2017-12-19 - Slipping pt 2: Interlude

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Title: Slipping pt. 2: Interlude

The reawakened Rinji gets everyone up to speed, and vice versa.


Rinji Sakurai, Kasagami Araki, Akko Kagari, Niramo Umokeshi, and Setsuna Meioh


The Araki Family Estate

OOC - IC Date:

Tues, Dec 19th, 2017 - Thurs, Mar 12th, 2015

<Pose Tracker> Rinji Sakurai [Ohtori Academy (11)] has posed.

-My necklace. My mother has it. I need it. We need it.-

It was a signed proclamation, understood by just two of the Magical Girls present (and maybe Takk? He is old!). But it was clear in short order that the need wasn't urgent. A flurry of exchanged hand motions passed between Kasagami and Rinji, before the former departed with a proclamation of the best damned dinner of anyones life coming up soon!

Rinji rests a hand lightly on her stomach, and pats once or twice with a grateful smile to the departing Kasagami. Her hazel eyes look about the room briefly, spying the pair of recliners and sofa. She looks to Pluto and signals with a very slight tip of her head where her destination is, and then Rinji starts for the sofa.

Akko and Niramo are given a soft smile, but its filled with warmth and life that the woman had been lacking until the stunning headbutt from the departed duelist. Rinji gestures with a hand politely towards the recliners. She doesn't falter on her journey though, as her tired legs lead her straight to the sofa to sink down into it slowly.

Though fully 'awake', there is a certain weary tension to her expression. But it doesn't mute the quizzical look in her bright hazel eyes as she examines Akko and Niramo with interest. Her hands pat lightly over herself, frowning after a moment when she doesn't find what she is looking for. Her hands move with a casual grace as she directs her gaze to Pluto. Watching her sign is like watching a dance of the hands, her body and expression coming into play at a few points.

-Who is this? Do they know who I am? And do you know where my notepad, or phone is?-

<Pose Tracker> Akko Kagari [Infinity Institute (7)] has posed.

Akko Kagari is never one to turn down a free meal. Especially a meal that is promised to be tasty. She slumps back in her chair, a blissful expression on her face, and then lets out a long and happy sigh. "Ooooooh, that was great~!" she exclaims, eagerly. She looks sideways at Niramo and Rinji -- and on the latter, as she rises and makes for the sofa. It takes Akko a moment to follow. She looks down at her seat, mournfully.

But then she hops up, with all of the usual energy. She bobs to her feet, with a slight bounce, and then turns around -- wheeling to face Rinji, and she starts towards the sofa too. But, given that Rinji is injured, she doesn't rush ahead. She stays a somewhat respectful distance back, and then she plants her hands on her hips.

And looks down at Rinji's hands.

There is a slow blink, before she looks up. "Oh... sign language!" she says. "Ah--ah, sorry, I guess I didn't quite realize, uhm--" She looks to Pluto, then Niramo.

He expression screams 'HELP.'

<Pose Tracker> Kasagami Araki [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

From the kitchen, twin sounds filter out occasionally. Mostly various chopping, shuffling, pants and other sounds of some rather intense work at the absurdly well stocked kitchen.

Really, everything at the Araki Estate is like that. It bleeds money and history. And yet an odd sense of loneliness. It's so big and /empty/ given the Estate's current occupants.

Not that the current owner isn't trying to fill it up. Her voice can vaguely be heard, melodic.

"Don't wanna die alone without you heeeere, please tell me what we have is reeeeal!" For all of the enthusiasm in her voice, there's this ache to it. Maybe lingering pain from the headbutt?

Surely so.

<Pose Tracker> Setsuna Meioh [Infinity Institute (U)] has posed.

They need the necklace -- the one that Pluto had noticed was missing from the Muse's neck, before. The guardian senshi remembers their previous fight with the Gray, and how Rinji had revealed their foe. She relaxes from that higher level of readiness and just breathes out, stepping back to allow room for Kasagami and Rinji's conversation. Her fledgling grasp of sign language doesn't allow her to follow such a quick and fluent conversation, so she contents herself with quiet observation and relief. Rinji looks like Rinji again.

Kasagami goes to get dinner; Pluto watches her leave, then looks back to Rinji with all of that relief in her eyes. After a moment she takes a half-step toward the couch after Rinji, but the Muse is signing to her, with simpler signs she's familiar with.

Akko's helpless look catches her eye and she nods back to the girl, as if to say that she's got this. Three questions. Pluto replies aloud, "Rinji-chan, please let me introduce you to Akko, Niramo, and Takk," each indicated in turn by a nod, "friends of Kasagami I've met just today. They know you as her friend, as well." She keeps to the somewhat truncated version of their relationship, to reflect how the duelist introduced them all earlier.

"I don't know where they are, but..." She looks around and, spotting an ornate desk, takes the liberty of rifling through its drawers. Pluto emerges with a pen in one hand and a pad of paper in the other, and brings them both to Rinji.

She settles onto the couch beside the Muse and hands each over in turn, close but not quite touching knee-to-knee. The senshi's expression is mostly smooth, but she's hovering a bit. "They're here to help, with their talents and knowledge, and have quite a bit. How are you feeling?" Pluto catches the faint strains of singing and her head swivels, just a touch, so she can better hear.

Then a thought occurs and she looks around suddenly, scanning the room. "Is my phone still...

"What /was/ my phone doing?" She looks at Akko.

<Pose Tracker> Niramo Umokeshi [Juuban Public School (8)] has posed.

Niramo looks back and forth between Takk and Rinji, wondering what exactly was going to happen now. It looked like Rinji was acting like a normal person again, if a little woozy from getting a headbutt from a passionate Kasagami. If someone was moving under their own power when they were possessed, then where was the Grey that Kasagami had been positive was possessing her? She wasn't all that surprised when Kasagami goes to get some dinner for them all, because there wasn't anything Kasagami does half-heartedly. After watching Rinji's hands move rapidly, and not getting any understanding due to her complete lack of sign language, she turns to Takk for guidence. After all, he has to know something!

Takk was indeed watching Rinji's hands, and would nod his head when he spots Niramo giving him what he considers a clueless look. "Well, she is either asking about a necklace that has been misplaced or... "Takk would look slightly uncomfortable, and he cleared his throat. "...or she has indigestion and is asking directions to the bathroom."

The raised eyebrow his charge was giving him, just desserts from a look he has delivered so many times before, is not all surprising to the Kwami and he pinches where his nose would be. "Sign language was just being invented when I last had a partner, Niramo, so I may be behind the times." The flustered look from Takk would give the Miraculous user something to giggle about, and she waves her hand at Takk. "Hey, you were so fasinated by my old MP3 player when we first met, so I can understand that! The first one sounds much more likely, anyways!"

Walking alongside Akko, she spots Akko's expression and smiles, trying to cheer up the younger girl. "Don't worry, Akko-san! I was surprised when Sakurai-san started to use sign laungage to speak when I met her. I-uh...I don't know anything about sign language either. I have trouble enough with my literature homework!" She rubs the back of her neck and looks at Rinji, apologictly. "Uh...sorry about that, Sakurai-san. Hopefully Araki-san didn't startle you too much when she started to bang her head against yours!"

Hearing Pluto mention her phone, Niramo is quickly searching for the garnet case, looking under chairs and end tables. Reaching a hand under one of the recliners, she fumbles around before she pulls out the phone and holds it above her head. "Ah, found it, Pluto-san!" She hops up onto her feet and offer the phone back to Pluto, not even trying to examine it. It would be rude to examine another person's phone, even if you were curious about it!

That's when Niramo realized that Pluto was introducing them all to Rinji. That included Takk, and both human and Kwami shared a look before the ravenette sighed. "Awww...looks like someone else knows now. I was doing so good, too!"

<Pose Tracker> Rinji Sakurai [Ohtori Academy (11)] has posed.

Rinji offers a soft, understanding smile to Akko as she clearly fumbles with the sign language. That expression, the slow blink, the lack of understanding. Its a thing the Muse is all too familiar with.

Her eyes lid slightly, listening to the distant voice of Kasagami singing. More the melody, then the words, before her attention returns and flits to Pluto. She nods her head slowly as the others are introduced, and another polite smile of greeting is given to each as the introductions are made... With a lingering squint at Takk, her head canting ever so slightly to the side. He is unlike anything the Muse has experienced before!

When pad and paper are handed to Rinji, her pale and delicate fingers reach to take it. But they enfold the Sailor Senshis hand for a lingering moment, offering a firm squeeze before she extricates the items and brings them down to her lap, neatly opening the pad of paper and uncapping the pen to prep it for use.

The question of how she feels has her reaching up and opening her hand towards her head like she is palming a ball, and she makes 'squeezing gestures with her hand while grimacing in mock pain that is not entirely acted. Rinji can be rather expressive and would probably be /the/ person to want on a charades team.

She applies the pen to paper, her kanji formed with immaculate attention to detail. She produces the words in fairly short order with the notepad angled so that the Sailor Senshi sitting beside her can read it, before turning the notepad around and facing it towards Niramo and Akko.

'It is a pleasure to meet you Miss Akko, and Mr. Takk. And to see you again, Niramo. I wish it were under better circumstances, but I have been unwell. I do appreciate you all coming together to help me. Anything I learn of you tonight, will stay with us. I would appreciate the same.'

As she holds out the notepad for Akko, Niramo, and Takk to read her hazel eyes glance between them as she watches their reactions.

<Pose Tracker> Akko Kagari [Infinity Institute (7)] has posed.

"U-uuum, well, I used a spell that's /supposed/ to call the spirits out of an object or a place or whatever!" Akko says. She sighs, then puts her hands on her hips. Her eyebrows knit for a moment. "But I guess I... got off target. I was trying to do it on her--" She points at Rinji. "--and instead, I did it on your phone. Which caused that."

A beat.

"And it was so cool!" Akko exclaims. "Yay! I made the spell mostly work!"

She takes victories where she can find them. She glances sideways at Niramo, then, and flahses a nervous grin at her. She nods, though. She can roll with this -- especially because Pluto did offer some introduction. She looks back at Rinji. The notepad makes it easy; Akko reads it over, and there is a moment where her brow furrows, and then her eyes light up.

Her very first magical girl secret! She almost, /almost/ sways back and forth and says 'yessss,' but she is capable of some restraint. Some. She still grins, eyes wide and eager, and nods. "Of course! My lips are sealed! Just ask Sucy and Lotte, I'm great at--actually don't ask them at all, nevermind." She coughs. "A-Anyways. We're definitely going to make this work out!"

<Pose Tracker> Sailor Pluto [Infinity Institute (U)] has posed.

Her phone! The tall senshi inclines her head to express gratefulness, accepting it back from Niramo. "Thank you very much, I was not sure where it had... well... flown to." Not among the things she ever imagined she'd say about her phone

Squeeze meets squeeze as the senshi presses her fingers back to Rinji's in the passing of items. Pluto draws in a long breath and exhales more worry with it. It's not over yet, but the spark is back in hazel eyes.

"Ahh. I'm sorry, Rin-chan." She shares a sympathetic wince for the headache. "We'll destroy that thing, I promise you." That comes out a bit more steely.

She leans over to watch Rinji form words, enjoying the eloquent pen marks, reminded of when she was introduced to that graceful penmanship and the girl herself. Pluto never tires of watching the Muse write. When the pad is turned outward to the other two, she looks to them as well.

Akko's explanation garners a slow, thoughtful nod from Sailor Pluto. "It did work, very well." This is Pluto's first experience of Akko Kagari's particular brand of witchery, and from her point of view, it /did/ turn out well -- if oddly. The sincerity is in her voice.

But she looks down at the phone again, and turns it over in her hands. Same smooth glass face, same metallic garnet case... it doesn't seem changed. An eyebrow lifts as Pluto considers. "Just so long as it does not try to fly away."

<Pose Tracker> Kasagami Araki [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

There's the sound of a knife thunking into wood. Definitely thrown, for one with an ear on such things. A face peeks out, briefly scowling. Her singing's stopped, and Kasagami huffs.

"Dibs on it's head!" Given with the kind of ferocity someone with personal distaste for youma. In this case, double personal distaste.

She offers a wink and a smile to Akko, and the group at large. "Isn't she amazing?" Meaning, Akko, even if she'd think the same of all involved.

Scents of meat, oil, breads, and cheese waft through the room. Then she sneaks back to the kitchen with a brief curse to shift the food in the oven.

<Pose Tracker> Niramo Umokeshi [Juuban Public School (8)] has posed.

Niramo returns the nervous witch's grin with one of her own. To be honest, the Juuban student was impressed with Akko. Sure, she has seen knights create tornadoes with arrows and other amazing feats since she met Takk, but Akko's magic seems more unique, more fluid. There had to be more than saying a few funny words to casting a spell, and Akko was, presumably, learning it all on her own. Niramo knew how to use her tonfa properly, but that was only when she was wearing her mouse-themed bodysuit. The fact Akko can cast spells, even if the witch admits that they don't work exactly right yet, was more impressive than instinctively knowing how to cast the spell due to an artifact. "Great job, Akko-san! Everyone just needs practice, and you said it yourself that was normally a spell a friend does, so i'm sure you'll get the hang of it eventually!"

Niramo makes her way to one of the recliners and sits down carefully, looking nervous as she reads the notepad then glances back up to Rinji. "That's a relief, Sakurai-san, and it's great to see you again too, despite what happened. Araki-san was the only person who knew I know about magic before I came over today, and I wasn't really expecting to have so many people know that already." She lokks back and forth between Pluto, Akko and Rinji, trying to get used to the fact her secret wasn't that secret anymore. At least Akko and Rinji both said they could keep this secret, and she had to just accept that.

Niramo flashes Pluto a quick smile, with the stoic Pluto giving her phone a look as if it was about to spring wings and fly through a window, and gives Rinji her full attention again and taking a quick breath. "But, Takk mentioned something about you asking about a necklace? Is it really important to you? Do you remember anything while you were feeling ill, anything that might help find it? My dad always says even the smallest detail can make the biggest difference!" At that, Niramo would reach into her bookbag, pulling out a notebook and pencil and turning to a blank page. She did jump slightly when Kasagami made promises on calling shots on the head, and gives the Ohtori student a smile. "Araki-san really thinks highly of you, it seems."

Takk, during all of this, was floating back to check out one of the speakers that had been blaring music just a few moments ago. Niramo had said to leave the other magical artifacts alone, but she didn't say anything about any technological devices that may be lying around.

<Pose Tracker> Rinji Sakurai [Ohtori Academy (11)] has posed.

There is a flash of recognition in Rinjis bright eyes at the mention of Sucy, and her lips turn up ever so slightly in a little smile. But she gives Akko a polite nod, and the young witches enthusiasm brings a bit more warmth into Rinjis tired smile.

The brief flash of Kasagami from the kitchen has a slight grin forming on the Muse' face, her chin tipping up a bit as she sniffs the air and rubs her stomach slightly. A few weeks of bland, barely recognizeable food has left her with quite the hankering for the kind of meal Kassie can make.

Her attention returns to those around her, and she looks to Niramo. There is a gentle smile, and an understanding nod as she describes only Kasagami knowing of her magic before today. She raises her hand and places it over her chest, patting twice before she points at Pluto, then down the hall towards Kasagami. Only two knew of her.

The questions from Niramo have her nodding her head as she turns the notepad back to herself, flipping the page once to a blank one as she quietly starts to write again. There is a few points where she stops, her pen lightly tapping the page as she chews her lip and thinks, then continues to write. Finally, the page is turned.

'You summoned the spirits from the phone? That is very impressive Miss Akko. I do not know what it would have done to me. The Grey are not entirely of this world. I only know one way to call them forth. And yes, Niramo. The necklace was a gift from a close friend, and with it came... responsibility and strength.' There are a number of taps on the page after this, little blue dots in a cluster. 'I remember removing the necklace at my mothers request. She did not think it suited my attire of that evening. It should be where I left it, at her mansion.'

<Pose Tracker> Akko Kagari [Infinity Institute (7)] has posed.

"It won't fly away!" Akko sounds insistent. Then, less certainly: "At least, I don't think it will..." She looks sideways at Niramo, then grins. "Mm-hm! Totally! I'll be the best witch ever, some day! Just like Shiny Chariot!"

The way that Rinji writes stands out. Akko has never really seen writing she thought was graceful before. Oh, she had seen beautiful handwriting, but it was rare that she had a chance to appreciate it. She stares for a moment, but Niramo's movement makes her realize she should have a seat. She plops down on the armrest of a recliner, legs dangling off the side.

Her eyes turn to Niramo, and she stays quiet. She lets her ask the important questions.

"So we need to go to that mansion to get it back?" Akko asks. She looks sideways at the others -- not really for affirmation, but to see their take. Akko looks back, then nods eagerly. "We can do that! We won't let you lose your necklace! And these, um, these Grey... they're gonna leave you alone, once it's back?"

<Pose Tracker> Rinji Sakurai [Ohtori Academy (11)] has posed.

Rinji brings the notepad back to herself, holding it in her lap as she offers a gentle smile to Akko, and a single nod of her head. But at the same time, her last comments about the Grey leaving her alone bring a rueful smile to the Muse' lips, and she shakes her head ever so gently as she flips her notepad back around, and starts to write.

She does glance up to Niramo here and there as she writes. The womans question brings a pause, and a faint grimace from Rinji. She pauses in her writing to reach up and rub her temple slowly, before that hand moves briefly to give Plutos arm a soft squeeze, and a wan smile.

She returns to her writing, though its more brief before its turned around.

'My mother may not be forthcoming with it. She did not like the person who gifted it to me. As for the Grey leaving me alone, that is doubtful. But with all of your help, I am sure we will get this one to leave me alone.'

<Pose Tracker> Akko Kagari [Infinity Institute (7)] has posed.

Akko grins at Niramo. It makes sense to her! And she lacks the experience as a magical girl to know that, really, it is rarely quite so simple. (She also likes to cut corners.) She looks at Pluto, then flashes her a thumbs-up. "Mm-hm! Definitely! Without a doubt!"

She looks back at Rinji, though, and hesitates. Her mother doesn't like the person who gave her a gift? That seems like a cruel reason to keep it from her. "But... that's not nice at all! We'll just have to talk to her!"

She nods, then... frowns, as she looks at Rinji. She studies the pad, then the Muse's face. "What are the Grey? The living dead?"

<Pose Tracker> Niramo Umokeshi [Juuban Public School (8)] has posed.

A quick smile would be given to Pluto as she also promises to keep their secrets, and a burden that Niramo had been carrying felt a little lighter then. It can be difficult living a double life when no one knows what you go through, even if no one here knows exactly she does yet. Niramo sighs when she reads Rinji's handwriting, wishing it could be quite so easy for once.

Well, just because a mother is going to be difficult doesn't mean it's going to escalate later. She does notice that Rinji does seem a bit tired, and they knew where to find the necklace now. The Juuban student finishes up with her writing before looking up at Rinji. "I heard how bad mothers can be at times. A friend of mine, Yuhira, well her mom doesn't like her being alone and she has to be with a friend if she's not going to or from school! It's not quite the same but I understand!"

Akko's question about the Grey brings Niramo back to her questioning, even if Rinji did look fatigued right now. "That's a good question, Akko-san! Araki-san only seemed to know about the Gray, and I never heard of them before! Well...I never heard of a lot of these groups before until recently, but that's beside the point. Why do the Gray turn people into these living dead people, anyways? Hopefully we won't need to have Araki-san try headbutting to help them too!"

<Pose Tracker> Rinji Sakurai [Ohtori Academy (11)] has posed.

Rinji nods in agreement to Akko, though the question about the Grey brings her to shake her head briskly, dismissing the thoughts of them being the living dead. Her notepad is turned back around so that she can start to add an explanation.

There is a certain stoic tightness that crosses Rinjis expression at the mention of bad mothers. She doesn't dwell or touch on the subject as she keeps writing, and she glances up to nod briefly to Niramo mentioning Araki knew of the Grey. Her writing is slower then before, and that tightness in her expression grows at a few points, though she only pauses once to reach over and give Plutos arm a light squeeze before she continues writing, finally turning the pad around.

'They are the embodiment of banality. They seek to suck all that makes life worth living from someone, reducing them to drone like husks of whom they once were. Araki-san and Sailor Pluto helped me once, though I normally face the Grey alone. Without my necklace... It is not a battle I can fight. They exist in a realm layered over this, one we can not see. It is likely there, right now, nearby. I have never been targetted personally before. I take the fight to them, normally. This is all new for me, too.'

<Pose Tracker> Niramo Umokeshi [Juuban Public School (8)] has posed.

The more and more that she reads about the Grey, the less and less she likes them. The thought that could be some weird ghost-like thing, always watching her and able to mess with her, but never been seeing or unable to be counteracted sends shivers down the spine. The thought of no longer enjoying cooking, or trying out new things was strange yet just as threatening as a giant monster would be to the public. If Rinji was the only one that could bring the fight to the Grey, well...not something she wants to try facing on her own, then. Even if she doesn't know the meaning of banality, either.

Seeing Kasagami enter with the appetizers, Niramo quickly writes down the last of Rinji's description before taking her own bowl of salad and half a loaf of fresh bread, being careful not to fill up too quickly. She did take the time to enjoy her first bites, and hums in pleasure from it all. "Araki-san, you did wonderfully! I might want to ask how you made your bread later!" She does notice that Kasagami herself doesn't partake in the food she made everyone there, and almost comments on it before the Council Member kisses Rinji softly on her forehead. Niramo doesn't fully grasp the emotional depth, but it's clear to her just how much Rinji matters to Kasagami. 'The closest of friends...huh. I'm glad Araki-san isn't as lonely as I first thought, then!'

She waits until the Duelist returns to the kitchen before nodding, agreeing with Akko. "It seems like being on this other realm is already a big enough advantage as it is, but can they do more than just hide and suck joy from people from there?"

<Pose Tracker> Rinji Sakurai [Ohtori Academy (11)] has posed.

The Muse is known for her keen grasp of people around her. For reading emotions, expressions, and learning of how best to invoke sensation into others. Its a parody of that person that sits on the sofa today, Rinjis mind still cluttered with pain and working through her issues of the Grey. She is utterly unaware of the friction between Kasagami and Pluto, and she receives the hug from Kasagami with warmth. Rinji tries at most points to be prim and proper, long ingrained into her. But her arms slip about the swordswoman, and she returns the hug fiercely and closes her eyes. But she soon settles back when Kasagami draws away, and its a moment before she exhales and opens her eyes again to face the room and the situation once more.

The food helps. She eyes it longingly, looking over the sald with a lick of her pale, unpainted lips. But there is business still, and she returns her attention to her notepad to answer Akko.

'The are insidious, and subtle. I did not notice it happening to me.' This is something that clearly pained her, but she puts it on paper. A statement of record that she failed in her task, and a small checkmark in a list of reasons she needs those around her for help. 'I can't explain it. I still feel it, the Grey is still here with me. Trying to push me back down. It is like a pressure in my mind. But with my necklace, we can make it emerge. We can beat it.' There are a great many dots where Rinji pauses to think in the last few lines, the Muse clearly struggling to put onto the paper what she is experiencing.

Kestrel (talk) No one yet can see the greyed out figure looming on the sofa above Rinji. High heeled feet rest on either side of Rinjis waist, the Greys suit-covered leg almost touching the stoic Senshi beside Rinji as it sits with its back on the wall, using the top of the sofa as a chair. Long, pale fingers emerge from carefully buttoned sleeves, to gently carress and rub through Rinjis soft black hair, smoothing through the tresses like oars through an inky river. They leave no motion in their wake, no sign of the Greys presence on Rinji. The throbs paining the Muse are in sync with those gentle, almost posessive gestures. Emerging from the top of the suits collar, a faceless white void cocks unnaturally from side to side, listening and watching the conversation with an almost palpable smug aura about it.Kestrel (talk)

<Pose Tracker> Kasagami Araki [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

"Just you wait, Nira-chan!" Then she's back into the kitchen as a beep comes up.

The tired Kasagami, then emerges with a still-steaming pizza. It's thick, scicillian, and covered in mushrooms, pepperoni, multiple kinds of cheese beneath the meaty and mushroomy toppings.

The sauce is half tomato, half pure red pepper. Exactly the kind of spice and natural casing pepperoni and utter heavenly grease and fat that she knows Rinji finds comforting.

"Here we go. Don't underestimate a member of the Student Council's cooking skills! Hah!" It is both absurdly expensive, and utterly decadent.

<Pose Tracker> Akko Kagari [Infinity Institute (7)] has posed.

Akko is quiet, as Rinji explains -- even though she writes, rather than speaks. Her eyes widen, slightly, though. She underestimated how terrifying they were, and she had still found the whole notion scary. She looks down for a moment, and then she nods her head once to Rinji. "We'll get it back, then," she promises, quietly.

After all... Kasagami cared about her. Even if she wasn't always sure what to make of Kasagami, she had showed a lot of trust to bring Akko into this. Pluto did, too. And even if none of those were true, magic existed to make people smile. Sometimes, that meant protecting those smiles.

Just like Chariot did.

Akko looks down, quiet but determined, as she studies the table below her -- and sits utterly unaware of the thing still keeping Rinji in its grasp.

Which makes it easy to smile, when Kasagami returns with pizza. Her expression brightens. "A pizza!" she cries out. "Yay!"

<Pose Tracker> Niramo Umokeshi [Juuban Public School (8)] has posed.

Rinji describing how the Grey was still in the room, still leeching the joy out of the mute girl is concerning, but it made an awful kind of sense to Niramo. How else could it continue to feed someone if it stayed away. "Hopefully the Gray are not very...uh...intelligent, I guess is the word i'm looking for. I hate to see what they could do if they could spy on us constantly. Akko's confident reply, so unlike the usual behavior of the energetic girl, was followed up with a nod. "She's right. I was going to help anyways, but this is really important. You can count on me too, Sakurai-san, both with helping you get your necklace and taking down the Gray!"

The heavenly smell of the pizza being delivered by the hands of one Kasagami Araki made her smile in delight, seeing the delictable dish that fits in much of the food pyramid. Setting aside her salad, she takes a single slice, but pauses in taking a bite when she realizes someone was missing? "Takk? Where did you go?" If Takk had gotten into something he wasn't suppost to again...

Seeing the mouse Kwami poking his head through the front of a speaker, she sighs and shakes her head. "Takk, please tell me you didn't break anything!" A mouth was opened. "And I mean not putting it in a different order, either!" Takk's mouth closed and he gave a sniff, as if insulted. Niramo wasn't buying that for a second.

"Anyways, you better get something to eat too. I think it's going to be a long night." "Please, you act like i'm a toddler, or Wakatsuki." "With how you act sometimes, I wouldn't be surprised!"

Not bothering to dignify that with a response, Takk fully phased through the speaker and floated for the pizza. It seems Pluto would be graced with the spectatular of seeing a mouse eat more than his size tonight.

The presense of the Gray would be unnoticed by the both of them, enjoying the greasy monstrosity that Kasagami has created.