2018-05-16 - Morning Confession

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Title: Morning Confession

After successfully returning to Tokyo after a trip among the stars, two magical girls take a walk together down the beach before they part ways. A Miraculous user's plea for help with a plan soon shifts into a sudden reveal, and the two have more in common than they realize.


Shigure Shiratsuyu, Niramo Umokeshi


Tokyo Bay

OOC - IC Date:

5-16-2018 - 4-17-2015

*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+ Tokyo Bay +*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+
  Once known as the "Inner Sea," the shelter Tokyo Bay once provided for
  merchants and fishermen helped Tokyo develop into the powerhouse that it is
  today, nor is it less useful today. Japan's largest shipping ports operate
  out of the Bay, as does its own navy and that of the US Forces. Herculean
  efforts dredge up its silt to create artificial islands, and factories drink
  its water to soothe their smoky throats.

  To most residents, however, the Bay is simply blue water glittering,
  salt-seasoned breezes, and gently drifting sails. The aptly named Rainbow
  Bridge crossing the bay enhances rather than damages its beauty, its white
  towers lit many nights by an artificial rainbow. A provincial visitor might
  consider Tokyo Bay to be trimmed like a garden hedge; it has a number of
  oddly geometric islands with arranged greenery, and any land touching the
  water often makes the best of it with a park, intake valve, or other
  imposition on nature. To a city-dweller, though, it is a miracle of open
  space and calm.
<Pose Tracker> Sourisi [Juuban Public School (9)] has posed.

The ocean waves ebb and flow against the shores of Tokyo Bay, the calm returning to the early morning after a dramatic battle and terrifying escape. An dark outpost exploded in Earth's orbit, causing a massive metallic hand to descend from the sky in pieces. The abducted and the rescuers return safe and sound, but not without cost. The Sea Witch Gem uses her power to betray a brutal warrior and drag them both below the waves. Pieces of alien debris litter the coastline, yet to be cleaned up but is already receiving attention from most of the Crystal Gems.

Relieved that the messages they received were shortly followed up with news that the World Tree was indeed safe despite their presence missing from Tokyo, the gathered magical warriors start to dismiss themselves from the scene, with some promising to return to help after they have rested up and calmed down distressed families. Indeed, tensions have been running high for many the last several days, but now there are some who can relax and breath easily.

One of those that have returned after imprisonment in the stars is indeed glad to be home, fears put to rest that she would never see another dawn on Earth. Bruised, exhausted and without anything to eat for two days, it's pure willpower and a little amount of rest that is allowing Sourisi to walk without any assistance now. It's easy to tell, however, that a Miraculous Mouse's attention is not on the brilliant light on the sands, the debris or the Rainbow Bridge nearby. She keeps on glancing at a makeshift pouch made out of torn wire and a torn gray pod and the cellphone that resides inside. Nervously rubbing a gloved hand down her french braid, Sourisi chews her lip for a moment before letting out a sigh. "Ooh, what am I going to tell them...?"

<Pose Tracker> Shigure Shiratsuyu [Infinity Institute (10)] has posed.

It was... still all too unreal.

Shigure should really be more used to it by now, but she can't be. She'd just-- leapt off the top of the Municipal Building and climbed onto an alien UFO... and nearly died-- twice? Thrice? And saw.. . two people... merge...

The phrases, the nouns, the experiences are just beyond her right now. But at the very least, the World Tree was safe for now, and...

Solais swallows very quietly as she wraps her arms around her opposing elbows. "Sourisi... you mean , your parents?"

<Pose Tracker> Sourisi [Juuban Public School (9)] has posed.

It seems like a fever dream to Sourisi, if she wasn't dealing with the aches and pains of the aftermath.

Breaking out of jail thanks to the timely teamwork of the Senshi of Time and her partner, evading capture and finding her stolen Miraculous, fighting a giant mecha, seeing two alien women become one in front of her eyes - twice, even! -, as well as somehow miraculously survive against a powerful mage who almost defeated them all singlehandedly.

Even then, despite all of that, being trapped with friends and strangers and even getting to see the stars from the safety of a spacecraft, it seems odd to her that her first thoughts was always on her family once she knew that Solais, her friends and their allies were all safe.

Looking up in surprise at the Maiden of Solais, Sourisi blushes slightly at being figured out so quickly, but she still nods her head in confirmation at her friend. "They, um, don't exactly know about my 'extracurricular activities', because i'm sure at least my father would be furious or terrified if he knew. Maybe both. I didn't exactly left a note saying that I was going to a friend's house, and they have already contacted them as well, according to my texts. And...well, my friends don't know either!"

Another sigh and the magical girl lets her harness hang on her hip, but with nothing else for her nervous hands to do, she holds them together in front of her and frowns at the sands. "I never exactly thought I would be abducted by aliens, so I never even thought of making up plans in case something like this happens!"

While her confidence in herself may be returning to her, the new situation she finds herself in is making Sourisi flustered, and she looks up at Solais with imploring eyes. "Solais...you have any ideas on what I should do? I mean, I know we both been magical girls for the same time, but maybe you have thought about what to do at a time like this?"

<Pose Tracker> Shigure Shiratsuyu [Infinity Institute (10)] has posed.

Shigure's stomach churns a little as she lowers her head, eyes narrowing. She hasn't even heard of all the astonishing, wonderful adventures Sourisi and the others have had up there. She's had two days of... nobody, nobody at all... and then a panicking Nanoha to tug her arm and propel her into action.

She'd have to thank her for that later.

"Let... um-- let me..." she finds her lips speaking, even as internally, her mind is screaming.

Are you going to tell her?! her inner voice berates her.

But Sourisi is looking to her with those imploring eyes, and she can sense her confusion... and she can't not sympathise, empathise with that.

"L-Leave it to me. I-- have an idea."

She bites her lip and pulls out her own cellphone -- a rather familiar one if Sourisi looks carefully enough -- to dial a number. Carefully, she tries to focus her voice so that she sounds... 'normal', as normal as she can be.

"... hello, it's me. Yes, I'm fine. It's about that recording session in Niijima... I'd like to invite a friend. Yes, I'll handle full responsibility. She'll have been with me for the last couple of days, got it? ... yes. Thank you."

<Pose Tracker> Sourisi [Juuban Public School (9)] has posed.

Seeing Solais narrow her eyes, perhaps in thought, Sourisi can't help but wonder what her friend was thinking of. Maybe she did have a plan, and was trying to rework it for someone besides herself?

The Symphogear's stumbling words gives credit to her thoughts, and Sourisi gingerly pat her friend on the shoulder, trying to cheer her up. "I-if you don't, then i'm sure i'll think of something! Maybe I can sneak my uniform out of my room and think up a plan at school!-wait, I think the school reports if you mysteriously come back after being missing for several days."

When Solais pulls out a cellphone, her exhausted mind focuses on it intently.

Why does everyone get to use a cellphone so easi-huh? Oh, she has the same model as Shigure-san! Wait, no, focus on the important stuff. I can handle another day without much sleep!

Shaking her head quickly to clear out the cloying cobwebs trying to build up, the martial mouse can't help but goggle at her friend as she realizes just what she was doing. On top of going to outer space, fighting creepy 'droids' and pushing against what felt as if the entire universe was trying to push them down, Solais was willing to lie for her?

Rubbing a hand to brush away tears threatening to form, Sourisi does the only thing she can think of and gives Solais a tight hug, though not as tight as it normally would be so not to hurt her friend any more than now. "Solais...I said it once and I know i'll say it a bunch more times. Thank you so much, for everything! You really are amazing, I hope you realize that!"

Perhaps, with a careful eye, the wielder of Claiomh Solais would realize she isn't the only one with a recognizable phone, a touchscreen model with a familiar Detective Loveline-themed case bouncing around in a harness.

<Pose Tracker> Shigure Shiratsuyu [Infinity Institute (10)] has posed.

Solais does smile just a little as Sourisi tries to cheer her up, as she ever has; it's her strength of spirit and emotion that's let her pull through the most difficult battles that they've faced together. Even if she's not as strong or experienced as some of the other girls who've been doing this for years...

"I--ah--" Solais looks towards the cellphone herself, and-- lets out a timid little laugh as she expresses, "How could I refuse? You're doing your best to fight those that're threatening Tokyo. It's the least I can do..."

The hug feels-- good. She can't deny it; after hours and hours of frantic searching and a creeping sense of loneliness and rising anxiety -- just being able to embrace her best friend feels good.

"So I... ah, I've been recording for a new soundtrack in a studio in Niijima. It wouldn't be odd at all, and a lot of the other girls do it when they come out there, since it's such a popular tourist spot..."

She scratches her cheek as she remarks, "... just-- just say you've been there with me all this time, and I was a little too excited and didn't tell your parents."

She glances around a few more times, but looking that it's clear enough, she concentrates upon the Relic and lets it unmorph her...

Bands of light stream out from her in a brisk flurry of activity... and when all's said and done--

COMBAT: Shigure Shiratsuyu transforms into Shigure Shiratsuyu!
<Pose Tracker> Shigure Shiratsuyu [Infinity Institute (10)] has posed.

--Shigure is standing there. "With... with me, Shigure." Her expression is quietly meek and rather anxious; she really didn't know the... custom of magical girls, whether it was... okay to say or not. ..

... but right now, after scraping by the event horizon and nearly losing her life, she'll take this risk.

<Pose Tracker> Sourisi [Juuban Public School (9)] has posed.

As Solais lets out a laugh, even as timid as it is, Sourisi can't help but laugh along as she shakes her head. "So are you, silly! We may look completely different, with different abilities and outfits, but we work together for a common goal, and that's to help keep people safe."

Solais mentioning that she is working on a new soundtrack leaves Sourisi impressed, reminding her of another friend she needs to let know that she's safe. "With your beautiful singing voice, it doesn't surprise me in the slightest. A really good friend of mine writes her own songs, so maybe you might have met her before!"

The plan Solais is making on the fly is coming together perfectly. Sure, the magical mouse girl knows she is still going to get grounded, but it was much better than saying she got kidnapped by space invaders. But when her friend starts to look around the beach, looking for others, puzzlement is clear on Sourisi's features.

Did she see something I didn-aah!

Having never been so close to another person when they put on or hide their magical identity, Sourisi raises a hand to block some of the light and squints at her friend, trying to figure out what just was going on. As the light fades and Shigure stands exactly where Solais once stood, it finally starts to click for Sourisi. The Noise attack on the Museum District, getting to fight alongside Solais in the real world for the first time, and for a hurt Shigure to be found close by just after the attack ended. The visit to the world of dreams, being comforted by the Maiden of Solais when false spiders threaten to assault to. Both of their kind natures, of shyness that hides a wonderful girl afraid of being emotionally hurt even as they both sing to calm the worries of those around them.

Mouth hanging open in shock as she stares at her friend, -really, one of her best friends-, Sourisi is frozen for a moment. Two moments, before she makes her choice. She already feels guilty enough knowing the secret of a brave young boy she calls a friend without letting him know her secret in return. Focusing on her shining anklet, Sourisi herself is enveloped in a bright flash of light, and she has enough time to think on just how furious Takk is going to be.

She doesn't care.

COMBAT: Sourisi transforms into Niramo Umokeshi!
<Pose Tracker> Niramo Umokeshi [Juuban Public School (9)] has posed.

The dawning of a second light show on Tokyo Bay draws to a close, and Niramo smiles timidly up at her friend. Her blue blouse and faded jeans that she wears looks a little worn from being worn for several days, but the young Juuban student still looks like she's ready to cheer up a stranger on the street.

"W-well, I have told my parents about being friends with you, Shigure-chan. I'm sure they won't be too mad, right? And...we need to actually do that some day, I really do like listening to you sing. " Pulling on her loose hair, her hair ribbon missing since she awoke on the ship, it's a familiar sign of nervousness.

What may not be familar is the floating, 10 CM mouse and giving Niramo a deep frown. "There was no need to reveal yourself to her even if she did the same beforehand."

"Oh, right! Takk, Shigure-chan. Shigure-chan, meet Takk!" It appears that Niramo was ignoring the little Kwami's outburst.

<Pose Tracker> Shigure Shiratsuyu [Infinity Institute (10)] has posed.

"Yes, I..." Solais expresses, but finds herself at a loss for words, a little more tongue-tied and flustered as Sourisi compliments her singing voice. As Shigure, she wishes she could record her own songs, but...

Shigure... is Shigure always has; she cups her mouth gently as she-- bashfully looks down for a moment, expressing, "I-- am sorry to have hidden this from-- ah!"

Sourisi's anklet shimmers in light a moment later, and she hides her eyes with her fingers to block some of it... and--

Her eyes widen further as she expresses, "I... no way..."

Inwardsly, Shigure is hitting herself a little for not thinking about it -- but at the same time, perhaps glad that she didn't. To think that the closest friend she's had on the magical side of things was also... her closest friend in her normal life too. Niramo's always been there for her... at the Museum, and also during that archery contest too, Sourisi was there...

And she entrusted her with this secret in turn...

There's tears on Shigure's eyes as she stammers, "I-- I am sorry," she bows and dips her head to formally apologise. "I know it shouldn't be done... I know there's some kind of rule behind it, but I just... it's just too much. To not let somebody know.."

Niramo's encouragement does prompt a bit of a smile, though. "... I--I'll sing for you anytime you'd like me to."

There's a cute moment that's visible in Shigure's eyes as she wonders if she's being too forward with that kind of statement.

<Pose Tracker> Niramo Umokeshi [Juuban Public School (9)] has posed.

A secret held tightly to the chest can cut deeply, even when held with the best of intentions.

A secret shared between friends will be allowed to grow, however.

The floating Kwami is subsequently ignored by the two humans, and he just sighs before floating several feet away for some sense of privacy. With all of the many people who have possessed and used his Miraculous over the thousands of years, the vast majority of them can't seem to help reveal themselves dramatically to their closest friends.

Maybe it wasn't such a bad thing when there's a secret revealed in turn.

Shaking her head quickly, Niramo tries to calm down Shigure, laughing softly at both Takk and out of shock on what was revealed to her. After the incident with the Noise, Niramo had convinced herself that she was wrong about her suspicions. "You have nothing to apologize for, really. I should be the one who should be apologizing, because I came so close to figuring out who you were when you were injured! Takk is just...difficult to read at times. He acts like he's all emotionless and distant, but he's really just a big softy."

Said mouse turns back around to give Niramo an affronted stare, which is also ignored.

"And...I know what you mean, when you have to tell someone, but you have no idea on who to tell in the first place. I'm just estatic that you chose me, of all people. Don't worry, I won't tell anyone!" Dark green eyes meet dark brown, and a soft blush blossoms on Niramo's cheeks before she looks away, giggling nervously. "I...really would like that, Shigure-chan. Maybe soon, when i'm not potentially grounded!"

Glancing at the rising sun, she can't help but feel hopeful for the future. Despite the trials that they just beated and those that lie in wait in the future, it feels like there's nothing to fear now. A peaceful smile is staying on Niramo's lips now, and she smiles back at her dear friend. "But maybe we should worry about school first, we wouldn't want to make our parents worry more than they already have, right?"

<Pose Tracker> Shigure Shiratsuyu [Infinity Institute (10)] has posed.

It's rather true. For far too long now, Shigure has felt as if she's alone, standing up against the weight of the world; not because she has to fight alone, but because by the end of it, despite having these magical friends...

She has no idea who any of them is, and can't properly share the burdens with any of them.

"I-- um--" she looks towards the Kwami with a quiet little bow of her head, feeling embarrassed and thinking she shouldn't upset what seems like a magical, wondrous animal! Or being. He could be a God for all she knows!

"I was... glad when you were there," Shigure whispers. "It would've been much worse, if it weren't for you." She--

She smiles a little wider as she expresses, "I know... and... well, I think I'll probably be grounded too, but I'll apologise to your parents for you as well. It makes more sense if it was my impulsive decision as well, after all, hehe..."

Not that... 'impulsive' really describes Shigure as a person at all, but you never know. She looks towards the sun as well, feeling as if a great weight has been lifted off her shoulders.

"Yes..." A pause. "Well... in my case, my mother actually does... know." She huffs very quietly as she says, "I will keep count of how many times she says 'I told you so'. Though I do not imagine she ever expected me to go to outer space."

<Pose Tracker> Niramo Umokeshi [Juuban Public School (9)] has posed.

Perhaps sensing how awkward he was making the situation and not wanting to make a bad first impression, even if he didn't intend to reveal himself, Takk would float over to Shigure and bow his head in greetings. "While it may seem otherwise, I am still happy to finally meet you face to face, Shigure Shiratsuyu. My name is Takk, a Kwami. Think of a Kwami as the embodiment of an abstract idea or emotion. I been with young Niramo here for nearly two months now and she speaks quite highly of you...which I am sure those praises are only going to grow more numerous with your magicial identity revealed. Mayhaps you will be a good influence on Niramo and have her settle down a little."

Niramo, for her part, just rolls her eyes at Takk. She was quite calm already, unlike Takk when he gets his hands on new technology.

Niramo rubs the back of her neck in embarrasment when Shigure mentions just how much her presence meant that day, and she shakes her head quickly. "Hey, friends look out for each other, remember? I just try to do what I can with Takk's help. If I don't and if i'm needed then, i'll never be able to forgive myself. That, and I always want to help those in need, no matter what happens!"

The irony of Shigure calling herself impulsive lets Niramo laugh again, the word and her friend almost being complete opposites. Then again, she did just break into an UFO just to help save people being kidnapped... "Well...if your mother says it so often, perhaps you should try to make a mental game out of it, and see if she will break her record this time around. But if it gets too much, then you should tell her about how you went to outer space." Niramo may never have seen Shigure's mother before, but the mental image she's picturing seems hilarious to her. "If anything else, it might get you a moment of silence."

A gentle breeze is starting to pick up now, messing with the ravenette's hair. After a moment, somewhat unsure of herself, she takes her friend's hand and squeezes softly. She remember seeing Kasagami and Setsuna do it when they were released from their cell, so it had to be something close friends do to comfort one another. "Besides, you can always vent to me with your phone. I'm just a text or a call away."

<Pose Tracker> Shigure Shiratsuyu [Infinity Institute (10)] has posed.

Shigure-- Shigure can't help but flush a little as she bows her head, expressing very faintly, "T -thank you. This is the first time I've spoken to a, er... higher being." She bows her head again, very courteous and polite. The embodiment of an abstract idea or emotion! Wow! "... as much as I'd like it to, the Claiomh Solais does not include 'speaking' as part of its profile..."

She bows her head again as she says, "I'll, I'll do my best, of course..." Two months... wow... Niramo's been a magical girl only about as long as she has, really. She looks up towards Niramo with a faint smile, feeling less embarrassed. "Yes... I was trying to wrack my mind to figure out how to even-- even help you..."

She looks even more embarrassed as she says, "It-- oddly took a big trampoline and the observatory balcony off the Municipal Building, and not a JAXA spaceship. Don't... don't tell anyone."

She puts her hands behind her back as she softly says, "I do, actually... but I-- ah... hmm. I do wonder how she would react." No doubt with a raised eyebrow and a shake of her head and something to the effect of 'the magical world truly is beyond me'.

She rubs at her eyes for a moment, as she expresses, "Y-yes... I'm very glad. I'll-- have to learn how to text, a-ahaha. Silly me..."

She pauses for a moment, then reaches forward and holds that hand of hers in turn. "Thank you, Niramo-chan..."

<Pose Tracker> Niramo Umokeshi [Juuban Public School (9)] has posed.

Takk is actually flattered by Shigure's respect and gives Niramo a look that screams 'This is how you are supposed to treat a Kwami.', unlike another one of Niramo's friends who has no respect for him except for when she deigns to spread it out. At least the Senshi of Time seems to have a proper idea of just what he was. The last tidbit of information draws Takk's attention, and he nods once towards the songstress. "Experience holds true that most magical artifacts that has as much magical prowess such as Claiomh Solais are at least semi-sentient. Perhaps it speaks to you with sounds or emotions instead."

Shigure expressing her desire to help save Niramo has her blink in surprise as she consider what she said. When Solais had shown up after the Black Moon drones were dispatched, she had thought the Symphogear had only been there to help save everyone and that it was a lucky coincidence that Sourisi had been taken. The fact that she really had done all of that just for her has Niramo's heart feel warm, to know that she really meant that much to someone.

The means that Shigure used to reach the UFO are not believed at first. As seconds pass and Shigure only looks more and more embarrassed... "Wait, you're telling the truth? But how did...just how high did you jump?! I-I think it's better you didn't steal a space shuttle from JAXA, i'm not quite sure the JSDF would know how to react in that situation."

It feels wonderful, just to watch the morning dawn and with her hand clasped with her best friend. It's been years since she's seen the sun rise in Tokyo Bay, and it's a wonderful reminder of just how beautiful Earth is. Nothing could possibly disturb this moment-

Takk and Niramo both blink as the songstress' comment finally registers, and they look at each other in unison before Niramo faces Shigure. "Um...Shigure-chan? Even Takk knows how to text, and he was last freed from his Miraculous over 100 years ago." Despite her momentary surprise, Niramo pulls out her own cellphone and messes with the settings for a moment before handing it to Shigure. It was open in a note-taking program, and a keyboard was set up, similar to that on a computer or a laptop. She wasn't trying to make fun of Shigure, and the soft smile on her face shows that she was eager to start showing her friend a new skill.

"I have it set to the American layout, it's the best way to learn how to start typing, and it may be better for you to learn off instead of the Japanese keyboard at first, until you feel more comfortable with it."