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Name Hayate
AKA The Leafe Knight of Wind
Cast Pretear
Gender Male
Age Unknown
School None
Birthday April 27
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Blood Type A
Hair Blue-Black
Eyes Blue
Favorite Food Coffee with milk.
Hobbies Long rides on a bike or motorcycle.
"Are we going to let the same thing happen all over again?"

Hayate is the Leafe Knight of Wind, an elemental guardian of mysterious origins and, let's be frank, minimal social skills: standoffish, rude, and impatient with others. He is searching for demon larvae, energy-devouring monsters that serve Fenrir, the Princess of Disaster; to that end, he works part-time as a Sister Schools courier, giving him opportunities to travel all over the place in order to carry out his mission.

Most people are likely to know him first and foremost as "that jerk whose face is the only good thing about him."

What's in your heart?
Coming soon!

There are no cutscenes on this wiki done by Hayate.