Nagisa Misumi

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Nagisa Misumi
IC Information
Full Name: Nagisa Misumi / 美墨なぎさ
Aliases: Cure Black, Warrior of Courage
Gender: Female
Age/Birthdate: 15 (October 10, 1998)
Hair Colour: Orange (bleached)
Eye Colour: Amber Brown
Astrological Sign: Libra
Blood Type: O
Favorite Food: Things with 'yaki' in them, especially takoyaki
Least Favorite Food: Onions
Favorite Subject: Phys Ed
Least Favorite Subject: Science
Clubs: Lacrosse Club
Position: First Home
School: Juuban Public School (Grade 10)
OOC Information
Source: Futari wa Pretty Cure (FC)
Player: Raising Heart

Rarely seen without her well-worn lacrosse stick, Nagisa Misumi is one of Juuban's most devoted athletes, albeit not one of her finer students. Despite how aggressive she is on the field, and how friendly off, she is quite shy at heart, and in class her eyes often drift out of focus as she ruminates on recent events. Her upbeat personality and sports talent have garnered her more than one love letter, though for some reason none of them are from boys. Fate struck Nagisa on the head when Mepple, the most annoying fairy in the multiverse, flew through the window. By becoming Cure Black, Emissary of Light, she became partners with Honoka Yukishiro, and though she has little in common with her science-genius classmate, they make a devastating team. There is nothing White and Black cannot face together, hand in hand.


Nagisa lived a perfectly ordinary life, until one day she went out on the balcony of her room and watched a shooting star. As romantic a turning point as that might initially seem, the shooting star actually shot down and bonked her in the head forcibly. This "comet" was actually an object that looked like a cell phone, and it quickly transformed into a creature even more obnoxious than her little brother: the fairy called Mepple.

The fabled Chosen Hero of the Garden of Light, Mepple had come to Earth (known as the Garden of Rainbows in his homeland) to find the warriors of legend, Pretty Cure, who were the destined heroes of his beleaguered home. The Garden of Light was one of many Fairy Realms that had suffered damage during the Long Dark Night. The only thing that had prevented it from full destruction was the will of the Queen of Light, a holy entity whose essence is tied to that of her kingdom. The Garden of Light was ravaged severely, however, and Mepple had been forced to escape, rescuing Mipple, the fairy Princess of Hope. The Queen sent them both to Earth, but Mipple was sent first. Mepple, for unknown reasons, had to linger an extra day, but unbeknownst to him, this was equivalent to 100 years in the Garden of Light, so Mipple was forced to wait a century to be reunited with her love, living through various periods of Japanese history.

It must be said that the Hero of the Garden of Light would not, in most worlds, be considered a hero. Rude, selfish, and utterly spoiled, Mepple is attended by a bevy of card-bound servants, who he mistreats outrageously. For a Garden of Light fairy, however, having the courage to effectively run away when attacked is a unique heroism. Most of them resemble small stuffed animals, and none had known fear or hardship before the Long Dark Night.

Mepple formed a Contract on the spot with Nagisa, who didn't really fully understand what was going on, and he himself became her Artifact. He urged her to go find Mipple, as only together could the two fairies transform their respective champions. Clambering through hedges, she arrived at the local amusement park, where she met Honoka Yukishiro, a fellow classmate who had been chosen by Mipple.

Unfortunately, she also was confronted with her first reason to use these powers, in the form of Pisard, a lieutenant of the supreme evil called Dark King who had assailed the Garden of Light. She and Honoka held hands for the first time that day, and told Pisard the truth that would define them henceforth: "We are Pretty Cure!"


Honoka Yukishiro - Together forever~

Inori Yamabuki - Nagisa's closest friend outside of Juuban. Buki helped support Nagisa at her lowest, and her hook-ups in the fuzzy animal department make her a valuable contact. Her skill with animals impresses Nagisa a lot, and she is shyly grateful for how happy Buki felt about Nagisa and Honoka finally confessing their feelings.

Saki Hyuuga - Nagisa's younger lookalike. They met when Saki's parents briefly mistook Nagisa for their daughter and tried to put her to work. They've since found each other to be kindred jocks. Their shared calling as Pretty Cure really sealed it for Nagisa, who now considers Saki her responsibility to some degree.

Mai Mishou - Nagisa mostly knows Mai as Saki's best friend, and now as Cure Egret. There's an echo of Honoka's elegance and gentle warmth in her demeanor that won Nagisa over to her immediately, but they have yet to speak much.

Setsuna Higashi - A good friend of Honoka's, and once Nagisa's best channel to the larger world of Pretty Cure.

Mayu Kashiwada - A shy classmate of Nagisa's in the painting club, who copies Nagisa's hairstyle in quiet admiration. After her "breakup" with Honoka and subsequent plummet in social status, Nagisa got to know Mayu for the first time, and they became unexpected best friends despite Mayu's lingering crush. With Honoka back in the picture, however, Mayu fully expects to fade from Nagisa's life.

Mepple - Perhaps the most obnoxious of the often-obnoxious race of fairies, Mepple is a spoiled brat who cunningly manipulates Nagisa, when he's not insulting her just for the fun of seeing her get flustered. Fortunately, this little tyrant wound up in the hands of a particularly strong-willed girl.

Pisard - Futari wa Pretty Cure's first and most persistent foe, Pisard was struck down by Marble Screw, Double Fresh, and Twin Stream Splash after holding Mepple and Mipple for ransom. The fantastically coiffed villain had threatened Nagisa's school and family, and is little-mourned even in Nagisa's soft heart.

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