2018-11-14 - TIMELINE 1: Westar Strikes! Nightmare In Dream Land!

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Westar Strikes! Nightmare In Dream Land!

Westar attacks Dream Land. Sailor Moon, Niramo and Steven meet the Mami/Madoka Puella Magi Konbi for the first time. Luna is reunited with her savior.


Westar, Niramo Umokeshi, Steven Universe, Usagi Tsukino, Madoka Kaname, Mami Tomoe


Tomoeda Theme Park

OOC - IC Date:

11/14/2018 - 09-20-2013

<Pose Tracker> Westar [Infinity Institute (11)] has posed.

It's a beautiful, sunny Friday afternoon at Tomoeda Theme Park - or as the students of Tokyo might prefer to call it, Dream Land. Even with the advent of autumn approaching, the weather today is warm and bright - a perfect day for spending an afternoon outside and having fun.

In perhaps a mercenary move, Dream Land is offering a student discount for 'young dreamers' - in practice, to any child or teenager willing to put on even the most perfunctory of cheerful smiles. As a result, it's much more busy than the average September afternoon - but the staff are keeping things moving at a good pace, and while there's lines for most rides and attractions they aren't too onerous.

Screams of delight can be heard from the log flume, as another boatload of adventurers has a rapid descent interrupted by a mighty splash. Higher-pitched squeals can be heard from a pint-sized attraction, where parents oversee small children who cheerfully try to crash miniature animal-shaped cars into each other. Rattles and yells from all around, as a roller coaster continues its wild circuit of the park as a whole - and above it all, a Ferris Wheel slowly traces its surveying path above everything.

There's a hundred and one little stalls, ranging from snacks to perhaps-not-entirely-fair games. Winding paths through carefully curated woods and gardens offer a moment's privacy and quiet for those in need of a break or to soothe an upset child. All that, and all the other smaller attractions a place like this has to offer...

It's Dream Land. Any day spent here is like a dream.

<Pose Tracker> Niramo Umokeshi [Juuban Public School (7)] has posed.

Several hours at Dream Land should make anybody happy, especially when the 'young dreamers' discount is just enough to let you squeeze inside the front gates. That's the plan when school just didn't seem to go right for Niramo Umokeshi, despite just how cheerful the weather was. Maybe it was just how the cafeteria ran out of juice for lunch at the last minute. Maybe it was Saburai-sensei picking on her again when she got distracted by looking outside the window for just a second.

Maybe it was how a simple silver anklet could feel so strange despite being so simple looking.

When a floating, talking mouse (floating!) pops out of an anklet that had somehow found it's way into a shopping bag and it tells you that you have been picked as the new wielder of a magical artifact, Niramo wondered if she was having some sort of crazy dream. Add in tales of a mysterious villain corrupting others, how a house pest-shaped-fairy was older than most civilizations and how the anklet can let you fight evil that the police couldn't stop, and the young new Miraculous user was wondering if she was just crazy all of a sudden.

It was nearly a week ago, and Niramo is still trying to get everything straight. "You have been going over the same ground time and time again. Perhaps you should just accept what I say without overthinking on it?" The said mouse-shaped Kwami was currently hiding in the bow on the front of Niramo's school uniform, looking up at his charge with a somewhat exasperated sigh.

"But, I mean...it makes no sense. Magic is only fiction in fantasy books, not something that exists in real life! Besides, Takk-san, you said this mastermind was pretty active, but nothing bad or strange has happened. Maybe you're just wrong..." Niramo sighs and looks up towards the perfectly clear sky, trying to resolve her inner conflict.

Niramo Umokeshi

A young girl of 14 years stands before you, currently dressed in a Juuban High School uniform. She's 4' 8" in height, or 142.2 CM, and stands with a relaxed and cheerful posture. Her face has just the slightest hint of makeup, all the better to show her dark green eyes and cute smile. Her black hair is currently styled in a loose, low-hanging ponytail that reaches halfway down her back, and an innocent air floats around her.

<Pose Tracker> Steven Universe [Juuban Public School (4)] has posed.

"A theme park!"

A chipper little voice comes from a child at the gates where tickets are purchased, as they come up to buy a ticket. They have some kind of student special going on! Ah, but he isn't a student. Yet, anyway.


"This paperwork is nonsense. Why do they even need this information! What does 'previous address' even mean?"

"It is paperwork so the government can spy on him! He's gonna have to go undercover and become a secret agent!"

"That can't be right, Amethyst! It is for some kind of record-- why does he need to go to school?! We can teach him everything he needs to know."

"About us, maybe. But there are things the humans can teach Steven that we can't. Their history, their ways of life."

"But Garnet, what if something happens to him? I would--"

"Have faith. He will be fine. Besides, he wants to make new friends."

"Oh alright."

"...Can I go to school too?"



Well perhaps he had to pay fully price to enter, but he still gave the cashier a million dollar smile!

The small child is immediately filled with wonder at all the rides, spinning and carrying their joyous cargo to be deliverd to happiness! Or perhaps to their dream destination, eh? "Oh wow! So many rides! I uh... hum." The boy sets his eyes on a ride with seats that spin around a central point, which the seats can spin on their own. Some type of wild spinning ride. "...I think I will avoid that one for now."

Seeing so many workers here, all smiling and serving cheerful customers, it is nigh infections, as he goes to get some cottom candy. "I wonder if Mr. Smiley works here now somewhere? Maybe he is around!"

Though the first ride that gets his attention for real is that massive ferris wheel, standing as a colossal tribute to happy times and memories shared, looking down upong the rest, as it it were its guardian of some kind. Slowly rotating, always watching.

Flip-flops pattering on the ground are the only thing that signal he was ever standing still, as Steven disappears into the crowd to head toward it and get in line!

<Pose Tracker> Usagi Tsukino [Juuban Public School (8)] has posed.
<SoundTracker> Innocence - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JX-8_buYBfg

A whistle marks the start of the forward acceleration - as the train starts it's circuitous route around the water rides of the park. It's kiddy size, each car more like a small roller coaster than a passenger train. And that is why Usagi Tsukino is there. With a cat seated beside her. "Is riding this really necessary?" "Well my feet hurt from doing so much walking..." And indeed Usagi has lazily stretched her legs out, rubbing a calf like she has a cramp.

"Huh!? It's only been ten minutes since we got here-!"

Luna is currently watching a a group of carefree preschoolers passing the train. "We're just wasting time here. Don't you have an English test coming up tomorrow?" Usagi crosses her arms in an X, "Bzz - no talking about schoolwork in a place like this! It's forbidden!" Luna hunches up her cat shoulders and sighs, "Why did I get saddled with such an irresponsible girl? Why couldn't it have been-"

And indeed she's dreaming of the silhouette of that girl again. Pink haired with those small bobbing twintails. They've become her image of the ideal Sailor Moon. Not this inferior blonde equiv-

"And just who are you talking to bunhead?" A green jacketed arm is swarthily draped over the back of the car ahead of her. Luna immediately starts mewing loudly. And badly. "Meow!" "If you're going to keep your head in the clouds and chat up some cat like your imaginary friend-" Turning his neck just enough to eye her through his sunglasses, he shifts them upwards to look her in the eye. "-maybe you should think more about your schoolwork. What's your average right now? Twenty nine? Or are you overachieving and managing to squeak out a thirty-two?"

Usagi immediately goes red faced as she puts her hands at the front of her train car as she leans forward, "That's mean! You should mind your own business rather than picking on an innocent middle..."

Usagi suddenly realizes the sheer number of kidlets on the train, all with their eyes on her - and then they start giggling asynchronously. The realization sets in that she towers over most kids on this train despite her diminutive height. And hurriedly sits down, eyes tearing up as she crosses her hands grumpily in front of her. "And just what is a high schooler doing riding this kiddy train alone?"

Thrown off his rhythm by that accusation - and the fact that his size causes his knees to be up to his chest in his car, he stammers, "H-Hey don't pretend like its any better for you bunhead-"

"Cute young middle school girls with tired feet like me get a pass! In your case it's just weird!"

Mamoru Chiba just lowers his shades back into place, staring at Usagi for a few seconds longer, before abruptly sliding his legs off the train in motion and standing up at the crosswalk. Putting one hand in his pocket - he starts to traipse away on the walk. The other held up in a wave. "Catch you on the flip side - bunhead."

Usagi holds onto the side of her seat as she keeps her neck craned out to look at him as the train keeps going, "Hey! Don't just retreat to save face and pretend like that was cool! It wasn't!"

Luna stops her bad meowing to sigh- "Why me?" -and daydream of being the mentor and advisor to a pink haired Sailor Moon...

<Pose Tracker> Madoka Kaname [Ohtori Academy (8)] has posed.

A pair of girls, their combined hair color rose gold, are standing at the base of one of those huge triangular structures with a map on each side. They must be lost; their expressions are pretty serious, though one wouldn't go so far as to call them distressed.

Madoka's eyes are almost crossed from the intensity with which she's staring at the hand above her head. Her fingers are splayed wide, like she's blocking out the sunlight pouring through them because it's blinding. In actuality she is trying to gauge the change in subtle rosy glow emanating off the little gemstone on her ring, and creating shadow makes that easier.

But still not very easy. She squints one eye, and then the other, then back again, analyzing what she sees from alternating sides of her nose. "Aa-ano, eto..."

Her cheeks are also a little pink, to go with her general theme. Possibly moreso than the fleck of jewel. "There are so many people here," she murmurs, though that's pretty generous -- it's more of an embarrassed mumble. "Are you sure I don't look crazy?"

The clamor of the park tugs at her attention. She's too much of a chicken to go on most of the rides without a great deal of goading, but always happily squeals loudest and longest once she's on board. So there isn't temptation exactly. Just... a lot of people, as she said. A lot of people here to have fun. Like the black-haired girl staring dreamily into the sky. The little boy in that familiar T-shirt, diving straight into the crowd. The kids... and older kids! riding the tourist train.

Seeing them, the smile that dawns on Madoka's face like the rising sun doesn't make her less serious. It's quite the opposite. Squaring her shoulders beneath their Ohtori uniform fabric, she lifts her chin and answers her own question.

And not just because of them, either. Because of the girl beside her. Madoka gazes up into those golden eyes, and at her most solemn she can't help but be a little warm, too. She's so glad that they're together.

"I guess... I guess it doesn't matter. Or maybe it makes it matter more. Any of them could get hurt if we don't find the Witch..."

She nods, firmly enough to bounce every ribbon attached to her (there are three: two on her hair and one at her throat), and transforms her hand from a wide spread to an outthrust point down one of the paths. "Left!"

<Pose Tracker> Mami Tomoe [Ohtori Academy (9)] has posed.

Mami Tomoe watches her partner thoughtfully, her expression of course serious. These matters, after all, are important, should be treated with care. ...But she's very far from anything like distressed. Her eyes stay on Madoka's face rather than the hand above her head--and she makes a small, amused sound that isn't quite laughing at the younger girl's embarrassment.

"They aren't looking at you," Mami explains, her voice gentle--maybe reassuring. ...That warm smile of Madoka's is met by a smaller one, a little more reserved... But no less glad.

"That's right. They're busy with their friends, their families... With just enjoying the park. They don't think about the dangers Witches or other monsters pose to them."

A look out towards the park for a moment, "...Let's keep it that way."

A firm nod as Madoka mentions her direction. "...It's natural to worry a little though," she allows, starting to step once towards where Madoka points. "But you'll get used to it. ...Just like you're already getting used to searching. It took me longer than you have to get the knack for the shades," the older girl remarks to Madoka with a happy little laugh.

Mami doesn't get out her own ring to focus, doesn't bring out the Gem she could use to confirm it. After the first step, she just keeps on walking in the direction Madoka suggested, glancing about with a subtle care.

...But she sticks close, in a nearly-identical uniform.

<Pose Tracker> Westar [Infinity Institute (11)] has posed.
<SoundTracker> Fresh Precure! - Nakewameke Appears https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Le-bm1_ZL4

A thousand sights to see, with joyous attractions for all ages. Whether university students on a date or toddlers just barely aware of what a cat is, there's something here for everyone.

With that said, certain attractions have certain...age expectations.

It's one of the more low-key parts of the park. Dozens of tiny animal-shaped cars putter around, piloted by those children small enough to fit in the seat but big enough to try to grip the wheel. It's not exactly fast-paced action, as the cars are themselves tuned down to a level where a shambling walk could outpace them. Throughout, small children argue over which cuddly critter is the best, while beleaguered parents either carefully assist in a first attempt at piloting...or watch from a little further back, to lay claim to some well-earned rest.

And then there's this guy.

Definitely not a small child, a young man or mature teenager sits sidesaddle on top of a panda-shaped car. Wearing jeans, a black shirt, and an orange vest, he surveys the scenery from his pint-sized perch. Running a hand through his blonde hair, he takes a moment to just take in everything he's seeing, as if seeing it all for the first time. "...I see. So, this is an amusement park."

He nods once in satisfaction, closing his eyes. Ever-so-slowly, the panda trundles on, carrying him through the area in the slowest possible fashion. In spite of the lack of wind in his hair, though, he seems to smile. "However...this is surprisingly fun."

"Momma, that man is being weird!"

"Now, now, you mustn't speak harshly of others..."

The young man gasps, eyes snapping open as a mother leads her observant child away. Horror slowly dawning on his face, he looks around the area, only now realizing just how many people are staring at him. Only now realizing just how much he's standing out, how much younger the average rider of these cars tends to be. Only now realizing how this whole situation is kinda awkward. "Im...impossible! Has my cover been blown?!"

There's a pause, as the very world seems to nod.

"...well, if they already suspect, then there's no point in pretending!" He springs to his feet, planting one foot firmly upon the panda's little wheel, and claps his hands together. From his palms, reality seems to twist, some phantom veil pulling aside to reveal him in new garb - black, trimmed with yellow, accompanied by a white cape to match now-green hair. "SWITCH! OVER!"

Folding his arms, he nods to the now-staring crowd. "I am Westar - denizen of Labyrinth, and servant to Lord Mobius! Without further ado - Nakewameke! Obey my command!" A yellow diamond appears in his hand, which he stabs into the panda-car without further ceremony - eliciting an explosion of smoke that engulfs the area. Within, a rising shadow...

...and a gargantuan panda towers above the nearby buildings, its shoulder easily at the level of the roller coaster track nearby. There's no hint of fluff - although it's still black and white, the 'animal' is covered in plastic and metal, a shining yellow diamond proud on its chest. From its back, a large steering wheel juts out, and its eyes are more like lamps than anything else. Still, in spite of its artificial nature, its claws are very large and very real. "NAKEWAMEKE!"

As children cry, parents scream, and everyone starts running away very quickly, Westar laughs from atop the giant beast's head. "That's it! Cry more, wail more! Those screams of fear will fill the Sorrow Gauge!" The panda flexes its arms, baring its claws as it lets out a faintly-metallic roar.

COMBAT: Westar transforms into Nakewameke!
<Pose Tracker> Usagi Tsukino [Juuban Public School (8)] has posed.

Luna idly watches attractions go by on the train ride, as she spots the man on the little panda ride. "What is it with men these days-? Don't they have any shame?" Usagi eyes him, and double takes as she puts her hands together, "Wow - what a hotty!" "... Did you... somehow miss what he's doing?" Luna has this surreal moment where she considers her charge's standards...

And then - SWITCH! OVER! Luna starts to shout in horror, "AHHHH-! Usagi-chan! Trouble!"

Usagi snaps out of it and recoils as she catches sight of the monster growing and- "P-P-Puh-Puh-PANDA!" "OH NOW YOU NOTICE IT!?" and Usagi is shrinking back in her seat looking a little frantic as little kinds scream and pour off the train en masse. "H-Heyyyy Luna here's an idea. Why don't we just... keep riding and pretend we never... saw anything." Hands still together she confides, "It looks... really terrifying."

Luna's tone is firm, "Usagi-chan. You're going out there - you have a responsibility as a Sailor Senshi..." Usagi lets out a small whimper before raising her hand reluctantly in the air. "Well?"

Usagi looks like she's about to cry again, "I forgot what to say again." "How could you forget your henshin phrase!?" She lets off a shout that's an octave extra high, "BECAUSE I'M SO SCARED IT SLIPPED MY MIND-!" "USAGI!" Luna's teeth grind together, "Say Moon Prism Power - Make Up!"

"Muh-Moon Prism Power - Make Up!"

Her nails sparkle with polish as ribbons erupt from her, billowing around her as they adorn her hands with gloves, feet with boots. Girding her with a Sailor Fuku - a skirt, and a shining gold Tiara - Usagi Tsukino becomes...


The silhouette of Sailor Moon stands atop a train car as the now emptied train keeps chugs along. "You're unforgivable! With so few pandas left the last thing they need is someone like you terrifying a whole park full of kids with a giant monster one! Sailor-Suited Pretty Soldier of Love and Justice: Sailor Moon! In the Name of the Moon-"

As she strikes a fierce pose, it feels like she's pointing not just at the Panda Nakewameke, but at Westar as well.

"-I will punish you!"

The train is gradually moving her out of alignment with where her pose is pointing - so she keeps having to change its angle. Luna presses a paw to her face.

COMBAT: Usagi Tsukino transforms into Sailor Moon!
COMBAT: Sailor Moon has used In The Name Of The Moon on Westar.
<Pose Tracker> Steven Universe [Juuban Public School (4)] has posed.

The line grows ever-smaller to the ferris wheel, as children with their loved ones and friends slowly board or leave, one by one. The ones leaving obviously have bigger smiles, or eyes filled with just a pinch more wonder.

And finally, it is Steven's turn to board. He is practically vibrating with excitement. A ticket check is prompted, and he gets to board. A look back to the line, from which he can see a faimilar face or two from the other day. And before he can wave to them--

As if on some sort of supernatural cue--

Something happens. One leg still hanging off the ferris wheel steps, the boy turns to see a vicious... panda-machine?! Everyone is running from it, oh no! Of course, the boy looks to all the scard people fleeing, some getting separated from their group, and children crying. "Oh maaaan..." he says, heading over toward the threat.

Steven has a... bad habit, of heading toward danger despite not being able to fight. Something about him, and his willingness to help people in need. And it is an event that is happening once again, as he takes cover behind a toppled trash can, peeking over. A fumbling hand reaches for and clutches a cell phone, pulled out to dial for-- "Pearl, come on!" the boy complains aloud, looking and his cell phone. Bright wet erase marker has been scrawled on the phone of how to get in touch back home. It is written all over the touchscreen. "Nnngh!" he says, frantically wiping it off then dialing. "Come on, come on..." A voicemail is reached, as the boy looks back over, sweating. "Hi this is Steven pleace pick up pleace please there is a monster here I think peopel are scared I am scared HELP!" a pause. "Love Steven!" is quickly added before hanging up.

Just in time to see a flash of wondrous light. A transformation and the appearance of Love and Justice Incarnate. "W... Who is that...?!" he squeaks out. "Wait, from that comic?! No... she looks different, kinda!" Gears churn in his head. "..Is that actually real?!"

COMBAT: Westar braces 0 Fatigue damage from Sailor Moon's In The Name Of The Moon, taking 0 Fatigue damage!  Sailor Moon is
Psyched!  Cripple and Diversion applied to Westar!
<Pose Tracker> Niramo Umokeshi [Juuban Public School (7)] has posed.

A few seconds of staring at the clear blue yonder pass before the ravenette slightly slaps her cheeks and nods to herself. "Right! Enough about worrying about what-ifs. I came here to Dream Land to have fun, not mope around on a bench!" Getting up from her quiet seat and determined to make the best of her day, Niramo puts aside the rest of her doubts for now and looks over the top of the trees. "Hopefully the line for the roller coaster isn't that long, time to start the day off right!"

As if to crush her newfound determination to make the most of the day, a form far greater than the leafed katsura trees around her raises up nearby, an loud roar of fury causing screams of terror to raise up. Two sets of eyes focus on the mechanical panda, one wide in shock and another set narrowed in calculation. "That isn't La Papillion's work...but the fact that it has appeared here means magic is being used against innocent humans." It takes Takk to float in front of the Juuban student to break her out of her shock, and she takes a moment to realize that the Kwami might just be right about magic in general. "The police can do little against something as big as this threat. There might be others who will stand to fight that creature, but there is strength in numbers. Do you believe in me now?"

Dark green eyes glance down at the ground, at the silver anklet market with a curled rat resting gently on an ankle. A deep breath is taken in once, twice. There were others who could fight the monster, like Takk-san said, but...what if another person can make that victory just that slightly easier? And what if someone gets hurt because she didn't want to fight against something so -big-?

"I-I think I do now, Takk-san. But...how can I help?"

Maybe it's a little hard to tell on such a small face, but Niramo never thought she would see a mouse smile. "Just focus on your anklet and repeat the words I told you when we first met."

"Tail, sprout!

Booted feet pound the ground as the Miraculous user pushes against the panicked stream of people, her thoughts moving just as quick but focused on something besides the monsterious panda beast. Why did it look like she was a mouse mascot for the park? Why did the weapons that she have for this was a pair of wooden tonfa?

Why did she feel everything in her clearly fake tail?!

But as she finally reaches the deserted park at the base of the Nakewameke, it quickly becomes relevant that she should focus on what's right in front of her. And...wait, was someone standing on top of the bear car gone evil? He has to be the bad guy controlling this thing!

And that is when the Sailor-Suited magical defender speaks a rather heroic speech directed the mechanical beast. A single finger is pointed, a fierce declaration of justice called out...and...no magical burst of energy? No blasts of light that tears holes through the artificial hide?

It's only when she realizes that Sailor Moon is continuing to hold the pose that the mouse-decorated Miraculous user realizes she had to be the one who take action here. "Errr...right, w-what she said!" With that stumbling reply of assured victory over evil given that she raises her tonfa high overhead and swings at the Nakewameke's right leg.

Maybe she should have thought more about -how- she was going to stop the panda.

COMBAT: Niramo Umokeshi transforms into Sourisi!
COMBAT: Sourisi has used Forest Down on Westar.
<Pose Tracker> Mami Tomoe [Ohtori Academy (9)] has posed.

One shout isn't enough to draw Mami's attention around here; Dream Land is loud, boisterous, full of life. ...But the tone of it sees Mami turning her head a fraction, glancing towards the source. ...And so she's looking just in time to see the explosion of smoke, to turn the rest of the way and immediately put an arm between Madoka, beside her, and whatever is happening there. The older girl is all seriousness again, sharp, and wary. Her smile is gone, as she looks up, up--

...Towards what comes out of the smoke.

"Some kind of monster," she murmurs, frowning over the fact that she doesn't recognize it or this Westar at all. This is new. Her honeyed eyes flick to Madoka then, as she lets her arm fall. She sighs lightly, though it's just theatre, cuts off. "The Witch will have to wait," Mami says, and while she looks for a place out of the way she adds, "...I hope pandas aren't your favorite."


Amidst the noise and dust as people begin to flee the giant monster, one thing cuts out above: music, abrubtly audible, from the sky itself, delicate and yet wonderfully bright.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WqQ3hP_q7Ns - CREDENS JUSTITIAM - ORIGINAL

As it starts, brilliant magic bursts on the ground around the Nakewameke gold that then sparkles, trailing in all colors. From their sparkling bases they become lovely yellow ribbons, growing and growing quickly, spiraling upward, inward towards the monster after trails of light, the music building as they encircle the great monster layer by layer. Only when they reach halfway up do they stop suddenly--and pull tight to immobilize the monster. ...With a faint clatter, covered by the music, of boots landing gracefully atop the coaster track.

At that moment: "Now!"

COMBAT: Mami Tomoe transforms into Puella Mami!
COMBAT: Mami Tomoe has started a combo targeting Westar!
<Pose Tracker> Madoka Kaname [Ohtori Academy (8)] has posed.

Mami's laugh washes over Madoka like warm rain, and even her shifting tone -- as trouble starts -- can't make her voice a less than soothing sound. Madoka adds a second firm nod to the first, and hastens to follow her senpai off the beaten path.


From the bushes, a pair of pink eyes stare in awe and wonder at Sailor Moon as she gives her speech.

"Oh my gosh, that was the most awesome thing I've ever seen. We've gotta help her!!"


Chunky pink shoes make a CLACK sound on the concrete, as a twintailed magical girl lands on the far side of the Nakewameke from Niramo. She's daringly close, but then, there are those ribbons holding the monster back. Madoka has learned in a very short time to be entirely willing to put her life in Mami's hands -- and in her weavings.

The hem of her skirt is still sinking from her landing, ruffles on ruffles on ruffles, as she bends the pretty golden, rosebud-crowned wand in her hands -- it's pretty long, maybe it's a staff -- and it becomes a bow instead, strung with an impossibly fine beam of pink light.


Madoka stares intently down the shaft of not so impossibly fine pink light that comprises her arrow as she aims it higher, higher, and draws it back deeper, deeper, past her ear, past her chin. It doesn't have fletching or a head, but it's an arrow all the same, the projectile fired by cupid stripped down to its absolute essence. It is sharp in every direction, and it hums a soft constant note in harmony with the music spilling down from the heavens, a hum of potential.

As she does so, the bud at the tip of the staff -- now the top of the bow -- unfurls into a beautiful rose, and ignites with something between raw energy and fierce flame. It sheds flowing roseate radiance at an ever-intensifying pace... which explodes in a burst of light as she lets go of the string at last.

And a burst of sound. Released, Madoka's arrow sounds like a tinkling chime.

Madoka watches it earnestly as it flies up at the Nakewameke...

...and past the Nakewameke, all but disappearing into the sun...

...did she miss?


Nobody can see exactly what happens up there, but suddenly a flood of pink projectiles are rushing downwards, peppering the bound monster en masse.

It covers quite a wide area, actually. Not wide enough to endanger Niramo -- the Nakewameke is huge, and they're on opposite sides -- but Madoka, who was biting her lip nervously as she awaited the results, suddenly yelps as a few arrows spray the ground around her.

"Eep!" she shrieks, and scrambles out of the way of her unexpectedly large attack. She winds up not far from the train, and pants a little, resting her hands on her knees for just a second. "That was a close one..."

COMBAT: Madoka Kaname transforms into Puella Magi Madoka!
COMBAT: Westar dodges 9 Fatigue damage from Sourisi's Forest Down, taking 13 Fatigue damage!  Critical Hit!  
COMBAT: Madoka Kaname has joined the combo started by Mami Tomoe!
COMBAT: COMBO! Mami Tomoe and Madoka Kaname have used Combo: Introducing: The Magnificent Puella Magi Konbi!, composed of Legare
and Twinkle Burst, on Westar.
COMBAT: Westar cleanly braces 57 Fatigue damage from Mami Tomoe and Madoka Kaname's Combo: Introducing: The Magnificent Puella
Magi Konbi!, taking 10 Fatigue damage!  Critical Hit!  Tangle and Trap applied to Westar!
<Pose Tracker> Westar [Infinity Institute (11)] has posed.

In short order, a day full of wonder and joy has turned to one full of fear and panic. As the sight of the towering panda catches eyes around the park, smiles turn to tears, relaxation turns to running, and dates turn to disasters (if they hadn't already). The ground quakes with each step, and atop its head Westar just laughs and laughs.

A speech from the roller coaster interrupts his revelry, admonishment taking physical form. For a moment, the quaking halts as the monster stops in its tracks; Westar folds his arms, slowly turning to face the coaster as he speaks. "Hmph. You've arrived at last, Pretty- wait, who are you?!"

He's taken aback, eyes whipping around the area as one unfamiliar heroine arrives after another. "For that matter, who are all of you?! I was told I'd just have to worry about - " He staggers, as Sourisi's tonfa slams into the panda's ankle, destabilizing it for a moment. Getting to his feet, he's about to retort again when flashes of pink and yellow catch his eye.

The ribbons winding around the panda's leg are most unwelcome, pinning it firmly in place as a pink flower blossoms. Westar leaps off of the panda's head with a panicked yell as his monster brings up its arms in a guard - arrow after arrow of light slamming into the monster's limbs. It takes a long moment for the dust to clear - and then a voice calls out from a nearby observation tower.

"You're all pretty dangerous - but it doesn't matter! We'll still gather misery, Mobius will rule everything, and all those other pandas will belong to him anyway! Show 'em all just how black and white things are, Nakewameke!" With a roar, the giant panda-monster moves to obey.

A swift claw jabs repeatedly at the moving roller coaster, trying to pin down the moving Sailor Moon and the recently-arrived Mami with wild lunges. Tangled feet meanwhile stomp awkwardly to try to catch a troubling little mouse, bringing new shakes to the ground. With its other still-smoking arm, it swings wildly in Madoka's direction, aiming to slap the terrain near her solidly enough to truly shake things up - making nearby stalls begin to collapse from the impact, toppling towards Steven.

And in the distance, more cries, more wails...

COMBAT: Westar has used Panda Panic! on Sailor Moon.
COMBAT: Westar has used Panda Panic! on Mami Tomoe.
COMBAT: Westar has used Paws For Effect on Sourisi.
COMBAT: Westar has used Sorrowful Smash on Madoka Kaname.
COMBAT: Sourisi partially dodges 4 Fatigue damage from Westar's Paws For Effect, taking 18 Fatigue damage!  Sourisi's Fade and
Flash abilities activate!  Cripple applied to Sourisi!
COMBAT: Sailor Moon dodges 9 Fatigue damage from Westar's Panda Panic!, taking 14 Fatigue damage!  Sailor Moon's Fade and Flash
abilities activate!
COMBAT: Madoka Kaname braces 12 Fatigue damage from Westar's Sorrowful Smash, taking 5 Fatigue damage!  Stun applied to Madoka
COMBAT: Mami Tomoe partially dodges 4 Fatigue damage from Westar's Panda Panic!, taking 14 Fatigue damage!  Mami Tomoe's Fade and
Flash abilities activate!
COMBAT: Westar has used Awful Aftershock on Steven Universe.
COMBAT: Madoka Kaname covers Steven Universe for Westar's attack, Awful Aftershock, taking it upon herself instead!
COMBAT: Madoka Kaname fails to dodge Westar's Awful Aftershock, taking 9 Fatigue damage!  
<Pose Tracker> Madoka Kaname [Ohtori Academy (8)] has posed.

Though she wildly fled her own arrows, Madoka is surprisingly stalwart in the face of a huge smoking arm. Her eyes squint almost shut and she crossbars her arms across her face in a giant X and... endures, though the shaking knocks her to her knees.

She isn't the only thing being knocked down, though, and with a tightly inhaled gasp as she sees the little boy threatened by the collapsing stall, she rockets towards him in a leap powerful enough to provide a facsimile of flight, parallel to the ground.

Steven's whole world soon becomes pink and white lace as the Puella Magi curls around him midjump, and the two of them slide out of the way of the debris, Madoka taking the landing on her back hard enough to raise a little smoke.

Her eyes open to look Steven over. They sparkle with relief.

"Whew... you okay?" she pants.

<Pose Tracker> Sailor Moon [Juuban Public School (8)] has posed.

There is music in the air that differs from the cheerful tunes of a theme park. Elegant and triumphant. As the train turns, Sailor Moon catches sight of the Magical Girl in action atop the coast track. Immobilizing the monster deftly with those ribbons, "... Sugoi." It's a whisper steeped in awe. "She's... so pretty..." The word pretty feels inadequate, which in turn is a summation of how she feels in relation to her.

Even Luna is spellbound, for a moment having nothing to say.

However that's only the first part of the konbi. The second is yet to come. She hears the stammer at the command. And then there is pink light - a chime tinkling past her ears pleasantly. Before pink energy falls like rain. "That was - incredible!" It's only then that she catches sight of her. "The two of you are amazing!" Even with the girl clad in pink yelping. Shrieking from the spray of her own attack.

There's an instant stab of empathy there. A feeling of solidarity.

Yet there's also just this profound relief.

It radiates off her tone as she looks upon the other girl, "Oh I'm so thankful you're here - I was so scared that I'd have to fight that alone-!"

Luna sees her two, then blurts out, "It can't b- Sailor Moon! That's the girl that saved my life! I'm sure of it!" Sailor Moon's lashes flutter as this information sets in. Before she looks at Madoka with even more respect and admiration, "Wait you're the one that saved Luna?" Before looking so joyful, "Oh thank you so much! I'd be really lost without her! I've been wanting to meet you ever since she told me...!"

Luna is bounding from car to car before stopping on one closer to Madoka. Looking at her with joy, "I've been looking for you - so I could thank you. I mean that I will thank you - properly - later! First you have to take care of that monster!" Sailor Moon considers this for a moment, "W-Well it looks like they have it pretty handled on their own..." "Sailor Moon! Don't just leave it up to them!"

Westar then says, "Pretty dangerous?" She repeats, because that is never a descriptor she thought she'd hear describe herself as, "Me? Maybe he's talking about them... AAAAAAAA-!"

A wild lunge from the Panda at the train nearly derails it, and Sailor Moon is suddenly off-balance as she falls forward, scooting on her rear wildly in a semi-crab walk. Its claws caught Sailor Moon on the calf during the assault. However she only notices it once the adrenaline rush sets off and the pain sets in from the red line across her calf. "I'm bleeding-! Y-You're the one who is-!" Sniffling some, Sailor Moon begins to cry, "-duh-dangerous!"

Luna has hopped off the train by now, but seeing the storm coming, has already preemptively covered her ears.

And now worked up, Sailor Moon starts to sob, "SOMEONE DOOOO SOMETHINNNGGGG!" As her hiccuping cries grow louder and louder, the red jewels adorning her odango start to reverberate...

... and wave upon wave of nausea inducing ultrasonic noise emanate outward, so loud that the park itself starts to shake. The sonic waves slam torturously into the Nakewameke over and over in an assault fueled by Sailor Moon's tears.

Luna shouts, "STOP CRYING AND FIGHT! PEOPLE ARE IN DANGER SAILOR MOON!" Without acknowledging the very real effect her crying is having. "BUH II HUHTS!"

Knowing this will continue unless she intervenes she says, "THEN JUST LOOK-" Luna dares to release a paw to point while in her field of vision. " -LOOK AND SEE." The paw leading straight to the pink clad Magical Girl protecting a small boy.

Shocked by that sight of someone doing the right thing while she sits around and cries...

...it's really easy to start to recompose herself. To gulp down further terror and wipe the tears with the back of her arm. "O-Okay..."

COMBAT: Sailor Moon has used Supersonic Screaming on Westar.
<Pose Tracker> Steven Universe [Juuban Public School (4)] has posed.

The phone is dialed again. And again. Still no answer. Where are they? What could they be doing?!

A look back over his not-so-sturdy cover. His eyes scan for people in danger, someone possibly cornered or scared. Garnet always taught him that it was the little things that count when the chips are down like this. And that even someone small can do big things.

Though it is tough not to watch Sailor Moon make her declaration. "So cool...!" he says, biting his lip in anticipation of what may be an awesome fight! He almost never gets to see the Crystal Gems do any fighting, and they don't take him on missions... but having a front row seat to some action while trying to do a bit of good is all he has ever wanted for like, ever!

To make things better, three others join the fray! Some kind of... is that a ninja with a tail? WHoever they are, they are really fast! And then another plast of energy-color comes in the form of the combined attack of another pair of young ladies, whose teamwork riddles the badguy with entangling ribbons and ephemeral arrows! "That was awesoooome! OH," the boy exclaims, reaching for his phone, and pointing out toward the battlefield. "I gotta recoard this and show it to Pearl! She said no one was like me, but wait until she sees this!"

There probably isn't a boy more giddy than he right now.

And then that abruptly ends. The vaguely-panda appearing foe begins its onslaught on those arrayed to stop it. "Oh this is great!" And it is quite the show. At least until the blowback from a particularly strong attack, causes the structure to fall forward toward him. He turns barely in time to see it coming. "Ah! No!"

The boy stands to run, but his flip-flop gets caught, the trash can having rolled a bit backward onto it. His knees hit hard o nthe pavement, and the boy can only wince as he can feel the incoming impact.

It never comes, rather, a familiar feeling of being grabbed and rocketed in a direction.. There is pinks and whites and soft cloth with lace. Tender hands are what carried him. A look to his savior. Instincts almost say 'Garnet' due to the number of times something similar happened, but it is someone else! "Wh... What.. wow...!" he fumbles with his voice. His eyes are full of stars over how amazing that save was.

"Y...yeah! I'm okay thanks to you, Miss Pink Heroine! I'll be fine! But you gotta punch that badguy to custard! You can do it!" the boy says, with every bit of his heart poured into his voice.

COMBAT: Steven Universe has used My Pink Heroine! on Madoka Kaname.
COMBAT: Madoka Kaname accepts Steven Universe's My Pink Heroine!, taking 0 Fatigue damage!  Madoka Kaname is Cheered!  
COMBAT: Westar neatly dodges 36 Fatigue damage from Sailor Moon's Supersonic Screaming, taking 9 Fatigue damage!  Critical Hit!  
<Pose Tracker> Sourisi [Juuban Public School (7)] has posed.

A good strong blow strikes against a metal leg, and it's not sure who is more surprised at just how effective the overhead swing was against such a titan. The disguised Niramo glances back down at the magical weapons in her hands to see if they had somehow changed forms, but they look to be just normal props from a martial arts movie still. "Whao...that's cool!"

Yellow ribbons flare out to wrap and bind the panda down, and pink arrows raining down from the clear sky shows there's more help than just a posing Sailor Scout and an unnamed masked mouse. Thankfully, the panda makes a great umbrella for unforecast'd showers of arrows! "Ooh, good. We might actually break this thing to bits!"

But a barrage of pink arrows and binding ribbons are not enough to keep this beast down! Even with it's feet tangled, the transformed car has more than enough strength to make her bounce as it tries to break free. Just how strong was those ribbons, anyways?

Landing on her stomach from a rather nasty bounce, the raven-haired mouse fighter clenches one eye in pain. "Ow ow owww...uh, Takk-san, any help would be great right about now!...Takk-san?" No advice or materialization of the Kwami comes to her in her time of need, before realization strikes her. That's right, Takk-san said he couldn't help while she's using the Miraculous! As far as advice goes, she's on her own.

Climbing back up to her feet and grabbing a discarded tonfa, the Miraculous user looks around for some way to stop this thing solid. Those magical ribbons that one of the others made were keeping it in one spot, but if it were to fall over... "Well, if one strike was enough to make it shake, how about several more to make it rattle and roll over!"

Running towards the nearest leg and leaping just as it slams the pavement yet again, the masked Niramo swings her tonfa rapidly in quick succession at the robotic ankle, not unlike a child swinging at a taiko drum. Maybe it was the adrenaline in her, but the wooden weapons seems to be visibly blurring with each swing.

And while the posing Sailor Moon did had no obvious effect, clearly she's better than she lets on if her screaming alone is enough to bring tears to masked eyes. She's heard screaming toddlers before, and Sailor Moon had to be the undisputed champion of shrill screams!

COMBAT: Sourisi has used Mouse Flurry on Westar.
<Pose Tracker> Madoka Kaname [Ohtori Academy (8)] has posed.

Madoka's eyes are also full of stars, as they meet Steven's, and her shy flush has returned, just a little bit, like a transluscent mantle of cloud across the moon, refracting its light from silver to rainbow. Her rosebud lips -- how appropriate! -- quiver with relief that he's okay.

"Thank goodness," she breathes.

She helps him to his feet, then joins him, brushing the dust off his shoulders with an easy familiarity -- like someone who has a little brother -- and then excising it from her skirt with a few sharp whacks.

Hand over her heart, she vows, "I'll do my very best!" as to the goal of punching the monster into custard (fact: Madoka has never punched a monster) (fact: that is going to change this afternoon) and leaps up onto the railing to rejoin her senpai.

Which lands her next to the...

"...Kuroneko-chan?" she gasps, delighted. "I'm so glad you're okay!" Her head tilts on her neck. "...wait, you can talk?"

They are interrupted by the screaming down below.

"Oh, gosh..."

She swallows worry, banishing it with raw jauntiness. She casts an immensely admiring look at Mami and flashes a victory sign around her right eye. "Senpai, please take care of me!"

And then she leaps between the monster and the Sailor Senshi and, after she lands from her latest barrage, the Miraculous-user. Without turning around, she calls to them both, sticking out the hand that isn't holding the bow-that-has-reverted-to-a-staff in a pinky promise.

"Sailor Moon... Cute Mouse-chan... let's make a promise not to let anyone else get hurt today! We can do it if we work together!"

She dares to cast a glance over her shoulder, and it's full of raw, unbridled affection. She barely knows these girls... but she wants to. Gosh, how she wants to.


COMBAT: Madoka Kaname has used Bloom Into You on Mami Tomoe.
COMBAT: Madoka Kaname has used Bloom Into You on Sailor Moon.
COMBAT: Madoka Kaname has used Bloom Into You on Sourisi.
COMBAT: Westar braces 12 Fatigue damage from Sourisi's Mouse Flurry, taking 10 Fatigue damage!  Sourisi is Psyched!  
COMBAT: Sailor Moon accepts Madoka Kaname's Bloom Into You, taking 0 Fatigue damage!  Sailor Moon is Cheered!  
COMBAT: Mami Tomoe accepts Madoka Kaname's Bloom Into You, taking 0 Fatigue damage!  Critical Hit!  Mami Tomoe is Cheered!  
COMBAT: Sourisi accepts Madoka Kaname's Bloom Into You, taking 0 Fatigue damage!  Critical Hit!  Sourisi is Cheered!  
<Pose Tracker> Mami Tomoe [Ohtori Academy (9)] has posed.

"Apparently," Mami answers Westar, "You were given poor information."

...While Mami speaks with pride, she has to stop talking in the next moment--rapt audience or not, the jabbing claw gets entirely too close to her for her comfort. As it jabs first at the coaster, then at the track itself, Mami's footing shakes; as a jab comes right next to her, Mami has to throw herself to the side, impacting the coaster track harder than she'd like before she rolls to a stop and jumps back up. "So that's how it's going to be, is it?" she says, mostly to herself. At a look down--

Mami smiles at Madoka as she arrives. "Good work!" she praises easily, though the other things she might say end up waiting with all the shouting down there. She blinks in surprise, "You--"

Madoka's victory sign says it all to Mami; she looks right back her way and beams, radiant. "Count on me!"

As Madoka moves towards the others--towards Sourisi, towards Sailor Moon--the golden Puella Magi begins to pull beautiful silvery-and-black rifles out of apparently thin air, stowing each in the track as if stabbing them into the ground. One, two, four, eight--from a sleeve, from a curtsy, from nothing at all she assembles her arsenal.

...But her jaw sets over Sailor Moon's crying.

"You!" Mami shouts at Westar, emboldened just by knowing Madoka is down there with them. "You nearly hurt this boy--you made her cry--" Mami sets a hand on the last rifle--and lifts it, one-handed, staring down its sights at the Nakewameke now.

"You've only started to see dangerous. We're the best!"

To punctuate her words, Mami fires, a gunshot ringing out over the park--and then she twirls, as if dancing, and picks up another in each hand, firing, firing, a dance of bullets that erupt in golden light.

They're the someone. Mami's sure of it.

COMBAT: Mami Tomoe has used Tiro Flourish on Westar.
COMBAT: Westar partially dodges 6 Fatigue damage from Mami Tomoe's Tiro Flourish, taking 26 Fatigue damage!  Stagger applied to
<Pose Tracker> Sailor Moon [Juuban Public School (8)] has posed.

Luna lets off a reflexive - "Meow!" - as she's called out on talking, out of habit. Before realizing that the girl in Pink is a Magical Girl and thus it's fine. "I mean - yes! I'm Luna - Sailor Moon's advisor." Luna has considered placing Babysitter on her resume though.

Madoka leaps in front of Sailor Moon - and suddenly on her bottom she's looking at Madoka Kaname's back. The two may be equal in height but from this position it feels like she's much taller in spirit.

And what she says, causes a smile to form on her face even while her eyes are still wet. "Together sounds so much less scary." Sailor Moon puts down a palm and pushes herself up to a standing position. "Alright. When you put it that way-! I feel like I-" Then she corrects herself with a smile, "-we can do it."

And that's even before Mami Tomoe joins her. Calling him out for his wrong-doing. Calling them the best.

She knows instantly it's true.

Sailor Moon can only whisper with hearts in her eyes. "... You two are so cool."

COMBAT: Madoka Kaname has saved her current combat state for later!
<Pose Tracker> Westar [Infinity Institute (11)] has posed.
<SoundTracker> Fresh Precure! - An Incident Occurs - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IT0bbcrDM0U

As the stalls in the immediate area collapse, the giant panda lets out another great roar. Those yellow ribbons are still entwined around the monster's legs, but it's able to shuffle forward one step at a time, revelling in the fear as its initial flurry of attacks forces the occasional retreat. From his observation post, Westar nods.

"That's the way - cry more! Wail more! All that grief-" He freezes, mid-sentence, as Sailor Moon obeys his command, giving everything he could have asked for and then some. At the sight of the air shaking, his eyes widen. "Wait, not that much - Nakewameke, cover your ears!"

Dutifully, the panda slams its paws over its ears in an attempt to avoid the worst of the wailing. This, however, means that it can't balance as well when Niramo's flurry of strikes hammers into its leg again and again, forcing that shuffle of steps to go blindly in a direction it hadn't planned.

Mami's barrage of gunfire is simply the perfect golden icing on the cake of calamity for the giant monster. With balance thrown off and its legs tangled together, it begins to reel out of control. Rebounding off of the Ferris Wheel - which shakes ominously, but doesn't topple itself - the panda stumbles forward. It's able to raise its claws into the air, but that's about it as it falls at last - claws sweeping as wide as they're able on the way down.

When it strikes the ground, there's a mighty shaking, a ferocious wave of dust through the area, and for a long blessed moment - silence. With that impact, is it possibly over?

"Dangerous indeed...Nakewameke! Show these girls what you can really do!"

"MAGIC HOUR..." It doesn't push itself to its feet. That would be sensible. Instead, there's a whirring sound, the dust in the air swirling ominously around the fallen panda. Careful eyes can spot the steering wheel on its back, spinning faster and faster like some enthusiastic toddler has taken hold - and then, impossibly, the panda lifts up.

Somehow using the steering wheel like a helicopter rotor, the giant panda monster is hovering - and in the air, it grins. "NAKEWAMEKE!"

COMBAT: Mami Tomoe has saved her current combat state for later!
COMBAT: Westar has saved his current combat state for later!
COMBAT: Sourisi has saved her current combat state for later!
COMBAT: Sailor Moon has saved her current combat state for later!