Nanoha Takamachi

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Nanoha Takamachi
Full Name Nanoha Takamachi
AKA White Mage
Gender Female
Age 10
Birthday March 15th, 2005
School Infinity Institute
Grade 5th
Eyes Blue
Hair Color Brown
Favorite Color Pink
Favorite Food Baked Goods
OOC Information
Source: Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha
Chartype: FC
Player: OPEN
Intelligent Device - Raising Heart
"Even in a storm, I will believe in the bonds of the heart."
Nanoha Takamachi seemed like she was destined to be an ordinary girl from a good family and who had great friends. However, when she awakened to her power with the help of a familiar named Yuuno, her life was drastically changed. Since her awakening she has grown and matured pretty quickly. When things are bad, Nanoha is someone you can count on to be there. She tries to be friends with everyone and will get along with anyone who gives her the chance. She feels pretty strongly that it is her mission and destiny is to keep her friends, family and city safe from danger.
Current Events
  • Book of Darkness - After coming back from overseas, Nanoha was met with the news of a new threat. Although her communications with Fate had kept her somewhat in the loop, the reality of what had been going on was worse than she thought. After Raising Heart was upgraded, she learned more about the Book of Darkness and why magical girls were being drained of their energy. Although the Wolkenritter were quiet after she got back, there recently was an event that led to them converging on her parents bakery, presumably with Hotaru Tomoe in their sights for the next draining. Nanoha and others were able to stop them but not before she was drained herself. There is a growing concern that the book may almost be completed. Something that some of them now realize is going to be very bad if it is allowed to happen.
  • Chevaliers - Fate's involvement with this group led Nanoha to become very interested in their group. However, the first meeting she was able to attend didn't go well and with a traitor among the group, the outer senshi showed up and forced them into combat. It was because of this that her interest grew and with the help of connected friends she was able to speak to one of the leaders of the group and ended up eventually joining, feeling like their ideals were similar and that she could be of help to them.

Fate Testarossa - It's hard for Nanoha to think about the time before she knew Fate. She was the first mage that Nanoha ever met and whether by fate or chance, they seemed destined to be on opposite sides. Deep down though, she knew that there was more to Fate than just her magic. There was a reason that her eyes were so sad and she spoke so little in the beginning. After the Garden of Time incident, Nanoha learned the whole truth about Fate and the life she had been living and she made a promise to herself that she would never leave her alone again. That was some time ago and now they are best friends and fighting on the same side. Nanoha feels protective of Fate and determined to see that she always has a reason to smile even when things are hard.

Endo Naoki - A strong fighter, Endo has proven himself to be highly skilled but he is also just a nice person to be around. Nanoha views him as a big brother figure and enjoys spending time with him, on and off the battlefield.

Mami Tomoe - Mami is a newer acquaintance of Nanoha's. She is part of the leadership team of the Chevaliers and ultimately was the one that provided information that helped her make the decision to join. From what she knows so far, she admires her ideals and hopes that they will make a good team.

Steven Universe - It's really hard not to like the kid with the big, pink adorable Lion. He has been super friendly with Nanoha and now that they know of each others magical identities they have even more in common. It's still a budding friendship but Nanoha feels like it will be a good one. She also loves that he liked ferret Yuuno so much.

Sucy Manbavaran - Nanoha ran into Sucy a few times before she learned of her magical prowess. She is pretty awestruck by the girls powers because they are so different from her own and she can make awesome stuff happen. Although they are not close yet, the younger student hopes to be able to get to know her better which probably won't be too hard since they go to the same school and have some of the same friends.

Madoka Kaname - Madoka is another girl she met and later found out she was magical. She has shown Nanoha a great deal of kindness and caring in the past and they have helped each other out in combat a number of times. While they are not close, Nanoha considers her to be a friend.

Fuu Hououji - Fuu is an amazing partner in combat and generally a sweet girl who Nanoha feels she owes a great debt to after she willingly put herself in harms way to shield her in the Garden of Time. She enjoys being around the older Infinity student and hopes that one day she can find a way to truly repay her for what she did for her.

Lera Camry - A fellow Tuner and Chevalier ally, Lera has been invaluable in many ways but in general Nanoha likes her and looks up to her as an older student. One of the things she likes most is that, despite the age difference, she doesn't talk down to Nanoha or make her feel inferior and they seem to have a mutual respect for each other.

Ren Aizawa - Endo's girlfriend and fellow mage. She has been there when Nanoha and others needed her most. While they are not close, she admires and respects her.


Sayaka Miki - A relatively new acquaintance and co-leader of the Chevaliers, Nanoha's first incident with Sayaka wasn't so great and not because of anything either one of them did. However, later thanks to Mami, she learned more about Sayaka and the Chevaliers. She hopes to get to see Sayaka more soon!

Hotaru Tomoe - There are so many mixed feelings about Hotaru in Nanoha's mind. It seems like every time they interact lately, things get very weird. Despite this however, Nanoha was desperately trying to protect her from the Wolkenritter and from getting drained while she was having a seizure. She has no idea if Hotaru even knew she was there or what happened but she hopes to find out.

Eri Shimanouchi - While Nanoha and Eri used to talk more and have fought together in the past, their relationship has changed. After she found a kitten and Eri helped her, it had been awhile since they saw each other. However, she unexpectedly ran across Eri and Pluto recently and the meeting didn't go well. Nanoha now realizes that they are fighting for opposite sides and even though a lot of their reasons are the same, they have different beliefs in how to get there. While she doesn't, and can't, consider Eri an enemy, Nanoha believes unfortunately that they will end up having to fight each other to protect what is most valuable to them.

Garnet - A very tall woman of few words, Nanoha mainly knows her because of her relationship with Steven for now.

Setsuna Meioh - Setsuna and others went on a very fun helicopter ride but strangely enough Nanoha knows very little about her right now.

Vita - Even though they are roughly the same age, she thinks that Vita is adorable. Although it kind of bothers her that Vita cannot say her name right... at all. She doesn't really know a lot about the girl aside from their random social encounters. She definitely doesn't know that she was the one responsible for draining her or her role with the Wolkenritter.

Bad People

Sailor Pluto - As Sailor Pluto, Nanoha was forced into combat with the outer senshi after Kozue betrayed the Chevaliers. While it was a rough fight, Pluto eventually retreated and Nanoha had to figure out what exactly had happened later from others. Most recently, she ran into Pluto and Eri and ended up finding out a little more about the Outer Senshi, including knowing that she was another person who believed that Hotaru Tomoe needed to be destroyed to save the world.

Precia Testarossa - It's hard to put into words how Nanoha feels about her. She made Fate suffer so much and that is completely unforgivable to Nanoha.

Wolkenritter - They are the ones responsible for draining magical girls and that is completely unacceptable to Nanoha. She knows of their reasons but also that should their goal be fulfilled, it can end up very badly for a lot of people.

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