Maron Kusakabe

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Maron Kusakabe
Maron (top) & Jeanne (bottom)
IC Information
Full Name: Maron Kusakabe
Secret Alias: Kaitou Jeanne
Gender: Female
Age/Birthdate: 17 (May 30, 1997)
Height: 5'1"
Hair Colour: Brown (Blonde as Jeanne)
Eye Colour: Brown (Purple as Jeanne)
Astrological Sign: Gemini
Blood Type: A
Favorite Food: Pasta au Gratin
Favorite Dessert: Tiramisu
Favorite Subject: Phys Ed
Reputation: Cheerful Queen of Tardiness

(and secretly, Infamous Art Thief)

Organization: Unaffiliated
Position: Gymnastics Prodigy
School: Juuban Public School (Grade 11)
OOC Information
Voice Actress: Houko Kuwashima
Source: Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne
Player: Fureasei


"Strong and serious, matchless and marvelous, energetic and courageous!"


To most who know her, Maron is a cheerful ball of energy, a champion gymnast who doesn't appear to have a care in the world. But beneath that facade lies an incredibly lonely, insecure girl, barely able to hang on to the hope that one day her parents, who left her at a very young age, will come back for her. Though she has issues with confiding in others and has her bouts of child-like immaturity, she nonetheless faces life's responsibilities with an eternal smile. Which in her case includes a double life as the phantom thief magical girl Kaitou Jeanne, infamous for stealing works of art all over Tokyo. While she is actually a reincarnated soul blessed by God, guided by an angel-in-training by the name of Finn Fish, and her 'thefts' are in fact the result of sealing demons that were possessing the artworks, try explaining that to the police...

Common Knowledge

  • Maron's been enrolled at Juuban since the earliest possible age, taking an interest in the rhythmic gymnastics club almost immediately. Now she is one of its top talents, and an athlete to be reckoned with in inter-school competitions.
  • A well-known tardy queen who takes school rules more like school suggestions, Maron is often late or barely in time to class. At least her grades aren't awful, if not exactly great either.
  • Though generally friendly and cheerful in casual conversation, Maron has few friends, and declines invitations to social activities with such regularity that many of her schoolmates have stopped bothering to even try asking.
  • There are many rumors surrounding Maron's private life, given that few see much of her beyond school-related activities, and no one has seen her in company of either of her parents in many years. It's commonly believed that she buries herself in part-time jobs just to be away from some kind of awful home situation, hence why she doesn't have time for anything else. Not that anybody's ever actually seen her working a part-time job.
  • Everybody who watches the local news with any regularity has probably heard of the infamous art thief Kaitou Jeanne, regularly reported to have evaded capture by the Tokyo police and gotten away with her prize despite always giving advance notice of her heists. ...not that most people would think that's got anything to do with Maron, why would they?

Powers & Abilities

Holy Blessing: Maron is literally blessed by the holiest of holy forces, granting her a strangely high magical resistance for a human, as well as shielding her heart from most common means of possession by dark forces. As Jeanne, this enables her to seal demons without the risk of becoming possessed herself. Though most of her abilities currently do not make very active use of this, it's always there, and the fact that There's Something About Maron may be freely detected by those with the means to do so. The strength of the passive protection this provides is only as strong as her faith, and is easily influenced by shaking her resolve.

Athletics: Thanks to natural talent and constant training from a young age, Maron is in great physical shape, capable of impressive feats of athletics. The transformation into Jeanne turns this up to eleven, gaining exceptional agility, dexterity and reaction speed far beyond human limits. Which is mainly used for...

Thiefly Trickery: Slight of hand, misdirection, spotting and escaping traps, making a quick getaway, and other things in that vein. Jeanne's strength lies not in direct combat, but in staying one step ahead and quickly coming up with an answer to whatever problematic situations she gets herself into.

Conjuration: Using the magical artifact Petit Claire, Jeanne is capable of summoning various magical tools to her aid, chief among which her sealing pins and the Rebound Ball, a versatile tool that can change size as needed and stick to any surface. The only exception is the gymnastics ribbon-like weapon she uses, which she can summon without aid. Knowing that she often will not have enough time during a heist, she makes a habit of preparing what she might need in advance. Though just as often, there is no magic involved in this at all, but rather...

Improvisation: Maron loves to tinker together custom tools for possible use during Jeanne's heists, and is quite good at cobbling together things that actually work out of common household items and gymnastics equipment.



  • Miyako Toudaji (appable!): Maron's childhood friend, neighbor and most common companion. Also, the daughter of the police detective in charge of bringing Kaitou Jeanne to justice, fiercely determined to capture Jeanne herself. Because clearly leading a double life wasn't complicated enough already!
  • Finn Fish (inappable): An angel-in-training the size of the average person's head, Finn guides Maron in her quest to seal demons, making sure that she doesn't slack off too much. Her duty-focused attitude doesn't mesh very well with Maron's laid-back attitude, but their quarrels aren't usually any fiercer than those between your typical pair of roommates, and Maron does very much appreciate the tiny angel's support. Invisible to most, she can only be seen by 100% innocent humans (generally limited to babies and toddlers), (unintelligent) animals, and those with strong ties to heaven or hell. Other mascots are not exempt, though some are able to see her (notably Shugo Chara, which she can also see, as well as Kyubey). If it ever comes up ICly and you're unsure whether or not your character can see Finn, please ask!


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