2018-06-14 - LOTUS DREAMS: The Ideal Magical Girl

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Title: The Ideal Magical Girl

The Stardust Champions are quick to react as the Void Stars send out a Nebubla to collect life and fear energy to further their masterful plans. A younger sibling watches from the sideline as her sister saves the day once again.


Niramo Umokeshi, Kasagami Araki as Yuhira Ena, Mikoto Minagi as Wakatsuki Makiko


Niramo's Fantasy World - Juuban's Gymnasium and Fields

OOC - IC Date:

6-14-2018 - 4-24-2015

<Pose Tracker> Niramo Umokeshi [Juuban Public School (9)] has posed.

The spring weather that hangs over Tokyo today couldn't be more perfect. The sun was warming the air just enough to keep everyone comfortable, the pollen count was at an all-time low, and the trees provided shade for those that wanted to nap outside. Unfortunately, it's a schoolday, so the only ones outside to enjoy this weather were students being directed through their physical education.

Yamane Umokeshi is one of those outside, the first grader at Juuban with the rest of her class and trying to keep pace with the others. Not for the first time, she is wishing that she could use magic like her big sister and wouldn't have to break a sweat to do anything. So pre-occupied with her thoughts and struggles not to be flagged by the teacher for trailing behind, she doesn't notice how the ground where she just pass cracks.

It's impossible to ignore when the ground erupts, chunks of earth flying everywhere, with equipment and freshly cut lawns being destroyed in a single motion. Out of the earth rises a monsterious figure, almost composed entirely of a massive reptilian jaw, with two massive legs lifting it free. Rust red scales is the armor it wears, pale yellow spikes sticking down its' spine and ending at the massive tail it lifts out of its' prison last, a taloned hand with a jaw in the palm being the end.

Beady yellow eyes watches as the humans flee from such an imposing figure, the taller ones trying to stop the chaos and lead an orderly retreat away from the exercise field. Their charges are very young however, and it would be easier to herd cats than try to keep the children together. Roaring so loudly that the nearby windows crack, the scaled behemoth stomps towards the largest group, single-mindedly focused on fulfilling its' purpose and absorbing the energy of the prey.

Stumbing to a stop behind a half-smashed storage shed, Yamane looks around wildly to make sure that no one is actually hurt before sighing in relief. As much destruction as the Nebublas cause when they attack, they never hurt a single person due to being so focused on draining them of her life energy. Making herself comfortable, the first grader prepares to watch the upcoming show, knowing that the Nebubla won't be draining too much energy today.

It picked the wrong school to attack, where those that compose the Stardust Champions get their education.

Not even a full minute has passed since the monster unearthed itself before the leader of the defenders of Earth appears, a streak of light flying through the air and towards the Nebubla, leaving behind a trail of floating glitter. Stardust Champion Sourisi lets out a tiny sigh of relief as she spies Yamane peeking around cover and safely away from the monster, not sure if her little sister would follow her advice on running away. The many ruffles and frills on her yellow-and-green skirt ripple as she parts through the air, matching the movements of her shoulder-length lime green hair.

A shadow of a thought, that there should be more weight to her hair, is tossed aside before she could even fully comprehend it. Now's not the time to worry about fashion!

Coming to a sudden halt in front of the Nebubla and causing her glittering stardust cape to snap, gleaming silver weapons in the shape of gilded tonfa form in Sourisi's hands and strikes the monster on the snout, causing it to topple from the unexpected attack. Screams from the grade schoolers turn into cheers for their savior, and the teachers shout thanks as they lead the children away while the monster rises to its' feet.

"No matter how many times the Void Stars try to harass the people of Earth, to absorb their energy for your masters' evil designs, we will always be there to stop you! For we are the Stardust Champions!" Raising her tonfa, Sourisi stares confidently right back into suddendly doubtful yellow eyes. "This I swear!"

OOC: This is going to be a non-csys fight, to showcase the daily life inside Niramo's dream world. I'll be paging you what part of the team you're 
playing in just a moment, so feel free to go over the top and dramatic with your attacks! You're also capable of unlimited flight. And remember, a
true magical girl never needs to worry about being hit by the forces of evil, and they always succeed!

<Pose Tracker> Kasagami Araki [Ohtori Academy (11)] has posed.

Yuhira Ena, Stardust Champion, was enjoying a nice cup of shaved ice after a bit of delinquency. Still, the boisterous magical girl runs a hand through her dark green hair at a rakish angle, and peers from her place behind the bleachers out at the athletics track.

But screaming and terror can get even a delinquent's attention, and so as the leader of the Stardust Champions rushes to the scnee, Yuhira activates her henshin and leaps high into the sky!

She's a falling, burning figure of red and orange in a ball of forward-flips as she careens into a small crater when she finally makes landing, hefting a massive platinum battle axe over her shoulder. With a big, fat grin on her face, she lets out a laugh that carries all throughout the athletics field.

"That's right! No Void Star is going to hurt anyone on Earth as long as we, the powerful, the loving, the beautiful and amazing Stardust Champions are here! Give up and go back home, Nebublas, because you don't stand a chance against Stardust Champion Yuhira! AHHH HAAAAAH!" She does a backflip, throwing her axe into the air, and catching it as a fiery fireworks-like explosion makes a lovely frame for her fellow Champions! She strikes a pose, one leg up as her skirt sways in the wind, a fist pumping to the sky as she laughs aloud!

<Pose Tracker> Mikoto Minagi [Ohtori Academy (11)] has posed.

Wakatsuki Makiko is more a girl of numbers than athletics, but certainly she does not /suffer/ in the art of physical education. It just so happens that this is the area of classes where she tends to ask for advice, rather than tutoring her dear friends. Luckily, her friend Niramo is always willing to help out!

(After all, she's always willing to help her friends out with the latest cool phone apps, reminders to update their computers with the latest security patches, and performance improvements to help them run the best new games.)

A bloom of ice erupts from the bleachers - a thousand-pointed star, a delicate sculpture fractally designed in elegance and precision. There is the sound of fingertips snapping, and the ice shatters, revealing the third Stardust Champion. A shimmering purple skirt is matched by blue ruffles about her neck and shoulders, like so many snowdrifts, and silver hair trails down, only loosely kept in check with a long purple ribbon.

Any snapping she will do with those fingers is sure to be of the monster-defeating kind, because they're clad in golden gauntlets.

"I won't forgive you for interrupting these poor students, Nebubla. I, the Stardust Champion Tigiri , will not stand for this!" She looks to Yuhira, a smile quirking up the corner of her lips. "... hey, how about directing all that energy to an overhead attack?"

She leaps, into the air, and gravity is no longer the master of her domain. "Stardust Champion Sourisi! We'll approach the flanks - let's see your power head-on!"

After all, as the team strategist, she knows just how to apply the fiery passion of Yuhira - and the lovely might Niramo brings to bear.

<Pose Tracker> Niramo Umokeshi [Juuban Public School (9)] has posed.

The magical embodiments of the beautiful shades of the cosmos swiftly descend upon the Nebubla swiftly in a show of light, flames and frost. With the arrival of Taureai, Tigiri and of course the wretched Sourisi disrupting the life-stealing hunt before it can even begin, the reptilian beast lets out a roar of frustration, though the voices of the Stardust Champions can still be overheard. How dare these pitiful humans delay it's masters' plans?!

Though not an intelligent being in being able to speak or understand the sounds coming from the humans, it is brilliant when it comes to combat. Striking the earth with it's tail and gripping the soft soil, the Nebubla rears backwards on the appendage, lifting a slab of earth the size of a large hill and tossing it at Sourisi. After releasing the load of earth, the Nebubla doesn't descend just yet and launches itself backwards and skywards, a massive burst of purple flames erupting in a dome and striking dangerously close towards Taureai and Tigiri!

Releasing her tonfa and having them float in front of her, Sourisi wills her tonfa to intercept the boulder before it's even close to her, cleaving directly through the hunk of rock and earth. Catching her tonfa as they returned, she can't help but grin at Yuhira and Wakatsuki proudly, though she has to shake her head at her fire-tempered best friend. "Taureai-chan, I know you live the fireworks, but save them for after we save the day yet again! You make the best ones, but I doubt this guy can appreciate them!" Flying after the retilian monstrosity, she nods at Wakatsuki and starts to spin her tonfa in her grasp. "Got it, Tigiri-chan! I'll keep it distracted and you two can lay down the hurt!"

As the Nebubla lands with a ground-shaking impact, Sourisi is already in position to give the beast a eye-stealing show. "Sparkling Starstorm!" Flinging her tonfa outwards again, they burst into brilliant light and multiply, forming dozens of tonfa that smash viciously into the Nebubla's gigantic jaw and breaking several teeth with a resounding crack.

Yamane cheers from where she was watching in the distance, always astounded when she gets to see the Stardust Champions fight in person. "One day I hope I get to be like Niramo-oneechan!"

<Pose Tracker> Kasagami Araki [Ohtori Academy (11)] has posed.

Point! Wakatsuki gets a grin and a dramatic point as she does her nerd thing! "You got it! I'm a flaming phoenix who'll brilliantly descend from aboooooove!"

Mid-leap, the young woman grins at Sourisi even as the youma tears rock at them! Niramo smashes it to dust, but she still calls out!

"Don't you worry, I'll have a real show to put on after we finish off this terrible youma! A celebration of the victory of the Stardust Champions!"

Up in the air, she's a blurr of orange and red and green as the fiery young woman becomes a rotating ball catching absurd, flame-licked hang-time. Platinum metal streaks in the sky as both hands hold onto the huge weapon, currently alight with fire. Despite all the spinning and whipping of hair, her voice calls out clean and true!

"Don't underestimate us! BURNING COMET ULTRA CRAAAAASH!" And then she falls like her attack's namesake, letting her axe's weight, her fire, and her own momentum to carry her down down down at the flank of the powerful Nebubla!

"For love, justice, and the purity of the stars!"

<Pose Tracker> Mikoto Minagi [Ohtori Academy (11)] has posed.

A burst of purple flame draws near, but it's no match for the powers of Stardust Champion Tigiri. The flames themselves freeze as they draw near to her, glittering sculptures of frost which hang in mid-air for a moment before they shatter, light reflecting off of the thousands of harmless shards like so many sparkles.

She needn't worry for Taureai or Sourisi at all - she knows that their strength is legendary, and a Nebubla like this is no match for them. Still, she calls out to them: "Good work, Sourisi-chan, Taureai-chan." And to the latter, she can't help but chuckle, even as she shakes her head. "Let's focus on the battle for now, Stardust Champion Taureai. Your fireworks are amazing, but - one thing at a time!"

And Tigiri knows that Sourisi can always be depended on for the /best/ lightshows, after all. In the wake of her starstorm, Tigiri can't help but smile. "Dazzling," she compliments her. "And now, it's our turn. Mandelbrot's Flurry!" With a gesture, the wind picks up with an icy chill, and snow drives into the other side of the youma - snow meant to pile up, to make it difficult for the creature to move. She means to give it nowhere to run as ice forms around the fingers of those gauntlets, to be flung at the side of its broad head not unlike a tiger's claws.

It is, of course, magical ice, and has nothing to fear from her teammate's fiery spirit. She's held Nebublas down for Taureai's charges so many times before, after all!

"For all our hearts' hopes, and the shining example the stars set..!"

<Pose Tracker> Niramo Umokeshi [Juuban Public School (9)] has posed.

The teamwork of the Stardust Champions is as legendary as the girls that make up the team itself, with Tigiri's planning, Taureai's courage and Sourisi's determination all mixing together to stop evil before it can take root. With these three saving Earth time and again from the Void Stars, there is never a need for more magical girls to rise up and defend their shortcomings. Today is just yet another clear example of just how important these three were to humanity!

Overly dramatic as some may claim Taureai to be, the Phoenix of the Cosmos has the power to back up her claims, the buzzsawing battleaxe clearing easily through those harden scales on it's flank and causing it to 'bleed' a torrent of negative light. The Tigeress of the Rift brings forth magical snow to hinder and halt the Nebubla in an avalanche of fresh powder that freezes it in place and cools the inner fires of the beast, weakening it severely.

Combined with the crooked jaw and shattered teeth the reptilian demon now sports from the Mouse of the Core's tonfa, even this mighty beast bred for battle is faltering in the fight already. But the battle is far from over and magma born of the despair of black holes pour out of and over the Nebubla's scales, melting Tigiri's snows in a flash of molten heat. Steam rises around the figure as the lava cools and hardens, hiding it from view of the magical girls until revealing it to be hiding in a hunk of pitch black rock, purple flames flickering through the cracks.

Quickly glancing over the motionless Nebubla, Sourisi realized just what their foe was planning. "It's hiding and trying to heal itself using the energy it has managed to steal already. Taureai- chan, Tigiri-chan, let's hit it with all we have and take it down!" Flying downwards toward the ground and landing on her mismatched green-and-blue boots, Sourisi summons her trusty tonfa once more and twirls them in her hands with an expert's touch.

"It's time for the coup de grâce! Eternal..." The tonfa burned with the pure light of the sun before shifting forms and stopping in Sourisi's hands, pointed at the sheltering dragon. The gleaming tonfa have changed forms into what can only be described as twin handcannons, the barrels of the weapons glowing with the light of their resplendent owner. "Genesis...RAAAAAAAAAAY!" Twins beams of light shot outwards and forwards, spiraling around the other before merging into a beam of light, showing all of the colors of the rainbow.

<Pose Tracker> Kasagami Araki [Ohtori Academy (11)] has posed.

The axe-woman makes an overly dramatic little sigh after her attack! "But...exploding just shows everyone that we're here to help them!" She miiiight be a little obsessed, okay? Such is the way of a Stardust Champion!

Hands clench though as the brave Sourisi points out what the youma is doing! She wipes sweat off of her brow, and gives a confident grin!

"Did you say 'hit it with all we have'!? That's the only way I know how to do things! Let's make the very stars themselves shine brighter with our divine justice as this world's defenders, Stardust Champions!" Encourages the girl.

Suddenly she's lifting up that axe, and spinning it with one hand in the air! Fire coalesces and obscures the weapon before she takes a leap backwards and solidly sets her legs! In place of a giant axe, she's suddenly holding a platinum minigun with both hands, each of those twirling barrels already sizzling with red-hot bursts of flame!


And then with the loud bark of her massive rotating gun, DAKKADAKKADAKKA'ing away, it spits entwining gouts of fire-bullets as Taureia lets out a laugh and war cry all at once as she lets out her fury upon the horrible youma beside her dear friends!

<Pose Tracker> Mikoto Minagi [Ohtori Academy (11)] has posed.

Tigiri's eyes narrow, as magma pours from it, melting her ice and encasing the creature. Sourisi's cleverness reveals the truth, and she nods to her. "You're right, Sourisi-chan. Taureai-chan, it's time to follow your example! Let's shatter its defences!" It's time for an all-out attack.

The warped heat of the Nebubla cannot hope to stand up to the purifying flames of the Phoenix, nor the shining light of the Mouse. And as the two of them engage in long-range attacks, the Tigress is planning something slightly different.

"Are you ready, fiend? It's time to face it -" - she twirls, in midair, pointing directly at the reptilian beast. "- The Arctic Instruction of Ada Lovelace!"

(It's fair to say that Taureai's passion and Sourisi's spirit are a little infectuous, even for the cool manner of Stardust Champion Tigiri.)

Purple and blue almost seem to blur together as the Champion dives forward towards the monster, rime about her golden gauntlets. "One," she enunciates, clearly, before she lands, and it is encased in a frozen tower which shatters on her approach. "Every Nebubla may be logically understood."

"Two," she continues, those gauntlets slamming into the monster with scale-breaking force. Ice forms around the impact sites, snowflakes fluttering in the wake of her fists. "The Stardust Champions will never allow a Nebubla to spread misery or strife."

She lands upon the ground only to spring forward in a mighty uppercut, ice trailing along the course of her gesture to create a glittering icicle in order to knock the Nebubla about. "Three," she continues her lesson, unshakable. "The world will always be safe from the Void Stars under our protection."

And suddenly, those gauntlets over her hands? They're /shotguns,/ shorn-off and held in a steady grip even as they fire off an explosive barrage of ice shards into the youma point-blank. "... and that's the lesson, Nebubla!"

<Pose Tracker> Niramo Umokeshi [Juuban Public School (9)] has posed.

Tigiri's mystifing assault from all sides leaves the the Nebubla's shell frozen and cracking apart, with the shotgun blasts clearing the way for terrified yellow eyes to see the world once more.

Taureia's brutal explosions from the twin miniguns she bears shatters the molten barrier completely and leaves it upon to the purifying barrage of cleansing fire, causing the Nebubla to roar in agony.

This all leads to Sourisi's piercing ray of hope to fly directly into and through the weakened minion of the Void Stars, causing the form that threatened the innocents of Juuban to fade away into sparkling motes of dust, purified of all evil.

Their assaults ended, Sourisi lowers her weapons and wills them away as the silence of victory is heard for just a moment. That moment is shattered as the cheers of the students roar out from the safety of the school, and the repairing track field is suddenly filled with both students and teachers alike, previously breathless from watching the magical girls at work.

With success as hand and with the people to celebrate, Taureia follows through on her promise of fireworks and calls forth a grand display of fireworks that makes the afternoon sun seem dim. Tigiri assists in a more subtle manner, creating ice sculptures of the three Maidens of the Galaxy behind Sourisi, her talents making masterpieces form in mere moments.

Sourisi uses her talents with light to form holograms of confetti to float over the crowd, before taking a deep bow with her best friends and allies, hand in hand. This is before Yamane manages to bursts free of the pressing crowds and give her transformed big sister a tight hug, squeezing tightly. "Thank you for saving me, Ni-...Sourisi-san!" It wasn't for the fame or fortune their battles bring that Sourisi fights, it's to see smiles form on the faces of those they save. Nevertheless, while the crowd is filled with cheers for Taureia, Tigiri or for the Stardust Champions as a whole, one name rises above the others.

"Sou-ris-i! Sou-ris-i! Sou-ris-i!"