Setsuna Meioh

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Setsuna Meioh
IC Information
Full Name: Setsuna Meioh
Aliases: Sailor Pluto; Guardian of Time; Puu
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age/Birthdate: 18, October 29th
Height: An inch taller than Haruka
Hair Colour: Evergreen
Eye Colour: Garnet
Organization: None
War affiliation: Shepherds
School: Infinity Institute (University)
Brand: Akai Mirai
Favorite food: Unagi
Least favorite food: Eggplant
Favorite subject: Astrophics
Least favorite subject: None; she's a nerrrrd
OOC Information
Source: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

"Holding you close, and giving you kisses
aren't the only symbols of love, Small Lady.
Quietly watching from afar is a kind of love too."

A statuesque, mysterious transfer student who arrived in Tokyo in the fall. She occupies Meioh Tower, one of a trio of imposing monoliths surrounding the Infinity Institute where she pursues a degree in astrophysics. Her grades are excellent, and she participates in the Fashion Club there. Those who have spoken to Setsuna find her polite, kind, but ultimately distant. All of her biggest smiles come in the presence of young children, and they receive the full benefit of her quiet wisdom. Above all things, Setsuna Meioh is a patient person.

One of her secrets (but not even the deepest of them) is her identity as Sailor Pluto, the enigmatic Guardian of Time and one of the Outer Senshi. Virtually unknown, in part because of the classified nature of her very existence and in part because she is usually stationed at the hidden Time Gate, she has come to Tokyo on a mission of the greatest urgency. Here she joins her beloved fellow soldiers and friends, Sailors Neptune and Uranus, to fight by their sides for the very first time.


This could be a long section, indeed. Suffice to say that from a very tender age, Setsuna has shouldered tremendous responsibility. She witnessed the fall of the Silver Millennium and has stood guard at the Time Gate ever since (and technically before, and forever after...). More recently, she has taken up a dual life as university student and ruthless senshi. Sailor Pluto joins her fellow Outers in a task of the utmost importance, and they will allow nothing to stand in their way.

Upon arrival the Guardian of Time came across, to put it plainly, the biggest time-mess she has ever seen. It wasn't long before she spotted the source: Homura Akemi. By way of alliance with Kyouko Sakura, a magical girl of similar ruthlessness, Sailor Pluto became involved in the Puella Magi war against the Sayaka-led Chevaliers. As an interesting wrinkle, she found herself on the same side as the time criminal and in need of a temporary ceasefire.

More, though, she now finds herself involved. The unexpected and unexpectable immediacy of living among the people she protects for the first time in her expansive lifespan has left many marks upon Setsuna Meioh. It is not so easy to maintain the emotional distance necessary to the Guardian of Time in the Tokyo of the Here and Now. Something shifts within her heart. The resulting instability will have consequences both deep and far-reaching...


Guardian of Time - In her eternal role as the Guardian of Time and the defender of the Time Gate, Sailor Pluto has access to the past, present, and future. She can sense when there are disturbances in the flow of time, and for her time will not stop (to Homura Akemi's dismay). She has other, greater powers in her repertoire, but some of them have correspondingly greater costs...

Keeper of the Garnet Rod - As Sailor Pluto, she is rarely found without the Garnet Rod, a slender staff of silver with irregular angles running up one side -- just like a great key. It's crowned by ornate loops of silver that surround the Garnet Orb, a deep red crystal sphere that holds immense power. Many of Pluto's attacks make use of the Garnet Rod, and like its mistress the Rod has untapped, secret depths.

Outer Senshi - Even without her time powers, Sailor Pluto can run, fight, and jump with the same superhuman grace as the other Sailor Scouts.

Astrophysics - Infinity Institute's astrophyics department has rarely seen a student of such promise. She has already contributed to a few papers, virtually unheard of for someone so young.

Fashion - Setsuna takes great pleasure in the creation and wearing of fashionable garments, and has walked for Akamira a couple of times, though she is no muse.

Teaching - While she has no formal training in it, Setsuna is naturally gifted at passing on knowledge; her quiet wisdom lends itself well to teaching.


Friends and Allies

Michiru Kaioh - One of her two dearest friends. Across great distances, they nonetheless kept each other company during their long guardianships. Additionally, she and Michiru share an appreciation for the arts that occasionally takes them out on the town together. However, there is something new in Michiru's eyes when Setsuna meets them these days, whether real or placed there by the guardian's own guilt: disappointment.

Haruka Tenoh - Her other dearest friend and fellow soldier. If they don't talk much, it is because they do not need to -- thousands of years of understanding fill the air between them, and they complement each other well in battle. Recently the Senshi of the Sky has taken to championing her quiet friend's forays into dating, to one's amusement and the other's embarrassment.

Chibi-Usa Tsukino - "Friendship" is a small word for the bond between Setsuna and Chibi-Usa. Setsuna cares for the young princess like she would a little sister, or maybe even a daughter, and finds in that connection a salve for her own profound loneliness. Now that Puu knows how close Small Lady has become to the child Hotaru, she of the world-ending menace, Pluto's found grim new determination for seeing to the threat posed by the latter. She keeps failing, and that is just not an option any more.

Etsuko - The majordomo of Meioh Tower, its head of security, and Setsuna Meioh's personal valet and bodyguard. Her uniform is always long-sleeved with buttoned cuffs and collar. She really, really, REALLY likes marshmallows. And her boss.

Usagi Tsukino - The cute, bubbly, precious Usagi. Setsuna knows who she is and who she will become, and she loves both of those people dearly. Setsuna finds Usagi just as lovely and inspiring as her future liege (if somewhat more... well, /Usagi/) -- but much closer. The power-drained girl needs protection even more than usual right now, and Sailor Pluto has provided at great personal cost.

Eri Shimanouchi - Shepherd co-leader, a Puella Magi whose powers are decidedly horticultural. Sailor Pluto finds Eri to be possessed of determination and wisdom beyond her young years. Together they saved a tough little trashkitten from the expanding predations of Charlotte, and Pluto now cares for the little toe-chewing terror in Meioh Tower. She is the first person Sailor Pluto chose to reveal her identity as Setsuna Meioh to, and is the senshi's closest of her newer friends. These days, she is very worried about Eri.

Kyouko Sakura - Eri's senpai and co-leader in the Shepherds. The Outer Senshis' original alliance was with this Magi, and Sailor Pluto has seen the girl fight. Savage. They've made war and clinked glasses together, which as far as this new Setsuna is concerned, makes Kyouko a trusted battle companion and perhaps even friend. Above all she respects the red magi for her leadership and determination.

Yumi Ohzora - Met through Eri and her Shepherds, and so quickly treasured by the Senshi of Time, so soon considered a friend. Protectiveness is the very first thing Setsuna feels for Yumi, followed by fondness and worry. Tama seems to appreciate all of that. Yumi's recently begun a project of sorts, with Setsuna's assistance...

Sucy Manbavaran - Twice now they've met, under increasingly dramatic circumstances, and Sucy has made quite a series of impressions on Setsuna. The reverse seems likely, too. She's tried to get to know the girl better when they're not under fire. It's a work in progress.

Mikoto Minagi - Her first clash with Mami Tomoe might have ended differently had this ferocious, strangely feline girl not intervened. Sailor Pluto finally had a chance to share her thanks (and some cocoa, and some conversation) with Mikoto, and came away quite liking the girl.

Steven Universe - Awareness, however vague, that this cheerful boy is under the protection of Garnet has mostly kept Sailor Pluto away. Recently she found reason to come to the aid of both (because some threats are temporarily larger than wars) and came away fond of Steven, as she is inclined to be toward innocent youth. He proved to be quite a helpful helicopter copilot, as well, and a capable morale officer! Setsuna Meioh likes Steven.

Shizuru Fujino - A fellow victim of the Gala assault who stopped by for tea and conversation. A strange friendship was born, one which turned to alliance over the issue of one Kozue and her blackmail. That night Sailor Pluto learned a measure of Shizuru's detached cruelty -- and of her own personal limits. Yet, it cannot be said that Shizuru Fujino was not the perfect ally... a fact they affirmed after. Pluto places her deep unease with this turn of events upon the altar of sacrifices made in the name of preventing apocalypse, an altar that has grown crowded indeed with offerings.

Rinji Sakurai - The Muse saved Sailor Pluto from immediate, certain death. They've grown close since, shared dreams and nightmares both and forged their own quiet relationship -- one which Setsuna finds herself grateful for. More than ever, she wants to somehow return to Rinji what the other girl has gifted her. Recently the young woman has seemed troubled, and Setsuna seeks why so that she can help, somehow.

Kasagami Araki - Fellow Shepherd, dashing Ohtori swordswoman, and dear love. Nothing in Setsuna's life has been the same since Kassie came crashing in, rose and sword both at the ready. The secrets these two dangerous young women keep have finally come between them, one of many personal costs stemming from Sailor Pluto's attempted murder of Kozue. Her face has acquired a grim set in the days since their unusually subdued parting. In better moments she relives joyous memories; in darker, Setsuna has nightmares about needing to go through Kasagami to secure a shining future. The senshi reminds herself of the sacrificial nature of her existence and soldiers onward. She tells herself this is better for them both... or she tries not to think about Kasa-chan at all, with varying degrees of success.

The Increasingly Complicated Grey Area

Homura Akemi - The Time Criminal. It's unclear exactly how Homura has tangled the threads of time, but the result is an unbelievable snarl. This needs fixing, sooner rather than later... but it would be premature to deal with her without determining what effects that might have on the mess she's made. At current they observe a ceasefire brokered over dinner with the help of Eri Shimanouchi, an acknowledgement of the war.

Chika Aki - Unless you count exchanging blows over the life of a terrified young girl -- which, to be fair, you probably should -- Chika is a very new acquaintance. They disagree on some things, agree on others, and have established a small truce zone so they can further discuss all of the above, should they wish.

Tsuru - Setsuna's sometime employer and a person she respects deeply for aesthetic vision and execution. It wasn't until the fateful gala that Setsuna finally caught wind of Tsuru's... complications. Indeed, those complications briefly perforated Sailor Pluto's back in rapidfire fashion.


Kozue Kaoru - What has wrath wrought? Sailor Pluto remembers the placement and shape of each stain on her white senshi gloves, that night... remembers every word the resentful girl with her blue hair and blue eyes and blue skin spoke. What ghosts arise from the empty graves of attempted murders?

Nori Ankou - La Sirene and Sailor Pluto shared many things at Tsuru's gala. Among them: center stage in a ballroom turned cauldron of terror. Since, though, they've found only reasons to clash. In particular, the way the Outer Senshi aided Kozue in her betrayal of the Chevaliers has earned Pluto the outraged anger of La Sirene. The antipathy is one-sided, but Pluto won't let her guard down just because she cannot match Nori's hatred.

Vita - It is fair to say Sailor Pluto has more direct experience with Vita's hammer than with the girl herself, but she knows both by sight and by impact. They share a mutual antipathy. Pluto relishes these rematches somewhat less than her others, even.

Mami Tomoe - They were allies for a short time, when the Keys to the City were contested. Now, though, Tomoe-san assists Sayaka in leading the Chevaliers. Their first fight left both magical girls barely standing. A rematch is inevitable, and with her new and greater understanding of the currents between Mami and Eri, Setsuna cannot say she looks forward to it.

Sayaka Miki - Leader of the Chevaliers, and painfully naive. Sailor Pluto would rejoice to see such innocence in a normal child, but in a Puella Magi it seems self-destructive at best. Everything she hears about this girl furthers that grim opinion.

Garnet - Stoic, exceptionally long-lived and lowkey soft-hearted guardian with time powers and /fabulous/ hair. Sound familiar? It seems each side of the magical girl war has one of these, and it's a shame, because if it wasn't for a certain Hotaru Tomoe they'd probably get along very well.

Fate Testarossa - Sailor Pluto did not relish fighting this young blonde girl, and not just because she is faster than the eye can follow, not just because she packs a tremendous wallop. She wonders exactly what it was on Fate's face at the end of their last encounter, and why.

Takeo Akamizu - The very first, proud recipient of Sailor Pluto's kick, back when she was still a mysteriously bemasked and unnamed senshi interloper. Events seem likely to bring them back into contact.

Hotaru Tomoe - A darkness lurks in this girl's unassuming frame, ravenous and unsettling. The Outers made their first strike against the Headmaster's daughter. It failed, perhaps even in part due to Sailor Pluto's own personal negligence. They've alerted the protective wrath of well-meaning fools, and now need the Shepherds all the more. She is too close to Small Lady, and too close to waking, and Sailor Pluto remembers...

The Man with the Gun - He aimed a submachinegun at Sucy Manbavaran. She has not a scratch. He is dead. Humanity is frail indeed compared to the wrath of a demigod.


The floor plan for the second penthouse floor of Meioh Tower, Setsuna's private apartments. Signed by the OOC architect, the amazing Rinji Sakurai!

Sailor Pluto and the Garnet Orb

Princess Pluto, special thanks to Gridmarble <3 Senshi of the Outer Planets

Watch yourself, Time Criminal... Sheratan, Destroyer of Fingertips