Lera Camry

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Lera Camry
Lera and Sky.png
IC Information
Full Name: Lera Camry
Aliases: Double Trouble, Propane, Lera-chan, A Proud Mage Adventurer!
Gender: Female
Age/Birthdate: 16 (Apr. 1, 1998)
Height: 5'8"
Hair Colour: Orange-red
Eye Colour: Golden Brown
Astrological Sign: Aries
Blood Type: B
Favorite Food: Pad Thai
Least Favorite Food: Okonomiyaki
Favorite Subject: Algebra
Least Favorite Subject: Literature
Organization: Unaffiliated
Position: The 100% Totally Completely American Exchange Student
School: Infinity Institute (Grade 10)
OOC Information
Source: Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha (OC)
VA (Lera): Akeno Watanabe
VA (Soaring Sky): John Hannah
VA (Broken Ground): Tom Hardy
Text Colors
Lera: #FFC200
Soaring Sky: #FF6600
Broken Ground: #668566
Player: Texside

"I'll get back up. I've got to, y'know? Someone with the proud Camry name can't let her friends down!"

Lera Camry is an exchange student enrolled in Infinity Institute's high school program. She plays the part of an American (though her acting skills are questionable), but she really comes from the alien world of Midchilda. She also maintains a secret identity as a magical girl. When she first came to Earth, she worked alone to recover Broken Ground, a stolen Intelligent Device that her mother made. Her mission was hard and took a toll on her, but with the help of her friends, her mother, and even some of her enemies, Lera learned to turn to others and have faith in herself. She is a skilled aerial mage who has partnered with Soaring Sky, a melee specialist Device originally repaired by her mother. Lera is a cheerful, sincere, and loyal girl who always tries to help others. She joined the Tuners Organization after they aided her and to support her friend who joined. Now that she has recovered Broken Ground and has no doubt of her mother's love and pride in her, Lera can live her dream of being a brave mage adventurer. She can discover what that dream really entails, while helping Soaring Sky discover his origins and find Broken Ground's chance for redemption.

Background and Timeline


Lera was born on Midchilda to Meria and Frederick Camry. It was a happy family for the first four years of Lera's life.

Her father came from the Belkan Autonomous Region, where he worked as an archaeologist. While exploring some ancient Belkan ruins, he discovered a damaged Armed Device. It barely activated, but he took it home to his wife. Meria, being a stunningly talented Midchildan Meister, repaired the device and named it Soaring Sky. Frederick wouldn't live to see the restored Device. He died in an accident when she was only four, leaving her an only child. Meria poured her energy into her daughter, especially as Lera was really all that was left of the life that Meria expected for herself.

Lera thought herself a colossal disappointment to her mother. Lera tried to follow in her mother's footsteps, keep the family tradition alive, and eventually prove better than her mother. She grew up and immediately began being tutored in the magic needed to create Devices.

By the time that Lera turned twelve, everyone but Meria could see that her daughter was not destined to be a Meister. She didn't have the brain for magical engineering and the like; she could barely make a very basic Storage Device.

She showed much more skill at using Devices, truth be told. Her mother felt some dissatisfaction when she stopped learning how to create Devices and started learning to use them instead -- including combat applications. She considered a career with the TSAB, but decided a tour as a mage adventurer was more exciting. Her mother, naturally, was mortified at the idea that her daughter would put herself in such danger. She relented after some consideration and allowed Lera to practice.

Lera dove into it. In her mother's workshop, she found Soaring Sky. She started practicing with Sky; she developed a bond with the irritable, often arrogant Device. He pretended to think that she was an idiot, but a measure of mutual respect (or maybe mutual desire to annoy each other) developed.

Then, one day, her workshop was broken into and an Intelligent Device, Broken Ground, was stolen.

A tracking device on Broken Ground let her trace the weapon to Earth. Meria had no particular desire to admit that an Intelligent Device had been stolen and taken to another world with far more problems, especially to the TSAB. She reached a deal with her daughter: Lera was free to go to Earth, to be a mage adventurer, as long as she found and brought Broken Ground back. Lera readily agreed to this task and her mother permitted her to take Soaring Sky with her.

She enrolled in Infinity Institute as a transfer student at the beginning of September, as a third year middle school student. She has used her Intelligent Device a couple of times since then, adding to the magical girls moving about, to help deal with a couple of troublesome youma.

Fall 2013

Winter 2013

  • Like the rest of the Sister Schools students, Lera traveled to Hokkaido. She spent quality time with Minako Aino and Yukimi. She also encountered the final Star Shard (and a part of Mytho's heart).
  • She also joined the Sister Schools' play, meeting Usagi Tsukino... who she already knew as Sailor Moon. Lera was cast as Quincy Adams.
  • When monsters went on a rampage, trying to destroy landmarks in Tokyo, Lera also rushed out to help them! This included an encounter with Signum, the Cloud Knight for the first time.

Spring 2014

  • Yukimi discovered that Lera was pursuing Broken Ground after she read a message from her mother. The two decided to find him; they found a tracker in the sewers with the help of Sailor Moon and Kaitou Jeanne. They discovered that Broken Ground was stolen by her mother's former assistant, Jaren Zastava.
  • And not to soon, because Jaren ambushed Ren, Lera, and Kuniko Saito in the harbor!
  • Lera dueled Fate Testarossa for a Jewel Seed and lost; Fate, showing mercy on her, took her to the hospital to recuperate. Lera didn't forget that kindness. She began pursuing the Jewel Seeds, working with Ren, Endo, and Nanoha Takamachi for that purpose.
  • Lera graduated from middle school. A ghost tried to trap her, but Yukimi helped free her by showing her a text message from her mother: that she was very proud of her.
  • Lera celebrated her 16th birthday at the amusement park with her friends! After everything that happened, it was a necessary breather.
  • The attacks on landmarks came to a head, revealed as plot by the Ends of the World. At Tokyo Tower, Vita of the Wolkenritter unleashed a dragon which covered up an attack on the World Tree. Ultimately, they repelled these threats, and Lera thought she could breathe easy... but then Soular used his mirror Nakewameke to try to control the World Tree -- and destroy all life.
  • Lera fought Jaren with Lux Lapsa and lost. Lera didn't take it well.
  • The hunt for the Jewel Seeds led to a ploy by Fate to capture several, which led to a massive battle. Their competing wishes led to a massive explosion by the Jewel Seed, which left Lera, Fate, Ren, Endo, Nanoha, and many others injured.
  • Lera meets Setsuna Higashi outside of a store selling sunglasses. She forgets her wallet, but the two talk a little. Mysteriously, when she returns, the sunglasses are missing. When Setsuna later reads her fortune, the chances of getting those sunglasses look bleak.

Summer 2014

  • During Tanabata, Lera decides to protect her new friend Setsuna. She transforms in front of her. This prompts a frank discussion later, in which Lera tells Setsuna more about who she really is and what she is scared of.
  • The Jewel Seeds Incident reaches its climax! Fate and Nanoha duel, but the Seeds are stolen by Homura Akemi. In the confusion, Eas of Labyrinth knocks Lera away -- and the two have an explosive argument afterward. Lera sticks by Fate afterward, even after her mother rejects her.
  • After talking to Setsuna -- who gives her the sunglasses that Lera was looking for -- she goes with the rest into the Garden of Time. She fights Eas there. Fate appears to help them, and they all fight Precia together.
  • Afterward, Lera encounters a wounded Eas, who shouts at her for saving her in the Garden. There isn't much time to rest, though; Jaren begins pursuing Ren for his mysterious master, trying to seize her Device, and he soundly thrashes Lera. Fortunately, Lera and Sailor Moon find his apartment... but this prompts Jaren to pursue rather drastic action, as his employer grows impatient.
  • Lera, too, is getting desperate, becoming afraid of what her mother will think of her -- and that she may call her home. She runs into Eas one night at the shrine. The next day, she runs into Setsuna, who runs off in tears. Lera can't chase after, because Jaren found what he was looking for. He raises the Guardian of Ten-Thousand Points, a powerful Ancient Belkan Lost Logia. Better known as Citadel.
  • Lera takes off after Jaren when he flees and he breaks then steals Sky before he throws her to her death. Fortunately, Eas catches her, and takes her somewhere safe. Lera learns that her friend Setsuna and Eas are one and the same, then.
  • When Lera limps back to Lindy Harlaown's house, she talks to Fate about her mother. A few tears are shed. She never expected her mother to come to Earth, but that gave her the inspiration she need. And just in time, too, because when they encounter Citadel, they discover his goal: to return to Ancient Belka, and bring part of downtown Tokyo with him!
  • Working with Ren and Fate, a plan is hatched. Lera recovered Sky and, working with Ren, Endo, and other magical girls, managed to defeat Jaren and Citadel. Broken Ground is recovered, Soaring Sky restored, and Citadel learns that home is lost... but maybe he could have one on Earth. Sky, however, has the first of his strange flashbacks after being recovered.
  • While things are much better with Lera's mother and Sky, there are new complications. She tries to help Broken Ground recover and redeem herself. She also keeps running into Setsuna and they form a complicated friendship... which starts to involve deeper feelings than friendship.
  • When Lera goes to the North Pole, things come to a head. She runs into Eas while being shot through the multiverse due to Queen Beryl's curse. The two end up meeting in a cake world, where they talk and bond. Lera leaves in time to help Sailor Moon battle Metallia.
  • Eas decides to use the Nakisakebe card, to please Lord Mobius after what she feels is a betrayal. She proves powerful, but Lera reaches out. They fall in love despite everything, but that isn't enough to save Setsuna. It's ultimately because of her friends, Cure Peach, Cure Pine, and Cure Berry that she decides to stay on Earth.
  • The trip to Okinawa starts! Lera is happy to run into her girlfriend there, but things seem to go terribly when Northa kills Setsuna in front of everyone. However, thanks to a miracle, Setsuna is saved and brought back to life... as Cure Passion! Lera spends the rest of the Okinawa trip quite happy, even helping to save Mina and the Vermillion Bird.

Fall 2014

  • Lera settles into a new habit. She starts to use Broken Ground as a second Device, having first gotten to during an attack by Dark Fall. She fights against the Terribads, spends time with Setsuna, and does her best to help Fate adjust to life in Tokyo.
  • She meets Jad Werke with Fate. The Midchildan becomes a friend, though... he proves a pie thief, too.
  • Unfortunately, tragedy strikes during the sports festival dance when the Golden Age PMC invades! Lera ultimately joins the magical girl resistance, and fights off the PMC and Alyssa Searrs and Miyu Greer! In the end, they return to their families and friends, safe... but with questions.
  • The Protodaimons begin to appear! In one terrible case, one takes Setsuna's Pure Heart Crystal during an attack at the museum, where the Black Knight also appeared. Lera is left shaken by this -- and other events, as her girlfriend comes into contact with the powerful Pretty Cure Hunter, Phantom.
  • When the Keys appear, Lera tries to help secure them. This includes one that appears -- and then vanishes, only to whisk Lera, Fate, Setsuna, Ren, and Endo off to a secret space installation. They discover a little more of Souverain Heraut's true nature, which might explain why Jaren wanted to steal it -- and about Fallen Stern! Soaring Sky, in the meantime, has yet another strange flashback -- and nearly shuts. down. Nonetheless, she helps her friends to stop the drones sent after them, and safely return home.
  • Unfortunately, the pursuit of another Key ends in tragedy. Lera fails to recover the Key -- and a protodaimon kills five girls, despite Lera's and Sailor Moon's best efforts. Lera becomes depressed, but tries to hide it.
  • This culminates in Soaring Sky shutting down during another fight with Vita. Fate leaps to protect her, where she gets injured. Lera is left despondent, after Fate is injured, Bardiche is shattered, and Soaring Sky seems to have shut off entirely.

Powers and Abilities

Lera is a Midchildan mage. She can utilize magic through a Device; the partnership of this Device is critical to using her magic. She has two Devices: an Armed Device, named Soaring Sky, and an Intelligent Device, named Broken Ground. While using Sky, she activates her Perihelion mode; while using Ground, she activates her Aphelion mode.

Barrier Jacket Perihelion

Lera has been partners with Soaring Sky since she was thirteen. She has a close bond with Sky and he is, without a doubt, one of her closest friends and confidants. More than that, Lera is able to draw on Soaring Sky to cast powerful magic. Sky is a rebuilt Armed Device, turned into an Intelligent Device; he uses a customized Midchildan style for powerful magical melee attacks and some ranged blasts. Soaring Sky has since been upgraded into Soaring Sky Perihelion, which increases his flight spell capabilities and his melee components. He normally is called Soaring Sky.

She can also perform some basic magical tricks and spells. Soaring Sky is capable of broadcasting a two dimensional hologram of data that he scans. This can be used to display maps and the like. Lera can also make a light orb appear, levitate small items, and other basic magical tricks. These can be performed in Standby Mode, in which Soaring Sky takes the form of a dark red writing pen.

Lera can make Soaring Sky change into two different combat modes. Slasher Form is when Lera splits him into two swords. Striker Form is when Lera combines the two swords into a bastard sword-sized weapon. Both forms can emit fields of plasma and energy blasts. Her barrier jacket in these mode emphasizes speed and impact power over defensive capabilities. Her spells include:

Spell System Category Type Description
Aura Surge Midchildan Attack Melee Soaring Sky's blade flashes a brilliant white on impact.
Bind Break Midchildan Support Decline Anti-bind rings appear and disable any binds on Lera.
Inferno Slasher Midchildan Attack Melee Soaring Sky shoots a point-blank fire explosion off from his blade.
Jet Ignition Midchildan Attack Melee Lera creates a plasma aura around herself, then rams an enemy at supersonic speeds.
Rapid Skyfall Midchildan Attack Melee While in Gladiator Form, Lera does three quick strikes with Sky's twin blades.
Sentinel Flash Midchildan Defense Shield A bright cross-shaped flash appears in front of Sky, intercepting melee strikes.
Arc Breaker Midchildan Attack Melee Soaring Sky ignites with a massive plasma storm, then strikes twice before releasing the energy as an explosion.
Aurora Burst Ray Midchildan Attack Bombardment Soaring Sky splits in two, building a powerful charge, and releases a large purifying burst of energy.

Barrier Jacket Aphelion

Lera has worked with Broken Ground since the summer. She recovered him from Jaren Zastava. He wants to redeem himself after helping a dishonest man like that, but he also still wants to grow stronger. Unlike Sky, he tends to be terse and gruff, but he cares deep down. Their bond, however, is weaker, and inhibited by Ground's guilt over his past actions. His full name is Broken Ground Aphelion, because he was built to partner with Sky.

The two do not get along.

Ground has two combat modes. The first is Onager Mode, where he resembles a large clockwork hammer with a head split around a large yellow gem. This is primarily an energy blast-firing mode; his spells resemble magma and lava. The second is Lantern Mode, where he resembles a clockwork buckler that creates a field of energy on the inside to fill the gaps. Ground specializes in defensive spells in this form.

Spell System Category Type Description
Fault Siege Midchildan Attack Bombardment Broken Ground emits a powerful shockwave, which emanates out from him as a starting point.
Magma Bomb Midchildan Attack Bombardment A large ball of lava-like energy is thrown at an enemy, after which it explodes in a colossal fireball.
Mantle Heart Midchildan Defense Shield A dome of interlocking golden hexagons appears around Lera and blocks incoming damage.
Mountain Aegis Midchildan Support Increase Light imbues Ground's targets, removing their binds and reinforcing their defensive capabilities.
Sentinel Arc Midchildan Attack Bombardment While in Lantern Mode, Broken Ground flies like a discus at his enemy.
Bombadier Cascade Midchildan Attack Bombardment Broken Ground's hammerhead splits in two, emitting a swarm of tiny orbs of light, which converge on an enemy and then explode violently.
Strata Excelsior Midchildan Attack Bombardment A powerful shockwave erupts around Ground like a dome, then shoots in a direction of Lera's choosing.



  • Meria Camry: "I'm glad that me and Mom talked. I'm glad she's proud of me. It feels like I can finally move on with my life."
  • Soaring Sky: "I love you, buddy. Please be okay."
  • Fate Testarossa: "She promised that she would protect my smile. I don't want her to be hurt for me. But, after everything we've been through, that we could have a future... that's all I could ever ask for."


  • Setsuna Higashi: "I still can't believe we've come this far... but I wouldn't change it for anything in the world. Hers, mine, or this one." <3


  • Broken Ground: "He's coming along. He's trying hard. But... he's too hard on himself, too, y'know?"
  • Ren Aizawa: "She's my best friend. I used to think that she would hate me, but I see how wrong I was. We can do anything, if we do it together."
  • Endo Naoki: "Endo's a great guy. I'm glad that Ren has him. He knows how to see on the bright side of things and say the right thing."
  • Sailor Moon: "Sailor Moon is my friend! Which still sounds cool, y'know? I want to know her better, after everything she did for me. But... it's nice, too, being magical girls and still being able to just be real friends."
  • Lilian Abarth: "She's my friend. Maybe the thief thing needs to stop! But... she's helped us and stuck by us, through the worst of it."
  • Jad Werke: "He's a nice guy. Reliable. Maybe he should budget more for eating, though?"
  • Nanoha Takamachi: "She helped save Fate. She's a great person. I'm glade Fate has someone like her."
  • Yukimi Amane: "Even though Yukimi moved away, she's still the first friend that I made out here. She helped me more than she knows. I wouldn't have made my other friends if it weren't for her. I miss her, but I know I'll see her again someday. And bother her on the phone before then, y'know?"
  • Mai Tokiha: "We're better than we used to be. I guess... I get what it's like, to really care about someone."


  • Mami Tomoe: "She's had it hard, but... but how could she ignore all of us like that? She didn't try to help save those girls!"
  • Citadel: "Poor Citadel. There's no home for him to go back to. But... I gotta help him somehow."


  • Vita: "These Cloud Knights don't play around. But... I can't let her hurt Fate like that! I have to pull my weight. Or... or who knows how it will end?"
  • Jaren Zastava: "He betrayed Mom and he hurt Broken Ground, with what they did together. He did a lot to hurt me, too. I'm glad that I beat him and I learned a lot about who I really am. But... I wonder what became of him, too, and who he really worked for."
  • Soular: "He's hurt my friends before. He's dangerous. I don't like how he's smug or how he can always get under my skin like that, y'know?"
  • Westar: "Westie! He protected me once, but... he's still Labyrinth."
  • Precia Testarossa: "She didn't know what she had."

Logs and Cutscenes

All of the years below are the OOC dates on which the logs occurred.