Runealy Waldia

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Runealy Waldia
IC Information
Full Name: Runealy Waldia
Aliases: Rune, Princess Runealy, 'The Princess' (formerly)
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age/Birthdate: 13 (Oct. 22, 2000)
Height: 5'0"
Hair Colour: Pink
Eye Colour: Green
Organization: Unaffiliated
Position: Guardian Princess of Waldia
School: Ohtori Academy (Grade 7)
OOC Information
Source: Guardian Princess Runealy (OC)
Player: Rune


Hailing from a distant feudal world with magical influences, Runealy had a peaceful and wonderful life until very recently. The only daughter to the rulers of Waldia (a name referring to the world, its sole nation, and the royal family), it was understood she would become Queen some day. While her parents saw to it that life at the castle was comfortable, they also made sure she was regularly learning and growing in a nurturing environment. Having the finest material comforts and best tutors was fine, but they frequently presented her with challenges and moral lessons aimed at producing a fine heir; one with skills, intelligence, and empathy.

While Runealy grew up very sheltered, their overall intent worked. Sociable, responsible, and kind, she took her upcoming duties seriously. Magic has been part of her life from very early on; while the prospect of actually ever having to fight was remote (her mother had only faced two monsters in a decade, both of which were easily defeated), being ready to maintain the world's anti-demon Barrier is the most important task the royal family's women will ever face. Queen Lene trained her regularly, but always with a gentle hand that fostered trust and a positive attitude. This resulted in the princess having a very healthy outlook in the face of setbacks (and a willingness to forgive others' shortcomings); if something failed, she quickly learned to look at why it didn't work, adapt, and try again once properly rested.

In any other circumstance, she would have grown up leading an uneventful and happy life marked by peacefully leading Waldia. Unfortunately, her mother's upcoming journey to the Barrier Shrine to renew its power proved to be anything but. When the queen failed to be ready to depart on time, Runealy went to check on her and entered Lene's room; she was expecting that her mother had either gotten distracted preparing something for Rune's 13th birthday or was testing her in some way; perhaps the queen wanted to see how her daughter reacted to unexpected delays?

Instead, Runealy found her mother lying on the floor. Concern turned to horror when she ran over to 'wake' the queen, and discovered several unnatural claw wounds. Lene had already been dead for at least an hour by the time Rune found her, and the situation sent the castle into a panicked lockdown. With the Barrier needing restoration as soon as possible, the princess was taken to the Shrine the next day to attempt the resealing ritual. She failed. She failed repeatedly. For whatever reason, the ritual was not working and the majority of magical energy spent in the attempt was lost. The prevailing logic was that she was simply not powerful enough to complete the enormous task, and after four days of exhausting efforts Runealy was sent back to the castle.

Gripped in despair and out of ideas, Rune was approached by bodyguard-in-training Leti Helgard. Several of Leti's proposals (including 'blood sacrifice') were rejected outright, but there was one that might work: History spoke of a sealed portal to another world that was relatively similar to Waldia... perhaps it would have a power source that could be tapped? Desperate for any solution that might save everyone, the princess agreed to reactivate the portal and cross over to Earth. She expected to go alone, but was surprised when Leti asked to come along. Rune initially and loudly refused, attracting the attention of Rosette Claville. Faced with a daring stranger and her best friend clamoring to accompany her, Rune relented and rushed to the castle vault. Returning minutes later, she provided them with magical bracelets and revived the centuries-abandoned Guardian Knights order with the pair as its first members. Then they set out for Tokyo... and began their work, later joined by Skylle Wiess.

Ultimately, their plan succeeded in a completely different way than intended. Initially despised as everyone's enemy, gradually emerging details behind their motives won widespread yet cautious sympathy and support. Abandoning the attacks on Earth's protectors, Rune instead agreed to several truces and alliances that lead up to a small army of magical peers accompanying her back to the Barrier Shrine. Their help proved invaluable, as the drained magic she took in previous battles did not strengthen the Barrier... it empowered Kludezx the Vanguard, a demon tasked with slipping through the weakened ward and killing its protector. Yet even his might failed before their cooperation, and it was an outpouring of solidarity, courage, and care that truly provided the energy necessary to seal away the demon abyss once more. After confessing the whole series of events to the Waldian public, she was generally forgiven due to the desperate circumstances and a tearful promise to never repeat these actions. While not ready to become Queen, her efforts in protecting the world were acknowledged by the creation of a new title: Runealy was no longer the Crown Princess but rather the Guardian Princess.

Deeply moved by their help and forgiveness, Runealy has recently returned to Earth. Her new goals are to improve as a person, make amends for her misdeeds, and keep several promises made to new friends.


Runealy has primarily defined herself as heir to an important magical legacy, and it's only since coming to Earth that she has gained other influences. Sheltered in her life at the castle, Rune was raised to be serious and responsible, slanted toward idealistic ends. While subject to frequent training and lectures on how important her future duties as a proper Barrier-maintaining queen, the princess had plenty of joy in her life too. For every time she was urged to have an eye for detail and care about getting proper results, she would also have chances to enjoy more relaxed activities with her mother, father, or close friend Rosette Claville. She got along well with castle staff, and even the citizenry of the nearby capital town when she got to be among them. Thus, in good times her default mood tends toward happiness and being sociable, albeit with a leaning toward dramatic and decisive thoughts.

Recent tragedies, starting on her thirteenth birthday, have dimmed that friendly spirit as Rune now struggles to cope with several problems weighing on her heart and mind. Her mother's murder ripped through Runealy's psyche, and she did not cope well with suddenly being thrust into tasks she wasn't ready for. Terrified by her inability to fix the crumbling anti-demon Barrier, Rune caved to pressure and agreed to a desperate plan to attack Earth... to drain innocent peers of their magic and hurt them in deep, awful ways. Such deceit and cruelty ran contrary to everything her parents taught, and Rune openly began hating herself for it.

Empathy guides many of her actions. Runealy knows just how awful someone can feel after tragedy, which drives her both to prevent others from going through what she did and offer comfort (or even better, possible solutions) when someone suffers. Once their problem or fear is resolved, Rune sometimes tries to find something positive and/or fun to do with them afterward though she is somewhat inconsistent in this behavior. Nonetheless, she responds to suffering very strongly... enough so that she has proven willing to put her magic wand away and instead try to talking to people during battle, if she can determine that some underlying problem is the real reason they're fighting her.

While Runealy is still deeply troubled, others have begun to help her heal. Advice from her father has helped put things in perspective, while outreach from former enemies has shown her that redemption is possible. Though exact reactions varied, several of the people she hurt were willing to help Rune save her world... and to see her again afterward. To offer friendship, or ask for help in return. These responses have given Runealy hope that she can still do well in life, to live up to her duties and be happy again. While this has left her rather clingy toward others and desperately seeking their approval, it has also motivated Rune to move forward and help them. This has occasionally manifested in ways that seem to upset others, but enough people have 'called' Runealy on the worst aspects of her behavior that she's now aware of this and trying to correct it.

Events surrounding the 2013 winter school trip have significantly bolstered her confidence. Previously viewing herself as cruel and useless, Rune feels much better after having worked with several magical peers to avert disaster. Stopping attack robots from striking Tokyo Station, preventing the God Among Men from ruining the world with his wish, and bringing hope to the grieving Maiden of Dreams were all worthy goals, and helping bring them about has done much to help her self-esteem. Rune also got the chance to help several friends (including some she had previously hurt) with their own troubles in unrelated incidents around this time, and this is satisfying. The princess is starting to believe she can protect people, bring joy and peace back to their lives, and that she's not some irredeemable monster. While there are occasional 'conscience pangs', Rune is generally being more positive. This leaves her behavior around most people somewhat erratic but mostly positive. She can be intense and focused at one time, pointing out important things that she hopes will steer someone toward an optimistic conclusion. Yet at other times playful and open joy seize her; she enjoys cute things, good desserts, exploring new hobbies with friends, and so on. While gripped by unhappiness on occasion, Runealy is trying to be happier again and be a more enjoyable friend for others.

Despite this progress, some troubles persist. One of her biggest problems is an ongoing comparison between herself and her mother. Queen Lene was an excellent leader, a loving parent, and a powerful magic-wielder, but Runealy's inflated opinion treats her mother as a bastion of perfection. When Rune fails at a task, she will berate herself with thoughts that her mother would have succeeded and made it look easy. Even when Runealy does succeed, she tells herself that “mom would have done even better.” The princess frequently strives to improve and measure up to this unrealistically high goal, and it's becoming a more acute problem lately that might need to be resolved in the future. Lene was extremely important to Rune, and the princess remembers her in ways that often drag her mood down. There is also fear. Fear that she will not perform well enough, that she won't have the answers. That Waldia will fall apart due to some mistake she will make in the face of threats she doesn't yet understand. Unsealed demons are starting to appear on Earth, and some of their actions hint at knowledge that Rune believes is impossible for them to have. The thought that they might succeed and ruin both Waldia and Earth terrifies her, though help from friends has brought this down to a severe yet manageable fear when it would have otherwise been a nearly all-consuming worry.

Technology continues to surprise her since Waldia's science would generally be viewed as 'medieval-era' by Earth standards. Trains, cell phones, and even electricity are all new to her. She's often startled by new devices, but will usually calm down as soon as she sees someone else use them safely. While willing to use Earth technology if there's a strong benefit in doing so, Runealy prefers old-fashioned methods where practical. She would rather write a letter or meet someone in person, and doesn't have social media accounts. Things a normal citizen of Tokyo take for granted are often novel or unknown to her!

Events near Valentine's Day 2014 had tremendous impact on Rune. Nephrite placed a dark seal upon the princess and a book containing letters from her mother, using it to gather energy from her over roughly a week's time. The seal preyed upon her insecurity and fear, driving Rune into obsession with quickly gaining the power needed to become queen. Worse, it made her lash out at her friends (often with little or no provocation), threatening to drive them away. Instead, many of them helped her when a monster emerged from the seal! Unable to help herself in any meaningful way during that incident, Rune has learned some powerful lessons. Chief among them is that she can't handle everything by herself, and her friends probably don't expect her to. She has come to believe that they don't want 'Princess Runealy, perfect leader' but rather 'Princess Runealy, friend.' Shaken by just how wrong her behavior over the preceding months was in this regard, Rune has promised to improve on this. After all, the concept of 'leader' has not solved many of her problems. Ideas like 'trust' and 'friendship'... those have fared much better. It's a heavy realization, but an important and encouraging one.

Several friends have been sharing aspects of their video game hobby with Rune lately, and she is interested in learning more. She's currently terrible at most games due to a lack of familiarity, but is enjoying learning more anyway since it's a good chance to spend time with friends and just do something fun.

Former Alias: The Princess

A temporary name used during the magic draining scheme, Runealy would only call herself "The Princess" in order to delay full identification. She also used it as a mental construct to let her act mysterious and melodramatic, a trait she hoped would awe and impress others (it often had the opposite effect, or caused her to make disastrous decisions). Any mentions of a person by that specific name, as opposed to a general title of 'the princess', in logs dated December 2013 to January 2014 (RL dates, not IC time) likely refer to Rune. She has since abandoned this persona, now using her true identity and trying to drop the worst habits picked up from trying to live up to this 'personality.'


Note: All listings are from Runealy's point of view. For example, someone Rune sees as a Friend might not see her the same way. Remarks about how a character seems to feel about her in return are unofficial speculation on the part of Runealy's writer that offer best-guest context. Checking out that character's own wiki page is strongly encouraged in order to get the full truth! Some things may seem disjointed or repetitively worded, this is because many entries also serve as 'notes to self' that the author uses for potential future scenes and as a quick reference for what Rune knows about someone.


Queen Lene Waldia (NPC) - Mother, Deceased: Easily the greatest influence on Runealy, Lene had the two-fold responsibility of raising both an heir who could protect the kingdom and ensuring she had a healthy personality despite royal duties. Lene took a very patient and gentle yet decisive approach with Rune, fostering empathy and responsibility so that she would look upon others with a more caring eye. The queen was also her trainer in magic, imparting both knowledge and skills to Runealy. Much of Runealy's fighting style is taken from the queen's teachings, which Rune is proud of even as she describes herself as having 'a mere fraction of my mother's amazing talent.' Being the first to discover Lene's murder has deeply hurt Rune, and the princess has been struggling to cope with her loss ever since.

King Raydel Waldia (NPC) – Father: Hailing from a merchant family so successful that they effectively 'count as nobility', Raydel was originally a business partner to the castle. His help in arranging various deals and purchases often led to invitations to join the queen for dances and meals, and these favorable meetings eventually led to Raydel marrying into the royal line. Now he is the one primarily in charge of guiding and protecting the nation since his daughter is not yet ready to be Queen. While they were already extremely close, the aftermath of the magic draining scheme and Lene's death brought him even closer to Runealy. Raydel has done very well at consoling his devastated daughter, reassuring her that she is still loved and still part of the family despite her terrible mistakes. He has also been very outspoken in thanking several of Earth's heroes, crediting them with Rune's survival in general. The king is especially fond of Rosette Claville, Eri Shimanouchi, Lucy Iwai, and Fuu Hououji for their roles in specific incidents that saved Runealy's life. Cut off from any reliable contact with Earth, he can only hope for the best while working to keep the political station of his world stable.


People that Rune will go out of her way to help. Anyone on this list is very important to her.

Eri Shimanouchi: Eri has been a valuable friend ever since Rune arrived in Tokyo. She remained consistently supportive, even when some of Runealy's more misguided plans hurt this Puella Magi. Eri provided much-needed insight that lead to a truce ending Rune's magic-draining attacks, and helped on at least one occasion where Rune felt she had nobody else to turn to. Combined with Eri being among those who helped restore Waldia's anti-demon Barrier, the princess views her in the best possible light. Rune has finally managed to give some help back to her important friend, comforting Eri after another Puella Magi (identity unknown to Rune) hurt her and bonding over care for their respective families. This lead up to the pair exchanging promises to be there for each other, admitting they are both hurt and scared but plan to find their solutions together. On a much lighter note, Eri introduced the sheltered princess to snowball fights during the Hokkaido trip. They later worked together to deal with a few other situations during the trip. Rune believes Eri is being more confident, insightful, and cheerful lately, which Rune thinks is great! Eri visited while Rune was under Nephrite's dark seal, and while the princess couldn't bring herself to be actually cruel to one of her most important friends Rune did nonetheless drive Eri away. While Eri was very understanding and helped her assemble the truth of what happened, Rune feels guilty about how Eri presumably spent a significant amount of magic helping fend off the youma created from Rune's drained energy. A recent visit caused Eri to mention an interest in Seijuro Ginga, though some of Rune's well-wishing and encouragement seemed to upset Eri and the princess isn't sure why. She's hoping to figure out if Eri is facing a significant problem or not, but isn't sure how to do this.

Fuu Hououji: The Wind Knight's healing talents impressed Runealy even during the start of the draining attacks, and she outright refused to attack Fuu for that reason. Drawing this moral line seemed to impress Fuu, who quickly reconciled with her and offered help once the motives behind Rune's actions became known. Fuu's healing winds undid much of the damage Rune inflicted upon herself with dark-magic crystals, an intervention that likely saved her life. They have since become friends, with Fuu even entrusting her with a few important details about the world of Cephiro. Thankful for both the help and trust, Runealy has promised to return the favor. They have continued to work together quite well. When Qarzha began hurling accusations at Rune, Fuu vouched for the princess and Runealy is grateful for that. Fuu also shielded an untransformed Skylle during this fight, and this heroic act was noticed. Rune was thrilled to be invited to Fuu's 15th birthday party, then horrified as Alcyone attacked. Unwilling to let Fuu suffer the same tragedy Runealy experienced on her own 13th birthday, the princess recovered from the brink of despair to help her friend. They worked together extensively during the Starfall, winter school trip, recent events surrounding New Year's celebrations at Tokyo Bay, and even the sumo championships. Fuu helped when Nephrite's dark seal was used to create a youma from Rune's drained energy, and the princess appreciates this. Efforts to start doing more relaxed, non-magical/non-fighting things with Fuu paid off recently, as Fuu has begun showing her how to play cooperative video games; Rune really enjoyed that! She also liked something profound Fuu said, "there's no limit on how many friends you can have," which Rune is trying to take to heart.

Lucy Iwai: Initially a confusing relationship, they met when Rune and Rosette helped respond to a Terrorsaur attack in Tokyo. By this point the princess was deep into her addiction to dark crystals, reduced to using them to even be functional. This became more apparent when she later attacked the Mesozoic Maiden in an attempt to drain Lucy's magic, yet began showing severe health problems mid-battle. Lucy quickly struck her down, but also destroyed the second crystal Rune produced in hopes of continuing the fight; this prompted the desperate and terrified princess to insist she genuinely hated Lucy. This was later recanted once Runealy got help overcoming the addiction, and she has been deeply thankful for Lucy's willingness to forgive the incident, save her life, and help save Waldia. Events regarding the God Among Men and the Maiden of Dreams have reminded Rune that Lucy seems to deeply miss home and family; Rune sympathizes. This same pain may have contributed to Lucy helping talk down the Maiden of Dreams, which is touching. Lately, Lucy has been helping Rune learn a little more about general technology and shared some insights on baseball and its variants; Rune has shown little interest in playing but specifically does want to watch Lucy when organized games happen. Lucy has mentioned an interest in working at Linden Baum (her scholarship does not cover video game purchases, so outside income is desired) and Rune plans to show up every so often to encourage her if this happens. Lucy sent some chocolate around Valentine's Day 2014; Rune isn't yet aware this might be a social gaffe on Lucy's part, and is instead likely to contact Lucy with thanks for the gift and possible plans to do something similar in return.

Madoka Kaname: Having met when Rune briefly toured Ohtori's crafts club, the princess was impressed by Madoka's constructive mind and kind nature. Madoka was also quick to offer help in getting acclimated to life at the school, and forgiveness upon hearing a confession from Guardian Rose regarding the attacks on other magical girls. These reasons on their own would be enough for the princess to hold her in very high esteem, but Madoka stirring the crowd at a Dark Eyed Bois concert into cheering on their magical protectors was an eye-opening experience as well; Rune has begun claiming that Madoka is "someone who only had a single coin to donate in helping others, but somehow found a way to give a thousand" in reference to a moral tale about who is truly giving the most in times of crisis, rather than a literal reference to money. While Madoka doesn't seem to care for that melodramatic praise, she has been a great help in getting Rune acclimated to Ohtori as well as moving past some aspects of Runealy's misdeeds. This has significantly lessened the turmoil in Rune's heart as of late, and the princess is grateful for it. She is also aware that Madoka was among those who helped Eri Shimanouchi after the Puella Gardener was attacked by a peer. While Rune hasn't had a chance to thank Madoka for this, she deeply appreciates that as well. Rune has made some social blunders with her, but has been trying to move on from this and reacted much better to Madoka visiting a snowball fight during the winter school trip. Seeing her friend was nice enough on its own... but Madoka being there as a 'non-combatant' bringing hot cocoa to the participants was even better.

Usagi Tsukino: Rune is deeply impressed by both of Usagi's identities, and has recently discovered they're the same person. While seemingly flighty and irresponsible, Sailor Moon is also quick to give bold speeches condemning evildoers before facing them head-on. On a more personal level, Sailor Moon was among the first to trust 'The Princess' and provided a watch-communicator as a means of keeping in touch. When Rune tried to confess her plans to ambush Moon, return the watch because it had "been gained through deceit", and offer restitution, Sailor Moon said something profound and touching. Instead of asking for a promise to help fight Sailor Moon's enemies, the request was for Rune to keep the watch and try to be happy. It was a vital step in convincing Rune that she might be able to move past her misdeeds. Since then, they have cooperated in several situations during the Hokkaido trip, New Year's celebrations, Qarzha's appearance in Tokyo, and more. While Sailor Moon seemed troubled, Rune believes Tuxedo Mask's help significantly cleared this up. Usagi revealed her identity to Rune at Game Center Crown, which was shocking but also delightful: She liked Usagi and Sailor Moon for different reasons... and now all of those reasons apply to one friend! This has resulted in some lighter moments between them, including spending some time with arcade games (which Rune is terrible at, but isn't particularly upset by it at this time; fun is fun), greatly reducing Runealy's fear of video game machines. Usagi also helped Rune learn more about dedicated portable games recently, and Runealy now basically understands video games. Rune is still bad at them and knows nothing of their history, but no longer makes embarrassing mistakes like confusing a 3DS for a Playstation 3.

Perfume Warriors in general (from Perfume Splash!): These outspoken, heroic peers have left a good impression on Runealy when they've worked together to stop Dark Scent attacks around the city. Several of their members also offered a variety of help and were instrumental in creating a truce that ended Waldian magic draining attacks. In turn, this created the circumstances where Runealy went into the Barrier Restoration Ritual with about a dozen allies, who were absolutely necessary to succeed against the empowered Vanguard. She's well aware of all this, so the team as a whole can generally ask for (and promptly receive) a variety of help from the princess. A recent meeting with them has brought up the matter of 'Pure Maidens' that the Apothecary is hunting, along with some of the Perfume Warriors' past, and Rune has promised to assist them in these matters. This same discussion also revealed some about the team's past, leaving Rune both curious and sympathetic toward them. They also asked for her to come along on an expedition to learn more about that history, where they met several fascinating things. Among them, a tree that emits happiness (Rune likes this!), a crystal robot on security duty (this confuses her, because 'huge hovering crystal' and 'person with metal hands' both count as 'robot'), and Black Raspberry Vanilla. The Perfume team began reaching out to Black Raspberry, and Rune hopes to help them get through to the Apothecary Intern as she sees possible similarities between herself and Black Raspberry. She was there when they discovered what appears to be a 'royal safe house' from their history, and finds the location fascinating. An incomplete understanding of said history suggests many of them may be royalty, which Rune thinks might require some degree of formal diplomacy toward them soon.

Nanoha Takamachi: Unusually open with both magical and mundane aspects of her life, this energetic child has endeared herself to Rune in many ways. When Runealy stumbled into the Midori-ya Bakery on one busy and cold day, weak from self-inflicted malnourishment, Nanoha quickly offered her a seat and recommendations on food that would perk her up. Nanoha was also one of those who helped respond to a Witch incident at Mitakihara Hospital, and Runealy admires her for defending such an important place. This sent conflicting messages to Nanoha, as the princess made visits to bestow a 'medal' (a pair of hair ribbon with nice jewels in them) for protecting the hospital, followed by threatening to siphon some of her magic mere days later. Circumstances prevented her from carrying out this plan, and Nanoha later reconciled with her while also sharing insight on Fate Testarossa. Rune is impressed by Nanoha's stance; repeated insistence that Fate is 'not a bad person' has left Runealy willing to heed any advice Nanoha has about her. Nanoha has continued to reach out to Rune with various offers to hang out with both herself and introducing her to friends such as Ren Aizawa. Thus in addition to helping Nanoha out with recent incidents such as a giant swan attack at Ohtori, Runealy has been spending time with her on a more friendly basis and even learned a bit about Nanoha's hobbies lately. Rune had several jealous remarks for Nanoha while affected by Nephrite's dark seal, yet Nanoha still showed up to help her. The princess will remember that, and is already making plans on nice things to do for Nanoha; she's also concerned for Nanoha's general well-being lately, suspecting that Nanoha may be putting in too much effort when fighting monsters.

Madobe Kuroi: When Runealy attacked her in an attempt to steal magical power, Sweet Pea responded with a variety of mockery and jokes based on dating sims. Furious that the Perfume Warrior seemed to be making fun of her desperate plight, the princess hated her at first. When Eri Shimanouchi later revealed what 'event flags' and 'character routes' really refer to, Rune contacted Madobe once again. This time she made a mangled attempt at using dating sim references back at the Perfume Warrior, and revealed some of the motives behind these attacks. Madobe relayed this to others, becoming a vital part of a truce that allowed the Barrier restoration to succeed. Runealy views her in extremely high regard for this, and pointed this out when Madobe was recently very nervous around Rune. This seemed to resolve most of what was bothering Madobe, though the Perfume member did admit to being worried about what appear to be failures in her past as a 'SecAdmin' (or 'someone in charge of security', as Madobe explained to the tech-ignorant Runealy). Rune doesn't know what to do for that, but has offered support and encouragement regardless.

Aimi Saionji: One of the most straightforward relations Rune has is with Aimi. While they have only met a few times, always after the truce engineered by Aimi's teammates, every single encounter has been positive. When Runealy tried to offer restitution for attacking Aimi's friends, the latter deflected that with a hug and pointed out Dark Amber's past; if Aimi could forgive him, how much easier would it be in this case? This kind gesture, combined with Aimi's help in saving Rune's world, have resulted in an astonished Runealy scrambling to become a better friend. She recently picked up the very basics of knitting from Aimi, though anything beyond the simplest projects takes a significant investment of time and material from Rune. This lead to some arts-and-crafts themed gift exchanges between them, and Aimi stunned Rune by making a painting of the area just outside the Waldian capital (complete with grass, trees, recently restored skies, castle, and its attached town); it was done from memory but offered as a touching depiction of 'the home you are protecting.' Aimi also provided some new insights and reasonable guesses on Black Raspberry Vanilla while asking for Rune's help in reaching out to her. If the information Aimi provided is even somewhat close to the truth, it's very worrying and has been more than enough to convince Runealy to help out. Aimi has mentioned an interest in crafts, art, and so on. Rune thinks she might be able to come up with related ways to spend time with Aimi, which Runealy is looking forward to.

Sakura Akagi: Japanese Cherry Blossom was one of the first Rune had contact with in magical matters on Earth, where they worked together against various monsters. Rune 'repaid' this help and trust with an ambush, yet Cherry Blossom continued to reach out to her. Cherry Blossom also helped destroy a Dark Scent based on Rune's memories of her mother's murder, offering comfort and reconciliation afterward. This extended far enough to accompany Rune to the Barrier Shrine, which has left Runealy extremely grateful to her. They have done a lot since then; Rune witnessed a 'passion youma' created from Sakura, they helped protect Tokyo Station from robots threatening to attack the school trip, and even found what seems to be a 'safe house' from the Perfume Kingdom. Sakura has also spoken of some memories of a past life as a royal guard that she 'tries to be strong like' (or words to that effect), which Rune is impressed by. Runealy has been trying to spend some time with her in more mundane and friendly contexts, yet Sakura keeps beating her to it; Sakura has invited her to the sumo championships and later stopped by to visit at Ohtori just as Rune was about to call her. Rune really likes this, and has openly called Sakura one of the reasons she feels better about the prospect of having to stay on Earth for a while. Sakura seems to be proud of both homes (Japan and the Perfume Kingdom), which Rune finds interesting.

Tadase Hotori: These two seem to have a lot in common, such as a 'protective royalty' theme to some of their magic as well as light that may be specifically harmful to monsters. They first met at a Starfall shard incident in the Linden Baum diner, and Rune later approached him to offer thanks for the help he provided to her friends that day. He was very gracious about it, asking Runealy to 'repay' him by protecting others; she eagerly agreed. There is some confusion as to his proper title, so she accepted a compromise to refer to him by name instead of social rank. They worked together to fend off Shine Preventer during a shard incident along the Tama riverside area, showing excellent teamwork and Rune was surprised when he tried to protect her from an attack. Impressed by how consistently helpful and moral Tadase has been, she now holds him in excellent regard. He has asked to be contacted if 'black eggs' are found, giving a brief but important explanation about the dreams they contain and why care must be used in dealing with them; Rune immediately agreed to this request.

Takeo Akamizu: When the princess attacked him with intent to steal magic, he defeated her. Yet throughout the battle he kept asking for why, going through a variety of reactions. Shock and a desire to help, then anger and mockery, and finally pity when she admitted to hating herself for carrying out this plan. In the end, he showed sympathy and mercy by leaving the door open to hearing her motives if she wished to talk, then left her covered in his cloak as a makeshift blanket before departing. While circumstance prevented him from being able to fully help with the situation, the princess later met Sir Lancelot again and thanked him for sparing her. Lately, Rune has begun wearing a shirt of Sir Lancelot from time to time. The shirt depicts him in Madoka's art style, suggesting her pink-haired peer may have been the source of this gift. A rooftop talk between Rune and Lancelot ended in him revealing important parts of his past, and they reconciled on a variety of topics after she noted at least three people don't see him as a pariah due to his past incarnation. This has firmly cemented his position as a friend, and future encounters between them will hopefully be much warmer. On a lighter note, Takeo joined in on a snowball fight with her and a few others during the winter school trip and she enjoyed doing something fun with him for once given how rough their situations have been. Dark Amber has apparently discovered that Lancelot is randomly forced to speak French under certain circumstances and mentioned this to Rune, so while she doesn't entirely get it at least this isn't a complete surprise either.

Kinzo Hiroyuki: He has historically received conflicting signals from Rune. On one hand, she protected him from a Dark Scent he unleashed and was quick to encourage him to reconcile with those his well-meaning plan had inadvertently hurt. On the other, she later lured him to Aokigahara forest and drained some of his magic; the incident had unintentional similarities to a trauma deep in his past with the Perfume Warriors. Despite such a painful incident, he was able to begrudgingly look past all this to help restore Waldia's anti-demon Barrier. Later talks have smoothed out a lot of issues between Kinzo and Rune, sharing significant parts of their pasts and putting them on much better terms. After that, he asked Rune to join the Magic Association; she has declined for now but is willing to be convinced. His attempts to help fight Qarzha were appreciated. He later visited Rune in the hospital, investigating a few guesses he had about that incident. His ideas revealed new possibilities to Rune, though no conclusions as of yet. He recently explained his computer work to Rune, who only partially understands but finds the basic idea (he has a useful trade skill) encouraging. Kinzo was among those who helped her when Nephrite's dark seal created a youma from draining Rune's energy, and she's very thankful for this. He seemed very rattled during his birthday party, though emerged as a silvery knight-like figure which really impressed Rune! Talking with him a few days later provided some frightening insight on more of his past and thanked her for helping; Kinzo suggested he was on the brink of going back to the Apothecary if not for her, Aimi, and several other friends. Rune is now even more worried about the Apothecary, but is glad Kinzo seems to be much happier than he was just a few months ago.

Ikiko Hisakata: Brought together by circumstance during a Starfall shard incident at the Carrot Hat store, the two didn't directly interact much during the battle itself but Rune did notice Wolf Tsukiko's actions and was impressed. They met later and discovered they have some things in common, including an interest in living up to their respective family legacies. Their work together in fending off an attack upon an amusement park by Alastor is another strong mark in Ikiko's favor. Tsukiko also helped out when Qarzha appeared, and offered some comfort even in the face of defeat. Ikiko did the same thing later at the hospital, and provided a little more insight on her own interests in the situation. Since then, they have worked together to help rescue some fairies during the school winter trip and were involved in the akanbe incident at Tokyo Bay. Rune recently began asking what Ikiko does for fun; Ikiko has suggested a few activities ranging from sports to ice skating, Ikiko seems to know a few things about Nilasein's witch princess, even calling her a 'curse thrower', so Rune might ask Ikiko about this soon. Runealy plans to do more relaxing things with her very soon, as Rune feels she is providing Ikiko with protection but not much joy. Spending time together at an inter-school dance is a start, but Rune wants to do more. This has been derailed for the time being due to Nephrite's dark seal influencing Rune to instead lash out at Ikiko with unjustified insults and accusations, which Rune probably won't feel very proud of once she's back to normal. Ikiko helped drive off the youma that later formed from this seal, and Rune is greatly relieved by how understanding she was during the resulting hospital visit.

Lera Camry: Despite some modest problems such as wondering why Lera would attempt to take a shard, Rune likes her. Their first meeting was working together to defeat youma Ilusia at an art exhibit, and they have responded to a few other monster attacks together. Lera offered direct magical assistance to Rune during a fight with Qarzha, which didn't quite work but this wasn't Lera's fault. Notably, the demon also referred to Lera as 'Midchildan' and briefly took her hostage. Rune's talks with Lera afterward were illuminating, as the pair shared significant secrets about their pasts. The Barrier Jacketed mage revealed that Midchilda is another world. Yet if this is true, how did Qarzha know about Midchilda or that Lera is from there? Runealy has a few guesses that would explain this, but all of them are frightening. The princess feels partially responsible for what happened to Lera, promising to keep Lera's secret and set the situation right. Lera in turn has offered to help, which seems to leave the pair on surprisingly good terms despite the difficult events that threatened to divide them. They worked together against the Hell demon Nox Sola, but Lera seems to be afraid of something lately. Is it blood? Lera retreating due to cutting wounds taken during the battle suggests this, and the prospect makes a lot of sense to Rune; she plans to keep an eye on this. They also responded to a youma attack on Chofu Station where the pair continued to work well together. Lera was also quick to call for defending the princess when Audiax Silver struck Rune down, a gesture which is appreciated. The pair later spoke at Linden Baum, where Rune gained some insight on Lera's motives and admitted to being impressed by her even without the benefit of any sort of reputation preceding Lera... something this adventurer seemed to be concerned about. They have since agreed to be friends, not just in the sense of helping one another in fights but in more general and joyful circumstances too. Lera appears to have some interest in Fate, even pleading for her to open up and speak to others during a Jewel Seed incident at Ohtori, but Rune doesn't have full details here. Nonetheless she thinks well of Lera for making the attempt.

Mai Tokiha: What started as a wellness check after the Apothecary's Elixir Red attacked Mai at the Linden Baum diner during a Starfall shard incident has grown into strong friendship. They have discussed several topics at length, ranging from morals to cooking. The pair have also worked together against several problems, including a snake-like Dark Scent, robots threatening the winter school trip, the God Among Men, and the Maiden of Dreams. The Maiden situation particularly moved Rune, as Mai tried to shield her while the group talked the Maiden out of fighting. Mai has provided some details on Takumi's medical and financial situation, though a few contradictions have caused Rune to assemble somewhat wrong conclusions; she has nonetheless promised secrecy. Shortly after the New Year's events, Mai asked if Rune sees her as a threat due to Kagutsuchi's tremendous power (easily one of the strongest things Rune has ever seen). While agreeing that Mai is a threat who could ruin her life, Rune stressed she is not afraid of friends! Why fear someone who shows empathy for bystanders, safely flies Rune over ravines, keeps a younger brother safe, and openly worries about being a good person? Runealy has thus openly insisted she's glad Mai is in her life. Attempts to learn what sort of things Mai does for fun had mixed results, Mai seems extremely busy with little hobby time but did mention liking karaoke. Recent visits to the Linden Baum have proven Mai's stories of crazy customers are true, so Rune sometimes stops by just to be a nice and well-tipping customer. Influence from Nephrite's dark seal caused Rune to lash out at Mai with various jealous and hurtful remarks, though they later reconciled. Speaking with Mai has helped put some of Rune's failings and mistakes into specific words, prompting the princess to reevaluate her behavior and promise to work on being a better friend rather than focusing on being some (actually undesired) 'perfect leader' as Rune wrongly thought others expected of her. Information from Kinzo has given Rune more insight on what the Apothecary might want with Mai, and Rune is determined not to let that happen! Believing Mai is already on-guard against them and has enough to worry about, Rune plans to keep this information a secret for now.

Asagao Uekawa: Asagao helped her study for winter finals, and they also played around a little in the snow during the winter school trip. This lead to jokes about granting 'refuge from the snowball war' and things of that nature when Asagao tried to hide behind her during said. Later, she encountered Sailor Vega in the 'dream world' during part of the fight against the God Among Men. Vega also helped reach out to the Maiden of Dreams, yet what really won Rune's admiration is that Vega proceeded to protect the Maiden from Sailor Uranus' attacks. Seeing Vega and Sailor Moon be friendly toward one while fighting the Bad End Kingdom over New Year's has cleared up a few things Rune was wondering about, and prompted a discussion. Rune explained that second chances, even those for other people, are very important to her. She suggested that Vega's actions protected everyone's reputation, that it might help convince others to accept similar offers of peace and friendship. Rune then offered to help Vega in general; not just with fighting but in other parts of life too. Surprisingly, Sailor Vega intentionally changed back to Asagao on the spot and accepted. In other words, Rune now has a new friend in both magical contexts and in daily life.

Kyouko Sakura: Runealy was initially thankful to Kyouko for providing vaguely-discussed but apparently important help to Madoka, and her esteem has grown since the start of the Starfall incident. Kyouko provided some healing for Eri after the battle, meaning this is twice the spear-wielder has helped people very important to Rune. They've had some brief conversations and shared identities since. Despite some arguments on the value of fighting to protect others, this difference of opinion has not been a major problem so far. Kyouko did try to help against Qarzha, though this was cut short. While Rune still has some minor misgivings about her, Kyouko's aid in getting through to the Maiden of Dreams along with other kind gestures significantly smooth over that. The princess is thus willing to assist Kyouko in several ways, and holds her in excellent esteem.

Maron Kusakabe: Only aware of Kaitou Jeanne's existence (with no knowledge of Maron), Rune has an unusually good opinion of the art thief. So she steals paintings. What is a lost piece of art, or even a dozen or a hundred, weighed against Jeanne's other actions? These include fighting the youma Ilusia, sticking up for Rune when a youma began criticizing the princess' sadness, stopping a Dark Scent, and helping talk down the Maiden of Dreams. When Jeanne asked for broad trust from Rune, it was easily given in light of a clear pattern of minor wrongs (stealing) compared to the kindness of specifically and repeatedly saving lives. The most Runealy will do about her art theft is verbally protest. Aside from this single point of disagreement, Jeanne can expect significant help from a princess who is impressed by Jeanne's overall moral tone.

Maiden of Dreams: Apparently the source of some of the dreams surrounding the Starfall incident, the Maiden of Dreams was encountered in a mountaintop cave. When a fight broke out, Runealy quickly retaliated. Yet the Maiden had much to say during this battle and her homesickness hit a sympathetic nerve. Rune stopped fighting, and joined those trying to talk the Maiden down. This seems to have succeeded, as the Maiden eventually pleaded for 'a promise'; broad and vague as that is, the princess put her wand away and gave this oath. Rune presumes the Maiden may have a lot of personal issues to sort out from what appears to be thousands of years of suffering, but is nonetheless very glad to have helped provide a chance to change. Note: Rune and this author have an incomplete understanding of exactly who contributed to helping the Maiden of Dreams in which ways. Missing information about that on this page only indicates a lack of knowledge, not downplaying any given effort. This entry is subject to significant change as more details on the Maiden become available.

Mamoru Chiba: Her relation with Mamoru has mostly revolved around a series of gradual revelations that have added up to a very favorable opinion of him. He seemed nice enough in snowball play during the winter school trip, and appears to have an odd friendship with Usagi. Yet he is also Tuxedo Mask, which he revealed to Rune. In other words, Mamoru is also the dashing man that the princess has seen help stand against the God Among Men, as well as helping Sailor Moon during the New Year's incident and providing other aid to Eri. They're some of the most important people in her life, so Rune's opinion of Mamoru is extremely favorable. He also tried to calm Runealy down while she was under one of Nephrite's dark seals. While that supernatural influence prevented him from succeeding, he definitely got her thinking and his advice took hold once she was free of the seal. She's aware that Tuxedo Mask is struggling with some problems of his own but only vaguely understands them: something about 'drama' with someone he 'likes but they don't like him back'... context he provided suggests this is Sailor Moon? Tuxedo Mask helped bring others to Rune when the dark seal was near a critical point, and opposed the youma that formed from it. He also visited her at the hospital to bring the various homework Rune missed during that week. While she already had an extremely good opinion of him for helping her friends, his efforts toward her have solidified Mamoru as a valued friend. While a recent conversation with him about Nephrite's activities brought up some important information, it also helped her realize she hasn't done anything relaxing with Mamoru since the ski resort trip; Rune has promised to try to meet Mamoru in happier circumstances soon.

Ren Aizawa: Introduced to Ren by Nanoha as part of a plan to relax and hang out for a while, this intention has only recently succeeded. It was initially interrupted by a violently upset Norie Okano, resulting in them working together in a fight. Despite getting along well, including cooperating against a rampaging Jewel Seed-affected swan at Ohtori, efforts to actually become friends were stalled. Nephrite's dark seal caused Rune to respond to Ren's kind offers with open hostility, though Ren was among those who saw the seal energy-drain the princess and create a youma. After helping fight the monster, Ren visited her at the hospital. This time, an apologetic and grateful Rune accepted her offer and is specifically looking forward to spending time with Ren. She has no idea why Ren has been so actively nice in trying to befriend her, but this is a mystery the princess isn't too worried about. An already favorable opinion of Ren has become even warmer due to these events, and Rune hopes to make sure Ren's efforts are well rewarded with a new friend. Toward this end, Rune visited Ren recently and learned more about her... it seems Ren has a bit of a 'jokester' side to her, and enjoys video games. Ren has also mentioned wanting to teach Rune how to play various arcade games, with a possible emphasis in fighting games. Rune is willing to try since spending time with Ren sounds fun regardless, but this may be too complex for Rune to learn right now; she's still working on basic video game concepts. Thus any real talent in fighting games is probably beyond Rune at this time. Ren was among those who helped fend off one of Nephrite's monsters at a concert, and Rune noticed that Ren's ring seems to talk... that's interesting.

Erika Inagawa: While encounters with Erika as either herself or Forever Sunshine have been somewhat infrequent, they're usually significant to Rune. Sunshine was among those who fought a Dark Scent formed from Rune's memories, and Runealy has in turn helped with things like investigating what appears to be a historical Perfume Kingdom 'safe house' and other Apothecary incidents. Erika strikes her as very outspoken and cooperative; Sunshine seems quick to speak against evil, and an ability to release an inspiring citrus scent to nearby friends. Rune has recently realized most of their relation is tied to magical matters, and while attempts to spend more relaxed time with Erika have failed so far the princess is interested in trying again soon.

Acquaintances/Relation Unclear/Neutral

This category is a mix of people she holds in decent esteem but is not particularly close to yet, those she doesn't properly understand but thinks are significant, people she has mixed thoughts about (or has strongly different feelings about someone's mundane and magical identities, if unaware they're the same person), and those she has meaningful contact with but no real opinion on.

Shiori Takatsuki: Her very first encounter with Shiori was this swordfighter tagging along on the journey to the Barrier Shrine. Rune has absolutely no idea what would cause a complete stranger to come help save her world ("Tuner business" was not an illuminating answer to someone who barely knows what the Tuners are in the first place). Nonetheless, that is a very good first impression and Runealy is hoping to speak with Shiori soon to learn more. To date she has had no success making contact, leaving Rune confused as to what Shiori's and/or the Tuners' motives were.

Kyubey (NPC): Unaware of its true nature, Rune is cautiously approving of the contract-maker. Having seen that its intervention in someone's life can radically alter their circumstances, she is concerned by the potential consequences for anyone receiving magic from Kyubey. On the other hand, it has indeed granted wishes that seem to have helped her friends and regularly seems to watch out for Madoka. Combined with just how adorably cute Kyubey is, and how seemingly friendly it has been in their initial conversations, Runealy views Kyubey in an overall favorable light. Discussions with Eri and Kyouko have suggested Kyubey occasionally has odd interpretations of events and information, but this only introduces a small element of caution about a creature she generally likes.

Honoka Yukishiro and Nagisa Misumi: Another case where Rune doesn't know their mundane identities, she met Cure White and Cure Black when Pisard unleashed a possessed cement mixer on a construction site. After helping them and Nori free several trapped workers and drive off the monster, Rune heard something profound when Cure White spoke to Pisard: "you cannot hurt your way to well-being", which oddly caused the princess to tell the pair she hoped they were wrong; a hint of her magic draining scheme. After the Barrier Restoration Ritual, she came to understand Cure White was correct but has not yet had a chance to tell her that. Rune respects them, and was glad for the chance to work with the pair in rescuing some fairies during the winter school trip. Black suggested the stakes were a little higher than 'just' innocent fairies (which is significant enough), but Runealy has trouble understanding the science behind the potential environmental consequences that were also averted... Rune just has to trust that these two are smarter than she is, enough to see things were even more important than it first seemed. Preventing environmental disasters sounds good to her!

Mami Tomoe: Runealy became concerned for Mami's well-being after observing the senior's seemingly unsociable habits after school. Discovering that Mami has lost both parents left the princess sympathetic toward her, even if this tragic loss happened years ago. Despite this, their relationship has been cold; Mami has repeatedly criticized her for decisions made during the magic-draining incident, and Rune's attempts to mend the situation met only minor success. Direct violence between the two now seems unlikely, but they remain distant. Unusually, Runealy has a mostly good opinion of Mami despite this! Rune doesn't know the full extent of it, but Eri has told her Mami has been some help to Eri and this goes a long way in earning the princess' favor. Mami's generally good moral tone has also been noticed, and Rune was impressed by several of the Puella Magi's actions and sentiments when fighting Qarzha. Mami's remarks to Rune hurt, but her decision to stand down when Qarzha began using defeated magical girls as hostages left a very positive impression. Runealy continues to be interested in trying to get on better terms with Mami, but takes comfort that at the very least they don't seem to be enemies at this time. Despite working together against a pair of akanbe at Tokyo Bay, they didn't say much to one another for several reasons; discussion will have to wait for a better opportunity.

Utena Tenjou: Ohtori's star athlete had the misfortune of being the first to be drained by Runealy and her companions. What started as cooperation in bringing down an Orphan near the Southern Cross Pastries bakery ended in The Princess telling them "You don't deserve this. I'm sorry!", followed by working with Rosette to strike the two of them down and take their energy. Rune later managed to explain herself and make peace with Utena. Some of Utena's remarks have made Rune curious, and sometime she hopes to learn more about what drives Utena's opinions. They also responded to an akanbe incident at Tokyo Bay together. Eri invited Rune to watch Utena play basketball recently, allowing Rune to see that Utena's frequent talk about sports isn't 'just talk'; Utena is impressively good at them! Utena accepted an invitation for Rune to buy her a bit of cake at Linden Baum afterward, which Rune views as another sign that Utena has mostly gotten over their initial conflicts. Rune has some interest in Utena in general, and is pondering whether they can become friends.

Nadeshiko Fujisaki: The second to be drained at Southern Cross Pastries, Nadeshiko helped defeat the same Orphan that Utena and the Waldians fought and was then ambushed immediately thereafter. Rune wants to meet with her soon to offer apologies and restitution, but hasn't had a chance so far. They worked together against the God Amongst Men, and Rune was able to help the naginata-wielder deal with some of his bubble-based attacks. Runealy hopes this gesture will be taken as a sign that the princess wants to sort things out. Nadeshiko also helped, albeit in a gruff way, calm the Maiden of Dreams. Rune strongly approves of this.

Sayaka Miki: Runealy likes Sayaka on the basis that Sayaka is one of Madoka's friends, but Rune doesn't specifically see herself as Sayaka's friend yet. Rune is impressed by Sayaka's recent actions; when Qarzha appeared, Sayaka offered moral support to several people. Then Sayaka protected them, and briefly fought despite how dangerous that is since Sayaka has no magical form! This strikes Runealy as reckless, but she was touched by that bravery anyway. Sayaka has confronted Rune on some of the princess' more unusual and upsetting behavior, but doesn't seem to have much lingering ill-will over it and appears to be open to reconciliation. Message received in any case; Runealy is trying to adjust her actions to fix the problem.

Anthy Himemiya: There been only brief direct contact between them, but some of Anthy's friends have spoken well of her to Rune in the past and Runealy is interested in learning a little more. One unusual link is that Anthy received a shirt bearing the likeness of the Guardian Princess as a gift; that it was drawn in Madoka's sketch style suggests Rune didn't create or send it. Rune doesn't realize it due to lack of identification, but they have worked together; Anthy accompanied Utena and the others in handling a Bad End Kingdom incident during New Year's. While unable to fully determine who that was, Rune thinks well of her.

Nori Ankou: A minor association but generally positive. Their mundane forms have admitted to having similar lacking experience with larger friendly social gatherings, while their magical forms have responded to a few monster attacks together. Recently, Rune has seen (mundane) Nori seem unhappy at parties and other events. Runealy has no context that would explain this, and is starting to worry a little about it but isn't sure if she should immediately intervene. After all, Usagi and Lucy seem to be working on helping Nori out already and it might just be best to trust them to handle it. Lately, Rune saw La Sirene du Nord fight Fate at Ohtori during a Jewel Seed incident involving a swan. She is not sure what to think of this and might attempt to ask La Sirene more about it later, since right now Rune doesn't have enough information to tell who (if anyone) was in the right. La Sirene was also seen again helping stop the Penultimate Warrior's rampage at the sumo championships, so while she's a complete mystery to Runealy... the princess generally regards her as a mysterious ally and will help her out if a situation calls for it.

Ami Mizuno: Runealy knows very little about Ami's mundane life, but does like Sailor Mercury; helping defeat Ilusia at the art exhibit, combined with Mercury caring strongly about mutual friends, has impressed the princess. They sorted out some misunderstandings over the Starfall incident at Carrot Hat, though Rune used some deep questions about motives for fighting (where do you draw the line when a wish is at stake?) that might have upset Mercury. Nonetheless, they appear to share a mutual care about Sailor Moon and Usagi Tsukino; Rune is confident this can be the basis for working with Mercury to help others. On the more mundane side of things, a chance encounter with Ami while out shopping lead to a greater understanding about video games and prompted the pair to exchange basic introductions; Ami seems nice, if perhaps shy. Mamoru has mentioned Sailor Mercury's troubles with 'Mobius', but described it such that Rune thinks the situation is delicate and she has no plans to directly intervene (out of fear that it might make things worse) unless Mercury's friends ask. Still, she's keeping an eye on this.

Makoto Kino: Met alongside Sailor Mercury, Rune isn't very familiar with her but approves of the thunder-Sailor's actions against youma and assumes well of her by virtue of being Sailor Jupiter; the Sailors in general seem to be approved of by default. Jupiter hurling energy-draining arcade cabinets around in a recent battle has only cemented Rune's favorable opinion of her. Makoto was among those Eri invited to a meal at the Linden Baum diner recently, so Rune is aware she exists but hasn't figured her out as being Sailor Jupiter. Pleased to meet a friend of a friend, Rune discovered Makoto is also somewhat into video games as many others are, including a mention of 'rhythm games'. Rune intends to learn a little more about that so she's not so lost in discussing this hobby with friends, and might ask Makoto more about it soon. Makoto was generally nice and outgoing, so Rune has a good opinion of her so far. Rune continues to work well with Jupiter, and their cooperation in stopping a Nakewameke near Mitakihara Hospital has firmly earned Sailor Jupiter respect from Runealy; the princess will gladly help her. Sailor Jupiter was also present when monsters attacked a concert, and Rune noticed that Nephrite made repeated efforts to apparently single Jupiter out. Rune is worried about this, and plans to keep an eye open should Jupiter and Nephrite be encountered at the same time again.

Rei Hino: Sailor Mars and Rune have cooperated with one another briefly in the past, though do not seem to be able to properly identify one another's mundane selves. Nonetheless, Rei (as herself, not Sailor Mars) did pledge to help the Perfume Warriors as of late and has left an invitation for assistance and advice at the Hikawa Shrine. Intrigued, Rune plans to make a visit soon. She and Sailor Mars have started to notice a tendency to respond to the same monster attacks, and while this is a curious trend it's not a bad one; the princess likes working with most Sailor Senshi even if they're largely an enigma to her. This trend continued to an akanbe incident at Tokyo Bay, and Rune plans to try speaking with Sailor Mars soon in hopes of getting to know her better. So far she hasn't had much luck on that end, though Mars has generally shown good cooperation with her despite this lack of familiarity.

Kuniko Saito: A magical chef? Unusual, but effective; a mid-battle spearmint espresso offered by this loud individual was helpful in keeping Runealy alert when a pair of akanbe attacked Tokyo Bay during winter celebrations. Kuniko also provided lemon slices that helped ward off some of the worst of the fog scent in the Bad End Kingdom. That's a clever use of mundane things, and a lesson worth learning from. Kuniko doesn't seem to have much of a 'magically disguised identity', so Rune's efforts to speak with her afterward were eventually successful. These talks offered few complete conclusions, but introduced several interesting thoughts and possibilities. The most noteworthy is that Kuniko's cooking magic seems to operate around a mix of the proper science behind cooking (Rune only understood the most basic parts of this) and the feelings behind it; a parent's love in preparing a dish, or a community's pride in their special meal, and so on? Or so Rune gathers, but her understanding has major gaps. Ultimately, Runealy doesn't mind some of the more 'loud' aspects of Kuniko's expressions and demeanor... Kuniko doesn't seem to mean any harm by it, and the princess is too busy being impressed by Kuniko's actions, methods, and intentions to really worry. While she doesn't see Kuniko as a friend yet, she has an excellent opinion of Kuniko and will offer significant help if the need ever arises.

Fred Burgermeister: Rune doesn't know his name and hasn't met him yet, but she has encountered the aftermath of some of his schemes. Conversations with Fuu and Kuniko have suggested a vague 'someone' (Kuniko only identified him in very unflattering terms) might have been connected to the sudden change in buffet offerings at the Hokkaido ski lounge, for example. The severe drop in nutrition and food quality physically upset Runealy, as she is used to far more refined fare. It's her understanding this 'someone' wants to spread cheap, awful food to the masses; this may have something to do with both excessive use of frying and grease in foods, and some food-related monsters? The princess has a lot of unknown factors due to lacking certain facts and that her grasp of cooking is embarrassingly simplistic, but she views this individual in a very poor light indeed. Should she ever get in-person confirmation of some of his goals and realize who he is, Rune is likely to see Fred as an overt enemy. For now however, she has questions that need to be answered before she would outright start fighting Fred.

Dark Precure: This twisted version of conventional magical girls is frightening and worrying. Runealy isn't sure if she's "just a monster meant to mock us" or "someone who needs help", but she very much wants to find out. If it's the former, Dark Precure can be destroyed for everyone's peace of mind. If it's the latter... that prospect makes Rune sad, and she very much wants to be able to save this warped peer in that case. Dark Precure also scares her for another reason; while not overwhelmingly, unstoppably more powerful... it's obvious that she's significantly stronger than the princess and this justifies a great deal of caution should they fight again.

Ruma Hino: Only aware of the existence of her Grace Chapel form, Rune initially disliked her because Grace attacked the princess over a 'territory dispute' and somewhat inadvertently hit upon several of Runealy's emotional wounds during it. Grace was previously viewed as an enemy, but they have since had discussions where each learned important things about one another. The resulting mix of sympathy and being genuinely impressed by how far Grace has come on her own has lead Rune to try to find better solutions for dealing with the coinslinger. Notably, the pair are trying to sort out a few rules and understandings regarding Grace's territory and Rune likes how Grace has begun mentioning a responsibility to protect people on her 'turf.' They haven't reached a full conclusion yet, but the discussions seem to be leaning toward tolerating Rune's presence so long as the princess either doesn't interfere with Grace or provides bounty compensation if she does; in return Grace could be more tolerant of Rune gathering information in the area and might even tell her a few things of interest in return for a meal every so often. They have worked together to defeat the Penultimate Warrior (a Dark Scent or someone influenced by said) recently, so Rune currently believes she can get along peacefully with Grace at this point.

JJH Class President: Also a split relation. Rune has 'protected' (needlessly) the class president from Noise attacks and thus holds her in decent regard by default, viewing the Juuban student as an innocent bystander. Conversely, she has fought Shine Preventer and was surprised by both the dark mists Shine wielded and possible clues that this foe might be rather unhappy with her current lot in life (or it may have been a severe misunderstanding of short, curt remarks during battle). Runealy thus views Shine in a mixed light, treating her as an enemy that bears further investigation to see if Shine Preventer simply needs help.

Lingshen Chao: Currently only aware of someone in a strange 'battle suit', Runealy has seen this individual help fight off monstrous arcade machines in the short-lived Dark Kingdom sponsored arcade. With little to identify her by, Rune instead only knows about their fighting abilities (which seem impressive enough) and a decent tactical mind. The princess is currently assuming the best about her, but has almost nothing to go on in knowing who she is. This mysterious individual helped again during an attack on Chofu Station by the Audiax team. Runealy gained little new information, but the enigma doesn't bother her much. Everything Rune has seen Chao do has been helpful, including rushing Audiax Silver after the youma struck Runealy down. She will thus generally help Chao from here on unless given compelling reasons not to.

Yukimi Amane: Only briefly aware of Yukimi's existence (Rune spotted her near Mitakihara Hospital at one point, but has no idea who she is), the princess instead has some history with her magical guise as Lux Lapsa. Lapsa helped in the fight against Qarzha, so this is a point in favor of the 'fallen angel.' Runealy would like to speak with her sometime to learn more. They met again during the shard incident at Mitakihara Hospital, working together to fight Nox Sola. Rune had major misgivings at first, but the revelation that Nox Sola's host(?) was operating under some kind of willing contract with demons (Rune is rather confused on the specifics about this) cleared things up quickly. The Lux Angeli seem to oppose demons in general regardless of where the demon came from, and Runealy feels she shares in this 'anti-demon duty' with them. Lapsa seemed to have some confidence issues during a recent fight with a Nakewameke near Mitakihara Hospital, but Rune nonetheless appreciates Lux Lapsa's efforts (which were quite effective). She has some lingering confusion and concerns about Lux Lapsa, but on the whole Rune sees Lapsa in a favorable light and is presuming well of her for now.

Touka Chigami: Rune does not know Touka, but has met Lux Corruere; they worked together in responding to a shard emerging near Mitakihara Hospital. Initial misgivings about Corruere were eased when she too seemed upset about Sailor Uranus' behavior, and it was revealed one of the Hell demons they fought, Nox Sola, was apparently involved in some sort of soul contract (Rune is very unclear on the details about this). Corruere was also the one to deliver the final blow to that demon. This is of some comfort to Rune, as Nox Sola had struck the princess down with chains and fire... and may well have killed Runealy if Corruere hadn't ended the battle. Minor confusion is pretty easily forgiven when weighed against potential (or even likely) life-saving, after all.

Syaoran Li: Rune has no idea who he is, but he appeared when Fuu's birthday party suddenly turned very violent and helped the Wind Knight. Alcyone could have turned her friend's birthday into a tragedy, and that this stranger helped avert it has left a very good first impression in Runealy's mind. Syaoran also helped fight the Maiden of Dreams, though Rune's perspective of his actions is incomplete and she's not sure what to think of him.

Midori Sugiura: Rune's history teacher at Ohtori is magical, and the pair discovered one another's identities while fighting a gearworks-themed, snake-like Dark Scent at a yoga studio. While they cooperated just fine during the battle, Runealy quickly shied away from Midori afterward. Midori did nothing to specifically provoke this. Rune had similar reactions when they worked together to fend off Night Song; Midori was helpful to others (including Nanoha) yet Runealy remains frightened. This primarily ties to her realizing she might be on very 'thin ice' with Ohtori's staff and student council, which had not come to mind when Rune was busy 'living in panic' during her first two months on Earth. Thus, Rune's fear of Midori is generalized and also applies to Juri, Touga, and other influential people at Ohtori.

Mikoto Minagi: Rune primarily knows her as one of Mai's friends, encountered when they together to fight a Dark Scent. While knowing very little about the swordfighter, Rune likes her by default; they have a mutual friend and helping defeat a monster unleashed by the Apothecary is a fine introduction. Mikoto was also among those who helped fend off robots attacking the school trip, and further evidence that Mikoto works closely with Mai has ensured that Rune sees her favorably. Mai has provided extremely basic introductions, but Rune hopes to properly meet Mikoto soon. They also worked together to stop the God Among Men. Mai has mentioned that Mikoto is searching for an apparently missing brother, but Rune knows no details whatsoever beyond that brief mention; it has left Rune sympathetic toward Mikoto, though. Being affected by one of Nephrite's dark seals has caused Rune to begin mocking Mikoto, which Mikoto did not seem to appreciate; at one point Mikoto started to reach for what was most likely Miroku (hidden in a large case), and once Rune more properly realizes the implications of that it's likely to frighten her. Now that the seal is gone, Rune asked Mai to put her in touch with Mikoto so Rune can apologize; Mai offered to instead relay an apology and Rune has accepted it as a compromise solution until she gets a better chance to speak with Mikoto in person.

Ichigo Momomiya: Only aware of Mew Strawberry's existence at this time, they traded some brief remarks during the fight with a snake monster at a yoga studio. This leaves Runealy with not much information to go on, but 'assisted in stopping a Dark Scent' is a good start in a relation. Helping chase off the robots who were trying to attack the school trip is also a good thing, so Rune views Strawberry favorably.

Reika Aoki: Arriving in Rune's life seemingly out of nowhere, Reika offered to tutor her prior to fall exams. This was helpful but odd, Candy occasionally interrupted this with comments while hidden in Reika's book bag. Working together with Cure Beauty near Mitakihara Hospital when a shard emerged gave them insight on their magical identities. There is a significant philosophy divide between them, and discussing it upset Rune while seemingly tripping upon a few sore spots for Reika as well. Yet Runealy has stressed that she likes and appreciates Reika; tutoring was something Rune desperately needed to just barely pass the exams, and protecting people as Cure Beauty is admirable. Cure Peace's insights on what exactly the Smile team are protecting people from has left Rune with an even better opinion of Beauty, and it's very likely that if Rune manages to resolve her disputes with Reika that she'll see this ice-wielder as a friend. Even without friendship, Runealy has an excellent opinion of her and will generally help Reika should the need arise. On a lighter note, she saw Reika bring Midori-ya food to friends recently and strongly approves of this. On the other hand, Beauty had a seemingly cold response to Rune's thanks in helping drive off a Nakewameke from the area near Mitakihara Hospital and Rune currently wonders whether Beauty thinks poorly of her. This isn't frightening (she has no reason to believe Beauty would ever hurt her), but it does gnaw at Rune's mind a bit anyway.

Yayoi Kise: Rune has little practical knowledge about Yayoi at this time. However, she has worked with Cure Peace to help rescue some fairies during the winter school trip as well as cooperating against the Bad End Kingdom during the New Year. Peace recently offered a basic explanation of the situation, so Rune now has some understanding of the Bad End Kingdom (which she dislikes since a Worst End for any world would be horrible), Marchenland (which she likes since they sound nice and have a 'sealing queen' of sorts in Royale Queen; the similarities were noticed), and the Smile Precure team. Now viewing them as vaguely like Royale's knights, Rune's already good opinion of them has significantly improved. She offered to be Cure Peace's ally in working to prevent Bad Ends, and provided money for a cell phone so they could keep in touch. The offer was broadly accepted, and Rune will gladly help Cure Peace from here on. Yayoi has been trying to organize an all-schools dance, and Rune has some interest in this since it sounds fun while also being relevant to some of the princess' hobbies. Despite knowing quite a bit about Reika, Rune's knowledge of Yayoi is very incomplete and she has no idea Yayoi has a magical identity. Rune has observed that Cure Peace tries to make clever comments during fights, but seems to come up short about half the time.

Akane Hino: Rune has little idea who Akane is, but has worked with Cure Sunny to help save optimism in the New Year when it was threatened by the Bad End Kingdom. Cure Peace has since provided some basic insight on what Cure Sunny does, and Rune thinks well of her in light of this new information. While not friends yet, Rune will generally help Sunny if opportunity or need present themselves. On the mundane side, she has seen Akane hanging around with Yayoi and Reika, so has a slightly favorable view of her by virtue of Akane's connection to Reika. She does not know Akane has a magical identity.

Candy (NPC?): Initially a mysterious voice (mistaken for an odd cell phone) speaking from Reika's book bag, Rune has been introduced to Candy by Cure Peace and finds the sheep-fairy adorable! Now that she knows what's going on, Rune is openly warm and helpful toward Candy. In turn, Candy seems to get along well enough with her and there are no obvious problems between these two. Runealy has witnessed Candy cheering on various magical girls as well as trying to help in various small ways, and likes Candy for this. (Note: This author will be keeping Candy's entry fairly broad, as this NPC seems to have multiple controllers and saddling all of them with several layers of events to remember would be unfair)

Pop (NPC?): Rune was among those recruited by Marchenland's lion-fairy to help when the Bad End Kingdom stole the Jewel of Beginnings just before New Year's. While he's cute, Rune also sees Pop as intelligent, polite (complete with liking his archaic speech mannerisms), and brave. She generally cooperated with his advice during their trek to the Bad End Kingdom, and Rune feels he lead the group quite well. Should Pop ever need help in the future, Rune trusts him and will likely be a sympathetic ear. Cure Peace has provided a little more information on what he does, and she thinks well of Pop for his duties in Marchenland. (Note: This author is unsure who controls Pop, but assumes the situation is similar to Candy's and will be keeping Pop's listing broad so as not to trouble multiple Smile Precure cast members with a long series of events to remember)

Michiru Kaioh: Only aware of Sailor Neptune's existence at this time (that is, she has no contact with Michiru), Runealy has been confused by her behavior in battles over shards. Neptune's behavior seems somewhat unlike the other Sailor Senshi that Rune has met, and Neptune's association with the seemingly ruthless Sailor Uranus now has her wary about whether Neptune can be trusted. Given how closely Neptune works with Uranus, Rune is worried that standing up to either of them will bring both of them down upon her simultaneously. That's a frightening problem; either one has a significant advantage against Runealy on their own. Both together is likely insurmountable, and then they might kill her as 'a risk.' Having cooperated with Neptune to help rescue fairies during the winter school trip complicates this, as it effectively 'humanizes' this Sailor by suggesting there are layers of nuance in her actions and motives. Neptune gave her a brief smile when they worked together to fend off a Nakewameke near Mitakihara Hospital, but Rune has no idea what to make of that on its own and thus remains afraid of her. This fear is diminishing in light of recent events, but is unlikely to completely go away any time soon.

Homura Akemi: Homura is something of a mystery to Rune, but one the princess holds in high esteem. While somewhat frightened by the Puella Magi's demeanor, Rune weighs it against having seen almost nothing but good actions from her. Homura helped Kaitou Jeanne fight Black Lynx during events near Mitakihara Hospital, as well as protecting Madoka in other situations. There are also Homura's profound efforts against the God Among Men (she noted he could have wished for anything, but they would have to ensure it amounted to nothing) and help regarding the Maiden of Dreams, plus cooperation during the New Year's incident. When Rune got to speak with her about these events and offered thanks, Homura pointed out she felt it was convenient to do so and gave some vague mention of the 'limit' Puella Magi face (not enough for Rune to gain any new insight on this, of course). When Rune persisted, Homura responded that the best way to thank her would be to listen to her advice and avoid putting innocents in danger. While Runealy has some disagreements with Homura on how best to accomplish that, this was the second time Homura specifically called out concern for innocent people and this has helped Rune overcome some of her fear toward the gun-wielding Puella Magi. Indeed, Rune agreed to try to listen and provided easier ways for Homura to get in touch should the need arise; Homura accepted this quietly but politely. A lack of 'closeness' prevents Rune from seeing Homura as a friend, but she is grateful that Homura felt helping some of Rune's friends was sufficiently 'convenient' when weighed against magical limitations and will gladly provide help if the need arises. This has also improved Rune's opinion of several other Puella Magi, and made her more patient toward them should she see one refuse to get involved... they have an important (if vaguely defined in Rune's knowledge) limit to keep in mind.

Ikuto Tsukiyomi: Unaware of Ikuto, Rune has instead seen Black Lynx during a fight near Mitakihara Hospital. They did not directly interact due to the physical distance between them, but she probably saw Black Lynx attack Kaitou Jeanne. Runealy doesn't have enough context to understand what prompted that and wants to know more before she makes any specific decision on how to react to Black Lynx, but he is currently seen in a dim light for fighting the art thief; Rune likes Jeanne. Lynx also seemed to oppose efforts to stop some winter fairies from being rescued during the winter school trip, though his actions in this regard are erratic and while this leaves her favoring interpretations that he is an enemy... it also plants further seeds of doubt that it might not be that simple. Notably, Runealy appears to be afraid of his claw. Strange given he has not specifically done much toward her with it.

Kairi Sanjou: They worked together to protect Chofu Station from the Audiax team. He voiced a dedication to giving everything one has in battle, which chafed against Rune's philosophy of results mattering more than effort. This is a minor issue at worst, since she respects his efforts in fighting off youma that struck Tokyo at a dire hour. When Audiax Silver struck Rune down, Kairi moved to protect the princess and later offered some kind words; between this and his efforts to defend innocents that day she has many good reasons to like this young samurai. Conversations during the Hokkaido trip yielded proper introductions between one another, including that Kairi is the 'Chair of Ten.' She has heard similar titles elsewhere, leading Rune to believe that he may have some association with Tadase. All of this has added up to someone that she clearly likes, and it is likely that with further encounters she will see Kairi as a friend. Rune also briefly saw Musashi during these talks. While the mini-samurai seems wary of her and hasn't provided much of an introduction, she thinks he's cute.

Hayate (Pretear): She has no idea who he is, but he accepted a few snowballs from her (which were previously provided by Mamoru) when Hayate blundered into a snowball fight during the winter school trip. While he seemed initially confused, he eventually started playing along to some extent before trying to sneak off. Hayate is thus a complete mystery to her (Rune doesn't even have his name), but he seems to be okay by her estimation.

Kaname Kurosu: First met during the winter school trip, Rune encountered her working on a snowman near the lodges. Runealy was also trying to build one, but hindered by incompetence and a lack of knowledge on how to do this. Kaname taught her a lesson in reusing one's failed attempts, salvaging some of Rune's poorly bundled snow to instead quickly add substance to more properly built snowman projects. They seem to get along fairly well, with talk of school life, the value of such winter trips, and enjoying the snow all coming up. Kaname also mentioned being interested in biology and chemistry... specifically for the purpose of opening up a medical clinic. Rune is openly approving of the idea of there being more 'healers' in Tokyo and plans to keep in touch with Kaname about this.

Black Raspberry Vanilla (NPC): This Apothecary Intern stole Rune's memory of losing her mother; regaining it and realizing what happened hurt and has left her rather afraid of Black Raspberry. They met again during a park expedition lead by the Perfume team, where Aimi and others managed to provoke the Intern into revealing a lot of things. Chief among them was a shouted insistence that Black Raspberry can succeed on her own... followed by storming off in a fit of apparent anger. Rune had some guesses about Black Raspberry's situation, but Aimi recently provided insight that suggests the truth might be even worse. With Aimi suggesting that Black Raspberry may have been extensively bullied and that the Apothecary might be modifying her memories, Runealy now sees her in a much more sympathetic light. When Aimi asked for help in reaching out to Black Raspberry Vanilla, Rune quickly agreed and will be much more careful about her words and actions. While willing to defend herself if attacked, Rune is no longer specifically interested in fighting Black Raspberry; she'd rather try to help convince this Apothecary member to become friends with the Perfume Kingdom instead. Black Raspberry attacked Kinzo's birthday party, and Rune was among those trying to talk her down; the effort didn't seem to work. Runealy is very worried that Black Raspberry Vanilla will try to do something desperate soon, based on BRV's comments on various topics during these encounters... can something be done about it?

Fate Testarossa: Fate appeared at the Midori-ya while Rune and Nanoha were sorting out their conflicts, and this seemed to alarm Nanoha far more than Rune's own prior aggression had. There were several mentions of Fate wanting Nanoha to simply not get involved, citing Nanoha's family as a concern. Runealy lacks a lot of details here, not knowing precisely why Nanoha and Fate are fighting. Yet Nanoha has repeatedly insisted Fate isn't a cruel person, and Fate's sad expressions remind Rune of her own demeanor shortly after arriving on Earth. Fate's repeated insistence on not wanting to hurt people (specifically including the Takamachi family) has won some sympathy from Rune, which has only been furthered by additional encounters as of late. It's clear to Rune that Fate is upset by the prospect of fighting people and really wants them to stay out of her way, but that whatever Fate is doing is important enough that Fate will hurt opponents if necessary. Surprisingly, while Fate refused to provide specific motives she did at least explain she's here to acquire Jewel Seeds, a form of Lost Logia She's worried Fate will hurt Nanoha soon if things don't change, but isn't sure what to do to help. Notably, Fate was willing to introduce herself to Rune but seemingly refused to hear Runealy's name in return and flew off in an apparent attempt to avoid learning it. Fate threatened her after a Jewel Seed incident at Ohtori involving an out-of-control swan, and Rune is pretty sure Fate will carry that threat out if sufficiently provoked. Runealy is reluctant to start such a fight, but is on guard for it nonetheless.

Arf: This entry is primarily a placeholder at this time; Rune may have seen her fight inside the Linden Baum during a shard appearance, but only in passing (Rune was busy with another part of the battle) and the princess has little information about her at this time... not even that Arf is conected to Fate Testarossa. Runealy is cautious toward Arf, but any further specific thoughts would require more contact between the two of them. As it is, Rune currently only has three factors in mind about Arf. They are 'I don't know her name', 'she might be an enemy', and 'I have no idea what she wants.'

Meimi Haneoka: Met during planning for a winter-themed, all-schools dance, Rune knows almost nothing about Meimi. No name, no awareness of Saint Tail existing. However, she did like that Meimi offered some concern and good insight on dance plans in regard to potential troublemakers. Thus Rune has a slightly favorable opinion of this 'unknown' individual and will be friendly to her in general; Rune plans to get her name soon if possible.

Norie Okana: Rune has seen both Norie and the self-described "Night Song, Dread Witch Princess of Nilasein", but this leaves many questions. Norie was first encountered trying to chase a cafe employee, shouting about needing a seed and maintaining Earth's balance. It turns out this has nothing to do with the seeds and witches that relate to Puella Magi; Norie was very forthcoming with information when found later at the Ohtori library. Norie and her talking broom explained they are from a 'dead world' that has some connections to Lulafein, a 'life world' while Earth is a 'balance world' that should be kept from favoring one or the other too much. Runealy is weirded out by a few things (Norie doesn't breathe, claims to actually be dead or at least not alive -- Rune is very confused on this point)... but has some sympathy for what she knows of Norie's goals so far. Rune chose to fight a 'mold monster' Norie brought to Ueno Park, and was upset when it and Norie continued to attack her self-esteem. Interestingly, the mold beast was unharmed by Rune's anti-demon magic; this suggests it either is a kind of monster immune to her abilities, or that it wasn't wholly and inherently evil. Attempts to talk things out have not gone well; early successes in buying Norie some cake at Linden Baum stand in contrast to Norie carrying out energy draining at a skating rink. When Norie and Rune proved unable to convince the other to stop and leave, they came to blows. There are too many things about Norie that Runealy doesn't understand, and she hopes to figure out more even while opposing the Witch Princess' activities.

Suzi Kato: Only aware of Suzi's magical identity, Rune has worked with her briefly in the past (fighting a youma at an art exhibit, where Suzi showed off a series of happiness-inducing flower petals and mentioned what might be a missing brother - the wording was vague) but is much more interested in her now due to a little explanation Norie offered. Rune is fairly sure magical Suzi is the 'Princess of Lulafein' that Norie spoke of, due to brief conversations that happened when Norie brought a mold beast to Ueno Park. Suzi did explain a little more about the situation, but Runealy was out of earshot for most of it and hopes to speak with her soon to fill in the numerous blanks. Runealy wants to remain neutral for the time being as she's not sure who is right in this Lulafein/Nilasein dispute, though currently if pressed to fight she's likely to take Suzi's side by virtue of Suzi not using spores, insults, and dark-themed creatures to attack Runealy emotionally as Norie has.

Endo Naoki: Runealy has only seen his magical form so far, and knows little about him. He did help contain a Jewel Seed incident at Ohtori where a swan raged around the grounds, but there appears to be slight tension between him and one or more of Nanoha, Ren, Lera, and/or the Magic Association. Rune realizes this is conjecture based on very limited information though, so she is currently assuming the best about him and keeping an eye open for anything that would prove or disprove this guess. Until she knows more, she will generally help him out if the need arises.

Hikaru Shidou: Rune has seen both of Hikaru's identities, but hasn't connected them as being the same person. Hikaru is known as a friend of Fuu so Rune holds a decent opinion of her for this reason despite little direct interaction. The Magic Knight of Fire appears to be helping Wind Knight Fuu and has responded to a few monster attacks at the same time Fuu and Runealy have, so Rune has no solid conclusions about her but is presuming the best. Thus 'both people' can expect Rune to be nice to them in general. Hikaru was among those who fought the princess youma created from Nephrite's dark seal upon Rune, but Runealy was unconscious once the monster emerged and is unaware of this.

Mei Akatsuki: Having yet to encounter Mei's mundane guise, Rune only knows about Prism Keeper Red due to working with her at Ueno Park when Norie brought a 'mold monster' there. Red's strong, outspoken opinions seemed to tend toward the idealistic and her actions fit that impression as well, so Runealy likes her so far. The princess was out of earshot when Red first explained herself to others, so Rune got in touch with her after they helped stop a Nakewameke near Mitakihara Hospital. This time, Rune got to hear the basic overview of Prism Keepers. Red and Roy the Cardinal admitted they were keeping some details secret (Roy asked Rune to be careful who she discloses his identity/nature to, for example; the princess agreed to this), but gave Rune an overview of their situation. Apparently, Prism Keepers come from a story come to life designed by Red and her friends. That's neat! Unfortunately, this also unleashed Shades; monsters that try to drain color from the world. Rune has seen what a low-color world can be like (the God Among Men's dreamscape, for example) so she is suitably worried about Shades. Red has indicated she plans to 'clean up her own mess', which Runealy strongly approves of. While not outright friends due to a lack of familiarity at this time, Rune thinks very well of Prism Keeper Red and will gladly help her should that come up.

Reiko Touyama: Rune might have seen Reiko in passing at a recent concert, but has no meaningful concept of who she is. On the other hand, she also saw Prism Keeper Orange help fight off monsters at that same concert. Runealy doesn't know much about Orange either, but 'helped stop monsters' is a very good first impression and the princess generally thinks well of her due to that.

Love Momozono: Rune has yet to meet Love, but has seen Cure Peach when they worked together in stopping a Nakewameke near Mitakihara Hospital. Peach, like most other Cures the princess has seen, seems to be outspoken, idealistic, and devoted in opposing monsters. Rune thinks well of her for this reason, and Peach's actions have given her reason to only presume the best; Runealy will gladly cooperate with Peach and help her if need arises. Peach seemed to have some particularly strong reactions to Eas, but Rune doesn't have the full context to understand why.

Ail: While only aware of his Seijuro identity through Eri speaking highly of him (meaning Runealy likes him without having even met), Rune has had significant encounters with Ail. First met as a man commanding a cardian, she became much more concerned about him when he attacked a movie theater and tried to take Madoka as a 'battery.' While somewhat frightened of his power, she's far more worried about his situation. Conversations with him have revealed that he is apparently 'Prince Ail' of a 'wandering nobility' that has been reduced to about two dozen people who reportedly need stolen energy to survive. While Rune has some major mistakes in her understanding of his culture, his situation seems to have enough similarities to her own recent 'energy crisis' that she is extremely sympathetic to Ail. Attempts to talk him into more peaceful solutions based on her own experiences didn't seem to work, and Ail pointed out notable differences between their situations that undermined advice she had otherwise assumed would perfectly apply to his problem. He mentioned speaking to her in part because he wanted someone to know his story in the event he fails to save his people... and Rune is seriously worried that he plans to go out fighting. While willing to fight him if she must, Rune sees that as a 'no win situation.' If she loses, he might seriously hurt her or use her as a 'battery.' If she defeats him, Rune suspects Ail would only become even more desperate. Finding some other solution is a top priority to Runealy. She has no idea how to actually accomplish that, but the thought of Ail failing and seeing his species die tears at her heart; she does not want that to happen.

Gordon: Encountered at a concert that was attacked by both Nephrite and Ail, Rune was surprised to meet a talking rabbit. He seems to be very outspoken against evil, claims to be a chef (how does that work? Runealy is baffled by this, but curious too), and his remarks suggest he appreciates skills that take time to develop regardless of whether it's cooking or musical talent. Rune knows very little about him, but what she has seen so far has left the princess with a good opinion of Gordon.

Organization: The Magic Association: Though the Association might have justified concerns about her due to the magic draining incident, Rune has stopped attacking their members and they now have good insight on her motives. Open combat between the princess and this group has thus come to a halt. Several members have asked her to cooperate with or even outright join the Association, both shortly before the Barrier restoration ritual was completed and after Runealy's return to Earth. Kinzo has been particularly engaged in this, explaining that it could be a good way for Runealy to help others. While he didn't fully convince the princess and she has some serious concerns to address, Rune has indicated she is genuinely willing to hear the Association out. If they truly want Rune and can come to terms on a few things that worry her, there is a realistic chance she will join.

Organization: The Tuner Organization: While it's likely the Tuners might have lingering suspicion over her earlier actions, actual fighting between Runealy and this group has stopped. She is currently content to leave them alone and hopes they will do likewise. She's willing to cooperate with them on a case-by-case basis though. The behavior of individual members and the group as a whole as of late have puzzled Rune, and she's worried that conflict with the Tuners (or members thereof, if not the entire group) might happen again in the near future.


Those Runealy will go out of her way to oppose, or else is extremely afraid of (or both at the same time). Being listed here means Rune actively views this entity in a very bad light.

Pisard: Encountered in the same construction yard incident that Cure Black and White were met, she was upset when he demanded the Prism Stones in return for sparing the lives of construction workers. While unsure at the time what exactly Prism Stones were, the tactic nonetheless disgusted her and Runealy responded by attacking him. She will gladly help others fight someone who takes hostages!

Alcyone: Apparently an ice mage in Zagato's employ, she attacked Fuu's 15th birthday party. Freezing several guests inside ice pillars, Alcyone threatened to kill them one by one. This would have been horrible enough on its own, but one of the potential victims was Rose! Hurt over both the thought that Fuu might have suffered on such a deep level on a special day, and that Rose might have been killed... Rune will go out of her way to deal with Alcyone if Fuu's attack hasn't truly destroyed her. (Note: This entry is primarily based off instances where Alcyone was run as a NPC)

Zagato: These two have no direct contact; what little Rune knows about Zagato is thanks to Fuu telling her about this foe. Alcyone also name-dropped Zagato when attacking Fuu's birthday party, so Zagato was most likely behind all that. The princess is thus very hostile to Zagato just on that basis alone.

Rue: Runealy has no contact with Rue at this time, but was nearby when Princess Kraehe arrived to threaten and insult those gathered near Mitakihara Hospital as a shard emerged. Many of Kraehe's remarks seemed to make no sense to Rune, including talking down on 'humans.' Kraehe appears to have excellent agility and command ravens in battle, which is an unusual mix. They did not directly interact much, so Runealy has only a vague estimate of how much danger this stranger poses. What little she knows is enough to suggest Kraehe is at least an above-average threat (and might be seen as even more that after any future encounters), so Rune is treating her with justified caution.

Haruka Tenoh: Unaware of Haruka's existence, Rune is instead angry with and frightened of Sailor Uranus. They seem to agree on the value of being prepared to fight, but Rune views Uranus as taking this to a heartless extreme. Uranus killed Hiroshi Shinda (NPC) when he was possessed by a demon of hell near Mitakihara Hospital, then provided remarks implying that holding back in order to separate demon from host was not worth the risk. During events on the winter school trip, Uranus referred to the fallen Mercury as merely 'a corpse' and called the recently surrendered Maiden of Dreams a risk to leave alive. This was followed by Uranus trying to kill her. Horrified by this consistent behavior, this apparent willingness to deny second chances, Rune demanded Uranus stop weighing lives solely as 'risk versus reward' factors. Uranus flatly refused. Runealy is convinced she'll come to blows with Uranus soon due to these moral disagreements, but the prospect scares her for two reasons. One, she believes Uranus probably would have killed her as 'a risk' when Rune was draining magic from others. Two, she believes Uranus will try to do so presently if provoked and is pretty sure Uranus has a significant advantage if they fight; Uranus could very well make good on this presumed intent.

Eas: Rune has yet to meet Eas' mundane identity of Setsuna Higashi, but has encountered Eas herself near Mitakihara Hospital. Eas claimed responsibility for a medical-themed Nakewameke rampaging there, boasting about a variety of things that Runealy doesn't understand yet: What is 'Labrynth'? What are Nakewameke (besides 'monsters', she has no idea)? Who is 'Mobius-sama' and why is Eas their servant? That is a lot of questions with few answers as of yet, but Rune has plenty of reason to presume the worst of her. Unleashing a monster near a hospital (where 'healers' work) seems pretty vile, and Eas also mentioned wanting 'Sorrow Energy' for a 'Misery Gauge'; apparently Eas and/or Mobius want a society without hope? Eas offered to let Rune leave, but the princess declined; she hated the idea of abandoning friends to that kind of situation. While this may have earned Runealy a new enemy, she doesn't feel right about leaving others to deal with this alone... thus, Rune is likely to end up fighting Eas and/or her minions again soon.

Trio the Minor: These three singers deeply confuse Runealy and worry her. They look human enough, but their singing hurts both physically and mentally. It even spreads ruin across nearby terrain! Rune lamented that their talents were being used this way, and they confirmed they like spreading sadness with their songs, that this is 'the entire point' of it. Between this and the apparently corruptive effects of their vocals, Rune made a guess and tested anti-demon magic on them... which worked! Are they possessed by dark forces? Do they merely look human but have another form? Are they humans who are that deeply gripped by evil, that they transcend norms and effectively 'count as demons' to her family's magic? Is there some other explanation? Some of these prospects are frightening to consider, because it means that someone 'looking evil' or 'looking good' is not a guarantee of whether her sealing magic will work. (Note: The info in this entry is primarily based on an occasion where the Trio were run as NPC.)

Nephrite: Despite being a very new figure in her life, Nephrite has already made a huge impact on it. His Masato Sanjouin alias was once used to place Rune and her book (a collection of letters from Rune's mother) under a dark seal, but Runealy's memories of that are fragmented to the point where she has no useful knowledge of who 'Masato' is. The seal drove her to obsess over acquiring the 'power to become a proper queen', lashing out at friends with a mix of jealousy, fear, and anger during that time. Once it drained enough energy from Rune, it created a monster from her! Several friends fought it off and helped her cope with the aftermath, but it has left Rune both afraid of and angry toward Nephrite. She encountered Nephrite again at a concert, where he unleashed another monster created through that 'seal draining' method. Nephrite's actions during that have frightened her even more; he attacked his own monster for defensive actions during the battle, demanded it kill everyone but leave Sailor Jupiter 'nominally alive' (or similar words), and he even tried to abduct Jupiter afterward. Mamoru has told Rune a little more about Nephrite and the Dark Kingdom; they're still a vague concept to her, but one she is very worried about.

Organization: Dark Fall: These are the same kind of people who killed her mother, dominated by unambiguous monsters who hurt people. The similarities are too strong to ignore, and she will eagerly pick fights with Dark Fall if given the chance. Runealy might not be able to get revenge this way since they're not the actual killers, but if she can stop them from inflicting that kind of pain on someone else then she'll gladly do so.

The Apothecary and Dark Scents (from Perfume Splash!): Her moral disagreements with them would be enough to cause fights anyway, but they've made this even more personal by successfully stealing the memory of her mother's murder. While it was regained in short order, the princess was upset by having 'forgotten' something so important and hurt by having to 'relive' the incident in near-perfect detail. The presence of Apothecary members or the beasts they create thus draw her attention very quickly. On top of this, Rune has made a specific promise to the Perfume Warriors to help fight this group. She also believes there may be about a 50-50 chance they are either cruel or too demanding upon some of their agents, as suggested by Black Raspberry Vanilla's emotional responses during recent encounters. Kinzo has given Rune a little more information on how they extract energy, which has made Rune both more frightened of the Apothecary and even more willing to oppose them.

Qarzha (NPC): Seemingly a demon from Waldia, Rune is frightened of and confused by this individual bearing dark armor and flames. Being powerful enough to deflect the princess' demon-sealing magic would be bad enough on its own, but Qarzha began lecturing her on a variety of grievances that make only the tiniest bit of sense to Runealy and left her scrambling for answers. Losing a shard to Qarzha and seeing others seem to be swayed by her foe's words left the princess crushed. Why did her family's anti-demon magic not succeed against this foe? Why is this monster talking about burnt homes while calling Runealy a stupid and incompetent ruler? Eri and Rosette have suggested a terrifying possibility: Qarzha might not be a typical demon. Their evidence for this is the scope of Qarzha's feelings, reactions to certain topics that came up during the battle, and references to things that a demon should view in a notably different perspective. Their reasoning is sound, but it forces Rune to struggle with a question: Is she going to have to investigate the feelings of a demon, of the kind of monster that killed her mother, to truly understand the threat they face? If her friends are even even slightly correct, the answer is an uncomfortable 'yes.'

(Note: Despite being from the same theme, Runealy's player doesn't control Qarzha and is not this NPC's primary designer. Anyone needing better info on this NPC might be better off contacting staff. Some of the information above probably has errors, as it's based on Rune's knowledge which has serious gaps.)

Magical Abilities

Barriers: Runealy is able to create a variety of forcefields. Most of them serve as simple energy domes to deflect attacks, but she has learned some more creative uses such as 'detonating' her barriers to simultaneously defend herself and strike at an enemy.

Energy Blasts: She carries a pair of wands, each capable of projecting magical energy for attack. These attacks take various forms, but the most common one is when her main wand is used to fire orbs of magic energy about the size of a basketball. They explode into sparkly mists on contact, so Rune uses the wand as basically a 'magical bazooka.' Smaller generic beams and similarly generic 'bludgeons' can also be done, but are basic 'filler' attacks and not particularly special, noteworthy, or impressive.

Holy Sealing: Heir to a bloodline whose primary duty is to seal or destroy demons, Rune's most dramatic means of doing this is her Wardlight Epilogue technique. Targets are trapped within an energy dome, as holy light begins to flood it. This power refuses to harm those who don't embody fundamental evil, proving unusually useless against Witches and similar threats. This same aspect makes it harmless to innocent bystanders however, and for this reason Runealy is very fond of it.

Jumping: The wings on Rune's boots may be infused with magic to 'boost' her around, akin to a jetpack with very limited duration per use. She has some ability to redirect her movement in the air this way, but cannot fly; her jumps have a maximum height and she has to fall at a fairly steady rate after reaching it. The most common use for this ability is to 'anime leap', which she often uses to dodge attacks. This can slow falling, but not outright stop it.

Healing: Runealy has been putting in significant training to improve her magical healing, inspired by recent events in her life. While no equal to dedicated specialists, the princess is on her way to being decent at it. The most notable example of this is the Comfort Ward, a barrier that wraps around its recipient like a warm blanket and tends to them. Once its healing effects are over, it turns into a few small 'shields' of energy that float around and serve as disposable protection without interfering with the beneficiary's movement.

Non-Magical Abilities

Wealthy: Like many Ohtori students, Runealy has a lot of money and is not afraid to throw it around. She's willing to do extravagant things and try to help friends, but there are significant limits since she has to maintain some kind of budget while so far from home.

Former Abilities

Magical Supplement Crystal: A sinister-looking black crystal with purple mist swirling around it, anyone who pressed it to their neck felt magical power coursing through them. The process was painful, and accompanied by a rush of aggressive feelings. The crystals were effective for short bursts of power, but Runealy quickly discovered why these relics from her nation's history were forbidden; they are essentially 'magical poison.' When people began to realize this, Lucy Iwai and Rosette Claville destroyed her remaining crystals and Fuu Hououji began treating Rune. Their efforts saved her life, and the princess has since recovered. Rune's stockpile of them is completely gone, and to the best of her knowledge no more exist (though her frame of reference is limited, beginning and ending at 'I checked the castle vault, they're gone').