Yukimi Amane

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Himiko (氷弥呼【ひみこ】)
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IC Information
Full Name:  ??? (Nickname: Himiko)
Aliases: Lux Lapsa
Gender: Female
Age/Birthdate:  ???
Height: 5'1", variable
Hair Colour: Silver
Eye Colour: Crystal Blue
Star Sign:  ???
Blood Type: Magic
Friend Food:  ???
Enemy Food:  ???
Reputation: Mysterious Stranger
Organization: Unaffiliated
Position: Noble Fallen Angel
School: None
OOC Information
Voice Actor: Yumi Touma
Source: Cocytus Angel Lux Lapsa
Player: Ayu Ohseki
Yukimi Amane (天根雪実【あまねゆきみ】)
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IC Information
Full Name: Yukimi Amane
Aliases: Lux Lapsa
Gender: Female
Age/Birthdate: 16 (Dec 21, 1997)
Height: 5'1"
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Brown
Astrological Sign: Sagittarius
Blood Type: O
Friend Food: Okonomiyaki, bubble tea
Enemy Food: Carrots, black coffee
Reputation: Unremarkable Class Rep
Organization: Unaffiliated
Position: Average Teenager
School: Juuban (Grade 10)
OOC Information
Voice Actor: Asami Seto
Source: Cocytus Angel Lux Lapsa
Player: Ayu Ohseki


"I know that! Stop ruining my fantasies!"


Some strive for an ordinary life; some take theirs for granted; some are born into them and find they chafe, but don't know what to do about it. Yukimi Amane is one of those people. Hopelessly frustrated by her lack of any particular talent, outshone by her more illustrious siblings, and despairing of a dreary future, she was thrilled to find out that the rosary her late, elderly neighbor gifted her with transforms her into Lux Lapsa, the vessel for a nameless, noble fallen angel she's nicknamed Himiko. Even the otherwise terrifying danger inherent in the Holy Oath that now binds the two together isn't enough to dissuade her, so long as Himiko takes the helm and Yukimi gets a chance to be someone other than herself. Tasked by the Metatron to seal the Nephilim, inheritors of power divine and infernal, together they work to send their essences to Heaven before Hell can beat them to it... but what is Himiko's true goal? Is the God she once served someone she wants to protect--or destroy?



  • Touka Chigami: A classmate and friend of Yukimi's, and also her partner Lux Angeli, Lux Corruere. Touka has a weak constitution but is nonetheless very assertive and strong-willed, traits that are largely Yukimi's opposite. Still, Touka wants to be her friend, and is happy to be her partner, so Yukimi likes her a lot. She feels really reassured to have someone so reliable on her side, especially since Touka seems to have a much stronger grip of right and wrong in the magical girl world. Having Touka around has also helped Yukimi feel more confident as a magical girl and in general.
  • Kaname Kurosu: A classmate of Yukimi's, whom she got to know during the Hokkaido trip. Yukimi isn't super-interested in ordinary girls so much, but something about Kaname drew her attention. Then Kaname was really nice and friendly to her, and Yukimi couldn't help but like her. It almost feels as though she already knows her from somewhere--but that's probably just because they've been in the same class all this time but never really spoke much until almost the end of the school year.
  • Lera Camry: Yukimi's cool friend from Infinity Institute! She's from America, too! AND she's magical--Magical Cheeseburger Propane-chan! That's so cool!! She's so funny, and they get along so well, too! It's so great that Yukimi's first friend! Yukimi's starting to get an inkling that Lera's kind of a coward, though...
  • Maron Kusakabe: A classmate and friend of Yukimi's, and gymnastics star and Kaitou Jeanne! So cool!!! Yukimi offered to help Maron with her divinely ordained thefts, but Maron was a bit stand-offish about it. Still, Maron liked her and Himiko, even if Maron's angel friend Fin wasn't so thrilled. Yukimi's sure they can be better friends, probably! Maybe! She hopes!!
  • Minako Aino: An Infinity student that she and Lera met during the Hokkaido trip. Together, the three of them guy-watched, paying particular attention to fine posteriors. The three of them decided that they ought to make a club out of stalki--errr, admiring handsome young men, specifically one Haruka Tenoh, whom all three believe is male.
  • Sailor V: Yukimi's never met her, but she's a big fan.
  • Ikuto Tsukiyomi: Senpai~ *_* One of, in Yukimi's opinion, the most handsome guys in Juuban, not that Ikuto attends class all that often. That's just part of his mysterious charm (even if she's realized he's kind of a jerk). Neither of the times that she's met him directly put her in a very favorable light, and the second time they met he'd completely forgotten he'd ever met her before (which in Yukimi's opinion is for the best), but at least her knowing his name caught his attention.
  • Kyouko Sakura: An abrasive and remarkably honest girl that Yukimi met at Crown Arcade once. Yukimi let Himiko take over and together with Kyouko, they played the Sailor V game to great effect. Kyouko and Himiko had a long and interesting conversation during this experimental partnership that ended with Kyouko revealing her past and getting mad at Himiko, but Himiko views her with sympathy--while Yukimi finds her terribly intimidating. Kyouko also figured out that there's two of her in her body, and Yukimi doesn't know what she'll do if she ever runs into her again...


  • Michiru Kaioh: An elegant young woman, talented at both painting the violin. Himiko met her while perusing her art gallery, and quickly found that they have a lot in common. Though both are busy young women, they occasionally spend time together as friends, and Himiko's enjoyment of her company seems mutual.
  • Haruka Tenoh: A handsome young woman whom Yukimi thinks is a man. Himiko has not gone to the trouble of disillusioning her of this belief. Himiko finds her flirtatious streak amusing, and though Haruka has denied being in a relationship with Michiru, Himiko remembers the painting that Michiru had been working on of her.
  • Sailor Uranus: A Sailor Soldier who helped kill a demon-possessed. Himiko, as Lux Lapsa, didn't see the lead-up, but quickly realized the situation anyway. She was prepared to accept that they did what they needed to with the personnel they had on hand and that they could work together, but after the incident at Hokkaido, where they cooperated well until it came time to deal with the maiden herself, she's realized that Sailor Uranus has more in common with the regular Lux Angeli than she does herself.
  • Sailor Neptune: A Sailor Soldier who killed a demon-possessed. Lux Lapsa has not encountered her as much as she has Uranus, but she was the one who actually did the deed, and the shard of Ruthlessness, which pierced Lux Lapsa during the fight against the maiden of dreams, came from her as well. If Uranus and Neptune are partners, then she likely can't be trusted either.
  • Syaoran Li: A grumpy young boy with a remarkable talent for magic and attitude problems to match. Himiko doesn't mind that so much, save when he gets extra-classist, and intends on approaching him again later to see if it's possible if they can cooperate.
  • Nadeshiko Fujisaki: A friend of Syaoran's. Himiko doesn't know as much about her, but she exchanged numbers with her as well. Himiko can also sense something around her, though she isn't able to actually see Temari.