Sakura Akagi

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Sakura Akagi
Japanese Cherry Blossom!
"Henshin! Cherry Blossom! Splash!"
Sakura Akagi is an ordinary young girl from an ordinary Japanese family. She is shy and introverted, and likes traditional Japanese cooking and doing watercolors and calligraphy. Her friends at school would describe her as polite but sort of forgettable, a girl who always sits in the back of class and is too quiet to raise her hand. But she has been forced to become a leader... discovering that she is the reincarnated soul of the Cherry Blossom Perfume Sorceress, one of the strongest magical warriors of the lost Perfume Kingdom. Her Cherry Blossom Body Splash reawakens her ancient powers, giving her strong magical abilities. With them she must gather the lost warriors and magicians of the Perfume Kingdom, and stop the villainous Apothecary from using those same magics to conquer the world.
Name Sakura Akagi
AKA Japanese Cherry Blossom
Cast Perfume Splash!
Gender Female
Age 14
School Juuban Public School
Grade 8
Eyes Brown
Hair Black (normal)/Pink (henshin)
Blood Type: A
Astrological Sign: Taurus
Birthday: April 30
Favorite Food: Yakisoba
Disliked Food: Spicy Curry
Favorite Subject: History
Disliked Subject: Phys Ed
Most Like TV Trope: Yamato Nadeshiko
What's in your heart?
Madobe Kuroi - "It's so great to see Little Sis coming out of her shell. She's suddenly so determined!"
Aimi Saionji - "If I'm ever feeling down, I know I can count on her! And she brings the best sweets..."
Erika Inagawa - "She is so confident. Sometimes I wish I could be sporty like that... but it's good to have someone else around who is strong."
Hisae Misumi - "She's so elegant and mature. I hope she doesn't think I'm kind of a... well..."
Dark Amber - "All I remember right now are bad things, so it's a little scary. But fighting side by side, he doesn't seem all bad."
Tokiko Amagawa - "She's super friendly and really well informed about what's going on. I'm glad there's other Magical Girls out there who are so welcoming."
Yoshirou Kurotsu - "I want to learn more about magic, too! ... I think he has a thing for Tokiko, but I shouldn't say anything..."
Sailor Moon: - "I think she might be new at this too. But she's pretty awesome! Maybe we could become friends..."
Sailor V: - "Madobe-chan seems kind of infatuated with her. I'm not sure though. Is she just in this for fame and fortune?"
Rei Fushigiyo: - "I don't really understand that stuff she's into... but she's really got guts and I admire that!"
Hotaka Domen: - "I feel really bad for him. I realize that he turns into a monster, and... I don't think it's his fault. But I'm afraid I'm too weak to fight that beast..."
Eri Shimanouchi: - "A true friend and powerful fighter. It's good to share a love of plants with someone, too."
Fuu Hououji: - "It's great to have someone so willing to help out. I think she likes the same video games as Madobe-chan..."
Lucy Iwai: - "Lucy seems really brave and nice, but I'm having a hard time really getting used to ...dinosaurs?"
Runealy Waldia: - "I thought her behavior was really confusing. But sometimes you just have to take a chance on someone. I believe she can do what is right."
Logs and cutscenes
(Note, "Episode" Numbering structure is just for player's amusement and is not intended to slight other character themes.)
Perfume Splash! Episode 1: Sweet Pea Transforms! My Big Sis is a Superhero?
Perfume Splash! Episode 2: Battle in the Arcade! What Is Our Secret Past Together?
9-28-2013 - Star Lion Attacks!
Perfume Splash! Episode 3: Vanilla and Sunshine! My Best Friends Are Here!
Perfume Splash! Episode 4: Does This Mean We're Monster Hunters Now? Let's Do Our Best!
Perfume Splash! Episode 5: With All Our Hearts... We Can Save The World! Fragrance Fusion! - Log 10-13-2013 Known Enemy 1 and 10-14-2013 Known Enemy 2 - Heart of Fusion
Perfume Splash! Episode 6: With Mysterious Friends and Foes... Is School So Important?
Perfume Splash! Episode 7: or: Love X Hate: The Demon in My School: 11-3-2013_-_Weekend_Park_Time / 11-5-2013_-_Can_We_Be_Friends? / 11-10-2013_-_Love_X_Hate
Perfume Splash! Episode 8: Memory Thief Dark Amber - Battle Against an Old Foe!
Perfume Splash! Episode 9: Red Carnation - That's No Zaku! Defeat the Armored Otaku!
Perfume Splash! Episode 10: Yellow Daisy - Do the Locomotion - The Highway Chase!