Lucy Iwai

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Lucy Iwai
Lucy by Mira Ongchua.PNG
IC Information
Full Name: Lucy Iwai
Aliases: Mesozoic Maiden Lucy
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age/Birthdate: 14 (Unknown)
Height: Short-ish
Hair Colour: Light Green
Eye Colour: Blue
Blood Type A
Likes Nature, Learning, Stars
Dislikes Books, Bullies, Winter
Favorite Animal Dromiceiomimus
Favorite Food Meat
Organization: Magic Association
School: Infinity Institute (Grade 9)
OOC Information
Source: Crash! Mesozoic Maiden
Player: Fredison


"Fierce as the tyrano! Clever as the raptor! Nimble as the dactyl! Mesozoic Maiden Lucy!"


At first glance, Lucy is just a foreign transfer student with an untraceable accent and a few strange habits, who has been admitted to the prestigious Infinity Institute based only on her athletic ability. The truth, however, is far stranger than anyone could expect: She is actually a cavegirl who was found frozen in a block of ice, who has the power to turn into a magical alter-ego called the Mesozoic Maiden. Though temperamental, impatient and sometimes too curious for her own good, Lucy is no knucklehead. She's sweet, polite, intelligent and, most of all, loyal to her friends. She will do anything to protect the people of her new home, with the help of her mascot, Didi the Dinosaur!


Mesozoic Maiden Lucy enters Shoujo Mode
Cretaceous Clobber!