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IC Information
Full Name: Gordon
Aliases: Chef Gordon
Gender: Male
Age/Birthdate: 34 (November 8, 1979)
Height: 1'1" / 33 cm
Hair Colour: Grey and White
Eye Colour: Brown
Astrological Sign: Scorpio
Favorite Food: Steak Tartare
Least Favorite Food: Chicken Nuggets
Favorite Subject: Cooking
Least Favorite Subject: Government
Organization: Magic Association
Position: Cooking Instructor
School: Infinity Institute (Teacher)
OOC Information
Source: Cooking With Mascot (OC)
Player: Texside

Gordon is an instructor at Infinity Institute, where he teaches culinary courses at all levels. He is also the faculty assistant/overseer for the cooking club. He is, notably, a rabbit.


"Of course a rabbit can bloody cook! Have you seen my souffle? It never collapses! Can you say the same about yours?"


Gordon is one of the most feared cooking teachers at Infinity Academy; a veteran of the kitchens, who was once head chef at his own restaurant, Gordon is known for being a merciless critic who expects his students to be hard workers. He is a master chef of the Blue Ribbon Society, an elite order of culinary mages. His students have learned that under that hardened exterior, though, is a dedicated and caring teacher that wants to communicate his love of good food and good service. While he teaches, he is also searching for and developing the talents of future members of the elite Creme de la Creme, magically gifted cooks of great power. The only weird thing about this master chef is that he is a talking rabbit, one of the Blue Ribbon Society's famed mascots.