2021-05-08 - Out of the Dragon's Den and...

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Title: Out of the Dragon's Den and...

After taking care of a weaker Youma by themselves, Sourisi and Serpentina Ruse have a quick talk. What started off with a good laugh turns into building up courage for the Snake.


Fumiko Inoue, Niramo Umokeshi


Shitamachi Low City - Akihabara Electric Town

OOC - IC Date:

2021-5-8 - 2015-11-23

.**************************** Shitamachi Low City *****************************.
*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+* Akihabara Electric Town +*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*
 Brave Akihabara, holy land of nerds, Akihabara of the cartoony signs and      
 gumball-machine colors. One can buy anything in Akihabara, as long as it is   
 computer gear, electronics or anime merchandise. The main strip is the        
 glitziest, with a large percentage of the visible building faces covered in   
 electronic signs, huge posters, or garish paint jobs, and there one can       
 purchase coveted new items at (or just a hair before) their street dates.     
 The streets to either side are home to a messier brand of store, where one    
 can, with a little luck and persistence, find used goods like that rare       
 out-of-print first edition Sailor V figurine or vanity press Pretty Cure      
 doujinshi. These smaller stores compete ferociously for space, and can be     
 found crammed into alleyways and spilling out onto sidewalks as well as in    
 more standard configuration.                                                  
 Those whose tastes run more to programming than fandom can find the area,     
 also known as Akihabara Electric Town, quite rewarding as well. It's the      
 perfect place to shop for computer parts and other gadgets for projects both  
 personal and paranormal, with the venue ranging from a posh cutting-edge      
 robotics store on the main strip, to tiny stalls wedged into alleys that      
 sell high-grade electronics on the cheap. The latter category manage this     
 feat of thrift by selling unpackaged items taken from wholesale lots, and     
 piled up for display like supermarket apples.                                 
 It's relatively safe to be seen wearing unusual clothing here; it's likely    
 to be taken for cosplay, or the uniform of one of the diversely themed maid   
<Pose Tracker> Serpentina Ruse [Juuban Public School (9)] has posed.

Akihabara in the evening was always quite a sight, and tonight is no exception. Buildings and signs are lit up in so many pretty colors, you would almost forget that most of them are advertisements. It is dark enough for the flashing lights to shine, but not too dark that they are blinding, nor too late to do any last minute activities. Electronics stores, manga and memorabelia shops, cafes and even gamer bars are still - or just now - opening, a few hours from closing. It is almost breathtaking.

But that's not why a green-clad heroine is trying to catch her breath on the roof of a manga store. Her long brown hair, ribbon running through her lengthy braid, drapes in front of her face. Her mask and almost-glowing yellow eyes are slightly obscured by it. She holds herself up with a closed parasol, breathing a bit ragged.

"Wow... um... I think I overdid it a bit," Serpentina admits, flushed from more than just exertion. "I... really thought that youma was stronger than that or I wouldn't have tried that risky, yet really cool move just now. Or... maybe we are just so good, and so good as a team, that we beat that crazy thing super easy when it was actually pretty powerful. Right, Squeaks?"

<Pose Tracker> Sourisi [Juuban Public School (9)] has posed.

For someone who has been born and raised in Tokyo all their lives, the bright lights winking on one at a time can be taken for granted and completely ignored. Yet for those that are not yet blinded to the lights, seeing this chaotic artificial rainbow coming together can be absolutely stunning - as long as they're fine with that rainbow being made out of advertisements.

Sourisi is sitting on the edge of the rooftop, a big grin on her lips as she watches her partner in mischief stopping to take a quick breather. Surely her shaking wasn't from barely held laughter, not in the slightest. It has to be her breathing in and out rapidly, catching her own breath. Right? "Maaaybe just a little!"

Sourisi leans back slightly, resting herself with her arms holding herself up on the rooftop. "I really think you just caught that cartoon dragon off guard! I mean, jumping above it and stuffing your parasol in it's mouth? It wasn't expecting that! At least it only exploded into confetti when it tried to breath fire..." Sourisi is glad things didn't get messier, even if property damage tends to fix itself after a magical battle takes place. "You did better than me there, Slithery!"

<Pose Tracker> Serpentina Ruse [Juuban Public School (9)] has posed.

Serpentina kicks the umbrella up and hoists it onto her shoulders. She slowly walks over to the mouse ninja and sits down next to her on the edge. "Yeah, the confetti was a bit of a surprise," she says, holding back a giggle. "But I had faith in this little friend with the fire." She taps her parasol, then frowns slightly. "Maybe too much - I mean it did survive, but I had quite a rough landing."

She grins at Sourisi and nudges her arm slightly. "Better than you? What about how you dealt with its tail? That was some quick, clever thinking... using cartoon tactics to slow down a cartoon dragon. I never even would have thought of that if I had a million years to! That was... was..." She finally cannot stop herself, and bursts out laughing. Luckily she isn't some klutz that would laugh herself off the edge of a building, but it almost looks like she would with how hard her laughter is. "S..sorry...ha... should probably treat this youma attack seriously... give it the respect it de...serves...pffhahaha!"

<Pose Tracker> Sourisi [Juuban Public School (9)] has posed.

Sourisi snorts a little as she recalls Serpentina's momentary pause in midair before gravity took hold, trying desperately not to laugh at her friend's expense. "The look on your face was priceless, though! And it wasn't that rough...right?" Now that the snake lady was speaking it out loud, Sourisi was giving her fellow Miraculous User a careful look over. She did seem just fine, despite the bits of dirt on her.

Sourisi blushes a little at that and turns her head in embarrasment. "I may have watched a lot of cartoons growing up, and normal stuff wasn't quite working. Besides, i'm a mouse! Sticking a chain on it and weaving it around the store worked perfectly!" At first, the Mouse that Roars feels a little embarrased as Serpentina's laughter catches hold, but before long she joins in as well. Sourisi's just glad she's leaning backwards already, so she doesn't have to worry about falling. Don't need a picture of that on the Ladyblog! "Pffff, how can you?! I honestly feel a little bad for it, it's much cuter than the real dragon I saw once!"

It does feel good to laugh, and she hasn't had a laughing fit like this in a while. There was too much seriousness going on lately, it felt great just to have something that was worth laughing about.

<Pose Tracker> Serpentina Ruse [Juuban Public School (9)] has posed.

Sourisi had nothing to worry about. Serpentina didn't even get any scrapes or bruises from that; she was just rattled a bit and kind of embarrassed. "Right. Not that rough. Just reckless of me." Serpentina is happy she wasn't the only one to do something crazy. "Well, that chain thing worked pretty well, yeah. Guess we both got caught up in the moment, but it worked, so..."

After her laughing fit, Serpentina sighs, almost seeming to deflate a little bit. "Phew... I... I needed that laugh. This was just the cure the doctor ordered for my stress, and...." Something finally registers with the snake warrior. "Real dragon? You saw a real dragon? That's incredible! Maybe what I wanted to talk to you about isn't as important."

<Pose Tracker> Sourisi [Juuban Public School (9)] has posed.

Sourisi just shakes her head as the laughter finally dies down for her, her grin not shrinking in the slighest. "You know how I do things! I don't think ahead in the slightest, I just run in and do whatever comes to mind. I'm all about...uh...right! Tactics, not strategy." Tactics would suggest that short-term plans for battles is what she's a master of, but Sourisi doesn't tend to think things through. It's just luck on her end!

Seeing that her slithery friend was starting to become a little more serious, Sourisi turned her head slightly. "I think we both did! Things have been crazy with weird dreams and-" Sourisi jumps a little as Serpentina catches the mention of the dragon and she nods her head.

"Yep! Me and a few others accidently walked into an ambush that was set by one of the Wind Knight's enemies, and we ended up on another world. We had to fight off a giant dragon and...uh...well..." Sourisi rubs the back of her neck and looks to the side in embarrasment. "You know that joke of 'Rocks fall, everyone dies'? Well...I didn't die obviously, but I certainly got crushed."

Now it's Sourisi's turn to catch something, and Slithery gets Squeaks' full attention. "Oh, you want to talk about something? I'm up for anything, maybe I can help you out!"

<Pose Tracker> Serpentina Ruse [Juuban Public School (9)] has posed.

"Yeah, thinking ahead is definitely not one of your strong suits," Serpentina jokes. "Not enough action for you. But honestly?" She shrugs. "I like planning ahead, but it isn't a luxury that we're often given, so I admire your ability to do stuff on the fly." Her mischivous grin softens into a genuine smile, one that beams pride of her friend. "I guess I tried to be like you and... it worked this time, but it was nowhere near as...'smooth'?"

Dragons? Other worlds? Ambushes? Serpentina's bright eyes widen. "That's... that sounds like one big story. I'd love to hear it some time." However, her own concerns were being addressed, snapping her out of her wonder. "Thank you. There's been something weighing on me lately. I have this friend..." She hesitates, and takes a breath. "I'm not going to name names due to privacy." She seems nervous, glancing away, hands shaking. "Okay... this friend... I have suspicions about. I think they might be... one of us. So many clues have been piling up. And the one of us might be someone I-" Again, hesitation. "Maybe I should forget about it. But I can't. What if my friend isn't just a... a civilian? What if they... 'play the same game' we do? How do I know without directly asking them, and possibly giving away my secret to someone who actually ISN'T involved? Or worse... secretly an enemy?" She shakes her head. "No, not an enemy, there's no whay she- th-they- would... huh, I'm not good at this."

<Pose Tracker> Sourisi [Juuban Public School (9)] has posed.

Serpentina gets it, and honestly doesn't seem like she's mocking Sourisi for being how she is. "If I try to plan things out, more often than not it'll be too late by the time I want to do those plans!" The mouse gives her scalebound friend a true smile in return, not at all like the large grins she tends to wear in the heat of battle. This was more personal, showing that she trusts Serpentina. "Practice makes perfect, but i'll need someone to help me out if I get in over my head."

Sourisi leans forward and rests her elbows on her knees as she listens to Serpentina's plight. The difficulties of keeping others from finding out your secret identity or your magical one is always tough. Suspecting that someone can use magic like you can is a different problem and one that Sourisi actually has little experience with. Despite just how many times Takk has stressed just how important it was to keep her identity secret, the Miraculous Ninja has let it slip out several times. And with several people suspecting her to this day, it can be hard.

Sourisi holds her tongue as she gathers her thoughts, trying to figure out the best way to say them out loud. "Well...honestly? I think it might be best to confront your friend about it, if you're 99% sure they're in the know. If you keep trying to needle them to get them to slip up without being up front about it, it can make you look bad! Plus, you're going to be thinking about it constantly whenever you're with your friend, so things might get awkward."

Sitting upright, she looks at Serpentina directly in the eyes. "Just know that if you do want to know who they are, they have the right to know who you are as well." A rosy tint blooms on Sourisi's cheeks from embarrasment, and she spreads her fingers out for Serpentina to see. "The people who know my secret? I need both hands to count. I'm...not really that good at keeping things a secret. But!" She points a finger at Serpentina at this. "I know them too, and feel a lot closer with them because of this. It's a risk, but it's always worked out so far!"

<Pose Tracker> Serpentina Ruse [Juuban Public School (9)] has posed.

Serpentina finally did it. She let the burden reveal itself in the open air, and released it. She sinks a little more, looking tired yet thoughtful. Perhaps she could now get some advice, and maybe that advice could lead to closure. But... it isn't the advice she was expecting. "Let... my friend know my suspicions? Which... would let them know I'm in the know? Are you..."

When Sourisi looks into Serpentina's eyes, Serpentina stares back. Gazes into them, giving Sourisi her full attention. There would be no way Sourisi would try to trick her, or do anything to hurt her. And her eyes reflected it. Serpentina only reads concern and kindness from them, as she of course expected. Sourisi was her wonderful, wonderful friend.

She then blinks and blushes. That was probably a bit creepy. "Yeahh... keeping the secret is difficult. Especially due to who I am. Not in name or in situation, but in heart. I... I'm all sneaky and trying to be clever, but... I'm also working on being more open, honest, and a good person. You might not know this about me, but... I'm never sure I deserve to be a hero, but it at least makes me feel better that I can help instead of hurt. Keeping secrets... lying... that's all stuff I want behind me. And if you are sure about this... I will let my friend in."

<Pose Tracker> Sourisi [Juuban Public School (9)] has posed.

The surprise in Serpentina's face is pretty obvious, despite the domino mask meant to hide her identity. It's honestly what she was expecting, and Sourisi nods once. "I'm positive! If you are absolutely certain, then find some private time that you know you won't be walked in on or overheard! If not...just, uh, keep investigating, but I want to explain my reasoning!"

Sourisi stands up and starts to pace back and forth on the rooftop, her left hand reaching around to tug on the end of her braid due to all the nervous energy she has. "I noticed something when I first got my Miraculous and began to protect Tokyo. Groups like the Pretty Cures or the Sailor Scouts...well, they work great together! They depend on one another, their attacks to be powered up when combined, and I don't think it's just because they use the same kind of magic. I helped out Ladybug in fights before and...well...I feel like we're not working as well as we could be? It's hard to describe..." Sourisi shrugs her shoulders, hoping that Serpentina had an idea of what she was going on about.

"Takk...Ladybug, they're all for making sure we keep our identity secret from one another, and I understand why! It's so if Hawkmoth manages to Akuma one of us, that we won't go after the others and their families. Just..." Sourisi sighs heavily before standing still and looking again at Serpentina. "...I feel like i'm alone sometimes. I wanted to tell her and Chat that maybe we can show one another, but...i'm afraid to do it."

It honestly feels good for Sourisi to say these thoughts out loud, as if she's removing a weight that she's been carrying for months. "Heh, I know I was supposed to help you out, but you're helping me out too! Just...I think just make *really* sure about your friend being in the know. Things can get dangerous if they can't protect themselves..."

<Pose Tracker> Serpentina Ruse [Juuban Public School (9)] has posed.

"Absolutely certain..." Sure, Serpentina had a lot of clues. They were hard to ignore. Yet, absolutely certain? Is that even possible? Her mental gears grind into overdrive. How? What if she messes up? What if she's wrong? What if what if what if-

She stops herself from hyperventilating, taking a deep breath and letting it out. "S-sorry... I'm okay. Got into my own head for a second." The tension slightly fades, but is still visible. Talk of teams does distract the stressed snake. "Yes... I think I know what you mean. All the training we've been doing together... the improvements don't seem to be from the exercise, it seems to be from... our connection and friendship or something I can't put into words. I guess... a wavelength thing?" As for the loneliness and fear, she could relate. "Yes. Yes I understand completely. Even as a team, we're all seperated by the mask. You're... you're right in a lot of ways. It would be great to be friends with my allies. But... it's scary to let myself be... be... um..."

<Pose Tracker> Sourisi [Juuban Public School (9)] has posed.

As Serpentina trails off for a moment, Sourisi watches curiously as she takes in a deep breath and lets it out. Was she...was she worrying Slithery? Serpentina must have been thinking about this for quite a while, and her advice is making things worse?! But Serpentina does break herself out of it, but seeing how she reacted was making Sourisi a little worried.

Sourisi's smile returns as Serpentina does get what she's talking about, and she lets out a long sigh. "Oh, thank goodness. You get it too! Your idea for me to use Shift Flip with my tonfa worked perfectly against an Akuma soccer player. I know I wouldn't have been able to think of trying that myself if you hadn't brought it up during our training, so thank you a lot." Serpentina makes it sound much better by saying that they are on the same wavelength!

Serpentina seems to be having the same doubts as Sourisi, but there has to be more going on. 'Slithery seems to be worried about...maybe letting others know who she is?' With her friend trailing off again and seeming so unsure and not at all the confident person she knows, Sourisi has to do something. She just hopes she doesn't overstep herself.

Sitting back down on the ledge next to the brunette, Sourisi reaches over and gives Serpentina a quick, tight hug. They're both stumbling over their words right now, but her dad said that actions speak louder than words. Maybe this will show how much she cares.

Sourisi pulls back after a moment but makes sure to keep her hands on Serpentina's shoulders. "Hey, we're friends despite the masks, right? I think the best advice I can give is...well, something my dad drilled into my head when I was younger. Just go with your gut and do what you think is best, okay?"

<Pose Tracker> Serpentina Ruse [Juuban Public School (9)] has posed.

"I... helped? I'm so glad to hear it. I figured that would be a good strategic, yet stylish and cool and fast tech." Serpentina feels better, but not best. There is still too much going on inside her head. too much to process, but at least that helps a little. What really helps though... is Sourisi's hug. It completely catches her off-guard, and those gears in her head... grind to a halt. For a moment, she goes completely blank. A couple tears drop out of her eyes, and her flat expression becomes a soft, tiny smile. Afterwards, when Sourisi lets go, Serpentina blinks the tears away. "Go with my gut? I... my gut is telling me... this." She pulls Sourisi back into a hug, squeezing tightly and not letting go for a really long time. Eventually, the hug loosens a bit, and Serpentina whispers into her friend's ear.

"Thank you."

<Pose Tracker> Sourisi [Juuban Public School (9)] has posed.

Even though Sourisi's responsible for half the stress Serpentina is dealing with right now, hugging her seems like the right thing to do! When Slithery froze up for a second, Sourisi was afraid that she did overstep her bounds. Was she making her uncomfortable? Sourisi always tries to do what she can to make others feel at ease, so did she-

Then Serpentina pulls her in close and hugs her tight, one that is readily returned. This isn't just a hug between teammates, but an embrace between two friends that truly care for one another despite not knowing the other's real name. Friends certainly don't bring attention to tears of joy. Sourisi whispers back, completely ignoring the lights of Tokyo for once.

"You're welcome."