Niramo Umokeshi

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Niramo Umokeshi
Niramo and Takk, enjoying the fresh air in a park.
IC Information
Full Name: Niramo Umokeshi
Aliases: Sourisi, Miraculous Ninja, The Mouse Who Roars
Gender: Female
Age/Birthdate: 14 (July 19, 2001)
Height: 4' 10"
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Dark Green
Astrological Sign: Cancer
Blood Type: A
Favorite Food: Tuna Sashimi
Least Favorite Food: Steamed Vegetables
Favorite Subject: Literature
Least Favorite Subject: Social Studies
Organization: Magic Association
Position: Experienced Magical Girl
School: School: Juuban Public School (Grade 9)
OOC Information
Source: Miraculous Ladybug (OC)
Player: Blasktin


"So that's why I fight. Not for glory, recognition or anything like that. I fight for my dreams - my friends dreams, so that we can all live in a world where we finally gain what we desire...and be proud of the road we traveled to reach it."


Cheerful and outgoing, Niramo is an idealistic-minded young woman. If she spots a fight between others, she tries to diffuse the situation. Her cheerful view on life helps her find ways to appeal to almost everyone, and she actively seeks out ways to help others in need. Being a native of Tokyo, Niramo loves the busy streets of Tokyo, but she always finds pleasure in finding unique things off the beaten roads. She's been in the Juuban school system her entire life, and enjoys cooking treats to share with her classmates. While she's using her Miraculous, she takes on the name of Sourisi and uses a pair of tonfa to fight. Her courage goes to the forefront, and she jumps in without a thought when innocents are in danger. In battle, she does have a tendency to focus too much on either full-out assaulting dark forces or not bother thinking up a plan, but it usually works out for her. Niramo just wants what's best for everyone, even if it means she has to sacrifice something for herself to do it.



Isozaki Umokeshi: Niramo's father who works long hours every day to provide for his family. While their schedules make it hard for the two to truly spend time with one another, they love and support each other. His job as a police detective means he's on call almost every day of the week, so he's not around often. He has been a major influence on Niramo's life despite the little time they spend with one another these days, and is where she gets her sense of justice. Despite how little he spends time with his only daughter, the bond between the two is still as strong as ever and he is protective of his little girl.

Ushioda Umokeshi: Niramo's mother, who runs her own cake and catering business. She started to teach Niramo how to cook from a young age, and is often the one there to give Niramo support and advice. She's worried about Isozaki, and the stress that he's going through to provide for their family. It is from her that Niramo has learned to stay positive, no matter the situation. Despite the long hours she works managing her catering service, she is home often enough to have a meal with Niramo.

Takk: The Kwami bonded to the Mouse Miraculous with the appearence of a 10-cm floating mouse. Takk prefers to think logically, dismantling and reassembling human technology to see how it functions and has even tutored Niramo with her homework when needed. Though they have only just met, Takk and Niramo are bonding well with one another, enough that she has already figured out Takk only acts like he has no emotions. He's constantly with Niramo, staying out of sight by riding in her bookbag and keeping an ear out for any trouble. Niramo has grown very close to Takk after all this time working together, and she honestly can't see how life would be without the cheeky mouse. She does wish that he wouldn't be such a couch potato, as the concept of television has been a guilty pleasure of the Kwami.


Marinette Dupain-Cheng: The mystery of who Ladybug is simply that, a mystery to Niramo, but it's one that is starting to wear on her. Her quick thinking and great advice marks her out as a natural leader, and one that Niramo will look forward to working with. Niramo is finally starting to spend more time with the excitable girl and considers her a friend as well!

Adrien Agreste: Niramo is only aware of Adrien's name due to Yuhira and her focus on all things fashion, and hasn't realized that he's in Juuban. Chat Noir, however, certainly has made an impression on Sourisi, with his grace, like of puns and his rather impressive destruction of an entire pirate ship. The fact he hasn't made any terrible jokes about her height helps matters too! Adrien Agreste is a mystery Niramo's not too sure if she should take the time to learn about more, only because she's intimidated by his background.

Fumiko Inoue: The prankster and disruptive girl's first meeting with Niramo ended up with Fumiko actually managed to get under her skin and getting a chewing out, so it can be surprising to some that the two of them are pretty close these days! Fumiko is making efforts to turn over a new leaf and Niramo sees someone who needs a true friend. The problem is that the both of them know there's something magical about the other, which can leave an elephant in the room. Serpentina Ruse is a lot of fun to be around with and someone that Sourisi trusts deeply, yet a part of her doesn't want to reveal her secret identity just yet...


Kasagami Araki: The grief that Kasagami has after her loss against the mysterious pink-haired Duelist is deep, and makes Niramo wonders just what exactly is the story behind those scars she bears. Despite the hardships and setbacks, Kasagami still holds her head up high and is a great example to never give up on your dreams. Despite being from different schools, Niramo is quite proud to call the Crimson Duelist her senpai. Maybe that's just encouraging the attempts to have her transfer to Ohtori...

Endo Naoki: The two met in a park after school, and she considers the high schooler a kind and friendly upperclassman. It was up in the air on if they would know each other just in passing, but after the Device User and Miraculous User found out about the other's magical habits, they grew much closer and Niramo considers Endo a good friend.

Ye-jin Song: Not exactly a friend persay, but the Ohtori dance club president is giving Niramo lessons in how to dance. She has a very rough exterior to others that is classic for most students at Ohtori, but Niramo senses traces of a good person in those depths and wants to bring them forth. This only becomes more apparent after she started to receive lessons on how to dance from the Ohtori Dance Captain herself in one-on-one sessions. While she can be strict, she's also fair and knows how to encourage talent in others. There's just something about students from Ohtori that seem so inspiring.

Fuu Hououji: Fuu has a lot of similar interests to Niramo when it comes to books and video games, and she always seems so calm and collected. Perhaps it has something to do with her natural talent with archery? While not exactly sure of what Fuu thinks of her, Niramo considers Fuu a good friend and wants to know her better. Then there's also the case that she may have be a magical girl as well, if that mysterious glove she had is any indication.

Steven Universe: Such a brave young man that can do such amazing things, even before his incredible shield comes into play. It's hard to ruin whatever good mood Steven might have, and you can always depend of him being there in the thick of things. The half-Gem boy is a friend she's willing to help at the drop both in and out of the mask, and his cheerful attitude about life is very contagious whenever he's around.

Amethyst: The purple Gem is pretty free and relaxed, not going to let anyone bother to tell her what to do or how to live her life. When it comes down to it, however, you can count of Amethyst to be there with whip in hand and ready to thrash any youma or outer space Gem.

Setsuna Meioh: The Senshi of Time and a magical girl that shows just how experienced she is with each move she makes. She appears to be quite the close friend with Kasagami, which makes Niramo wonders how the two met. While Niramo tries not to bother Setsuna too much, since she feels the older girl has important matters to handle, she considers herself honored to know such an impressive woman.

Usagi Tsukino: While they have only met while transformed, Niramo is very impressed with the older Magical Girl. Her spirit during a mission, being a natural leader during a crisis, and helping friends and newcomers alike with personal issues, Niramo feels Sailor Moon is who she should inspire to become. Niramo also considers Sailor Moon her Magical Girl senpai, and can't wait to work with her again.

Shigure Shiratsuyu: The Maiden of Solais seems to have a rough life at home, but she will likely explain why in due time. In the mean time, all Niramo can do for her best friend is be there for her whenever she needs support, both in life and on the magical battlefield, for it's only when Shigure is with her that she feels the most comfortable with herself. Through thick and thin, she wants to help Shigure grow to be the best that she possibly can. Takk seems to approve of her too, being the only one he doesn't immediately scold Niramo for revealing the secret identity of Sourisi.

Yuhira Ena: Niramo's friend since she lived in the Minato district, they stay in touch with one another and try to meet each other for shopping trips. She's always keeping up with what new trends are on the streets of Shibuya, and makes sure that Niramo and Wakatsuki are well-prepared. She has a graceful hand with fabrics, and wants to become a fashion designer when she's older. She's also the tallest of the three girls, which annoys Niramo to no end, with vibrant green hair that reaches her waist in a wave. A problem with Yuhira is that she somehow managed to see past Sourisi's mask for a moment, and while there hasn't been any overt efforts to get Sourisi unmasked, Niramo is certain Yuhira is planning something.

Wakatsuki Makiko: A somewhat reserved girl Niramo got to open up at Juuban, she's a year younger than Niramo yet in the same grade due to her high grades. A fountain of knowledge when it comes to technology, it took some prodding from Niramo before Wakatsuki finally joined the Science Club. Shy and reserved, Niramo made sure to introduce her to Yuhira, and three have become friends since then. She already has been looking for universities to apply for once she is old enough, and has even made her own computer out of worn out hardware. She's the second tallest, and her silver hair just reaches her shoulders. Wakatsuki has been assisting Yuhira in her quest to see if there really is a connection between the Miraculous Ninja and her friend Niramo, but the search for the truth is staying elusive.


Lera Camry: Having met her while on some club business, the exchange student always seems so bright and cheerful. Niramo hasn't had any luck finding any information on the hover cars the Americans are suppose to have now, however.

Yumi Ohzara: The Witch of Lost Ivy reminds Niramo of Wakatsuki, due to the shy personality that she has. Perhaps a friendship could bloom if Niramo focused on talking with Yumi more...