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Name Mamoru Chiba
AKA Tuxedo Mask, Tuxedo Kamen, Prince Endymion
Cast Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
Gender Male
Age/Birthday 17 (August 3rd)
Sign Leo
School Ohtori Academy (Grade 11)
Eyes/Hair Blue/Black
Blood Type A
Favorite Food Chocolate
Least Favorite Food None
Favorite Subject Physics
Least Favorite Subject None
Dislikes Needles
On-Grid Kisses 4
Tuxedo Kamen
I don't always fight evil, but when I do, it's by moonlight.

Mamoru Chiba's a wealthy orphan with no recollection of his life before his parents' death when he was six, a well-respected and incredibly intelligent guy, and an accomplished and well-rounded student at Ohtori Academy's high school. He ~moonlights~ as the mysterious Tuxedo Kamen to aid the Sailor Senshi with encouragement, guidance, and his own fighting skills. He can frequently be found reading in parks or standing in busy places like a rock in a stream, but at the end of the day, he has a mission. A beautiful princess in his dreams has told him to find the Silver Crystal: if he does, it will gain him his memories and give him the answers he seeks to the burning questions of his unquiet life.

Usagi Tsukino: She does her job with her whole heart, and she feels things so deeply, and is filled with such indignant fury at injustices that she makes Mamoru believe that there might be someone else out there who thinks like he does. He will, and does, drop everything to help her if she's in trouble; she mystifies and intrigues him, and tugs at his heart in ways he can't begin to explain. He also can not, for the life of him, stop trolling her, and her indecisiveness drives him up the wall. (Knows his secret identity.)
Mami Tomoe: Most polite and stylish magical girl that Mamoru knows. Both ass-kicking and charming, she shares his desire to protect Usagi; he cannot fault anyone for wanting to do that. She makes amazingly delicious cake and doesn't lose her temper at Nanami. Nevertheless, she is also amazingly fun to tease. (Technically knows his secret identity.)
Asagao Uekawa: Cannot keep a secret to save her life, omg. Tuxedo Kamen made friends with Sailor Vega only after first making her cry, after which he kind of panicked and apologised a lot and bought her ice cream. (Knows his secret identity.)
Eri Shimanouchi: The impressions Mamoru gets from Eri are that she's sort of inherently kind of sorrowful, very giving, very protectively opinionated, and inclusive. He also now knows she's very afraid, and harbors great guilt. She is one of his best friends, and will not hesitate to kick him in the conscience if she thinks he needs it. (Knows his secret identity.)
Ami Mizuno: Study group buddy and Senshi of Wisdom, Mamoru feels nothing but affection and respect toward Sailor Mercury-- she hasn't even glared daggers at Tuxedo Kamen over the Princess and the Silver Crystal yet, and her dedication to her studies in spite of her fighting evil by moonlight is something he admires greatly. GONE EVIL, BACK AFTER LABOR DAY
Anthy Himemiya: Not the princess, but, she does need help, and if he can get her that help, then he will. (Knows his secret identity AND his secret-secret identity that not even he knows.)
Takeo Akamizu: Can't stop being Captain Kirk for five minutes, but takes failure very gracefully. At the very least, Takeo seems to be determined to be Mamoru's rival, and that's really funny.
Hayate: The Leafe Knight of Wind -- the horrors he has to fight are deeply rooted in wrongness, and as brusque as the man might be, he's dedicated and good at his job, and has earned Tuxedo Kamen's respect... at least, in fighting ability and dedication. Mamoru isn't impressed by some of the guy's strategic decisions.
Mai Tokiha: One of Mamoru's best friends, she knows way more about him than he'd normally be comfortable with, except that he also knows things about her that she keeps close. Much to her chagrin, he frequently goes to her for advice; she almost never fails to sass him and keep him on his toes. Sometimes there's almost something else there. (Knows his secret identity.)
True Feelings: The knives may be sheathed, but THE PAIN LINGERS ON. She's Sailor Moon's friend, but she's a very very broken person, and Mamoru knows this all too well-- neither of them knows the other's secret identity, thank God.
Sailor V: Keeping to herself-- but out of care rather than uncaring. Mamoru disagrees with her, but respects her reasoning and her decision. THE PRINCESS?!?! Well... uh...
Mio Kuroki: Usagi likes her. Usagi calls her Mio-chan. Usagi thought he was dating Mio. Frankly, Mio gives Mamoru the screaming mimis, because there's always at least two layers of unspoken meaning under everything she says to him, and none of it feels like it's very comfortable meaning. Also she tries to be sexy at him and that's not something that tends to go over well. (And now, THANKS VEGA, she also knows his secret identity.) UPDATE: Not so bad! Good director!
Zoisite: In another life, this boy was one of his protectors, advisors, and brothers. In this life, Zoisite hates both Mamoru Chiba's guts AND Tuxedo Kamen's, and Mamoru is confused and dismayed by the reactions they have to each other: Zoisite is clearly a bad guy, and extremely petty and vindictive, but he awakens feelings of loss and grief and familiarity in Mamoru instead of just pissing him off. IT'S COMPLICATED. Mamoru being willing to believe that Zoisite might need help getting out of the Dark Kingdom pretty much has Luna ready to feed him to a woodchipper.
Japanese Cherry Blossom: Willing to help Tuxedo Kamen with his missing memories as much as she can-- after him just asking. The kindness of strangers occasionally blows Mamoru away.
Princess Runealy: Way nicer to Mamoru than he feels he deserves. Another one of Usagi's multitude of friends, but in her case, she really means it. They've, since Rune had trouble with getting possessed by one of Nephrite's Dark Seals and Mamoru tried to talk her down, gradually become closer; they have a little information exchange going on in the background, as well.
Makoto Kino: Mamoru's always liked the Senshi of Courage, even if in the past, he's occasionally felt somewhat redundant with her around. Now that he's actually gone to her for help and opened up to her some, and she's taken him in and they've had each other's backs regarding the Shitennou and Dark Mercury, he feels less alone.
Nephrite: OMG THAT GUY. While Mamoru thinks Masato Sanjouin is kind of a pompous ass and a little shady but otherwise harmless, he is ONE HUNDRED PERCENT PISSED OFF at Nephrite and will enable Sailor Jupiter caving his face in in every possible way he can think of.
Also to varying levels: Kuniko Saito, Ikiko Hisakata, Dark Amber, Lucy Iwai, Nori Ankou, Lingshen Chao, Homura Akemi, Sailor Neptune, Sailor Uranus, Fuu Hououji, Ruma Hino, Jadeite, Sailor Mars, Nanoha Takamachi, Ren Aizawa, Kyouko Sakura, Ikuto Tsukiyomi,

Mason Williams - Classical Gas
BSSM OST - Tuxedo Mask Theme
Muse - Knights of Cydonia
Los Fabulosos Cadillacs - Matador
Yoko Kanno - Tank!
The Super Moonies - Tuxedo Mask im kaltem Eis und Schnee
Doris Day - Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps
JadziaTrax - Nothing in Kamen



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