2018-12-30 - TIMELINE 1: A Summary On Cow & Goat Milk

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TIMELINE 1: A Summary On Cow & Goat Milk

La Sirene requests more information from Sourisi about kosher ice cream, and she delivers! But it isn't all about staying cool in the summer heat.


Nori Ankou, Niramo Umokeshi


Shitamachi Low City - Sensouji Temple

OOC - IC Date:

12/30/2018 - 08/08/2014

.**************************** Shitamachi Low City *****************************.
*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+* Sensouji Temple +*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*
 The oldest and most famous temple Buddhist temple in Tokyo, Sensouji is       
 approached through several blocks of paper-lanterned stalls. The scent of     
 fried foods and the traditional clothing worn by the vendors gives the        
 market a festive feel, and on pleasant days the market street leading up to   
 the temple is jammed with people looking at dubiously handmade crafts,        
 traditional Japanese clothing, and various religious trinkets.                
 The temple itself is approached through a massive orange-red gate, which      
 looks as though it was orphaned from a great castle, and sports a pair of     
 hemp sandals large enough to hold a truck instead of a foot. The color        
 scheme repeats inside, where a heaped pagoda flanks the main hall, their      
 heavy pine-blue rooves contrasting with livid orange pillars to give a        
 stately, otherworldly impression. The grounds are extensive, with wide open   
 paved areas, and enough nooks and crannies to find some quiet even on busy    
 days. Multiple smaller halls are devoted to various deities, and many small   
 shrines and statues rest within a calm garden. There is even a separate       
 Shinto shrine adjacent to the temple, also named Sensouji.                    
 As with a Shinto shrine, visitors are expected to wash their hands and mouth  
 from a font before entering, and can purchase charms and fortunes within for  
 a small donation.                                                            
<Pose Tracker> Sourisi [Juuban Public School (8)] has posed.

All may be relatively back to normal for the Sensouji Temple, but there's still quite a lot of time left in the day before Sourisi can call it good. Ice cream is safe from the all-devouring maw of the Not-Nice Panther (despite the sembalance to a snow lion, she still insists on calling it by that name), but it seems like La Sirene has something serious she wanted to discuss.

Borrowing just a bit of shaved ice to help keep the groceries her mom requested cool, Sourisi sets the buldging bags on the roof next to a few pipes and sits down in the shade they provide. Magical outfit or no, the setting sun was still baking Tokyo and this was a mouse who didn't wished to be fried. At least there was a nice breeze this high up!

The air and a quicker route home is just a few of the reasons why Niramo wants to abuse her Miraculous to hop along the rooftops, but Takk had but his tiny foot down on that plan. He may be tiny, but the mouse Kwami can rant for -hours- if he's in the right mood.

"Is everything okay, La Sirene-san? I honestly thought things went well enough against the Orphan!" It honestly did go well enough, but Sourisi knew it could have gone a bit better. She didn't even see the new Miraculous user until near the end, and that was just embarrasing. Hopefully she didn't mess up on something important. Wait, was there more of a difference between Akuma Villains and Orphans and this was a lecture?!

<Pose Tracker> Nori Ankou [Ohtori Academy (9)] has posed.

La Sirene has not leapt, she has drifted. Of some note before she began to travel with Sourisi was the introduction of Batiste the Otter, a small and friendly fellow who seems happy to ride shotgun on la Sirene's magical shoulder.

As she drifts, la Sirene has to turn her head to put her focus back on Sourisi. Blinking slowly, she says; "Hm? Oh!"

La Sirene clasps her hands together with a tiny flash of blue. "I was a little dismayed at that girl with the swan, but yes, you're right. I was just thinking about what you had mentioned."

"I told you I can't handle a lot of milk..." And indeed, la Sirene's L.V. bag, wherein an otter -shaped space is now packed with presents, contains mostly fruit ices. Weird, how she has that custom handbag that's so similar to the one -- but never mind. "But you said there was kosher ice cream, and that it was different? I don't know what that is."

"It's... religious!" says Batiste, hopefully. He is college educated, but only on the undergraduate level.

<Pose Tracker> Sourisi [Juuban Public School (8)] has posed.

Climbing and bounding is something that Sourisi is used to be now, lacking the means of flight like La Sirene has. At least magical flight still appears to be the minority instead of the majority like she feared long ago. It takes considerable effort for Sourisi not to pick up Batiste and hug him tightly, his natural adorableness making it hard for her to go with her first instinct. She did say that he was very charming!

Takk is, meanwhile, dealing with the troublesome emotion known as jealousy. He's not jealous of a otter, not in the slightest.

Thankfully for Sourisi, a lecture seems to be the futhest thing from La Sirene's mind, and it takes the mouse ninja to backtrack for a moment. "Huh? Oh, right, you did mention something like that, and then I told you about the kosher ice cream!" She starts to giggle when Batiste hits close to the mark and gives him points for effort. "You're close, Batiste-san! I'm not sure from what religion it's from myself, but it basically amounts to food usually doesn't come from diseased animals here. I try to keep track of what someone can have if they have dietry plans."

Cupping her chin in a free hand, Sourisi motions with a free hand towards where the Crown Arcade should be...hopefully. Rooftops can change your perspective if you wern't careful! "The Crown Arcade usually avoids that by serving a few milk-free ice creams on their menu, but not too many people I know get it because they think it tastes terrible. It's...a little different, but you still get the same experience. There's ones with peanut butter and chocolate, or tastes like bubble gum. If you want, I can look around at some of the shops later and find out if there's a bigger selection of ice cream somewhere...or maybe other kinds of desserts too!"

If it also means that she gets to taste test some more ice cream, it does seem like a win-win to Sourisi as well!

<Pose Tracker> Nori Ankou [Ohtori Academy (9)] has posed.

Batiste is extremely huggable. He's like a water cat with a big chubby tail. Chubby tail!! Precious paws!! Cute little eyes!!

"Yes!" la Sirene says, clenching a fist in dramatic acknowledgement. "I want to know everything about it!" Then she leans forwards as Sourisi explains, nodding along occasionally. Her lips purse for a moment.

"Does that mean that regular milk can come from animals with diseases?" la Sirene asks. She frowns and looks at Batiste.

Batiste looks back at her, and then back towards Sourisi. The otter explains, "Where we are from the milk all comes from goats, not from cows."

"So it's um - what's the word. I know it tastes different, and the cheese is different," la Sirene muses as she drifts a little closer to Sourisi. "Do you know what I mean?"

"I hope we aren't making assumptions," Batiste says, apologetically. He clasps his little paws.

"You must be a big fan of the Crown Arcade... I wish I had a favorite place like that," la Sirene says, more dreamily. "And I would adore that, but don't put yourself out if it would be difficult for you to do. I can look for such things myself if they occur to me."

La Sirene's head lolls slightly and she smiles at Sourisi. "My apologies. I always get rather wistful, this time of day... I'm much more vivacious at night."

<Pose Tracker> Sourisi [Juuban Public School (8)] has posed.

It's rare for someone to be so interested when it comes to cooking explanations, even if it's an imperfect one. The last time she tried to explain to Marinette what the difference between sifted and unsifted flour, her eyes became glazed halfway through. Maybe it's how Takk feels at times?

"It can, but if it's a small infection or disease, it's usually taken care of during the pasteurization process. It helps kills a lot of the germs, but some people are understandably still picky about it. And some foods can be bought without it done, since it can taste completely different as well!" A quick peek into her grocery bags show they're fine thanks to the shade. The ice cream salesman was a lifesaver!

Milk from a goat? That's certainly different, and might explain why La Sirene can't have milk from cows. Maybe her body couldn't handle the difference? "Goat milk? I never tried it before, but I heard it's really strong. And I think so. They're alike yet completely different at the same time, right?" Oooh, seeing Batiste almost bowing like that makes Sourisi wish she could take a picture of him. He shouldn't be that cute! "You're both fine, Batiste-san! I just hope i'm explaining things well enough!"

That last comment about the Crown Arcade has the mouse ninja rubbing the back of her neck, with her cheeks turning pink. She was talking about it quite a bit, wasn't she? "Aah! W-well, I often don't have a lot to do outside of school and fighting evildoers, so I go to arcades to pass the time. It's. ..one of the arcades I end up going to the most, though."

A slight frown appears on her lips for a moment when le Sirene mentions she wishes she had a favorite spot. Takk might throw a fit, but...well, he did seem to be coming around with each person she reveals herself to. "Well, it can be if you want it too. I-I mean, I know we all have our secret identities and everything, but...I wouldn't mind taking you there sometime as a friend! And... vivacious?" Sourisi stumbles over the word for a moment before realization dawns on her. "Oh, right! I'm a night owl myself. I always seem to get all of my energy after the sun sets and you can relax."

<Pose Tracker> Nori Ankou [Ohtori Academy (9)] has posed.

"The what?" La Sirene asks.

"Is that the thing where they heat it up and cook it just the tiniest bit to kill off the germs?" Batiste asks. (To la Sirene, he explains, "Walk-on-glass process." He does not actually explain anything with this.)

"I don't think it's strong!" la Sirene protests, though without great vigor. "But it is certainly different... it tastes... mm, it's strong ER, I suppose I will accept that." And then she listens... and she asks, "What do you hope to do, when you are older?"

She awaits an answer quietly.

But then she asks, "I have never really gone to a game center. Is it very hard? I don't want to look foolish in front of everyone... I just did not have many games growing up, and even now I only have the jewel one on my phone."

With a sense of having a confession, la Sirene adds, "I suppose that sounds strange. I am not... I was not /raised/ in the Sea of Tears, my distant home."

Batiste shifts on la Sirene's shoulder, sitting upright. He rests his paw on the side of her head, which does look a little preposterous, but it is to steady himself... and perhaps to provide support.

<Pose Tracker> Sourisi [Juuban Public School (8)] has posed.

Batiste seems to know exactly what pasteurization does, but his explanation to la Sirene leaves a lot to be desired. "Wait, 'walk-on-glass' process? You walk on glass to clean food?" Was it a sheet of glass or shards? Wouldn't that be painful?!

La Sirene's weakening protests has Sourisi laughing at the end of it all, unable to contain herself. "So I guess it's true, then? I should try it myself someday, but...I might plug up my nose, to play it safe if that's okay." Besides, trying out new foods is fun and like a miniature adventure. You never quite know what to expect.

The next question fired her way brings the Miraculous user up short, not exactly that question in the slightest. It's something she thinks about, with the far off prospect of high school still miles away. Leaning her head against a pipe, Sourisi looks towards the darkening sky and takes a moment to think. "Well...I don't exactly have anything specific planned, but I want to do something that make others happy. Be it stopping evil like this all the time, bringing good food to others, or some other way I haven't thought of...I just want to make the world a better place. There's too many bad things that go on in the world, mundane or magical, so I just want to try to make it a little bit better. As long as you can laugh, it's a good life, right?"

Maybe she has been thinking about it more than just a little.

Looking back at la Sirene, Sourisi's grateful for the change in subject. She tries not to think too much about the serious parts of life. "Well...yes and no? There's all sorts of games at an arcade, and while some are just games of luck, there's quite a few that can be difficult as well. An arcade is made to make money no matter what, though! Keep that in mind!"

She wasn't raised in her home? And the Sea of Tears? Sourisi't never heard of a place like that before, but just how Sirene talked about it, but it sounds like there's a lot that is unsaid and felt at the same time. "I can't imagine what it would be like not to be raised in a place that you know to be your home, but...isn't a home what you decide it is? A friend of mine grew up in France for most of her life, but she considers Tokyo as a second home, even if it's not where she's raised. " Hopefully she's not completely butchering this!

"I...moved several times in my life, and I still remember this study my father had back in my first house. It was so quiet in there when it rained, and so peaceful. I haven't seen it in years, but I still remember it clearly...u-uh, anyways! The point is maybe you're no longer there, but if you have memories that you hold it close in your heart, it doesn't have to be so distant." Sourisi did get a little sidetracked there with memories of that small house, but...it was still there, in a sense.

She was no good at trying to be serious, was she?

<Pose Tracker> Nori Ankou [Ohtori Academy (9)] has posed.

"No, no," Batiste says. "That was the name of our inventor of the idea! It was a little beforehand. Really, it isn't important, though it did use a glass vessel..."

"Of course," la Sirene tells Sourisi with a sage nod. "Whatever you like. It's really got a good flavor, though... rather tangy."

And then Sourisi speaks about her dreams and la Sirene's hands lace together before her as she purses her lips in thought. It's not a frown, though it might seem near to one.

The explanation about food, helping people, making the world better... it strikes a chord in la Sirene. Perhaps such feelings are not hers, not exactly, but she can feel them too, by analogy if by absolutely nothing else. And is making the world happier all that much different from collecting the sorrows of the world?

She listens.

"I," la Sirene says, "was born... in Sapporo. Did you go on the school trip...?" This alone was sufficient to narrow the identity of la Sirene down to three people; only one at Ohtori, and two at Infinity. "I did not leave much, save for family trips... except that I spent a summer away, in the Sea of Tears, before I came to this place. To Tokyo."

La Sirene is quiet for a moment, and then says, "A study in your father's home... it sounds


"Places like that... memories... the Sea of Tears may sound ridiculous, but I can assure you that it is a real place. But it is also a place where memories are built and where they can remain... Sometimes people move their memories there, just to be safe."

After a moment, and a glance to Batiste, la Sirene says, "Can you tell me a day and a time when we could meet? At that game center. I will come there, in my other form. I hope you'll be patient with me as I learn the games... I do not know if I will like them. But, Sourisi, my dear -"

"I do like you."

("Does your friend really speak French? I would love to practice my French with her! They speak French in the Sea of Tears," la Sirene says. Batiste, outside of la Sirene's hearing, later corrects by saying they speak *a form* of French, perhaps because he senses a social disaster.)

<Pose Tracker> Sourisi [Juuban Public School (8)] has posed.

So it wasn't actually her first home but the second that la Sirene misses? At least she wasn't completely off, but it does make more sense now, where she considers her memories her home. "A place where memories can be safe? It sounds like a great place, actually. I might have to look into it more!" But with the name of the Sea of Tears...it also sounds a little dreary.

A full smile forms under Sourisi's masked eyes, and she gives a quick nod to her new friend. "Of course! I'll be more than happy with teaching you the ropes on how to play at an arcade, and it'll be my treat. I'll be in my other form too, um...look for a large leather bookbag and i'll wear something green. Monday around lunch time then?"

Grabbing her chilled groceries and waving cheerfully at la Sirene (and a quick hug for Batiste!), Sourisi starts leaping away towards her home. She needs to drop these off before meeting up with the latest Miraculous user in Tokyo. And who said summer days were lazy?