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These are the major, permanent pages in the Battle Fantasia MUSH wiki. Notably excluded are individual cast, character, log and cutscene pages, though the indexes containing all of these, as well as pages that tend to link to character/cast pages, are present in the map, bolded for clarity.

Battle Fantasia - The wiki's front page.


  • Theme - The in-character setting of Battle Fantasia.
  • Genre Conventions - A brief guide to some conventions of the magical girl genre on BF.
  • Timeline - The story told on Battle Fantasia MUSH.
  • History - The magical history of the world.

  • Organizations - ICly influential forces that wish to shape the world; also OOCly useful boxes in which to organize players.

  • Schools - The Sister Schools of Battle Fantasia: Infinity, Ohtori and Juuban.
  • School: Ohtori Academy - The foremost private school in Tokyo, selected to test if a highly traditional private school would accept "lesser" schools as Sisters.
  • School: Infinity Institute - The most cutting-edge charter school in the city, a sort of inverse of Ohtori, chosen to examine if hypermodern schools would integrate well as Sisters.

  • Paths to Power - Subtle but vital nuances of power on Battle Fantasia.

  • Serenity's Miracles - "Never again shall darkness touch these shores." "Never again shall wonders blight the innocent." "Never again shall hope shine alone!"

  • Locations - A guide to the Battlefield Fantasia; also all the best places to get parfait.

  • Culture - Miscellaneous notes about our setting.
  • Japanese Honorifics - A guide to forms of address in Japanese, for the uninitiated and initiated alike.
  • Holidays and Events - Just what is White Day exactly?
  • Birthday Calendar - Happy birthday to you!
  • Celebrities - In-character celebrities of our setting, who are minor (and major!) characters from various magical girl themes.
  • Food - A discussion of Japanese cuisine, including traditional holiday foods.
  • Height - From shrimp to giants, and everyone in between.
  • Theme Primer - A master list of primers to individual themes integrated on Battle Fantasia.

  • Cast Pages - Pages dedicated to further information about individual themes and their characters.


  • Rules - The out-of-character guidelines for play on Battle Fantasia.

  • Behavior - Don't be a jerk.
  • Rating - Be tasteful.
  • Death - If you want to use the revolving door, ask before you die.
  • Alts - If you're going to app Feature Characters, please actually play them.
  • Original Themes - How to add an original theme to our game.
  • Theme Adaptation - How to integrate an existing magical girl theme into our game.
  • Inappable Characters - We do have a few restrictions on who can be played.
  • Player Run Plots - Storytelling is encouraged!
  • Gender and Sexuality - Further discussion of both in magical girl and on BF.
  • Race - Avoid stereotypes and self-educate thoroughly.
  • Disability - Play a character, not a disability.
  • Spoilers - Eight week cooldown, and don't be a jerk.

Combat System

  • Combat System - The complete guide to Battle Fantasia's optional combat system.
  • Battle FAQ - Midfight and not sure what to do? Check here!
  • Chargen - Here you will find the guidelines for making a character in the combat system.
  • Ranks - The definitions and guidelines involving a character's Master Rank and Henshin Ranks.
  • Stats - The five combat stats: Might, Reflex, Vitality, Spirit and Composure.
  • Abilities - The (mostly) passive traits used to customize and specialize a character within the system.
  • Powers of Darkness - More details about the Power of Darkness ability; do you have what it takes to filled with evil forces?
  • Attacks - Everything that isn't a reaction is technically an attack; here one can find guides to how attacks are constructed and used.

  • Battle - Here you will find explanations of the three resource bars (Fatigue, Mana and Morale), as well as further discussion of the various Reactions through which one defends from attack.
  • Fatigue - Starts at 100, goes to 0, where damage from attacks usually goes.
  • Mana - Starts at 100, goes to 0, where the cost of attacks draws from.
  • Morale - Starts at 0, ranges between + and - 100, gives various benefits and penalties.
  • Knockouts - What happens at Fatigue or Mana 0, or Morale -100.
  • Transformations - The Joy Of Henshin.
  • Items In Combat - Our optional rules for contesting possession of an item.
  • Reactions - Dodge, Brace, Counter, Accept and Cover; options for reacting to an incoming attack.
  • Dodge - Greater risk, greater reward, and notably not binary in its outcome.
  • Brace - Reliable damage mitigation, but rarely spectacular.
  • Counter - The potential to prevent or even do damage, but at the cost of mana.
  • Accept - No attempt to avoid full damage from the attack; mostly used to accept help from allies.
  • Cover - Attempt to ensure an ally’s safety at the expense of your own.
  • Battle Commands - A guide to the actual commands used on the MUSH to play the combat system game.

  • Advancement - Here you will find the rules for representing a character's growth in the combat system over the course of their story.
  • Player Run Plots - Guidelines to running plots for others, one of several expectations in order to advance in Master Rank.

  • Examples - Here you will find examples to walk you through both character generation and combat.
  • Chargen Examples - Step-by-step walkthroughs of the character generation process.
  • Attack Examples - A longer list of canonical attack implementations in the combat system.
  • Combat Examples - Example fights within the combat system, broken down in detail.
  • Youma Templates - A template of the commands used to set up an NPC Youma form in the Battle Fantasia Youma Repository System.
  • Character Application Examples - Full example applications (including the combat system sections).
  • Glossary - A reference for the combat system's admittedly extensive vocabulary.


  • Tutorials - How to connect to and interact with our game, as well as other guides.

  • MUSH Clients - Here you will find links to programs that can be used to log into Battle Fantasia MUSH with far more grace and style than a raw telnet shell.
  • Basic Commands - Here you will find descriptions of commands used within the MUSH to interact with the environment, and others, by retrieving and sharing information.
  • Battle Commands - Here you will find descriptions of the commands used within the MUSH to conduct battle on Battle Fantasia.
  • Other Commands - Here you will find descriptions of other Battle Fantasia-specific MUSH commands.

  • Examples - Here you will find examples of character creation, combat, and so forth.
  • MUSH Survival Guide - An introduction to the roleplay medium of MUSH, how to log into and interact on our game, and a guide to successful applications.

  • Wikipage Tutorial - Here you will find instructions on how to make pages on this wiki.
  • Wiki Templates - Character pages, cast pages, class pages and more.


  • Characters - Character pages, created by their players. Sorted by cast.


  • Miscellaneous - Gameplay logs, cutscenes, acknowledgements, and other goodies.

  • Site Map - You're here!