2017-12-03 - Light Up The Dance Floor 1

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Title: Light Up The Dance Floor Part 1

Kasagami Araki invites friends and acquaintances to a dance party. Funky beats flow, and groove of the highest order is had, and the Outer Senshi deliver threats and news to the Duelist. But up above, the evil DJ D-Ark prepares to reap the energy of the dancers below.


Akko Kagari, Amethyst, Anthy Himemiya, Haruka Tenoh, Kasagami Araki, Michiru Kaioh, Niramo Umokeshi, Steven Universe, Sucy Manbavaran



OOC - IC Date:

12-3-17 - 3-10-15>

<Pose Tracker> Kasagami Araki [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

Kasagami Araki has sent out a few invitations. These rather more discrete than her usual type, but definitely filled with the bombastic verbage she uses so often. Tonight is a night of celebration! Of friends, of life, of success, and of course...

What she terms 'burning souls and essence of groove'. Best not to think too much on it.

And thus it is that Kasagami Araki is just outside one of Tokyo's many night clubs, uschering in her fellows. Car rides have been acquired as needed. Even Kassie needs a night out, and she's willing to expend some of her wealth to drag in friends.

She's also rented out the venue. Hoodies and other casual clothing is the norm, though most seem to be of the high dollar kind. Definitely mostly her fanclub and various hangers-on from Ohtori in attendance. Kasagami herself is decked out in a black hoodie, with a jean-skirt in her usual red. Stockings are striped of the very same colors, thick and warm given the weather. And of course, she has her coat and boots.

"Welcome everyone! Get inside before you get cold. Who's ready to party?" Grin! Inside? There's a huge dance floor, food set out at a bar, and energy drinks everywhere. Electronica is currently the music of choice.

The D.J. booth is oddly empty. Back in the staff area? A man is unconscious. Something evil gathers, stealing a pair of shades and grinning.

<Pose Tracker> Akko Kagari [Infinity Institute (7)] has posed.


Akko Kagari received an invitation and, in truth, wasn't entirely sure what to make of it. On the one hand, it was nice of Kasagami to invite her! Now, she could get out and see a little of Tokyo. On the other hand...

She holds up the bill that she has been fretting over for the past few days. She can't afford this! (She thinks. She hasn't done the math.) She turns it over, then looks down at the invitation. Then, she looks up, face screwed up with determination, and nods. "Sucy! C'mon, we're going to meet someone!"

Nevermind that the invitation was for Akko. Akko will not be deterred.


The brunette stands in the cold for a moment, tugging her jacket around her. She has a dark blue hoodie on, with an orange scarf wrapped about her neck. Her eyes light up as she looks at the cold. "Oh, /wow/," she says, "we didn't ever have anythin' like this back home! We--"

She remembers the bill. "Right! Determination and such." Akko nods, and then she marches forward, looking up at Kasagami. "Awright, I'm here! And I got that bill with me!"

<Pose Tracker> Anthy Himemiya [Ohtori Academy (9)] has posed.

Anthy Himemiya may not necessarily be ready to party, but she is here nonetheless, close to the elbow of one Kasagami Araki. She's dressed the part, at least, in a wine-red dress of the same dimensions as a school uniform; the resemblence ends there, as it's made of daisy-lace and tiered ruffles, with a cream-pale lining beneath. It's more tea-in-the-garden than rave-in-the-club, but at least she's not /actually/ in her school uniform still. For the moment, her dress peeks out from beneath a soft white coat.

Upon arrival she gave Kasagami's jean-skirt and striped stockings a slightly longer look than her outfits usually receive, but of course said nothing.

If Anthy is cold with her mostly bare legs she isn't showing it. "Araki-sama," and she bobs up onto her toes to get a bit closer to the tall Engaged so she's heard above the music pouring out of the club, "will they be playing other sorts of music tonight?"

Dress: https://i.imgur.com/e24gBiz.jpg (but absolutely positively not those sandals)

<Pose Tracker> Steven Universe [Juuban Public School (5)] has posed.


Man, what was with Kasagami hosting so many events?! Maybe she has always done this, and a certain Gem child has finally reached the VIP list! He is a rising star after all! Wait, no. His shirt has a star on it. That was it. The boy studies the invitation carefully, before rushing to the back of the beach house, banging on the enigmatic gem-inlaid door. "AMETHYST! PARTY!"

He can't go to a dance party without her. It would be criminal. They are the party crashers; the partners in crime!

It takes the boy a good bit of time to decide on an outfit. He has to make a good impression! As he looks in the mirror, the only thing he can think of is how easy Gems have it making outfits! They jsut shapeshift them! "Maybe...!" Steven stares intensely in the mirror, focusing everything he has at it! "Hnnnnng...!"

Nope. Nothing. "Was worth a shot," he says, deciding on a pight pink polo and a pair of aviators, along with his winning smile. "Eyyyy!" he says, pointing at the mirror. These really were some happy days.


Who needs to pull up in fancy cars and limousines when you ride up on a PINK LION that MATCHES YOUR SHIRT. No one, that's who! "Woooo partay!" he says, hearing the music inside. It kinda reminded him of Sour Cream's sound. Wonder how he is doing in Tokyo? This type of music seemed common here, so finding venues must be cake.

"Whats up Kasagami? I got your invitation!" The boy looks over to Amethyst, whom he has totally invited. "This cool cat is Amethyst! I dont think you have met her yet!" The boy, of course gives Anthy a wave too! She seems to be hanging around Kasagami a lot. Maybe they are BFFs?! "I like your choice in music!"

<Pose Tracker> Niramo Umokeshi [Juuban Public School (8)] has posed. It was almost normal now to see an invitation letter tucked inside Niramo's locker now, and its' appearence only makes the middle schooler pause for a moment before shrugging and opening the letter to see what she would be invited to today. The writing inside, filled to the brim with Kasagami's usual verbage was heartwarming, though she had to raise an eyebrow over one of the words used. "Who says 'groove' these days?" Tucking the letter inside her book bag, Niramo quickly makes a rain check with Wakatsuki to go see her new computer later. She was almost certain Kasagami had already planned on her attending tonight.

Stepping out of the passenger side of the car that Kasa had provided for transportation, Niramo was dressed in a dyed dark green denim jacket, a light brown flowy skirt, black stockings and worn tennis shoes. Quickly moving inside so she wouldn't linger out in the cold for too long, she waves a hand at Kasagami as soon as she manages to spot her past several members of the Council member's fan club, but Niramo didn't recognize them as such. She was about to take a step forward, but then she saw Akko marching towards Kasagami and instantly recognizing her. Niramo stepped back to make room for the passing Infinity student.

Seeing Anthy standing next to Kasagami, she blinks in surprise at seeing the Heiress of Ohtori here, standing out of the crowd considering her choice of clothing. Seeing how Kasagami would be busy with the antics of a possible witch, Niramo walks up to Anthy and smiles up at her. "Hello there, Himemiya-san! I hope you're having a wonderful night tonight. I'm not exactly sure what to expect tonight, honestly. This is my first time out at a dance club like this!"

Hearing Steven speak up behind her, Niramo turns around and waves at Steven, a large grin on her face now. "Universe-san, i'm glad you're here tonight! I never really got to say thanks for your help back at the ball!" She looks at Amethyst and nods her head in greeting. "Hello there, Amethyst-san! Any friend of Steven is a friend of mine. I'm Niramo, and I go to middle school at Juuban!"

<Pose Tracker> Amethyst [None] has posed.


The alien Gem Peridot returning and planning the rectivation of Amethyst's potentially planet-killing home. Some mysterious gem named... Emerald, was it? So much has been going on lately *. It would be nice to have a break after all this chaos. Amethyst paces, nearly wearing a hole in the floor of her and the Crystal Gems' house. She needs an outlet for her fears and frustrations (not that she has any fears of course, she totally means frustrations and frustrations, yeah that's it!). Maybe she should go out and mess around. Perhaps she could -

"AMETHYST! PARTY!" And Steven with the save. A party? Food, fun, and no work? "Aw yeah, I'm in, Steven!"

Time to get ready for the party! First - collapse on the floor for a quick nap. No reason, whatever. Gotta wait for Steven. Besides, she's already ready for the party! Her tank top allows for maximum flexibility for maximum groove, and her leggings have just enough wear and tear to show she knows how to party without being TOO indecent. Time to party.


Riding a pink lion to a dance party isn't something that most people have the luxury of saying they've done. At least not without funny looks. That's just one of Steven's many benefits besides just being family and awesome. "Thanks for the ride Steven! Oh, and the invite, but when you are as cool as I am, you don't NEED an invite." She nudges the half-gem boy and chuckles. "But really, thanks. This is gonna be awesome!"
Amethyst waves to Niramo, Anthy, and Kasagami, as Steven seems to be introducing her to them. "Sup? I'm Amethyst, a shapeshifting purple alien that is also a rock. And yes, I rock."

<Pose Tracker> Sucy Manbavaran [Infinity Institute (7)] has posed. Sucy Manbavaran certainly doesn't know what any of this "Ohtori Debt" business is about and reacts to the subject with nonplussed confusion.

"Magical Explosions are unpredictable, especially ones like yours Maybe one of your invocations-class accidents reached Ohtori... and destroyed that coat." she suggests with her usual flat, raspy tone.

When an invitation addressed to Akko arrives at their dorm from the Ohtori Disciplinary Executive, Sucy doesn't bat an eye, except to suggest how strange that was "Huh. Isn't that where you got that bill from? Is this their idea of a joke?" she comments.
When Akko declares her intent to attend this dance and settle this score. Sucy follows, for "moral support" of course.

She is wearing a green hoodie of her own (https://i.imgur.com/1URtyss.jpg), with black jeans and black boots, and doing her best to blend into places where the lights do not reach.

While she appreciates the drinks, she's dismayed to find that there is no free food. Oh well. Can't win every time. Maybe she'll take a tip from the host, she thinks to herself order some to be delivered, ...and bill it to Akko!

<Pose Tracker> Kasagami Araki [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

The Engaged gives her Bride a smile. It's not exactly warm. It never really is, not to her. But it's at least a promise of change from the current thumping beat.

"Oh don't worry Anthy, I like quite a few genres. Metal...trance...industrial...and some jazz if anyone can still hear at that point!" Why does she sound /so/ enthuastiastic for all this?

Akko gets a wolfish grin. "You really /did/ come Akko-chan! I'm so very glad." She sounds it, actually. The girl amused her, definitely, and intrigued besides. She treats her like an old friend as she waves off the mention of hte bill.

Why does it look like she's suppressing laughter? "We're here to have fun, Akko. Don't worry about little matters like that tonight! Come on, go in, get warm, and grab a dance partner! Or some food, or drink. Hope you brought ear plugs and glowsticks!"Pause. She spies Succy in tow, and somehow she even seems more amused. "Sucy-chan! Looking stylish! I can't wait to see you express yourself in your own unique way, and blow the rest of these TRYHARDS out of the water!" That last bit is back at the dance floor. Some of those desperately trying to get her attention there slink into the shadows, shame-faced.

And then Steve-kun! "Good to see you, Steve! And your pink friend! Ohhh?"

She dips into a bow with a winning smile towards Amethyst. Despite where they are, she can summon up Ohtori Glamor at a moment's notice. Even if it's of the rakish variety.

"The pleasure's all mine, Amethyst. Kasagami Araki, Disciplinary Executive of Ohtori! Any friend of Steven-kun's is...well, certainly interesting." She totally has notes for all of this. Written by herself.

The bit about 'purple alien and rock' doesn't phase her. She remembers her /last/ adventure with Steven after all. She sweeps her hand towards the entrance for the Gem Duo.

"Now get in there, and show me your BURNING SPIRIT within your heart, and the smooth moves of the young and ambitious!"

Niramo seems included in all of this. She lets Anthy deal with the girl though, aside from Niramo getting a warm smile and a ruffle atop the head! Wink!

It should also be noted, that every delivery has a gratuity fee. Sucy's plan is an excellent one.

The crowd on the dance floor parts as Kasagami waves any latecomers in, and then steps onto the dance floor herself. The tempo of the electronica picks up. She motions Anthy to it. Upstairs in the DJ booth? Someone, shaded in black given how high up it is, at the mic.

"This is your musical mastermind, Deee-Jay Dee-Ark! Dance until you die down there, boys and girls!" Comes the voice. It sounds...off. And there's no light up there except for shades.

Kasagami beckkons to the Engaged, and would try to pull her in. It's a close-in dance here, and Kasagami has snapped a glowstick in one hand. She waves it around, spins in place, and then tucks it into Anthy's hair! One hand across her chest, Kassie bends backwards, other hand behind her, in a motion that would break anyone less limber.

And then up again, as she leads Anthy in what might best be described as a cross between proper rave dancing, a ballroom waltz, and salsa dancing.

Nor does she remain silent throughout.

"That's right! Show us your MOVES, Sister Schools!" Well, at least they're all students here.

One or two students though retire to side chairs. Can't hack it, maybe? But they seem rather...passed out for simply being tired. Hard to tell in the low light struck through by glowing orbs above in strobing patterns!

<Pose Tracker> Anthy Himemiya [Ohtori Academy (9)] has posed.

A list of unpromising music types comes from Kasagami, and the Engaged receives what she might be coming to recognize as a 'yes, Araki-sama' smile in return. It's a bit like a sigh, but more polite in front of company.

"Hello Steven-san! You look very put-together tonight." She has a more friendly expression for the young rose enthusiast, and a little wave for his friend Amethyst when he introduces her. To the shapeshifting purple alien, she says, "It's good to meet you." Either there are stranger things in Anthy's life than aliens, or she is too well-mannered to show her surprise. (The reality is, a little of column A, a little of column B.)

Niramo comes up with a greeting for Anthy instead of Kasagami, and gets an owlish blink at first for it -- this is not how things usually go, and is perhaps more surprising than shapeshifting purple aliens! Then comes a little bow and courtesy. "Nice to see you again, Umokeshi-san. It is my first time to this sort of thing, too. Araki-sama is quite determined to expand my horizons."

The two approaching witches each receive an appraisal from the girl with the purple curls and vivid green eyes. She's otherwise occupied, as they are with Kasagami herself, but there's something strange and cool in her gaze before a reflection across round glasses lenses occludes it. Maybe just a trick of the light...

Once inside Anthy doesn't have to suppress shivers of cold any more -- she just needs to suppress those that come with the rising tide of dread. All of these people, in the noisy dark, are hardly better than silhouettes. The screams of the crowd could be excited or angry, it's impossible for her to be sure.

Her Engaged requires her presence on the dance floor, at the center of that sea of faceless people. Anthy comes as called, placing her hand in Kasagami's. It does not tremble. For the placement of the glowstick she holds statue-still; it lights one of her cheeks.

She's no salsa dancer, is Anthy Himemiya, and starts to stumble as soon as the steps get complex. Her cheeks color. She stammers a hushed apology to Araki-sama and feels eyes like blades digging into her back. She tries to keep up, and can only truly handle the more ballroom-adjacent moves. The rest become an awkward off-tempo chase with limbs that are better coordinated to slow grace.

<Pose Tracker> Sucy Manbavaran [Infinity Institute (7)] has posed. Sucy ghosts by Kasagami with Akko, beneath the locks of her hair, two little mushroom-shaped earplugs do their thing and block enough of the loud music to prevent hearing damage. Of course, that doesn't stop her from hearing Kasagami, who of course sees the music as a challenge, and raises her already boistrous way of speaking to match. Nor does it prevent her from hearing Akko, who is both very close, and also isn't one to speak with restraint.

Sucy doesn't really get what either of them mean by showing off her "moves" so Sucy instead seizes on Akko's words to a stranger:
"Good idea, you've never met a rug you wouldn't trip over..."

<Pose Tracker> Steven Universe [Juuban Public School (5)] has posed.

Music is rockin', and tops are poppin'! Energy drink tops. Best to clarify. He may need to tell Amethyst about Kasagami more later, but for now, knowing that shes a person that knows how to host events should be plenty! "Heeey, What's up Niramo?" he asks kindly near the entrance. Hanging out here watching folks file inside is actually kinda fun! ...Was that Sucy? He couldn't quite tell. She seemed to be with someone though.

"Thank you!" he says toward Anthy, popping his collar. He seems pretty proud of his outfit choice! Anthy always seems to be the counterpoint to Kasagami, interestingly enough. She is so polite and well mannered, where Kasagami is more animated and passionate. They do seem to make a good team! "See you two on the dance floor!" he says happily. He actually is curious how Anthy will dance. Will she shock the floor and bust out into full trance, or be more reserved?

"We better get in there, before the energy drinks get flat!" he says toward Amethyst, running inside. The boy looks back toward Anthy and Kasagami though. Wonder why they keep doing these events? Not that he is complaining!

The boy grabs a drink for Amethyst and himself, and pounds it. Or at least tries to, getting only about half down. "Stuff is strong!" he adds, setting it down. Maybe drinking the whole thing wont be a good idea.

What the boy does next is more improvisation than dancing, naming dance moves silly names like 'the lawn mower' or 'car wash splash', things a kid would do. But what is clear is he is having a superlative amount of fun here with Amethyst, and anyone else that comes close when dancing.

<Pose Tracker> Amethyst [None] has posed.

Loud energetic music, energy drinks, and snacks fuel Amethyst's crazy moves. Hair whipping, hip shaking, shoulder rolling and arm waving abound as she gets into the 'funky flow', as coined by Steven. Mid-dance, she takes the drink from Steven and guzzzles it down, keeping the rhythm flowing. "Thanks, party king!"

<Pose Tracker> Haruka Tenoh [Infinity Institute (11)] has posed. The valet is surreptitiously tapping on his cell phone beneath his podium as he waits. Fruit splatters from swipes of his thumb with satisfying splats. Each time, however, that noise seems to get quieter, as a low, gutteral rumble swallows it. Distracted, the valet thumbs up the volume a little, but even as the blue volume bar fills up, the music disappears entirely into a tooth-gnashing engine growl, and the podium vibrates as it briefly hits resonance.

The valet looks up, befuddled, as a coppery orange sportscar rolls up, with black racing stripes across its brow like warpaint. It shudders under its own might as it idles, and with a well-engineered hiss, its door opens to emit its long-legged driver. His narrow waist and sleekly brawny torso flatter his black suit better than a department store dummy. Slim-cut with a glistening density to its silk weave, its jacket flutters as he turns to walk around the car, to open the passenger side and offer a hand to his date for this (and every) evening.

As the two pass the valet, the driver tosses the keys up for him to catch, which he does, turning wide eyes to the vehicle now in his care. Noticing the young man's astonishment, the driver half-smiles as he goes.

"The clutch is like a leg press and you really have to punch the gearshift," he advises benevolently.

Once inside, Haruka Tenoh gives the room a seemingly indifferent once-over, taking his time. His eyes linger on Kasagami Araki and her newly won bride, and he tilts his neck to one side, wincing an eye lazily as he stretches. His shirt and tie are black as well, giving his aggressively cut suit a suitably slick look, ornamented only by the snow-white scarf he wears down his lapels.

"Should we talk to her?" he asks the beauty at his side. "Or just pretend we don't see her?"

<Pose Tracker> Michiru Kaioh [Infinity Institute (11)] has posed.

A slim white hand comes out of the passenger's side door, though the valet is probably not looking, exactly, at the sea-green motion near to his awestruck visual embrace. There are some things that one loves best of all.

Haruka speaks to Michiru then as they come within. Her hand had not left the taller figure's during the passage in, although her other hand does come up now to sweep an errant strand of sea green out of her eyes. Michiru is wearing a sea-green cocktail dress in fabric with shimmering threads throughout, with spaghetti-thin straps partially veiled by a gauzy shawl over her shoulders. It's too thin to be frumpy, thin enough to show her shoulders, and the pattern is three shades of blue - tie-dyed, perhaps, or just carefully placed. She is wearing pearl earrings, too.

She lets out a small sigh at the question.

"I suppose that I should," she answers Haruka, her hands moving now to clasp before her. "If we both came in, I imagine she'd simply wear her mask. You'll rescue me if I'm in peril, I trust? Perhaps with something to drink..."

Her eyes cut to the side with a faint smile. "The dance floor's lively, too... isn't it?" With that said, Michiru's eyes turn across the crowd, tracking like searchlights for Kasagami, her head tilting back just a tiny bit as if to greet wordlessly.

<Pose Tracker> Kasagami Araki [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

Out on the dance floor, even Kasagami's passion is tested! Mostly by her dance partner. She finds herself having to adjust for the stumbling steps of Anthy, and there's a light sheen of sweat to her brow as she repositions, spins, and is forced to take the lead rather harshly.

A night that she's supposed to be enjoying is already being tarnished by just how /weak/ the Bride is. The purple haired girl is eventually led /off/ the dance floor.

"You /really/ can be entirely useless sometimes, Anthy Himemiya." Is the Engaged's whispers. She's expected more from someone at Ohtori! And it shows in her glare.

But then she chuckles. "But maybe you're just not cut out for things like that. Help me make sure everyone's having a good time, alright?" It's almost placating.

She leaves Anthy finally, rather somewhat near Akko and Sucy as it turns out. Kasagami herself shoots a challenging glance to the duo.

"Don't be wall flowers out there, ladies and gentlemen!" Calls Kasagami, as she snaps her fingers. One of her fanclub all but materializes out of the shadows, and 'accidentally' bumps straight into Niramo! Urging her onto the dance floor! The spotlight even soon highlights the girl from up above!

As it does with Akko and Sucy!? That last part apparently isn't in Kasagami's plan, judging by the brief blink and pause. Upstairs, DJ D-Ark helpfully adds his volume to the mix!

"Look at all these sticks-in-the-mud not showing their moves! Get on out there ladies, break your necks! Er, legs!" Comes the odd DJ from on high.

The odd aura persists, and more than one person is on the sidelines now. But nothing overtly magical, at least not yet.

Of course, Kasagami notices the arrival of a certain pair of Outers. And freezes almost instantly. The mere sight of the two has her searching for a third. Both hands clasp, and then she's making her way over to the bar. Time to swallow down delicious Blue Ox. Sugary, too much caffeine, but maybe jitters will disguise how she suddenly wants to cry.

At least a few members of Kasagami's fanclub are cheering on Amethyst and Steven!

"Hey, that's the kid that won at Araki-san's party! Gooo little guy!"

"Yeeeah, he's great! And so's his friend!" The two Ohtori students laugh, a little mocking, but appreciative at least.

Michiru's gaze can't be escaped, and Kasagami isn't the type to run. So when they finally meet? A hand raises, offering Michiru over. It's almost a wave to the graceful violinist. Her smile almost welcoming.

<Pose Tracker> Akko Kagari [Infinity Institute (7)] has posed.

"Sucyyyyyy!" Akko whines at her roommate. "I didn't trip over... uh... anyways!" She says, tugging on her collar awkwardly. Akko looks back at Niramo, though, and she blinks -- before she laughs. "I guess I got that saying wrong. Uhm, don't worry about it!" She shakes her head, and then she motions -- with a little flourish -- to Sucy at her side.

"This is Sucy Manbaravan!" she says. "We're roommates and we learn magic together! I-I mean, uh." She hasn't learned to stop doing that. But has anyone really expected her to stop?

She slows to a stop on the dance floor, and watches Steven Universe bust a move. Nevermind that it's more like improvisation than real dancing -- Akko wouldn't know the difference in the first place. She starts clapping loudly, which stands out with the atmosphere of the club, to say the least. She doesn't notice the awkward glances from some club-goers. Nor, really, does she care. "Yay, you did a great job!"


While Akko Kagari is many things, she is not -- as a rule -- shy. She looks up, blinks a couple of times, then looks at Sucy. She flashes her a big, bright grin. Then, she looks at the direction of the DJ. "We're not sticks in mud! C'mon, Sucy!"

A hand is clutched, and she tugs Sucy to the dance floor. With a flourish, she turns to face her friend. Her maroon eyes light up. And widen.

...And widen.

"Sucy," she says in a sharp whisper. "I just remembered! I don't know how to dance at all!!"

<Pose Tracker> Anthy Himemiya [Ohtori Academy (9)] has posed.

Told by Niramo to not let Kasagami drag her everywhere she goes, Anthy simply... smiles. A big, bright mask of a smile. Then it's time to go into the club -- movement and music interrupt, and a summons to dance.

Her performance does little to endear the Bride to her Engaged, and eventually disgust at her failure drives them off the dance floor entirely. Sweat beads Anthy's brow -- the glowstick hangs at a goofy angle, half-dislodged from a particularly flubbed twirl.

She doesn't respond to Kasagami's whispers with more than a subdued nod. Grateful at least to be near a wall, Anthy sinks against it with her eyes down. The lace back of her dress is damp with sweat too, cold against her shoulderblades. After a minute her breath is regained.


Well, it got her off the dance floor and away from the center of attention. The Rose Bride once again finds bittersweet reward in her own helplessness, a flavor she has come to savor. She watches the two nearby witchlings take the dance floor with veiled eyes, and recovers.

<Pose Tracker> Haruka Tenoh [Infinity Institute (11)] has posed. Haruka arches an eyebrow at the singular pronoun, but the explanation is swift in coming, and wins a coy smile. "/Well/. And suddenly I feel a moment of pity for Araki." Being able to surprise each other is valuable in a relationship. "I'll see what's at the bar..." His wink is subtle.

"And take my time."

Leaving Michiru for now, Haruka makes his way around the periphery of the dance floor to find the bar. As someone peels away from the crowded real estate, he slides in quickly to a stool, settling there and resting an elbow on the bar as the music pulses.

The bartender, faced with this well-shaped back rather than a paying customer, when the latter are struggling for space, approaches sourly.

"What're you having?"

Haruka turns to favor him with an affable grin. "The seat, for now."

"Buddy. This isn't--"

A folded banknote bisects the bartender's vision, near the end of his nose, held between two fingers. "I'll let you know when I need you," Haruka says, with the same winning smile.

<Pose Tracker> Steven Universe [Juuban Public School (5)] has posed.

"This party is great!" Steven calls out over the din of jam music. He hasn't been to a shindig this fun in... well, since Kasagami ran her last event actually. All her stuff is fun! The energy drink helps a good deal as well, helping fuel silly and obscure moves from the 80s.

Thanks Greg.

"What?" he says to himself as he heard two folks talking about him nearby. THe party? Yeah, and he... OH MAN. That is right! He won a thing at the party, him and Niramo together, and they have /yet/ to cash that voucher! It doesn't expire, but now might be a good time to ask about it! She was here after all! "Ill be right back!" he says to Amethyst, heading off i nthe crowd. She was around here somewheres...!

THere she is! "Hey Niramo!" Steven calls over the cheering crowd and reverberating beat. "Heeey!" Steven calls out. "Someone just reminded me, we still got that dinner thingy we won! We should use it soon!" he says. Wait, why wasn't she out dancing? "Come on, the dance floor is fun!" he yells, trying for her hand to pull her out towards the center. Though if she doesn't want to, he will of course let her be. She might be too shy to want to do such.

"I totally gotta recommend a DJ to Kasagami when I get the chance! He does super awesome music like this!" he says to Niramo. The boy looks bac kto Amethyst. This seems like her sort of gig! The boy trys to whip his head like she does, but just gets dizzy.

The lack of long hair makes it look... not quite as cool as when she does it too. "How do you do that?!"

<Pose Tracker> Amethyst [None] has posed.

"You hear that?" Amethyst grins like a cheshire cat at Steven. "They like our dancing! We gotta bring it harder!" Yeah... their laughs weren't exactly the most supportive or praising, but maybe Steven won't notice - and Akko seems to be enjoying it. The violet Gem busts out her more energetic moves, making as much room for her as possible. Anyone too nearby would get a facefull of her long, whipping hair, or possibly an elbow to the gut. She's going all out, with reckless abandon. "Come on everybody, can't let this party be boring!" She glares into the garden of wallflowers, then turns back to Steven. "You just gotta... do it, you know? Let it happen. Don't force it, let it come to you. Find your own dance, both on this floor and in life." She then chuckles, and lowers her voice. "Am I inspirational or what?"

<Pose Tracker> Michiru Kaioh [Infinity Institute (11)] has posed.

The spotlight rests on the dance floor and Michiru's eyes turn that way for a moment. At Akko's confession, she smiles to herself, knowingly, and tells Haruka, "Enjoy yourself. I know you'll make the scene." With this, and another of those faint seafoam-wistful smiles, she moves away...

On an intercept course for Kasagami.

Kasagami banishes her bride, and Michiru moves forwards to extend a hand to the taller woman. "What a lovely set they're playing," Michiru tells Kasagami, raising her voice over the dance music and seeming unperturbed by the tones. (Michiru does not discriminate, although it is, indeed, a little loud for her tastes.)

"Let's do as the gentleman says," Michiru tells the aspiring king. "Show me your moves. I'll do my best to keep up."

<Pose Tracker> Sucy Manbavaran [Infinity Institute (7)] has posed. Freeze frame.


That's me.

You're probably wondering how I got into this mess.

Resume play.

"Don't look at /me/..."

A pause. "I said stop looking at me... Akko!"
Sucy exclaims and pulls her hand out of Akko's. Stunned at first, it finally dawns on Sucy what just transpired, in that whirlwind of a moment and she twists away from her "dance partner".

This was such a coordinated effort that she doesn't know exactly who to blame: Akko? Kasagami? But it's the operater of the spotlight itself that gets a hiss and the first glare, and the light catching her stark white skin, her pointy little fangs and eyes with white pupils might reflect back upon them in an unpleasant and unsettling way.

Sucy is not so much a dancer. When she thinks about it, it makes her want to disappear, So that's what she does, this time only figuratively, as she steps backwards into the shadows, She takes stock of those around, and recollects the moments before.

Meeting Niramo, watching Steven with Akko... and decides that it's Kasagami's fault for provoking Akko, and Akko's fault for being Akko.

In that order, and slowly calms herself.

Sucy isn't a stick in the mud.

But mud and dark is where mushrooms grow best.

<Pose Tracker> Niramo Umokeshi [Juuban Public School (8)] has posed. Niramo stumbles out onto the dance floor from the ever so gentle bump by one Kasagami Araki and pull by one Steven Universe, and is grateful she manages to stop before she goes headfirst into several older teens dancing to the crazy beat. This wasn't her plan at all for tonight, though. She was hoping to stay off to the side and talk to everyone for a few hours before heading on home, but that wasn't going to happen tonight now! Before she could turn to give Kasagami a quick piece of her mind, the blinding spotlight from up above focuses upon her, Akko and Sucy, and Niramo is dealing with the uncomfortable sensation of being the center of attention.

With the spotlight shining down on her, and with the DJ especially calling all of them out, there was no way she couldn't escape to the side now! She looks around wildly for some way to escape, and latches onto Steven like a drowning woman latching onto a log. Akko is sharing the spotlight with Sucy, so any help from her young friend was greatly appreciated! "Oh, right! We just need to decide on who is going and where, Universe-san. And you really should!" 'Maybe he won't draw attention to uncomfortable people?'

She looks at Steven's wild style, then looks at Amethyst to see if there was some sort of steps to follow, but doesn't get any help there just by watching. It was her advice, to simply do and let it come to you, that was the most surprising. Was it really that simple?

Knowing that she wasn't going to get out of this without embarrasing herself even more, Niramo lets out a sigh before she starts to bob her head to the beat, her long hair whipping up and down behind her like a dark waterfall. Not quite sure what to do next, she starts to move from side to side, zig-zagging randomly and moving her arms up and down to the beat. It looks awkward, but the more she just focuses on the dance, the more she starts to relax. A light sweat starts glazing her face with the effort, but Niramo was...starting to have fun? Dancing? Not at all how she expected her night to go tonight!

<Pose Tracker> Kasagami Araki [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

Anthy mostly gets her time to be the wallflower that the DJ and Kassie both made their feelings for well known. One or two of Kassie's fanclub pass by her. A few are almost sympathetic, in that mocking Ohtori way. But most of them?

Envious looks, great and terrible. It should be /them/ on the Engaged's arm. Not her.

Steven and Amethyst both get their space, mostly due to copious useage of hair whipping! And probably an elbow or two, and those mocking girls at least back off. Plenty of room for Sucy, Akko, and Niramo! A few encouraging whistles from the crowd!

Haruka, meanwhile, draws his own set of looks. The poor bartender thusly bribed, no one seems to jostle. Instead, a few starry-eyed looks are mixed with annoyance at those pushed /out/ of finding their seats!

Kasagami offers a smile to her fellow Shepherd. Truly, Michiru is a beautiful person, and she takes a moment to be sure to take that hand properly, and even bow to her in her best gentlemanly fashion. She respects the graceful Outer too much to do anything less.

Kass' hand is just a little /too/ tight. Stiff rather than limber, and up this close she looks horrifically distracted. Her gaze darts to corners. Especially at flashes dark green hair real or imagined to her.

The next song comes on right on cue. It's a mixture of more techno, and salsa dancing. Heavy on the violin. Kasagami loves a challenge, and here it is from the seafoam green one herself.

"That's why I like this place. They know their music, and their customers. I'd be honored, Michiru-san!"

And so she does. First, she pulls back from her newfound dance partner, pulling her deeper onto the dance floor. Then closer, and back again to the rhythm. Boots tap out a steady rhythm, even as she soon works in a spin, letting Michiru finish it off. Back together effortlessly, and she'll attempt to dip the woman just a bit.

It'd be wonderfully distracting from her troubles, if it weren't /Michiru/ she's dancing with.

"...How is she?" She can't not ask. She doesn't clarify. There's no point. This close, one can almost feel the trembling in Kasagami's arms.

Sucy's retreat is met by the stares of dancers and Fanclub alike. But not for long. Mushrooms grow easily in the dark, out of sight, though one above doesn't ignore the witchling.

DJ D-Ark grins down, and one eye opens. It's deeply red, and seems to follow the girl even into the shadows.

He's more vocal for Akko though! "Come on little lady! Just groove to the sounds and beats!" That spotlight is still /glaringly/ on Akko. At least Michiru and Kasagami are drawing /eyes/ away.

<Pose Tracker> Akko Kagari [Infinity Institute (7)] has posed.

Akko blinks at Sucy, when she pulls her hand back, and she looks hurt... for about half-a-second, before she sighs and looks down at her feet. "Aw, c'mon, it's just for fun!" she says. Akko is clueless, after all, and sometimes that cluelessness has an edge. Sometimes, she can do something that might hurt. She frowns at Sucy, and she almost starts one of those infamous pouts, until a few things reach her.

First, she has someone (Steven) calling out.

Second, Niramo is dancing, after a little shrug.

Third, the spotlight is on her.

What would Shiny Chariot do? She would--


"OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD I HAVE TO TEACH THEM TO DANCE BEFORE THE NEXT FESTIVAL," Ursula screams at her computer screen. "Save me, YouTube, you're my only hope!"


--dance fearlessly and amaze them!

Which is why Akko starts crab-walking, hands held out to the side, waving them in a nonsense pattern that doesn't match the rhythm at all. Sometimes, she stops to randomly flail her clenched fists.


<Pose Tracker> Anthy Himemiya [Ohtori Academy (9)] has posed.

A girl with hair like the sea and mesmeric beauty offers a hand to Kasagami Araki, drawing the attention of Anthy as she recuperates against a dark wall. Araki-sama had bidden her to make sure everyone's having a good time; soon, she'll get moving. For now she steals a few more moments for the watching and, it must be said, enjoys that theft for its own sake.

The paler of the witchlings proves to be as reluctant a party-goer as the First Witch, and they find themselves not far removed along the same length of dark wall. This seems as good a time as any to begin obeying her Engaged's most recent decree. Her breath and heartbeat settled, Anthy tips away from the wall and heads that way.

"Sucy-san, was it?" Kasagami had used -chan outside, but familiarity is not Anthy's way. She also seems to remember this same girl from a Garden Club social. "Are you having a good time?" Anthy wears a sweet enough expression... though those well-versed in such things would know that sweetness is a common enough mask for all sorts of poisons.

Still. It's a nice smile, and she's apparently about as enthusiastic about the party as Sucy is. The whole time, Anthy's gaze drifts between Sucy and the dance floor -- or more precisely, Sucy and Kasagami Araki.

<Pose Tracker> Steven Universe [Juuban Public School (5)] has posed.

"Yeah, like that!" Steven says doign this strange hand raising number. He doesn't seem to be doing any particular dance moves that are common-- instead preferring to just make them up as he goes. Occasionally he flounders when be realises something looks really dumb, but he snaps back, trying something else! "The only ones missing out are those on the sidelines!"

Amethyst has the point down for sure. Just lose yourself in the music! Not like it will be bad for you! People just go home happier when they do. The worries of the world can disappear in music, at least for a time. "Whoah!" Steven lets out, barely dodging a hair whip! Man, it is hard to judge how far that reaches. Or did she extend it?!

"Oh, for sure!" I will try to find somewhere nice that the voucher will work at!" he adds toward Niramo.

And then it happens.

The msot glorious improvisation ever seen in reality.

Akko doing the crab stance.

"YEAH! THAT RIGHT THERE!" He yells, pointing right at Akko. "DO IT UP GIRL!" It looked like the person he thought he saw Sucy with. "At these dance, you just dont care! Just do whatever!" Steven almost weeps at the heartfelt crab-dance. Almost.

<Pose Tracker> Michiru Kaioh [Infinity Institute (11)] has posed.

"Well," Michiru says, as she leans back into the dip, her dress shimmering in the dance floor light, "about that. I suppose you'd want it direct, hm?" She smiles at Kasagami, and Kasagami might notice, if she looks closely, that Michiru's smile hasn't reached her eyes.

As she straightens up, Michiru gives that honest answer. "Miserably. Her heart's broken. She's hiding it as well as you might expect." Twisting round, Michiru doesn't move far away, or flinch from Kasagami's touch. She looks up to her and speaks, her expression unchanging; could the watching Bride see the difference? Maybe this kind of thing isn't a surprise to Anthy.

"Hearts are funny things, aren't they? Like bones. They do heal, with the right setting... perhaps they even come back stronger. But the pain doesn't vanish, either. And it's hardly a guarantee."

Michiru twirls. The world seems diaphanous, in the flickering lights and loud music. Her voice carries clearly, even so. "I suppose we've come to stand against each other by misfortune. We put our trust in someone unreliable... and I suppose that we've all paid a price. You're not to blame for our errors..."

Michiru moves back towards Kasagami, reaching up to place a slim white hand on her shoulder as she leans back again, eyes like emeralds five fathoms deep as that small smile stays there, as she stares at Kasagami. "But I should warn you; that if you hurt her again, I won't let myself be distracted. She's very dear to me."

<Pose Tracker> Amethyst [None] has posed.

"Aw YEAH Niramo!" Amethyst beams at her, still dancing crazily but now her head is more still, eyes focused on the girl taking her advice. "That's what I'm talking about! I barely know you at all but I'm proud of you. Just feel the rhythm of yourself and let NOBODY tell you what it should be!" She looks at the rest of the non-dancers. "Gonna just sit there? pbft, suit yourselves."
Then the crabwalking Akko happens. Amethyst flashes her a quick thumbs-up. "Sweet moves!"

<Pose Tracker> Niramo Umokeshi [Juuban Public School (8)] has posed. Niramo breaks out of her 'dance' to looks at Akko, and starts to cheer her on. Are you suppost to dance like that? Well, Steven seems to know his dances, so it has to be true! She cheers Akko on, shouting to be heard over the music. "Wonderful moves, Akko-san! Cut those rugs and show the dance floor who is Queen of the Dance!" If Amethyst is right to just do and not to force it...Niramo shrugs before she starts to join in, trying her best to incoporate the crab stance into her current dance moves. As Steven himself likes to say... "Akko-san, sometimes you just need to go with the funky flow!"

<Pose Tracker> Sucy Manbavaran [Infinity Institute (7)] has posed. "No," Sucy replies to Anthy plainly. "I attended because Kasagami is hosting, but I expected a different kind of fun." Sucy is now watching Akko enjoy herself with Steven and the others with a blank look and something of a frown.

She gives Anthy a brief sidelong glance, but not for long.

It's clear to the pale witchling by the voice who it is speaking to her, but not exactly why. Perhaps just good hosting, but Sucy remembers the Garden club meeting too, and there was something in her bearing then that suggested something beyond the sweetness.

This girl seems to be around Kasagami a lot recently.

The last party of Kasagami's she attended they were celebrating something together. She can't recall exactly.

Are they dating too? Kasagami's love life is a labyrinth.

<Pose Tracker> Haruka Tenoh [Infinity Institute (11)] has posed. From a distance, and yet closer than Kasagami will ever get, Haruka watches Michiru. Theirs is the sort of partnership where a victory achieved by the one gives full satisfaction to the other. Indeed, they may somewhat prefer the other's triumphs. Michiru is seizing all the fun here, but in truth, it's doing Haruka a favor. Haruka will find a way to repay that.

Few can parallel Michiru in sheer, sparkling elegance, and the ethereal dance she favors Kasagami with is impressive to behold for many more eyes than Haruka's. Haruka smiles a little, proud, and watches Kasagami's expression to figure out what Michiru's saying. Kasagami probably has a much worse poker face.

Lifting two fingers, Haruka summons the bartender, who is more eager for another tip of that magnitude than he is resentful of being treated the way club bartenders prefer to treat others. When the man returns with the drinks, Haruka takes the two martini glasses in his hands, sips the amber one, and proceeds towards the dance floor at no great speed.

<Pose Tracker> Kasagami Araki [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

Akko's dance is mesmerizing! If you're going by the stares she draws. The many, many, many stares. Even the DJ is silent.

But Steven to the rescue! A few members of Kasagami's entourage claps for her. Most of them just laugh and point and generally are Ohtori style Jerks.

Kasagami follows along in Michiru's dance. She doesn't look away, doesn't shrink from the woman, imposing despite the difference in height. Oddly enough? She finds herself smiling.

Yet she doesn't looka t Michiru once. Not really. Her gaze is lost inside the darkest of pools, ones she's lost herself in both in person and in her dreams. Drowned in them in her latest nightmares.

"...I really am a terrible person, huh?" She mutters, more to herself than Michiru. Lips press together. She swallows. She won't break down. Not here, not before this Sailor Scout.

That smile grows as they dance. The pain in her own heart is searing. "Maybe not. But she's made of stronger stuff than that. I believe in her. I've never seen a stronger heart than hers, maybe except for my mother. Don't you dare sell her short." There's no happiness in her eyes. But pride instead.

And then finally, the dance ends, and she stares deep into those emeralds. Her gaze focuses, and she finally /looks/ into them.

"Trust me, there's no one who wants to be in this position less than me. I suppose I should have realized that's how you would see things, Michiru-san."

And then that wolfish grin, violent, hungry, and yet, so passionate and desiring of the future. It's marred by tears threatening to break out from her eyes.

"Two things though. First, I'm a woman of my word. I'm going to keep my promise, no matter how...awkward things get. Second? Anyone and anything that gets between me and the people I love are my enemies. Just keep that in mind, alright?" Her head tilts down, and she finally lets go of the woman.

"Even if that enemy is myself."

Hands snap to pockets, as the song ends, and she bows to Michiru.

"Always a pleasure, Michiru-san. Haruka-kun is lucky, really!" She laughs. Her voice goes quiet again, almost lost amidst the music.

"...Take care of her for me? Please?"

The fiery, passionate Duelist? Well, she most definitely has a much worse poker face than Michiru.

She falls onto a chair not long after, unmoving. Up above? DJ D-Ark grins. And then, a pulse of magic fills the room.