Setsuna Higashi

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Character Name
Setsuna Eas Passion headshot.jpg
IC Information
Full Name: Setsuna Higashi
Aliases: Cure Passion, Citizen #ES-4039781, Formerly: Eas
Gender: Female
Age/Birthdate: 16 (???)
Height: (TBA)
Hair Colour: Dark Violet
Eye Colour: Red
Astrological Sign: Gemini
Blood Type: A
Favorite Food: Donuts
Least Favorite Food: Green Peppers
Favorite Subject: Mathematics
Least Favorite Subject: Social Studies
Organization: Unaffiliated
Position: Ex-Member of Dark Fall
School: Juuban Middle School (Grade 10)
OOC Information
Source: Fresh Pretty Cure! (FC)
Player: Cowstian Dior

"Not even Mobius-sama has the right to destroy these feelings!"

Quiet, reserved, and generally pleasant, Setsuna Higashi is nevertheless just a little bit unusual. She transferred into Juuban Middle for her third year, showing up one day with Love Momozono and not a whole lot of explanation, a fast fourth member of the once-trio of Love, Inori Yamabuki, and Miki Aono. Still, while she tends to miss a /lot/ of jokes, she's a good student, a good athlete, /and/ has a knack for fortunes! The truth beneath the mystery is a long story, though: while once she was an agent of Labyrinth sent to infiltrate Earth, she was shown that there was more to life than what she knew. Now, she fights alongside her friends the Fresh Cures and others as Cure Passion, devoted to protecting the happiness of all parallel worlds from Labyrinth's dominion. Fighting her former home isn't easy, but the people she's met here--and the feelings she's come to understand--are too precious for even Mobius to destroy.

(Watch this space!! More plannnnned)