Meimi Haneoka

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Meimi Haneoka
Left: Saint Tail - Right: Meimi
Name Meimi Haneoka
AKA Saint Tail
Cast Kaitou Saint Tail
Gender Female
Age 15
School Ohtori Academy
Grade 8
Eyes Blue
Hair Orange
"Lord, please forgive me, for I am without tricks or deception. One! Two! Three!"
By day, Meimi Haneoka is an ordinary middle school student. But by night, she prowls the rooftops as the mysterious super-thief, Saint Tail! Saint Tail is a famous female thief, but very few people have actually seen her, just know of her works and deeds. They don't realize that she has magical powers, which she gets from her prayers to the Lord. She is on a mission from God: to steal items that have been stolen unjustly, and return them to the people to whom they should rightfully belong. But she also has to work hard to evade those detectives who want to arrest her... including the very clever Asuka Jr. He seems to have an interest in her that's beyond just work related, and fooling him is so much fun!
Blood Type: A
Astrological Sign: Libra
Birthday: September 29
Favorite Food: Cake and Ice Cream
Favorite Subject: Phys Ed
What's in your heart?
Daiki Asuka Jr. - "Pft. He thinks he's so smart, but he's never going to catch Saint Tail. Though he's at least my biggest challenge so far."
Sei Itazura - "It seems like it's tough for her to make close friends."
Madoka Kaname - "Really friendly and willing to help out! It seems like everyone knows her."
Tomomi Shizuka - "Hm, she's a good teacher, but I'm not sure I really agree with her taste in art."
Kaitou Jeanne - "A pale imitation! ... She did say something about a mission from God, though. Maybe I should learn more."
Logs and cutscenes
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