Haruka Tenoh

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Haruka Tenoh
Dressed in her boys' Infinity uniform
IC Information
Full Name: 天王 はるか
Aliases: Sailor Uranus, Princess Uranus, Masked Tuxedo
Gender:  ??
Species: Human
Age/Birthdate: 16, January 27
Hair Colour: Blond
Eye Colour: Blue
Blood Type: B
Organization: Shepherds, Tuners
Brand: Aohime
School: Infinity Institute (Grade 11)
Clubs: Track, Judo
OOC Information
Source: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

Generally mistaken for a handsome young man, Haruka Tenoh is a confident, magnetic celebrity-student of Infinity Institute. She's known as a champion race car driver, track athlete, and ladykiller, but few recognize the controlled ferocity in her eyes as more than a competitive nature. It is, in fact, the mark of a born soldier, who was in a past life sworn to protect the Silver Millennium from outside threats as Sailor Uranus. Now reborn on earth alongside her elegant partner, the famous violinist Michiru Kaioh, Haruka is determined to save the world from destruction, even if she and Michiru must taint their hands with innocent blood.


The Silver Millennium

"I cannot command this of you," the Queen had said. "Nor would I think the less of you for refusing." But for a Queen so precious, for warriors so loyal, there was never any doubt that all four of them would agree.

In those times a peace reigned that dreamed of no end and remembered no beginning. From the sacred moon shone a love so bright that nine worlds turned their faces to bask in it, and soon too the worlds of strange and foreign stars. Magic knit this far-flung empire into one realm, where compassion was law, and even the meanest lived a life of idyll. There was little to fight over, and much to celebrate, all thanks to the wisdom and kindness of the Queen. What name could she have but Serenity?

But though the evil of her time was a cringing thing that dwelt in corners and feared its own voice, it had not faded entirely. From the shivering vastness of the stars its eyes hungered for the pampered innocence of Serenity's people, for the numberless treasures of Serenity's cities. So rarely did it dare even the edges of the realm, and so swiftly did Serenity's warriors punish this temerity, that its threat began to seem laughable.

Serenity did not laugh. She called the princesses of the four most distant planets of her sun, and not without woe did she ask her price. To turn from the light, and gaze forever into black void. To spurn the paradise Serenity had built, lest they too begin to forget the face of evil, and know it not when it arrived. To swear an eternal oath: make fast the borders of the realm, and never again know its hearth.

Perhaps the Queen wished to make sure the watchtowers were never empty, or perhaps she knew that in exile her warriors, her Outer Senshi, would become something no longer suitable for paradise. The princess of Pluto, eldest and wisest, was to suffer most. Granted the Garnet Orb, key to the Door of Time she was to watch over at the furthest edge of the universe, she came to know a loneliness deeper than she imagined possible. The princess of Saturn, youngest and gentlest, was to lose the most. Entrusted with the Silence Glaive, and with it the final destruction of the realm should it ever fall, she was placed into a deep slumber lest her powers of destruction be lost... or used too soon.

The princesses of Uranus and Neptune were sworn to the same task: defend by force of arms the far reaches of the realm. Perhaps Serenity saw in them something ceaseless and yearning, and felt they could best withstand a life of roaming. Or perhaps it was simply kindness, for it was well-known to the Queen that these two princesses glanced too long at royal balls, touched hands too long in palace hallways, spent too many nights at the other's castle for unclear reasons of diplomacy and administration. Neptune was given the Deep Aqua Mirror, to scry out foes, and Uranus the Space Sword, to cut them down.

When the four princesses bid their goodbyes, none failed to cry. But only the princesses of Uranus and Neptune felt a small prickling of joy. They departed, along with the royal castles that had orbited their worlds, and went out into the dark together. Often their duties would require them to part for long periods of time, but always they were able to reunite. Fighting off the beasts of the far reaches was difficult, lonely, Sisyphean, but theirs was a love that would bear a century of such labor for a minute in each other's arms.

When the darkness finally came, it was not from the borderlands. It was the placid blue orb of Earth, far below the orbiting royal castle, that split from its own rot. Serenity's realm erupted in rebellion, led by the dark queen Beryl and the immense host of demon lords and monsters that had bode their time in realms beyond the reach of the Outer Senshi. The three Outer princesses who had not been made to slumber were sworn to maintain their posts no matter the reason. Fiercely they fought back the chittering tide of demonic opportunists from distant reaches that flowed towards the Moon. Yet even as the realm buckled under endless waves of hateful soldiers, even as one by one the inner planets burned, inhabitants butchered, silver spires torn low, they maintained their oath. The princess of Uranus held the princess of Neptune tight, and together they watched in Neptune's enchanted mirror as everything they loved died in agony. Everything save each another.

When all hope was lost, when the last of the resistance fell, the three Outer Senshi met for one last time, to watch and pay tribute, to listen to the final cries of their homeland, staring inward from the border that they still refused to abandon. The oath was not to be broken, but in turning their faces inward, by returning to the edge of the realm together, they had bent the rules. A trifle in the face of such tragedy, thought they. Wrongly thought they.

The three talismans, Orb, Sword, and Mirror, began to resonate together, and did what the oath was meant to prevent them from doing: called out to the sleeping princess. Saturn's eyes slid open, and she arose from the war-torn destruction of her planet in a corona of power that made even the greatest lords of darkness tremble. Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto knew what she would do, and knew they could not stop it. Pluto stood silent witness as Saturn lifted her scythe, and delivered a mercy kill to the entire realm. Demon and warrior, guilty and innocent alike were cut down en masse. A war of galaxies was put down by remorseless slaughter, until the battlefields were quiet, the cities populated by corpses.

Neptune and Uranus watched too, but when they could no longer bear it, they watched each other.

The three princesses were not spared. Their lifeless bodies soon lay in the blowing dust of a ruined world. Nor did the indiscriminate reaping spare its own wielder, who collapsed among her sisters. The Glaive was well-named. Queen Serenity made her three sacred wishes into a blood-scented silence.


Senshi of the Skies – As Sailor Uranus, Haruka has power over the heavens. This tends to manifest as heavenly-yellow energy, which is most notably used in her World Shaking attack, but can be turned to other purposes as well. Like the other senshi, she is supernaturally tough and able to leap long distances.

Driving – Haruka is a highly successful professional racecar driver.

Auto Repair – Though not an engineer, Haruka is a qualified amateur mechanic, and can repair or modify her own engine.

Running – She also races on foot, and was undefeated at her old middle school.

Piano – She is a distinguished if unexceptional pianist, and occasionally plays alongside Michiru.

Jujitsu – An active member and assistant instructor in the judo club (close enough for her tastes), Haruka has an effortless proficiency with it.

Flirting – I'm not letting you go home tonight.


Michiru Kaioh - I fell for her first, and I fall for her again with every glance. All I have is hers, save my fear. All she has is mine, save her sadness.

Setsuna Meioh - An elder sister figure to Michiru and I, and the only other soul who understands the stakes of our war. The three of us are a team, come what may.

Kyouko Sakura and Eri Shimanouchi - Our oldest ally and her kouhai. As members of their loose club of "Shepherds", we find common cause in making sure the more naive idealists among the magical community do not unwittingly doom the world.

Usagi Tsukino - It's all a game. It's not possible to miss something I've never had.

Juri Arisugawa - A valuable friend. Her wounds might be mine if not for Michiru, but they are not mine to heal.


Hotaru Tomoe - It seems more and more likely that this is the human apocalypse that has tormented Michiru in dreams for so long. She is, at the least, some part of that dark tapestry. I am not unaware of her innocence, but I can't forget the innocence of those she threatens, either.

Mami Tomoe - She's impressive, but she has a bad habit of getting in the way. We mostly let it go until now, but with the stakes this high, a reckoning may be nigh.

Queen Beryl - A thousand rebirths wouldn't quench this desire for revenge.


Haruka's Logs
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