Yumi Ohzora

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Yumi Ohzora
Yumi in Uniform!
IC Information
Full Name: Yumi Ohzora
Aliases: The Witch of Lost Ivy, Ivy
Gender: Female
Age/Birthdate: 17 (Oct. 31, 1998)
Height: 5'10"
Hair Colour: Gray
Eye Colour: Pink
Astrological Sign: Scorpio
Blood Type: A
Favorite Food: Toro sushi
Least Favorite Food: Hospital food
Favorite Subject: Magic
Least Favorite Subject: Physical Education
Organizations: Magic Association, Former: Shepherds
Position: Apprentice Witch (MA)
School: Infinity Institute (Grade 11)
Clubs Art Club, Fashion Club (Grade 11)
OOC Information
Source: Lost Inheritor Yumi (OC)
Player: Cowstian Dior

"Staff of Lost Ivy, hear me! In my hand remembered be!"

Becoming a great witch is hard work! But Yumi doesn't exactly advertise to most of her classmates that she's trying. A student at Infinity Institute's high school program, Yumi is known as something of an odd girl, remembered more for her illness and habit of staring into space than her academic talents. Even among those who know of her magical abilities there are some ugly rumors that her place at Infinity, as a student since elementary school, was bought by her family--noted donors to the school--rather than earned. Her skill as a painter quashes most of those, but not all. Besides, she's easy to like, even if she's weird; her energetic personality tends to outstrip her frail body, and she spends a lot of her time in the nurses' offices. Still, being a witch isn't her /only/ secret. Another big one is the fact that thanks to a fateful night meeting her cat, Tama--who lives in the dorms with her, of course--she is now a magical girl, spending long nights wielding the Staff of Lost Ivy to protect her school, city, and world from ogres who seek to eat the hearts of its people, and from the mysterious Hungry Queen whose servants command them.



Yumi Ohzora was born on a dark, stormy Halloween night. October 31st, _______________________REDACTED_______________________ __________________________________________________________REDACTED___________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________REDACTED___________________________________________________________ ______________________REDACTED______________________

__________________________________________________________REDACTED___________________________________________________________ ______________REDACTED________________the only child of the Ohzora family, into which her mother had married a few years before her birth. They were, in general, rich just by being rich; Yumi's mother was an investment banker, but her father had no need for a mundane occupation. Most would say that he simply invested his inheritance, but in truth he was a noted wizard, and did a brisk trade in minor magical objects _________________________________________REDACTED__________________________________________ ________________________REDACTED________________________ to the Magic Association, of course. ___________REDACTED____________ ________________________REDACTED________________________ But Yumi would simply come to know that her family was magical, and that she would be expected to live up to it.

She learned this early on. For the first year or so of her life, her mother was distant, and her father was pleasant but not her primary caretaker. That would go to a series of maids who never quite lasted. Yumi was ill often, of poor health even as a very young child, _________________________________________REDACTED_________________________________________ Health problems ran through her father's side of the family; ________________________________________REDACTED_______________________________________ _________REDACTED________, her mother quietly blamed her husband for it, and simply never spoke of the matter around Yumi, as if nothing at all was wrong with her to begin with.

As Yumi grew near school age, she had spent much of the time that many children spend playing outside on indoor activities. She was kept amused largely by books, music, and art, though her favorite form of art was painting. She also developed, thanks to her father, a love of humor and jokes. She knew her mother as firm and driven, but not cruel. Her mother would read to her, or practice small spells in front of her, to let her grow accustomed to magic, ______________________REDACTED_______________________ ___________________________________REDACTED____________________________________ she had a loving family. They were very strict about what activities she'd engage in, but they were her parents. Her chances to play were largely when she'd meet with the kids of other parents in her parents' social circles; sometimes the wealthy, sometimes the magical. ...Under supervision, of course, ostensibly because of her health. Occasionally, during some of these 'playdates', Yumi would catch her mother and someone else talking very seriously; sometimes it would be people she didn't recognize at all. She decided her mother was a very mysterious witch.

Her mother largely gave up on hired help when it was time for Yumi to start at school, instead simply arranging for herself or her husband to be present as needed when Yumi got home. _______________________________REDACTED________________________________ ___________________________________REDACTED____________________________________ When her poor health flared up, a servant would be blamed. Yumi never got the chance to get to know any of them very well, though she welcomed the chance to see her parents more. Her mother spent a lot of time at home; Yumi just had to go to her room sometimes or go play on her own while her mother conducted business. Her mother had an awful lot of business that Yumi wasn't allowed to ask about. Adult business, maybe. Her father, meanwhile, was often travelling, so she didn't get to see him as much. He brought back souvenirs, though.

She didn't have many friends, growing up. She didn't really know how to approach other kids, and had trouble participating in a lot of the more social activities. This made her isolated; she in time wasn't sure which was worse. Being laughed at, or /not/ being laughed at. Her fainting spells made some activities dangerous; exerting herself too much was painful, and could land her in the hospital again, where she spent a lot of time already. She had a rich inner life growing up, though; if she couldn't make many connections, she could still see many things in the world. There was also something new to occupy her. Her mother had decided that it was time to begin her magical education, and begin she did. Besides, as long as she did well, she got praise and attention for it. If it was also true that sometimes she felt worse after a lesson, that must just have been because magic is difficult.

At school, she tried many different things; it's normal for Infinity to have a variety of classes, to try out new things, and Yumi was by no means an exception. Dance, singing, sports--these she had little success at, but she found other things to try. Her education would have been woefully incomplete if all she'd studied was magic. Indeed, she didn't even start at Infinity's magic program until later. Sports failed quite abysmally, but she at least showed a talent for art that would stick with her throughout her time at school. Her grades in general classes were good. Never quite good enough for her mother, but Yumi had trouble paying attention.

Yumi's mother ensured that she had all sorts of activities to expand her mind and broaden her horizons; music, art, going to museums. Many of these were supervised; Yumi has fond memories of going out with her mother to museums, aquariums, and many other places. ...Only the aquarium the once, though; wherever Yumi went, it seemed that the fish would avoid her, swim away. A shark hurt itself trying to put distance between her and it. Nothing she could be blamed for, of course, but it stuck with her; her mother avoided taking her places with animals in the future, but she couldn't avoid them entirely. They just didn't seem to like her. Still, the others she kept seeing, and she got a very broad education. Sometimes her father came with them, or would be the one to take her out, but usually it was her and her mother.

As of middle school, Yumi was told that she would be living in the dorms henceforth. She was shocked, to say the least, and asked why. After all, the idea was scary; she didn't have many friends at school, despite having been there since elementary school. Worse, she would be starting at the magic program at Infinity rather than undergoing her mother's lessons. She looked to her father, but he had nothing to say. To her mother, she cried... and that day she saw her mother /angry/. The very room seemed to crackle with power, and Yumi's mother told her that crying was unbecoming of her, of what she must become, and that she never wanted to see it happen again. ...So Yumi didn't cry in front of her again. It was the first time she'd been truly afraid of her mother.

So, Yumi went off to the dorms to live, with just enough time to settle in for a time before her first year of middle school started. To her surprise, life in the dorms wasn't that bad. It was shared, which was an adjustment, but she started to make friends, living with other girls. Friends, and learning what it was like to miss sleep because somebody next door was really talkative on the phone late into the night. She shared her rooms with two other girls; all of them were loud, but the friendship she sparked with an athletic girl named Hanae who she'd never have met otherwise would stick with her. She remembers the other roommates she's had, but there's something special about the nights she stayed up with Hanae talking about tests, or Hanae's upcoming meets, or griping about loud dormmates, or any number of things.

She also of course started in Infinity's magic program. For all that she'd resisted losing her special time with her mother, Yumi found that she liked the group setting, and there were so many things she had yet to learn. Besides, there was something fun about praticing magic with the others at Infinity. There was nothing terribly unusual about her early magical education being done at home, given her family, but she soon excelled in the classes she was given. ...At least, in terms of the theory. In practice, she had a harder time with the simple magics meant to train mages to bring happiness to others. She was better at those for other purposes, the ones that Infinity didn't teach openly.

Her health reached more of an equilibrium, too. While she still spent a lot of time in the offices of the school nurses or in hospital rooms, she didn't miss so many classes as of middle school, though her gym performance remained abysmal, and even the idea of trying out for a sports club was far out of reach. She had a friend who could tell her about the latest in the athletic world though, and she would spend more time in the Art Club as her health allowed it. Indeed, her favorite nurse (Nakahara-san to her; she was new to the school) particularly encouraged her art. All this, plus living in the dorms, made it a little bit easier to socialize, and Yumi's classmates discovered that, given the chance, she was pretty funny. She would regularly talk to both of her parents on the phone, though not at the same time, and would visit on special occasions. They were often busy, but so was she. Yumi did try to ask about what they'd talked about before--what it was she was supposed to grow up to /be/, what she was to 'become'. Her mother only told her that she would see--and in time, that she was proud of the strength Yumi was learning to display. Her mother often told her it was important that Yumi show she could stand on her own.

Those words would prove prophetic, and not as Yumi expected. A shadow was cast over her high school entrance examinations; the death of her father, apparently from opportunistic illness contracted on his travels. Yumi remembers the funeral in complete detail. ...She also remembers spying on her mother the same day, and the sheer power she felt as her mother confronted someone over implying, of all things, that /she/ had killed him.

That would bother her for a long time to come. She felt more isolated than ever from most of the other students at school and in the dorms; that year, she wasn't living with Hanae anymore. Even friendly acquaintances seemed distant. She still worked on her painting, but all she would paint around that time were dark things, frightening or melancholy by turn, that certainly didn't get her out much. But she made a friend here, too; another member of the Art Club was interested in the emotion of her painting, and Takahiro never required much of her; he just kept talking to her, even when she was doing badly with her father's loss. Sometimes he'd even walk with her to her favorite art store.

Adjusting to high school would have been hard even discounting what had happened. Everything felt bigger to her; crushes, worries, class loads. And she no longer had her father to talk to at all. Her mother seemed to be even busier than before. Without her mother's pressure, and with the difficulty that she was having, Yumi's grades dropped. So without being able to continue her old way, she had to make changes, and it was her friends that helped her do that. She applied with Hanae to room together again for their first year of high school. She even joined a new club, as eventually she decided to try something new since she was a high schooler now. ...She still complained, of course, about the adjustments, but it was easier to have people to complain /to/. Her grades didn't entirely recover, but she was happier.

The biggest adjustment, though, was only recent. The day that Yumi found Tama--and the Staff of Lost Ivy that the cat kept and safeguarded--would change her life, but it didn't start that way. In fact it seemed a very ordinary night to her, coming back from her favorite art supplies store, until she came across a cat curled atop a small wall. The cat didn't run from her as she approached, which would itself be a recipe for a big day for Yumi--except that she saw quickly that it wasn't just a lack of fear. The cat was hurt, bleeding. Unsure what to do, she finished her approach and started talking to it, trying to reassure it. "What's your name?" she asked. The cat seemed to understand her, looking up at her, and that's when Yumi noticed its ornate collar, with a tiny orb hanging from it.

But the moment broke; the ground shook under her feet as a monster taller than most tall men lumbered around the corner, gray with scraggy hair and yellowed teeth--and a gigantic club over his shoulder. "...Give," he said as he set eyes on the little cat, "And maybe not get smashed." His greatclub smashed against the asphalt behind her. The cat bolted, despite her injures, and the ogre lumbered off in pursuit. Yumi tried to run after, but found herself slowing despite her wishes; it /hurt/. "I-it's fine!" she called as the cat scrambled up a tree and the ogre watched. "I can do somehing! I'm a witch!" Without any of her ritual tools, Yumi drew on her mother's lessons as much as anything, and threw out both her hands along with a vicious incantation. ...The curse bounced off the ogre, whose reaction to the prickling was to turn around and swing his club at her. Yumi hit a wall and was pretty sure she was about to die. But there was a light, from up in the tree. It was from the cat's neck, brilliant and green.

In Yumi's hand appeared a white staff taller than she is, and in her mind appeared the words of an incantation. "Staff of Lost Ivy, hear me! In my hand remembered be! Uncountable price, unknowable cost! I assume the ancient debt! Let our hearts be bound as one!" Yumi spoke the words, and in a flash of brilliant green light she was standing, not even having to lean on her staff. ...And then the combat really started. Eventually, with the cat's help, she unleashed a spell that banished the ogre from whence it came. Her transformation faded, and she fell back to her knees, out of breath. The transformation's power had, in its first light, healed both her wounds and the staff's keeper, but now she had to stop and think about all that had just happened.

Eventually, the cat answered that her name was Tama. And she had a lot to say. ...Yumi remembered less than half of it the first time; she just took the cat home with her, and later the rest would come. She learned of the Hungry Queen, and that she was trying to unleash an awful force that the Staff of Lost Ivy's previous wielder had sealed. She learned that she had a responsibility, as the Staff's new wielder, to oppose her and to banish the monsters she summoned and save the people they would try to eat for power for their master. And she learned that Tama is less grumpy if she gets petted. She received a call a few days later. Her mother would be cancelling her sixteenth birthday celebration. Yumi hasn't spoken with her since. _________________________________REDACTED_________________________________ ___________REDACTED___________

Things have happened since the end of this, including resuming contact with her mother. As well, it downplays her hospital stays. But there's a lot yet to come...











Yumi in Uniform!