good outcomes, though her lovely coat is missing. No doubt the work of the detonating Robonoids. Jerks. "Nice event! I do like the Dojo!" He will probably have to explain some things to Kassie one day when he gets the chance. The Kindergarten certainly isn't something that one should stumble upon. "Hiii!" the boy says, wiggling his fingers in a cute wave to Anthy. "Oh, learning more would be great!" he exclaims. "I certainly am! With what I can spare, I will totally help." The least she could be offered. Kasagami has such high aspirations. They need to be supported! "It is nice to see you here helping too!" he adds to the nice Rose Lady.

And then the food happens. The boy was enjoying some edemame earlier (which salted and steamed, is his favorite snack in Tokyo thusfar) but these kebabs smell amazing! The boy sits at a table, ready to eat! Though he currently doesn't know many of the folks where he is sitting. But that is okay! Maybe a chance to make some friends!

As the food is served, Steven makes a note to thank the chef as soon as possible! What a hard job making all this food has to be. Especially to present it perfectly.

<Pose Tracker> Ami Mizuno [Juuban Public School (9)] has posed.

People begin to mingle and there are few here that she openly recognizes and Ami is not one to really push her way into other people's conversations or interrupt unless she needs to so instead she starts to head towards the food tables where Kasagami and Steven area.

The abrupt and loud greeting by Kasagami however makes her redden and look around nervously. "Araki-san, that's not my title!" She says this quietly, but forecfully. The comment about having people to meet though makes her raise her eyes towards the girl. "Oh? What kind of people?" Networking couldn't hurt right?

It's then that Ami notices the smaller, black-haired boy nearby one of the tables. "Oh, you go to Juuban too don't you?" A pause. "I am Ami Mizuno." Not that he probably already hadn't heard thanks to Kasagami. The older girl offers a slight bow to him. "It's good to see other students here from our school. I was worried it would be all Ohtori students." Ami looks back at Kasagami, "Not that it's a bad thing mind you." She laughs a little, the enthuasiastic offer for her to change schools was still fresh in her mind.

Then, lunch is announced and Ami starts to move back towards her table, but abruptly she changes her mind and walks over to Steven's table. "Do you mind if I join you? Usagi-chan couldn't make it so I came alone. Ami sits down at the table as food is being served. It smells so good that she closes her eyes briefly, taking it all in. "They really went all out for this right?"

Once being served, she doesn't take long to dig into her own lunch since she had chosen not to eat beforehand. The kebabs were perfect in her mind. The flavors and presentation were both spectacular and she finds that just one of them fills her up quickly. "Oh wow, this is amazing. I guess Araki-san really wants to get on everyone's good side." She laughs and then adds, "I mean food is the best way to get people's attention right?"

<Pose Tracker> Chitose Shiratori [Infinity Institute (U)] has posed.

Chitose's attention is suddenly drawn to the sudden man speaking to her, and she turns to him just enough to see him. "Hmm?" She looks at him for a few moments, then back to Kasagami. Then, back to the man. She shrugs awkwardly. "I can't really say, when I went to that school I never paid attention to those races." Admittedly, seeing a few people constantly win the same races got tiring after a while, to the point that Slightly Younger Chitose would just pass by the various election posters without even noticing.

"But she is... enthusastic, at least. Ohtori will be different if she wins." If instead of when! Not because Chitose doubts Kasagami, but she doubts Ohtori in general. "I'll be paying attention, at least.

And then suddenly, FOOD. Chitose is attracted by the food, and with that she breaks off dialogue. "Pardon me, it seems the food has arrived." And so she turns and heads her way to the course, making her way to a table. For the most part, she doesn't pay attention to who or what seats at her table, but she watches the food. Chitose is wealthy enough that food is never a concern for her, but she does enjoy free food!

Especially good free food.

<Pose Tracker> Kasagami Araki [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

Into her arms Anthy goes, and Kasagami nods in approval. These steps aren't of lovers. No, Kasagami holds herself with pride. Some might say arrogance, as though she's above the purple haired Anthy. A purely hierarchical confidence that she holds herself in...and places herself at the top, internally. All on ambition, as tenuous as a scaffold that may be to her own Kingdom.

Anthy's response has her chuckling. "Yeesh, don't be so modest, Anthy! Just because they're at my beck and call, doesn't mean others haven't toiled for their raising! A true ruler over any piece of land commands. But that doesn't mean her gaze doesn't fall upon the servants and knights as well! Take pride in what you do here. Because what you accomplish gives meaning to your life, no matter how it all ends!"

The kebabs, it seems, are entirely to the crowd's liking as they're unveiled. There's no outright reveal to the lunch proper, but katas end, and Kasagami briefly breaks to save one kendo member from a slightly over-exerted strike of a nodachi. She pauses, bows, and waves away Anthy's presence for just that long. A swing, a slice of air, and she adds overly long pointy implement back to it's old home.

Then pretty much jogs up as servants unveil the KEBABS OF DESTINY!

A vast majority of the crowd, students, wealthy types, and those not immediately involved are all devouring what Kuniko and her team of crack Chef-types are unveiling. To say it goes well would be an understatement. The small army works to refill glasses and generally make the tabled experience be as lovely as possible. The food may as well be as close to divinity as one can get on this earth.

As proved by one Kasagami Araki, as she snaps her fingers to one Kuniko Saito. Perhaps unlike most, 'Araki-kun' only has her grinning. The girl gets a /look/ of respect for her work this night! "That's exactly right! Everyone! Please give your finest thanks to our finest chef!" Kassie doesn't actually know Kuniko's name right now. Her confidence doesn't falter, but instead of being angry by any casual tone, she instead directs the hungry crowd to their culinary benefactor.

"Isn't she just /wonderful/! This is the face of culinary ambition!" Boots thunk together. For a second, all eyes are on Kuniko, and then they fade away back to scrumptious noms and conversation.

A chuckle as Steve spins around. "It looks like you have an eye for swords too! Deep breath, Steve. I'll introduce you to the collection soon." Smirk. Wink. Car and sword both, it seems!

Amongst other more weighty matters. A glance to his wallet, and then to him. She very quickly, and forcefully, tries to hold his wallet closed.

And then gently push it back to him. "Save it. For your own ambitions, Steve. I'd rather you join my campaign. Wny not put my posters out in town? Or post things on the internet? You're a friend to me." Her voice is strangely sincere. The earnest young man feels like the little brother she never had.

"Now go enjoy our Chef's work, huh?" Grin!

Two arms cross, and she openly grins at Ami. "If you were a slightly more ambitious woman, it would be! You've worked hard to obtain those kind of test scores. I mean, you're at /my/ notice, after all! The best and the brightest."

Flick. Yup, she's definitely mentioning both Anthy and Steven, oddly enough. Not some kind of mogul. No politician. These two, for different reasons entirely, she sees something in of worth beyond most.

As Ami sits down with Steven, she nods approvingly. Even with a wink!

"Enjoy, Ami-chan! My campaign could use a real webmaster after all!" She offers in parting.

Somewhere, a nerd dies inside.

Chitose's words have the man sighing. "Ethusiastic...Different?" The man scowls hard briefly, and then sighs almost hopelessly. He waves a hand. Pianist's fingers.

"Overblown as ever." Mutters the man as Chitose makes off to food. And then he walks forcefully over to Kasagami. She turns, amidst devouring one more kebab as she's sat down.

And then, spinning three kebab metal sticks in hand, she stands up. And then drives each one two inches down into faultless wood as she stands up.

"...What is it, Uncle?" Comes Kasagami to the tall man that just left Chitose. He pauses, and then, is silent. He looks her over, then Anthy, then over to Steven and Ami in particular.

And a hand is offered over. His voice carries.

"I still do not like you as a head of the family. Your Father would have been better." Before Kasagami can let loose her protest to those words, he clears his throat. Kasagami pauses, and then, takes his hand.

A shake. The enmity between the two family members may as well be thick enough to cut.

"But no matter your...oddities, your success these last days is remarkable. If you can lift our family to true prominence again, I'll support you." The tall man then lets go, and starts walking away.

Kasagami is speechless. She looks past the man, stunned at his offer.

<Pose Tracker> Anthy Himemiya [Ohtori Academy (9)] has posed.

When Kasagami's route takes them past one of the dinner trays Anthy snags a kebab. It's too good to last long. The purple-haired girl casts a big-eyed look over her shoulder at Kuniko in her chef's hat.

"As if I could miss it," Anthy tells Steven with a big smile aimed Kasagami's way. Ami gets a long look and a polite smile, noting her refusal of the 'genius' title. Anthy tilts her head, and wonders.

She makes a pretty adornment for Kasagami's arm, polite and deferential. "As you say, Araki-sama. The honor is mine, of course, to be close to ambition so nearly realized."

The way Kasagami's uncle announces himself gets a look of proper shock from Anthy where she hangs off of the tall young woman's arm. They shake; the older man offers begrudging support and gets stunned silence in return.

Green eyes wide like full moons, she looks up at Kasagami Araki and asks in a bright and innocent stage whisper that's sure to carry:

"Is this a good time for dessert, Araki-sama?"

That's as good as giving a signal. A trio of servants marches out to uncover their trays with a synchronized flourish: rice balls colored like bright flowers, with fresh fruit and berries inside them to match.

One has reds and greens arranged to look like a blooming rose. One has a symmetrical and abstract design, like a stained glass pattern. The final tray? A cheerful yellow-shelled snail with a purple body!

Anthy herself claps a bit in delight to see their presentation carried out to perfection. "Oh, they're almost too cute to eat!"

<Pose Tracker> Kuniko Saito [Infinity Institute (11)] has posed.

Kuniko quietly savors everyone's look of appreciation, and their savoring in turn of her food. She paps one fist into the opposing hand, nodding to herself. Yeah!!

And then she's put on the spot. "Uh?" she says, looking out at everyone.

"Uh...! Please enjoy your meals!" she calls, and then the attention passes away and she staggers slightly to her side, putting a hand on a chair. Shivering violently. All those EYES on her...

Anyway: That's how Kuniko ends up sitting down, just in time for dessert. "Oh, damn, this is some great presentation," she says - although she falters momentarily at the sight of the snail.

<Pose Tracker> Steven Universe [Juuban Public School (5)] has posed.

Oh! It seems Kasagami knows one of the other students at Juuban! Awesome! "Hi Ami! I'm Steven. Steven Universe!" The boy offers a polite bow. He's getting the hang of how to introduce himself in Tokyo! "Nice to see you here too! " he adds. He has seen the girl in the school halls before... he thinks. Yeah, hes pretty sure he has, actually.

This food is fantastic. It reminds him of a sunset barbeque spent with friends after a long day of hard work. Music playing, games all around, and the food is hot and ready. The boy looks up from his meal, and gladly helps make room for Ami. "Mm!" he says with a mouth full. He speaks after his mouth is free. "Yeah! Hey, I thought I saw you at Kasagami's ball, too! That was you with that blonde girl, right?"

He couldn't help but eavesdrop that night while hanging with Niramo in between their own conversation exchange. Being a socialite is fun!

"Oh totally," the boy adds in after another bite. "A good speech, good food, good dances... A bit of preparation can go a long way!"

The boy excuses himself for a minute, to go and make his donation. It was a modest amount, a little more than you'd expect a kid of his age to have saved up. It was a good time while folks ate! Though he is stopped by someone he didn't expect. "Ah--!" Steven lets out, hearing about the ideas Kasagami has instead of money. "Y-Yes!" he lets out, starry eyed as ever. HE GETS TO BE A PROMOTER! Wait, is tha twhat a promoter is?

"You just let me know and I will canvas the whole city for you! I'll canvas the internet!" he says, excitement filling his every word. It was like he was working for a band, except this time it was a political band!

The boy returns to his seat, followed by the two in charge, beginning to munch more as Kassie speaks with Ami. The boy nods his head viciously toward Ami, hoping she wil laccept his offer! Though someone else walks over now. A man of stature arrives. The boy looks to Anthy and Kasagami. Who was this person?

They don't sound pleased.

At least until the last thing he says. It sounds like he didn't like how she acted, but has looked past it, seeing greatness therein. THe boy freezes, holding a kebab vertically, staring wide-eyed at the situation. Even as the juicy goodness of the kebab drips down onto his hand and his pantleg. He seems utterly affixed to what is about to happen...!

<Pose Tracker> Ami Mizuno [Juuban Public School (9)] has posed.

Ami claps enthusiastically for Kuniko. She admires anyone who can come up with something this delicious. But people are quickly returning to their food and Ami does as well. "I wonder if it's some secret recipe. Not that I could probably do as well." Ami wasn't big on cooking, preferring things that could be made quickly and easily so she has a great deal of admiration for those who can make it such a labor of love for other.

There is a frown given to Kasagami, "More ambitious?" She shrugs. "That's not the kind of recognition that I want. I am sure you enjoy the attention that you get from this kind of thing but it's not for me." There is just a slight undertone of bitterness in her voice and she adds, "It's not the reason that I work so hard."

Taking her seat, Ami just nods at Kasagami's final words but doesn't offer anything in reply. She was here in support it was true but helping further with the campaign wasn't something Ami really ever intended on doing.

Ami does offer Steven a nod. "That's right. That was my best friend Usagi-chan. Do you know her?" Just nearby, the conversation with Kasagami's uncle interrupts her thoughts and even if she doesn't know the man until the question is raised. Feeling like she is in the middle of some unknown family drama, Ami tries not to focus on it too much but she cannot help but hear the words that are spoken. It makes her realize just how little she knows of Kasagami.

When it's all said and done, Ami glances at Kasagami but instead focuses on Anthy, "Himimeya-san..." Ami smiles warmly to her. "It's good to see you again. We should have tea sometime." The mention of desserts makes her look towards the new trays being passed around and she admires the presentation. "Oh wow..." As they are passed around, Ami gratefully takes a rice ball. "Too bad Usagi-chan isn't here. She would love this."

"At this rate, I bet Araki-san will win. It's hard to imagine her being outdone right?" Ami asks to Steven and Chitose.

<Pose Tracker> Chitose Shiratori [Infinity Institute (U)] has posed.

Chitose starts to eat her KEBAB, although after a bite or two of the food she hears the man talk again, this time to Kasagami. She blinks, but after a few moments she continues eating. While some might be somewhat shocked at the altercation happening, Chitose only eats, muttering to herself. "I'm so glad I'm an only child." She pauses. "Of only children." Again, she pauses, this time stopping her eating fully. "I think. Mom doesn't have siblings, does she?"

The hairclip on the back of her head doesn't reply to this question.

She does applaud for Kuniko, though, and nods to Ami. "Yes, this is very good."

Chitose continues to eat, and while she does notice the new dessert trays, she doesn't move to take anything. Blink and people will miss it, but she sticks out her tounge and grimaces at a thought. Why? Because the red rice balls concern her. She's concerned about


Though she pauses for a moment, and asks someone nearby, whether it'd be someone else or some of her tablemates. "What are these flavors, I have to ask?"

She doesn't move to take anything, though, even if she gets a different answer. The risk is too great.

But Ami's question does elicit a response, and she sits back and puts her food down to give it, crossing her arms for just a moment. "Well, I /want/ her to succeed. But I kind of wonder if Ohtori will let her."

<Pose Tracker> Kasagami Araki [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

It's perhaps telling of their relationship that Kasagami actively, yet very gently, puts Anthyy behind her as her Uncle strides forward. Anthy's confidence has her smiling, but the events of the shake-and-leave has her arm going limp. Her breath catches, and she swallows. A smile.

It's as brittle as glass.

"Go for it."

And then imediately latches onto Kuniko's staggering. She sits down. And then that snail-bit has Kasagami reaching out with a most sharp knife indeed, and rips that snail out to chomp it down without a single sign of mercy. It's almost reckless that devouring!

She vaguely recovers enough as Steve's voice picks up, and she's peering. "Honestly? I have enough for the city. Focus on the internet. You'll know parts of the internet at Ohtori that I wouldn't! I trust you Steven. No matter the outcome!" Her voice rises, and she turns about to ruffle the kid on the head.

A pure, innocence kid that didn't get consumed by flame. Even the thuds of her Uncle's feet can't quell that particular urge.

"I know someone like you should inherit the world." A smile, and a grin, then she's away.

And then fingers snap. "And why shouldn't you be? Only the truly talented, the truly best in their own ways should rule!" She offers to Ami without restraint! She then openly slumps. No, Ami isn't going for her campaign. Kasagami almost looks sad.

Just almost, as she snakes another kebab.

"...I really don't see what someone like her is in favor of!?" She offers to the crowd beside her, as blatant mutters.

And then she turns to Chitose, and smiles at the woman. She remembers her form an ice skating party, long before. And offers a nod. A very, very weak nod, and she avoids the shuddering stress in her eyes.

She reaches for a glass of cider, and reaches it high. A single, last glance to her Uncle, and she grins for the crowd! "Let us toast! To a new future! To an honest rulership of ambition and pride in each other, and ourselves!" Offers Kasagami Araki! And then, stalking towards the dojo once again. And within, she swings through katas all at once, to show off her skill.

Perhaps a way to World Revolution. Or perhaps an ambitious fool's dream.

<Pose Tracker> Anthy Himemiya [Ohtori Academy (9)] has posed.

"Tea would be a delight, thank you, Ami-san. If I'm able I'll join you someday. Or perhaps I could serve you some at the next garden club social? We have them as time allows."

Chitose wonders about flavors and suddenly the Rose Bride is at her elbow, Kasagami's rounds having brought them by at /just/ the right moment to allow for one of Anthy's creepy appearing acts.

"The orange ones aren't orange!" Himemiya giggles, clearly finding that part too funny. She recovers and adds, "The reds are raspberry. And then the purple... were they plum, or blackberry? I'm not sure..." Then she's pulled out of range, a thoughtful look still on her face.

She raises a glass to the toast and lifts the drink to her lips, letting the bubbles fizz against her smile. But Anthy Himemiya does not drink.