2018-06-27 - LOTUS INCEPTION: Amethyst

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Title: LOTUS INCEPTION: Amethyst

Steven enters Amethyst's dream as she is heading towards the beautiful Tokyo Kindergarten to release the last of the bubbled Gem Creatures free. Reality can be harsh and bleak, but it is the only good place to get a meal.


Amethyst, Steven Universe, Niramo Umokeshi as Pearl


Amethyst's Fantasy World - Tokyo Kindergarten

OOC - IC Date:

6-27-2018 - ??-??-????

<Pose Tracker> Amethyst [None] has posed.

"You got the Gems, Steven?" Pearl glances behind herself at the tiny boy. Didn't he use to be taller? Didn't... everything? A weird thought, but not one that matters. The large violet Gem focuses on what she knows matters, what she knows is real - steven. "It would really bite if we got all the way there and we forgot them. But I trust you, dude!"

Once again, Amethyst, Pearl, and Steven transverse the great watermellon field to the beautiful Kindergarten. They are greeted by a plot of plentiful pretty purple flowers on either side, leading up to the Gem Creature sanctuary. The once scarred field that led to Amethyst's creation, the once ruined canyon filled with holes, was now healed by he power of the Earth itself. This was now truly the most beautiful place on Earth, and Amethyst was proud of it.

"Hey Pearl." It was nice talking to her best Gem Bud. "I found this neat sword the other day. Almost forgot for some reason. Wanna take a look at it when we get back? I promise it isn't junk... like the last thing I showed you." Why did she think Pearl would have liked that junk? At least she tried to take an interest in it, and saw some good in it. That's what was good about Pearl. They might not like all the same stuff, but they try hard for each other, and can see why each other likes what they like and doesn't like what they don't.

<Pose Tracker> Niramo Umokeshi [Juuban Public School (9)] has posed.

Glancing behind her to make sure Steven was following along and with his buldging backpack, Pearl gives the half-Gem a quick smile before looking back towards Amethyst. She has been so responsible ever seen Steven was born, and she is quite proud of her fellow Crystal Gem for always stepping up to the task. Dependable, quick to fire off a joke to cool things down and never one to back down, Amethyst is truly an amazing member of the Crystal Gems.

Rose Quartz was back at the Temple with Greg, getting things ready for a special meal for Amethyst and Steven when they get back to celebrate the last of the Gem Beasts being released into the Tokyo Kindergarten. Oh, but she mustn't tell Steven that, Amethyst wants it to be a surprise for when they get back.

Turning her attention to Amethyst, Pearl puts up a quick smile. "Well, it wasn't all junk. The hilt is of a style that hasn't been seen in several thousand years, and the rust created the most interesting spiral pattern before it broke in half. I'm certain that this next sword will be truly astounding!" Pearl really did see the good in the 'junk' sword that Amethyst had found. So what if it had been a hazardous thing that could have given Steven tetanus just by him breathing around it?

<Pose Tracker> Steven Universe [Juuban Public School (6)] has posed.

"Because I am here. I'm right here."

...Those words have haunted him since.

A stark reminder of what was truly important in a word of illusions and lies. But a quesiton remains . If you had everything you ever wanted, would you be truly happy? The gain of everything you hold near and dear can grow empty without the challenge needed to reach for it.

And thus, Steven Universe has somehow ended up... somewhere else. Somewhere closeby in Tokyo, but he is unsure where. Gems are held in his hands, daintly bubbled for the time being for easy transport. He has run into other Crystal Gems, and began to tail them, when he got rounded into something. The Ideal Steven the others know seems to have gone, and in its place stands a normal Steven, the only notable difference is Gem size.

"Uh." He eyes those transported Gems with curiosity.

And the ntheir surroundings. "UH, UHHHHH." he says, upon seeing the floral canyon, a familiar canyon in a way. and then there was Amethyst, big as Jasper-- possibly even bigger. He has remained largely quiet about that until now, seeing everything together. "I am having fun with whatever we are doing!" he says rapidly, sweating a bit at the brow. This was his first trek into someone else's dream, and didn't know quite how to go about it. Fate did it softly. Would that work here? Could he pull that off here?

How would he pull Amethyst back out of this?

This might be tricky.

<Pose Tracker> Amethyst [None] has posed.

"Thanks Pearl. I'm glad you saw something good in that useless thing." Amethyst grins widely. "But this one is gonna blow your mind!"

Amethyst's good cheer fades a bit. Something was wrong with Steven. "Are you okay," Amethyst asks, "You seem a little out of it." 'Whatever we are doing?' "Uh... we're taking these Gem Creatures to the Kindergarten, remember? The Sanctuary? Um... Pearl... can you uh... check his temperature or whatever?"

Hopefully Steven is just a bit tired. Maybe the happy Gem Creatures or the beautiful landscape will help. "Well, I know I've already shown this to you, but what do you think?"

<Pose Tracker> Niramo Umokeshi [Juuban Public School (9)] has posed.

Pearl rolls her eyes at just how disregarding Amethyst was. "Oh, it wasn't useless, not in the slightest! Just...brought out at the wrong time?" Thankfully, the purple Gem was quite sure about this next sword to not be too bothered by how the last sword broke just by Pearl picking it up gingerly. "Then you have to show me once we get back to the Temple, after...Rose is done watching Little Butler, of course. I know how much you love that show."

Speaking of Steven, he does seem to be a little out of it today, and Pearl lays a hand over his forehead, frowning. "Well, he's doing that sweating thing, but he looks to be perfectly fine otherwise. Now don't you worry, Steven, we're almost there and then you can let the Gem Creatures go free." Pearl gives her surroundings, suddendly a little nervous. "Well, just as long as the 'liglit' doesn't slobber all over me again."

<Pose Tracker> Steven Universe [Juuban Public School (6)] has posed.

Steven can only marvel at the place they have come to. It was a Kindergarten, but lush and tropical, as if the life pulled from the earth never hurt it. Life still went on here. And it sounds like the Gem Monsters were involved. At least somehow? Why would they bring these from the Gem Temple's heart?

"Right, yes! That thing. Um." He seems uneasy. "So... this is what you have been working on? I mean of course it is!" And the Pearl mentions /that/ show. Of course it is an Amethyst dream world if Little Butler was in it somehow.

"Release them?!" he asks, and his voice cracks. Maybe there is more to this than he thinks. "So this is what you have been working on..."

She just wanted to fix the damage she made, they all made to the planet. Give those who fit in a good home. "You just wanted to make everyone happy... No suffering..." he says quietly, still carrying those bubbled Gems.

"I'll be fine," he adds toward Pearl. "Thanks Pearl." Clearly she was the fake. How are they getting along?! Definitely dream stuff there. Sorta. Actually why wasn't that in his dream?!

Eh, best not to think about it.

<Pose Tracker> Amethyst [None] has posed.

"You're the best, Pearl." Amethyst goes in for a hug, hopefully not crushing the skinnier Gem. "I promise you it will be worth it. I know how much you like swords, and this one seems perfect for you. "

For some reason, Steven has amnesia or something? "Are you sleepwalking," Amethyst asks him, ruffling his hair. "You know about the sanctuary for these little guys! I wonder if the liglit is awake, you seemed to have fun with it yesterday! And um... don't worry Pearl. I'll make sure you don't get slobbered again."

Something about Steven was also a little off besides all this, Amethyst thinks. But what? Maybe it was just her imagination. "Well... um... time to let the little guys go...!"

<Pose Tracker> Niramo Umokeshi [Juuban Public School (9)] has posed.

Pearl reaches up and hugs the taller Gem, laughing as Amethyst tries so hard not to crush her in a massive hug, but she's quite used to how often Amethyst enjoys hugging. It's a little bit like being hugged by Garnet, though with the arms needed to fit her gauntlets. "Oh, just like the last five you got me were perfect? You really don't need to try so hard to find me the perfect sword, Amethyst. All those that you give me are a treasure I enjoy...even if a few are somewhat 'rustic'."

Steven seems quite nervous about releasing all the Gem Creatures, but it just has to be nerves from finally seeing them all free. "Not all at once of course, Steven. As much as i'm sure they want to thank us for bringing them to the Kindergarten, we don't want to see you end up under a mountain of them again. One at a time is enough."

His words does seem to be somewhat strange and very unlike Steven from yesterday. While Amethyst is focused on Steven and the bubbled Gems, Pearl and Garnet share a worried look behind the purple Gem's back, where she wouldn't notice but could be seen by Steven.

<Pose Tracker> Steven Universe [Juuban Public School (6)] has posed.

Steven has no idea what a liglit is. It sounds like some kind of dog-lion-wolf-bunny thing. "RIght, right...." Oh, how is he going to break this to her? This is going to hurt as much as...

A glance is given to Pearl. "Right, right. We will take this slow."

Steven steps forward, and one by one, He starts popping the bubbles, letting loose their captors to fly, scurry or run off into the little wilderness home. He sees that look, but instead turns to Amethyst. "You have done something great here, Amethyst. All these creatures get to romp and play now..."

There is a long pause. Steve nwatches the critters have their fun, whether they take off, play wit heach other, or come back to the group.

"Hey. Amethyst. Do you remember that thing Ros-- err, mom always used to say around dad?"

He looks down to his Gem. "Because I am thinking about it right now. And about this place. They are related, you know. In a way."

<Pose Tracker> Amethyst [None] has posed.

"Eheheh... yeah... but this one's not... 'rustic' at all. It reminds me of you! Elegent, refined, and dangerous!" This time, Amethyst was SURE she found the perfect - or Pearl-fect - sword!

The creatures mostly run around happily, though some nuzzle or lick Steven. Some try to go after Pearl, but Amethyst 'takes the hits' to be covered in slobber. "Yeah," Amethyst admits, "This is pretty great. I never thought I'd be proud of myself, but I did something right! Now what did you want to say, Steven?"

What Rose 'used to say' around Greg? "Well.. other than language changing a bit, she still says most of the same things. I think you mean the hotdog thing, right? Why?" She kneels down to look into Steven's eyes. "W....what's wrong?"

<Pose Tracker> Niramo Umokeshi [Juuban Public School (9)] has posed.

Amethyst shows considerable restraint, moving to intercept every wayward tongue that threatens to coat Pearl in several layers of Gem slobber. The promise of the perfect sword for Pearl darkens the pale skin of her cheeks, and she quickly looks towards the scattering creatures as they head into the vast watermelon fields. "W-well, if you truly believe so, i'm sure it's perfect. And look, they're so gentle with the watermelons. Rose is going to be so proud of them when she comes back tomorrow!"

Steven looks so happy as the freed Creatures run off to explore their new surroundings, and she offers the half-Gem a proud smile as he praises Amethyst for just how unique the Kindergarten turned out. "Well of course she's done something great here. She's been working so hard to surprise you when she showed you and Niramo the sanctuary yesterday, it just shows how dependable she is!"

But it seems Amethyst is starting to realize something isn't quite right, and Pearl raises up a hand to call out to Steven. "Now Steven, i'm sure it can-"

Garnet lays a hand on Pearl's shoulder, the dream Gem looking back at her counterpart with a surprised expression. The Fusion only shakes her head slowly, her mirrored shades keeping her looking cool as a cucumber even as she knows the truth. "Don't. Whatever you say now to stop them won't work. All we can do now is just get ready to say goodbye."

Even in a dream, future vision is quite useful.

<Pose Tracker> Steven Universe [Juuban Public School (6)] has posed.

"Yeah... If every pork chop were perfect, we wouldn't have hot dogs. Heh." The boy looks to the gorgeous scenery around them. So wonderful, so peaceful and happy. So... perfect.

He looks back to the dream Pearl and Garnet. At least they would be understanding of this. Out there . They must be so worried. The boy looks back to Amethyst. "Imagine with me. A place that only sold porkchops. Don't get me wrong, they are good! But... if that were true... where would the hot dogs be? Nowhere."

BGM Change: Steven Universe - Escapism https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xzZW7-WcujY 

THe boy plucks a flower from a beautiful plant and holds it out to Amethyst. "Hot dogs are like mistakes. They come from something that was meant to be whole and perfect. Something that was cast off or taken, turned into something better. Possibly even better than it was before. " A pause. "But the people who messed up the porkchop remember what they did, and turn around and make something from their mess. And in doing so, make something amazing."

"Sorta like this place." Steven gestures to all the little holes that can be seen in the walls, including the one Amethyst came out of. "All the Gems that came out of here... they left a mess. But that mess can be turned around."

He looks back to her. "You came from here. Mistakes were made, Amethyst, but they weren't your fault ..." He begins to tear up. He had better break it to her. "You don't have to hide, being so big and perfect, Amethyst... Don't try to be a porkchop. Be a hot dog. With me."

He knows how Fate feels. This /hurts/. "It is important this stays, everything stays the way it was. It helps us remember, it helps us move on. To see the way the Kindergarten is, it will help you be bigger and better than any form you could possibly take," he pats his chest, "In here."

A look over to the dream Gems, then once mroe to his best buddy. "We have to go. I'm sorry."

<Pose Tracker> Amethyst [None] has posed.

Hot dogs are like mistakes? Where was Steven going with this. "I know where I messed up," Amethyst says. "That's why I've spend so much time trying to fix my mistakes. And look! I have!" Something deep inside of Amethyst hurts, but she doesn't know why. Mysterious anger and sadness begin to seep through her. "Why are you talking like this? I don't understand!" Some tiny part of her does understand, though the rest fights it. "I've worked hard, I've done so many things to not be a complete disaster that wrecked the Earth, an I succeeded! Why are you trying to remind me of the bad stuff? We saved the Gem Creatures that the Diamonds used as weapons against us and this planet! I turned this terrible horrible stupid Kindergarten into something I can be proud of! Aren't you proud of me!?"

Is Amethyst a little bit shorter?

<Pose Tracker> Steven Universe [Juuban Public School (6)] has posed.

She has worked hard here. Or at least she would have, certainly. "Some mistakes can't be fixed, Amethyst. As much as I wished they could be, some will never go away." He of course means the Kindergarten. That has never gotten better. Something was just missing from there now. Thousands and Thousands of years later, it remained barren and lifeless.

He takes a deep breath. "Because none of this is real, Amethyst."

Why did it have to be him to crush her dreams. Why? The others were beginning to go free surely by now. Maybe it had to be him.

His lip quivers. "A-Amethyst... I would always be proud of you. It doesn't matter if you were big or small, Hard-working or lazy, You are you! That's why I said the hot dog thing. Because they aren't healthy or filling. Its because they are flavorful! They are somethign you share during a good moment with you are out with friends, they help make good times better!"

"And that is why none of this is real," he continues. "This place tries to give you everything you want, so you won't try to challenge it, to move on and one day hopefully find something to make out of all the mistakes you think you have ever made. It's the same with all of us in here."

"Hasn't this place jsut given everything to you that you wanted? Do you even remember the hardship it took to make the Kindergarten what it is now here?"

<Pose Tracker> Niramo Umokeshi [Juuban Public School (9)] has posed.

Pearl rests a hand on Amethyst's shoulder and sighs. She doesn't have to reach so high now to touch Amethyst's shoulder, and while it feels weird, it starts to feel better as the world around Amethyst starts to grow, slowly. "Steven's right, Amethyst. Good or bad, everything happens for a reason, but you shouldn't try to make yourself be like me, Garnet or even Rose. You're you, and you should be yourself."

Slowly, the white Gem gazes around the beautiful Tokyo Kindergarten, a careful look showing that it seems different now. Where were all the Gem Creatures? "Amethyst, you're not a complete disaster or a big mistake. Do you remember what I said, when you brought Steven here?" Pearl's gaze falls on the outline of a hole in the side of a cliff, the hole that Amethyst came out of. It was starting to shrink down as well.

"You're the one good thing that came out of this mess. I always thought you were proud of that."

Another hand rests on Amethyst's other shoulder, and Garnet looks over at Steven before giving him a familiar smile, the hint of a smile where only a corner of her mouth raises upwards. "Deep down, you know Steven's right. Making mistakes is a part of being alive, something that's true for humans and Gems. We don't hold the Kindergarten against you, because you are not responsible for it." Turning her head, she smiles at Amethyst, and her smirk turns into a full grin that's tinted with sadness.

"We're proud of you. Never forget that."

<Pose Tracker> Amethyst [None] has posed.

Not... real? Never be fixed? That's... that's impossible! And why is everyone just a little bit taller? Or is Amethyst shrinking a bit? She's still not the size that some defective, overbake Quartz would be, but she's not as tall as Jas-

"Wh-why would you say this? I did everything I could! I... I know I did this! It was... it was hard work.... wasn't it? T-things can change. I-I made th-them change!" Amethyst's eyes dull, dim, and drip tears. "Good moment with friends? What friends? If you're my friend.. wh-why would you lie like this! I..."

Now even Garnet and Pearl were getting in on it? "I... you... you're proud of me? Then why... why are you acting like nothing I know is r-real? I... how could... I need to go home... I need to talk to Rose.. she'll... she'll understand... she'll... she.... she's..."

<Pose Tracker> Steven Universe [Juuban Public School (6)] has posed.

Steven makes his way over to Amethyst as everyone nears. Even the dream Gems know it. "They can, Amethyst. Things can change. But it will take work we actually do." The boy looks down to the ground. "I would never lie to you, Amethyst." he wipes away some of his own tears. "You know Pearl would freak out if I lied," he says, a little happy chuckle in a moment of sadness.

"Amethyst, we were all trapped in here. Do you remember? I know I didn't at first until someone helped me."

Steven bites his lip. "She can't help. Amethyst, I... I had to walk away from her in mine. A mom I always wanted... I had to turn away from. It hurt so bad." God if he had to confront another Rose in a dream... it would go poorly. "We do need to go home, but it isn't here. We need to save our friends. Everyone is trapped in here, living in a dream that gives them everything they want so they won't fight back."

"If this is what you truly wish, Amethyst... We can make it happen out there one day. But it won't be today. Or tomorrow. People out there need our help. We gotta help."

<Pose Tracker> Niramo Umokeshi [Juuban Public School (9)] has posed.

Even for a dream version of Pearl, it honestly hurts her to see the Amethyst hurting. That's why they were so happy to give her the Kindergarten she wanted, with the friends and family that Amethyst truly deserves. Reality hurts almost every day, with struggles and challenges having to be overcome to achieve victory, but that what makes it so amazing when the impossible is overcome.

Can true happiness be gained in something that was given to you freely, something you didn't have to strive to earn?

"Amethyst, look down at Steven's Gem...Rose's Gem. You know what that means, right?" It was a rhetorical question that Pearl asks, since she knows all too well that Amethyst was realizing the truth even as she fought it. "As much as we fight each you, and we do fight, I yell at you only because I want to help you to overcome your weaknesses! And while I know you can be so self-centered and careless sometimes, you always do the right thing."

The dark blue tint returns to Pearl's cheeks, and she closes her eyes to force away the tears that were trying to form. "You're an important member of our family, Amethyst. And you need to help the rest of the humans and keep Steven safe. Please?"

<Pose Tracker> Amethyst [None] has posed.

Amethyst clenches her fists, tears streaming down her eyes. Everything hurts. Why does everything hurt? Why was everyone against her? Why was she a runt? Why was Steven's Gem so much bigger? Why-

Of course she knows why. She stares into the sanctuary - no, the Kindergarten. Nothing but desolation and drills. "I... I know... I know... you... you're right. You mean a lot to me, even though... even though I have to tell you this twice. You want what's best for me... that's why... that's why we have trouble getting along, Pearl. We aren't perfect friends. We clash, we butt heads.. . and we're stronger for it."

Amethyst hugs Steven tightly now that they are almost equal in height. "T-thanks... and... I'm... I'm sorry I couldn't give you the paradise I wanted to. I want to stay here with you forever but... R-Rose... Rose... she... she wouldn't want this. There's people out there needing help. If she knew that I was sitting on my butt watching Lil' Butler with a fake version of her, she'd be disappointed in me...."

From sadness to rage, Amethyst looks skywards. "How could you do this to me... how DARE YOU!" Amethyst's anger practically boils the tears from her eyes. "Give me the perfect world while others are getting donked out there, giving me hope and love that's ripped from me by someone I care about! Steven... we need to go home. Staying here would mean I AM just a mistake, that nothing I did MATTERED! That I let everyone down. And that Rose... that everything she did, all the great things she did - especially becoming you, Steven - would be for nothing. I WILL make a difference! I will NOT be a mistake! I'm no pork chop, but I can be a hotdog with you. Now..."

Amethyst picks a rock off the ground and hurls it skywards. Let me out you stupid-"


The rock makes its return, striking Amethyst in the head. "Ow.. heh...heheh...hahahaha!"