Sayaka Miki

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Sayaka Miki
IC Information
Full Name: Sayaka Miki/美樹 さやか
Aliases: Mrs. Kaname, Little Mermaid, Blueberry
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Height: 5'6
Hair Color: Sky Blue
Eye Color: Sea Blue
Favorite Food: Watermelon
Favorite Subjects: Music, PE
Favorite Composers Vivaldi, Dvorak
Character Song: Decretum (Decree)
Organization: Chevaliers
Clubs: Softball Club
Position: Center Field
School: Ohtori Academy (Grade 9)
OOC Information
Source: Puella Magi Madoka Magica (FC)
Alts: Nagisa Misumi, Haruka Tenoh, Tsuru

"Everyone thinks I don't listen to classical music. I mean, take a look at me. It's so unexpected, people really start to respect me for it!"

A brash, saucy tomboy with a penchant for melodramatic humor, Sayaka Miki feeds her bountiful energy with occasional naps in class. Neither a magical girl nor particularly promising material for one, she seems happy in her normal life attending Ohtori, playing softball, and pursuing her top-secret crush, who she is certain requires her love and attention in his dark hour. For a girl with no powers or martial skills, she is remarkably willing to leap into action when there's trouble, and there often is, because her best friend Madoka is very popular lately.

Core Relationships

Madoka Kaname – Sayaka's best friend, confidante, and future wife. Their forever-friendship has been tested cruelly, over and over, without so much as a scratch to show for it. Sayaka views protecting Madoka as her most fundamental duty as a Puella Magi, and in turn, only Madoka could have saved her from despair when they both lost Mami. They were best friends in their elementary uniforms, in their middle school uniforms, and, even in their grief, they will walk into their high school entrance ceremony as best friends, too. There's nothing romantic about this bond, but Sayaka's still going to marry Madoka, big time.

Mami Tomoe - Sometimes it's hard to find the person you want to be, because she's in the grade above you. Like Mami's previous two kouhai, Sayaka once betrayed Mami's trust. Unlike those two, Sayaka's loyalty to Mami, and her zeal in defending her ideals, have been her north star ever since that miserable moment. Together, they were Tokyo's premiere Puella Magi team, and inseparable partners in leading the Chevaliers. Sayaka had even begun to understand the loneliness Mami felt, and cross the frightening distance between worship and something better. But now, with Mami slain by the hateful Eri Shimanouchi, the knight has lost her Golden Queen. Kept standing largely by a desperate devotion to her dead mentor, Sayaka finds her once-incorruptible ideals beginning to twist.

Kozue Kaoru - Sayaka's unlikely, inevitable romance. Childhood friends with a stormy history, Sayaka and Kozue reflect and distort one another. Kozue had been prickly but shy as a little girl, and by the time she became the capricious, cruel young woman she is today, few but Miki and Sayaka knew she'd ever been anything else. Even as Sayaka grew ever more the idealist, she and Kozue remained trapped in a years-long dance of fear, emotional intimacy, and hatred, culminating in Kozue's inexplicable betrayal. Many times, Sayaka wanted to run from Kozue, but something held her back. She still believed in another Kozue, glimpsed once. Sayaka had fallen for this girl in the window from a distance, and never stopped wanting to be close to her. And so, in Kozue's lowest moment, Sayaka risked everything to confess to her. And where she should have found betrayal? Instead, Kozue and Sayaka have made a love story more sweeping and joyous than either could have ever daydreamed.


Garnet – The fact that such a wise and formidable adult has become a Chevalier is deeply reassuring to Sayaka in moments of doubt. Sayaka admires Garnet's effortless cool and is quite enthusiastic about her feats of strength. In combat, Garnet and Sayaka have become a frequent and formidable tag-team.

Nori Ankou – One of the oldest and most loyal Chevaliers, and one of the few people Sayaka would trust with Madoka's safety. Sayaka owes a lot to this beautiful model, and she knows it.

Fate Testarossa – This adorable little Chevalier is only in elementary school, but no one knows better why the world needs Chevaliers. Sayaka admires her for fighting so hard to save others from the dark path she once walked.

Utena Tenjou – Sayaka met Utena when she challenged her to a duel. They got off on the wrong foot, but Utena's anger softened at once when she realized Sayaka had been fighting for her love of Miki. The idealistic, chivalrous Utena made a natural Chevalier, and she and Sayaka had already long been friends when Utena went missing. Rescuing the former Engaged from depression and dark magic was the first great triumph of the brand-new blue girlfriends, Sayaka and Kozue. It would not be long before Utena returned this good turn, bravely duelling a super-powered Kasagami Araki to help the Chevaliers rescue Kozue. Keeping the ferocious King from reaping their ranks was crucial to Kozue's liberation, and Sayaka will not soon forget what Utena's done for her.

Usagi Tsukino – Sayaka thought Sailor Moon was cool even before she realized Sailor Senshi was real. Fighting alongside her against a toaster was one of her best memories as Batyaka. Usagi is Madoka's precious friend, which makes her Sayaka's friend, too. But they have a more pressing shared allegiance in Hotaru Tomoe, as the Chevaliers are Sailor Moon's trusted allies in defending this adorable apocalypse from execution.

Hitomi Shizuki – Once very nearly as close to Sayaka as Madoka was, Hitomi and Sayaka have grown uncomfortably distant as Sayaka loses herself more and more to the lifestyle of a self-professed hero of justice. Still, Sayaka adores Hitomi, and takes vicarious pride in how beautiful, elegant, and popular with boys she is. Sayaka lionizing Hitomi's charm and Hitomi primly but happily demurring is a sort of running joke between them, and Sayaka enjoys having Hitomi around as a straight man when she is playing clown.

Miki Kaoru - When they were growing up together, Sayaka considered Miki dull and overserious. But when a jealous musical rival shattered Miki's hand, Sayaka found in Miki her first real crush. She immersed in her feelings with all the obsessive yearning of teen love, but her only confession was the wish she chose for her contract: heal Miki's hand. Hopelessly shy about her feelings, Sayaka felt unable to confess. But Miki, fresh off of an emotionally devastating duel loss that caused Anthy to spurn him again, unexpectedly asked her out! This ambiguous relationship seemed prime to become a fairytale romance when Miki invited Sayaka on stage... and her rejection of him surprised no one more than Sayaka herself. Hurt and baffled, Miki has withdrawn to the safe companionship of his piano, and the two have not spoken since.

Junko Kaname – Madoka's mother and the second third most beautiful woman in the world. Sayaka thinks of her like a second mother secretly, and admires how cool she is.


Eri Shimanouchi - Mami's murderer, and thus person who taught Sayaka the meaning of hatred. Once a harmless bespectacled girl, briefly a shy friend, until she took the dark path of cultivating Witches and became Sayaka's greatest foe. As the co-leader of the Shepherds, Eri has clashed with Sayaka repeatedly, and when Eri defeated Sayaka at the climactic battle of Shinjuku, it gave her enough time to snuff out Sayaka's bright golden star. Barely clinging to both of Eri's old territories is not enough--she has to be stopped.

Kyouko Sakura - Once a friend, now a foe; always frustrating. Kyouko knew better than anyone how to coax rebellion from the strait-laced Sayaka, but when Sayaka's walk on the wild side hurt Mami, she overcompensated back in the other direction and has remained that way since. The total incompatibility of Kyouko and Mami's worldviews has become the basis of a long rivalry between the two senpai-kouhai pairs, and led them into a climactic battle on a rooftop high above Shinjuku. Sayaka holds Kyouko responsible for Mami's death along with her herbaceous partner, and will not rest until both are defeated. Whatever strange bond Sayaka and Kyouko share cannot be broken, but it has grown dark indeed.

Kasagami Araki - Sayaka and Kasagami are both rules-fixated, sword-wielding girls with pretensions to chivalry, but there the similarity ends. Kasagami kidnapped Madoka (and Usagi), made intolerable intimations about Madoka (and Kozue), and struck down Miki's dreams. Kasagami is a frightfully powerful foe who crushed Sayaka when first they fought, but Sayaka would not hesitate to take a rematch.

Homura Akemi - Despite her initial awe at this transfer student's confidence, beauty, and absurd scholastic talents, Sayaka soured on her long ago. A new animosity has arisen ever since Homura supported the Shepherds and battled Sayaka directly. Any grudging gratitude Sayaka felt for Homura's repeated and timely protection was shattered along with Mami's soul gem, and the black-haired Puella Magi confirmed Sayaka's worst suspicions about her intentions towards Madoka soon after. She, too, must be defeated.

Mai Tokiha and Mikoto Minagi - Mai is no enemy of Sayaka's, but she is fiercely partisan when it comes to Mami's dispute with her, viewing Mai as an unworthy rival to her senpai. Mikoto, on the other hand, is a horrifying berserker who has taken a grave toll on the Chevaliers in past battles, and now stands between Sayaka and Eri.

The Wolkenritter - Utena, Fate, Nanoha, Endo, Ren, Lera, Setsuna, Usagi, Makoto. All drained by these mysterious dark knights. The Chevaliers laid a cunning trap for them, and the Wolkenritter swallowed the bait. But they were strong enough to swallow the whole fishing pole, too.

Mysterious Man - An orange-haired villain who appeared from nowhere to attack poor Miki for some unnamed sin. Sayaka's helplessness to prevent the maiming that resulted from this attack tortures her, and she nurses a deep resentment toward this stranger.


Sayaka's Logs