Nadeshiko Fujisaki

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Nadeshiko Fujisaki
Nadeshiko Fujisaki.gif
IC Information
Full Name: Nadeshiko Fujisaki
Aliases: Queen's Chair
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age/Birthdate: 11 (July 4, 2002)
Height: Very Tall For A Girl Her Age
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Amber
Organization: Magic Association
Position: Queen's Chair, Ohtori Academy Guardians
School: Ohtori Academy (Grade 5)
OOC Information
Source: Shugo Chara!
Player: Doom

Nadeshiko Fujisaki is the Queen's Chair of the Guardians of Ohtori Academy, the elementary-school level student council. Heir to the Fujisaki school of Japanese dance, she is a talented actress who rarely shows emotions that aren't a sweet-hearted smile...until her Guardian Character Temari fires off a Chara Change, turning her into a screaming, sharp-tongued gangster! As a Guardian, Nadeshiko has responsibility for protecting the happiness, safety, and security of Ohtori Elementary students, a responsibility she occasionally decides to exercise over older students. That includes sometimes even throwing herself into the fray to protect their hearts from supernatural predators!


Nadeshiko is 11! She has nothing particularly special in her history. She has worked hard her whole life to become a true and proper successor to the Fujisaki school of Japanese dance, which she takes with a lethal seriousness.

Personal Traits

Nadeshiko has a definite disinterest in the petty intrigues of the upper-level Ohtori student council and student body. She is far from a studiously honest individual, she certainly has her share of secrets to keep, but she has no patience for lies made to hurt people. She has absolutely no mercy in blowing holes in others' malicious deceits when she sees them. The older Ohtori girls hate her to bits, but she's immune to much of their arsenal, between her refusal to play their power games and her Guardian status.


  • Nadeshiko is a skilled actress and rather good at keeping her exact emotions under wraps. Or maybe she just really is that benignly cheerful a person?. By the same coin, Nadeshiko has a keen eye for the little tells people give away in their body language, and can usually tell when a person is intentionally concealing something from her.
  • Nadeshiko is a very talented dancer! In addition to being very elegant, this is also probably the reason Nadeshiko is so very skilled at moving about quietly; often, if she doesn't want to be noticed, she remains discrete until she announces herself. She mostly just uses this to amuse herself by making people leap out of their skins when she calls their name from RIGHT BEHIND THEM.
  • Nadeshiko can Chara Change with Temari, granting her the great power of the magical girl! And, also a naginata, which she uses to great effect and with somewhat alarming strength. Unlike most magical girls, this is less of 'another person' and more, conceptually, of 'another side of Nadeshiko', and therefore affords her no protection for her identity. Fortunately, everyone seems to buy her benign excuse that she 'has no time for ruffians' when called to explain why she was chasing a monster across campus screaming curses like a Hiroshima gangster.


The Guardians

  • Temari : Nadeshiko's Guardian Character. She is relatively quiet, as Guardian Characters go; occasionally providing Nadeshiko advice, but for the most part simply observing. Even when the other Guardian Characters get together to play, Temari tends to float off to the side, participating even less than the boastful king Kiseki. The bond between Nadeshiko and Temari is invincible; it has to be, for should Nadeshiko's faith in the dream Temari embodies ever waver, the fairy would swiftly disappear...
  • Amu Hinamori: The new Joker's Chair! And Nadeshiko's rapidly-growing best friend. Amu never seems to be honest with herself, which is kind of hysterical because she's pretty much an open book to someone like Nadeshiko. Nadeshiko thinks she's pretty cute, and gets a big kick out of teasing her. But Amu looks to her for wisdom and guidance, which she is happy to provide.
  • Tadase Hotori: The King's Chair. Nadeshiko and Tadase work together very closely on Guardian work, and it's pretty much the two of them who lead these whackos around by the nose, most of the time. They speak a lot, both for the Guardians and in private, though Amu is fast becoming Nadeshiko's go-to confidante.
  • Yaya Yuiki: The Ace's Chair! Mostly color and a warm body to do things, but Nadeshiko lets Yaya drag her around for amusement sometimes. Yaya is very good at being amused.
  • Kukai Soma: Jack's Chair. Everyone's Sempai. Kukai is the big brother to the Guardians, rough and tumble and friendly to a fault; although he's rather more lackadaisical than Nadeshiko gets to be, he's serious when it counts and knows when the chips are down. He's graduating at the end of this year, and Nadeshiko has no idea what the Guardians are going to do without Kukai to keep them grounded.




  • Mami Tomoe: An apparently-veteran magical girl of some unknown type. She seems to be skipping out on school life almost entirely in favor of magical girling, which Nadeshiko finds deeply troubling. She seemed clearly troubled by some past partnerships, but it's not like she actually has to carry the entire burden herself, is it...? But she's not sure what to do with it, for now. Mami asked her to check in on Eri. For the moment, Nadeshiko has extended Mami an invitation to visit Royal Garden and receive a full Guardian welcome.
  • Eri Shimanouchi: A recently-minted magical girl Nadeshiko was directed to talk to by Mami. Eri's total refusal to engage in even trivial lies totally boggles Nadeshiko's mind. She has no idea how this lady survives, especially in the cut-throat Ohtori middle school. And the fact that she's fairly direct even about magical things could get her in trouble; there's rumors about bad things happening to people who spread word of magic too far...Nadeshiko can't presume to play her mentor, but she does worry. Not to mention, she seems troubled about the burden of her magical girl power...and there, Nadeshiko may be even more powerless.
  • Syaoran Li: Li-kun is a Juuban 4th-grader who stumbled across Nadeshiko shortly after arriving. A transfer from China, and apparently a pretty big deal for the Magic Association. He's tried to impress upon her how great he is as a wizard, but Nadeshiko has a lot of experience dealing with overstuffed heirs, and being the heir to magic is not that much different from being the heir to a shipping interest as far as that goes. She finds him terribly entertaining.
  • Nagihiko Fujisaki: Her older twin brother. It seems sometimes like they know everything about each other...but Nagi isn't in Tokyo often.